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  • Title: NordSESIL
    Descriptive info: .. Search this site.. About.. Town Square.. Knowledge Hub.. Workshop Events.. NordSESIL.. net Updates.. Resources.. Sitemap.. Join Town Square.. To translate this website to a Scandinavian language, or other languages, install the.. Google Toolbar.. Financial supporters.. Home.. Helping isolated communities in the Nordic region to access sustainable energy solutions through networking, knowledge sharing, and nurturing new projects.. 1st Quarterly Newsletter 2010.. A lot of things has happened since NordSESIL.. net launched its Knowledge Hub and Town Square last year.. In this Quarterly Newsletter you can read about our new expert blog.. Posted.. Mar 1, 2010, 2:18 AM.. by NordSESIL Network.. net: New design and layout.. Welcome to the new and improved version of NordSESIL.. net.. We have made a new website with a number of improvement, here is a short list of the new functionalities.. Mar 1, 2010, 2:31 AM.. Showing posts.. 1 - 2.. of.. 2.. View more ».. Connecting people that are interested and engaged in sustainable energy use in remote and isolated communities..  ...   project.. »»».. Go directly to Knowledge Hub.. Participate in Workshops and activities organised by the NordSESIL project in the Nordic region.. If you know of an event or workshop you want you to share, then.. go to the Town Square an add it.. Go directly to Workshops Event.. Featured blog posts on Town Square.. See all blog posts on Town Square.. Featured projects on Knowledge Hub.. See all featured projects on Knowledge Hub.. Latest updates on Workshop Events.. See all featured events on Town Square.. The latest discussions on Town Square are featured below.. The discussions vary from input and suggestions for workshops and events to.. important discussions about challenges concerning the introduction and implementation of sustainable energy.. Stakeholders from small and isolated communities can post discussion topics concerning certain issues and challenges, aimed at getting.. assistance from knowledge members in the NordSESIL.. net community.. »»» See all discussions.. Featured discussions on Town Square.. Sign in.. |.. Report Abuse.. Print Page.. Remove Access.. Powered By.. Google Sites..

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  • Title: About - NordSESIL
    Descriptive info: More info ».. Project partners.. People behind.. Related projects.. About NordSESIL.. The challenge of accessing information in isolated communities.. Communities in the Nordic region have a common need to use more sustainable energy services.. Communities in isolated regions have particularly acute needs due to the high costs, limited service and potential for environmental impacts of their energy systems.. Many barriers exist that prevent these communities from understanding the options available and identifying and accessing appropriate and sustainable solutions.. These barriers include technical, social and economic issues but have a common foundation of a lack of effective energy-specific communication and knowledge-sharing between the communities and stakeholders with interests in delivering sustainable energy solutions.. This project will test the hypothesis that the creation, management and targeted use of a focused communication network for isolated communities in the Nordic region will significantly improve the practical ability of the communities to identify and access appropriate and sustainable energy supply solutions.. Project methodology.. The project will have 2 key phases:.. Build a focused network of motivated and relevant stakeholders with interests in delivering sustainable energy services to communities in isolated Nordic areas.. Use the network to build and share knowledge and capabilities that will enable communities to effectively access more sustainable energy services.. This will be achieved through 2 specific tasks.. UNEP Risø Center.. will provide overall project management but all tasks will include significant contributions from project partners and network members:.. Establish and facilitate a communication and capacity building network with stakeholders such as energy using communities, education, research and government and industry elements of the Arctic/Nordic/Baltic energy sector.. A dynamic web site will serve as the central tool for the communication network.. Build knowledge and capability in the network through focused actions such as research and training programs.. Work to enable the independent generation of projects and/or funding applications by  ...   (wind-hydrogen systems in Antarctic research stations as a case study).. David had approached the UNEP Risø Centre (URC) earlier in 2006 to act as the host and collaborating partner for a Nordic-focused network on sustainable energy technology transfer based on the Centre's expertise on capacity building and knowledge sharing in the development-based energy sector.. The UNEP Risø Centre was/is also based at the Risø National Laboratory, known from 2007-onwards as Risø-DTU or the Danish National Laboratory for Renewable Energy, which provided a easy access to strong technical expertise.. A funding opportunity from Nordic Energy Research (2007-2010 round) was identified after David's visit to Risø and a preliminary project proposal was subsequently developed midway through 2006 by David (working in Australia) and Gordon (working in Denmark).. The application was then submitted to Nordic Energy Research for assessment.. The proposal passed the first round of selection and NordSESIL was invited to submit a complete proposal in the 3rd quarter of 2006.. David returned to Risø (from Australia) to develop the full proposal, drawing in project partners using his existing network of contacts, contacts from the URC, and other sources.. The resulting project proposal included a networking, knowledge sharing, and strong research component and sought 12 Million NOK in funding with approximately 8 Million NOK in in-kind support from project partners.. The project was approved for funding by Nordic Energy Research in December 2006, on the basis that the research component of the project was removed and the project budget constrained to a maximum of 4 Million NOK cash from Nordic Energy Research for the 3 year project period.. A high proportion of the in-kind contributions was retained, although many of the original project partners were lost due to lack of supporting funds.. David was formally recruited by Risø to manage the project from August 2007.. Subpages.. (3):.. People.. Related Projects..

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  • Title: Town Square - NordSESIL
    Descriptive info: Featured blog posts.. Featured discussions.. The NordSESIL.. net project aims to help communities in isolated parts of the Nordic region to access information and people that can enable them to develop more sustainable energy solutions.. This online.. is a place where people can meet others who have common interests, share experiences, and hopefully get ideas happening.. The.. Ning.. com.. online resource was selected to host the Town Square site as it met the core requirements of the project team, including:.. Provide the functionality needed for a networking site where individual profiles can be created, people can identify and communicate with one another, and information can be shared through discussion forums and blogs.. To provide an opportunity for collaborative development of ideas and the site in general.. As accessible as possible to as many people as possible -  ...   the project will be reduced.. Reproduceable by other communities in other parts of the world (who are also interested in creating local knowledge hubs to address sustainable energy challenges).. We believe that the Ning platform was the best available resource at the time, and may still be.. There are some constraints to the site, such as the lack of options to automatically translate to other languages.. However, the Ning platform is constantly developing and we hope that translation to additional languages will be available in the future.. The Town Square is one half of the two key components of the NordSESIL.. net project's online presence - the other half being the Knowledge Hub at.. www.. nordsesil.. wikispaces.. Unfortunately registration of a log-in name and password is required separately for each site, but can't be avoided at this time..

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  • Title: Knowledge Hub - NordSESIL
    Descriptive info: Become a member.. Featured projects.. has two key functions:.. Serve as central resource of information and links to projects and activities.. that involve sustainable energy solutions for isolated communities around the world - particulalry for communities in the Nordic region, and.. Provide information about the NordSESIL project.. , including our goals, activities, details and the outcomes of the workshops and events that we organise.. How you can use and contribute to the site.. This site is designed to be a collaboratively developed collection of knowledge specifically relating to sustainable energy use in isolated communities.. You can benefit from the site by  ...   by adding to or correction information on the site, including creating new pages about projects and activities that are relevant.. Visit the ".. wiki introduction page.. " to learn more about using the wiki, or try.. contributing a project.. (or adding to an existing project or page).. What are the key parts of the site?.. Information about the NordSESIL project and related activities.. A collection of projects and activities from around the world that relate to sustainable energy use in isolated communities.. The Cool 100 project collection that includes specific projects that have been selected as being particularly informative and educational..

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  • Title: Workshop & Events - NordSESIL
    Descriptive info: Programme 2010.. Events 2009.. A main component of NordSESIL.. net is to conduct workshops and participate in events throughout Nordic communities.. This enables us to facilitate “face to face” networking and knowledge sharing through workshops and networking events.. The workshops and events are organised in collaboration with our partners.. This maximises the value of people investing time, money and CO2 emissions when travelling in the Nordic region.. The North Atlantic Cooperation (NORA) provides supporting funding  ...   you can find information, how to register, submit requests for funding support for travel costs (when available), or access information from our past workshops and events and contribute to discussions.. Nice to know.. See the.. net program for 2010.. We will gladly receive suggestions for upcoming events.. Remember to.. subscribe to our RSS feeds.. to receive updates on events, i.. e.. when registration open or when new events are announced.. Go to.. to see all events..

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  • Title: NordSESIL.net Updates - NordSESIL
    Descriptive info: All general announcements from the NordSESIL.. net project are featured here.. We strongly encourage you the subscribe to our RSS feed to receive updates automatically.. Not sure what RSS is?.. Click here for a video explanation.. (on Youtube).. Subscribing to the RSS feeds you can receive updates on the following topics:.. New events organised by NordSESIL.. Opening of registrations for events.. Quarterly newsletter.. Expert blog posts on Town Square.. New functionality updates.. Follow-up on workshops.. We offer two types of general updates: RSS feeds and a Quarterly Newsletter.. The RSS feeds will give you a more consistent and up-to-date awareness of NordSESIL.. net, therefore we encourage you to subscribe to our feeds instead of the newsletter (the newsletter will also be announced by RSS).. Quarterly Newsletter.. If you wish to only receive the quarterly newsletter please register as a member on Town Square.. Each quarterly newsletter will be announced through this online community.. List of announcement from NordSESIL.. Subscribe to posts.. posted.. Feb 17, 2010, 4:45 AM.. [ updated.. ].. In this Quarterly Newsletter you can read about our new expert blog, the new website, follow-up on events from 2009 and why you should sign up for RSS feeds from NordSESIL.. Expert Blog.. Beginning February 2009, we have launched a new blog concept on Town Square: The Expert Blog.. Each month a leading expert will write a blog on an issue concerning sustainable energy in small or isolated communities.. This months expert blogger is Margrethe Sørensen, PhD and Senior Adviser in MS Consult is featured.. RSS feeds from NordSESIL.. RSS  ...   an event a NordSESIL.. net event in 2009? See our description of past workshops and access different resources, such as pictures, presentations, list of speakers and participants, follow-up documents, etc.. If you want to read this email in another language please.. click here.. and install the Google Toolbar to translate the website.. Feb 17, 2010, 4:44 AM.. We have made a new website with a number of improvement, here is a short list of the new functionalities:.. Grow the network.. Do you know somebody working with, engaged/interested in, looking for a sustainable energy with a focus on remote and isolated communities? Then tell them about NordSESIL.. In the left menu we have added a "Share this website tool" - all you need to do is click the button and send the link to someone - via Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.. Announcements from NordSESIL.. net now boosts a general announcements feature so you can get the latest updates from the project team.. Announcements will include various things such as: Newsletters, website updates/introduction of new features, workshop announcement/reports.. We encourage you to ".. " to always get the latest information from the NordSESIL.. RSS Feeds from Town Square, Knowledge Hub and Events collected in one place.. If you scroll down on the front page of NordSESIL.. net you'll notice the list of blue links.. The links are RSS (.. ) feeds from the our other websites showing "what's going on".. This means that you can now go to NordSESIL.. net and see all the latest news collected in one place.. 1-2 of 2..

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  • Title: Resources - NordSESIL
    Descriptive info: Look below to find relevant NordSESIL.. net material.. In case you need something, which you cannot find, please contact us.. Ċ.. netbrochure(Highresolution).. pdf.. View.. Download.. net brochure in high resolution.. Suitable for high quality prints.. Designed for press printing (two-page folded).. 4477k.. v.. Feb 17, 2010, 5:29 AM.. NordSESIL Network.. netbrochure(Lowresolution).. net brochure  ...   distribution.. 1488k.. Feb 17, 2010, 5:27 AM.. ą.. netlogowithouttext.. jpg.. net logo.. JPG format and without text.. Width: 584px Heigh: 190px.. 39k.. 1.. Feb 17, 2010, 5:31 AM.. ċ.. netlogowithtext.. eps.. net logo with text.. EPS format for printing.. 436k.. Feb 17, 2010, 5:32 AM.. Text.. fla.. 468k.. Feb 22, 2010, 5:57 AM..

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  • Title: Sitemap - NordSESIL
    Descriptive info: [Untitled].. Collapse all..

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  • Title: 1st Quarterly Newsletter 2010 - NordSESIL
    Descriptive info: Comments..

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  • Title: NordSESIL.net: New design and layout - NordSESIL
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  • Title: Programme 2010 - NordSESIL
    Descriptive info: Programme 2010.. net Program 2010.. Underneath you will find the list of proposed list of events organised by NordSESIL.. net in collaboration with different organisations.. Event will be added to the list during the year, so be sure to.. subscribe to our.. to stay updated on opening of  ...   welcome to suggest events, using the comments further down.. If you think we should include a certain type of event we would like yo hear your input.. Date.. Registration.. Innovative bio-energy solutions for small, off-grid communities.. TBA.. (Not yet open).. Creating links between Canada and the Nordic region.. September..

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