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  • Title: La Esperanza on Cayman Brac, Your Place to Stay
    Descriptive info: .. welcome to.. La Esperanza.. on.. b.. e.. a.. u.. t.. i.. f.. l.. Cayman Brac..

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  • Title: SShow1
    Descriptive info: to.. INTRODUCTION.. Requires a Java Enabled Browser.. home.. intro.. accom..

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  • Title: intro
    Descriptive info: introduction.. contacts.. Guest com.. facilities.. activities.. photos.. links.. I N T R O D U C T I O N.. is an interesting mix of restaurant, bar with entertainment, grocery, car rental, boat dock, 4 apartments and 2 rental homes.. It was first started as a small bungalow-sized gathering place by four friends back in 1986.. It was the only spot for miles around that people could come to, relax in the cool of the evenings, enjoy some 'spirits' and exchange good stories.. Surprisingly, 'Brac' was not particularly well connected with the rest of the world - even then.. There were few telephones, radios and only a handful of televisions in this isolated.. place, so La Esperanza also served as the local information exchange, an absolute necessity during the early days.. Its popularity grew along with its size, but in typical 'island time' (slowly, Mon, slowly), tempered by the tropical breezes, the hypnotic sounds of the sea and the languid pace of life.. And of course, much unlike a larger resort atmosphere, therein lies the basis of its unique charm.. It remains a relatively small and casual place, owned by one of the original friends, Bussy Dilbert and his wife Velma.. It is known for very friendly personalized service, cleanliness,  ...   explorers and brigands for the next 3 centuries.. 'Brac' was not permanently settled until the 1830's, so its relatively brief history is steeped in pirate lore, big storms and the struggle to survive.. Today however, despite its relatively diminutive size (roughly 12 by 1.. 5 miles), 'Brac' is being rediscovered as a place of quiet charm and friendly people as well as a miniature land of.. adventure.. offering superb.. watersports, hiking, rock climbing, caving, birding, fishing, and other activities amidst tropical splendor.. It is far from being crowded, has little traffic (not one stoplight), and is much slower paced than its larger sister island Grand Cayman.. slow.. down,.. enjoy.. yourself.. is a great location from which to base your exploration into all that Cayman Brac has to offer, from quiet days on beautiful beaches to more aggressive sports.. Some reasons why visitors are drawn back to the island and to La Esperanza again and again can be found in the Guest Books in the Apartments and Houses.. Read some of these on the.. Guest Comments Page.. Get an idea on the diversity of things to do while on Cayman Brac on the.. Activities Page.. And lastly.. YOU.. ARE CORDIALLY INVITED.. TO.. COME AND ENJOY CAYMAN BRAC WITH US !.. top..

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  • Title: accommod
    Descriptive info: A C C O M M O D A T I O N S.. ACCOMMODATIONS.. There are 4 apartments and 2 rental homes on the property.. APARTMENTS:.. Each has 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, full kitchen, living room, television, air conditioning, telephone, radio and cassette player / recorder.. HOUSES:.. Each has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, full kitchen, living room, dining room, deck, television, air conditioning, telephone, radio and cassette player / recorder.. ADDITIONALLY.. on the premises:.. washer and dryer facilities, clotheslines, outside shower, gas grilles, hammocks, large shade trees, grounds to wander and beautiful Cayman sunsets.. You might even see a rare Cayman Brac Parrot or Blue Iguana if you  ...   off your shoes, jump into one of our hammocks.. and enjoy Mother Nature's Symphony,.. the sounds of birds and other tropical creatures,.. leaves of sea grape trees rattling in the gentle breezes,.. and the hypnotic hiss of waves breaking on the shore.. *.. Cars can also be rented from La Esperanza !.. TYPE AND STYLE:.. The make and model of available cars depends upon what is on hand at the time of your request.. Generally, they are relatively new ('02 - '05), 4 door, Honda or Diahatsu, in good condition, full of gas and will get you where you want to go.. Contact us for arrangements.. RATE:.. $40.. 00 per day..

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  • Title: facilities
    Descriptive info: F A C I L I T I E S.. FACILITIES.. The RESTAURANT.. We offer a choice of many entrees and side dishes, featuring.. fresh catches, conch fritters, shrimp, lobster, turtle, fish and chips, steak.. and of course.. Bussy's famous Jerk Chicken.. on Friday and Saturday nights.. Hamburgers, fried chicken, salads, fries, ice cream.. and Velma's mouth watering.. Key Lime Pie.. are all favorites.. Its your choice of seating,.. inside.. ,.. outside.. along the seaside terrace, or.. over the water.. on the new covered pier (the perfect place for enjoying those spectacular Cayman sunsets).. The LOUNGE and OUTSIDE BAR.. There's an.. inside lounge.. with complete bar, TV, juke, pool tables and sea side decor.. Any and all drinks are available at almost any time.. There's also a stand up.. outside bar.. , always action found here and the location of rather raucous gatherings on Friday and Saturday nights.. The BAYSIDE GROCERY.. The latest addition to an ever-growing facility, this is more than a.. grocery store.. It is that plus.. general merchandise, white goods,  ...   the island, it owns beachfront property on the south side as well, and patrons are welcome to use it.. One needs a car to get there, however rides can be arranged with the management.. It is worth it.. There are shade trees, sea grape trees and cocoanut palms, picnic tables, continuous breezes and a beautiful, pristine.. white sandy beach.. to be found here.. It is seemingly remote and one can become immersed in complete.. solitude.. Snorkeling and diving.. can be enjoyed directly offshore.. Also very close to this location are two Cayman Island.. Nature Tourism Sites.. designated by the government to provide visitors access to some of the natural wonders of the island.. The Marshes.. , an intensive bird watching location, is just 50 yards west along South Shore Road from the Private Beach.. The Westerly Ponds are further west near the airstrip (photo).. Another site, one of the designated hiking trails known as.. Rock Road.. is about 100 yards east from the beach.. The.. Bats Cave.. is about 3/8 mile east as well..

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  • Title: activities
    Descriptive info: A C T I V I T I E S.. ACTIVITIES.. A new book.. -.. Adventuring on Cayman Brac.. - see below.. !!.. A STEP BACK IN TIME.. Life on Cayman Brac has been described as a.. remnant of earlier times.. The island was first settled in the 1830's by three pioneering families from Grand Cayman, and in a recent census, there were just over 1800 people counted as residents of the Brac.. They share 15 square miles of interesting land that makes up the island, living unhurried, peaceful and prosperous lives without air pollution, traffic congestion and the constant demands and stress found throughout much of the world.. Historically, it can be said that Brac remained unconnected from the rest of the world until 1937 when the first wireless transmitting station was installed.. The first airstrip was not built until 1957 and there was no public electricity on the island until 1960.. When one thinks about it, things like this contributed to the.. very unique charm one finds here today.. The resulting.. tranquil style of life.. sets the mood for enjoying.. rest and relaxation.. to its fullest extent (don't worry, if you must engage the modern world, the latest technology for internet access is close at hand).. One can further appreciate the rather brief (human) evolution of this special place by visiting the.. Cayman Brac Museum.. at Stake Bay.. Much of the.. natural flora.. that has evolved on Brac is identified for you in the.. Community Park.. (iguanas too!) at West End.. NATURAL HERITAGE.. Nature tourists will find heritage sites and walking trails that wind through.. wetlands, tropical forests.. and on beaches to.. birdwatching.. spots, past sinkholes in Karst forestation and to.. caves.. which served as hurricane refuges.. In fact.. 35 nature and heritage tourism trails.. have been opened through the efforts of the.. Sister Island District Administration.. There is a recently dedicated.. Heritage House.. and Interpretive Center near Spot Bay where books on local crafts and history are found and services of.. Nature Guides.. can be obtained.. SAND AND SUNNING.. While much of Brac's shoreline is ironshore, a form of limestone rock, there are.. pristine beaches.. for soaking up the sun and enjoying the tepid Caribbean waters.. One of the best is owned by La Esperanza, so feel free to inquire about it.. There are big shade trees should you need to escape the sun, and just offshore one finds healthy coral formations and plentiful fish.. Of course there are other great beaches.. Just ask for directions.. THRILLS OF THE DEEP.. Snorkeling sites.. are found around the island and one of the best is at our private beach.. Some adventurous souls have gone out the boat slip here at La Esperanza (the photo at left).. Perhaps the most popular sites are found at the.. Buccaneer's Cut.. at West End and.. Radar Reef.. at the end of Kirkconnell Drive in Stake Bay.. In fact the entire north coast of the island offers shallow underwater scenery that is worthy of exploration.. Please bear in mind, one should seek advice from a local or other knowledgeable individual prior to entering unfamiliar water for the first time.. Of course Cayman Brac is a widely coveted.. dive destination.. While there are over 75 established dive sites, much of the underwater terrain remains in very pristine and untouched condition.. There is superb diving from the shore and three operators,.. Brac Reef Divers.. Brac Aquatics.. and.. Dive Tiara.. offer boat trips and instruction.. Dee MacKenzie.. owns the Village Scuba School and specializes in more personalized instruction and guiding.. La Esperanza will either assist in engaging you with these operators, or make arrangements for you.. HIKING.. There are trails that take visitors through wetlands, tropical forests, on beach walks past blowholes, to birdwatching hot spots, along cliff edges, thru tropical forests and over terrain so isolated it might even frighten you.. You can hike near populated areas or not.. Remember it is rugged, uneven ground in  ...   and ask for directions.. CHARTER A BOAT.. You may want to charter a boat with one of the local boat owners and take a.. sightseeing tour by.. water.. around the island.. The area around the Bluff and Northeast Point is particularly fascinating.. Many legends and folk tales have arisen from the sea and the Bluff, and this is a great way to learn about it.. Fishing.. can also be accommodated by one of several local boatmen.. A trip across the water to.. Little Cayman.. is another captivating way to spend a day.. Picnics.. on Little Cayman's 'Point of Sand' and.. snorkeling.. in turquoise blue shallows over there are worthy experiences.. Shelby Scott.. (in the photo) and.. Steve Bodden.. are but two of the friendly captains available.. FLYING CRITTERS.. Patricia Bradley.. (current Director of the Cayman Islands Nature Tourism Program) has several passions, one of which is.. Birds of the Cayman Islands.. - coincidently the title of her beautiful book first published in 1985.. In it, she describes over 200 species of birds that inhabit the Caymans and consequently whets the appetite of any birder, novice or expert.. There are many birdwatching sites.. designated on Cayman Brac such as.. The Westerly Ponds.. on the Southwest end of the island.. Here one can observe the wetland species like Herons, Egrets, Shovelers and Sandpipers.. Parrot Reserve.. is found about 1/2 mile east along Major Donald Drive as one turns east from Ashton Reid Road (Crossover Road) in the middle of the island.. This is the reputed home of the.. Cayman Brac Parrot.. , one of the rarest Amazon parrots in the world, having less than 400 individuals present only on Brac.. Learn more about this bird on the.. Cayman Islands National Trust.. website - Environment Page.. Northeast Point.. is a place to observe another very rare species, the.. Brown Boobie.. Found only on Brac, it can be seen soaring on the ever-present thermals along the seacliffs.. If you are interested in the birds found here, get a copy of Ms.. Bradley's book (usually found at The Treasure Chest in West End).. Its a masterpiece.. Bats.. are the.. only native mammals.. in the Cayman Islands and several Cayman species are found on just a few Caribbean Islands.. Only six species inhabit Cayman Brac.. You can see bats flittering about nearly every evening at dusk, and there are some caves along the Bluff that they stream -or 'emerge' - out of so thickly that it resembles heavy smoke.. This is quite a sight.. As.. Lois Blumenthal.. ( the well known Cayman Islands' bat lady - actually the Bat Conservation Director for the Cayman Islands National Trust) quickly points out, they are.. extremely important in insect control and pollination of many plant species on the islands.. To help perpetuate the species, Bat Houses have been built and placed on Cayman Brac.. Ms.. Blumenthal asks anyone going into caves known as bat habitats to be especially respectful of the bats who live there, especially in the late Spring and Summer months when the mothers are birthing.. Bats at the front of these caves are mostly the.. Common Fruit Bat.. and are fairly tolerant of visitors, while the very deep cave recesses are home to the.. Buffy Flower Bat.. , a very rare bat found only in the Caymans and Jamaica.. This little bat is responsible for the pollination of ALL the impressive cactus and agave plants growing on top of the Bluff and is EXTREMELY INTOLERANT of human disturbance.. For more info on bats, you can Email the Bat Conservation Director at.. ntrust@candw.. ky.. or.. blu@candw.. for copies of materials developed for the public interest.. The bats thank you for your kind attention.. Find out more about all these subjects in a.. new book.. about Cayman Brac entitled.. Adventuring on Cayman Brac:.. A guide to great adventures on this small Caribbean Gem.. Available here (at La Esperanza) or on.. AMAZON.. com.. Read a REVIEW of the book.. HERE..

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  • Title: photos
    Descriptive info: P H O T O G A L L E R Y.. PHOTOGALLERY.. Bussy and Velma Dilbert are your hosts at La Esperanza.. Here Bussy shows off his latest project, the Bayside Grocery.. A 'Cayman Chrysalis'.. great find while beachcombing.. An enthusiastic caver emerging from Neptune's Lair.. Fascinating flowstone draperies deep within Neptunes' Lair.. One of many superb shore dive sites.. can't beat this!!.. Just a scenic shot near La Esperanza.. A view of the Private Beach  ...   time here enjoying the quiet solitude.. There's great sea cliff climbing on the Bluff, that is if you are experienced at the sport.. It's not for the faint of heart.. Gearing up for a night dive near La Esperanza.. The water is usually crystalline clear, offering 150'+ visibility on the average.. Underwater, the scenery is enchanting.. Try Bussy's Reef directly offshore La Esperanza for an excellent mini wall experience.. Just another sunset seen from the La Esperanza Pier..

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  • Title: links
    Descriptive info: L I N K S.. LINKS.. caymanislands.. A great resource for the Cayman Islands in general.. caymannationaltrust.. org.. The organization dedicated to the preservation of the past and promise of the future of the Cayman Islands.. Great information cultural resource.. caymanbrac.. More information on Cayman Brac.. cayman.. Resource  ...   for the Cayman Islands.. Accommodations, gen'l.. info.. , books, business, scuba, trip reports.. Detailed and current.. weather on Brac.. Check out the weather on Brac (Cayman Islands), today and forecasts.. jwharper.. Information on climbing and diving on the Brac.. tradgirl.. More information on climbing, interactive climber's page, cool info..

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  • Title: contacts
    Descriptive info: C O N T A C T U S.. CONTACT US.. P.. O.. Box 28.. Stake Bay.. The Cayman Islands.. BWI.. TEL: 345-948-0591.. FAX: 345-948-0525.. EMAIL:.. lodging@candw..

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  • Title: Guest Comm.
    Descriptive info: G U E S T C O M M E N T S.. GUEST COMMENTS.. I don't want to leave Cayman Brac!.. The snorkeling was awesome! Try the jerk chicken! I will be back soon I hope.. Michael Fish, Tucson, Arizona 8/96.. We didn't know what to expect - what a surprise.. - and the air conditioners work - all of them - and NO Burger King.. Can't say enough about the hospitality of the Dilberts, and their cooking, as well as the rest of the 1200 people here.. Dove with Brac Aquatics, Capt.. Cornell (Burke) is a blast.. Shore diving and snorkeling anywhere is good, particularly good at Buccaneer.. Manuel, Bob, Steve and wives, Boston, Mass.. 7/96.. We had such a good time here on the Brac!.. Enjoyed the sun and parrots.. Saw some neat things in the ocean also.. My first sea turtle and spotted eagle ray.. Had a great time chatting, dancing and eating 'jerking chicken' and Key Lime Pie.. What a treat.. Need the recipe.. Our vacation was wonderful and you two  ...   its even more peaceful.. This week was fantastically relaxing.. Hoping to come back soon.. Isabelle and J.. Claude, Paris, France 1/16/99.. You both have made us feel just like home.. The hospitality and friendliness was great! Food in the refrigerator when we arrived late at night.. many thanks.. Velma's Key Lime Pie - delicious.. I'll never forget drinking from a coconut.. Best jerk chicken.. All the things you did for us we will never forget.. The staff was all so great.. Alot of fun.. You are beautiful people.. We got alot of relaxing time in and the most beautiful place of all was on your beach.. Words could never say how peaceful it was to us.. I think we only missed going over there one day.. The fishing trip was so much fun and learning experiences.. seeing Little Cayman.. the sunsets from your restaurant were delightful.. I could go on and on.. Only wish time didn't go by so fast.. We thank you for a beautiful stay.. Jeff and Shirley, St.. Paul, MN 5/00.. many more later..

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