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    Archived pages: 47 . Archive date: 2013-07.

  • Title: Old Toad's Tutorials
    Descriptive info: .. CONTENTS.. No warranty expressed or implied, etc.. © 2011 Old Toad.. Created with.. Flux.. web design software.. Old Toad's Tutorials.. iWeb.. iPhoto.. CONTENTS.. Quicktime Pro.. Quicktime.. iDVD..

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  • Title: Tutorial No.01
    Descriptive info: No.. 01.. Recover Keywords, Titles, Comments and.. Rolls/Events From a Damaged iPhoto Library For a New Library.. or Convert to an Earlier Version of iPhoto.. When an iPhoto library gets damaged and cannot be resurrected, i.. e.. “missing” photos cannot be recovered by iPhoto, there is a method to partially reconstruct a new library with the Events retained.. This is also a process that you can take to ensure your keywords and comments are permanently associated/attached to the source files.. Note.. : If the library cannot be opened by iPhoto then this method will not work as Media Pro requires the library to be open for the cataloging.. Additionally, if iPhoto shows zero photos in the library this method may or may not work.. You should give it Media Pro a try just in case.. What can be recovered:.. • Events (iPhoto 7, 8 and 9) / Rolls (iPhoto 6).. • Keywords.. • Comments (iPhoto 7 and 9).. What.. cannot.. be recovered:.. • Comments (will be written to the file but not read by iPhoto 6 on re-import).. • Ratings.. • Albums.. • Books.. • Slideshow.. • Calendars.. • Cards.. Keywords.. will not be.. recovered.. for the following:.. •.. Files that were edited after the keyword was applied.. , including auto-rotated files if you only import the files in the Originals folder for the new library.. That's because iPhoto assigns the keyword to the modified version and not the original file.. When Media Pro imports the photos with keywords assigned after editing it assigns the keywords to the modified versions and not the original.. Modified files will retain keywords regardless of when the keyword was assigned.. Original files will retain their keywords only if they have not been edited.. • Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (psd) files.. Events and Rolls will have the same title because they are being obtained from the subfolders in the  ...   Organize-Catalog folders pane and select Update Folder Now from the drop down menu.. This will correct a but in Media Pro and ensure all of the original file have been imported into the catalog.. Now do same for the Modified folder if you intend on importing the Modified folder into the new library as well as the Originals folder.. 5 - The Media Pro Catalog window will display thumbnails of all the photos in the iPhoto Library all the keywords in the library.. All the albums, slideshows, books, cards, calendars and any other items in iPhoto's left hand pane will be represented as Catalog Sets.. From iPhoto 7 Library.. 6 - Click on the Home button and select all of the thumbnails in the Media Pro catalog (type Command-A).. 7 - Go to the Action menu and select the "Sync Annotations.. " menu option.. 8 - In the Sync Annotations window select “Export annotations to original files” and click the OK button.. Figure 3.. 9 - When the syncing is complete close Media Pro.. 10 - Launch the iPhoto version you want to convert to with the Option key depressed and create a new library.. 11 - Drag the Originals or Masters folder from the old library into the open iPhoto window of the new library.. Do the same for the Modified folder if so desired.. However, those modified files will not be.. associated with their original counterpart but as a new, individual import.. When the importing is completed you should have a new library with the keywords, titles, comments.. and rolls/events from the original library.. I've only run this on a couple of test libraries and there may be situations and/or file types that may not produce the same results.. Since this is a non-destructive method the original library will be untouched for further attempts to fix the original library.. Return to Top⬆..

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  • Title: Old Toad's Tutorials - iWeb Contents
    Descriptive info: ◉ iW01-.. Under Construction.. ◉.. iW02 - Converting Photos w/Frames, Drop Shadows and/or Reflections into a Single Image File.. ◉ iW03 - Under Construction.. iW04 - Using Web Site Maestro to Publish to an FTP Server.. iW05 - Adding a Graphical StatCounter as an HTML Snippet to an iWeb Page.. iW06 - Adding Google Maps to an iWeb Page.. iW07 - Add a Link to the Navbar Without Adding a Page to the Site.. iW08 - Adding  ...   an iWeb Site from Multiple Macs with Dropbox.. iW10 - Restoring iWeb Domain File(s) From Time Machine in Lion.. iW11 - Life After MobileMe.. iW12 - Changing the Basic, Rollover and Visited Color of an iWeb Navbar.. ◉ iW13 - Under Construction.. iW14 - Modify iWeb So Popup Slideshows Will Work Now that MobileMe Has Been Discontinued.. iW15 - Changing Slide and Transition Timing in iWeb Photo and Album Popup Slideshows.. iW16 - Using HostExcellence.. com with iWeb..

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  • Title: Old Toad's Tutorials - iPhoto Contents
    Descriptive info: iP01 - Recover Keywords, Titles, Comments and Rolls/Events From a Damaged iPhoto.. iP02 - Sharing an Referenced iPhoto Library Between Users on the Sam Mac or Multiple Macs.. iP03 - Converting an iPhoto Library to a Media Pro Catalog System.. iP04 - Changing the DPI Resolution of the Save PDF to iPhoto Automator Workflow.. iP05 - Creating an iDVD Slideshow From an  ...   a iPhoto Greeting Card to Standard Stock Sizes.. iP08 - Archiving an iPhoto Book for Editing and/or Ordering at a Later Date.. iP09 - Printing Landscape Oriented Contact Sheets with iPhoto 7.. iP10 - Converting All Grayscale Photos in an iPhoto Library to the RGB Color Mode In Situ.. iP11 - Creating a Custom Page, with the Theme's Background for an iPhoto Book..

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  • Title: Old Toad's Tutorials - Flux Contents
    Descriptive info: F01 - Add a Word Document to a Web Page.. F02 - Add a PDF Document to a Web Page.. F03 - Add a SimpleViewer Slideshow to a Web Page.. F04 - Add a WOW Slideshow to a Web Page..

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  • Title: Old Toad's Tutorials - Quicktime Pro Contents
    Descriptive info: QT01 - Adding Audio Track to a Quicktime Movie With Quicktime Player 7 (Pro)..

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  • Title: Old Toad's Tutorials - Flux Contents
    Descriptive info: iD01 - How to Create a "No-Theme" iDVD Project..

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  • Title: Tutorial No.iW01
    Descriptive info: iW01.. XXX..

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  • Title: Tutorial No.iW02
    Descriptive info: iW02.. Converting Photos with Frames, Reflections.. and or Drop Shadows to a Single Image File.. When a photo has a frame, drop shadow or reflection added to it several additional files are created that will need to be loaded each time the page is access by a browser.. Those would be each side of the frame and js files used to dynamically create the reflection and drop shadow under the photo.. All these files add load time to the page and can interfere with the page’s compatibility with some internet browsers, particularly the infamous Internet Explorer.. The following is how to convert the original image and additional files into one image files thus reducing the number from a possible maximum of 7 files down  ...   - open Preview and select.. File ➙ New.. From Clipboard.. 5 - select the image in Preview’s Sidebar pane and drag onto the iWeb page.. Preview in Snow Leopard.. Preview in Lion.. 6 - remove any frame or stroke from the new image that the iWeb theme may apply to it.. 7 - the end result will be a single PNG image containing the frame, drop shadow and reflection.. This iWeb/Preview tutorial was created from information garnered from posts by several users, Roddy, Wyodor, Koeklin, and others, in the iWeb Discussion forum.. NOTE.. : This method does not work on images in iWeb photo or album pages.. It applies to only those photos the user had dragged onto one of the other page types..

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  • Title: Tutorial No.iW04
    Descriptive info: iW04.. Using Web Site Maestro to Publish an iWeb Site to an FTP Server.. This workflow describes how to use Web Site Maestro in conjunction with iWeb to optimize and publish an iWeb site to a 3rd party FTP server.. Much of the information came from Roddy McKay’s site, iWeb for Musicians (the Applications page), and his downloadable PDF file on using WMS with MMe which was my inspiration to create this tutorial.. I’m more a visual person and wanted to create a workflow with screenshots to help me learn how to use WMS more effectively in the process.. Using WMS for the First Time.. 1 - first create a Sites folder, WSM Input, wherever you want to keep the site files that you publish and optimize.. In that folder create subfolders for your site but do not name it the same as the site.. For instance for my Demo_1 site I named the folder Demo 1 without the underscore.. Otherwise WSM will balk at publishing to that folder.. 2 - launch iWeb, set up the folder to publish to:.. and publish your site to that folder.. 3 - launch WSM and follow the directions to set up your internet  ...   optimize the site and place it in the WSM Output folder.. 6 - next select the Entire folder radio button and Optimize and Upload from the menu and click on the Start button.. 7 - WMS will then go thru the optimization process again and upload the site to your MobileMe account.. Making Changes to Your Site and Republishing.. 8 - select Optimize and Upload Web Files in the menu and hit the Start button.. Check the Smart Handling checkbox so that only new or changed files are uploaded.. Click on the File Size text until it changes to “Today”.. That will optimize and upload only files created, modified today.. If additional changes are made the same day, click on “Today” until it changes to “Time + Date”.. Then only the latest files will be optimized and uploaded.. This is desirable if multiple edits are made to a site in one day.. 9 - to optimize and upload a second iWeb site first publish it to the Sites folder on your Mac.. In WMS go the Configure menu and select Add Web Folder to Web Folder Menu.. 10 - from there it’s the same as starting at Step 4 above..

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  • Title: Tutorial No.iW05
    Descriptive info: iW05.. Adding a Graphical StatCounter to an.. iWeb Page as an HTML Snippet.. 1 - go to.. StatCounter.. com.. , register your site.. Click on the Configure Counter button and then in the next window on the Customize Counter button.. 2 - select Visible Counter and Graphical Counter:.. 3 - configure the graphical counter as desired setting the text and background colors, the text size and number of digits to display.. 4 - if you’re transitioning from another counter, i.. MobileMe/iWeb you can click on the Starting Count tab and set the Current Visits to that what the original counter is displaying.. 5 - in the Installation and Configuration page click on the Create Blocking Cookie link.. Then click on the button to create a blocking cookie on your Mac so that your visits are not counted.. 6 - copy the generated code and save to a text file so that you can easily recover it if you  ...   and place the snipped box where you want the counter to be displayed on the page.. 9- publish the site.. 10 - when you open the site in your bowser and go to the site the counter will be displayed as shown below regardless of the settings selected in StatCounter If you select an image counter then the color and style set at StatCounter will be displayed.. 11 -.. if the page is republished you will not have to add the code again.. It’s a one time addition to the page.. Some of the many features of StatCounter are a map showing the locations of visitors, visitors by country, browsers used, monitor resolutions and visitor information and can be seen in this screenshot.. NOTE: this counter will only reflect visits to the page it’s embedded into.. You may have the same counter added to multiple pages and the counter display will represent all visits to all of those pages..

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    Archived pages: 47