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  • Title: NPCA
    Descriptive info: .. National Police Canine Association.. P.. O.. Box 538.. Waddell, Arizona 85355.. Phone: 877-362-1219.. info@npca.. net.. Executive Board.. |.. Standards.. Events/Minutes.. Regional Directors.. Contact Us.. Links.. NPCA Store.. Standards Committee.. Membership Services.. EOD.. Awards.. |.. SWGDOG & LegaL Issues.. Welcome to the National Police Canine Association.. NPCA was established in 1997, for the street working dog and is the best resource for the professional canine unit.. NPCA is a 501C3 non-profit association dedicated to the training, development and certification of law enforcement canine teams and their administrations.. Our association offers nationally accepted certifications throughout the year across the United States.. We provide regional and national canine training seminars several times a year.. NPCA provides leadership and canine administration training for all supervisory levels.. We can help reduce your liability through expert courtroom testimony, current case law updates and legal defense assistance.. NPCA has Trainers, Instructors, a Standards Committee and a Board of Directors with vast canine experience in all canine related aspects.. NPCA provides and monitors an interactive, online chat group for all members to exchange vital information.. STREET-REALISTIC.. Certifications Provided by NPCA certified officials in the areas of PATROL, NARCOTICS, EXPLOSIVE DETECTION, TRACKING TRAILING, HUMAN DETECTION, CONTRABAND, TACTICAL and also WILDLIFE.. ***Pay for Memberships and Certifications On-line.. Just click on the NPCA Store heading above.. ***.. Please email or fax your Membership Application in after making payment online.. Application can be downloaded under Membership Services above.. Fax/1-877-362-1219 Email/k.. farnsworth@npca.. MEMBER AWARDS.. - Our Member Awards section has recently been updated.. Please visit the  ...   These experts have on average over 20 plus years in their field and are affiliated with National Tactical Officers Association, California Association of Tactical Officers, Florida SWAT Associations, Michigan Tactical Officers Association, National Police Canine Association, United States Police Canine Association and North American Police Working Dog Association.. You can check out the books reviews by going to Amazon and typing in.. K9 Tactical Operations.. in the search box.. You can order from Amazon or directly from the editor, Joanne Wolfe, at.. wolfe.. media@pemtel.. Thanks again for your interest and support.. I hope you enjoy the book.. Brad Smith.. West Covina Police Department, CA (Ret).. Canine Tactical Operations and Consulting.. N.. T.. A.. National K9 Chairman.. SME for C.. www.. skidds.. com.. K9TacOps.. 626-523-4028.. Last Updated: 04/01/2013.. March 4th-8th 2013.. Narc Certs, Basic K9 Narcotics Detection Workshop, Amarillo, TX.. more.. March 25th - 29th.. April 1-5, Certifications.. Delaware.. April 22nd, Patro.. l Certs.. New Orleans, LA.. April 24th-25th, Certs.. Pennsylvania.. May 14, Legal Update,.. Jackson, Wyoming.. May 15th-17th, Seminar,.. May 27th, Certifications.. Maui, Hawaii.. October 7-11-National Training Seminar, Rialto California.. P.. C.. Board Meetings.. The N.. Executive Board Minutes of the meeting are now availlable for downloading.. More.. Standards Updates Changes.. that are.. Effective Immediately.. Please review the changes and updates that have been posted on our Standards Page that are also available for downloading.. 2011 Newsletter.. Our Annual newsletter is now available for downloading on our Events Page.. Home.. About Us.. Online Store.. Our Services.. | 2009 by The National Police Canine Association..

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  • Title: Executive Board
    Descriptive info: Events.. SWGDOG & Legal Issues.. NPCA - President.. Terry Anderson.. Pasadena Police Dept.. Pasadena, Texas.. Phone: (713) 562-7371.. Email:.. t.. anderson@npca.. NPCA - Secretary.. Joe Caponetto.. Kansas City MO Police Dept.. Kansas City, Missouri.. Phone: 816-929-2702.. j.. caponetto@npca.. NPCA - Treasurer/Training Coordinator.. Mark Green.. Phoenix Police Dept.. Phoenix, Arizona.. m.. green@npca.. NPCA - Recruitment Enhancement Director.. Rich Maiocco.. r.. maiocco@npca.. NPCA - Administrative Assistant.. Katy Farnsworth.. Waddell, AZ.. 85355.. Phone: (877) 362-1219.. k.. NPCA - Sales Director.. Tim Norton.. K-9 Unit.. norton@npca..

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  • Title: Standards
    Descriptive info: NPCA.. Store.. W.. elcome To N.. 's Standards for Training Certifications Section.. Be Advised:.. Our Training Certification Standards for all areas of certification can now be found in just one manual.. This was done to make it easier to find and download the information you need, in addition to making it easier to store on your computer.. After downloading and saving the file, you do NOT need to print all of the pages if you only need a few for reference.. When using the 'print command' to print the file, merely select the pages you wish to print.. ·.. Any attempt to intentionally violate stated rules shall result in being excused from certification and or possible expulsion from organization.. Explosives Cert Change:.. Time on Luggage will now be 6 minutes instead of 12.. There is a New Certification:.. Currency.. Corporate Membership Definition Change:.. Corporate membership- limited to certification and other specific corporate training.. Rule mandating all 5 phases (area,  ...   Will Not Have Expenses Paid By NPCA.. Cer.. Updated.. File Type.. Standards for Training Certification Manual -.. Updated.. January 2013.. 01/09/2013.. MS Word.. Adobe.. pdf.. Standards Application for Becoming A Certified Official.. 02/15/2010.. Revised Membership Classifications.. 12/15/2011.. Individual Certification Score Sheets.. Narcotics Certification Score Sheet.. 09-26-11.. MS.. Excel.. EOD Certification Score Sheet.. ***New Currency Certification Score Sheet***.. 10-12-12.. Handler Protection Certification Score Sheet.. Human Concealment Certification Score Sheet.. Wildlife Gun Certification Score Sheet.. Patrol Certification Score Sheet.. Special Response Team (SRT) I Certification Score Sheet.. 12/27/2011.. Tracking I Certification Score Sheet.. Trailing I Certification Score Sheet.. 5/21/2008.. Trailing II Certification Score Sheet.. 10/13/2009.. Master Certification Score Sheets.. Human Concealment Master Certification Score Sheet.. 01/05/2011.. Patrol, Handler Protection SRT Master Certification Score Sheet.. 01/05/2012.. Narc.. , EOD, Wildlife, Contraband or Gun Master Cert.. Score Sheet.. 01/20/2012.. Excel.. Tracking I , Trailing I Trailing II Master Certification Score Sheet.. **New Currency Master Certification Score Sheet**.. 10/12/12.. Handler Release.. Handler Release Agreement.. 01/18/2012..

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  • Title: Events
    Descriptive info: Other K-9 Related Events.. Calendar of Events.. If you wish to submit an event for posting, please email the information to.. March 4th-8th.. , Narcotics Certifications Basic K9 Narcotics Detection Workshop,.. Amarillo, Texas.. Narcotics.. You can contact Brent Warden-806-206-5570 or David Abraham-806-679-2220.. Cody Lavery at.. codylavery@me.. March 25th-29th 2013, April 1st-5th 2013 Certifications, Delaware.. Explosives-March 25-29.. Narcotics-April 1-5.. Delaware Technical Community College-Stanton Campus.. 400 Churchmans Rd, Newark, DE 19702.. Contact Mark Tobin 302-373-0402 k9camptraining.. 0700 start time.. April.. 22nd 2013, Patrol Certifications, New Orleans.. Contact Danny Valdez for further information.. 409-284-3595.. 24th-25th 2013, Certifications, Pennsylvania.. Patrol, Narcotics, EOD.. Contact Sgt Darrin Wendling.. 610-861-4820.. May 27th, 2013, Certifications, Maui, Hawaii.. Contact.. Glen Anderson.. 909-784-8222.. May 15th-17th, 2013, Jackson Wyoming Seminar.. Hosted by The Teton County Sheriff's Office.. Jackson Wyoming Seminar.. pdf.. May 14th, 2013, Jackson Wyoming.. K9 Legal Update.. S..  ...   Seminar Flyer.. Minutes.. Executive Board Meeting Minutes.. 2012 Executive Board Meeting Minutes October 7th, 2012.. 2012 Executive Board Meeting Minutes October 12th, 2012.. 2012 General Membership Meeting Minutes October 8th, 2012.. 2011 Executive Board Meeting Minutes October 9th 14th 2011.. Telephonic Meeting Minutes.. Executive Telephonic Board Meeting Minutes.. 2012 Executive Board Meeting Minutes June 8th, 2012.. 2011 Executive Board Telephonic Meeting Minutes April 25th, 2011.. Standards Meeting Minutes.. 2012 Standards Committee Meeting Minutes October 7th, 2012.. Archived Minutes please click here.. Newsletters.. Official 2011.. Newsletter.. MS Word.. Official 2010.. Official 2009.. Photos of Seminars and Events.. 2012 National Training Seminar, Lee County Florida Photos by Ace K9, Please contact.. John@acek9.. for your photos.. Photos.. 2012 National Seminar Trial Results.. Texas Certifications 2012.. Photos.. 2011 National Training Seminar, Beaumont Texas.. 2011 National Seminar Trial Results.. Archive Photos from Seminars and Events..

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  • Title: Regional
    Descriptive info: MapTron 1022 - Sample Web Page.. Regional Map.. Please Click On Your State To Find Regional Information..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: If you need information, have a question about a membership, or you need help with something related to our association, please contact us either by email, telephone or by mail.. If you wish to pay for your membership and or certification fees with a check, please send payment to the address listed below.. Please be advised that we also accept payment by Visa Master Card credit or debit cards for memberships and certifications, payable through our.. Phone Fax Toll Free: (877) 362-1219..

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  • Title: Links
    Descriptive info: Links to other K-9 related Web Sites.. swgdog.. org.. policek9magazine.. lacpca.. alecapolicek9.. acek9.. rayallen.. k9s4cops.. tacticalk9usa.. h204k9.. havis.. olivebranchk9.. com/index.. html.. k9fleck.. Listings here, does not imply endorsement by N..

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  • Title: Standards Committee
    Descriptive info: NPCA.. | Standards Committee |.. Chairman Frank Glover.. -.. f.. glover@npca.. Southeast-.. Paul Koinig-.. p.. koinig@npca.. Northeast-Donald Witte.. d.. witte@npca.. South Central-Steve Arnold.. s.. arnold@npca.. North Central-Carl Abraham-.. c.. abraham@npca.. Southwest-Brad Smith.. b.. smith@npca.. Northwest-Doug Church.. church@npca.. West Coast-..

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  • Title: Membership
    Descriptive info: If you would like to join the National Police Canine Association, either as a K-9 Handler, Associate Member, Honorary Member, or as an Individual Corporate or Business Corporate Member, please download an application and submit with payment to the address listed on the application.. You may also pay your membership dues using a Visa or Master Card credit or debit card through our.. You will still need to fill out and submit the application.. For further information about joining the N..  ...   an N.. A.. Member who would like access to the NPCA Private Yahoo Group, please contact.. Private Yahoo Group For NPCA Members.. Private Group on Yahoo.. The National Police Canine Association operates an Members-only email list to increase communications within the organization.. If your a current NPCA member, and you would like to subscribe to the email list, enter your email address below.. An email address and membership will be verified before access is permitted.. Subscribe to NPCA.. Powered by.. groups.. yahoo..

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  • Title: EOD
    Descriptive info: EOD Certification for Certifying Officials.. The NPCA has made it mandatory that all Certifying Officials take and pass an EOD Safety quiz prior to hosting EOD certifications.. The quiz can now be taken online.. You will be contacted by Katy Farnsworth about your scoring once you have submitted your quiz online.. Please  ...   taking your online quiz.. E.. D.. Safety Study Guide.. MS WORD Format.. pdf Format.. After you have finished reviewing the EOD Safety Study Guide, please click on the folder for the EOD Online Safety Quiz, which will then direct you to the online quiz section.. Online Safety Quiz.. Take The Online Quiz..

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  • Title: Awards
    Descriptive info: Legal Issues.. Member Awards.. *.. The National Police Canine Association is proud of its members accomplishments.. These members were selected from nominations from their peers, for acts above and beyond the call of duty.. 2011 Case of the Year Awards.. Patrol Case of the Year.. Officer Dave Edwards and K9 Berry, Kansas City MO Police Dept, MO.. On 11/22/11 Officer Edwards responded to assist the Raytown, MO Police Department with a K9 search of four burglary suspects that fled after being chased in a stolen auto.. The stolen auto wrecked with the four suspects in it and rolled off the road and into a creek.. After the wreck the four suspects fled on foot into a wooded area.. Officer Edwards deployed K9 Berry and cleared the wooded area with negative results.. Officer Edwards and K9 Berry moved into another area.. K9 Berry began showing interest in the area of the buildings.. The shed was cleared and the K9 team then moved up to the house.. K9 Berry searched the house and showed a strong interest inside, however Patrol Officers stated they already searched the house.. K9 Berry was sent back in the house and again showing a strong interest and looked to be showing interest high, which made Officer Edwards believe the suspects were in the attic.. Officer Edwards gave commands to anyone in the attic and two suspects verbally announced themselves.. The two suspects emerged from the attic and were taken into custody without incident.. Runner up Patrol Case of the Year.. Officer Mark Douglas and K9 Cobra, Commerce City Police Department, CO.. On November 11, 2011 Officer Douglas responded to assist Special Unit Investigation Detectives.. The Detectives had been on surveillance of a suspect wanted on Felony charges.. The suspect ran from the detectives back into his residence.. A perimeter was established.. Family members exited and told the detectives the subject would not come out.. The suspect was known to the Officers.. The suspect has a history of running from Officers and fighting with Officers.. A tactical entry team was established.. The K9 team made entry after numerous K9 announcements.. The front of the house was clean, but, the back half of the house was a hoarders environment with trash, old bicycles, gas grills, magazines, clothing stacked from floor to ceiling.. Clearing the house took three hours.. K9 cobra had to crawl over large stacks of trash, clothing, etc.. K9 cobra was lifted to clear the attic.. K9 cobra remained in the down while other Officers stepped over him and breeched doors to make entry.. Cobra kept returning to two rooms in the residence and alerting by pawing at the carpet.. Cobra made entry into the crawl space.. Again, the crawl space was filled with stacks of trash and boxes.. Cobra went directly to the rear of the crawl space crawling over trash, insulation and water pipes.. Cobra quickly located the suspect.. The suspect had rolled himself up in the insulation behind piping and trash.. Cobra apprehended the suspect by the left shin/calf area.. The suspect began to fight with cobra.. At one point the suspect tried to pry open cobra s mouth.. Officer Douglas crawled to where Cobra and the suspect were.. Officer Douglas was ordering the suspect to surrender.. The suspect was pulling Cobra over the water pipes.. Cobra never changed or shifted his apprehension.. The suspect surrendered.. Cobra released the bite on command and recalled from the bite to Officer Douglas location.. The suspect was taken into custody and received medical treatment.. Detection.. Case of the Year.. Sgt.. Tom Taylor and K9 Benny, Hawley Police Department, MN.. On May 23, 2011, at approximately 0221 hours Sgt.. Taylor was contacted at home.. He was requested to assist an outside agency with a vehicle sniff.. Upon arrival Sgt.. Taylor was briefed on the circumstances of the stop and suspicion.. K9 Benny was then deployed to sniff the vehicle exterior.. Immediately K9 Benny showed interest in the car.. K9 Benny sat at the passenger door of the van.. Taylor informed the Troopers of the K9s alert.. The Troopers began searching the inside of the vehicle.. The Troopers recovered a small amount of Marijuana and a large amount of U.. S.. The Troopers recovered approximately $400,000.. Runner up.. Case of the Year.. Investigator.. Tom Hayes and K9 Boo, Lakewood Police Department, CO.. On November 09, 2011, Investigator Hayes responded to assist an Officer who had stopped a motor home for traffic violations.. The Officer developed reasonable suspicion that the motor home was transporting narcotics or narcotic proceeds.. The driver refused consent to search the motor home.. Investigator Tom Hayes arrived with K9 Boo.. K9 Boo was deployed to search the exterior of the motor home.. K9 Boo alerted on the front door.. The driver of the motor home was advised of the alert by the K9.. The Officer then entered the motor home and began a search.. The Officer observed that closet doors in the middle of the motor home were screwed shut.. The Officer removed the screws.. The Officer observed plastic tubs with individually vacuum sealed plastic bags of Marijuana.. Subsequently 102 pounds of Marijuana was recovered along with numerous drier sheets.. Case Summaries for Second Quarter 2012.. North.. Central Region.. Officer Antonio Garcia and K9 Franz, Kansas City MO Police Department.. On May 28, 2012, Detective Garcia, along with K9 Franz, responded to the Fed Ex facility in Kansas City after receiving information of a suspicious package that was being shipped in.. Detective Garcia located the suspicious package and set it aside with several other unrelated packages.. K9 Franz then did a sniff of the packages and giving a positive response to the odor of narcotics on the package in question.. Detective Garcia worked with the DEA Task Force and conducted a controlled delivery of where the package was addressed to be delivered to.. A female subject signed for the package and DEA detained her.. The female subject gave consent to search the package, which when searched, 83 pounds of marijuana was recovered.. The female subject then called the subject who the package was for and he responded within 10 minutes to collect the package.. DEA took custody of him as well.. West Region.. Officer Avila and K9 Matzo, Arvada Police Department, Colorado.. On June 24, 2012 at approximately 2058 hours Officer Avila and K9 Matzo assisted Officers with locating a kidnapping suspect.. At approximately 1655 hours the Lakewood Police Department released a BOLO advising other agencies of a Non-Custodial Abduction involving a two year old child that had just occurred.. Shortly after the BOLO was released Arvada Police Officers were sent to an apartment complex.. Subsequently, the Officers located the suspect vehicle, recovered the child and took a female suspect into custody.. The male suspect ran on foot from the Officers.. The Officers chased the suspect on foot.. The suspect eluded the Officers.. Officer Avila assisted in the search for the suspect with K9 Matzo.. A perimeter had been established when the foot pursuit occurred.. K9 Matzo was deployed to track the suspect beginning in the area where the suspect was last seen.. K9 Matzo tracked through the apartment complex.. The track was approximately 15 minutes old.. Eventually K9 Matzo gave a loss of track indication.. Officer Avila believed the suspect was still in the area and requested additional K9 assistance from an outside agency as this was a large apartment complex.. Officer Avila assigned the assisting K9 units their search areas.. Officer Avila and K9 Matzo continued with an area search searching for the suspect.. The team had been searching for approximately one hour when Matzo alerted on a second floor balcony.. Back up Officers made their way through the apartment onto the balcony and took the male suspect into custody.. Officer Laas and K9 Beaker, Arvada Police Department, Colorado.. On April 27, 2012, the West Metro Drug Task Force (WMDTF) executed a search warrant on a residence in Denver, CO.. After an extensive search by members of the Drug Task Force, no drugs were located.. The Sergeant in charge contacted Officer Brian Laas and requested a K-9 to assist in the search.. Officer Laas and K-9 Beaker responded to the scene and K-9 Beaker was deployed on the out buildings, vehicles and trailer located at the residence.. Another K-9 team was deployed inside the residence.. Officer Laas deployed K-9 Beaker into a travel trailer that had also been searched by the WMDTF.. K-9 Beaker displayed two alerts in the trailer and a more detailed search of a closet located a cash counting machine.. The second alert was to a cabinet on the wall of the trailer that contained a manufactured false bottom.. Inside this false bottom, Officer Laas located approximately one pound of methamphetamine hidden in the compartment.. Follow up investigation has led the WMDTF and the Denver DEA Strike Force to a major drug trafficking organization and the investigation is ongoing.. This ongoing investigation would not have been possible without Officer Laas and Beaker locating this methamphetamine during this deployment.. West Coast.. Region.. Officer Nick Franco and K9 Rocco, West Covina Police Department, California.. On May 22, 2012, at approx.. 0500 hours, Officer Franco responded with West Covina Police S.. W.. team members to assist with a warrant service.. There was a search warrant for the location and an arrest warrant for a subject at this residence.. The warrant was for 459 PC and had No Bail.. The subject was a documented E/S Baldwin Park gang member and was possibly armed with a fire arm inside the location.. An Officer began making announcements using the vehicles PA system.. Officers announced they were the police and they had a search warrant for the residence.. After several announcements residents inside the location complied and started exiting the location through the front door.. Over the next two hours Officers made several announcements asking the subject to come out and surrender.. Officers made announcements calling him out by his name, but they got no response.. Officers made over twenty K-9 announcements over the two hours, but he never responded.. After getting no response they used PSD Rocco and searched the exterior of garage.. PSD Rocco checked a door leading into the garage from the side of the house.. PSD Rocco alerted on the door and started to guard and bark.. After approx.. thirty barks Officer Franco recalled PSD Rocco back to him.. They made additional announcements asking him to surrender, but he still refused to comply and exit the location.. At approximately 0715 hours, Sergeants on scene.. formed a search team in an attempt to locate the subject.. They eventually breached the garage doors.. Once the garage doors opened they decided to search the garage area for the subject.. There was a black Toyota SUV parked inside of the garage.. The rear windows appeared to be tinted and it was difficult to see if there was anyone hiding inside.. The rear window to the SUV was breached.. Officer Franco saw the subject hiding in the back seat of the SUV.. He could not see the subject s hands and he immediately heard other officers ordering the subject to surrender  ...   partner Ronin.. Officer Brown conducted a K9 sniff around the vehicle.. K9 Ronin displayed a positive alert on the center console of the Pontiac.. A hand search of the vehicle was conducted roadside without success.. However, State Troopers confirmed that there were very few personal items in the vehicle to support the claim of moving to St.. Louis to find jobs.. Task Force Operators responded to the scene.. Task Force Operators made a decision to have the State Troopers discontinue their vehicle search and impounded the vehicle for further investigation.. On January 10, 2012 TFO Toppett obtained a search warrant for the Pontiac Grand Am.. On January 10, 2012 TFO Toppett and members of the Denver OCDEFT Strike Force conducted a search of the Pontiac.. Nothing was located during this search.. TFO Toppett re-secured the Pontiac in the DEA Denver FDO garage.. On January 12, 2012 TFO Tom Hayes and Lakewood Police Department Agent Tony Collett conducted a secondary search of the vehicle.. Agent Collett located an area of interest under the battery on the front left side frame rail.. Agent Collett noticed tooling marks on the bolts that secured the battery platform and fuse box.. Agent Collett located a factory made hole in the frame rail.. The hole had a ball of grease placed over it in an apparent attempt to disguise the hole.. Agent Collett removed the ball of grease revealing what appeared to be a package inside the hollow frame rail.. Agent Collett pierced the package with his knife and observed a white crystalline substance consistent with methamphetamine.. TFO Hayes field tested the substance with a NIK field test kit.. He noted a presumptive positive reaction for the presence of methamphetamine, a schedule II controlled substance.. Access to the packages had to be gained through the front bumper area.. The front bumper assembly had to be removed.. Agents noticed tooling marks on the mounting bolts and fresh black spray paint.. After removing the bumper the front of the frame rails were exposed.. A faint outline was noticeable of where an access point to the frame rail was cut then replaced and covered with body filler and spray paint.. Agent Collett struck the front of the frame rail exposing an opening into the void inside the frame rail.. Agent Collett noticed that a similar access point was present on the right side frame rail as well.. Agent Collett removed a plastic package containing the white crystalline substance.. The package was coated in grease.. The package also had a string attached to it.. Agent Collett pulled on the string revealing a second package.. Agent Collett continued to pull out packages eventually recovering five separate plastic packages.. TFO Tom Hayes took photographs of the trap and packages.. TFO Toppett took possession of the packages.. Agent Collett opened the right side frame and found that it was empty but capable of holding an equal amount of contraband.. TFO Toppett weighed the packages at 5.. 54 gross pounds or 2509.. 6 gross grams.. Officer Brian Laas and K9 Beaker, Arvada Police Department, CO.. On 011812 at approximately 2200 hours Investigators with CRIT stopped two vehicles suspected of possessing narcotics and paraphernalia.. K9 Beaker was deployed to search the first vehicle.. Consent was not granted for the search of this vehicle.. K9 Beaker did alert on the driver s door exterior, then began a search of the interior.. K9 Beaker alerted on the interior of the driver s door.. One rock of Methamphetamine was recovered.. K9 Beaker continued his search and alerted on the center console.. A digital scale was recovered from the center console.. Officer Laas then deployed K9 Beaker to search the second vehicle.. Consent had been given.. The search began with the exterior.. K9 Beaker alerted on the driver s door and again on the passenger front door.. During the interior search Beaker alerted on the driver s door.. A Meth pipe and a loaded handgun were recovered.. Three small baggies of Meth and a scale were recovered from beneath the driver s seat.. On 010612 at approximately 2200 hours Officer Laas assisted Officers who had located a stolen vehicle.. The male passenger of the vehicle had walked away from the vehicle shortly before it was contacted by Officers.. A female occupant was taken into custody.. Officer Laas deployed K9 Beaker to track the male suspect from the vehicle.. K9 Beaker tracked through the yard of a small apartment complex which had chickens in the yard.. The track went over a six foot wood fence then through the parking lot of a second apartment complex and over a second six foot wood fence and across the parking lot of a business complex.. The suspect was located hiding under a large juniper bush.. The suspect had concealed himself by throwing wood bark and dirt over the top of him.. Officer Laas issued K9 Challenges, however the suspect chose to ignore the challenges.. K9 Beaker was sent to apprehend the suspect.. K9 Beaker engaged the suspect, the suspect complied and K9 Beaker released the bite on command.. The suspect was taken into custody and the suspect received medical attention.. South.. Corporal Keith Mouliere and K9 Ricco, Alexandria Police Department, LA.. On Febuary 14.. th.. , 2012, Cpl K Mouliere and K9 Ricco were dispatched to a report of a burglary in progress.. The caller notified dispatchers that she had observed 2 black males break a side window of the residence and one of the men entered through the window.. Alexandria Police officers arrived, secured an outer perimeter, and waited for the K9 Officer to arrive.. K9 Officer Mouliere arrived and he contacted the homeowner.. She stated that no one was supposed to be inside her home.. An entry plan was made and shortly before entry, one of the men came to the front door and surrendered to waiting officers.. The suspect was briefly questioned and he was adamant there was no one else inside the house.. Given the initial reports of two suspects, the decision was made to search the home with S.. R.. and K9 combined.. Entry was made into the residence and K9 Ricco was deployed and directed to search.. K9 Ricco gave an odor response on the return air vent to the central A/C unit.. Cpl Mouliere moved up and opened the venting grate.. As the vent opened, Cpl Mouliere looked inside and saw a shoe inside the vent.. He ordered the suspect out of hiding and as the suspect was forced to exit the vent, he began to resist arrest.. The suspect struggled with Mouliere and as they fell to the ground, K9 Ricco bit the suspect on the leg and held despite the suspects thrashing about.. Moments later the suspect stopped resisting and K9 Ricco was directed to release the bite.. The suspect was then placed in custody and transported to the hospital for treatment.. , 2012, Cpl Keith Mouliere and K9 Ricco responded to a report of a burglary.. K9 made the initial entry of the residence and apprehended the suspect.. Information obtained from the suspects arrested indicated that there were possibly narcotics concealed inside the residence.. Consent to search the residence was denied by the homeowner and a search warrant for the residence was obtained.. K9 Ricco conducted an interior search of the residence and indicated underneath a couch and in a corner where a decorative plant was located.. A closer inspection underneath the couch revealed two handguns, two ski masks and two bags of pills and some marijuana.. The evidence was collected and the total was 201 Ecstasy tablets with a value of over $5,000.. 00.. The homeowner was arrested and charged with possession of CDS I with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a firearm w/drugs and possession of marijuana.. Deputy Brent Warden and K9 Castor, Oldham County Sheriff's Office, TX.. On February 22, 2012 at approximately 0956 hours Deputy Warden and K9 Castor responded to assist a Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper on eastbound IH-40 at approximately the 38 mile marker.. The Trooper had contacted a vehicle, a 2002 Mazda SUV, for a traffic violation.. The Trooper interviewed the two occupants and suspected the occupants of the vehicle were invloved in criminal activity.. Upon Deputy Warden s arrival the Trooper briefed Deputy Warden.. The occupants of the vehicle did not give consent for a search of the vehicle.. Deputy Warden deployed K9 Castor to sniff the exterior of the vehicle.. K9 Castor subsequently alerted on the rear passenger door/rear quarter panel of the vehicle.. The Driver remarked the vehicle was not his and he was not responsible for what was in the vehicle.. A hand search of the vehicle s trunk, spare tire storage area revealed 19 vacuum sealed baggies of marijuana, approximately 20 pounds.. west Region.. Sergeant Armentrout and K9 Harrie, Chandler Police Department, AZ.. On March 9th, 2012 Sgt Armentrout and Harrie responded to assist with a commercial burglary in west Chandler.. Upon arrival forced entry was evident, and Sgt Armentrout deployed Harrie to conduct a search of the business.. No suspects were located within, prompting Sgt Armentrout to deploy Harrie to conduct an on lead search of the area.. During this time Harrie gave an article alert indication on a crumpled up piece of paper laying on the ground in the vicinity of the burglary.. The alert was strong enough that Sgt Armentrout picked up the paper and examined it, finding it to be a home depot receipt for a sledge hammer.. Sgt Armentrout informed the case officer of the find, who over the course of the next several days conducted follow investigation relative to the home depot receipt.. The investigating officer went to home depot and obtained surveillance video of the suspect who purchased the sledge hammer listed on the receipt, and showed it to the victim business owner.. The victim business owner identified the man in the video as a former business partner, who's daughter currently works for the business.. The daughter also identified the man in the video as her father, and the investigating officer also obtained financial records indicating the suspect has rented a car the day of the burglary, which also matched that of a suspicious vehicle parked in the area at the time of the burglary.. The investigating officer developed probable cause to arrest the suspect, who admitted to the purchase of the sledge hammer and burglary after a two hour interview.. Not only did the suspect admit to the burglary, he also admitted to committing damage to the buildings electrical panel, causing several thousand dollars in repairs.. Not only was this particular case solved based on the simple article find alert by the dog, it was solved based on the dedication and hard work put forth by Sgt Armentrout to train hard in this area of ability with his dog.. This incident was documented under Chandler PD case #12-025647, and would have been suspended without further investigation had Harrie not alerted to the discarded receipt.. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________.. Guidelines for Nominating a K-9 Team for a Quarterly Award.. Nomination Guidelines for K-9 Quarterly Award.. Awards Archives for previous years..

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