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  • Title: Web Directory - MacMillan Online Directory
    Descriptive info: .. Web Directory.. Increase Page Rank.. Online Business Tools.. Free SEO Tips.. MacMillan Online Web Directory.. Advertising.. Airlines.. Animals-Animal Care.. Amusement Parks.. Attorneys-Lawyers.. Audio-Music.. Auto-Trucks.. Auto Insurance.. Beauty Supplies.. Books-Bookstores.. Business-Office.. CD's-Records.. Children-Kids.. Clothing-Apparel.. Colleges-Universities.. Computers-Internet.. Cruises-Cruise Ships.. Distributors-Wholesalers.. Ecommerce.. Education-Homeschool.. Employment-Careers.. Entertainment.. Equipment-Supplies.. Events.. Family-Home.. Financial-Finance.. Food-Beverages.. Games.. Health-Diets.. History-Geneology.. Hobbies-Crafts.. Home Builders.. Home-Garden.. Hotels-Lodging.. Humor-Jokes-Fun.. Houston Dentist.. International Trade.. ISP's.. Kids-Teens.. led gas price signs.. Palm Trees.. Law Firms-Legal.. Medical Websites.. Manufacturers.. Marketing.. Men.. Movies-Film.. News & Info..  ...   RSS.. Retail Sales-Gifts.. SEO-SEM.. Security-Doors-Locks.. Self Improvement.. Patio Furniture.. Software.. Sports-Recreation.. Syndication.. Taxes.. Technology-Gadgets.. Telephones-Wireless.. Toys-Gifts.. Travel.. Venture Capital.. Web Hosting.. Website Development.. Website Marketing.. Weddings.. Women.. Writing-Copywriting.. Additional Resources.. Buckley Horse Fencing.. - Get Top Quality Horse Fencing Solutions Including Horse Fences, Farm Fences, Ranch Rail Fences and Steel Boards at Buckley Fence, LLC.. Custom.. Neon Signs.. and Custom LED Signs for your home or business, call 1-877-595-8533.. crystal quest water filter.. Submit Links.. Copyright (C) 2013 MacMillanOnline.. net..

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  • Title: Page Rank Explained and Secrets to Increase Your Page Rank
    Descriptive info: Page Rank Explained.. How Google Page Rank Works.. PageRank is a system for ranking web pages developed by Google.. It relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page's value.. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B.. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote.. Votes cast by pages that are themselves important weigh more heavily and help to make other pages important.. Important, high-quality sites receive a higher PageRank, which Google remembers each time it conducts a search.. Of course, important pages mean nothing to you if they don't match your query.. So, Google combines PageRank with sophisticated text-matching techniques to find pages that are both important and relevant to your search.. Google goes far beyond the number of times a term appears on a page and examines all aspects of the page's content (and the content of the pages linking to it) to determine if it's a good match for your query.. Google's complex, automated methods make  ...   links are very important for getting a good search engine position.. Exchanging links with other websites increases website's link popularity.. What Is Link Popularity.. Link popularity is a ranking algorithm that most search engines use to determine a website's ranking in that search engine's results.. Link popularity is determined by the number of sites that are linking to your website, and the link popularity rating of those linking websites.. Websites with higher link popularity will appear in the results of many search engines that use link popularity to determine rankings.. How Can I Increase my PR?.. You can significantly increase the page rank and google rankings of your site's keywords by getting high quality one way links to your website.. The very best way to do this is to buy listings in sites like this one on pages that have content related to your site's "theme".. For instance, if you have a website that sells baby items, you would want your link to be on a page like.. this one.. To get your site reviewed to be listed in the MacMillan Web Directory you can.. Click Here.. Please visit these additional resources for more information.. Submit Your Site for Review.. Copyright (C) 2007 MacMillanOnline..

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  • Title: Online Syndication Information, Online Business Directory
    Descriptive info: Personally Approved Web Resources.. Page Rank.. Business Tools.. Free Search Engine Optimization.. Online Business Center.. |.. Free SEO.. Sitemap..

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  • Title: Free SEO Tips - Top 10 SEO Fundamentals You Must Know to Rank for Google
    Descriptive info: Top 10 Free SEO Tips.. It is not hard to be barking up the wrong tree when it comes to getting search engine traffic because there is so much out of date information being circulated.. Not only is there out of date or invalid SEO advice getting around, there is also information which if acted upon, can result in your pages being banned.. The SEO tips below should assist the reader in forming a basic understanding of how to create human friendly web pages which are easily understood by the most popular search engines.. Know this.. There are thousands of search engines but only two of them will bring you most of the traffic.. They are google and yahoo.. Another search engine that brings me a little traffic is msn but I do not focus too much on tactics for that engine.. Focus your attention on the engines that will bring you the most visitors first and work your way down.. Basic SEO.. 1.. Insert keywords within the title tag so that search engine robots will know what your page is about.. The title tag is located right at the top of your document within the head tags.. Inserting a keyword or key phrase will greatly improve your chances of bringing targeted traffic to your site.. Make sure that the title tag contains text which a human can relate to.. The text within the title tag is what shows up in a search result.. Treat it like a headline.. 2.. Use the same keywords as anchor text to link to the page from different pages on your site.. This is especially useful if your site contains many pages.. The more keywords that link to a specific page the better.. 3.. Make sure that the text within the title tag is also within the body of the page.. It is unwise to have keywords in the title tag which are not contained within the body of the page.. Adding the exact same text for your h1 tag will tell the reader who clicks on your page from a search engine result that they have clicked on the correct link and have arrived at the page where they intended to visit.. Robots like this too because now there is a relation between the title of your page and the headline.. Also, sprinkle your keywords throughout your article.. The most important keywords can  ...   of the site you are linking to, do not link to it.. 7.. Do not use doorway pages.. Doorway pages are designed for robots only, not humans.. Search engines like to index human friendly pages which contain content which is relevant to the search.. 8.. Title tags for text links.. Insert the title tag within the HTML of your text link to add weight to the link and the page where the link resides.. This is like the alt tag for images.. My site contains navigation menus on the left and right of the page.. The menu consists of links not images.. The links are keywords.. When you hover over the link with your mouse, the title of the link appears.. View the source of this page to see how to add this tag to your links.. 9.. Describe your images with the use of the alt tag.. This will help search engines that index images to find your pages and will also help readers who use text only web browsers.. 10.. Submit to the search engines yourself.. Do not use a submission service or submission software.. Doing so could get your site penalized or even banned.. Here is the submission page for.. google.. Submit only once.. There is no need to submit every two weeks.. There is no need to submit more that one page.. Robots follow links.. If your site has a nice link trail, your entire site will get indexed.. My site has a nice human friendly link trail which robots follow easily.. All my pages get indexed without ever submitting more than the main index page once.. More SEO Tips.. Get the facts.. here.. This page will explain most of what you should focus on along with what you should forget about.. If you have been thinking about handing over the task of SEO to someone outside of yourself, you should read some.. warnings.. before you part with any money.. SEO Discussion.. Most SEO Professionals will not tell you about the goose that laid the golden egg.. The following.. link.. will take you to a jealously guarded FREE SEO discussion.. You can search the forum for specific questions you may have.. I like to just lurk around and read the messages.. The author, Ed Zivkovic owns his own website which contains articles with all sorts of tips for work at home webmasters.. Here is the.. site..

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  • Title: Macmillan Online - Website Design Company
    Descriptive info: The People You Can Count On!.. Home.. About Us.. Mission Statement.. Art Portfolio.. Brochure Design.. Business Card Design.. Case Studies.. Client Showcase.. Features.. Licensing.. Logo Design.. Online Marketing.. Partners.. Software Arcitecture.. Software Development.. Web Design.. Web Design Trials..

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  • Title: Online Airline Websites, Airport Information, Online Business Directory
    Descriptive info: Online Airline, Air.. The US airline industry is still in lousy shape, with some airlines in much better shape than others, but about a third of the US industry now bankrupt.. The post-Katrina spike in fuel prices hit the industry hard, particularly the already fragile carriers who don't have fuel price hedges.. Prices retreated from the spike, giving them a small amount of breathing room, but conditions continue to be very tough.. Planes are fairly full, schedules about back to the level of 2001.. Low fare carriers Southwest, Jet Blue, Frontier, and Airtran have been profitable in recent quarters, with Alaska, American, and Continental  ...   quarter of 2006 and says they won't be profitable again any time soon.. National, Midway and Vanguard Airlines are out of business, United, ATA, and now Northwest, Delta, and Aloha are flying in bankruptcy.. Independence Air threw in the towel and stopped operating as of Jan 5.. After being turned down for government assistance three times, and being in bankruptcy for an astonishing 38 months, United emerged from bankruptcy on on February 1st.. They are losing money much, much, slower than they used to.. Oh, joy.. They say they'd make money if fuel were cheaper, which does not sound all that encouraging to me..

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  • Title: Online Animal Stores, Pet Care Information, Online Business Directory
    Descriptive info: Online Animal, Pet Care Websites.. Many people like animals.. But, as pet owners can attest, taking care of them is hard work.. Animal care and service workers which include animal caretakers and animal trainers - train, feed, water, groom, bathe, and exercise animals, and clean, disinfect, and repair their cages.. They also play with the animals, provide companionship, and observe behavioral changes that could indicate illness or injury.. Boarding kennels, animal shelters, veterinary hospitals and clinics, stables, laboratories, aquariums, and zoological parks all house animals and employ animal care and service workers.. Job titles and duties vary by employment setting.. Kennel attendants  ...   and dog runs, filling food and water dishes, and exercising animals.. Experienced attendants may provide basic animal healthcare, as well as bathe animals, trim nails, and attend to other grooming needs.. Attendants who work in kennels also may sell pet food and supplies, assist in obedience training, help with breeding, or prepare animals for shipping.. Grooming the pet involves several steps: an initial brush-out is followed by an initial clipping of hair or fur using electric clippers, combs, and grooming shears; the groomer then cuts the nails, cleans the ears, bathes, and blow-dries the animal, and ends with a final clipping and styling..

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  • Title: Online Amusement Park Information, Online Business Directory
    Descriptive info: Online Amusement Park Websites.. Theme parks usually charge a substantial admission fee, whereas traditional amusement parks, such as those at Coney Island , do not charge entrance to the midway; theme-park admission, however, typically includes the cost of the rides, which are paid for individually in a traditional amusement park.. Walt Disney World, opened near Orlando, Fla.. , in 1971, is the most popular theme park in the world; it draws over 40 million visitors annually.. It is modeled as a utopian city of leisure, pitched by personalities from Disney animation and operated by 26,000 employees.. The original Magic Kingdom theme park is divided into thematic domains (e.. g.. , Tomorrowland, Frontierland,  ...   in Anaheim, Calif.. ; Disney's California Adventure opened adjacent to it in 2001.. Other Disney parks have opened near Tokyo (1983) and Paris (1992).. Other examples of theme parks include the Universal Studios Tours in Universal City, Calif.. , and Orlando, Fla.. , in which visitors are treated to a tour of the movie studio grounds, see various demonstrations of stunts and special effects, and can go on rides inspired by popular films.. In Tennessee, Dollywood, a theme park founded by the country musician Dolly Parton, offers rides, country music, and a hearty dose of Americana.. Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Busch Gardens, and other amusement park chains have facilities in several areas..

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  • Title: Online Law Firms, Legal Information, Online Business Directory
    Descriptive info: Online Law Firm, Legal Websites.. The role of.. solicitors in the UK.. is to provide expert guidance on regular problems such as buying or selling a house and drawing up a will; promote businesses by providing the legal basis for commercial transactions to take place; advise people of their rights and ensure they are treated fairly or compensated when they are not; and support the community by providing free help to those who are unable to pay for legal services.. Attorney - An agent put in place by another to manage particular affairs of the principal.. An attorney in fact is an agent who conducts business under authority that is controlled and limited by a written document called a letter, or power, of attorney granted by the principal.. An attorney at law is an  ...   the attorney as pleader, the barrister (called advocate in Scotland), who presents the case in court.. Most senior and distinguished barristers are designated King's (Queen's) counsel.. The distinction between agent and pleader also exists in Europe.. In the United States, a similar distinction was formerly made in some states between a counselor at law, who argued the case in court, and an attorney, who prepared the case but did not argue it; but that distinction has now generally disappeared.. Today an attorney at law is authorized to exercise all the functions of a practicing lawyer.. The growth of large business corporations, beginning in the 19th cent.. , has brought into existence a large group of attorneys who rarely or never act as trial lawyers yet are among the most influential members of the profession..

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  • Title: Online Audio, Music Information, Online Business Directory
    Descriptive info: Online Audio, Music Websites.. The American Music Center (AMC) is a national service and information center for new American music.. For more than 60 years AMC has been the leader in the creation of a variety of innovative new programs and services including: NewMusicBox, a monthly web magazine about new music; NewMusicJukebox, an online library and listening room; a Professional Development Program; Opportunity Update, a monthly listing of new-music opportunities for AMC members, and other career-support publications; vital grantmaking programs; and the American Music Center Collection at The  ...   works suitable for educational programming and reflects the rich variety of music for young people by American composers.. If you have a work (or works) that fit this category, please let us know so that we can add it to our online database.. To learn more about this invaluable resource, click the link above or the button on the right side of this page under Quick Links.. To submit works for the catalog, fill out the form here.. Please contact Information Services at info@amc.. net with any questions..

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  • Title: Online Auto, Vehicle Site, Truck Information, Online Business Directory
    Descriptive info: Online Auto, Vehicle, Truck Websites.. Avoiding Car Repair Rip Off's: Basic information everyone should know.. The best way to avoid auto repair rip-offs is to be prepared.. To Know how your vehicle works and to identify common car problems is a start.. It's also important to know how to select a good auto repair technician, what kinds of repair questions to ask, and your consumer rights to recourse of action.. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the American Automobile Association (AAA), and the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), supply information about your automobiles that may help you keep auto repair mistakes to a minimum.. Repair Charges: Understanding the  ...   on an independent or manufacturer's estimate of the time required to complete repairs.. If you need complicated or expensive car repairs, or if you have any questions about recommended work, consider getting a second opinion from another vehicle repair facility.. Most shops have a diagnostic charge if you decide to have the work performed elsewhere.. If you decide to have the work done they usually will roll the charge into the repair.. If you decide to get the work completed, ask for a full written estimate.. What do I need after the work is done? Get a completed repair order describing the work done.. Austin Private Car Service..

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