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  • Title: Big Dogs House
    Descriptive info: .. Big Dogs House.. Home.. About.. Contact.. Rules.. Currently Here:.. 4 |.. Today's Visits:.. 670 |.. Total Visits:.. 2,454,120 |.. Total Hits:.. 11,683,599.. Latest Entry.. Because Liberalism IS Weakness.. by Big Dog on May 16, 2013 at 16:32.. Posted in.. Political.. Leave a comment.. Researchers conducted a study.. and concluded that men who are physically strong (have more upper body strength) tend to be conservative and men who are physically weak tend to support welfare and wealth redistribution.. This should come as no surprise when one looks at liberals.. They are metrosexuals who need someone to care for them because they are not able to care for themselves.. It is obvious that liberals are a bit wimpy, have you ever seen Obama throw a baseball? Lest we forget he bowled a 37.. Why do you think liberals oppose firearms? These are tools of strength and liberal men can t have that.. They would prefer to sip frou-frou coffee and collect government assistance because they know they are not able to care for themselves.. Now I know there are some liberal men who are physically strong (I know many) and some conservative men who are physically weak (I know some of them too) but the research does not say the results are true in all cases, just that they tend to be so.. Look at the liberal men you see on TV and see if they appear to have more upper body strength or less and also look to see if they look a bit girly.. It should not be hard to find a number of these liberal weaklings beyond Obama and Holder.. Look around in everyday life and you can figure which men are self supporting and strong and which ones are weak and need to be taken care of.. The study links the finding to evolution and claims that humans have always been political but in the past governments and courts did not make decisions about the distribution.. These were done through shows of strength.. The strong were able to enjoy the fruits of their labor while the weak depended on others to help them out.. If you were strong it was unlikely someone was going to take your stuff or that you would produce much of your own.. Why do you think liberals always fear conservatives coming to power? Why do you think that liberals run on fear that some mean conservative will take your free gubmint stuff if elected?.. They are not strong so they fear that their lifeline, the stuff gubmint has extorted from the strong, will go away.. Liberals want big government give aways because they are unable to support themselves and they fear having to try.. Liberal men equals girly men.. The study showed no difference between conservative and liberal women.. My study shows conservative women are smarter and better looking.. And libs, please don t argue.. As Al Gore would say, the science is settled.. Cave canem!.. Never surrender, never submit.. Share this:.. Email.. Print.. Facebook.. Twitter.. Google +1.. More.. Pinterest.. StumbleUpon.. Reddit.. LinkedIn.. Tumblr.. Digg.. Print This Post.. Tags:.. girly men.. ,.. liberalism.. lies.. weakness.. If you enjoy what you read consider signing up to receive email notification of new posts.. There are several options in the sidebar and I am sure you can find one that suits you.. If you prefer, consider adding this site to your favorite feed reader.. If you receive emails and wish to stop them follow the instructions included in the email.. Recent Entries.. Liberal Logic Demands Supporting Second Amendment.. by Big Dog on May 15, 2013 at 16:11.. 2 Comments.. Liberals who want more gun control will tell you they support the Second Amendment.. They will tell you that nothing they are doing will interfere with people and their right to keep and bear arms.. This is a lie because the things they enact infringe.. Maryland is a prime example where the Nazi Governor and his minions have imposed unconstitutional gun laws that restrict law abiding people.. The tragedy is that these gun laws will do no good which will lead to calls for even more gun control.. Liberal logic (if you can call what liberals use logic) demands supporting the Second Amendment.. In light of this week s revelation that the Department of Justice has obtained phone records from the AP the.. media is up in arms.. and there will be backlash.. The first thing to note is that what Justice did might not be illegal under the law.. But what they did is much larger in scope than anything that has happened before and though the reason given is to find the source of a leak the reality is it gives the appearance that the First Amendment right of the media has been violated.. It looks like Justice is trying to intimidate the media (in this case specifically the AP but indirectly all media) and is sending a message that it will go through huge amounts of records to get what it wants.. The media are out discussing how this took place and expressing their outrage while those at the AP have expressed anger, shock and disbelief.. They feel their communications are being monitored and that their rights have been violated.. They have the support of conservatives who are also wary of these kinds of government tactics.. In other words, conservatives support these organizations in their belief that even if it is legal to do (and that is a questionable thing right now) the idea of trampling on a right is sickening.. I only wish the media and other liberals outraged by the AP records scandal felt the same way about other rights.. When other rights are violated, particularly if the violations affect conservatives, the liberals say it is OK and justified.. Look at how the former head of the NAACP and others have reacted to the IRS violations of the rights of conservative groups.. They have said that it is OK because those groups are racist.. First of all, they are not racist BUT even if they were they have the same rights as everyone else.. Racist groups like the KKK, the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers all have rights and those rights should not be violated just because we do not agree with the message.. Once we start rationalizing the violation of our rights it becomes easier to rationalize other violations until pretty soon we have no rights left.. The left loves to push gun control even though most gun control laws violate the Second Amendment.. They rationalize that it is for safety or for the children or that no one needs certain types of firearms.. This allows them to continue eroding our Second Amendment right until the judiciary is comfortable removing those rights based on what we have allowed to creep in.. I wish that these liberals would be as outraged by the violation of the Second Amendment as they are at the alleged violation of the First.. We on the right support ALL rights and do not like when any of them are violated.. It is high time the left jumped in and supported us the way we are supporting them.. Perhaps they now know how those of us who believe in and support the Second Amendment feel each and every day as we battle the forces of evil that are hell bent on denying us that which has been endowed by our Creator.. Perhaps, but I won t hold my breath.. So the AP scandal shows that liberals, if they actually had any integrity, would fight for the Second Amendment (and all other rights) as hard as the one that affects them the most.. Interestingly, the Gosnell abortion/murder case gave Harry Reid the chance to show why there should be less gun control instead of more.. Dr.. Kermit Gosnell was an abortion doctor who murdered babies born alive and performed late term abortions in violation of Pennsylvania law.. He was found guilty of murder and a number of other charges and will spend the rest of his life in jail.. Harry Reid wants us to believe.. that pro life supporters have forced women to go to clinics like the one run by Gosnell.. He says that people have been pushed into holes like that clinic because of people who picket abortion clinics.. Reid also blamed this all on restrictive laws.. He believes that having less restrictive abortion laws would have prevented the murders Gosnell committed.. Interestingly, Reid and his ilk are the ones who think that MORE restrictive laws will curb gun violence.. Yes, to Reid and other gun grabbers more restrictive laws will stop gun crimes but less restrictive laws will end the crimes like those committed by Gosnell.. If we were to apply Reid s logic to gun ownership (and publicly carrying them), then we can conclude that less restrictive laws will prevent more gun crimes.. In fact, this has actually been proven time and again.. Reid is incorrect about Gosnell.. We do not need less restrictive laws for abortion.. The crimes committed by Gosnell had nothing to do with laws being too restrictive.. They had to do with this; First Gosnell is a monster.. Second, Gosnell performed late term abortions (after the time PA says they can be performed) so women who waited too long or did not know went to him because he would do it.. They went to him because he would skirt the law.. His clinic was not filthy because of laws that are too restrictive  ...   do to protect America’s families.. I won’t be going this particular weekend because we don’t have – you know, under sequestration – we don’t have (inaudible).. ”.. IJ Review.. I don t know how much money it costs to take a delegation to Iraq or Afghanistan but it is not cheap and we don t have money to begin with.. I also do not know why Pelosi thinks it is necessary to fly around the world to say thank you to mothers and grandmothers.. It would be much easier and far less expensive for her to put out a thank you on her website and then have Defense notify the troops it is there through their systems.. She can t possibly visit every mother and grandmother in these countries so the message sent electronically would at least make it to as many as she would have visited.. It sounds to me like Nan just wants and excuse for a trip.. I know these places are not garden spots but think of how many places she can visit on the way out and the way back, I mean since they are already in the neighborhood.. Pelosi makes this statement as if it is a bad thing that she could not go and seems to think blaming it on sequester will hurt Republicans.. First of all, I venture to bet that most of the military do not want to see her or visit with her.. She is a liberal moron who does not support the troops.. Second of all, if she could not waste money on this trip because of the sequester then I say it is doing what it is supposed to.. However, I will buy her a one way ticket if they promise to keep her there.. mother's day.. Pelosi.. sequester.. That 3 AM Phone Call Revisited.. by Big Dog on May 9, 2013 at 16:29.. During the 2008 presidential election Hillary Clinton put out an ad about a 3 am phone call.. In it something bad happens in the middle of the night and the viewer is left with the impression that if there is a middle of the night (3 am) emergency we want Hillary to answer the phone.. I imagine she has experience answering late night calls with Bill as her husband.. In any event, the who is best to answer the call contest began with Clinton and Obama each claiming to be America s next best hope for late night emergencies.. Obama won that contest as voters decided that he was the one to lead.. He was the one they had been waiting for, in Obama s words.. It now turns out that neither of them has the qualifications to do anything more than answer an emergency phone call.. Whistleblower testimony shows that Americans were in danger and made calls that might have been answered but were not acted upon.. It appears that Obama blew off the calls so he could get some sleep for a next day fundraiser and Hillary answered the calls and gave no decisive orders that involved saving our people.. As a result of the inept leadership four Americans are dead.. Obama s response to his phone call failure is to blame it on a video, claim that they could do nothing and tell other lies in order to win reelection.. Clinton s response; what difference does it make now?.. There are interesting story lines with regard to the murder of our diplomats.. The Secretary of Defense said we did not send help because we could not get there in time.. How did he know that? The attackers did not broadcast their intentions.. The fight went on for hours and hours.. We had military units ready to launch and they were told to stand down (several times).. Our military answered the 3 am phone call for help and were ready to go.. The people who told us they were the best qualified to answer the phone kept them from going.. Let us assume for a minute that we did not think our military could get there in time to help.. Would that be reason enough not to send them at all? If Obama had sent all available assets as soon as he knew what was happening this whole ordeal would not be an issue even if those assets did not get there in time.. It would be evident that we made every possible effort to save our people but could not get there fast enough.. As it stands now it looks like they decided that either we could not get there or they did not want to send them there so they just said the hell with it and sacrificed the lives of our countrymen.. Imagine if a house in your neighborhood (or your house) was on fire and it was pretty well engulfed in flames.. How would you and your community respond if you called the fire department and told them that your house was on fire and that it was pretty well engulfed and they told you that since they probably could not get there in time to put out the fire before the house was consumed they were not going to bother showing up?.. Would you stand for that? Probably not and even though your mind might tell you the house was going to be a total loss your heart would leave doubt.. You would always ask if anything could have been saved if they had just responded.. While I am in the camp that believes we should have sent forces to help as soon as we knew and would not support any other decision I could have at least listened to the other point of view if Obama had not lied about it all.. I can t see any reason he could give to justify NOT sending help but at least he would be on more solid ground if he told us the truth when he explained it.. Instead, he and Hillary worked hard to cover up their inability to lead by lying to us.. They called this a spontaneous demonstration over a video rather than a terror attack even though they knew right away that it was terror and not a video.. They knew it was well organized and that their refusal to beef up security resulted in the attack and eventual murder of our people.. So they decided to cover it all up.. They have been obstructing people trying to get to the truth and have exacted revenge on people who dared to step forward with it.. The 3 am phone call placed by those in danger did not get a busy signal and it did not get anyone qualified to help.. It reached people who place their agendas and their political aspirations ahead of human life.. And the message it sent was loud and clear;.. Obama and Clinton are not qualified to lead.. 3 am phone call.. benghazi.. cover up.. hillarr.. inept.. Older Entries.. Subscribe.. Subscribe to our Newsletter.. Select a list (may choose more than one):.. Weekly List.. Per Post List.. Make This Your Homepage.. Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Text Message Alerts.. Archives.. Select Month.. May 2013 (14).. April 2013 (15).. March 2013 (11).. February 2013 (14).. January 2013 (22).. December 2012 (16).. November 2012 (13).. October 2012 (18).. September 2012 (19).. August 2012 (18).. July 2012 (17).. June 2012 (21).. May 2012 (24).. April 2012 (17).. March 2012 (19).. February 2012 (19).. January 2012 (24).. December 2011 (25).. November 2011 (21).. October 2011 (17).. 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    Descriptive info: 3 |.. 684 |.. 2,454,134 |.. 11,683,676.. I am a veteran of the armed forces and retired after 24 years of service to this country (ten years of active duty and 14 years in the national guard).. I believe this country is great because our ancestors were not afraid to stand up and fight for what they considered right.. We are the land of the free because we are the home of the brave as demonstrated by America s next great generation who is out on the front line of freedom.. I cannot stand liberalism and feel  ...   if this country does not stop pandering to special interest groups and does not stop taking away the rights guaranteed under our Constitution, and if they do not stop creating a welfare class of dependent people, there will be another civil war.. It will start as an uprising to take the government over from the politicians who have lost all touch with the core values of this country.. Then anarchy will set in followed by civil war.. So it is up to us to eradicate liberalism so we can prevent the next civil war.. Warmest regards,.. Big Dog..

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    Descriptive info: 685 |.. 2,454,135 |.. 11,683,688.. Disclaimer:.. This site is not affiliated with any political party and all opinions expressed are those of the writers.. If they do not suit your tastes then I suggest you visit another site more to your liking.. The views expressed in the comment section belong to the people who wrote them.. I am not responsible for content that is written by someone else.. Rules:.. Open Discussion is encouraged and in that light, anyone may comment until the rules are broken.. No Spam.. If you want to link to one of your posts, send a trackback with a reciprocal link.. Links in comments are allowed if they are relevant to the subject or the commenter s point of  ...   your business but don t threaten to kill someone or commit acts of terror.. Common sense dictates between actual threats and rhetoric.. Please be considerate of other people s points of view.. Though we might not agree, we can do it with civility.. Hijacking threads and flaming will not be tolerated.. I own this domain and I pay for the bandwidth.. Therefore, I get to establish the rules and I can change them whenever I want.. People would do well to remember they have no rights here.. All decisions are mine and you can cry about the First Amendment someplace where it applies.. That is about it for the rules.. I reserve the right to change them at any time without notice..

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  • Title: Big Dogs House » Blog Archive » Because Liberalism IS Weakness
    Descriptive info: 11,683,694.. by Big Dog on May 16, 2013 at 16:32.. Follow @onebigdog.. E-mail.. This entry was posted on Thursday, May 16th, 2013 at 16:32 and is filed under.. You can follow any responses to this entry through the.. RSS 2.. 0.. feed.. You can.. leave a response.. , or.. trackback.. from your own site.. Leave a Reply.. Click here to cancel reply.. Name (required).. Mail (will not be published) (required).. Website..

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    Descriptive info: 11,683,698.. Archive for the Political Category.. May 16, 2013.. May 15, 2013.. May 14, 2013.. May 13, 2013.. May 9, 2013..

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    Descriptive info: - Big Dogs House -.. http://www.. onebigdog.. net.. -.. Posted By.. Big Dog.. On Thursday May 16th, 2013 @ 16:32 In.. No Comments.. Article printed from Big Dogs House:.. URL to article:.. net/because-liberalism-is-weakness/.. Click.. here.. to print.. Copyright 2012 Big Dogs House.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Big Dogs House » liberalism
    Descriptive info: 6 |.. 686 |.. 2,454,136 |.. 11,683,710.. Posts Tagged liberalism.. In The Liberal World The Superbowl Would End In A Tie.. Feb 5, 2012.. Commentary.. In the world of liberals they not only want a level playing field but equality of outcomes.. I think everyone agrees that people should have the same opportunities in life and in America those opportunities are there.. However, just because everyone has the same opportunity does not mean that everyone takes advantage of it.. The phrase about leading a horse to water comes to mind.. People have the opportunity to go to school and study to get good grades.. Some do just that while others either waste their time or drop out.. It is only the fault of the one who did so when his outcome is different.. This does not stop liberals from insisting that everyone not only have the vaunted level playing field (which they do) but that the outcomes for everyone be the same.. In the world of the liberal everyone should have the same amount of wealth and should have houses and cars and all kinds of other stuff simply because they exist.. If they fail to achieve those things then liberals look to redistributive policies to ensure equality of outcome.. Not everyone is a Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerberg.. Therefore, not everyone deserves the same outcomes these people had and since they are liberals they are left alone.. Liberals, by and large, go after the wealthy with whom they disagree or say they disagree.. The liberals excoriate Wall Street types (while praising the Occupy Wall Street mob) but take millions of dollars from Wall Street.. They call them bad and insist that they and other rich folks (the definition of which changes regularly) need to have their money taken so that things will be equal for all.. Obama tells us that Jesus wanted that by claiming there is a mandate in the to whom much is given, much is required passage.. That passage never says that wealth is involved and it certainly does not tell us that government is supposed to make it so.. In any event, in the liberal world the Superbowl would always end in a tie.. The playing field is a level one and the teams are evenly matched and in the real world that is sufficient.. It is up to the teams to take it from there and work hard to win.. Even teams that are not evenly matched are required to go out and work hard.. They are expected to try to win the game.. Liberals would have none of that.. You see, to them it would be necessary that once the playing field was level and both teams had the same opportunity to win that they both have the same outcome.. Equality of outcome would require a tie because both teams cannot possibly win.. This is how they feel about life and it is how they would feel if they ran the Superbowl.. But in real life the outcomes are not the same.. Some people achieve greatness and others live happy, peaceful lives that they believe are fulfilling.. People have the same opportunity but they do not have the same outcome and that is OK.. Without the possibility of achieving something more than someone else our society would stagnate.. Be thankful that the liberal philosophy is not in force at the Superbowl.. Regular Americans expect both teams to play their best and that the team that plays better will win.. Regular Americans would be appalled at the idea of a tie because the outcome must be the same.. And yet, millions of Americans have no problem demanding an equal outcome in all other aspects of life.. The sad thing is that many so called leaders feel the same way.. Funny though.. Those leaders don t want a tie or an equal outcome when they are running for office.. They want to win.. Yes, class warfare and equality of outcome is for the little people, not those in government who fail to follow our Constitution and who fail to lead.. For them, life is about things being slanted in their favor from insider trading to tax breaks that others cannot get.. It is about access and being treated as if they are special.. If they lived by what they preached they would soon abandon the idea that equality of outcome is a good idea.. Until the day comes when we get rid of all these people and their anti American policies we will just have to be happy that they have not injected their stupidity into the Superbowl.. Tie games suck just like equality of outcomes in all other aspects of life.. Or as Alan West said, take that stuff and get the hell out.. equality of outcome.. superbowl.. tie game.. Hollywood Libs And The Things They Say.. Sep 25, 2011.. It would be nice if the liberals who are in the world of entertainment would stick to what they are paid to do and quit making fools of themselves by saying moronic things.. We have plenty of wealthy actors telling us the wealthy should pay more taxes and they would be happy to do so and all the while they have accountants working to keep their tax burden low.. They could all write checks to the government but for some reason, they don t.. The latest liberal lunacy from the world of entertainment comes to us from Michael Moore and Morgan Freeman.. Moore is always talking about peace and how we should not be at war but he is OK with violence against the man if things are not going the way he likes.. Moore has no problem with liberals attacking and harassing people on Wall Street and he certainly is not opposed to liberals who protest people like George  ...   almost all black.. No whites are found in the picture of the crowd.. I am sure some were there but since whites made up 60%-70% of the population (probably more like 80% back then) at that time then this crowd is disproportionately black.. I find that perfectly acceptable but if we are going to use the diversity of color at an event to give it credibility or validity then MLK s speech was not credible and not valid.. I would also point out that Obama s inauguration had huge numbers of blacks in the crowd, numbers that were hugely disproportionate to their representation in the country.. Does this mean that event lacked validity?.. There are plenty of pictures of the crowd and they tell a story that makes it clear more than 87,000 people were there.. MLK had 200,000 to 250,000 at his speech and the Restoring Honor pictures show more people than attended King s speech so it is logical to assume that there were more than 200,000 people there.. I think that the number is 600,000 to 1 million but have no way of knowing and no agency does any official counting.. It would be interesting to know how many Metro tickets were sold.. That would give a good indication of how many people were there.. Suffice it to say that the event is not well received by liberals who cannot grasp the concept of honor and who cannot see anything but racism in such events.. It will drive them nuts for some time to come.. I also add that there were many people opposed to Beck having this rally in the same place where MLK had his speech and on the same date that the speech occurred.. Al Sharpton was very upset about this claiming that Beck was against what MLK stood for (which Sharpton erroneously believes to be the removal of state s rights) and challenged Beck to debate the Ground Zero Mosque issue, which Sharpton supports.. This challenge came as Sharpton appeared on Geraldo Rivera s show.. So does anyone else find it ironic that Sharpton complains about the location of Beck s rally but dismisses this concern (location) from people opposed to the mosque?.. Thanks to Rick for this insight.. Anyone want to wager that the people offended at Glen Beck s choice of location for his Restoring Honor rally in DC (where Martin Luther King held his I Have A Dream speech) are the same people defending the location of the mosque at Ground Zero?.. Anyone?.. We will hear more in the days ahead.. Here are some great pictures and interesting takes on the rally:.. Affirmative Action Counting for DC Events.. Leftists Could Find No Racism at Restoring Honor Rally.. Wrap Up and Whitewash.. (Plus, who is cleaner and where is the racism).. An enormous and impassioned crowd.. (and from the New York Times no less).. Washington Compost.. (the added mostly black to the Sharpton crowd report later, probably in response to a comment asking why it was not reported the same way as the RH Rally).. CNN article.. Note how many comments refer to the WHITE crowd.. Why is there this assumption that MLK and his speech were a black only thing?.. Cave Canem!.. al sharpton march.. civil rights.. DC.. glenn beck.. mlk.. racism.. restoring honor rally.. sarah palin.. BREAKING: Obama Embraces Limbaugh Policy Ideas.. Jan 27, 2010.. Obama the Great is giving his State of the Union Address and in it he just said that his plan to stimulate the economy and create jobs will involve giving tax credits to small businesses and ELIMINATING the capital gains tax on small businesses.. He also talked of corporate tax breaks.. This is nearly the exact thing Rush Limbaugh TOLD Obama needed to be done.. On January 26.. th.. of last year, six days after the coronation, Limbaugh proposed the.. Obama-Limbaugh Bipartisan Stimulus Plan of 2009.. In it he said that his part of the plan would include tax cuts:.. These tax cuts will consist primarily of capital gains tax cuts and corporate tax rate cuts.. Limbaugh said that the way to stimulate the economy and create jobs was to cut the capital gains tax and the corporate tax.. This was poo pooed by the left who claim that tax cuts do not achieve the stated goals and that only spending will work.. Obama opted for the spending and unemployment is now at 10% and his Stimulus has been a bust.. Tonight Obama embraced the wisdom of Rush Limbaugh.. He did not go for it in total because he only wants to cut small business capital gains on investments and Limbaugh called for a capital gains tax cut on individual capital gains as well.. But this is a start.. By making this proposal, Barack Obama has admitted that the liberal ideology is wrong.. He has admitted that liberal tax and spend policies do not work.. He has admitted that liberalism and its ways is a complete hoax.. And he has admitted that Limbaugh was right.. He has embraced the conservative principle of tax cuts to stimulate.. He has taken the advice of the man he tried to demonize only a few short months ago.. Rush Limbaugh was right and Obama was wrong.. Obama as much as admitted that.. Make no mistake.. Obama is trying to appeal to an electorate (particularly Independents) that is fed up with the way he is running things.. He is trying to stop the bleeding from the wounds of the Brown victory in Massachusetts.. He is taking this approach to try and win in November.. But he has thrown his party and its ideology under the bus.. When things get better the country will see that liberalism is a failed exercise in futility.. And they will see that Limbaugh was right all along.. failure.. Rush Limbaugh.. tax cuts..

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    Descriptive info: 11,683,718.. Posts Tagged weakness.. What Did Obama Get For Placating The Russians?.. Dec 2, 2009.. Barack Obama gave Russia a Reset button that actually read Overcharge in Russian as a gesture of how our countries can better get along.. Obama swept into office as a person who would negotiate with everyone.. His great oratory skills would make the world love us and would build up the trust and confidence that the evil Bush Empire broke down.. So how is that working out?.. Iran has bent Obama over a number of times and is not negotiating in good faith.. Obama is mocked by most of the leaders of the world who have come to realize that he has no experience but possesses an inflated ego and overestimates his abilities.. Russia, in exchange for Obama screwing the Poles and Czechs out of missile defense systems promised by President Bush, has reciprocated by building an arms plant in Venezuela.. Russia is building a small arms and ammunition plant, is sending up to 53 helicopters and has already delivered military equipment including fighter jets.. So the great orator Obama allowed himself to be bullied into stopping missile defense programs for our allies in order not to hurt Russian feelings but is now faced with a Russia that is building and supplying weapons to a country that is hostile to the US and is not very far away.. The Russians care little about how we feel on the subject because they got what they wanted.. This is what happens when an amateur with no experience in world matters (except world travel as a child) tries to get in the game with the big boys.. This is what happens when a politician is afraid to demonstrate power and instead cowers before those who care little about us.. Negotiations are fine but in order to be effective one must negotiate from a position of strength.. The Russians have already sized Obama up and realize he is not up to the job.. Overcharge.. How about Overhyped because that is what Obama was during the campaign.. America has been sold a bill  ...   is Hillary expected to be the next president.. She has been planning her chance for years and her pact with Bill looked like manifest destiny when she was way ahead in the polls and raising millions upon millions of dollars.. She started out asking people to max out by giving the largest amount possible for both the primary and the general election.. Now she is.. just asking for the amount needed to continue.. in the primary.. Hillary Clinton spent a fortune in Iowa and has a third place show for it.. She has blown millions of dollars to convince people to vote for her and it is not working.. She has brought out the big guns in her husband and while he is exciting many people it is because of their cult like worship of him and his decadent ways and not so much for her.. They seem not to like her very much and I don t really blame them.. Hillary was all set to be the next president and now it looks like she might bow out.. This is why she is crying though some might think she is trying to show she is actually a caring human.. In reality, she can hear her dreams shattering and that shatter sounds like Senator Obama.. The other thing to consider is if she gets this emotional about this campaign how will she handle any issues that arise if she were president.. Seems that this is the.. take that John Edwards.. has on the event and who could blame him? If Hillary drops out he has a better chance against Obama.. Others with similar posts:.. The Virtuous Republic.. Rosemary s Thoughts.. Mark My Words.. 123beta.. Adam s Blog.. Right Truth.. DragonLady s World.. Cao s Blog.. The Amboy Times.. Conservative Cat.. Adeline and Hazel.. Nuke s.. third world county.. Faultline USA.. The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns.. Pirate s Cove.. Global American Discourse.. Celebrity Smack.. The Pink Flamingo.. Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker.. Wake Up America.. Dumb Ox Daily News.. Stageleft.. , and.. Right Voices.. , thanks to.. Linkfest Haven Deluxe.. cash strapped.. crying.. exit.. Hillary..

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