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    Archived pages: 85 . Archive date: 2013-10.

  • Title: MA Design - Graphic Design - Photography
    Descriptive info: .. Below you find links to my different web pages, welcome!.. New York before and after September 11.. (photos).. Beautiful flowers and plants.. Roses, roses, roses.. A Different Spain.. (in English).. Ett annorlunda Spanien.. (in Swedish, the most visited).. El Camino de Santiago:.. in.. English.. ,.. Spanish.. , or.. Swedish.. Conflict Analysis - ETA against Spain.. (in Swedish).. Kuba - en nostalgitripp i ord och bild.. (photos travel diary, in Swedish).. Scandinavian  ...   people who love to travel all over the globe.. Monica's Antivirus Site.. Other sites:.. novum - diseño nórdico.. Home in Buenos Aires.. alltime Customised Services.. clinica-pradillo.. net.. Centro Escandinavo - Madrid.. TG Media.. Mefta.. Site Map.. and more info.. Copyright 2001-2009,.. MA-design.. Read more about Copyright at:.. whatiscopyright.. org.. Any commentaries or suggestions, please send me an.. e-mail.. Last revised: January 17, 2009.. visitors on the site.. All.. >>>.. The Photography Network..

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  • Title: New York before and after September 11
    Descriptive info: This Photo Page is a tribute to the Big Apple and its inhabitants.. Unfortunately New York will never be the same after the September 11 attack!.. Its famous skyline is gone and many, many people lost their lives.. The more recent photos are taken in early October 2001, less than one month after the attack.. The others, in early autumn  ...   September 1995:.. New York in October 2001:.. Remember 9-11-01 is made by.. Logos Inc.. , and part of the logo is from one of my photos above.. We will never forget!.. Feel free to place the logo at your homepage but please link back to Logos Inc: http://groups.. yahoo.. com/group/Logos-Inc.. Home.. Copyright 1995, 2001,.. Last revised: 9 September, 2002.. Kostnadsfria räknaren..

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  • Title: Beautiful flowers and plants
    Descriptive info: I just can't resist taking snapshots of beautiful.. flowers and plants whenever I get the chance.. My biggest problem though is the determination of species.. There are some plants below unknown to me.. If you know the species, Please.. mail me!.. Another page with flowers:.. Copyright 2001,.. Last revised: 10 October, 2002..

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  • Title: Roses, roses, roses...
    Descriptive info: Roses, roses, roses - I just love them.. It's a shame that I can't pass on the scent of the roses below to you through internet.. All photos are taken in our garden in Madrid, Spain, late September 2003.. To close the popup-windows, hit the x in the top right corner.. Copyright 2003,.. Last revised: 30 September, 2003..

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  • Title: El Camino de Santiago - Start Page
    Descriptive info: El Camino de Santiago.. Copyright 1999-2008,.. - visitors online - last changed: 2009-07-10.. Start.. Sorry, but no updates will be done on this site from now on.. I decided to put all my efforts on the Swedish site.. You'll find a translation tool on the right hand side,.. Translate this site / Traducir esta Página, powered by Google.. Anyway, you may have a good laugh since the translations sometimes mess it all up.. What ever, I'm sure you will find a lot more to read this way:.. In English.. In Spanish.. Sorry for any inconvience!.. /Monica 2008-12-12.. Do you want to escape ordinary life and  ...   Santiago.. Come along and hike El Camino Francés - the French way.. It stretches about 500 miles from Roncesvalles in northern Navarra on the border to France, to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia.. The purpose with these pages is not to provide any in-depth description about the route.. Instead I have selected some photos of the Camino.. For more detailed information please check the links to the left.. The background image is the pilgrim's shell, la concha , one of the symbols of the way of Saint James.. Map of the Camino de Santiago.. This site is a member of WebRing.. To browse visit.. Here..

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  • Title: El Camino de Santiago
    Descriptive info: - visitantes online - última revisión: 2009-07-10.. Lo siento, pero esta página no va a ser actualizada a partir de ahora.. He decidido poner todos mis esfuerzos en la página web en sueco.. Encontrará una herramienta de traducción en el lado derecho, Traducir esta página, o utilice el enlace abajo.. En Español.. Inicio.. Quieres cambiar la rutina y vivir algo completamente diferente? Entonces apúntate al viejo Camino de Santiago.. Acompáñame por El Camino Francés.. Se extiende a lo largo de 800 km desde Roncesvalles en Navarra hasta  ...   la ruta.. En lugar he seleccionado algunas fotos del Camino.. Para información más detallada controla por favor los.. enlaces útiles.. Mapa sobre el Camino de Santiago.. Las traductoras de mi texto sobre El Camino de Santiago han sido.. Agneta Danils.. y.. Agatha García.. , dos traductoras profesionales que acaban de terminar la traducción al castellano del libro Cuba - salsa y conflicto en el Caribe y colaboran en diversas publicaciones.. Ambas cuentan con un servicio rápido para la realización de traducciones on line a través de internet..

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  • Title: Kuba - en nostalgitripp - julveckan 2003
    Descriptive info: 21/12.. 22/12.. 23/12.. 24/12.. 25/12.. 26/12.. 27/12.. 28/12.. Faktaruta:.. Den kubanska flaggan.. besökare online.. idag.. sedan 2004-01-09.. Copyright 2004,.. ma-design.. Kontakt.. Startsida:.. Jag tror att det redan var under sommarsemestern i Sverige år 2002 som vi började vi snacka lite löst om att fira en antijul långt ifrån julgranar, julpynt, sill och nubbe, köttbullar och skinka och andra tillbehör som hör julhelgen till.. Under julhelgen, också den i Sverige samma år, fattade vi det definitiva beslutet.. Kuba hade funnits i våra tankar länge.. Vi ville gärna passa på att resa dit under tiden som Fidel Castro lever, sen vet man ju inte vad som händer med Kuba.. El Comandante föddes den 13 augusti 1926 och är i skrivande stund 77 år, en respektabel ålder på en i övrigt pigg gubbe.. En fördel var vår utgångspunkt från Madrid där vi bor sedan tio år tillbaka.. Spanien är trots tidigare konflikter och pga historiens vingslag intimt allierad med  ...   hämtat inspiration till sidans utseende och färgsättning från den kubanska flaggan.. För att navigera vidare, klicka på de olika datumen ovan eller längst ner.. Alla miniatyrbilder är klickbara och de öppnas i ett nytt pop-up fönster.. För att stänga igen fönstret, klicka på X-et överst till höger på rutan.. Till vänster kan det finnas länkar till vissa faktarutor.. Dessa öppnas precis som fotona i ett nytt pop-up fönster.. Jag har haft stor hjälp, nytta och nöje av fyra böcker, både före, under resan och när sidan denna sidan skrevs:.. *.. Thomas Gustafsson.. - Kuba - Konflikt och salsa i Karibien.. Carlssons Bokförlag.. ISBN: 91 7203 272 3.. TimeOut Guide.. - Havana the best of Cuba.. Penguin Books/Time Out Group Ltd.. Eyewitness Travel Guides, Cuba.. Dorling Lindersley Ltd.. ISBN: 0 7513 2758 1.. Michael Palin.. - Hemingway Adventure.. Orion Paperback.. ISBN: 0 75283 428 2.. Med hopp om trevlig läsning!.. Madrid, den 9 januari 2004.. Monica Andersson..

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  • Title: Welcome to Globetrotter's Webring!
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  • Title: Site Map and Info
    Descriptive info: Site Map and Info.. A different Spain.. Beautiful flowers and plants.. Monicas Antivirus Site.. Cuba - a nostalgic trip.. This site has been on different servers since the creation date and it has grown bit by bit.. The first pages were El Camino de Santiago in.. Its about the ancient Pilgrimage Route - The Way of Saint James, which stretches about 500 miles from Roncesvalles in northern Navarra on the border to France, to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia.. They were made in Adobe PageMill on Mac and were published 10-18-1999 at Netscape.. 11-17-1999 I moved the pages to Fortunecity because I needed more space and access to ftp.. At the same time the pages were translated to.. Swedish.. 12-16-1999 El Camino de Santiago was published in.. and.. helped me with the translation.. Gracias!.. In the end of February 2000 I upgraded to Adobe Golive and 03-07-2000 I published the Conflict Analysis.. ETA against Spain.. (only in Swedish).. It's an essay I made when I studied at Uppsala University in Sweden 1997 (Distance studies).. 06-30-2000 A different Spain in Swedish,.. , was created.. My intentions were to gather the information about Spain in one place and at the same time publish more and different articles about this wonderful country.. With some contributions from my friends the site got its framework.. Thanks a lot! After that the site has developed bit by bit to where it is today.. 07-13-2000 I started.. I love to travel and enjoy surfing on different raveling sites.. It therefore seemed fun to start a WebRing to join different sites about travel.. 08-28-2003 I decided to delete the ring hosted by Bravenet since they have started to be more and more aggressive with popup-ads and redirects.. Visit the link above to visit the new version of the WebRing, hosted at my domain.. In the beginning of 2001 all the pages were transferred to the present domain due to constant server problems at Fortunecity.. Furthermore I was fed up  ...   the logo a long time ago when I worked with Desktop Publishing.. My plans were to start my own business, but so far nothing has happened.. This site is, in other words, private, but who knows what the future will bring.. Since I enjoy taking photographs.. I have also worked on a freelance basis as a photographer, I published two photo pages in November 2001;.. It was quite a traumatic experience to visit The big Apple after the attack.. I gathered some old photos and combined them with the new, taken less then a month after the terrorism crime.. , yes, I enjoy grovel on the ground taking photos ;-).. 04-10-2003 I started a small project which is growing day by day:.. In April I was bombarded with the Ganda-worm, the worm also sent out infected mail in my name.. One of my mail accounts reached its limit in no time over and over and I received tons of imprudent mails accusing me of sending out the worm.. The idea behind the site is to give information and useful ideas of how to protect your computer from all the rubbish on the Internet.. 09-30-2003 I made a new photo page.. All photos are taken in our garden in Madrid, Spain in the end of September 2003.. 01-21-2004: After spending a week in Cuba during Christmas 2003, I made a page called.. Cuba, a nostalgic trip.. It is a travel diary with photos from Havana and Varadero.. The pages are best viewed in Internet Explorer and Netscape 4+, preferably higher versions, with a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels.. Some effects, such as Hoover effects etc.. , are unfortunately ignored by Netscape.. I would like to take the opportunity and apologize for my poor English.. After more then 10 years in Spain all that pops up in my head is Spanish.. If you have any corrections to make or suggestions, please.. mail.. me.. I would really appreciate it!.. Last revised: 15 July, 2007..

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  • Title: A different Spain - Contact
    Descriptive info: Your browser does not support script.. The purpose of this site is.. to give some aspects and reflections on Spain.. with information which you may not find in regular Travel Booklets.. No menu.. ?.. Your ad here?.. For information, please contact.. mefta.. es.. Copyright.. on this site.. health.. Contact.. Please use the mailform below if you would like to contact me.. Your e-mail:.. Subject:.. Type verification image:.. Message:.. You can also send me an e-mail to the address below:.. Thankyou!.. | online | today | visitors since 2001 | Copyright 1999-2008, Monica Andersson..

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  • Title: El Camino de Santiago - Enlaces útiles
    Descriptive info: Enlaces útiles.. (Todas se abren en una ventana nueva).. Enlaces rotos? Sugerencias? - Por favor, mandarme un.. Enlaces españoles:.. Información general 1.. - Centro Virtual de Cervantes.. Información general 2.. - Solo funciona en Internet Explorer.. Información general 3.. - Federación española de asociacionens de amgios de los caminos de Santiago.. Información general 4.. - Historia, leyenda y paisaje de montes y caminos de Roncesvalles, autor Carlos Viñas.. La ruta en Galicia.. La ruta en León.. La ruta en La Rioja.. La ruta  ...   2004.. La ruta en bici 3.. - Camino de Santiago en bicicleta de montaña.. El bicigrino, una aventura con alforjas, camino frances.. Enlaces en Inglés:.. - Xacobeo, Galicia.. Informacion general 2.. - Universidad de UCLA.. - jacobeo.. Información general 4.. - ultreya.. The Telegraph Online.. - A Camino de Santiago Feature.. Ultreya e suseya.. - Marco Lazzaris páginas con enlaces.. La ruta en bici.. - Camino de Santiago by bike.. Santiago de Compostela.. - World Heritage Cities of Spain.. - Encyclopedia.. com.. San Jacobo..

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