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    Archived pages: 928 . Archive date: 2013-05.

  • Title: Maars News - world biggest news archive.
    Descriptive info: .. Maars News - world biggest news archive.. MAARS News.. Archive.. Headlines.. Contribute.. Sign In.. Search.. Home.. Go!.. + expand all.. Total number of arhived articles: 5672.. 2013.. Parents of girl, four, raped by boy, 14, tell their full hor.. July 7, 2012.. It s a case that s appalled Britain: a teenage rapist freed after a judge blamed his crime on internet porn.. Here, his victim s distraught parents who still live doors away from the attacker - tell their full horrifying story.. Were it not for the imposing surroundings, you might have thought the boy in the dock was waiting for nothing more severe than a reprimand from a teacher.. Clad in school uniform, rosy-cheeked and slightly on the chubby side, he shuffled awk.. read more.. 2012.. Rafa Pleased With Progress.. March 18, 2012.. World No.. 2 Rafael Nadal declared he is happy with his progress, despite enduring defeat to long-time rival Roger Federer in a rain-delayed semi-final at the BNP Paribas Open on Saturday evening in Indian Wells.. The Spaniard was contesting his first tournament since finishing runner-up to Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open final at the end of January and commented, Always I believe that I can play better.. But I am happy.. I stayed one month and a half almost outside of competition.. 2011.. EU to Launch Crackdown on “Herbal Remedies” in UK.. January 3, 2011.. The European Union is all set to implement a legal ban on all herbal remedies and drugs in the United Kingdom.. The ban in all possibilities will begin from the 1st May  ...   2009.. by theglobeandmail.. com Regina lawyer Tony Merchant is the most talked-about class action litigator in Canada, having recently settled a high-profile case on behalf of former residential school studentsâ and netted a minimum, eyebrow-raising $25 million in legal fees for his efforts.. But Merchant may also be the most intense and driven individual practising law in the country today.. And that is the more important detail about the man.. In fact, to describe Tony Merchant as &qu.. 2008.. Potential huge payday coming for lawyer Merchant.. September 21, 2006.. He s in line for a massive payday as part of the federal government s settlement of residential school lawsuits.. Merchant s firm, Merchant Law Group, which claims to represent about 10,000 former students, could receive $40 million as its share of Ottawa s $2-billion proposed deal.. That has unsettled some people.. Others say he was a big part of the deal.. The law firm s amount was being discussed in a Regina courtroom Thursday as part of a judicial rev.. Discover our Platform as a Service Here:.. Sign up.. Explore.. Satellite Community Examples.. Public services.. Most wanted.. Sex offenders.. Missing persons.. Entertainment.. Vtweetit.. Games.. TV.. Movies.. Mobile Apps.. Mystic Oracle.. vTweetIT Pro.. vEMail.. Rock Scissors Paper.. More.. Professional Networks.. Lawyer/Attorney.. Legal.. Medical.. Insurance.. Real Estate.. About Us.. Resources.. Kiwi SEO.. Banana Mail.. ZapApp.. Pricing.. FAQ.. Documentation.. Video Streaming.. Video Storage.. Live Boradcasting.. Manage Docs.. Vclient Verification.. Peg Boards.. Company.. Meet Our Team.. Investors.. Privacy Policy.. Terms Of Service.. Advertisers.. Jobs.. Email Us.. © 2013 Merchant World Service Inc.. ×.. Choice what to contribute.. Archive.. Peg..

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  • Title: Maars News Headlines
    Descriptive info: Maars News Headlines.. Headlines.. Twitter Hack Market Crash: Binary Options Utopia.. 26-04-2013.. MAARS News.. Business.. Marketsworld.. com have up until recently been quiet in providing market news and information however, this is something that seems to be changing and they are starting to provide some quality information and opinion on Binary Option trading.. Today they have commented on this weeks events on the Dow following a fake tweet that caused the US Stock Markets to plummet as seen here: Fewer than two weeks ago we wrote an article relating to the close relationship between global news and the world markets; how one can affect the other and vice versa, the full article can be read here.. It seems the timing of this article was quite prophetic when o.. Read More.. Regulation – still a hot topic which the Binary Option market is only just waking up to.. 25-04-2013.. Binary Options are Fixed Return Options where the investor either wins the all or nothing fixed return payout if correct, or loses the investment stakes if incorrect.. At first glance these would seem to be fixed odds betting products.. In the United States certain forms of online gambling are strictly prohibited: these are bets on casino games, rolls of the dice, decks of cards, contests of others such as a horse race or sporting events, all the games you find at a standard casino and sports book.. However speculating, investing, or betting on the financial markets (call it what you will) has always been allowed and remains fully permissible.. Part 2.. Continued from part 1 at http://ireport.. cnn.. com/docs/DOC-963466 With Japan now looking to open its doors to the right kind of regulated Binary Broker it is clear the access to these new markets is shrinking for Binary Option providers who chose to operate till now without any licensing whatsoever.. These dealers will have a hard time getting approval to operate in many countries who will take a dim view of a FRO operator who chose to operate initially without any authority or regulatory oversight to safeguard customers.. As already mentioned the US laws on non-prohibited online speculations such as FRO and other non-prohibited financial.. Gold – A binary option opportunity? The experts opinion.. 17-04-2013.. Global News.. This week has seen Gold prices plummet by more than $100 an ounce in a day.. This is the biggest ever decline in dollar terms, as price levels dropped to levels not seen since March 2011, a Binary Option Traders dream.. What we now see is panic selling, states Dominic Schnider, an analyst at UBS Wealth Management.. Cash gold dropped to as low as $1,321.. 35 an ounce before recovering slightly overnight, but still about $560 below a lifetime high around $1,920 an ounce hit  ...   truth.. An undisclosed source at Canada s CBC News told me this story is about to break and its just another example of how little privacy we have.. We are all unwitting victims of technology and greedy employees ready to steal and sell our personal information.. Portcullis Trustnet, one of the lar.. The Fourth Estate Leaks.. 02-04-2013.. Portcullis TrustNet and Leaks at Canada s CBC News The Truth About the Breaking Portcullis Trust Story Leaks from inside the Fourth Estate Insider at Canada s CBC News leaks upcoming Portcullis TrustNet story.. We are all unwitting victims of technology and greedy employees ready to steal and sell our personal.. The Olympic Marathon.. 26-03-2013.. Sports.. The London 2012 Men s Marathon time was 2:08:01, on a twisting technical course, and it was an interesting tour of the sites of London.. A runner from Uganda surprisingly finished first.. Kenya and Ethiopia were expected to be the competitors and the thought was that Kenya might win first, second, and third.. By way of comparison France achieved three runners meeting the Olympic standard - 2:15.. Canada, for the first time in many Olympics, achieved three runners.. A country can only have three runners in the men s marathon, if they qualify.. Kenya had 546 runners who qualified.. The London 2012.. The London Olympics - Well Not Really.. The 1896 first modern Olympics in Greece have three wonderful stories.. The 1896 marathon was run along the original route from Marathon.. There were police on horseback but little in the way of guidance for runners.. About half way along the route someone ran into a taverna.. He shouted for red wine.. Gulped it down.. And asked the shocked patrons and the taverniaris if anyone had run by and to describe them.. He ordered another wine, listened as the two runners ahead of him were described, and bolted from the taverna shouting, I know those runners, I am going to win the marathon.. A 'Shrek' Wedding, Because Everyone Deserves a Fairy Tale.. 27-02-2013.. Paul Bellas, a 42-year-old man, and Heidi Coxshall, a 30-year-old woman, tied the knot at a fairly typical wedding over the weekend in Jersey.. There was nothing too odd about it, judging by the pictures: cake, vows, a minister and confetti.. Oh, they were also dressed up like Shrek and Princess Fiona and many of their guests were similar decked out but, really, what s so weird about that? Everybody s got a different idea of what a fairytale is supposed to look like, and if this is Paul and Heidi s, then why not? And, to boot, it turns out the couple s 4-year-old son, Leo (who was dressed like Donkey) loves Shrek.. First.. Prev.. 1.. 2.. Next.. Last.. 12.. Articles - page.. 1/2..

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  • Title: News for 2013 year
    Descriptive info: News for 2013 year.. Year 2013.. January.. Draft CASL Regulations – New Exemptions for Targeted Classes.. January 7, 2013.. As summarized in our post New Draft Regulations Soften Impact of CASL, but Concerns about Jobs and Compliance Costs Remain, revised draft regulations under Canada s anti-spam legislation (CASL) have been issued by Industry Canada.. The purpose of this post is to provide observations about the exemptions in the regulations for four new classes of commercial electronic messages.. Business-to-Business Messages This exemption applies to a commercial electronic mess.. February.. Всемогъщият Брус Уилис вече не е приятел с водката.. February 14, 2013.. Ясно е, че успешната кариера на екшън героя Брус Уилис се различава доста от тази на неговите конкуренти в жанра Силвестър Сталоун и Арнолд Шварценегер.. Брус е по-чаровен, по-симпатичен и някак по-чувствителен и уязвим от другите железни мъжкари.. Това обаче винаги се е харесвало на феновете и те продължават да следят кариерата му и да очакват филмите му с нетърпение.. Последният  ...   you know, that superheroes aren t real.. But good superheroes stories, like any good fiction, invite us to enter a different world.. The physical trappings of that world may or not resemble ours, but for us to enter it, its psychological trappings have to resemble ours.. We will, almost automatically when a story is goo.. April.. April 25, 2013.. May.. Modern day Bridget Jones has it 'much harder', author Helen.. May 3, 2013.. Fielding, the best-selling author of Bridget Jones’ Diary, said things are “so much worse now” for young single women as they navigate the dating scene.. The advent of email, Twitter, Facebook and texting had all increased anxiety about whether a man will get in touch, she suggested, as she recalled the days of dialling 1471 on a landline to discover whether a date had called.. The author made her comments as part of a unique charity book sale, annotating her own work by hand along side 49 other..

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  • Title: Parents of girl, four, raped by boy, 14, tell their full horrifying story
    Descriptive info: Parents of girl, four, raped by boy, 14, tell their full horrifying story.. 25th.. Parents of girl, four, raped b.. 25-04-2013  .. MAARS News  .. Clad in school uniform, rosy-cheeked and slightly on the chubby side, he shuffled awkwardly on the spot, more boy than man despite his taller-than-average height.. Yet this unassuming demeanour belied the reason for his presence at Cambridge Crown Court this week, which was a singularly horrifying one.. As the Mail reported on Wednesday, the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had admitted to the rape of a little girl when he was 14.. She was just four years old at the time, and he was her babysitter.. He tricked his trusting charge by blindfolding her with one of her own dressing-up outfits and promising her a chocolate.. Devastating: The young girl, who was raped by a 14-year-old boy, with her parents.. Given both their ages, it is hard to imagine a more sordid and tragic violation of innocence.. Little wonder that the parents of both the accused and the victim - both respectable married couples - wept quietly throughout proceedings from opposite ends of the public gallery.. Until recently they were all friends, a relationship that has been forever shattered by what unfolded on a chilly December evening last year.. Now, however, the grief of the little girl s parents has been joined with another, equally potent emotion: anger.. Given that the boy, now 15, had pleaded guilty to the violation of their daughter, they had assumed he would be given a custodial sentence.. My daughter s sickening ordeal and why we MUST bring in an automatic bar on these vile websites.. Mother of four-year-old girl raped by boy, 14, blasts judge who freed him because he had been corrupted by internet porn for cheap sentence.. Instead, Judge Gareth Hawkesworth allowed the teenager to retain his freedom, handing out a three-year community and supervision order and blaming the boy s actions on the corrupting effects of pornography - as well as the wider society which has allowed it to flourish.. Whatever you may think of his decision - and it has prompted heated discussion on internet forums and television - the effect on the victim s family has been devastating.. As close neighbours of their daughter s abuser, they have spent the past few months planning even the most humdrum of things - the school run, walks in the park - to ensure they, and more pertinently their daughter, did not bump into her attacker.. Spared jail: Judge Gareth Hawkesworth (piictured) warned the boy that he would have been jailed for six and a half years if he had been four years older - but blamed the world and society for his porn addiction.. The light at the end of the tunnel was their expectation that he would lose his freedom for some time - an expectation that has now been shattered.. And, in a horrible twist, the couple must also accept that as a result, from September, their son will now be attending the same school as the rapist.. This week, at their neat three-bedroom home, the effect of what has befallen them was plain to see: ashen-faced, and close to tears, the mother spoke of how she felt the severity of her daughter s ordeal had been undermined by the judge s comments.. The sentence just isn t enough: his family were told to expect a three-year custodial sentence, so we were shocked when he didn t get one, she says.. If he had been 18, the starting point for sentencing would have been six-and-a-half years.. Alongside her, her husband voiced his own anger.. The amount of access to porn online is a problem but in this situation it cheapens our daughter s case and was used as an excuse to keep this boy out of custody.. In court they put a lot of emphasis on this and how unaffected our daughter appeared to be.. She may be lively and fun but she is a child, small for her age, and her attacker is bigger than me.. She was defenceless.. The judge s decision has divided opinion not just in the wider world but in the close-knit community near Cambridge where both families live.. No sink estate this: the area is a respectable mix of neat housing association and privately owned semi-detached properties.. There is a generous amount of green space - one of the things which attracted the victim  ...   police that while there was porn on the boy s laptop, it was mild and did not feature children.. Certainly, the Judge s decision is unusual.. Since the 2003 Sexual Offences Act, oral sex has been included in the definition of rape and offenders under 16 would normally be given detention and training orders of around two years.. Those over 16 would go to young offenders institutions such as Feltham in West London, while over-18s would sent to adult prison.. Instead, as we have seen, this teenage boy retains his freedom, although he must register his whereabouts with police for the next two-and- a-half years and will spend five years under a sexual offences prevention order, meaning he cannot access pornography.. Since the offence took place, the court was told, his laptop has been confiscated and his only access to the family computer - situated in the living room - is to do his homework, under supervision.. According to court reports, since the events of last December he has knuckled down at school and his work had improved.. He was anxious, his defence barrister stated, to put what had happened behind him.. Easier said than done, of course, particularly for his parents.. They have been blindsided by this, a family friend told the Mail.. They are an ordinary couple trying to do their best and raise their kids.. Like many parents, they had no idea what was going on in his head.. Now they are racked with guilt, they ve lost friendships, and they live in fear of their son being identified in the wider community.. It is horrible for them.. So far, it seems, their son remains reasonably protected: he still attends the local school, and while some of the teachers have been made aware of what has happened, his fellow pupils remain ignorant.. How long this can continue is anyone s guess, particularly given the fact that his victim s brother is set to join the same school.. This decision is like a slap in the face every day.. In the meantime, both families must continue to go about their business, hoping against hope that they don t cross paths, just as they have for the past seven months.. It is a turn of events which has caused widespread anger in the victim s wider family, with the girl s aunt - her mother s sister - speaking out about her own fury.. I cannot begin to describe the anger I feel at this sentence, and their reasoning, she says.. This boy is free to go to school, walk the streets, go to the local park, all while living doors away from the victim and their family.. It s like a slap in the face on a daily basis.. My family is basically powerless in this situation.. Poignantly, it seems both mothers desperately tried to see if they could retain a veneer of normality: a few weeks after the assault, they met for a cup of tea to try to work things through.. We were both in bits, says the victim s mother.. We had to work out how we were going to live - we didn t want people asking questions for the sake of our children.. Nonetheless, their relationship has proved unsalvageable.. I know what her son did and I don t know if I ll get past that, she says, shaking her head with sadness.. Her only consolation is that, by and large, her daughter remains a happy little girl who seems to bear no obvious scars - though she fears the effects may emerge later down the line.. We were going to our son s school s Easter play and she had made the connection with where we were when it happened last year, her mother recalls.. She does remember, she cried out and panicked that it would happen again.. It was really upsetting because we thought she was doing OK.. She knows what happened was something horrible, but she doesn t understand what it means yet.. One day we will have to sit her down and explain that she did a good thing in coming forward, but at her age it is a waiting game.. Her father meanwhile, feels racked with guilt.. My little girl tells me I am the best dad in the world, but it s not true - I could not protect her.. Read more: http://www.. dailymail.. co.. uk/news/article-2169980/Parents-girl-raped-boy-14-tell-horrifying-story.. html#ixzz2RRiMQ5Br.. Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook..

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  • Title: News for 2012 year
    Descriptive info: News for 2012 year.. Year 2012.. Christian Piatt: None Is Saved While One Still Suffers.. January 26, 2012.. For some, the central message of Christianity is about personal salvation.. What it is exactly that we need saving from is debatable, depending on who you ask: from the fires of hell; from ourselves, from an apocalyptic end to the world as we know it.. But I ve been thinking about this quite a lot lately and I m beginning to think that we re going about the whole salvation thing the wrong way.. The idea first arose when I was going over the possible questions to be included in my.. LSUC Releases New Guides for Lawyers.. February 15, 2012.. It s time for us to wise up take each other in open arms strength through diversity together we ll never fall I know our lives are different in many ways we ve come to accept each other through diversity So let s drop our fronts, lose our insecurities it s time for us to come together in unity The Law Society of Upper Canada has developed two new practice guides for law firms and legal organizations.. The first guide deals with preventing harassment, discr.. Special Investigative Report: Will GMOs Really Feed the Worl.. April 17, 2012.. That s what genetic engineering advocates claim.. But science (and a shocking number of developing-world suicides) debunk this myth.. BIO, the Biotechnology Industry Organization, says that a genetically engineered crop improves insect resistance, enhances herbicide tolerance, and facilitates the use of more environmentally sustainable farming practices by generating higher crop yields with fewer inputs.. They say it lowers the amount of agricultural chemicals required by crops; create.. June.. Why I Self-Distribute My Documentaries (11 so far).. June 26, 2012.. I went the distributor  ...   your budget.. 1st, may buy a way larger cubic zirconia engagement ring for your identical price as a drastically smaller stone.. The ones that would absolutely wish for the best remain for the ring of the same sizing and utilize the remaining.. August.. The Winners in Concert with Orchestre Métropolitain.. August 2, 2012.. Marlène Ngalissamy (bassoon, 19 years old) and Isabella D Éloize Perron (violin, 12 years old), winners of the 2012 CMC, will have the opportunity to perform with the Orchestre Métropolitain, under the direction of Airat Ichmouratov, as part of OM s summer season.. The music program will be: Ville cosmopolite, Ichmouratov Peer Gynt, Suite No.. 1 (excerpts), Grieg Violin Concerto No.. 3, Op.. 61 in B minor (1st mvt), Saint-Saëns (Soloist: Isabel.. September.. Iran and the Bomb.. September 29, 2012.. Kenneth Waltz is probably right that a nuclear-armed Iran could be deterred from deliberately using nuclear weapons or transferring a nuclear device to terrorists ( Why Iran Should Get the Bomb, July/August 2012).. But he is dead wrong that the Islamic Republic would likely become a more responsible international actor if it crossed the nuclear threshold.. In making that argument, Waltz mischaracterizes Iranian motivations and badly misreads history.. And despite the fact that Waltz i.. October.. Законът за детето срещу детето.. October 12, 2012.. Новият проект за Закон за детето, можете да изтеглите от тук.. Новият проект за Закон за детето отразява ясно възгледа на държавата за детето.. Държавата дава дефиниция за детето не само като личност, но и като конкретна идея, като обществено очакване към детето.. Този закон представя децата като чисти и невинни създания, нуждаещи се от благоволението на милостивата и вездесъща държава, която трябва на всяка цена да защити беззащитните малки същества, ако е н.. December.. My test.. December 1, 2012.. Description..

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  • Title: Rafa Pleased With Progress
    Descriptive info: 18th.. Rafa Pleased With Progress.. 18-03-2012  .. I stayed one month and a half almost outside of competition.. I came back winning a few comfortable matches in straight sets against not an easy opponent, like Marcel Granollers.. Conditions were tough for both players, with rain even interrupting play for a short while on match point, but Nadal refused to take any credit away from Federer, who has now won 38 of his past 40 matches.. The excuse, the real excuse was he played better than me, said the Mallorcan.. That s the best excuse that I can find, and that s it.. The game is simple.. I tried but it wasn t enough, and that s all.. The 25-year-old Nadal will now regroup and travel to Miami for the Sony Ericsson Open, where he has three times been a runner-up, but never the victor.. Still trophy-less in 2012, Nadal insisted that with the level of competition he is up against, a successful year cannot be measured against trophies in  ...   year.. I am playing with energy, he continued.. I am very happy to be here to compete against the best players of the world and to try my best every day in every practice.. I m going to consider a good year if I keep playing the way that I am playing.. Even if I don t win something really important, I am happy.. For sure the titles are important, but what is more important is the feeling.. I feel happy today to be here, and I am enjoying the tour.. That s the way to have success this year.. Play aggressive like I did the last few games and like I did the beginning of the match (against Federer), that s the way.. I have to follow this way.. I did in Australia.. I did here for the most of the time.. I will try to keep doing in Miami a little bit better if it s possible and wait to have a good success.. source:.. http://www.. atpworldtour.. com/..

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  • Title: News for 2011 year
    Descriptive info: News for 2011 year.. Year 2011.. Ex Bulgaria Economy Minister Nikolay Vassilev: Bad Loans Set.. February 1, 2011.. Exclusive MAARS News interview with Bulgaria Ex Economy Minister Nikolay Vassilev.. The first in a group of interviews with important political figures from around the world.. Profile Nikolay Vassilev was a member of two governments of the Republic of Bulgaria.. He held the position of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy (2001 - 2003 years) Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport and Communications (2003 - 2005) and Minister of State Administration and Administrative Reform.. Bernanke to tread cautiously before Congress.. March 1, 2011.. (Reuters) - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will likely remain skeptical about the strength of the economic recovery in testimony on Tuesday, despite recent data pointing to improvement, signaling the central bank is unlikely to cut short its $600 billion stimulus plan.. The U.. S.. Fed chief, who testifies on the Fed s twice-yearly report on monetary policy before the Senate Banking Committee, will probably nod to improvements in the economy while indicating t.. You Want 10 Sprints ? I'll Give You 11!.. April 1, 2011.. It was his first full match debut.. It was a match against Arsenal.. He was just 17 years and 240 days old.. He was nervous.. He was tensed.. He was how a 17 year old normal kid should be.. Yet what he did that day was truly remarkable and abnormal.. He scored a hat-trick against a formidable opponent and won his team the match 4-2.. Was this  ...   com.. au POLICE have arrested a man accused of violating a restraining order that bars him from being within 180 metres of Paris Hilton or her home.. The sheriff s department says in a statement that someone called authorities Monday afternoon and reported a man standing on a beach looking into Hilton s Malibu home.. The caller recognised the man as James Rainford, who had pleaded no contest to a battery charge in April after Hilton s then-boyfriend Cy Waits was attac.. EAC probationers, ATI officials meet Dalai Lama.. October 30, 2011.. landpost.. com EAC probationers from Nagaland, as part of their Bharat Darshan, met His Holiness Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government in exile during a trip to Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh on October 25.. Dalai Lama enquired about the situation in Nagaland and expressed his desire to visit the state during a brief interaction with the visiting team.. Naga traditional shawls and other souvenirs from Nagaland were also presented to Dalai Lama by the team.. It may be mentioned that among seve.. TV Hits For Liberals, Conservatives.. December 7, 2011.. The annual TV survey from Experian-Simmons is out and it shows a pretty deep divide between liberals and conservatives.. The bottom line: Liberals seek a racy diversion and conservatives want the facts.. Or as Entertainment Weekly headlined, Lefties want comedy, right wingers like work.. [Whispers: New Television Show Might Boost Gold Standard Fans.. ] The top 25 shows loved by liberal-Democrats: 1 - The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.. 2 - The Colbert Report.. 3 Mas..

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  • Title: EU to Launch Crackdown on “Herbal Remedies” in UK
    Descriptive info: 03rd.. EU to Launch Crackdown on “H.. 03-01-2011  .. Adithya B.. K..  .. International News Views.. The UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have issued more than a dozen safety alerts in the past two years owing to various complaints by people who consumed such herbal drugs.. According to the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH), the representative body for herbal practitioners, not a single product used in traditional Chinese medicine or ayurvedic medicine has been licensed, the UK Independent cited.. This could mean close to 2500 UK qualified herbalists and Chinese medicine practitioners will lose the right to supply a wide range of herbal medicines, because they are not signed up to the statutory regulation scheme.. However natural practitioners also add in chorus that the costs of obtaining licenses are way beyond their means.. Yet the ANH is quick to counter argue that the cost of obtaining a license ranges between GBP 80,000 to GBP 120,000 per herb, which they say is very much affordable.. The new directive could mean that several thousands of people who have been consuming such drugs will be denied any access to them leading to several organizations issuing directives advising people from buying remedies through other sources-especially the internet where the risks could be much higher.. Michael McIntyre, the chairman of the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association, said: The problem is you can t get  ...   the market, people will try and find them elsewhere, such as from the internet, where there is a genuine risk they will get low quality products, that either don t work or are adulterated.. Some of the remedies under threat include Cascara bark (Helps stimulate a sluggish bowel), Pau D Arco (Anti-inflammatory, used for infection control), Ashwagandha (Anti-inflammatory, for arthritis and boosting the immune system), Skullcap (For anxiety, headaches and pain relief), Meadowsweet (For stomach acidity, diarrhoea, and headache) and Horny goat weed (Used to enhance libido).. Leading medical herbalist Dr Ann Walker said: at present patients have access to top quality herbal products that are manufactured only for professional use, but we won t be allowed to supply them.. Traditional remedies from China and India will only be available through the internet or backstreet suppliers, which could pose a serious health risk to the public.. A spokesman for the Department of Health said The Government is aware of the strength of feeling on this issue and is actively exploring options and that no decision had been made on a statutory register of herbal practitioners.. Tags: European Union, UK Government, UK News.. , Europe News, United Kingdom, Department of Health, Herbal Remedies, Natural Treatments, Dr Ann Walker, Dr Rob Verkerk, Michael McIntyre, European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association, Alliance for Natural Health, UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Chinese Medicine, Indian Medicine,..

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  • Title: News for 2010 year
    Descriptive info: News for 2010 year.. Year 2010.. Class action $15M lawsuit against birth control makers.. April 10, 2010.. By Raquel Lazar-Paley - consciouswoman.. org Hereâ s an article that just came through my inbox, about a class action lawsuit against the makers of birth control pills.. Â I have been amazed for some time that young women take birth control pills for acne, and have always wondered if they even tried to eliminate the acne through better diet and exercise.. Â Hopefully cases like this will get young women to re-think their choices â and the.. Monsanto Mayhem: GM Crops Shown to Endanger Human Health.. May 31, 2010.. Two scientific reports, from France and Russia respectively, have recently received a large amount of media attention due to their revelations about the damage caused by GM Crops to human health.. These are backed up by a large database of reports that have passed under the radar of the media with the results of over 70 scientific experiments since 1999 showing doubts about Monsanto, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the European Food Safety Authority&rsqu.. Остров Корфу – мечтаната реалност (Беницес и Палеокастрица).. June 23, 2010.. Време е да продължим приятната си и топла разходка из остров Корфу.. Този път ще посетим курортното селище Беницес, където аз бях отседнала и ще си организираме няколко допълнителни активности, които да допринесат за доброто ни настроение.. Беницес се намира в непосредствена близост до столицата, поради което е изключително удобно да си резервирате хотел именно там, тъй като е доста по-спокойно и да се спускате до града, по което време пожелаете, защото това ще ви отнеме не повече от 15 минути.. UK Outrage Spreads over New RIP Raoul Moat Facebook Page.. July 16, 2010.. It was  ...   display screens engaged in price fixing that ended up costing public institutions within his district potentially millions of dollars in overcharges.. Th.. How Evil Is Facebook?.. September 29, 2010.. From The UK Guardian http://www.. guardian.. uk/commentisfree/2010/sep/29/how-evil-is-facebook By Hadley Freeman How evil is Facebook? So evil! Invader of privacy, maker of billions, social network that turns us all into casual stalkers.. In all of the articles, blogs and, er, Facebook status updates ever written about Facebook, there does seem to be universal agreement that it is, somehow, suspect a point on which the two recent films made about Facebook, Catfish and The Social Ne.. Proview Set to Hit Apple over iPad China Trademark.. October 31, 2010.. Electronics giant, Apple is in the prospect of facing heat from China, in the form of a lawsuit by a bankrupt Taiwanese company over its use of the trademark iPad in China.. The company, Proview, told the Financial Post that it owns the rights to the iPad trademark in China.. Proview is a contract manufacturer of flat screens.. About a decade ago, it launched a tablet computer called the I-Pad, but it flopped.. Between 2000 and 2004, Proview registered the trademark in the European.. November.. November 11, 2010.. Iran Executes Football Star’s Mistress.. December 1, 2010.. Iran has carried out its 146th execution of the year by killing the mistress of a prominent footballer for the 2002 murder of his wife, state media says.. 40-year-old Shahla Jahed was hanged in Tehran for stabbing to death the wife of 1980s football star Nasser Mohammadkhani, the woman s lawyer told Irna news agency.. Mohammadkhani, who had been in a so-called temporary marriage with Jahed, reportedly attended the execution, the BBC reported.. International human rights groups had campai..

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  • Title: Ирак най-накрая „сглоби” правителство
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  • Title: News for 2009 year
    Descriptive info: News for 2009 year.. Year 2009.. Порочната практика – начисляване на допълнителна сметка за.. October 12, 2009.. В масовия случай на корекция на сметка от Е.. ОН , ЧЕЗ или ЕВН твърдят, че клиентът е ползвал неправомерно електрическа енергия.. В тези случаи се начислява допълнително количество т.. н.. служебна електрическа енергия, която реално не е доставена и потребена от абоната.. За стойността на това количество електроразпределителното дружество издава фактура и претендира обикновено значителна сума пари.. Основният проблем в случая е, че на хо..

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