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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. tel.. : +49 (0)2163 49177.. mb.. : +49 (0)172 2037815.. Full LHD Range.. About us.. KFZ-Schwalmtal.. Contact Us.. Welcome to Oakleaf Automotive - Left Hand Drive Cars Lhd 4x4.. We are a leading left hand drive, lhd specialist European car dealer offering a Select Range of new and used quality,.. low mileage, high specification left hand drive cars and lhd 4x4 vehicles.. Oakleaf Automotive have been an established dealer in the left hand drive car market for.. over twenty two years.. In this time we have gained extensive knowledge and experience.. dealing with left hand drive cars, enabling us to offer you a Select Range of quality.. left hand drive vehicles with  ...   manufacturers.. such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Land Rover, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche,.. Volkswagen etc.. By only selecting lhd cars of the highest.. standards, with the right specifications, Oakleaf offers.. you the confidence in making the best choice to suit your.. individual new and used left hand drive, lhd car requirements.. With our commitment to quality and service we are sure you will find.. Oakleaf Automotive a company with a continuing first class reputation.. View our Select LHD Range.. email: info@kfz-schwalmtal.. Select LHD.. Sold Select LHD Cars.. Driving in Europe.. Safety Environment.. LHD News.. Oakleaf Links.. Driving in France.. Driving in Germany.. Driving in Greece.. Driving in Italy.. Driving in Portugal.. Driving in Spain.. Driving in Switzerland..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Name:.. Email:.. Message:.. office tel: 49 (0) 2163 49177.. mb tel: +49 (0) 172 2037815.. fax: +49 (0) 2163 31597.. Address: Berg 1A.. D-41366 Schwalmtal.. Germany.. View Larger Map..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - Full Range
    Descriptive info: Model.. Specification.. Transmission.. Fuel.. Registration.. D.. O.. R.. Mileage.. Price.. Ford Mondeo.. 2.. 3i Ghia Auto Estate LHD 118kw.. Automatic.. Petrol.. 57.. Jan 2008.. 29k miles.. 13,950.. 1.. 6 TDCi Econetic Trend Hatch LHD 85kw.. Manual.. Diesel.. 62.. Dec 2012.. 12k miles.. Due in soon.. (image for illustration).. Ford Focus.. 6 TDCi dpf Titanium Estate LHD 66kw.. 61.. Jan 2012.. 28k miles.. 15,950.. 0  ...   dpf Powershift 6 seat LHD 120kw.. 60.. Sep 2010.. 30k miles.. 17,950.. Ford S-Max.. 2 TDCi dpf Titanium LHD 127kw.. 59.. Nov 2009.. 37k miles.. 0 TDCi dpf Titanium LHD 120kw.. 12.. Jul 2012.. 18,950.. 0i EcoBoost Titanium S Auto LHD 149kw.. Jan 2010.. 49k miles.. Ford Galaxy.. 8 TDCi Trend 7 seat LHD 74kw.. Oct 2007.. 9k miles only.. Reserved.. Viewing by appointment only..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - About Us
    Descriptive info: Oakleaf Automotive have been established in the quality left hand drive market for over 22 years.. We specialise in a Select Range of left hand drive cars sourced directly from leading manufacturers.. Our aim is to offer not only a carefully chosen quality lhd range but also to provide a complete level of.. professional service to match.. With continuing attention to detail in an environment of extensive.. knowledge we always strive to make the whole lhd purchasing experience simple, without.. pressure and one we can always be proud of..  ...   levels are chosen.. This makes it easier for you to find the.. right lhd car with the specification that is required.. As well as being sensibly priced.. we aim to offer a.. continuin.. g high standard across our complete range.. Oakleaf Automotive working in partnership with.. KFZ Schwalmtal.. opens the way for you to make the best choice of left hand drive car with.. the confidence of quality and service that we feel is not only important.. but has been the basis of our business for over twenty two years..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - KFZ-Schwalmtal
    Descriptive info: Our long standing partnership with.. based in the heart of Europe enables us to offer you many advantages when looking for your new left hand car.. All of our cars are in stock and have extensive images available so the cars can be view clearly and easily from your pc, laptop, ipad or smart phone.. To give you maximum buying confidence our Select Range of lhd cars all have been through a complete pre-delivery multi-point inspection and service in addition.. to having correct mileage backed with full service history.. We also welcome any inspections as KFZ-Schwalmtal has full professional garage facilities available.. As both English and German are spoken we can insure your requirements are fully understood and the whole left hand drive buying.. process is clear and correct.. All of our cars are available with complete, correct paper work including a European Certificate of Conformity, so registering your.. new left hand drive car in the country of your  ...   exchange.. is major accident free with full service history.. We also have a very competitive transportation options available throughout Europe so delivery to your door is again.. a clear and simple option.. If you would like to view our Select Range of left hand drive cars or would like to collect your lhd car in person,.. KFZ-Schwalmtal is conveniently located near Dusseldorf airport.. We would happy to arrange for you to be.. met at the airport and taken to our showroom if you call and let us know you are coming.. Another advantage of our continuing partnership with.. is we can accept either payment in Euros or in Sterling whichever is more convenient for you.. So in summary our Select Range of left hand drive cars comes backed with the knowledge and experience of two established companies one in the UK and one in Germany working to ensure we always offer you the highest Quality and Service as standard..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - Select Range
    Descriptive info: Oakleaf Automotive understand the importance of you making the right choice when buying a left hand drive, lhd car.. We tend to find as the number of people either moving to or spending extended periods in Europe grows, more of our left hand drive, lhd customers have expressed they feel more comfortable buying only from an established quality left hand drive specialist car dealer.. Of course we all have the option to buy from across Europe but many of the Oakleaf’s customers have found the choice of.. good specification, low mileage quality left hand drive cars available in Europe is restricted.. They tend to find many of the.. cars on offer are quite expensive with inferior specifications as well as many vehicles being sourced from.. ex-rental companies, with high kms, with possible pervious damage and a low standard of overall.. presentation.. By deciding to only source our left hand drive cars directly from the manufacturers.. we have found that we can offer lhd  ...   only offer a Select Range of lhd cars with low mileage of the highest quality throughout.. Because of our experience and Select policy we have the confidence to purchase our own lhd vehicles making the complete range available for your viewing and test drives.. Many other left hand drive dealers only act as brokers sourcing vehicles for you wherever they can only once you have given a deposit.. Everybody works differently but we feel this tends to send out the wrong message to our customers who prefer to know that we have full confidence in our business and in the Select Range that we offer you.. We also do not source vehicles from people who have returned to the UK with lhd cars they ‘no longer need’.. These cars may seem to be cheaper but most fall well below our continuing high standards.. This is why you will find Oakleaf Automotive is a business that is built on a continuing first class reputation..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - Full Range
    Descriptive info: Ford Fiesta.. 6 Ti-VCT Sport 3dr Hatch LHD 88kw.. Oct 2009.. 4k miles only.. Sold.. 6 Ti-VCT Titanium Estate LHD 77kw.. Aug 2012.. 5k miles only.. 5T Titanium S Estate LHD (162kw).. 58.. Jan 2009.. 0 TDCi dpf Trend 5dr Hatch LHD 100kw.. Dec 2008.. 3k miles only.. 3i Titanium Auto 7 seat LHD 118kw.. 08.. Apr 2008.. 7k miles only.. 2 TDCi dpf Ghia 7 seat LHD 129kw.. Sep 2009.. 39k miles.. Ford Kuga.. 5T Titanium Powershift 4x4 LHD (162kw).. 09.. Mar 2009.. 53k miles.. 2 TDCi dpf Titanium 7 seat LHD 129kw.. Feb 2009.. 34k miles.. 0 TDCi dpf Titanium 4x4 LHD 103kw.. Nov 2012.. 0 TDCi dpf Titanium 7 seat LHD 100kw.. ESP.. Nov 2006.. 2 TDCi dpf Titanium S Estate LHD 129kw.. 27k miles.. 0 TDCi dpf Titanium S 4x4 LHD 103kw.. Jan 2013.. 0i EcoBoost Titanium Estate LHD 176kw.. 11.. Jul 2011.. 6 TDCi dpf Titanium LHD 66kw..  ...   21k miles.. 0 TDCi dpf Titanium 5dr Hatch (new mdl) LHD 100kw.. 26k miles.. 6 TDCi dpf Titanium 7 seat LHD 70kw.. 0 TDCi dpf Trend Estate LHD 100kw.. Sep 2008.. 15k miles.. 0 TDCi dpf Titanium Estate LHD 100kw.. 07.. Jul 2007.. 6 TDCi dpf Ghia 5dr Hatch LHD 80kw.. Nov 2008.. Jul 2008.. 0 TDCi dpf Titanium 4x4 LHD 100kw.. 6i Trend Estate LHD 74kw.. 0 TDCi dpf Trend 4x4 LHD 100kw.. 16k miles.. 2 TDCi dpf Titanium S LHD 129kw.. 2 TDCi dpf Titanium LHD 129kw.. Aug 2009.. 25k miles.. 0 TDCi dpf Ghia 7 seat LHD 100kw.. Apr 2009.. 2 TDCi Trend 7 seat LHD 129kw.. 73k miles.. 0 TDCi dpf Titanium 7 seat (new mdl) LHD 120kw.. Dec 2009.. 11k miles.. 5T Titanium X Estate LHD (162kw).. Jun 2007.. 43k miles.. 2 TDCi Titanium X Estate LHD 129kw.. 0 TDCi dpf Titanium Black Edition LHD 120kw.. 13.. May 2013..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - Safety & Environment
    Descriptive info: Oakleaf Automotive Lhd are aware that there are several other factors that you may.. wish to consider before purchasing your left hand drive car.. Two areas that.. could be of interest to you are Safety and Environmental Impact.. The.. information provided by the website here will cover most European.. specification cars and is common to both right and left hand drive cars.. Euro NCAP.. provides consumers with a realistic and independent assessment.. of the safety performance of some of the most popular cars  ...   is recognized as one of the.. greatest environmental threats facing the World today and it has long been.. appreciated that we all have our part to play in reducing the impact of our cars.. The website informs car buyers how they can reduce the impact of their vehicles.. on the environment.. All the main topics are covered with a database to search.. with most common questions answered.. The information is common to all European.. specification vehicles both right (rhd) and left hand drive (lhd)..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - News
    Descriptive info: New BMW M5.. 25 October 2011.. Car Reviews.. The fifth-generation BMW M5 the first of its breed to eschew a highly strung naturally aspirated engine for a torque led turbocharged powerplant.. A big change in philosophy from BMW s M division, then.. Read more.. Lamborghini Estoque.. 06 October 2008.. Auto News.. Paris debut for the Estoque super saloon paving the way for the firm s first ever high performance diesel.. 02 October 2008.. Lamborghini Estoque four-door supercar is almost here.. Electric Cayman.. 30 September 2008.. Batteries 'are' included - Electric Porsche Cayman.. Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4.. 28 September 2008..  ...   Scirocco.. 21 September 2008.. Peugeots Prologue to the 3008 SUV.. 16 September 2008.. Introducing Peugeots Prologue to the 3008 SUV.. New Volkswagen Golf.. 14 September 2008.. Volkswagen Golf -First Drive.. Aston Martin Vantage.. Some cars you can like.. Some you can use.. And some you can respect.. This one, though, you can love, says Jeremy Clarkson.. Ford Edge.. 10 September 2008.. Ford Edge - First Drive.. Categories.. View All.. (43).. (12).. (20).. (8).. Spy Shots.. (3).. Archive.. View Latest.. October 2011.. October 2008.. September 2008.. August 2008.. July 2008.. June 2008.. April 2008.. December 2007.. April 2007.. RSS Feed..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - Links
    Descriptive info: 4x4 Parts, Clubs, Driver Training and Interests.. Auto Accessories, Parts, Tools and Servicing.. Automotive Information, Makes and Models.. Car Buying and Selling.. Car Dealers and Services.. Car Forums, Blogs, Enthusiasts and Clubs.. Car Warranty Companies and Services.. Motor Insurance and Financial Services.. Motor Interests, Sport, Classic and Custom.. Motoring Advice, Information and Driver Training.. Motoring and Search Directories.. Motoring News and Reviews.. Motoring Portals.. Performance, Tuning and Wheels.. Sat Nav, Security, Radar and In Car Entertainment.. Shipping and Transportation Services.. US Cars, SUV s and Trucks..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - Driving in France
    Descriptive info: Driving in France - An Introduction.. Driving in France can be a great pleasure (endless quiet country roads) or sheer madness (ring roads rush-hours in any big city).. Although the French have had a notoriously bad accident record (around twice the number of fatal accidents per head of population in 2001 when compared with the UK or Japan) the government is making efforts to reduce the accident levels.. For most people buying property for holiday purposes or making a permanent move it's more likely to be the quieter more rural parts of France they experience as drivers.. However, wherever you drive some basic laws and common-sense tips apply:.. Front and rear seatbelt wearing is compulsory.. Children under 10 are not allowed in the front.. In the rear they must use a proper restraint system appropriate to their weight, which means a child seat if they weigh between 9 and 15 kg.. Over this weight they can use seat belts with a booster cushion.. By law you must carry a warning triangle.. For a road side emergency approved reflective jackets must be kept in the car to be worn at the roadside day or night.. By law you must adjust the direction of your headlamp beams for driving on the right, either by using the stick-on adapters or (on more modern cars) by making an adjustment to the lights.. Check your manual or consult your dealer if in doubt.. Spare bulbs and fuses, first-aid kits and fire extinguishers are recommended but not a legal requirement.. Drive on the right! (it's often after a few days or weeks of successful right-side driving that UK drivers "forget", especially when pulling out of drives or small side roads - if you think you might forget try using post it notes or other steering wheel reminders before you drive off.. It's preferable than the other common reminder: a  ...   all times.. If you are a resident then carry your carte de séjour or passport.. (Spot checks are quite common, even in country areas).. If you break the rules you can expect to be fined if the gendarmes catch you out.. Fines vary from around 30 euros to over 3,000 for serious speeding offences or more for drunken or reckless driving.. Non-residents must pay in cash on the spot.. Residents have 30 days to pay up.. Expect the unexpected.. In rural areas, where roads are quiet and long (and often well maintained) the French are in the habit of driving quite fast and often drive along the centre line until another car appears.. This can be alarming if encountered as you round a bend! Don't let the lack of traffic lull you into a false sense of security.. You don't need to pay any kind of road tax or display any kind of tax disc.. Your car will need an official mechanical test (Controle Technique) every two years (for cars over fours years old).. If your car fails this test, you'll be given a detailed list of items that need to be amended.. If it passes, you'll be given a list of items that will need attention before the next controle technique.. Speed Limits (the second figure indicating the reduced speed limit in rainy conditions).. Motorways - 130/110 km/h (81/69 mph).. Dual Carriageways - 110/100 km/h (69/62mph).. Other roads - 90/80 km/h (56/50mph).. Built-up areas/towns - 50 km/h (31mph) or as signposted.. The above pointers are by no means exhaustive.. Drivers spending any time in France should try to familiarise themselves with all the rules of the road, including traffic signals, signposting, road-markings, speed limits etc - a good place to start is by buying a copy of the "Code de la Route", the French highway code.. Take care and enjoy the drive!..

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