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  • Title: Oathouse Software Moray Scotland | Web Applications | Web Developer
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to navigation.. Skip to main content.. Home.. About.. Contact.. Oathouse.. oathouse bespoke software scotland.. web design moray scotland.. web development moray scotland.. Software Development.. Web Applications.. Web Design, Web Development Web Hosting.. Business Process and Web Software Development.. Software and Web Design Projects.. Values and Ethos in Software and Web Design.. The zen of beautiful web applications.. clean, tight, maintainable commercial software.. Delivering your web development and software requirements.. is an independent professional.. commercial software.. and.. web application.. design house based in.. Moray, Scotland.. , delivering effective web applications and bespoke enterprise software to reflect exacting commercial needs.. We provide web software solutions that meet your precise specifications, on time and on budget.. Our web applications and web sites are properly tested, making them totally reliable and robust.. And our commitment to elegant software coding practice means that our business software, web applications and websites are easy to develop and enhance as your business grows.. We are experts at communicating through words and pictures - we will listen to your needs and wants and provide a web software system that reflects them exactly.. And while we know our subject inside-out, we promise not to bore you or dazzle you with geek-speak.. Our commercial software solutions are always well-designed and stylish in their simplicity.. simplicity is key.. Architects of web applications.. Separating content from presentation and processes from data is where we excel.. Each part of your business process and the software that helps you manage it should be compartmentalised and designed to be perfect in its own right.. Our business software and web applications harness the  ...   clear objectives and defining success.. We're not just great designers - we are about powering your company to greater success.. Nick Maunder.. director.. {real web software design conveys true business values}.. We specialise in building.. enterprise software applications.. in an expert and agile iterative process.. Our software, web applications and websites are delivered to precise specifications, always on time and always to budget.. Our commercial web software solutions are properly tested, maintainable and easy to develop in parallel with your company's changing needs.. contact oathouse.. Freightfull web application launches!.. Freightfull specialise in matching empty trucks with goods to move.. We provided their web application.. Have a look at.. freightfull.. com.. Writing the perfect Lightweight MVC Java Servlet.. For small applications, we use a simple lightweight servlet.. Look at.. writing a lightweight java servlet.. or check out our mini.. On web design and development.. Our business is based on conception: on helping you to.. define your business software or web application needs.. , then developing a software solution that will fulfill it.. Clarity of purpose leads to great work.. Great commercial software and web development.. improves intelligence, raises productivity and eliminates frustration.. Feed your brain.. Twelve steps to your successful business software or web application project.. We offer a simple process for ensuring your project is a success.. Software development excellence is where simple clean design meets clear goals and objectives.. Find out more about our passion for elegant software, logic and gorgeous clean web applications.. xhtml+rdfa.. |.. css.. 508.. accessibility.. 2008-2010 oathouse.. com ltd |.. website terms.. copyright.. contact oathouse.. web design.. web developers.. web applications.. bespoke software scotland..

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  • Title: Oathouse Software Moray Scotland | Write Perfect MVC Java Servlet
    Descriptive info: Java Servlets.. properly encapsulated.. The Perfect Servlet for Model-2 Architecture.. As a company we believe in the flexibility and extendibility of delivering business applications through browser technologies.. Because of this we use the MVC design pattern, translated in our architecture as JavaServer Pages Model-2 Architecture to model our code.. We have researched extensively both MVC and its implementation, JSP model-2 Architecture, but have yet to find what we would consider a simple, robust and easily maintainable paradigm of the servlet in terms of the encapsulated Controller.. Having spent a great deal of time developing our own strategy, we believe we have developed a simple and elegant solution to this MVC problem which we call the ‘perfect servlet’.. the request - response cycle.. How it should work.. When a user makes a request, in java terms an HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse are created and sent to an address in the container.. The container selects the  ...   software (the business Model ), loading the HttpServletRequest with additional data and then deciding which jsp should create the xhtml to provide as the response.. The servlet Controls the system.. Find out more about MVC.. here.. up for discussion.. The Servlet Controller.. OK, but how should the servlet be laid out? It needs to interpret commands provided by the user and then take the appropriate action.. We've seen many examples of the way to do this, but many seem.. overly complicated.. and we like simple and elegant!.. So we've come up with our own solution.. We like it because it does the job while being simple to write, understand and maintain.. We'd like your views on our version of the perfect servlet so we've created a.. mini web application.. to demonstrate how it works and you can.. download.. the source code for inspection.. We'd be grateful for any.. comments and suggestions.. you might have..

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