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  • Title: machaggis.net
    Descriptive info: .. machaggis.. net.. planetdanika.. bluefacedpixie.. ringraziamento.. Copyright (c) Gordon Waddell 2003-2013..

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  • Title: planetdanika | Where the grass is purple and the sky is green
    Descriptive info: Where the grass is purple and the sky is green.. Search.. Main menu.. Skip to primary content.. Skip to secondary content.. Home.. Post navigation.. Older posts.. Hanging at Blackcomb.. Posted on.. October 12, 2013.. by.. gordon.. Reply.. Guess its time for more Whistler photos.. Posted in.. Uncategorized.. |.. Leave a reply.. Zombie Monk Tour?.. October 10, 2013.. Santa Barbara childless getaway.. Backyard BBQ.. October 2, 2013.. Visitors in Ballard this August click through for more!.. See me from behind.. Great Kilted Run 2013.. Backyard Bicycle July 2013.. October 1, 2013.. , a set on Flickr.. Getting wild in the alley no training wheels and stunts!.. GG and Mima.. September 30, 2013.. And now, the rest of the Buffalo June 2013 trip photos.. My Buttercup.. August 28, 2013.. Air.. July 23, 2013.. Cory and Laura Mountain Bike.. Family.. ,.. Other Sports.. Tessa and someone resembling Papa.. Just another day up the road from Buffalo at.. Niagara Falls.. Beatrix.. Gordon.. Lucy.. Kim Leon s Wedding June  ...   2011.. October 2011.. August 2011.. July 2011.. June 2011.. May 2011.. April 2011.. March 2011.. February 2011.. January 2011.. December 2010.. November 2010.. October 2010.. September 2010.. August 2010.. July 2010.. June 2010.. May 2010.. April 2010.. March 2010.. February 2010.. January 2010.. December 2009.. November 2009.. October 2009.. September 2009.. August 2009.. July 2009.. June 2009.. May 2009.. April 2009.. March 2009.. February 2009.. January 2009.. December 2008.. November 2008.. October 2008.. September 2008.. August 2008.. July 2008.. June 2008.. May 2008.. April 2008.. March 2008.. February 2008.. January 2008.. December 2007.. November 2007.. October 2007.. September 2007.. August 2007.. July 2007.. June 2007.. May 2007.. April 2007.. March 2007.. February 2007.. January 2007.. December 2006.. November 2006.. October 2006.. September 2006.. August 2006.. July 2006.. June 2006.. May 2006.. April 2006.. March 2006.. February 2006.. January 2006.. December 2005.. November 2005.. October 2005.. Categories.. Food.. Noodlehead.. Recipes.. Running/Trail Running.. Snowboarding.. Travel.. Meta.. Log in.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. WordPress.. org.. Proudly powered by WordPress..

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  • Title: bluefacedpixie
    Descriptive info: life; one pixie at a time.. Gordon in Ecuador by others Ecuador November 2013.. Saturday, November 16th, 2013 at 4:12 am.. Gratuitous photos of me!.. Posted by bfp in.. Leave Comments.. Ecuador Big Mountain 2013.. Saturday, November 16th, 2013 at 4:11 am.. Awesome mountain bike trip.. Ecuador Biking Vacation.. Friday, November 15th, 2013 at 7:04 am.. Ibarra/El Chota Panaroma.. , a photo by.. on Flickr.. Ahhh.. Almost at the end.. Friday, November 15th, 2013 at 7:02 am.. This is me!.. Day 8: Mama Rumi above the clouds.. Thursday, November 7th, 2013 at 11:09 pm.. Last day of riding.. Comments Off.. Day 6: Free-riding on Cotopaxi.. Thursday, November 7th, 2013 at 1:24 am.. 4500 meter high volcano, steep sides, many lines.. Three really good rides.. Day 7: bonus second day on Cotopaxi..  ...   Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 at 10:30 pm.. And we thought they were joking but I guess riding in the middle of a volcano (Pululahua) has its issues.. Next Page.. December 2013.. M.. T.. W.. F.. S.. Nov.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. About.. How it works.. Copyright.. The bfp rating system.. Ancient History.. November 2013.. (13).. (4).. (1).. March 2013.. (5).. (8).. (9).. December 2012.. (10).. (11).. August 2012.. July 2012.. December 2011.. (2).. (6).. (7).. (3).. (14).. (18).. (23).. (16).. (15).. (17).. (31).. (21).. (12).. (29).. (51).. (77).. (56).. (55).. (58).. (48).. (59).. (60).. (54).. (65).. (40).. (20).. Geek.. Post.. Entries (.. ).. Comments (..

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  • Title: Ringraziamento
    Descriptive info: Ringraziamento.. A celebration of giving thanks.. Find.. How to Add a List.. Bill Cunningham s Reasons for Gratitude.. Thanksgiving Lists 2013.. December 3rd, 2013.. FASHION.. Bill Cunningham | Reasons for Gratitude.. Thanksgiving in New York City is a warm family experience.. Comments(0).. Michael s list.. December 2nd, 2013.. good knees and the ability to train for and run road races.. jazz concerts at Onondaga Community College 6 concerts (including Diane Reeves) in a small campus performing arts hall.. modern cataract surgery which has allowed me to be close to 20-20 after needing glasses/contact since childhood.. new kittie Rosie.. bittersweet because she replaced Queenie who got very ill very quickly and who we were thankful to have as long as we did.. great new friends with whom to share food, wine, and jazz.. 30 days of the Dead one free mp3 download for each day in November.. a warm, cozy home filled with love.. great local restaurants and the means to visit them periodically.. finding another job.. Comments(1).. Kim s Thanksgiving List.. November 29th, 2013.. This may be late but will be short and sweet:.. As with every year, I am thankful for family, friends and loved one, so special for me this year are.. -Those from near and far who spent time and money out of their pockets to spend the day with me and my love, proclaiming our eternal devotion.. -being a chief resident (FINALLY)!.. -feeling like I will finally be doing what I was called to do in about 8 months.. -quiet times.. -crazy socks.. -the knowledge that it just gets better from here.. love to you all this season.. Coree s list.. This year, I m thankful for the everchanging alchemy of family living,.. new explorations into the world of three year old boys,.. and eight year old girls.. I m thankful for legos, and horses.. For experiments in the garden that work like purple sweet potatoes four bushels full.. For purple sweet potato marble cheesecake, too.. I m glad to finally be finding a creative outlet again -.. radicalfarmwives.. com, folks, come visit.. And knitting, the endless possibilities that exist in a nice rectangle of wool.. I m grateful that marriage is always a work in progress,.. and that coming up on forty years old isn t feeling too bad.. I m thankful for sweet memories, sweet love, with friends and family that have left this life, and those still here.. For the Carolina Chocolate Drops.. For Isabel Allende.. homeopathy and anthroposophical medicine.. windmills and solar panels.. to still be on this mailing list, after so many years, so many miles gone by.. I m thankful.. Thanksgiving Lists.. Si Nae s Thanksgiving list 2013.. November 27th, 2013.. I am thankful for:.. E’s cooking.. Good coffee.. E’s 부들부들한 발등.. Almond croissants.. Opportunities to travel.. Friends and colleagues at UBC.. My family all over the world.. Uni.. Anipang.. Good winter weather in Vancouver.. Opportunities that help me break away from routine and the comfort zone.. Friends and family to share joyous and sad news with.. Willingness to give and receive.. Casual dinner parties that E and I host.. My renewed interest  ...   feet warm on cold nights.. My ever-supportive and insightful network.. Sublety.. Discovery.. Brevity.. Best meal: Verjus, our last night in Paris.. Best Book: Salvage the Bones.. Best art exhibit: Ai Wei Wei at the Art Gallery of Ontario.. Best musical performance: Rebirth Brass Band and Cheeky Blakk.. Free.. In the rain.. At Congo Square on Halloween.. Greg List 2013.. Farmer s Markets: Robinson Rd.. in Lockport, Clinton Bailey and the newest, the Winter Market at Horsefeathers.. Our Webber Grill.. Communal Friday Evenings.. Wednesday Date Night.. Detroit Jazz Festival.. That one Summer Sunday Morning at Besalu with the Girls.. Sista Girl Sweet Potato Pie Ooooooh Baby.. Jazz at the Albright.. Friends who are artists, in one form or another.. A house with wall space to accommodate that art in one form or the other.. sustainable farms.. wind power.. rice pudding another ooohhh Baby.. A good camera, limitless subjects and in 2-3 years the time to explore the possibilities.. My parents in a new safe home.. My friends who were kind enough to lend a hand to help make their move such an almost effortless transition.. My Darling wife who spent every Wednesday when in town this summer and fall packing up my parents in preparation for that move.. St.. Joseph s Day in New Orleans.. One of the most amazing dinners I have ever had, at a table out in front of a lovely little house in NOLA, on a beautiful spring evening with family and friends.. A roaring fire and a glass of good bourbon when the snow is falling and the wind is whipping about in the B Lo.. Comments(2).. Elliott s list 2013.. November 26th, 2013.. I m super thankful for:.. - sabbaticals.. - communication, verbal, written, and otherwise.. - sense of touch.. - good physiotherapy.. - technology that lasts longer than a year.. - binder clips, masking tape.. - artwork that s beautiful, thought-provoking, and remindful of loved ones.. - good ol h2o.. - starlight and meteors.. - electricity.. - clothing that lasts more than a year.. - yeast, fennel, sumac, gochujang, tomatoes, garlic.. - S s piano.. - bicycles.. - mountains to walk up.. Cricket s list 2013.. Cricket’s list 2013.. a mother and father who are still in love with each other.. two sons living in Buffalo.. Marzel’s laugh and fascinating, four year old outlook.. Thomas Katz, my purring, 92 year old “kitten” ( same age as Daddy!).. sitting in the sun on Paradise Porch.. fires in winter.. weather I can hear.. living a long time in the same house.. quiet.. TIME.. our spiritual life group.. learning about Jung.. traveling on the train.. beginning to paint burnt sienna, permanent rose, cerulean blue, french ultramarine, new gamboge, quin gold, etc.. our dream group.. wearing pale pink Juliette ballet slippers ( your influence, Tess).. ballet exercises at the barre.. lavender in the bath.. bright pink lipstick.. bracelets that jingle.. bells.. stars.. poetry.. kindness.. tenderness.. and of course ALWAYS.. love, sweet love.. Next.. There are 146 Posts and 189 Comments so far.. Search for:.. Thanksgiving Lists 2013 on.. Admin Messages.. 2013 All rights reserved.. WordPress Themes.. based on a design by.. NodeThirtyThree..

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  • Title: planetdanika | Where the grass is purple and the sky is green | Page 2
    Descriptive info: Newer posts.. Whistler Once More.. July 11, 2013.. In one too many photos, too early.. A S More.. July 4, 2013.. Camping in 2013!.. Father s Day 2013 June 2013.. i was going to compare this with the photos for Mother s Day 2011, only to discover I never got around to Flickr.. C est Arrivé.. April 21, 2013.. Mexico.. Vacation.. Snow Devil.. February 23, 2013.. Whistler.. , and why not.. Ultrich  ...   we did do.. Christmas in Buffalo.. this year.. The snow, the people, the fun.. January 14, 2013.. 190_cheripearl.. jpg.. November 2012 we had a.. Ballard photoshoot.. with Cherie Pearl (who did our Arboretum shots in 2010).. Birthday Girl.. November 17, 2012.. Today was the Party!.. Witch and her cat.. November 1, 2012.. Tulum Explorer.. October 31, 2012.. Part 2 of our Mexico vacation saw us based in Puerto Aventuras and venturing to Tulum..

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  • Title: Hanging at Blackcomb | planetdanika
    Descriptive info: Previous.. This entry was posted in.. Bookmark the.. permalink.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Your email address will not be published.. Required fields are marked.. *.. Name.. Email.. Website.. Spam protection: Sum of + ten1 ?.. Comment.. You may use these.. HTML.. tags and attributes:.. a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= strike strong..

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  • Title: gordon | planetdanika
    Descriptive info: Author Archives:..

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  • Title: Uncategorized | planetdanika
    Descriptive info: Category Archives:.. Girls.. Part 1 of our 2-part vacation in Mexico this year.. In the dim and distant past.. Ummm, January..

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  • Title: Zombie Monk Tour? | planetdanika
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  • Title: Backyard BBQ | planetdanika
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  • Title: See me from behind | planetdanika
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