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    Archived pages: 95 . Archive date: 2013-09.

  • Title: MACNOTES.NET - iPhone, iPad and Mac News from Germany!
    Descriptive info: .. Magazine.. Contact.. Home.. 21.. 09.. 12, 11:43 Uhr.. 0.. Cutting the Nano-SIM for iPhone 5: Stencil to do it yourself.. Tweet.. Nano SIMs are basically just smaller Mini-/Micro-SIM with the same chip and contact design, which makes it possible to cut them to a smaller form factor.. There are special punchers on the market which cut older SIM to the Nano SIM format, but you can also use scissors and our stencil to make it yourself to use it in the iPhone 5.. If you haven't received your Nano SIM from your provider or you don't want to pay an extra for a new SIM for your iPhone 5 you can have some DIY.. In our.. Macnotes PDF.. we offer you stencils for both cutting a Mini SIM (the standard one) to Nano SIM and cutting a Micro SIM to Nano SIM.. Especially when it comes to the older Mini SIM you have to be prepared to cut off a big part of the chip metal - make sure you have sharp scissors or a cutter at hand.. The Nano SIM is not only smaller but also a little thinner than the older ones - if you have a really old SIM you might need to grab some sandpaper to make it fit into the SIM slot (though it's highly likely you'll be fine without sandpapering it, it seems).. Last comment: We don't take responsibility for what you do with your SIM - if you break it using the stencil it's not our fault.. Tip: Make sure you have proper tools like sharp scissors and you should be fine.. 16.. 11.. 11, 16:43 Uhr.. Settings shortcuts for iOS 5: Open preferences from your home screen.. Every time you want to switch Bluetooth or other iPhone features off/on you have to navigate through several menus before you reach preferences.. Kai Schneider makes it easier for you now: He offers a set of shortcuts for iPhone and iPod touch you can use to directly navigate to certain options without the need for a Jailbreak.. The installation is pretty straightforward: Open.. Kai's site.. via Mobile Safari (on iPhone or iPod touch) and install the.. profile.. offered there.. A few seconds later you'll find 15 new icons on your Home Screen that takes you to VPN, brightness, bluetooth and WiFi settings with just one tap.. Benutzung (Usage).. — prefs:root=General path=USAGE.. Bluetooth.. — prefs:root=General path=Bluetooth.. Flugmodus (Airplane Mode).. an — prefs:root=AIRPLANE_MODE.. Helligkeit (Brightness).. — prefs:root=Brightness.. Hotspot.. — prefs:root=INTERNET_TETHERING.. Information (About).. — prefs:root=General path=About.. Mobile Daten (Cellular Usage).. — prefs:root=General path=USAGE/CELLULAR_USAGE.. Netzwerk (Network).. — prefs:root=General path=Network.. Ortungsdienste (Location Services).. — prefs:root=LOCATION_SERVICES.. Rufnummer senden ein/aus (Show my Caller ID on/off).. — prefs:root=Phone path=CallerID.. Rufweiterleitung (Call Forwarding).. — prefs:root=Phone path=CallForwarding.. Siri.. — prefs:root=General path=Assistant.. Töne (Sounds).. — prefs:root=Sounds.. VPN.. — prefs:root=General path=Network/VPN.. Wi-Fi.. — prefs:root=WIFI.. Each clip only contains of a short line that takes you directly to the desired setting, each shortcut with a matching icon.. The set is only available in German, though it's likely that more languages might follow.. The same applies to the iPad compatible set Kai's already working on.. Another bonus that might make up for the "disadvantage" of the German shortcuts: The set is completely free, though you're welcome to honour Kai's work via Flattr or PayPal.. 10.. 11, 14:31 Uhr.. iOS 5 Security Issue: Making Calls Without Entering Passcode [Update: Siri Bypasses Passcode For almost Any Purpose].. Last week, Apple released iOS 5 for iPhone 3GS and 4.. iPhone 4S is available since friday.. All those smartphones have one thing in common: They share a security treat which allows you to call back any person without knowing the passcode.. Weiterlesen.. 18.. 04.. 11, 18:29 Uhr.. 1.. AppStore scam: Fake reviews bump Facebook on iPad app Pica Browser HD to the top of the App Store best sellers.. Every now and then you can find apps in the App Store, where comments and ratings are questionable.. Many times developers and their friends review their own apps and give them  ...   able to find in the current version of Pica HD.. The description also mentions it makes use of Facebook chat - this was not the case.. We expected more, especially.. at a price tag of $1,99.. It's possible that Facebook changed the APIs which results in a change of functionality: The app doesn't work in the UK and the USA.. at the moment.. Pica HD on 3Gapps.. de.. 02.. 11, 12:55 Uhr.. 19.. iPad 2: First preview next week as a One more thing during an iOS 4.. 3 developer event?.. Will the iPad 2 be presented next week? Our sources from the accessories business told us Apple is planning an event next week where they're going to showcase the iPad 2 as well.. 11, 17:44 Uhr.. Skype 5 for Mac, Final: The Windows-style threat went real.. As seen in the beta of Skype 5 for Mac, the final version 5 of Skype for Mac OS X does not only enable the video conferencing feature on the Mac, but brings also Windows look and feel.. While one has to admit that many things have improved since the.. beta version of Skype 5.. , nevertheless the change in style did not happen for good - a lot of useful Mac features were laid off.. For a lot of users, the option of choise is to stick to their Skype version 2.. 8.. 11.. 01.. 11, 13:03 Uhr.. 28.. iPad 2 US launch on 2nd or 9th April more countries 3 months later.. (.. Bericht auf Deutsch.. ) Reliable sources told us about the upcoming launch of the Apple iPad 2: the first or second Saturday in April will see the first sales of Apples new tablet.. The iPad 2 will sell US-only for three months, and Apple Store-only for up to half a year.. In July, more countries will follow.. Walmart, Best Buy and Co.. maybe have to wait until October until they are allowed to sell Apples new tablets.. The iPad 2 is going to ship with retina display, USB port and two cameras.. While the features meet the expectations, the release dates don't: frustration overseas is expected, as shorter delays in the international rollout of the iPhone 4 and the first iPad were already highly disappointing for Apples customers and fans outside the US.. Apple will continue to sell the iPad 2 exclusively after the three months' period: retailers like WalMart, Best Buy and others have to wait up to three months longer.. Apple will sell the iPad 2 in its own stores exclusively for 3 to 6 months.. 20.. 12.. 10, 14:04 Uhr.. A Better Skype 5 for Mac: First reactions, improvements coming.. Skype's reaction was not very specific yet, but we were told that improvements of the actual beta version of skype 5 for Mac OS X will follow.. It's a beta, still - but the developers are observing the discussions and criticism on the public beta carefully.. 14.. 10, 16:13 Uhr.. Give us a better Skype 5 for Mac!.. Skype 5 beta for mac is available for some weeks now.. "Beta" means "not final", but this won't put all users minds at ease.. Unfunctional, inefficient and badly designed are many of the features and UI elements of the chat/voip/messenger client.. Our petition to Skype: make it a better Skype 5 for Mac! Our plea to the public:.. support our petition.. !.. 10, 11:26 Uhr.. iPhone 4 white, tested: Flash/LED renders camera unuseable (Video).. Why is there no white iPhone 4? Production problems caused by the transparency of the white case material are rumored as a reason for the continued delay of the white iPhone 4 model.. In our test of a modified iPhone 4 with white case, the camera was indeed all but impossible to use with the built-in LED flashlight.. Nevertheless - the white iPhone looks cool, its unuseability with the flash camera is really a pity.. Comments.. Tags.. Partners.. Top.. 2010 MACNOTES.. NET.. Made with insanely great.. for all things Mac.. |.. Apple..

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  • Title: Cutting the Nano-SIM for iPhone 5: Stencil to do it yourself
    Descriptive info: more.. 0.. Related Posts.. Cut your Micro-SIM for iPhone 4 and iPad 3G: Stencil and Scissors-Solution.. How To: Windows 3.. 1 On The iPad Using DOSPad Installation, Mouse, Drivers, Sound.. FaceTime for Mac a serious threat for your Apple ID.. MyWi, Rock and Cydia: Interview with Jailbreak App Developer Mario aka Intelliborn.. Author:.. Date:.. Tags:.. macnotes.. 2012 11:43 Uhr.. Micro-SIM.. ,.. Mini-SIM.. Nano-SIM.. punch.. Scissors.. Stencil.. Related Posts.. 0 Comments.. Add your comment:.. Name.. E-Mail.. Save comment.. ', '.. ')">.. Anti-Spam Protection.. by WP-SpamFree..

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  • Title: Settings shortcuts for iOS 5: Open preferences from your home screen
    Descriptive info: 2011 16:43 Uhr.. iOS 5.. Preferences.. settings.. shortcuts..

    Original link path: /2011/11/16/settings-shortcuts-for-ios-5-open-preferences-from-your-home-screen/
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  • Title: iOS 5 Security Issue: Making Calls Without Entering Passcode [Update: Siri Bypasses Passcode For almost Any Purpose]
    Descriptive info: Original Story.. ) There's a security issue in iOS 5 on the iPhone.. All you need is an iPhone 3GS, 4, or 4S running at iOS 5 and a Passcode enabled.. This Passcode should prevent an unauthorized person from doing anything which could harm data or cost money.. However, answering calls is enabled without entering this code, but because of a security flaw, you're able to call back, without the Passcode.. iOS 5 introduces the new notification system which tells you right on the lock screen what you've missed.. Here's right where the problem is: Apple implemented a "slide to call" feature which allows you to call back any missed call on your lock screen.. If you want to reproduce the problem, you need to set a Passcode.. Go from the home screen to Settings, General, Passcode.. Put your iPhone to sleep and wake it up if you want to check if there's nothing else.. However, this works even if there are other notifications (like a calendar event).. Now take a second phone and call your iPhone.. Let it ring once and hang up.. You'll see a new notification on your iPhone about a missed call.. The possibility to call back just comes in handy, just slide the icon to the right side and you're good to go.. Your iPhone will NOT ask you for the Passcode.. Well, that's not really intented as the following features  ...   money.. A little worse is when you can pretend you're the owner of the phone.. But it's also possible to turn your iPhone into a bug this way: It will send everything the original owner says to another phone until the owner gets notice of that, the battery runs low, or the call will be dropped for another reason.. However, it's even possible that the attacker spoofs his number for a premium-rate phone number (1-900-xxx) - and the Passcode will not prevent to call back.. In fact, without a set Passcode at all, it's even easier to do the same and even more, but it's not the common sense of the Passcode to enable people to cause costs to the owner without knowing the Passcode.. Credits go to our German reader David who informed us about this situation.. Update:.. Even worse is the fact, that Siri does almost never ask for a passcode.. You can have contact information read, write e-mails and even call any number just by dictating.. The only time Siri asked for the passcode was when we tried to have the last e-mail displayed.. At least you're able to disable Siri at all as long as the Passcode is active.. Interview with F-Secure: Antivirus for Mac OS X, useful or not?.. iPhone 4cf Apple hit by The Yes Mens fake ad promoting conflict free production.. 2011 14:31 Uhr.. iPhone.. Security.. Security Issue.. Telecommunication..

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  • Title: AppStore scam: Fake reviews bump Facebook on iPad app Pica Browser HD to the top of the App Store best sellers
    Descriptive info: 1.. Cydia for iPad will be awesome: Interview with Cydia Mastermind Jay Freeman aka Saurik.. 2011 18:29 Uhr.. App Store.. facebook.. iPad.. 1 Comment.. 11, 16:45 Uhr,.. #1.. Cris Cohen.. meint:.. Holy shit - I read through quite some of the 5 star reviews and I would guess that 90% of them are fake! They either:.. - reviewed no other app but Pica Browser.. - reviewed Pica Browser and downvoted competitors.. - reviewed Pica Browser and gave *****-reviews to other Apps by Dinh Bah Thanh.. Busted!..

    Original link path: /2011/04/18/pica-hd-facebook-app-for-ipad-with-faked-reviews/
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  • Title: iPad 2: First preview next week as a “One more thing” during an iOS 4.3 developer event?
    Descriptive info: 19.. A release date.. between 2nd and 9th April.. seems quite likely, sources - not only ours - pointed to a release in early April.. The only question is: When will the iPad 2 be presented? One manufacturer of iPad accessoires now told us Apple is planning on holding an event next week.. They weren't sure about the circumstances, but were already able to tell us more about their knowledge of the features: The iPad 2 is going to be based on the Apple A5 processor, a completely new processor that is going to to replace the Apple A4 soon.. The form factor of the case will change, to a more iPod touch 4G-ish look, comparable to the first mockups we've seen already.. Even the speaker grill on the back of the device is going to become true (we still hope this is not the case, but who knows…).. Instead of a micro USB port the iPad 2 will be equipped with a Mini DisplayPort, something that's possible in case Apple will go for a new processor basis in the iPad 2.. Our guess is Apple will present the iPad 2 as a "One more thing" during a special iOS 4.. 3 developer event next week.. iOS 4.. 3 is still a beta, Apple released the third beta on Tuesday.. It still contains critical bugs, but might be released soon as soon as all the bugs are fixed.. In his.. review of the Verizon iPhone 4.. David Pogue mentioned 13th February as a likely release date of iOS 4.. 3 for AT T iPhones, which will contain the touted Personal Hotspot feature.. 13th February is a Sunday - how likely is it that this date is true? Pogues statement was corrected to "soon" at some point, but it's not completely unlikely that iOS 4.. 3 is being released soon.. This is somewhat confirmed by the statements Eddy Cue gave during the presentation of "The Daily" yesterday: He mentioned that the in-app subscription feature is going to be available to other developers/magazines soon, Apple is planning on their own event to show off the feature.. How about having the iPad 2 as a little add-on during that event?.. Reuters.. mentioned that the first prototypes already circulated yesterday during the press showcase of "The Daily" - they only weren't clever enough to take pictures of the mentioned prototype.. 03.. 2011 12:55 Uhr.. 3.. iPad 2.. 2 Comments , Trackbacks.. 11, 20:56 Uhr,.. 3 disponible el 13 de febrero y anuncio del iPad 2 en breve | [ Neuronal Training ]:.. [.. ]  ...   Days?.. ] up we have German blog MacNotes claiming that Apple is planning an event for the coming week that will play host to the iPad 2 [.. 11, 2:51 Uhr,.. #7.. iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMuchos mas.. Blog Archive Apple to Introduce iPad 2 And iOS 4.. 11, 6:36 Uhr,.. #8.. Apple to Introduce iPad 2 And iOS 4.. 3 To Public Within 10 Days? | Iphone News | Techdiary.. info.. 11, 13:16 Uhr,.. #9.. BlogiPhone La taxe sur la copie privée appliquée à l iPad dans les Apple Store.. ] côté des rumeurs iPad, il y a du neuf.. MacNotes.. de prédit que lors de la présentation de l iOS 4.. 3 et de la nouvelle formule de souscription [.. 11, 18:30 Uhr,.. #10.. iPad 2 Launch Rumored for Next Week; Here s Why It Won t Happen: Apple News, Tips and Reviews.. ] detailing iOS 4.. 3 s new features and in-app subscriptions.. de (via AppleInsider), a German Apple blog, reports that the iPad 2 could be the one more thing at that event, citing accessory [.. 05.. 11, 1:45 Uhr,.. #11.. iPad 2 Launch Rumored for Next Week; Here’s Why It Won’t Happen.. de (via AppleInsider), a German Apple blog, reports the iPad 2 could be the one more thing at that event, citing accessory [.. 11, 3:38 Uhr,.. #12.. iPad 2 Launch Rumored for Next Week; Here’s Why It Won’t Happen :NewsPress.. me.. 11, 14:30 Uhr,.. #13.. iPad 2: Gerüchte um Vorstellung am 13.. Februar [ Weblabor Dresden ].. ] Apple-Blog Macnotes.. net spekuliert, dass das iPad 2 im Rahmen einer Veranstaltung zu iOS 4.. 3 als one more [.. 11, 17:35 Uhr,.. #14.. Február 13.. iPad 2 bemutató? iPad Central.. ] MacNotes.. net értesülései szerint, az Apple jövőhét Vasárnapra tervezi az új iPad leleplezését.. 06.. 11, 3:08 Uhr,.. #15.. iPad 2 bemutató? HUN Pad.. 11, 12:18 Uhr,.. #16.. iPad 2 Launch Rumored for Next Week; Here’s Why It Won’t Happen | Cairns Apple Computer: Sales - Parts - Repairs - Services.. 11, 19:35 Uhr,.. #17.. Rumor: Apple to Announce iPad 2 at Media Event Next Week Ebon Geek.. ] Check out more ipad 2 rumors here and here [.. 07.. 11, 12:13 Uhr,.. #18.. BlogiPhone iPad 2 et iOS 4.. 3 présentés à la Saint-Valentin ?.. ] One more thing n est pas improbable.. Une hypothèse soutenue par MacNotes.. de, ce même site qui a prédit un lancement de l iPad 2 pour début avril aux Etats-Unis, trois [.. 13.. 11, 2:06 Uhr,.. #19.. joko.. no, it would be.. it will be released in march 22nd..

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  • Title: Skype 5 for Mac, Final: The Windows-style threat went real
    Descriptive info: Skypes version number jumped from 2.. x to 5, but what else is new? After installation, a tour promises to show improvements, but the three information screens that follow are just underwhelming: the "compact view" featuring only one window surely is no achievement.. In contrary, the restrictions of the new user interface compared with the flexible, multi-window-based Mac version were one of the main reasons for our ".. A better Skype 5 for Mac" campaign.. Skype promised to take its critics seriously.. and to implement improvements into the Final.. Even in its press statement following the release of Skype 5 for Mac, the company assured that users criticism were a central issue in the final optimisations of the new Skype 5.. Nevertheless, only a few concerns were adressed.. Space usage:.. By default, the "compact sidebar" view is activated.. The overview on chats and dialogues remains ok.. Deactivated "compact" view turns the sidebar into a scrolling orgy - but you do have the choice.. Likewise, the main chat window can be modificated up to a certain point.. Using a smaller font, quite the same amount of text fits into the window as it did in version 2.. x.. Dialogues still remain large enough to be read comfortably - but you *should* like whitespace.. Single Window View:.. Skype 5 is *not* the end of separate chat and contact windows.. There is still a separate contacts-window  ...   missed features were reintegrated since the beta, some larger failures concernng UI and useability were fixed, others are still present - lacking chat sorting functionality and deactivated drag/drop functions are just extremely annoying, especially when considered that file transfers via drag/drop into the chat window still work.. Benefits of the new version? Probably the most exciting feature of the new version is the group video chat, although being a paid service.. Anything else? Even Skype itself has problems to find new features to promote and has to praise non-improvements like a single window view as great news for users.. Last item featured in the "Skype 5 Tour": the "simple search".. Yes, there is a search function.. Yes it works, and yes, its easy to find.. But again: bad or missing search functions may be annoying, but nevertheless: at least on the Mac, a working search tool is just no "killer feature" anymore.. Its simply standard.. So, do we still need a.. better Skype 5 for Mac.. ? Our opinion: definitely.. 01.. 2011 17:44 Uhr.. 11, 15:37 Uhr,.. Ste.. well i hate that if you are having a video chat, but also text chatting with someone else, u cannot have as before the video window separated from the main window.. This means if someone is writing you, you would not see it if not hiding the video.. bad, really bad.. I prefer the multi-window thing!..

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  • Title: Give us a better Skype 5 for Mac!
    Descriptive info: 2.. Skype 5 für Mac - Petition auf Deutsch.. ).. Skype called and promised improvements.. No doubt about it: many new features of the upcoming Skype 5 for Mac are fine - and the choise to use them is left to the user.. Group videochats, better contact administration, connection to the adress book - great, we like this on our macs.. Stability: fine, especially for a beta version.. The problem: its impossible to work with the new client.. The conformation of Skypes' Mac- and Windows-versions did not bring any improvement to the Mac client but the opposite.. Our position: Yes to new features - but please keep the useability of the mac OS X client.. After its release, we tested Skype 5 Beta for mac - a more than disappointing experioence.. Scrolling orgys caused by the enormous amount of space each message consumes, quickly lost focus on conversations and lacking overview due to the vanished option to sort chats and conversations left but little hope that the redesigned version for Mac OS X will succeed.. Text size and -spacing.. - it needs some goodwill to recognize them als "features" - the space consumption of skype 5 for Mac clearly lost its balance between useability and textsize.. Drag and Drop:.. This was a great feature and is painfully missed on many cases now.. Arrange your chats and conversations in the sidebar? Impossible - the default is sorted by age and thats good enough for you.. Dragging contacts into a chat? Same here, invite only now.. Two highly intuitiove functions badly subsituted.. Not yet implemented or an adaption of the "Windows Style" Skype? We hope its not the latter, for useability comes with intuitive functions, not with graphical gimmicks like Cover Flow for contacts (nice, but mostly useless).. Focus and Keyboard Shortcuts..  ...   - any good reaasons for it apart the "the windows version looks this way too"? Separate conversation-, contact- and transfer windows are useful not only while using multiple displays.. Nevertheless, even skype 5 has separate windows - those HUD-styled VoIP-windows do in fact show that its possible - but again, for the wrong (or too less) causes.. There are some more missed opportunities to create a "better Skype 5 for Mac" - everyone is invited to get an impression on his/her own.. Just drag your Skype.. app to a safe place before you download and install.. Skype 5 beta.. In case you dislike the upcoming new mac version, just drag your old skype.. app back into the programs folder.. Settings, history etc.. stay intact.. One of the few good things to say on Skype 5 Beta for Mac OS X.. Conclusion:.. Thats a major drawback.. Skype, please: change this.. Everyone else, please:.. support us.. A Better Skype 5 for Mac - Kampagnenseite.. (english).. (german).. 2010 16:13 Uhr.. messenger.. Petition.. Skype.. Skype 5.. useability.. 1 Comment , Trackback.. 10, 16:15 Uhr,.. Skype 5 Beta für Mac: Gebt uns ein besseres Skype 5!.. ] Messengerdienstes.. Die Bitte an Skype: bessert nach! Die Bitte an die Allgemeinheit: bittet mit! (Skype 5 for Mac: Petition in english) Unbenommen: die neuen Funktionen der kommenden Version 5 sind größtenteils fein.. 10, 14:48 Uhr,.. 303.. Wird man heute eigentlich für jede Interaktion in die (Daten-)Klauen dieses privatwirtschaftlich operierenden Unternehmens gezwungen? Es stinkt mir langsam wirklich, dass man heutzutage ohne eine Mitgliedschaft bei *thesocialnetwork* förmlich an den Rand der Informationsgesellschaft gedrängt wird.. Warum unterstützt ihr diese Vorgehensweise? Bekommt ihr Geld dafür? Falls nicht, solltet ihr dringend danach fragen, denn schliesslich ist es so nichts anderes als ein Gewinnspiel oder ähnliche Adressfängerei für die Privatwirtschaft.. Soziale Komponente hin oder her..

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  • Title: iPad 2 US launch on 2nd or 9th April – more countries 3 months later
    Descriptive info: 28.. Longer delays than ever: 2010, the iPad launched at April 3rd - a Saturday, too - in the USA.. Little less than two months later, Germany, Mexico, Hong Kong and six other countries followed.. In an even more exclusive "Club of Countries" the iPhone 4 launched after its debut in the USA: only Germany, UK, France and Japan were part of the "second wave" of iPhone 4 sales.. Regarding the features, no surprises were unveiled - two cameras are expected, "retina" on the iPad won't mean same dpi-resolution as on the iPhone 4, but a display with no more visible pixels when used in "normal" distance.. USB at last: the iPad 2 will connect to a USB port as its predecessor did.. The revealings add up to the informations leaked from Apples component suppliers.. Foxconn is expanding its manufacturing capacities.. , but won't be able to reach its planned levels of iPad shipments from the beginnng of the mass production of iPad 2 devices, which will start in February.. Display manufacturers are struggling to meet the demands of Apple as well as of its competitors on the tablet market.. Caused by missing display manufacturing capacities,.. AMOLED was a non-opportunity for apple.. with the iPad 2.. 2011 13:03 Uhr.. Best Buy.. Launch.. USA.. WalMart.. 3 Comments , Trackbacks.. 11, 13:04 Uhr,.. iPad 2 am 2.. oder 9.. April, US-only für 3 Monate.. ] (News in english) Aus Kreisen eines großen US-Distributors wurde uns berichtet, dass der iPad- 2-Marktstart konkret werde: am ersten oder zweiten April-Samstag soll das neue Apple-Tablet in den USA (und nur dort) in den Verkauf gehen.. Erst drei Monate später soll der Rest der Welt das iPad 2 kaufen können, das mit USB-Port, Retinadisplay und zwei Kameras ausgestattet sein soll.. Bei Apple scheint man sollten die Informationen zutreffen vorsichtig zu kalkulieren, was Fertigungskapazitäten und Nachfrage angeht.. Bereits beim iPhone 4 und dem iPad hatte der verzögerte Rollout weltweit für Ärger und Frustration bei den Kunden gesorgt.. Drei Monate lang nur den US-Markt mit iPad 2-Geräten zu beliefern, scheint selbst bei der erwartbar hohen Nachfrage und den bekannten Produktionsengpässen schwer vermittelbar.. 11, 20:01 Uhr,.. Rumor: iPad 2 coming in early April | Daysta.. ] guess than an actual report from a reliable source, German-language Apple site MacNotes.. de says that the next-generation iPad is scheduled to be released in the U.. S.. on either April 2 or [.. 11, 20:41 Uhr,.. Latest iPad 2 Rumor Better Not Be True | iPhone Daily News Digest.. ] giving away its sources, MacNotes.. de states the iPad 2 will be released either April 2nd or 9th in the United States.. If true, this [.. 11, 21:43 Uhr,.. U.. Second-Gen iPad Launch Slated For April 2nd (or 9th) [REPORT] | RazorianFly.. ] Launch Slated For April 2nd (or 9th) [REPORT]Jan 13, 2011 by Arron Tweet According to a new report by MacNotes.. de, in which the guys at the site cite reliable unnamed source, Apple may [.. 11, 22:58 Uhr,.. Rumor: iPad 2 coming in early April | Cheap iPhone | Cheap iPhones | Cheap Apple iPhone | iPhone Cheap.. ] of an educated guess than an actual report from a reliable source, German-language Apple site MacNotes.. 11, 23:01 Uhr,.. Rumor: iPad 2 coming in early April | Forum on Cameras.. 11, 23:19 Uhr,.. Apple to Release the iPad 2 on April 2nd  ...   launch either the first or second Saturday in April, the 2nd of 9th [.. 11, 14:09 Uhr,.. El iPad 2 podría llegar a las tiendas el 2 o 9 de abril.. ] Vía | MacNotes [.. 11, 14:16 Uhr,.. Apple iPad 2 Coming In April | advante.. org.. ] MacNotes , 2 iPad will be launched either on or both of the first Saturday in April, and this sounds about [.. 11, 15:13 Uhr,.. iPad 2 - April 2 or 7 release.. *rumour* - MacTalk Forums.. ] 2 - April 2 or 7 release.. *rumour* iPad 2 US launch on 2nd or 9th April more countries 3 months later Reliable sources told us about the upcoming launch of the Apple iPad 2: the first or second [.. 11, 16:25 Uhr,.. Apple iPad 2 Coming In April Things of Interest.. ] to MacNotes, the iPad 2 will launch on either the first or second Saturday in April, and this sounds about [.. 11, 16:50 Uhr,.. #20.. iPad 2 could launch in early April | Hot Electronics Trends.. ] Read more at MacNotes.. de [.. 11, 18:19 Uhr,.. #21.. Rumor: iPad 2 to Launch April 2nd or 9th? | iPhone Alley.. ] Macnotes.. de have announced that a reliable source have let them in on the release information for the Apple iPad 2 which will debut in the US either the first or second Saturday of April.. (the 2nd or the 9th) Seems right considering that the first-generation iPad was launched on April 3rd, (also a Saturday) and Apple generally likes to keep a pattern for their annual press conferences.. 11, 14:10 Uhr,.. #22.. Rumor: iPad 2 coming in early April | Thinkcrack.. de says that the next-generation iPad is scheduled to be released in the US on either April 2 or April [.. 17.. 11, 12:41 Uhr,.. #23.. iPad 2: lancio negli USA inizio aprile e almeno 3 mesi più tardi in Italia (secondo MacNotes) Domiad Photo Network Blog.. ] [Via MacNotes] [.. 11, 15:33 Uhr,.. #24.. Nem vicc az iPad2 Áprilisban? | HuPort.. ] német MacNotes megbízható források információi alapján úgy tudja, hogy április 2.. vagy 9.. 11, 18:31 Uhr,.. #25.. The iPad 2 Picture Getting Clearer as Rumors Ramp Up: Apple News, Tips and Reviews.. ] iPad 2 is said by some to be arriving as early as February or April (at least in the U.. ), and as is always the case when Apple hardware nears the end of a product cycle, the rumor mill [.. 11, 0:35 Uhr,.. #26.. iPad 2 Picture Getting Clearer as Rumors Ramp Up | Cairns Apple Computer: Sales - Parts - Repairs - Services.. 26.. 11, 6:23 Uhr,.. #27.. Nicole.. iPad2!!! I love how my Sling Adapter works with my iPad now, but I can't wait to see if the rumors of sound enhancements are true.. I work in DISH Network's tech support so gadgets and technology are my passion.. I stream all my live TV programming and DVR recordings from home onto my iPad so I can watch my programming whenever I want.. I'm just hoping I'm not getting my hopes up for nothing with the new iPad2.. 03.. 11, 22:31 Uhr,.. #28.. Cornelis van de Velde.. Hello, would like to order a iPad2 64 MB +WiFi +3G and have it send to Europe as soon as it appears on US market..

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  • Title: A Better Skype 5 for Mac: First reactions, improvements coming
    Descriptive info: We had a quite pleasant phone call with Skypes Public relations, telling us that there are improvements to come - there were no definite plans yet, but the sometimes harsh reviews of the Skype 5 for Mac-beta were observed closely.. Besides the critic via web, some more feedback was submitted to the developers through other channels, mostly corresponding to the.. points we made here.. Of course, the sentence "It's a beta" was uttered, also the reply, that it's not really comforting to see the  ...   the collection and specification of improvements will be helpful for the developers.. All critics are taken seriously at Skype, we were told.. Conclusion: great statement, now the actions should follow.. Fortunately, that won't bee too difficult - for the main observations like waste of space and single window view can be issued quite easy.. Specifications and explanations of issues can and should be made - we'll collect them here as well as in our.. facebook group.. and submit them to skype.. 2010 14:04 Uhr.. Beta..

    Original link path: /2010/12/20/a-better-skype-5-for-mac-first-reactions-inprovements-coming/
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  • Title: iPhone 4 white, tested: Flash/LED renders camera unuseable (Video)
    Descriptive info: ) We had a black iPhone 4 modified by our Partner 3Gstore.. de - its yet unclear if the modified-white iPhone 4 Models will be offered there.. We filmed the camera-test of the white iPhone 4 in their warehouse, where the lights were dim enough to check the effects of the LED flashlight.. Simply put: you cannot film or photograph with a modified, white iPhone 4 using the Flashlight/LED.. As shown in the video: the white iPhone wakes from the "dimmed" mode.. From sec.. 12 onwards, video recording without, from second 20 with LED flash (rendering the picture useless).. At second 30, the iPhone is switched from video- to photography mode, with two shots taken with and without the LED flashlight.. Both Photos are shown at the end of the video.. Again, using the LED flash renders the picture taken with the white iPhone 4 unuseable.. Using the flashlight, the  ...   only in the sensitive areas around LED flashlight and Camera would result in different tones of white on the iPhone case.. Nevertheless, it seems hard to believe that apple is not able to build a well designed, light impermeable solution.. After all, the white iPhone 4.. is.. well designed.. The white case components are told to be originally manufactured for Apple.. Until now, the.. 3Gstore.. did neither deny nor approve an upcoming modification service for white iPhone 4 devices.. After all, its still unclear if apple starts the sale its delayed white iPhone 4 at the beginning of 2011.. Yet, the camera of the white, modified prototype is unuseable in flashlight mode.. This won't hurt many potential white iPhone users, which were lacking a LED Flash until the release of the iPhone 4 itself.. They even lacked a decent camera until the release of the iPhone 3GS.. 2010 11:26 Uhr..

    Original link path: /2010/12/04/iphone-4-white-tested-flashled-renders-camera-unuseable-video/
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