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  • Title: L-Ornithine Supplements: Welcome
    Descriptive info: .. L-Ornithine Supplements.. L-ornithine and L-arginine.. L-ornithine and L-arginine are two amino acids which are often used by bodybuilders and those in the fitness industry to improve how their bodies produce muscle.. Both supplements encourage the body to produce more of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and will encourage the body to metabolise fat into muscle when used in conjunction with a robust exercise and weight lifting routine.. L-ornithine is mostly used because it helps the body to produce HGH which will lead to increased muscle size and strength.. However it also has other benefits including wound healing, collagen production and the synthesis of protein.. Ornithine Transcarbamylase Deficiency.. People who have problems with their urea cycle will have an ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency.. This is considered a genetic disorder, which people are deficient in an enzyme in their cycle.. People who experience problems with their cycle will have an increased concentration of ammonia in their urine, rather than urea.. When the enzyme is missing in the bloodstream, nitrogen converts over to ammonia.. When a high concentration of ammonia enters the bloodstream, it will severely damage the brain or cause the person s death.. This is how the deficiency affects people.. The nitrogen converts into ammonia, rather than converting into urea and properly disposed of through the kidneys and bladder.. L-ornithine Aspartate Decarboxylase and Ketoglutarate.. Researchers attempting to find an effective treatment for hepatic encephalopathy incorporated L-ornithine L-aspartate (LOLA) in tests because it  ...   if intake is kept at reasonable levels.. Ornithine Aspartate Decarboxylase and Ketoglutarate.. When people experience high ammonia levels in their blood stream, they will need to take a medication that counteracts the making of ammonia.. People often are missing an enzyme to help convert the nitrogen into urea.. People will experience negative health effects if they do not control the ammonia concentration in their blood.. They will often take ornithine aspartate daily to prevent ammonia production.. This medicine has recently been approved for use in the United States.. People in Europe have used the medicine for years to treat high concentrations of ammonia in the body.. People who take this medicine will mix one teaspoon in one glass of juice or water.. This helps bodies absorb the medicine quicker than if it was in a time-released capsule.. Ornithine Lysine and Arginine.. Ornithine is an amino acid found in fish, meat, eggs, and dairy, but the body also produces it when arginine is metabolized, producing urea.. The two amino acids are believed to aid muscle building in the body because they increase growth-promoting hormones.. Ornithine aspartate appears to offer some improvement in brain abnormalities caused by liver cirrhosis.. Clinical testing against a placebo showed significant improvement for those taking ornithine aspartate in both blood tests and liver function.. Ornithine Retailers:.. Other Resources:.. L-Arginine Supplements.. Serine Supplements.. Ornithine Information.. L-Ornithine L-Aspartate Research.. Acetyl-L-Ornithine.. Terms of Use.. |.. Link to Us.. 2012 L-Ornithine.. net..

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  • Title: L-Ornithine.net
    Descriptive info: Thank you for visiting our L-Ornithine.. net website today.. This site provides information and lists various resources but it is still very new.. Please have some patience whilst we build and get better.. If you have any suggestions or comments, then please email us at.. designs@internet-heaven.. co.. uk.. --  ...   spamming, we are working on the captcha:.. Your Email:.. Message:.. =.. ">.. We sometimes have variants of this domain which can be bought in a batch such as:.. www.. l-ornithine.. net.. ornithine.. uk.. org.. l-lysine.. l-valine.. llysine.. lornithine.. Back.. Other links that may be for sale:.. Other websites of interest:..

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  • Title: L-Ornithine.net: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: If you want to contact the owners of L-Ornithine.. net in relation to the website, then please email our technical helpdesk at..

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  • Title: L-ornithine and L-arginine from L-Ornithine.net
    Descriptive info: This amino acid metabolises to become L-arginine in the body.. L-arginine is used to help rid the body of waste products, in particular ammonia.. It is due to the protein building effects of this as a supplement that it is used in the fitness arena.. It is known to create creatine in the body which in turn helps in production of HGH.. This amino acid can be found in protein foods such as meat, nuts and dairy products, but can also be found in a number of supplements.. It has been suggested that L-arginine can offer benefits such as protection from colds, heart failure, dementia, high blood pressure, migraines and erectile dysfunction.. It is also said to boost the immune system and improve performance generally.. If L-arginine is taken in large doses over long periods of time is can cause problems such as indigestion, nausea, bloating, allergies and low blood pressure.. It is not recommended that people who suffer from heart conditions or those with diabetes should take L-arginine as a supplement.. Safe levels are usually found in food.. So why exactly would both of these amino acids be useful when you are wanting to build a better body or get fitter?.. Because L-ornithine becomes L-arginine in the body we will deal  ...   HGH, as L-ornithine promotes the release of more of this hormone, it is thought the ageing process could be slowed if regular doses of the amino acid are taken.. When taking L-ornithine supplements it is recommended that they are taken in the evening as the the body produces more HGH during the hours of sleep.. It is also recommended that L-arginine is taken at the same time as the two amino acids work together to enhance the effectiveness of each other.. Generally supplements of 500mg to 2g are taken each evening.. It is not recommended that more than 10g is taken in one day as this can lead to minor stomach upsets.. It is also not recommended for pregnant women.. While the body is very good at regulating how much of these two amino acids are present, there are times when the body can be depleted of L-arginine and L-ornithine and supplementation can be useful.. Clearly the benefits for those who want to build muscles have already been discussed.. But it is also useful to know that supplementation may help when the body is under attack from infections and injuries and even burns and after operations.. Before taking supplements of this nature it is wise to consult your doctor.. OTHER RELATED ARTICLES:..

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  • Title: Ornithine Transcarbamylase Deficiency from L-Ornithine.net
    Descriptive info: Patients who have this disorder need to be treated before permanent damages start to occur in the body.. This disorder also can cause mental injuries, and behavioral disorders.. In several cases, people will enter into a coma, or they will die from the disorder.. This disorder is commonly found in children.. Many of the symptoms will not show up until they are several years old.. Kids who have the disorder often exhibit erratic behavior, they try to injure themselves, and they will not eat meat or other foods that are high in protein.. Children also can experience fatigue, as well as vomiting up their food after they eat.. If children are not diagnosed early enough, they will have permanent damage, or they could die.. When children experience these symptoms after they were ill, parents should bring their child to the doctor for an exam.. There have been cases where children are diagnosed with this disorder after they recovered from a variety of illnesses.. Some of the illnesses include: chickenpox, strep throat, or  ...   There are also foundations that parents can go to talk with other parents who have went through the process with their child.. There are children who experience many episodes throughout their life, and they need to take medication to get rid of the ammonia in their bloodstream before it causes damage.. When parents have children who are experiencing symptoms of ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency, they can find several associations online to read about the disorder.. Many children start to feel symptoms of this disorder when they are in early childhood.. They may experience vomiting, fatigue, or behavioral disorders.. When children are undiagnosed, they may go into a coma, or even die from the disorder.. Parents can find a lot of support groups online to talk to other families who have children with this disease.. People can control this disease by taking medication to eliminate the high concentrations of ammonia in the bloodstream.. There are doctors and scientists who work at institutes who are developing new treatment options for people who have this disease..

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  • Title: L-ornithine Aspartate Decarboxylase and Ketoglutarate from L-Ornithine.net
    Descriptive info: Another important use for alpha-ketoglutarate is to help kidney patients process protein while they receive hemodialysis.. Decarboxylase is the noun for the chemical reaction of decarboxylation, which releases carbon dioxide.. Alpha-ketoglutarate is often used by athletes to improve their performance.. Nutritional supplements with alpha-ketoglutaric acid are considered a diet additive for athletes in training, because it is known to reduce extra ammonia in the body.. This supposition is based on the studies of hemodialysis patients, which are the only clinical findings on the subject.. Alpha-ketoglutarate is used often in hospitals by way of an IV during heart surgery and afterwards.. During surgery it aids with blood flow problems that can cause injury to the heart.. Afterwards, it prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue.. Alpha-ketoglutarate uses several pathways to assist in making muscle and healing wounds.. Tests among those hospitalized for cancer, burns, trauma, surgery, or generalized infections have indicated that ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate has been beneficial in treatment.. Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate was shown to aid elderly patients recovering from several acute illnesses.. Those taking the supplement had a large improvement in weight gain, appetite, and quality of life compared to others  ...   expand to the elderly more because of findings in research.. The next group is the body builder set; they see the positive aspects of having a little added pep that provides an advantage in training.. The expulsion of excess ammonia is one attractive part of the process.. Actually, if the preliminary findings remain true, use of supplements of this type might prove to be good for almost everyone.. It is a little early to draw too many conclusions from the information that is available, and there is not enough long term study to verify that all the current information will have far-reaching effects.. Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate is used routinely by hospitals in France for patients with surgery or wounds to decrease recovery times.. OKG, as it is termed, provides a body building food.. The French consider it a medicine that increases muscle mass, endurance, and energy; at the same time, it inhibits fatigue, fat build up, and muscle breakdown.. Doctors in several countries are considering OKG as a prevention from muscle wasting or loss of weight in patients who have lost appetite due to sickness, aging, depression, gastroenteritis, and even cancer..

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  • Title: Ornithine and Arginine Benefits from L-Ornithine.net
    Descriptive info: One singular study did reflect increased growth hormone levels when ornithine was taken orally at very high amounts (13 grams daily), but there were also some digestive system side effects associated with this elevated usage.. Another study indicated leaner body mass and increased strength after five weeks of controlled usage (1 gram daily of both ornithine and arginine).. A separate test group was given a placebo and participated in the same exercises, but did not experience the same strength and body mass results.. Body builders are frequent users of the arginine and ornithine combination.. Not only does it help them build muscle mass through intensive training, it helps individuals prevent muscle loss due to aging.. Ornithine has been used clinically for cancer, trauma, and burn victims and has shown positive results.. Other medical benefits include:.. * helping the elderly recover from acute illnesses more rapidly.. * increase in weight gain, appetite, and life quality for those recovering from infection or illness.. * a decrease in need for certain medications.. * a decrease in wound healing time.. Side Effects.. Studies  ...   to increase HGH (human growth hormone) levels by the pituitary gland, overproduction may also cause swelling of the joints, facial malformation and/or excessive bone growth, insulin resistance, and high blood pressure.. Other Health Benefits of Ornithine and Arginine.. Ornithine is used to help with gallbladder and liver cleansing.. This is because it help produce urea, which flushes toxic substances out of the body.. Research studies indicate this may reduce the occurrence of liver toxins and gallstones.. Ornithine has shown beneficial results in some patients suffering from brain abnormalities caused by cirrhosis of the liver.. The patients taking 18 grams per day of ornithine aspartate experienced improved liver function and blood tests.. Ornithine has also been used on burn patients, and 10-30 gram supplements per day greatly improved burn healing time and decreased the length of hospitalization required.. While supplemental doses of ornithine and arginine have shown to be helpful with specific health conditions, most individuals will get the amounts they need if they eat the daily nutritional requirements of protein from sources such as meat, fish, dairy, and eggs..

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  • Title: Ornithine Aspartate Decarboxylase and Ketoglutarate from L-Ornithine.net
    Descriptive info: The way that ammonia is produced in the body, is during protein digestion.. The liver will clear the bloodstream of ammonia, and excrete it out of the body through the urinary system.. When a person s liver is not functioning properly, or is damaged, the ammonia concentration will build up in the body, which will lead to serious health problems.. High ammonia concentration will start to damage the nervous system, and cause confusion in patients.. People who do not realize they have a high ammonia concentration will often feel disoriented, feel tired all the time, and have muscle weakness.. People will also experience symptoms from kidney failure or liver failure.. People who have a drug or alcohol problem will often have higher ammonia concentrations in their bloodstream.. People that have a drug or alcohol addiction will often go through rehabilitation programs.. This will help clear up their livers and kidneys, and the ammonia level will return to normal levels.. This medication  ...   stages of cirrhosis will take this medication.. Doctors prescribe this medication to treat people who have liver and kidney damage and diseases.. The drug helps to neutralize the ammonia levels that the liver cannot filter out.. Patients who have high levels of ammonia in their blood stream, or have failing livers will take ornithine aspartate to lower ammonia concentrations.. Increased levels of ammonia happens when there is a deficiency in protein digestion.. The ammonia will go through the urinary system after the patient takes the medication.. High ammonia levels in the body will cause permanent damage to the brain and the central nervous system.. People who are not diagnosed with high levels of ammonia will go into a coma, or even die if they are not treated.. If people have a drug and alcohol problem, they need to go to rehab to cure the disease.. This will allow the liver to process the higher concentration of ammonia produced in the body..

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  • Title: Ornithine Lysine and Arginine from L-Ornithine.net
    Descriptive info: Lysine is the only one of the three acids in this combination that isn t produced by the body.. The three are taken in combined supplement form for weight loss because they increase the fat-burning hormones and help more nutrients to be delivered to muscles.. It is believed that taking a supplement with lysine, ornithine, and arginine at the right times and in the right amounts will help dieters lose weight faster when accompanied by exercise and diet.. The combination of ornithine and arginine increases the production of nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels and helps more blood reach the muscles.. Along with the blood, more oxygen and nutrients travel to needed areas.. This is the reason why bodybuilders take supplements of the three amino acids.. At night, the combination of ornithine and arginine increases production of human growth hormone.. This is believed to have benefits for dieters and bodybuilders alike because it is thought HGH (human growth hormone) increases fat burning, muscle building, and slows the aging process.. The third player, lysine, is thought to assist l-arginine in producing even more HGH..  ...   HGH is the wish of many bodybuilders because the natural tendency is for it to go down after adolescence.. Too little HGH causes stunted growth for children, but too much can have the opposite effect.. When HGH suddenly stops, the body can age very quickly.. Having some control over the human growth hormone can be beneficial for many reasons.. All endocrine hormones decrease in production with age, and the same is true with progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, and DHEA.. Because HGH falls into this class, it can change a great deal from age twenty to sixty.. Estimates are that the older person has only 1/4 of the production of the twenty year old.. One of the prime reasons for using the lysine, ornithine, arginine supplement is to reduce aging.. HGH has more effect on slowing aging than any other hormone.. It can reverse some of the symptoms of advanced aging as well as slow it down.. The supplement of the three amino acids should not be seen as a wonder drug, and it should not be taken to excess, any more than other supplements should..

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  • Title: L-Ornithine.net Website Terms of Use/Privacy
    Descriptive info: Terms of Use: We do not claim that the information listed here is correct, up to date or even understandable! It is not advice and we don't vouch for it or any of the sites linked to.. Whilst we would like to think that everything is fine and that this site might be helpful, we are not checking every five minutes to ensure that we have not been hacked or that anything is out of date.. If you are seeing this template Terms page, then we are probably in the middle of developing this domain or repairing it and some or all of it's content may be just junk thrown up as a layout or theme guide for ourselves.. The design and links may also break  ...   bluntly, we have no intention of deliberately trying to mislead you or put you in harms way, but if you cannot take responsibility for your own actions in life then do not use our site.. As for Your Privacy: we collect no more information than most of the other websites you have visited today.. If you do not know how to turn off your cookies and have no idea what a proxy IP address is then I'm not sure exactly what I could say about Privacy that would make much sense.. If you have heard of those things, then you are probably already controlling your privacy so do not need me to explain.. We have some proper-ish terms and conditions.. here.. just in case you're an insomniac..

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  • Title: L-Ornithine.net | Traffic Link Exchange
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