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    Archived pages: 46 . Archive date: 2013-05.

  • Title: Meebox.net - Webhotel og Cloud Server - Hosting til Alle!
    Descriptive info: .. Webhosting.. Cloud Servers.. About us.. Contact.. Blog.. My Meebox.. Welcome to Meebox.. Tweet.. The choice is yours.. /per mo.. € 1,25.. Cheap Webhosting.. - Great prices.. - No “fluffy” unlimitedness.. - Spot on, every time.. Cheap Webhosting? Click here!.. € 12,50.. Pro Webhosting.. - More resources.. - Less hosting accounts.. - Higher quality.. Click here to see the best!.. Cloud Server.. - Hosted in Denmark.. - True cloud scalability.. - Own personal cloud.. Chosen reviews and statements.. Only PHP 5.. 3.. x or higher available.. Great entry prices.. English Cpanel admin interface.. Fast & stable servers.. Slow, but free and helpful support.. I would very much like to see one miss (.. ).. Perfect.. I am one of the many who do not know  ...   it's great!.. @Valdemar_Bonde.. Wow.. @meebox.. net is really fanastic! Wrote a ticket wednesday night at 9:01 pm and got reply at 9:03 pm! I.. Products.. Cheap Hosting.. Professional Hosting.. New support chat opening hours.. New cPanel design.. It s our birthday!.. MSSQL available as Cloud Server.. Coming soon: Logaholic for the analysis-neards.. Get a Meebox-badge.. Information.. Terms and Conditions.. Privacy policy.. Terms and Conditions Affiliate.. Meebox Acceptable Use Policiy.. Corporate Information.. Jobs.. Meebox ApS.. Amagertorv 27.. DK-1160 København K.. CVR: 33647239.. Contact:.. Write to us.. Support chat opening hours:.. Mon-Thu: 10am - 10pm.. Fri: 10am - 8pm.. Sat-Sun: 11am - 4pm.. Meebox.. 2013 - All prices are incl.. VAT -.. vurderes til perfekt med.. 5.. af.. stjerner, baseret på.. 333.. stemmer hos.. Trustpilot.. dk.. English.. Danish..

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  • Title: Webhosting - Meebox
    Descriptive info: Choose your hosting.. € 1.. 25.. Apache Web server.. Recognized and highly reliable web server.. True business-standard!.. High-value service.. The package contains a lot considering the price usually more than our colleagues offers.. Great and free support.. Ticket-support and live-chat everything you need.. And of course, the best by far!.. Perfect for private use or startups.. If you don t need the biggest solution yet!.. 99,90% uptime guarantee.. Any less, and we extend your rental period for free.. Read more.. € 12.. 5.. Litespeed Web server.. More than 6 times faster than  ...   pr.. server.. Up-prioritized support.. Your tickets will have the highest priority, and we make sure, thatn you get a quick answer every time!.. Security in the future!.. Lots of space and traffic combined with high quality hosting secures your hosting in the future!.. 99,95% uptime guarantee.. 100% is expected 99,95% is guaranteed.. Because uptime is everything!.. Load Balancing.. Effective load balancing and failover provides even better uptime and stability.. Content Delivery Network (CDN).. With a CDN your website will load fast everywhere in the world, because a copy is stored on multiple servers..

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  • Title: Cloud Server - Få din server cloud hosted - Velkommen i skyen! - Meebox
    Descriptive info: Linux.. Windows.. Ram.. 0.. 5 GB ram - 9.. 8 € /mo.. Disk.. 10 GB disk - 0,92 € /mo.. Traffic.. 10 GB traffic - 0,93 € /mo.. Price:.. 11.. 56 €.. /month.. Sign up!.. Book demo!.. Book a presentation of our Cloud.. We would really like to show you our fantastic cloud-interface.. Book a meeting, order a call or arrange an online demo with us.. Address.. 3 + fire =.. Order now!.. Presentation at meeting.. Call me with more info.. Online demo.. About Cloud Servers.. Cloud Prices.. Cloud Management.. Technic Security details.. True Cloud Servers.. Scalable Cloud Hosting with flexible billing.. You only pay for what you use!.. Danish Cloud Danish law.. Danish hosting means no worries.. All Meebox s Cloud are hosted in Denmark, and all data stored on Danish soil, under Danish law.. Just as it should be!.. Infinite power Instant scalability.. Has press coverage given your website a unexpectedly large number of visitors? Or increase the consumption of your service suddenly? It s no problem with Meebox s Cloud; You just increases your server s resources immediately.. Management? Let our tech-guys handle the technical!.. You never need to stress due to a server suddenly not responding, has been hacked or have 108 updates pending that you have no idea about how to install.. With cloud management , our geeks handles it for you! And your support tickets are, of course, all high-priority.. Flexible billing.. You only pay for the resources you use and billing takes place on an hourly basis; Create a server in 1 hour and pay only for the hours it is in use.. Meebox Cloud Dashboard.. No-Rocket-Science-control-panel.. With our no-rocket-science panel, you can easily and quickly manage all your servers and virtual data centers.. We have made it a breeze to manage your servers and virtual data centers in the clouds.. You can create your very own virtual data center in minutes, and your servers are online immediately.. You can create both the various linux distros and of course Windows 2008 servers.. And should you need it, you can also upload your own favorite OS, if not we should have it already.. Do you need more space or more RAM, add a hard drive or upscale your server s resources.. We ve tried; We can do it in 9.. 7 seconds!.. Because it is created with the user in mind, you already after the first date, understand and love the control panel so easy! And if you do not believe us, contact us so we arrange a free date for you.. :-).. Try now!.. This comes with your Cloud Server.. Unsurpassed power and scalability.. Your own virtual data center.. Cloud hosting in Denmark!.. Flexible billing no binding.. Possibility for management and SLA.. Advantages with Meebox’s Cloud Servers.. Create cloud servers in seconds.. Scale your servers after your needs.. Simple control panel.. 99,95% uptime-guarantee.. Pay only for what you use!.. They are also using Meebox s Cloud Servers.. Flexible billing per hour consumption.. Possibility of automatic refill.. You pay only for what you use!.. In the old days we had prepaid cell phones.. Once your prepayment was used, you would fill it up.. Meebox s Cloud works in the same way.. You fill money onto your account, and once it is running low, you can either manually or automatically have it filled up.. You obviously do not bind yourself to anything, and you only pay for what you use.. Payment per hour, to make it as flexible as possible.. When not using your servers, just switch them off you can avoid paying for them.. How payment works.. Want to get started right away? Click on Try Now! the top, and register.. Then automatically creates a Cloud Server account for you in our system.. Remember that you must only complete this the first time not for each server you want to create a cloud server.. The first time you log in, our system will ask you to register your credit card at our PCI certified payment gateway, and then buy your first units.. All units are purchased through Meebox Cloud panel.. Once you ve bought your units, you can create all the virtual servers you need.. What you pay for.. Cloud Servers are being billed based on 4 different parameters:.. Server (RAM).. Storage (disk size).. Disk I/O (read and write to the disk).. Internet traffic.. The server is invoiced only when your cloud server is running.. Storage is billed all the time, as the quantity of storage is of course dedicated to you as long as it exists.. Disk I / O and Internet traffic are usage-based.. You pay for exactly for what you use nothing more, nothing less.. RAM.. Linux: € 19.. 64 per GB /mo.. Windows: € 27.. 17 per GB /mo.. € 0.. 00011 per GB.. 00336 per GB I/O transfer.. 90 per GB in/out.. IP-Adresser.. 84 per IP-address /mo.. € 168.. 50 per server /mo.. Setup-fee.. € 13.. 30 at first registration.. Meebox vs Amazon vs Rackspace.. We have compared our prices with the most popular cloud-server providers..  ...   provided by Hitachi Data Systems (HDS UPS-V), and it is a SAN in petabyte-class.. During this, applies HDS SAN-boxes (AMS 2500).. Among SAN ets key parameters, includes it a guaranteed response time below 10 milliseconds, no upper limit to the expansion of capacity, an uptime guarantee of 99,9%, and possibility of on-demand storage upgrade.. Meebox Cloud is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solution.. This means that we provide the infrastructure, and you as Customer designs and runs your IT-infrastructure on our Cloud platform.. Our Cloud server platform is based on KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine), that is an open source and Linux based virtualization platform.. KVM is an integral part of the Linux kernel, which is making is easy to manage solution, and probably a better, faster and more a stabilized platform.. On top of this, applies one of the worlds most advanced LaaS Cloud service suites, namely Extility, which is designed and developed by Scottish Flexiant.. Dynamic scaling.. You have at any time the opportunity to create, delete or scale you servers.. This applies to both up- and down scaling.. Scaling can be done either by our control panel or API.. Both are described more further down on this page.. You have the freedom to scale RAM, CPU and disk size on your servers.. Together with dynamic scaling follows dynamic cash settlement.. That means, that you pays for what you use in real time.. The moment you up- or down scale your server, follows the price, so that you at any time only pay for what you actually use.. Our implementation of KVM as a virtualization platform on DELL hardware, is set up with the principle of no overbooking and resource sharing by profits.. This means, that you as a Customer as a minimum always get delivered the resources that we guarantee.. Are there any resources in excess of the individual node, are these distributed among the active virtual servers.. The system is scalable in all four areas (servers, storage, network and virtualization software), and can be expanded as needed and without any downtime.. Operating systems and server images.. When you create a new server, must you select an operating system or a disk image, as the server is created with.. We offer as standard a variety of operating systems, that you can configure on your server.. These are:.. CentOS 5.. CentOS 6.. 0.. Debian 6.. Fedora 14.. Ubuntu 10.. 04 LTS.. 10.. Ubuntu 11.. 04.. openSUSE 11.. Redhat 6.. Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise.. Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise + Web Edition/Std.. Edition MSSQL.. All operating systems are 64bit versions.. Besides our standard system operating systems, do you have the possibility to upload your own server images.. This can be done via the control panel and API.. This makes is for example easy to create a development environment in Meebox Cloud, which is identical to your production environment – whether this also is in Meebox Cloud or elsewhere, or create a new Cloud server with a operating system, that we as standard do not offer.. There is no limit or restriction on which operating system you can apply to your Cloud Servers.. Meebox is NOC partner with cPanel Inc.. , which means that we can deliver CloudLinux and cPanel on our Cloud servers.. Contact us to hear more about licenses, prices and setup.. Security.. Servers, that are running our Cloud Server setup, are located in one of the largest and most modern data centers in Denmark, which is actively monitored 24/7 and yearly reviewed by the DS484 and PCI standards.. We guarantee, that all data is always stored in Denmark according to the Danish law.. A few Cloud providers can clarify and guarantee where their data is stored physically.. Even fewer can guarantee that it happens in Denmark.. For many companies, is it important to know where your data is stored.. For more and more people is it even a legal requirement, that their data is stored in Denmark.. This is such a requirement in relation to storage of accounts data.. This is achieved by Meebox Cloud server.. The data center, which hosts our Cloud Servers, revised yearly according to DS484 standard and PCI certification.. This results in an yearly RS3402 statement of assurance.. This means, that an independent accounting firm yearly examines the situation in and around the data center in relation to central parameters such as:.. Physical security – alarms, access control and protection.. Management of network and the running of this.. Management of security incidents.. Agreement with legal provision and contractual requirements.. General system and network security.. Continuous supervision and test of network.. Security politics in general.. Read more here.. www.. pcisecuritystandards.. org.. for information about PCI certification.. Control panel and API.. Meebox provides a web-based control panel and API available for managing your Cloud servers.. Through both the control panel and the API, do you have the possibility to create your own virtual data center (VDC), and in these, you can place your servers which you also created through.. You can see some screen shots of our control panel below here:..

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  • Title: About us - Meebox
    Descriptive info: "We took another line and started Meebox".. >.. Anders Eiler.. He sends the blood though our system.. Anders is without a doubt the heart in Meebox's setup.. Anders is the heart of Meebox.. As CTO it is his job to keep the systems running - and that is a job he takes very serious! Determined in his demands and no compromise on quality, is one of the success factors behind Meebox's technical setup.. Follow Anders on Twitter.. Patrick Theander.. Brain researcher's nightmare - the mastermind behind it all and our own innovation machine.. Patrick is the brain of Meebox.. His innovative thinking gives many exciting initiatives in the company, and he is not afraid to push the boundaries! Patrick ensures we each day earn money and get new customers.. Follow Patrick on Twitter.. About Meebox.. History of Meebox.. Team Meebox.. Why Meebox?.. A bit about us We LOVE hosting!.. We like Coca Cola, pizza from Dominos and we got a Homor Simpson-poster hanging in our office.. We aren t quite normale we know!.. This is what Meebox.. net looked like in 2010 we ve learned a lot since then :-).. Our website is filled with information about our awesome products.. So we don t want to write about that here.. We want to tell about us!.. Meebox ApS is a privatly held company.. In short, Meebox consists of 33% innovation, 33% technical wonders, 33% love and 1% crazyness.. We love meebox, we love what we do and we appreciate every customer!.. Despite more than 150 positive reviews on Trustpilot, it is still a celebration every time someone speaks highly of us.. That is what drives us forward, and the entire cause why we started Meebox!.. We ve build Meebox from the bottom up! We started without a single dollar.. Nothing.. Just us and our great idea.. An idea we got because we were sick of hosting-companies who promised us awesome hosting, but delivered something similar to an old, rusty Lada.. Something useless.. We are very proud of what we have build.. All though we are proud, we are not yet satisfied.. We always feel like something is missing or something can be improved.. We see that as a good thing.. That is how we develop ourselves.. We never sit back and wait for the orders to tick in.. We work 24/7, trying to improve our business.. We do this because Meebox is our everything.. We want to thank you for stopping by Meebox.. We and our great team are looking forward to servicing you, and provide you with a product filled with high quality and love.. - Anders Patrick.. (*The pinky, the pinky and the brain brain brain brain braaaain *).. The story of Meebox..  ...   be true – then it probaly is!”.. But not with us.. We put an enormous effort in order to provide a stable solution with fantastic support, at the right price! Just look at what people has to say about us on Trustpilot.. We try to automate as much as possible.. It’s simply a win-win situation! Many things will be automatically sorted for you, meaning it will also happen instantly.. Also, we don’t have to pay for highly-paid staff to do all of these things.. Computers and software are fortunately incredibly low-paid :-).. Finally, this means that we with a combination of effective systems and few, but highly competent staff, can present very cheap products – without cutting down on either quality, uptime or support!.. The team behind Meebox.. We are young, but not beginners.. We are an awesome mix of creative entrepreneurs and clever data-technicians.. Together this gives us a strong and flexible team with incredible skills.. We are always trying to be innovative and personal in everything we do.. As a customer, it’s you that keeps the gears going, and therefore we feel it is our job to give you a good personal service.. No matter how much growing pains that may come, we will continually strive to offer a quick, competent and personal service to you and our other customers.. That is how both you and we like it!.. Today Meebox consists of us two owners, Anders (tech) and Patrick (sales), and Casper (aged 23) and Kim (aged 50) who works as supporters.. We also have Christian (aged 28) who works as a system administrator, and finally David on the side-line, who helps out in the daily rush, also working as a system administrator.. 5 to choose Meebox as your hosting partner.. 1) We have realistic prices!.. Not too expensive no too cheap.. Thinking of the quality of our support, infrastructure and services, we don’t believe any other hosting provider can offer the same at such great prices.. 2) We are flexible!.. We listen to our customers, and we respect our customers! We are flexible and are always willing to send you a custom quote when needed.. 3) We are friendly!.. We are not too happy with ourselves – just friendly.. Thats what we’ve been told, anyway.. We will always try to give the best terms possible to our customers and never hides anything.. 4) We are innovative!.. We are usually two steps ahead and will always be exploring new technologies to improve the experience for our customers and our costumers customers.. 5) We believe in ourselves!.. We believe in ourselves – and we believe, that we are the best! If we are not, we will become the best! That’s the true Meebox-spirit!..

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  • Title: Contact - Meebox
    Descriptive info: We love receiving e-mails.. Whether you have a question regarding our products, prices, or just wants to say hi, it's easy to get in touch with us.. Just fill out the form below, press "send", and we'll get back to you as soon as possible :-).. Note:.. This contact form is not for providing support.. Please use our support ticket system at My Meebox for this.. Thanks :-).. Your Name (required).. Your E-mail (required).. Phone.. Website.. Subject (required).. Your Message (required).. Please enter the letters and digits shown to the right.. Tel:.. Call me..

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  • Title: Blog - Meebox
    Descriptive info: Meebox Blog.. News.. Announcements.. Various tests.. General.. Offers.. What is our newsletter?.. We never send spam! Only usefull informations which will make you more visible online or improve your website.. 29/08/2012.. by.. Anders.. in.. Annonceringer.. ,.. Isn't it lovely? You guys have given us so much to do, that we must admit, that we cannot keep up anymore.. Therefore we hired Søren, who has been working with us since this monday.. And now that we've got some extra man-power, we've decided to let that come into your favor.. Therefore we will do two things:.. 30/06/2012.. In our recent user tests, we found that especially one thing was mentioned over and over again.. Our control panel! We have listened to your voices, and therefore we hereby present a new design for  ...   that we can announce a new product (server image) to our Cloud Servers.. As of now it is possible to create servers with MSSQL preinstalled! And the best part is - we take care of all the licenses!.. Forget everything about installing tacking code and placing cookies on your visitors computers.. With Logaholic you get a complete web analysis tool that extracts data from the server log files, instead of tracking with javascript and cookies.. No installation is required and this will be on all webhosting plans as default.. Show that you are using Meebox by using one of our new badges!.. 09/12/2011.. Official cPanel Partner.. It is no more than a short while ago that Meebox got accepted as an.. Officiel cPanel Partner.. Page 1 of 2.. 1.. 2.. »..

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  • Title: Cheap Hosting - Meebox
    Descriptive info: Chose your cheap hosting.. Webhosting 1.. 10GB disk.. 30GB monthly traffic.. 10 domains.. See all specifications.. Buy now!.. Webhosting 2.. € 2,65.. 20GB disk.. 80GB monthly traffic.. 20 domains.. Webhosting 3.. € 4,00.. 50GB disk.. 250GB monthly traffic.. 50 domains.. In the Package.. Specifications.. Customer Reviews.. Domains.. All the best for no money.. We have some of the cheapest web hosting! And no matter whether you are a web designer, entrepreneur, blogger or something else entirely, there s also a cheap web hosting package for you.. Order your hosting account now and you re online in 5 minutes!.. No worries!.. No binding, secure payment, 90 day money return policy and many positive reviews, is your guarantee that everything is in order.. We are not trying to scam not we are honest and there are real people behind the screen Ready to help you!.. All inclusive Nothing unlimited!.. We would rather be honest and realistic and give you real boundaries, instead of your unlimited and unrestricted subsidiaries.. Therefore, we have limits on total and free traffic is not an expression we use.. But do not worry, you still get plenty of money.. ;-).. A bit of everything.. We can offer a little of everything.. Plenty of space, traffic, email accounts, ftp accounts and databases.. If this is not enough, it can  ...   uptime.. Weekly backup.. 50 subdomains.. 10 parked domains.. PHP5 MySQL.. 128MB Memory Limit.. Cronjobs.. E-mail FTP.. 50 mail / 25 ftp accounts.. Unlimited forwarders.. Auto-reply.. Spam Assassin.. IMAP + POP + SMTP.. Webmail.. FTP, SFTP WebFTP.. Software.. 1-Click-Installer.. phpMyAdmin.. AWStats.. IonCube.. Zend Optimizer.. GD2.. DNS-editor.. Technic.. 2 x 1000 Mbit.. cPanel.. Cloud Linux.. Raid10 SAN.. Support.. 24/7 support tickets.. Live-chat.. Emergency phone (kr.. 550 /opkald).. € 6.. 50 setup-fee.. € 15.. 00 /annually.. €.. 26.. 88.. -20% 21.. 50.. /biennially.. € 36.. 00 /triennially.. 500 mail / 500 ftp accounts.. € 31.. 80 /annually.. 57.. -20% 45.. € 76.. 32 /triennially.. 1000 mail / 1000 ftp accounts.. € 63.. 113.. 28.. -20% 90.. 62.. € 151.. 20 /triennially.. Statements from our customers.. If you are still in doubt about whether to choose us, try reading some of the reviews below.. Domain type.. Min.. reg.. Register.. Transfer.. Renew.. 1 years.. 45.. 00.. com.. 99.. 65.. biz.. info.. eu.. 149.. 75.. nu.. 2 years.. 499.. 399.. se.. 49.. us.. co.. uk.. 199.. cc.. 299.. de.. me.. 249.. tv.. pro.. 1999.. 1499.. tel.. 129.. asia.. name.. mobi.. in.. es.. 449.. 369.. xxx.. 999.. no.. 599.. it.. 1295.. 995.. fr.. 549.. pl.. as.. 949.. ch.. be.. lu.. 799.. cz.. 899.. 699.. nl.. 649.. pt.. 695.. ru.. 495.. 195.. fi.. Check your domain now.. Bulk-check domains..

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  • Title: Professional Hosting - Meebox
    Descriptive info: Chose your hosting.. Prohosting 1.. € 12,95.. 100GB monthly traffic.. 2 domains.. Prohosting 2.. € 19,95.. 200GB monthly traffic.. 5 domains.. Prohosting 3.. € 26,95.. 35GB disk.. 500GB monthly traffic.. Technical details.. Cloud Hosting.. Why Pro?.. Professional Webhosting with rocket-engines.. Our Professional web hosting offers the world s most innovative technologies that help to speed up your webspace.. With the Professional Hosting from Meebox, we guarantee that you get a lightning-fast hosting with fast load times.. Because of innovative technology, Litespeed Web Server, and our technical manager who does not gamble with the high quality, we can promise you that you get a hosting account beyond all limits!.. We put fewer customers per server, and the heavy loaded MySQL servers are located remotely, so that resources can be used on more power to your website instead.. Overselling (when you sell more than you can actually handle) is not our game we keep ourselves far away from that!.. We use Cloud Hosting based on VMware s über-technology.. Short and personally explained, this means we can guarantee high availability on our hosting plans.. Therefore, we can certainly guarantee a minimum 99.. 9% uptime.. The standard for our web hosting services is of course 100%.. If you are not completely convinced, let us tell you a little about.. (if you like geek-technique) or why you should choose a professional web hosting.. If you re ready to get a rocket-engine mounted on your website, then select a package and buy it immediately.. Your hosting account is automatically set up as soon as we receive payment.. Professional Webhosting with.. Minimum 99.. You can calculate with 100%, however.. Pingdom survails your site 24/7/365.. Innovation We like that!.. because it works! Our proof is the Litespeed Webserver.. It can kick Apache s a** anytime!.. Lightning-fast as a Ferrari.. We see our Professional Webhosting plans as the hosting s answer to a Ferrari 458 Italia.. Less worries more golf.. You don t need to worry about your hosting of you website that is our job.. Play some golf instead :-).. Daily and weekly backup.. 500 subdomains.. 1 parked domains.. 256MB Memory Limit.. 20 email / 10 ftp accounts.. LiteSpeed.. € 26.. € 155.. 40 /annually.. € 279.. 60 /biennially.. € 370.. 80 /triennially.. 750 subdomains.. 5 parked domains.. 40 email / 20 ftp accounts.. € 239.. € 430.. 80 /biennially.. € 574.. 1000 subdomains.. 100 email / 50 ftp accounts.. € 323.. € 582.. 00 /biennially.. € 775.. Super-fast load times and high availability.. Anything below 100% uptime is not good enough that could very well have been out motto.. We promise you to always do whatever we can to have the fastest load times and highest availability, and we are not afraid to guarentee 99.. Our goal is simple: Your site must be online always!.. Quick, honest, helpful and highly recommended customer support!.. We take the support on our professional hosting packages to a whole new level.. We call it Extended Support.. This means you  ...   giver både dig og os en række fordele:.. – Bedre distribuering af belastningen betyder lavere svartider.. – Højere driftssikkerhed.. – Højere datasikkerhed.. – Større skalerbarhed – skal du bruge mere, kan det sagtens ordnes.. Alt dette klarer vi ved hjælp af VMware s topmoderne viruatliseringsteknologier, som gør os i stand til at opsætte dette hardwareuafhængige Cloud setup.. Hvorfor er det bedre for os? Når vi når til den dag, hvor vi behøver mere serverkraft for at levere til alle jer kunder, tilføjer vi bare en server mere til vores sky, og så deler den sine ressourcer, og så bliver der automatisk mere plads til alle.. Simpelt og kraftfuldt!.. Higher uptime, even more stabile and with fail-over.. Our goal will always be 100% uptime.. We can achieve this by using automated resource distribution, geograpichal fail-over and by installing fewer hosting accounts, adding each of them more resources and finally by having high demands to the quality of our services.. We are using real Cloud Hosting.. To us, this is not just a buzz-word or a piece of software.. All the way down to the hardware level, our infrastructure has been built the way real Cloud Hosting should be.. This includes dynamic scaling, SAN and virtualizing.. 3 times as many allocated resources.. Compared to our cheap web hosting, the resource allocation on our.. professional solutions.. are minimum 3 times bigger.. This means your website has more CPU power, which, in the end, results in quicker load on your website and database.. Made to handle a lot of visitors.. A.. professional hosting.. account is prepared for a lot of simultaneous visitors.. The limit of concurrent connections is 10 times the cheap s.. Also, our Cloud Hosting platform and Content Delivery Network contributes to the uptime also when having lots of visitors.. We have high demands regarding uptime on our.. This means that we are not overselling the hardware resources.. Overselling means that you sell more than you have capacity to host if fully booked.. It is very common in the webhosting business, but also risky.. In contrast to our business-friends, we do not want to gamble with your website!.. Your datas are safe!.. Sometimes you might accidentally delete the wrong thing.. Sometimes a hard disk might crash.. We are prepared to handle this.. All data is stored on a central SAN, using RAID10.. We also save daily and weekly backups of your entire website, database and e-mails.. Everything legal is allowed also adult-content.. If it is legal (according to Danish Laws), you can host it with us.. We don t want to go around playing dictators, telling you what to upload or how.. We trust that you are not breaking the law.. Quick support.. Even though we are told that we have world class support, we ve chosen to improve this with our Extended Support.. This is included with all.. plans and gives you access to live-chat and high priority tickets, which ensures you ll aways get a quick reply when needed..

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  • Title: New support chat opening hours - Meebox
    Descriptive info: 29/08/2012 by.. Isn t it lovely? You guys have given us so much to do, that we must admit, that we cannot keep up anymore.. And now that we ve got some extra man-power, we ve decided to let that come into your favor.. 1) Scheduled opening hours in our support chat every day!.. 2) More open support chat hours.. As of next monday the chat will be open 70 hours every week.. The following times will apply:.. Monday:  ...   4pm.. Sunday: 11am 4pm.. And of course, our support ticket is open around the clock.. It will mostly be Kim, Casper and Søren who will be operating the support chat, while Patrick and I will be on the 2nd row in the support ticket department.. So all in all isn t it lovely? I hope you think so I know we do.. Have a great day!.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. You must be.. logged in.. to post a comment..

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  • Title: New cPanel design - Meebox
    Descriptive info: 30/06/2012 by.. Our control panel! It has all the functions it needs, and can do everything that you need but a lot of people found it difficult to use, confusing and not very intuitive.. We have listened to your voices, and therefore we hereby present a new design for our cPanel control panels.. The new cPanel design is based on cPanel Inc.. s popular x3 panel, which has been adapted to match your needs and wishes.. It is a key feature that you can easily access whatever you need from the front page, and  ...   to My Meebox and our support helpdesk.. We have also integrated our Live Chat in the new cPanel, making it even easier for you to get in touch with us, if you need any help while you are working.. We hope you will like this new design and that it delivers what you are looking for in a good control panel.. If you find any small errors, has any suggestions or wishes of improvement, please contact us either by writing a comment here og submitting a support ticket.. All the best and enjoy!.. /Anders..

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  • Title: It’s our birthday! - Meebox
    Descriptive info: 01/04/2012 by.. It s Meebox birthday! (do you have any idea how much preparation lies behind thouse 3 words ?).. We got a lot of suggestions that we should give you guys cake.. That has been written down.. Next year we will invite for cake and coco in Meebox HQ.. We have (of course) chosen to celebrate this with some awesome offers! We have made different discounts and surprises every day from now and until april 10th 2012.. We ll also have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOUR with extreme offers for our current customers.. So keep an eye on Meebox.. net,.. Facebook.. and.. Twitter.. !.. All the offers are listed here:.. Up to 100% DISCOUNT on our.. You will get 100% discount on our cheap webhosting the next day or two.. But you ll have to hurry only the first 100 will be able to use this great  ...   next 10 days you ll get an extra 1000 units for freen when you sign up!**.. * This offer only applies for the first year and cannot be used for 2-year and 3-year purchases.. ** Cancellation of a Cloud Management service is this month + the next.. You can only use every offer once pr.. service.. You can however combine them however you want, fx a Cheap Hosting account and Meebox Cloud.. But but but It s not all sales talk on a day like this! We want to say thanks to alle the people that stood behind us from the start and who have believed in our project.. We want to thank all our customers for carrying us to where we are today without you we wouldn t be here.. Thank you!.. Let the show begin :-).. Kind birthday-regards,.. Anders, Patrick and the rest of Team Meebox..

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