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  • Title: My Wedding Ideas - Unique Wedding Ideas & Creative Wedding Tips
    Descriptive info: .. Facebook.. |.. Twitter.. News Feed.. Comments.. Home.. About.. Wedding Resources.. Engaged.. Featured.. Marriage Advice.. Wedding Attire.. Bridesmaid Dresses.. Tuxedos.. Wedding Dresses.. Wedding Humor.. Wedding Jewelry.. Wedding Planning.. Bridal Parties.. Destination Weddings.. Get Registered.. Guest Posts.. Honeymoon.. How To Videos.. Music Dancing.. News.. Speeches Toasts.. Wedding Cakes.. Wedding Caterers.. Wedding Favors.. Wedding Flowers.. Wedding Gifts.. Wedding Invitations.. Wedding Photographers.. Wedding Planners.. Wedding Receptions.. Wedding Transportation.. Wedding Shopping.. Top 10 Best First Dance Songs at Your Wedding.. You’ll only have your first dance song once (at least per wedding), so you want to make it special.. While there have been many brides and grooms who have decided to shake it up a bit, there is something to be said for a sweet and romantic traditional first dance.. Beach Wedding Dresses – Choosing the Right Dress.. Sandy beaches and ocean waves set the stage for your wedding, and you have the leading role.. You want to choose the best dress for your beach wedding.. Winter Weddings Why Not?.. Why not have a winter wedding in style?.. Make Writing Your Wedding Thank You Notes Easy as 1-2-3!.. Bridal etiquette says that you actually have a full year to write your thank you notes – but we’d like to think you get them in the mail a bit earlier than that!.. Niagara Falls Taking the Plunge.. You don’t have to go over the edge in a barrel to take the plunge at Niagara Falls.. The thundering cascade is every bit as extraordinary as your wedding will be.. Fireworks reflect off the mist many nights during the year; perhaps they will explode over your special night.. Create your own Wedding Dress.. Wouldn t it be nice if you were the person that will create your own marriage.. Casual Wedding Dress.. These days, the Church isn t the only place where you can have a marriage.. Bridal Flip Flops.. Wedding Sandals.. HAPPY FEET: THE BEAUTY OF FLIP-FLOPS There was a time when flip-flops would be viewed.. Choosing a Wedding Dress – Tips on Finding the Right Dress.. You re going shopping for wedding dresses and find a few dresses that you would.. The Wedding Dress Should Enhance the Bride.. the perfect wedding dress There is so much excitement and anticipation when it.. Read More Posts From This Category.. What Not To Do At A Wedding Shower.. Wedding showers are all about the bride.. Sometimes you know her really well and.. More Theme Wedding Madness.. It is a relief to see that there are some people out there who just don t.. Worst Bridesmaid Dresses.. Bridesmaid.. The word has varying effects on people, depending on their past experiences.. Lauren and J.. P.. s Music Video A Discussion With Myself.. Face it.. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.. You ll.. The Benefits of Being a Recession Bride.. Let’s face it: trying to do anything big and splashy like a wedding is tough, no.. There are, however, some things to remember when picking your song.. Not the least.. [Read more of this review].. What to Look for In a Personal Wedding Planner.. Choosing a personal wedding planner can be a frightening task.. Finding someone you trust enough to plan one of the biggest events of your life is not something you should take lightly, but is something that will help you create the wedding of your dreams in an efficient and well thought out manner.. Here are some tips to find your ideal personal wedding.. Should You Hire a Wedding Coordinator?.. With much emphasis on such a big day and with so many venues, services and suppliers in the wedding sector it can make choices very difficult for couples planning to get married with costs escalating to more than they imagined.. Not only this but you also have to rely on all of these services and products to provide the quality as promised and to be.. Choosing a Diamond.. If you are looking to buy that special someone an engagement ring or  ...   some free.. Information Regarding Designs Of Wedding Flower Bouquet.. The bridal bouquet is one of the more important flower arrangements in a wedding.. The wedding flower bouquet design should complement the bride s dress and not clash with it.. Many people believe that a simple wedding dress warrants a lavish wedding flower bouquet while an ornate wedding dress should have a simple bouquet.. Many considers both ornate.. Should you buy bridesmaids Dresses Off The Rack?.. bridesmaids gifts If asked the first thing she thinks of when she hears the word “wedding” most women will say “the dress!” That’s because weddings are associated so much with the dress for women that it is their first thought.. Sure, there are many other details that brides begin to think about later on down the line, like their bridesmaids.. Should You Buy a Designer Wedding Dress?.. Is Buying a Designer Wedding Dress the Right Decision? When you were a little girl dreaming of your wedding, you probably imagined yourself in a beautiful wedding gown.. I would bet that a budget wasn’t part of that dream.. Unless you have unlimited funds, you will find yourself balancing a budget and your dreams as you plan your wedding.. Have you.. Planning Your Wedding- Tips for Dealing with an Overbearing Mother-In-Law.. Your mother-in-law is probably the perfect helper when it comes to planning your wedding, isn’t she? Truth be told, sometimes dealing with family members can be a challenge when planning your wedding, and mother-in-laws are typically the family member you will have a challenge with.. If you follow some basic tips you will get more of what you.. Do You Vow Muse?.. You know you’ve been in this situation: you’re sitting at an elegant wedding reception when a groomsman stands up and clinks his champagne glass with a fork.. The crowd quiets, and the groomsman begins with, “I wasn’t sure what to say to Julia and Robby, so I thought I’d just wing it…” When has this introduction to a groomsman speech (or.. How to Save Money on Your Wedding (Without Looking Like You Did).. Your wedding is a one in a lifetime event.. It is a celebration of your commitment and an expression of who you are as a couple.. And if you are like many brides, you’ve dreamed of this day for a long time and know exactly what you’d like.. But in this economy, every bride is looking for ways to trim her wedding budget.. And to help, I’ve created.. My Wedding Ideas Facebook Page.. Well, My Wedding Ideas has finally joined the Facebook craze and set up our Facebook Fan page, so feel free to Like us and keep involved on Facebook.. Just in case, we also have a twitter page.. Read More.. Lastest Wedding Ideas.. Popular Posts.. Worst Wedding Dresses.. :.. How often is it that the bride's dress sets the tone of the wedding? Is it.. How to Throw a Green Wedding Shower.. Green is chic these days, but it’s not an easy road to travel, especial.. Star Wars Wedding Cakes.. Some people dream of a wedding day where everything is virgin white and flo.. These days, the Church isn't the only place where you can have a marriage.. You're going shopping for wedding dresses and find a few dresses that you w.. The word has varying effects on people, depending on their pas.. Funny First Wedding Dances.. For many people, walking down the isle is the biggest day of their life.. Th.. Creative Cheap Wedding Ideas.. My Wedding Ideas specializes in providing new brides, as well as those getting married for a second time, with unique & cheap wedding ideas to help fuel your creative spirit.. If you have any wedding tips or wedding ideas of your own, please.. email your suggestions.. We will publish your wedding suggestions and give fill credit with for every unique wedding tip you provide to future brides.. Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved MY Wedding Ideas: Unique & Cheap Wedding Ideas & Wedding Tips.. Log in..

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  • Title: About | Wedding Ideas
    Descriptive info: Browse >.. / About.. My Wedding Ideas will explore.. creative wedding ideas.. and look at the latest trends for brides and grooms getting married in this complicated landscape of wedding planners, tradition and what s hip.. Disclaimer: Posts on MyWeddingIdeas.. net are sometimes provided by paid writers.. In some cases writers are compensated financially by the company for a review or mention of the company or the company s product..

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  • Title: Wedding Resources | Wedding Ideas
    Descriptive info: / Wedding Resources.. Only the best of the best will be shown here.. Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience, everyone knows this.. But having the right people and the right tools can make everything go smoother.. Here are some websites that can make your wedding plans and wedding ideas a smooth reality.. Please link back to My Wedding Ideas:.. Title:.. Creative Wedding Ideas.. Description:.. Looking for great ideas for you wedding? MyWedddingIdeas.. net provides hundreds of fun and creative ideas for your  ...   help plan your dream wedding with MyWeddingIdeas.. net, your helpful resource for your a href= http://www.. net creative wedding ideas /a and needs including dresses, flowers, cakes, and planning ideas.. Celebrity Style.. Find the clothing celebrities are purchasing that are currently in style.. Madison Los Angeles caters to many celebrities as well as offers their clothing for purchase online.. URL:.. madisonlosangeles.. com.. HTML Code.. a href=.. target= _blank b Celebrity Style /b /a Find the clothing celebrities are purchasing that are currently in style..

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  • Title: Engaged | Wedding Ideas
    Descriptive info: / Archive by category Engaged.. Unique Proposal Ideas.. September 15, 2012.. by.. Michelle.. Filed under.. ,.. Leave a Comment.. There are many different unique ways to propose.. Here are some ideas to help you to make the day you propose a very special one she will remember for a lifetime.. A creative way would be to E-mail a 3-D animated graphic of a loose diamond with a message that says ,”Will you marry me?” Be there when she opens the e-mail so you can see her reaction and present her with your ring.. If you both like heights, you can arrange for a private hot air balloon ride.. You can ask her to marry you while you are drifting through the clouds.. Another unique idea is if your loved one is a schoolteacher or works in a large office that has an intercom system.. You can get permission to record a message to be played over the intercom.. Then you can be there in person to give her the diamond with everyone cheering you on.. If you both are adventurous and are both skilled scuba divers and snorkelers you can arrange a special dive with a few of your friends.. You can write your message on the diver’s slate and show her.. When she nods her head in agreement, put an inexpensive expandable ring on her finger.. Then when you get back to the boat you can present her with the real ring.. You can also do a treasure hunt.. You can deliver a letter to her with a bouquet of flowers.. Have her follow clues and at the end of the hunt you will be waiting to give her the ring.. Hire a plane to fly a banner with your proposal on it.. Then be ready to get down on one knee and propose.. You could hire a magician to entertain you and your girlfriend.. For the last trick at the end of the show you could have the magician magically make a ring box appear.. At a professional sporting event arranged to have your message displayed on the scoreboard, and then present her with the engagement ring.. If you’re going to propose to her on Christmas, you can put the ring in a box and hang it as an ornament on the tree.. After all the presents have been open tell her there is one more special gift for her to open.. You can put the ring in several layers of boxes so that each box will fit inside another to make your ring look like it is a big present.. Have her unwrap the present and when she finds the ring asked her to marry you.. You can take her away for the weekend to a fancy hotel.. You can decorate the room with rose petals and scented candles.. Make a trail with rose petals which leads to the bed.. Have the ring sitting on the bed in the middle of a rose petal shaped heart.. No matter what you decide this will be a moment that you both will never forget.. This is only the beginning to a bright new future.. Photo by.. LabLab.. Related articles.. Wedding Planning: Destination Weddings.. (weddingsetups.. com).. White Weddings that are Hot.. Extremely Happily Ever After: Fairy Tale Weddings Part 1.. 60 Romantic Proposal Ideas.. (romanticideasinlife.. wordpress.. Harry Potter Marriage Proposal [Pic].. (geeksaresexy.. net).. Tags:.. bouquet of flowers.. girlfriend.. hot air balloon ride.. loose diamond.. marriage proposal ideas.. marrige.. proposal.. proposal ideas.. proposing marriage.. ring on her finger.. scuba divers.. unique proposal ideas.. Tempted to Elope? Take our Self-Quiz Before You Take the Plunge!.. June 20, 2012.. Is non-stop wedding planning making you want to tear your hair out? Are you wondering why you need to spend more for flowers than you do on your monthly rent or mortgage? Does a seating chart put you into a tizzy? If so, you are probably tempted to elope.. Eloping used to be done in the middle of the night and without the blessing of your families.. Today’s elopements are a much less dramatic affair.. But eloping is not for everyone.. Just because you can elope, doesn’t mean you.. should.. Take our self-quiz to help decide if an elopement is for you.. Have your fiancé take it too and compare your results.. Then decide if you are reserving the reception hall, or two First Class tickets to Las Vegas!.. Question 1: Imagine it is one year after your wedding.. On your first wedding anniversary, what memories of your wedding do you look forward to the most?.. a) the moments with our family and friends.. b) our first kiss as man and wife.. c) I’m thinking about how we’ll celebrate our 1.. st.. anniversary!.. Question 2: If you had no limits to your budget or imagination, what wedding dress would you choose?.. a) one with a long train and lots of lace.. b) something with a modern twist, it might not be sold in a bridal shop.. c) as long as it fits and looks great, I’m happy.. Question 3: What stresses you out the most about planning your wedding?.. a) that everyone I’ve invited will have a good time/be able to attend.. b) that everyone does what they’ve promised to do/be on time/deliver items or services.. c) that the logistics of the event planning will go off without a hitch.. Question 4: Do you have bridesmaids?.. a) my best friend from childhood, my best friend from college and my sister/fiancé’s sister.. b) I’d like a few close friends to be my bridesmaids.. c) Yes, I have several bridesmaids.. Question 5: Why do you want to elope?.. a) I am so tired of planning this wedding; it is too much pressure/stress.. How do brides do it all?.. b) who needs to be the center of attention at an event?  ...   sparkle it possess – this is known as “fire”.. Zirconium refracts and reflects light better than diamond (remember the Russians developed it precisely for this purpose with their space program).. Zirconium may be lighter than diamond, and less hard, but its crystalline structure ensures it is able to generate more fire.. The Environment.. While diamonds are naturally occurring, there is nothing natural about how they are extracted from the earth.. Diamonds are mined requiring the use of huge amounts of energy and significant environmental damage is caused directly by mining.. There are also large amounts of toxic waste produced in separating diamonds from the tons of earth which are excavated and must be disposed of.. Zirconium requires only a fraction of the energy which diamond excavation uses and waste products are minimal in comparison, making CZ the green alternative to diamond.. The perfect jewelry for your perfect wedding look.. Top 5 Infamous Cigar Scandals.. (makethelist.. Best Auction Sites Other Than eBay.. (verybestsites.. Take Your Twilight Obsession To A Whole New Level- Florida Diamond.. (jewelryindustryinformation.. Business.. buy.. carbon atoms.. color diamonds.. cost effective alternative.. crystal color.. crystal structure.. Cubic Zirconia.. CZ.. dance.. diamond.. diamonds.. eye shape.. Hardness.. imperfections.. irregularities.. jewelry.. jewelry buyer.. laser guidance.. Manufacturing.. naked eye.. natural processes.. optical properties.. rigid pattern.. rubies.. russian space program.. sparkle.. trapped gas.. wedding.. yellow hue.. zirconium.. For the Fellas A Valentine Proposal?.. March 28, 2012.. While The Wedding Gal s Snarky Cousin isn t always the most romantic creature in the world, nothing gets me right at the heartstrings like a heartfelt and creative wedding proposal.. It s a perfect moment in time, or it can be.. It s not about the right table linens or the perfect bouquet.. It s not about bridesmaid dresses that could ruin friendships or whether or not to serve shellfish at the reception.. It s a moment of maximum potential, when two people first make a commitment to spend their lives together.. It s a fresh, new, unblemished promise unsullied by seating charts and unruly.. flower girls.. So you ve got this perfectly unblemished moment, full of romantic promise and magic, so why not make it happen on what is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year? St.. Valentine s Day!.. I know what you re thinking.. How could I, The Wedding Gal s Snarky Cousin, possibly expect you to believe that Valentine s Day is actually romantic? A Hallmark holiday that makes every unmatched singleton feel rotten and every person that is in a relationship feel this unfair obligation to buy gifts and confections? Phooey on Valentine s Day! Right?.. WRONG!! St.. Valentine, according to one legend, married young lovers in secret when marriage was outlawed by Claudius Gothicus.. St.. Valentine kept love alive in a time of war and oppression.. Romantic, huh? So, in keeping with romantic tradition, here are some do s and don t do s for proposing on Valentine s Day:.. photo by oskay.. Say It Sweetly.. Conversation Hearts are the best-selling Valentine candy.. Made by Necco, they have been printing little sayings on the heart-shaped treats since the 1860 s.. The kind of conversation heart you can buy today have been around since 1902.. That s a long history of being a Valentine s Day staple.. Even though the company has tried to make their treats more current with sayings like E-mail Me, you can go one better and use a fine grit sandpaper to remove the original message and add your own with a food coloring marker.. You can write Marry Me on all of them, or you can write what will be her married name on all of them.. She ll get the idea.. DON T.. go to all the trouble of sanding off the little phrases on a gajillion candies and then neglect to have something romantic to say.. You can do it.. Just don t be all, I got you this candy and just stand there and look at her.. Creepy, Dude.. photo by CFei.. Nothing Beats a Romantic Dinner.. I read somewhere that next to home, restaurants are the most popular place for wedding proposals.. I read somewhere else that 10% of Valentine proposals happen in restaurants.. Somehow that math doesn t sound right to me, but you can imagine that it happens a lot.. We ve all seen movies.. Speaking of movies, see the Don t section below for some more tips, but for now I will say DO take her someplace nice.. I know they all tell you to take her to the place you had your first date or the first place you said I love you.. If your first date was at McDonald s, you may not want to propose there.. Unless she really, really likes McDonald s.. I know I do.. But not enough to get engaged there.. Do say something sweet to her.. put her ring in food or drink of any kind.. Why? Why would you a) get chocolate or crab dip or champagne all over her nice new ring or b) take the chance that she ll swallow it and then have to go to the ER and eventually have to have the darn thing removed or.. worse? Don t do it.. photo by autiscy.. Say It Loud, Say It Proud.. Use a billboard, a scoreboard, a sky-writing airplane, or an ad before a movie showing, but ONLY IF YOU KNOW SHE S GOING TO SAY YES!!!.. go to all the trouble, expense, and possibility for public humiliation if you have any doubt in your mind that she s going to balk.. There you have it, Guys.. Don t say I never gave you anything.. bridesmaid.. bridesmaid dress.. claudius gothicus.. creative wedding.. flower girl.. hallmark holiday.. romantic tradition.. st valentine.. valentine.. valentine candy.. Valentine's Day.. wedding proposal.. young lovers..

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  • Title: Featured | Wedding Ideas
    Descriptive info: / Archive by category Featured.. May 16, 2013.. Not the least important of which is the length of your song.. Of course, it is your day, but you don’t really want to keep your guests from the buffet line for 7-9 minutes while you dance your first dance.. A good length is anywhere from 2.. 5 to 4 minutes long.. We’ve picked some songs here that fall into those time constraints, but have a nice sentiment and (in some cases) an opportunity to show off some good dance moves.. Here we have your top 10 first dance songs for your wedding.. Enjoy.. 10.. You Say It Best (When You Say Nothing At All) – Alison Krauss (3:55).. Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz wrote this song in the mid-eighties, and it first appeared as the A-side to Keith Whitley’s single release from his album.. Don’t Close Your Eyes.. (Lucky Dog was the B-side).. The song really got exposure in 1994 when.. Alison Krauss and Union Station.. recorded at Keith Whitley tribute album.. It’s been played at weddings all over the world, and remains one of the most popular first dance songs.. 9.. Can’t Help Falling In Love With You – Elvis Presley (2:57).. Written by seminal songwriters of their time for a little film called Blue Hawaii, Can’t Help Falling In Love With You is one of the most romantic releases by the King of Rock and Roll.. If you’re looking to spice it up a little, try the UB40 version, released in 1993.. 8.. We’ve Only Just Begun – The Carpenters (3:06).. Despite it’s unlikely beginnings (it was originally in a bank commercial), this classic Carpenter’s tune is a mainstay of adult contemporary music, and is still in high demand at weddings all over the world.. While not The Carpenter’s Grammy-winning tune (which was the sticky-sweet “Close To You”), “We’ve Only Just Begun” certainly helped The Carpenter’s win Best New Artist in 1971, and the song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998.. While.. Karen Carpenter.. died suddenly and tragically in 1982, her clear and beautiful voice stays current even today.. 7.. Shameless – Garth Brooks (3:32).. Billy Joel originally wrote the song and it appeared on his album.. Storm Front.. While it didn’t exactly set the music world on fire, it certainly caught the attention of an up-and-coming Garth Brooks, who covered it on his album.. Ropin’ The Wind.. in 1991.. The song reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles Tracks and remains one of Brooks’ most romantic and most-requested songs.. Plus, it’s easy to dance to.. 6.. In My Life – The Beatles (2:18).. Few songs have a sentiment that is 100% right on.. This brief Beatles tune, which appeared on the 1963 album.. Rubber Soul.. John wrote the lyrics, Paul wrote the melody, and what was born was a sweet little ditty that is perfect if you a) want a REALLY short first dance song that gets your point across or b) really hate dancing and just sort of want to sway but still look cool because you picked a Beatles song.. It’s a win-win, really.. 5.. The Way You Look Tonight –.. Frank Sinatra.. (3:22).. There are oh-so-many versions of this song, but this is the version we like the most.. The lyrics are just lovely (“with each word your tenderness grows/tearing my fear apart/and that laugh that wrinkles your nose/touches my foolish heart”), plus it’s got a nice little rhythm to it if you want to do something OTHER than just stand there and sway.. Plus, it’s an all-about-the-bride song, which is never a bad thing.. 4.. Forever Ever, Amen – Randy Travis (3:34).. For the country fans out there, this is lyrically perfect for a wedding, plus it’s got a little bit of a beat that you can dance to.. Released in 1987, the song won a Grammy, and is one of Randy Travis’s best known tunes.. Check out the sweet performance from a groom to his bride.. here.. , or take a listen to the original song (link to Randy Travis video) and tell us it’s not a near-perfect first dance song.. 3.. It Had To Be You – Harry Connick Jr.. (2:51).. Written by early bandleader Isham Jones and released in 1924, this song has been performed by a slew of artists in many different films.. Remember Casablanca? Annie Hall? We guess an ionic movie deserves an iconic song.. And so does your wedding.. The lyrical sentiments are sentimental and appropriate, if not a little melancholy (It had to be you/wonderful you/I wondered around/And finally found/Somebody who/Could make me be true/Could make me feel blue/And even be glad/Just to be sad/Thinking of you”), and it’s a classic standard that is well-loved and remembered.. What could be better?.. 2.. Lucky – Jason Mraz with Colbie Callait (3:23).. Maybe you’d like something a little more current.. This cute little ditty just screams WEDDING SONG with it’s lilting melody and it’s romantic lyrics (“Lucky I’m in love with my best friend”).. Destined to be a well-loved and often-used song for first dances, it makes the list because of its potential, but it’s a good choice also because it hasn’t had a chance to be overdone.. Plus, even if your older relatives don’t recognize it, they can’t deny how catchy and sweet it is.. 1.. At Last – Etta James (3:02).. Call us cliché, but we’ve seen some of the most romantic and beautiful first dances danced to this song.. So many, in fact, that we’re showing a clip from a movie rather than a clip of a bride and groom dancing to it.. There are too many to pick from.. Although the Beyonce version is nice (and Presidential), the Etta James version is a classic – you literally can’t go wrong with it as your first dance.. 10 Baby Boomer Songs That are Still Alive and Kicking.. Music Countdown Songs with Numbers.. (bizarrebytes.. Top 5 Hen Party Ideas.. Best Musical Comedy Duo Websites YouTube Channels Included!.. Take My Sweater: Favorite Songs.. (weddingbee.. alison krauss.. At Last.. bride and groom.. can't help falling in love with you.. Elvis Presley.. Etta James.. first dance.. Forever Ever Amen.. Frank sinatra.. Garth Brooks.. In my life.. It had to be you.. Jason Mraz.. Lucky.. music.. Randy Travies.. shameless.. The Beatles.. The way you look tonight.. wedding dance.. wedding first dance.. wedding music.. You say it best.. March 26, 2013.. Choosing the Right Dress for your Beach Wedding.. Your wedding dress is the focal point and you will want to choose the best dress for your beach wedding.. What You Need to Know Before You Shop.. Whether you are shopping for a beach wedding dress or not, you will want to choose a dress that matches your style, and the theme of your wedding.. Beach weddings are typically less formal than having a wedding in a church.. Consider the weather when shopping for your dress.. Beaches can get very hot, as well as breezy.. Select a light fabric, such as satin, silk or chiffon.. A light fabric that flows nicely can look great in pictures.. You can have a model-style photo shoot as your hair and dress flow with the breeze.. If your wedding is in the evening, have a shawl or a jacket made to match the dress, so you can wear it if you get cold.. While you can choose a long dress, avoid a dress with a train since you don t want the dress to drag across the sand.. Tips For Shopping.. Bring a friend and a camera while shopping for the dress.. Have a friend take pictures of you while you try on dresses.. Later you can look at the photos and see how you look in the dresses you tried on.. Remember that with a beach wedding dress you are not limited to shopping at wedding stores alone, you can also shop at any store that sells cocktail dresses.. You can save a significant amount of money buying an off the rack cocktail dress.. The dress may not need any alterations, and you won’t need to wait months until its ready.. Styles for a Beach Wedding Dress.. There are several different styles of wedding dresses, however some work better for beach weddings.. A-Line Beach Wedding Dress.. An A-line style dress looks like a capital A.. The advantage of the A line is that it can accommodate most body shapes.. The dress fits snugly around the bodice, and flows from the chest down.. It s a simple and classy look that can match the simple but elegant theme of a beach wedding.. The A-line can also accommodate light fabrics, which is perfect for being outdoors.. The dress can be modified to highlight your best features and draw attention away from areas you don t want to highlight.. Try A-line style dresses for your beach wedding.. Column Wedding Dress.. Column Beach Wedding Dress.. The column dress can also be a great choice due to its simple style.. The traditional look of this dress barely reaches the floor, or you can opt for a knee length style that is more casual.. Find a silk or satin material and avoid heavier fabrics when wearing this dress on the beach.. While the A-line dress is suitable for most body types, the column dress is less forgiving of problem areas.. Choose the column dress if you have a slim figure.. Your wedding on the beach can be casual, elegant and romantic all at the same time.. You will look back at the pictures and see a glowing bride with your dress flowing in the ocean breeze.. That is what choosing the right dress for your beach wedding is all about.. beach wedding.. beach wedding dress.. beach wedding dresses.. beach weddings.. cocktail dress.. cocktail dresses.. light fabric.. ocean waves.. sandy beaches.. satin silk.. wedding dresses.. wedding stores.. December 13, 2012.. photo by Evandro Miquelito.. You might not want to go this extreme with a winter wedding, but you also might not want to wait until spring or summer to tie the knot.. There are a lot of cool things (pun TOTALLY intended) that you can do for a winter wedding that you can t for a wedding in warmer months, so go for it!.. Two Words: Snow Globes.. photo by graftedno1.. You can have snow globes as a part of your centerpiece decorations, you can have snow globes as wedding favors, or you can have really nice, high-end snow globes as your attendant gifts.. Everybody loves a nice snow globe!.. Excuse to Go Formal.. photo by madmolecule.. Since you know the reception will be indoors, why not make your wedding a black tie affair? You don t have to spend a fortune on the food and drink, but it gives everyone a great excuse to don their finery and look their absolute best.. Plus, how gorgeous will your photos be?.. Food and Drink.. photo by photo kitten.. A summer reception means that extra sweet, extra warm, and extra decadent is a little over-the-top.. Use this winter wedding as an excuse to break out the bisque, serve the cheesecake, and serve up some belly-warming holiday spirits.. Two great ones to try? How about eggnog? A classic holiday drink, it s got a creamy, nutmeggy taste and if you put spiced rum or bourbon in it you ll have your guests feeling all warm and cozy.. Another great? How about a Peppermint Martini with a candy cane rim? Garnish with a mini-candy cane and you ll have tasty AND pretty cocktails.. Have a wintertime wedding to rival any fairy tale.. And make sure you send us some pictures!.. black tie affair.. classic holiday.. peppermint.. peppermint martini.. seasonal wedding.. seasonal weddings.. wedding favors.. winter wedding.. winter wedding ideas.. winter weddings.. December 11, 2012.. Every bride is touched by wedding or bridal shower gifts.. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to see just how many family members, friends and loved ones care enough to give you something special.. And then a bride realizes that she must send thank you notes to each person.. For some brides this can be 75 to up to 400 thank you notes! This is a lot of thank you notes to write for any single person to do.. But thank you notes should be written and they are an important bridal task to  ...   married decided to get married again…and again, the thought of love and commitment to their new spouse becomes less and less important.. Love and commitment for their new partner are not top priorities anymore.. But wait, weddings still are great! The show of your huge diamond ring and your insanely expensive dress and the most beautiful reception that your guests ever saw will definitely leave them in awe.. Your already married friends will surely eat their hearts out when they see how much better your wedding is to theirs.. This sadly is the thought that millions of soon to be married people, especially women think when they are planning their weddings.. With the constant images of how incredible your wedding could possibly be, who has time to think about true love, commitment and the rest their lives with their soul mate? Clearly not many.. Can You See These Dos And Also Don ts Regarding Divorce After Cheating On Your Wife?.. Lasting Marriage.. (evergreenwedding.. couples.. destination wedding.. divorce.. extravagant wedding.. fabulous wedding.. girlfriends.. honeymoon.. honeymoon phase.. love.. marriage.. motto.. partnership.. reception hall.. wedding bells.. women around the world.. October 15, 2012.. Green is chic these days, but it’s not an easy road to travel, especially when we’re too excited by the sound of wedding bells.. Contrary to popular thought, throwing an eco-friendly wedding shower doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.. The following are small changes you can make to standard wedding shower décor, food, and more to make the special day special for the earth, too.. Invitations.. Buy invitations made with recycled paper and printed with vegetable-based inks.. Think.. Green Printing.. Send postcards so you don’t have to waste paper (or money) on envelopes.. Alternatively, send e-vites.. With an elegant design, there’s nothing cheesy about them.. For recipients without an email address, give them a good old fashioned phone call.. Politely announce that you are throwing an eco-friendly shower.. (This can be tricky.. Try not to make too many specific requests, except for the one below.. ).. Politely ask guests not to wrap their presents with conventional wrapping paper and to instead use napkins, bandanas, clothing, bath or dish towels, and other reusable items.. Location.. Opt for a room with lots of windows so you can cut down on the electricity bill.. Sunlight is more flattering than fluorescent lighting, anyway.. Alternatively, have the party on a grassy lawn.. If it rains on the day (grumble, grumble), just use CFLs, compact fluorescent lights, which come in a variety of shades and styles to suit your needs while eating up less energy than incandescent bulbs.. Food, Drink, and Utensils.. Two words: farmers’ market.. Talk to local growers and discuss what sort of shindig you’re planning.. They’ll be happy to help you with their tried-and-true recipes, organic and fresh flowers, and maybe local wine.. If you’re already buddy-buddy with the vendors, they might offer you a discount (but try to resist pushing for one; farmers have it rough these days).. For dishes and utensils, avoid plastic and paper, even if it’s recycled.. The best way to go is by using your own dishes.. Consignment shops and thrift stores will also have nice dishware and silverware for cheaper prices than many other stores.. (Best of all, you won’t be consuming so much as re-using, making your carbon-footprint smaller.. ) Bring the shower into the kitchen when it’s time to clean up instead of throwing plates away.. Use real napkins instead of paper ones.. Keep them for yourself or wash and present them to the bride.. Décor.. Potted plants like succulents and flowers in terra cotta pots make great centerpieces.. Try to get your plants from the farmers’ market.. Columbia is today the dominant producer of American cut flowers.. That’s a lot of CO2 for a few roses.. Soy wax candles burn cleaner and longer than conventional candles.. Make sure the wick is lead-free.. Instead of streamers and balloons, strategically place potted bamboo shoots or even dried stalks in tall vases for an eco-chic feel.. Sprinkle the tables with flower petals, seeds, or pretty leaves instead of confetti.. Favors and Gifts Ideas.. Organic, fairly traded chocolate.. Homemade and naturally scented soaps (if you’re just not the DIY type, look for a local soap maker on.. Etsy.. ).. Organic and cruelty-free beauty products.. Reusable tote bags.. Bamboo kitchen items like cutting boards, spatulas, bowls, and dish towels.. Indoor composters (try the.. Bokashi bin.. Cotton or hemp shower curtains.. Bio: Alexis Bonari is currently a resident blogger at College Scholarships, where recently she s been researching.. federal student loan consolidation.. as well as.. teaching MA scholarships.. Whenever this WAHM gets some free time she enjoys doing yoga, cooking with the freshest organic in-season fare, and practicing the art of coupon clipping.. Wedding Cakes that Take the Cake.. Ball and Chain Party Theme.. Who Pays for the Royal Wedding.. *Feature Friday!* Floral Favours!.. (mysweetwedding.. compact fluorescent lights.. dish towels.. electricity bill.. farmers market.. fluorescent lighting.. fresh flowers.. green wedding.. green wedding showers.. incandescent bulbs.. napkins.. recycled paper.. tried and true recipes.. wedding shower.. wrapping paper.. Tip on Choosing a Wedding Reception Hall.. September 21, 2012.. Planning a wedding and all that goes into it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety.. If you want a traditional wedding you can still keep it simple and less stressful.. The key to planning any type of wedding is to be organized.. The more people involved in the decisions the more chaotic it will be.. The wedding reception is usually one of the most memorable parts of the wedding.. This is why it’s important that the location and atmosphere of your reception reflect your personality and style.. In deciding on picking a reception place you need to consider how large a reception it’s going to be and your budget restrictions.. Wedding receptions can be held almost anywhere, including hotels, country clubs, and historic buildings with banquet halls.. There are also the options of private gardens, restaurants or some type of outdoor space.. Words of caution, if you are planning something outdoors make sure you check out the weather for that time of year.. You should also have a plan in case it does rain.. You can be creative with where you have your reception.. Getting the place for your wedding reception is one of the first things you should do after you have set the date.. Many places are booked up to a year in advance.. You should always shop around.. The time of year and the place you choose could affect the price dramatically.. You can look for reception halls in your phonebook or search on the Internet for wedding reception halls.. This way you can find out information such as, how large a place is and how many people it will hold.. You can look at menu listings and pricing information.. This way you can make a list of ones that you are considering and cross off others that are either too small are not in your budget.. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, you can call and set up a time to visit the different places.. Make sure that you bring along a notebook to write down all the information so you can refer to your notes later.. While you are look at the reception halls you can ask about the availability of the place during your wedding date.. When you think you have found the right place make sure you consider whether it is within your price range.. You should be certain that the price you are quoted includes the dinner for the number people you estimate.. Make sure you consider whether the wedding reception hall will adequately fit the number of guests you will be having.. Other information to find out is whether the reception hall requires you to work with their kitchen or with only certain caterers.. Make sure you ask if the wedding reception hall charges for the room as well as the food.. There can be many hidden costs so make sure you ask lots of questions such as is there a cake cutting charge.. You also want to ask about any restrictions on how you can decorate the wedding reception hall.. When you have narrowed it down and have found the perfect one; you should book it immediately.. Wedding reception halls are often booked more than a year in advance and you will want to make sure it will be available on your wedding day.. You will now be able to have the wedding of your dreams plus you’ll have a wonderful reception.. klaxon.. Wedding Planning: Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst Part 2.. An UN-hidden agenda: the DIY Wedding schedule.. Hannah And Murray s Amazing Civil Union.. (tienunscripted.. Videos from Our Wedding Receptions.. (sayanora.. atmosphere.. banquet halls.. budget restrictions.. choosing a wedding reception hall.. country clubs.. historic buildings.. outdoor space.. planning a wedding.. private gardens.. wedding halls.. wedding reception.. wedding reception halls.. wedding receptions.. Honeymoon Trends for Newlyweds.. July 26, 2012.. While traditional weddings and vows are still the most popular there has been an increasing trend for something different.. It may be a value for money, adventure or exotic wedding and the travel industry has certainly benefited from the change.. According to recent surveys the average cost of honeymoon is $1,402 per person.. This compares to the average of $421 per person for a “normal vacation”.. Those aged 18 to 24 spend the most at about nearly $2,000 per person.. Over one third spend in excess of $2,500.. The U.. S census records state that 2.. 5 million people get married annually and it is easy to see why newly-weds are a force in the market.. The following gives some examples of honeymoons taking place today.. The All-Inclusive Honeymoon.. Although Jamaica was responsible for starting the trend of all inclusive packages this has spread and practically every Caribbean destination offers these facilities.. All-inclusive make it less stressful.. Everything is taken care of from the flights, hotel, food, drinks, tips and other items.. For those that wish to get married at the resort the price of the minister or officiant’s fee, the cake and the marriage license will be included.. In many instances all the guests will also be included.. European Destinations.. The United Kingdom is the most popular European destination followed by France and Germany according to the North American Association of Tour Agents.. Additional more honeymooners are traveling to less traditional places such as Malta, Turkey or Portugal.. With the opening up of the eastern Europe places such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland are also seeing an increase in honeymoon couples.. Mexico and Canada.. The devaluation of the currencies in Canada and Mexico has increased the popularity of these countries as honeymoon destinations.. Mexico offers sun, sand and surf with everything the Caribbean islands has to offer, but Canada is surprisingly more popular.. Couples looking for a white honeymoon find it in ski areas such as Banff, Whistler, and Jasper, and those seeking big city culture seek out cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.. It is considered that a persons’ money can go up to 40% further in Canada.. The other interest in Canada is the fact that they can experience France without going having to take the time and spend the money necessary to actually go there.. Staying Close to Home.. Despite the growing attraction of traveling abroad for a honeymoon the largest percentage still remain with the U.. S.. It does of course make a great deal of sense since the size of the country ensures that most types of honeymoon can be catered for.. The most popular city destinations are Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.. The quick trip is also increasing in popularity.. Lifestyles today are very different and peoples’ needs have changed.. More and more time is spent working and in many instances couples already have children, either because of a previous marriage or started a family prior to deciding to get married.. Taking a long vacation is not practical when there is a family to look after.. 5 Cool Bridal Wedding Registries Couples Will Love.. How to Video Stay Healthy on Vacation in the Caribbean.. (ihowtovideos.. Grand Cayman Vacation Rentals.. (grandcaymanvillas.. Take a Boat Tour or Private Charter of Grand Cayman.. (grandcaymanlifestyle.. Want to Get Married in Barbados?.. (relaxbarbados.. Next Page..

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  • Title: Wedding Attire | Wedding Ideas
    Descriptive info: / Archive by category Wedding Attire.. May 7, 2013.. Wouldn t it be nice if you were the person that will create your own marriage dress on your big day? Naturally it would be.. The reason is because you get the opportunity to make a statement with all the unique touches you add to your wedding dress, such as matching your wedding ring set.. Today, thanks to the advent of technology and easy accessibility to data, more and more brides-to-be are getting into planning their own marriage dresses.. Unlike before when information is limited re design and its technicalities, modern brides can have their dream marriage dress created by themselves.. Now, they can see their dream marriage dress created before their very own eyes the way they need it to be.. Considerations in coming up with your own marriage dress.. If you are the kind of bride who would want to look absolutely unique, then you must find out how to design your own wedding dress.. This job might appear frightening at first, but if you wish to do it your own way, you can overcome that I couldn t do it mindset and start working.. Read more.. designer wedding dress.. May 4, 2013.. 13 Comments.. This could be done in the backyard, the beach or the countryside and since such places aren t that formal, it is only right to wear a casual wedding dress.. But before you start out and buy one, you must consider just how casual are you wanting your wedding dress to be.. Glaringly , this has to do with where the marriage will take place and the theme.. Just to offer you an idea, if the marriage will take place during the summer, the ultimate causal wedding dress is a sundress.. You have your choice of a halter, thin strap or strapless top.. It s far better to get a skirt that is short rather than long so it does not get dirty from sand or soil when you re walking down the makeshift aisle.. To finish the look, you can even put a hat on rather than covering yourself up with a veil.. As for the material, you must not get an informal marriage dress that is made from brocade, heavy silks or velvet because it is too heavy.. You must also only add a few embellishments to the causal wedding dress because it also adds some weight.. The casual wedding dress should be made of flowing fabrics because it drapes well and is less vulnerable to wrinkling.. Examples of these include batiste, chiffon, charmeuse, crepe, damask, duchesse satin and illusion nets.. However, if this is occuring in the autumn or fall, this is the time you can consider using heavier material.. You will potentially need a wool jacket over the skirt to also help you stay warm.. casual wedding dresses.. April 28, 2013.. HAPPY FEET: THE BEAUTY OF FLIP-FLOPS.. There was a time when.. flip-flops.. would be viewed with derision, because they were considered as casual, items of footwear that could just be worn to suitably informal locations such as the beach or garden parties, at best.. Many of you may still recall the commotion that was kicked up when a few members of the North-western Women’s Lacrosse team appeared at an official White House reception in thong sandals when critics derisively called them ‘flip-flops’.. Now, that was only as 2005, but the humble flip-flop has come a long way since then.. This writing and associated ones that follow will show how flip-flops are not just acceptable, but favored attire for all kinds of formal occasions, including weddings.. bride.. bridemaid.. flip flop.. flip flops.. purchase.. April 22, 2013.. 3 Comments.. You re going shopping for wedding dresses and find a few dresses that you would like to try on.. The excitements builds as you think you may have found the dress, only to be disappointed moments later when you re staring in the mirror in what is definitely not the dress.. While there are many beautiful dresses at your local boutique, only certain types of dresses will be best for your body type.. Ball Gown Dress.. Ball Gown Wedding Dress.. If you are having a big wedding, you might be thinking about wearing a beautiful ball gown wedding dress.. The ball gown dress is dramatic, and will have you looking like Cinderella herself.. Ball gowns are ideal if you have a pear shaped body.. The dress will create a beautiful hourglass figure and will look great in your wedding photos.. If you are going for a simpler look you should probably avoid this type of dress.. You may also want to choose another style if you are short, so that you don t get swallowed up by the big and fluffy the nature of the ball gown dress.. A-line Wedding Dress.. A-Line Wedding Dress.. If you are shorter than average and like the style and look of the ball gown dress, consider the A-line style.. In fact, if you are short consider the princess style variation of the A-line dress.. The princess cut features elongating lines, which creates the illusion of a longer body and makes you look taller than you actually are.. A full long A-line dress can also hide a larger lower half and make you look slimmer.. The A-line dress fits tightly around the bodice and flows out, resembling the look of a capital A letter.. The dress can be designed as a short above-the-knee dress, or longer flowing dress.. You can also wear contrasting fabrics with a separate bodice and dress.. Because of the  ...   can be a good source of new designer dresses.. There are bridal ebay stores, and you can also find brides selling their wedding gowns on eBay.. Try craigslist as well for local brides selling their wedding dresses.. You can also look for a wedding store that rents out dresses and get the dress of your dreams that way.. Lastly, you can ask a seamstress to create an exact duplicate of the designer wedding dress that you want and do so at a much lower cost.. Designer Wedding Dress - Mermaid Style.. Buying a designer dress is ultimately up to you.. No one else can make the decision if it’s worth it or not.. Purchases for your wedding are never logical.. When else will you spend $25,000 on one night? If the dress makes you feel absolutely beautiful you may decide to go for it.. Shop around, try to get a discount, visit online stores and do your best to stay around your budget.. If your budget really doesn’t allow you to get the dress you do want, find a cheaper alternative that looks just as great.. While you won’t have bragging rights of saying you’re wearing Vera, your guests won’t know the difference.. Most important is that you feel beautiful in the dress.. Designer Wedding Gown.. Designer Wedding Dress Mermaid Style.. Long White Designer Wedding Dress.. average cost of a wedding.. breaking the bank.. designer dress.. designer dresses.. designer wedding gown.. discount wedding.. seamstress.. wedding budget.. wedding budgets.. wedding experts.. wedding gowns.. wedding store.. My Fantasy Wedding.. March 2, 2013.. Make all your wedding dreams come true!Product InformationYou ve always dreamed of your wedding day now you can make all of yourfantasies come true.. Plan every aspect of your big day-from choosing thatspecial someone to your dress cake flowers music and more.. Then watch yourwedding unfold.. Start making your dreams a reality your groom awaits you!Product FeaturesThat Someone SpecialStart by selecting your fantasy groom.. Then choose his tuxedo his groomsmenand of course pick your bridesmaids and their dresses.. It s Your Big DaySelect from 4 magical locations including a fairytale castle summer meadowtropical beach or traditional wedding chapel.. The Dress of Your DreamsShop at the Wedding Mall to choose everything for your big day.. Choose.. Sale Price:.. $1.. 70.. Read More.. Fantasy.. Tuxedo Dog Collar Dress Your Pooch in Style Perfect for Weddings.. January 10, 2013.. This adorable dog collar is perfect for dressing up your canine for the wedding day.. A black satin band ties around the dog s neck.. The collar is adjustable and fits necks 7-16 inches.. The front shows off a black satin bow with black and white button.. $3.. 99.. Collar.. dress.. Perfect.. Pooch.. Style.. Tuxedo.. weddings.. Your.. November 17, 2012.. 8 Comments.. How often is it that the bride s dress sets the tone of the wedding? Is it not the one thing you ll remember from the event more than anything else? More often than not, the rest of the wedding decorations revolve around the style and theme of the dress.. In a way, the bride s wedding dress represents her ideals.. Some women have dreamed about their wedding dress since they were toddlers.. Other women apparently don t care at all, which would explain most of the atrocities you are about to witness.. Just how do you.. choose a bridesmaid dress.. Some you most likely have seen before, but others I dug a little bit to find.. It was challenging to only pick 25 dresses though because of the plethora of horrible designs out there, but I pulled through after wiping the blood from my eyes.. I actually had to stop myself at some point because I realized there was a never ending supply of bad dresses.. And no, I didn t put in the.. pregnant African American girl.. because she s wearing a prom dress.. Thanks to.. www.. uglydress.. for many of the dresses.. I m not sure what this looks like more: a electronic device for um massage or Well, it looks like that and nothing else.. Sorry.. Is Napoleon in the building?.. It s worth mentioning that this one is made out of thousands of condoms stitched together.. So they are ready for the wedding night and how!.. In case you couldn t tell, this one is made out of newspaper.. A slutty wedding for all! I bet the bra can be removed for the topless wedding you always dreamed of.. At least the bridal shower streamers were put to good use after the party.. I would run if I saw this coming down the isle toward me.. I would run.. screaming.. if I saw this coming down the isle toward me.. This will hopefully stay in the window forever, as a warning to all brides-to-be.. Yellow is not a good color on a wedding dress.. Let s hope this is for an indoor wedding or else the bride will also be wearing a.. beard made of bee.. s.. This dress is more for the stripper the night before.. Good luck, buddy, she seems the stay-at-home type.. Words do not do this picture justice.. Just try to look away.. Now imagine if she she jumped.. Nurse, oh nurse.. Can you please pull the plug on this wedding dress.. Two outfits in one: a wedding dress and a straight jacket.. Lovely.. As ugly as the wedding dress is, the head ornament is a nice distraction.. Don t poke an eye out with that.. Here are some from.. And now the one you ve all been waiting for.. bad.. dresses.. ugly.. ugly wedding dresses.. worst wedding dresses..

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    Descriptive info: / Archive by category.. / Bridesmaid Dresses.. The Truth About Bridesmaids Dresses.. November 14, 2012.. “You will be able to wear it again”.. One of the biggest lies ever told about bridesmaids’ dresses.. This tall tale has been passed on for ages and the time has come to put an end to it.. It can be said that just about any woman, aged 30 and under, has had in her possession at least two bridesmaid s dresses hanging in a dark corner, way in back of her closet.. And what about the matching shoes? Let’s not even go there! In the past, especially up until the mid 80’s, bridesmaids dresses were easily recognized, due to their pastel colors, huge bows on the butt, shiny fabrics and profusion of lace oozing from every sleeve, collar and hem.. We challenge these women to get up the nerve to wear these one-time wonders to any other function without feeling the least bit self-conscious.. Yes, bridemaid’s dresses have evolved over the years; and most now can be described as being in some kind of in-between “style limbo“…not quite looking like a bridemaid’s dress, but still not something to be worn to any other important function.. This is especially true if the bride’s circle of friends is small, and attend many of the same social events.. Who wants to risk being seen in the same get-up?.. The cold hard fact is this: No matter what she may tell you, bridesmaids dresses are more often than not, chosen by the bride and selected with only one day in mind: Her wedding day.. This is hardwired into her bridal subconscious.. She is unable to help herself, and so should be forgiven.. Sure, she may feel guilty about the cost, but usually not at the expense of giving up her dream wedding ideas.. Any potential bridesmaid should be aware of this, and if the request is reasonable enough, be prepared to “suck it up”.. However, this doesn’t leave the bride “off the hook” completely.. She should be sensitive enough to consider each attendant’s best features, and choose colors, styles and fabrics that complement them as a whole.. It may also be a wise move for the bride to organize a meeting and have a civilized group discussion prior to selection.. Fabric swatches and a variety of styles should be made available for study; and if there are any out-of-town attendants, samples and photos should also be dispatched to them as quickly as possible.. In this way, a consensus can be made.. Let’s face it: In all honesty, the odds of wearing these dresses again are most likely slim to none.. However, the fun and hilarity that goes along with the dress selection process can create memories that will last a lifetime; and that for entertainment value alone, history will eventually show that it was a couple hundred of dollars well spent.. Don’t believe me? Go back and take a look at your mother’s wedding album.. bows.. bridesmaids dresses.. circle of friends.. huge bows on the butt.. pastel colors.. wedding ideas.. May 6, 2012.. 5 Comments.. For some, it was an honor just to be asked.. For others, it was a taffeta nightmare.. Some brides choose bridesmaid dresses that they are absolutely sure their bridesmaids will look terrible  ...   from the Eighties, but to me this picture is like one of those Can you find all the things that are wrong in this picture things.. Yes.. Yes I can.. The only thing that would make this OK is if they just came from their dance recital.. And what you can t see is the knife in the bridesmaid s OTHER hand.. And all of the sudden there were a lot of very cold Solid Gold dancers.. And because of this dress, this is the only bridesmaid that showed up.. No, seriously though.. There was only enough fabric for one dress IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.. Wha?.. Forsooth and verily.. I think I m gonna puke.. there s this.. and this.. Now tulle is extinct and satin is on the endangered list.. like you do.. Notice that the bride is wearing camouflage.. That means those dresses are safety or blaze orange.. Presumably so nobody shoots the bridesmaids during the ceremony.. At the reception, however, all bets are off.. Come on.. Really?.. The brunette looks embarrassed, and we can t even see her face.. Yet, strangely, none of these people look embarrassed.. And neither do any of these people.. Can you imagine the phone call on this one? Amy, will you be a bridesmaid in my wedding? Um, I don t really have enough money for a dress.. Oh, that s OK.. You ll just need to wear black pumps, a g-string, and some pasties.. Wow.. It s so nice of you to let us wear what we just wear to work.. Oh, it s no problem.. The hat I m wearing is so amazing that nobody will even notice your nakedness, so I m sorry about that, but at least Joey s going to wear his stripey socks and that Elvis clown mask he wore when he got arrested for snorting sand that time.. Oh yeah.. Joey s such a trip.. See you at the wedding!.. What? I make my own fun.. I swiped a lot of these pictures from.. Tacky Weddings.. Stay classy.. Bridal.. Business and Economy.. Clothing.. egg.. formal wear.. free love.. hallucinogenic drugs.. low self esteem.. mrs claus.. polyester.. Shopping.. Wedding ceremony participants.. Women's.. How to Choose a Bridesmaid Dress Video.. April 3, 2012.. In this how to choose a bridesmaid dress video, an expert from Brides.. com gives us some tips on picking bridesmaid dresses that our bridesmaids can actually wear again.. A little-known secret about being a bride is that we have some sort of hypnosis or disorder when we re planning our weddings that make it so we can convince ourselves that any dress we pick for our bridesmaids will be something they ll be thrilled to wear again.. Later, after the wedding fog clears, we realize that it ain t gonna happen.. Truly, after this video, I m still not convinced, though she gives some good suggestions, like making sure the fabric and color are current or classic, pick something with a little detail (because, as she said, nothing says bridesmaid like a completely plain dress.. She makes some cool suggestions, like choosing a dress with a pattern, and suggests different accessories to help the dress make the transition.. Now, if they only offered different ways to wear that wedding dress!.. little known secret..

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    Descriptive info: / Tuxedos.. Buying or Renting a Tuxedo.. August 16, 2012.. So you have been invited to a formal event and the invitation reads black tie required.. What this means is that you have to wear a tuxedo, vest or cummerbund, black bow tie, and tuxedo dress shirt.. If you don t already own a tuxedo and are thinking about if spending the money on a tuxedo will be a good investment, than this brief article will help you decide whether to buy or rent.. Below are a few deciding factors to consider:.. Frequency of Use.. If black tie events will be a more frequent occurrence for you in the future, that buying a tuxedo is most likely the better option.. Renting a complete tuxedo consisting of tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, tuxedo shoes, cummerbund or vest, and the tuxedo itself, will usually cost between $80 and $120.. Buying a quality set made from fine wool will range between $400 and $600.. Keep in mind that classic tuxedo s will never go out of style.. It is very traditional attire that has been around for more than two centuries.. So if you plan on attending a black tie event more than 5 times in the  ...   in a small New York studio, then adding an entire new outfit to your wardrobe might be unpractical.. The tuxedo should be hung in a somewhat ventilated area to protect the fabric and lining.. Stuffing it into a duffel bag is not an option.. Weight Body Changes.. Think about if you will keep the same body type.. If you are currently over weight and have set the goal to yourself to lose 20 pounds, then wait to buy your tuxedo until you have accomplished your goal.. Having spent a good amount of money on your new outfit might be a nice additional motivation to keep the pounds off once lost.. So, take the few pointers above into consideration before you head to the mall ready to spend the hard earned cash.. Weather you choose to rent or buy your tuxedo, do some research on the place you are purchasing from.. A quick search on the internet on customer reviews will usually be a good starting point.. Mr Pohl is a regular author for articles related to men s fashion.. He himself has a passion for wearing.. designer neckties.. and bow ties.. buying or renting a tuxedo.. groom wear.. texedo.. tux.. wedding suits.. wedding tuxedo..

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  • Title: Wedding Dresses | Wedding Ideas
    Descriptive info: / Wedding Dresses.. Why Choose A Beach Wedding Dress.. September 12, 2012.. Today, modern brides are truly blessed because they have an option not to wear heavy and formal gowns by choosing a beach themed marriage.. In this kind of wedding, brides do not have to fret about choosing a formal robe because they will be able to only wear a beach marriage dress.. Why select a beach marriage dress.. Indeed, in all of the modern concepts of wedding, beach theme is one of the most well liked.. Due to this popularity, a beach wedding dress has become a common option for this themed wedding as they are straightforward to pick and to hold.. For most brides, a beach marriage dress is the most appropriate marriage dress because it needs smaller time in finding what to wear for the occasion.. Since they can save time, brides who prefer wearing a beach marriage dress can have more time to plan and carry out details of the complete rite.. Aside from being hassle free, a beach wedding dress is also ideal because it can provide you utmost comfort in this stressful time.. It is also less costly compared to the traditional wedding gowns out there because a beach wedding dress usually come in simple cuts and designs meant for the location.. Also, before buying a beach wedding dress, ensure that this is intended to cling to the contours of your body.. A beach marriage dress should be pared down and slim fit to ensure that you wont be distracted once the wind caught the hem or any bit of your dress.. Perfect options for a beach marriage dress include straight-line marriage dresses, mermaid cut marriage dresses and those that are princess line cut to ensure that you can move about easily.. Aside from portability because of lightweight material, also make sure that the beach wedding dress is simple to move by avoiding too much detail or accessories on it.. Choosing a beach marriage dress.. Although it would appear simple, easy, there are major concerns when you select a beach wedding dress.. The 1st major consideration in choosing a wedding dress should be the climate of the destination.. Determining the climate is very important because this can affect your overall comfort in the wedding.. Make sure that you have checked with the local weather station branch the common climate for the area before setting your final wedding date.. If the area is wet or subject to storm, it is best to look for a beach that in a tropical country that the weather would not ruin your special date.. Next consideration would be the average temperature.. If the beach where the function will occur is in a tropical country like in Boracay, Philippines, go for a beach wedding gown that is formed cotton or something that will let the air pass thru.. Except for the material used, also choose designs that will let you breathe from the tough heat of the area.. Ideal cuts are sleeveless, tube, strapless, or off-the-shoulder ones because these can offer you with final comfort in spite of actual exposure to the beach.. The sort of fabric is also a big consideration.. If you are choosing a beach marriage dress for your big and special day, make sure that you select those that are styles and cuts made from fabrics that are lightweight such as organza or chiffon.. This can guarantee that you re going to be comfortable regardless of the tough winds and heat of the beach.. Looking for more ideas to help you choose the perfect wedding gown?  ...   your family, not to say how they will love being part of such an important decision.. But no matter how ardent everybody gets over a certain dress, don t buy in the heat of the moment.. Give yourself time to rethink and buy with a cool head later, alone.. The vast majority of dresses are non-returnable, so when you have purchased it, you ve bought it.. Don t buy too early unless you may.. Bridal gowns can take four to 10 coming months to come from the manufacturer, but there isn t any reason to buy over a year previously, unless your selected style is going to be abandoned.. Give yourself some time to sit on your decision.. Once you pick a robe, you can see one hundred others nearly like it.. You can become a walking encyclopedia on that style of gown.. All the better if you have room to choose.. If you have acquired The One, stop shopping.. Any more window-shopping at this point will only lead you down the line toward the dreary land of Two-Dress Brides.. What you want to do instead is remember that blissful feeling of having tried on The One.. Go get The One out of the closet, put it on and stand before the mirror.. You will remember precisely why it s the One.. If you have acquired The One and can t stop shopping, get a second opinion.. Show your first and 2nd selections to other brides.. Be honest tell them you have already remortgaged your apartment for the 1st dress, but you suspect this second dress might be It.. They are going to be truthful, too the 1st one was better.. You can feel reassured.. Don t tell yourself I ll sell the old dress and select a new one.. This old saw of the Two-Dress Bride just will not work.. You ll never get more than a fraction of what you paid for your first dress if you bought it new.. Don t be scared to target high regardless of what your position.. Some brides knew from the start they wanted a designer label, but life just failed to cooperate by making them heiresses.. Yet all is not lost if you re willing to buy courageously.. At any given moment, a better-heeled bride is selling her once-used St.. Pucchi or Ulla-Maija on eBay.. She paid thousands on thousands, but you, smart client, will pay half that or less.. To take this road, you need to shop earlier than other brides so you ll have a choice of gowns.. Shop on the internet, but never send a check.. Bridal robe companies infrequently have a technique of vanishing overnite.. Whatever what the proprietor tells you, never make a purchase as large as a wedding gown without the chargeback protection of a Credit card.. If they say they won t take plastic, move on.. Don t hold out forever for The One.. Some brides never find The One.. What they do find is some dresses they look handsome in.. If you are this bride, try beginning your planning from the theme rather than the dress.. You will potentially finally get sick to death of dress shopping.. When that happens, good enough actually will be ok.. Focus on other sides of the wedding that mean a lot to you, like the venue, the food, or the inevitable adoration of your soon-to-be husband.. Choosing the right wedding dress for your wedding can be a tough decision, visit yourweddinggowns.. com and find your own.. bridal shops.. choosing the perfect wedding dress.. perfect wedding dress.. sweeping trian..

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  • Title: Wedding Humor | Wedding Ideas
    Descriptive info: / Archive by category Wedding Humor.. August 7, 2012.. Sometimes you know her really well and the shower is a happy, fun-filled occasion.. Other times, you barely know the girl and you have no idea how to act, what to get her, or what to say.. In each situation and every one in between, here is a cardinal list of rules of what not to do at ANY wedding shower.. Unless it s ONE OF THOSE Showers, Stay Away from Inappropriate Gifts.. Unless the shower is designated for gifts of the *ahem* more intimate nature, stay away from sex toys and risque lingerie.. One famous story is floating around the internet that regards a ninety-year-old grandmother who was so offended at a shower gift that she spit her dentures out and stormed away.. We want to avoid offended grandmothers.. Keep Your History To Yourself.. There are countless stories out there about girls who attend the bridal showers of women who are marrying their ex boyfriends.. Maybe that s not clear, so let s put it into second person narrative.. You re at a shower.. The girl who is getting married is getting married to a guy you used to date.. Whatever you do, do not talk about your relationship with this girl s groom-to-be.. It s in poor taste and makes everyone feel awkward.. Other Don ts.. Don t:.. tell dirty jokes.. get naked.. encourage anybody else to get naked.. get wasted.. get wasted and naked.. be mean to the bride.. be mean to the bride s mother, grandmother, sister, best friend, etc.. If you follow these simple rules, you should be fine.. If you think of something other than one of these things to do to offend people, PULEASE write to tell me about it.. best friend.. bridal showers.. dentures.. dirty jokes.. ex boyfriends.. gift.. girls.. grandmothers.. happy fun.. Help and Advice.. intimate nature.. lingerie.. list.. old grandmother.. poor taste.. relationship.. Relationships.. second person narrative.. sex toys.. Showers and Parties.. weddi.. wedding showers.. May 15, 2012.. It is a relief to see that there are some people out there who just don t give a darn how they look.. Not even on their wedding day.. I guess that s not fair.. They DO care how they look, they just choose to look like a cartoon character or superhero.. Sure.. Why not? I mean, if you re going to do it, do it right.. Make sure people remember it.. Make sure, for instance, that they remember that you came to your wedding dressed as Wonder Woman, and that your groom dressed like Batman.. Holy Are-You-Kidding Me, Batman!.. Lucky for these folks, both Batman and Wonder Woman were part of Justice League of America in.. The Brave and the Bold.. #28, otherwise we d take issue.. We already have to overlook the fact that these wackadoos were attended by Robin (that s OK), the Joker (WTF?), Yoda (Come on, now), The Incredibles (Really?), Iron Man, Poison Ivy, and The Incredible Hulk (MARVEL COMICS, HELLO?!?!?!) The bridesmaids came dressed in PowerPuff Girls costumes.. Oh, the humanity.. Step all over those of who who LIKE.. comic books.. , why don t you?.. Or, take these folks, who decided to kick it old, old, old, old school.. Yabba Dabba.. oh whatever.. They actually said, I yabba dabba do in their vows.. Oh the sweet injustice of it all.. At least these people were purist.. The bride was attended by Betty Rubble, Barney Rubble stood up as best man, the children attendants were dressed as Bamm-Bamm, and the guests all dressed as cavemen.. Er, cave people.. My, my.. This one is the real kicker, though.. What would the cleaning bills cost to get all that GREEN PAINT off the wedding dress?.. Really?.. I get it that you saw.. Shrek.. on your first date.. I get that you liked it.. I liked it too.. A lot.. I watch it pretty often still.. But what on earth did your mother say when you told her you wanted to paint yourself completely green and wear fake ears on your wedding day? Did she cry? I kind of did, when I heard about this.. And the groom.. He s 53! Did he just not give a crap? And what s with the clown character in the back? Are you TRYING to give me a heart attack?.. Oh well, right? As long as they are happy, that is what matters.. bamm.. barney rubble.. best man.. betty rubble.. cartoon character.. cavemen.. incredible hulk.. iron man.. justice league.. justice league of america.. marvel comics.. oh the humanity.. poison ivy.. powerpuff girls.. theme wedding.. wackadoos.. wedding day.. what on earth.. wonder woman.. yabba.. May 3, 2012.. 2 Comments.. You ll want to remember it in every way possible.. You ll want more photographs than were taken.. You ll want more video than you have.. You ll want many, many reminders.. So why not pay some hipster DJ to mix up and edit a video of your wedding and turn it into some weirdo music video? Sure! Because you don t want to remember the day as it WAS.. You want to remember it the way that some guy in skinny jeans mixed it in his uber hip studio (or mom s garage) a few days after the wedding.. Right?.. Lauren + JP.. from.. Matt Odom.. on.. Vimeo.. Actually, the video is pretty cute, and the couple is from La Grange, GA, which is a super cute little town.. I spent a week there one day.. But seriously folks.. It is a cute town.. As for the video I d be curious to hear what Lauren and J.. think after about 6 or 7 years, wouldn t you? It will either be a Gee, Honey.. I m soooo glad we did that situation, or it will be like when you re twelve and you re at the beach, and your friend talks you into going into one of those Make Your Own Music Video places where they have, like, two props and you two get up and sing The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston followed by a rousing rendition of Walk Like an Egyptian whilst dancing all willy nilly and then 6 or 7 years later you find the tape and you accidentally watch it in front of your boyfriend who promptly dumps you.. Except for in Lauren and J.. s situation, that will be their 3 or 4 year old.. Who might think it s cool.. But then will surely, in many years, show it to all their snotty teenager friends, who will be like, What was that band, anyway?.. In other words, is this something that will be cherished.. Is it a lasting treasure? Or just a moment s pleasure?.. But seriously.. Props to Matt Odom, who just went for it.. You go, Matt.. Arts.. dj.. hipster.. important days.. La Grange.. music video.. odom.. Video.. Whitney Houston.. April 9, 2012.. Let’s face it: trying to do anything big and splashy like a wedding is tough, no matter the time you try to do it.. But getting married during one of the worst recessions the International economy has ever seen – has been tough on a lot of brides.. But do you realize there are actually some benefits to being a recession era bride? Let’s talk about some of the “good” reasons that getting married during the recession isn’t quite so bad after all.. A tighter wedding budget forces you to focus on what’s important.. Do you really need calla lilies flown in from an exotic location at every table – or would you rather have delicious food at the reception? Do you really need an open bar all night long – or will a single signature cocktail do the trick? Do you really have to invite your very best friend from summer camp you  ...   rows of gown –filled racks are said to be often cleared in less than a minute.. This race is not for the fainthearted, nor is it the time to be picky in making selections.. After all of the initial chaos is over, the real work begins.. Each participant then examines the arms full of gowns to determine whether anything is worth keeping or trying on.. Soon the real “wheeling and dealing” begins! Negotiations involve trading amongst the group for correct styles, sizes and prices.. Many purchasers enjoy the fun and the high energy surrounding the event, and so attend with a specific shopping strategy in mind.. In any case, fun can be had by all.. And yes, men can also attend….. if they dare!.. department store.. dream wedding.. dream wedding gown.. Filene's.. filene's basement.. running of the brides.. wedding gown.. Wedding Tips How to Deal With Kids?.. February 12, 2012.. How to Entertain Kids at Your Wedding (by The Wedding Gal s Snarky Cousin).. Somehow I bet a lot of things take precedence in your wedding-occupied bridal mind over the kids that will be at your wedding.. You ve got the flowers, the dress, the rings, the bridesmaids, and a thousand other things to think about.. Take my advice, though, Dearest.. Put a little bit of thought into what you re going to do with the adorable little kiddies that will be running willy-nilly around your reception.. Now, if you re one of those brides who plans to specify no kids at the ceremony, reception, or both, you can stop reading now.. On second thought maybe read a little further.. See, you have friends and family members who likely have children.. They like to bring their children to weddings, because they get to dress said children up in adorable outfits and take beacoup pictures of them.. If you tell these friends and family member that they cannot bring their precious darlings to your nuptials well you can just kiss that gift goodbye.. That s all I m saying.. Anywhoo, provided you care more about the toaster and less about the disruption of those adorable little rugrats, you ll need to figure out something to do to keep them entertained.. Otherwise they run around and start pulling the long dresses over their head, attacking the buffet table, pushing Uncle Morty s wheelchair around (with Uncle Morty still in it) and they basically wreak all kinds of havoc.. I will tell you now that the absolute biggest favor you can do for yourself is to hire a babysitter for your wedding.. Depending on the size of the wedding and how many kids are coming, maybe hire two babysitters.. Ask your sister-in-law or your Aunt Patty to recommend someone, and just pay them the going rate to hang with the kids and keep them happy during the reception.. If the parents don t care if the kids are present during the ceremony, go ahead and let the kids play with the babysitter throughout that.. They don t want to see your ceremony anyway, and it will save the videographer having to edit out I m hungry! or Jessie just pooped! from your vows.. Yes folks, I m speaking from experience.. Make sure the babysitter has lots of games, crayons and coloring books, snacks, and other things to keep the kids occupied.. If your reception is a standard 4-hour reception, you might even think about getting a separate room so that the kids can watch a movie.. Basically, just think about all the stuff you d wished they d had at weddings you went to when YOU were a kid and do that.. It doesn t cost a lot of money, and your guests who are the parents of the kids will appreciate your thoughtful consideration of their little bundles of joy.. tobybarnes.. babysitter at wedding.. kids at wedding.. kids of wedding guests.. wedding guests.. 15 Things I Learned from Being a Bridesmaid.. February 3, 2012.. Being a bridesmaid is a great honor but for grown-ups, being the bridesmaid, or worse, the maid of honor for one of your best friends can be an experience that you may not want to repeat too often or ever again!.. Here are 15 things I learned as a bridesmaid veteran of five weddings:.. Remember it’s not your day! The bride is the center of attention and it is her big day so be prepared to cater for her every whim.. After all, as bridesmaid you only have to deal with Little Miss’ tantrums and spats for a few rehearsals and the day of the.. , after that the poor guy she’s marrying has to deal with her for life;.. While you may not be the center of attention as far as the wedding is concerned, you can be assured of being the center of attention for lots of guys! I should know because I met my husband when I was a bridesmaid for the 4.. th.. time but be careful if you are thinking this will be a great way to find a catch because:.. Never, and I mean NEVER! Let a guy open the door and escort you if he calls you “Sugar”, “Babe” or worse, “Sugarbabe!”;.. Do not let a bride convince you to wear grapevine as headgear.. Yes you can still find it, on a remote hillside in South Carolina on property owned by a gun toting hillbilly aged 72 and related to Jed Clampett as both his brother and second uncle;.. Wearing woven grapevine leaves marks, both physical and emotional, which last for up to 6 months, if you have the choice, wear a crown of thorns instead;.. Glue guns are a great invention for people who want to stick things and are not worried about whether they will explode or not – just remember that glue guns do overheat and will overheat because they are going to get a lot of use and as bridesmaid, you have to pitch in;.. Brides want everyone to wear matching ear rings so be prepared to get your ears pierced if you haven’t already done so;.. If you are asked to write a speech, do not retell the time when your “Best Friend”, who is.. getting married.. , was violently ill after drinking too much and ended the evening clinging to the toilet, swearing the world was ending and she couldn’t let it go because there was an earthquake (we lived in Ohio at the time);.. If you are serious about catching the bouquet when the bride throws it, make sure you are wearing an outfit which will hold you in, as falling out of the top of your dress while stretching for the flowers can be very revealing resulting in more guys calling you “Sugar”, “Babe” etc;.. Do NOT get drunk at the reception!;.. The old saying, “Always a bridesmaid and never a bride!” is simply not true, I’m happily married to my husband whom I met when serving as a bridesmaid at wedding number 4;.. Do everything you can to convince the bride that bridesmaid can get out of their dresses and into practical dress as soon as possible for the evening.. If she won’t budge on this, make sure the bridesmaids dresses are comfortable and practical if you have to spend the day in them;.. The same applies to shoes!.. Buying gifts for the bride and groom should really be about getting them things they will enjoy – people buy the most boring and unoriginal gifts which cost a fortune but the ones that make an impression are the ones where a lot of thought has gone into them;.. Being a bridesmaid for five friends I am not interested in repeating the experience unless by new baby girl really wants me to do it for her !.. being a bridesmaid.. jed clampett.. maid of honor.. sugar babe.. tantrums..

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