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  • Title: LifeType | Open Source Blogging Platform
    Descriptive info: .. LifeType is an open-source blogging platform with support for multiple blogs and users in a single installation.. more.. The latest stable version of LifeType is.. 1.. 2.. 11.. Click the link below to download.. Take a look at the.. Release Notes.. Download LifeType.. New version 1.. 11 with a couple fixes was released in January  ...   the release notes page for more details.. LifeType supports multiple blogs and users, media management, generation of standard content, clean URLs and support for subdomains.. LifeType is released under the GPL license, and requires PHP and MySQL to work.. 2013.. LifeType.. All rights reserved.. International.. |.. Germany.. Taiwan.. Russia.. Poland.. Ukraine.. Sitemap.. Contact.. Hosting by Lime Daley..

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  • Title: LifeType Development Journal | Features
    Descriptive info: Features.. Bloggers love it.. Administrators trust it.. Geeks need it.. Demo Site.. Requirements and License.. Need LifeType Hosting?.. User Friendly Interface.. Writing articles is comfortable with the included state of the art.. WYSIWYG.. editor.. Adding pictures and sound files (for.. Podcasting.. ) is just a matter of browse and click.. The Dashboard provides you with all the information you need every time you log in.. Recent articles, comments and.. trackback.. as well as brief statistics get you updated about your blog immediately.. Integrated Media Management.. Podcasting, automatic thumbnail generation, mass uploading of files, a filebrowser and custom descriptions for each file is supported through the administration interface.. Choose your Style.. Looking for a nice design for your weblog? Go check out the many freely available.. templates.. Installation is as easy as uploading a file through your administration interface!.. Add a Feature.. If you're looking for a feature not available with the standard installation, you will probably find it in the.. wiki plugins overview.. , providing you with lots of features (currently ~80 plugins are active for the current release) for you to add in no time.. Some of the most popular are:.. Moblogging.. ,.. Template Editor.. und.. Nested Comments.. Built-in anti-spam Filter.. The built-in bayesian spam filter keeps comments and trackbacks in you blog clean.. And.. comment moderation.. Captchas.. and.. trackback validation.. is available through plugins.. Support for Trackbacks.. Trackback blogs you read by simply linking to them! LifeType will automatically find the trackback URL of the blog you are linking to.. Multiple Users per Blog.. You can easily give your friends permissions to write in your weblog, making collaborative web sites even easier!.. Easy Installation.. The installation wizard will take you through the installation - it's a breeze! And there's no need to edit configuration files, you can control all the settings through the administration interface.. Mobile features.. Are you into moblogging? Do you need to blog wherever you are? Do you need to easily provide low bandwidth versions of your site for mobile devices? Using the appropiate plugins, LifeType becomes the first mobile-ready application of its kind with seamless integration for publishing to and accessing blogs.. Multiple Blogs in one Installation.. With its multi-domain, multi-blog, multi-user setup and strict separation of single weblog administration and overall administration LifeType is ideally suited for blog hosting.. It's all provided through a single installation and one single database.. Central Page for Communities.. Easy 4 step registration  ...   and LifeType will automatically use cruft-free URLs instead of the old style, raw ones.. Nice and Clean Code.. LifeType is based on a.. Model-View-Controller.. framework providing flexibility and scalability.. Documentation is generated with Doxygen and the.. most recent API.. is always available.. Clean Content.. The default templates included in LifeType are.. XHTML 1.. 0.. Strict, and so is the content generated by LifeType.. Worried about generating correct and standard mark-up? Worry no longer!.. Powerful Plugin Framework.. The.. impressive plugin capabilities.. let's you add about any feature you like.. With filters, events, registration of new actions, localization, MVC support (self-contained), perfect integration into the administration interface and template support you can add about any functionality you can think off.. Smarty Templates.. Don't like any of the existing templates? No worries!.. LifeType is built on top of the fantastic.. Smarty template engine.. , providing unprecedented power to template developers without compromising security, since Smarty templates do not allow by default to add potentially dangerous PHP code to our templates.. This is specially important if you use LifeType to provide a blogging service to a community.. XMLRPC.. LifeType supports an.. interface for remote creating and editing articles.. And of course you may ping as many directories as you like with the inbuilt XMLRPC ping service.. XMLRPC pings are enabled/disabled per article.. The kind folks at.. OpenSourceCMS.. have installed a demo version of LifeType that is available to everyone:.. click to visit the demo site.. LifeType requires at least.. PHP.. 4.. 3.. 0 and.. MySQL.. 3.. 23 to run.. Regarding PHP, it is recommended to run the most recent version of either the PHP4 or PHP5 branches.. Apache.. is the preferred via a.. linux hosting.. provider, but LifeType should run fine under.. any web server.. as long as PHP is supported (including Microsoft Internet Information Services).. LifeType has been built on and for Linux and Unix servers, but it will run on the Windows platform without any problem (both under Apache and Microsoft Internet Information Services).. If you are planning to use advanced features such as customized URLs you will need support for ForceType in your Apache configuration.. If you are planning to use the subdomains feature, you will need a domain configured to accept wildcard subdomains (unless you want to manually add each subdomain record, not recommended for public blog hosts) as well as a correctly configured Apache server.. LifeType is licensed under the.. GNU General Public License..

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  • Title: LifeType Development Journal
    Descriptive info: LifeType 1.. 11 released.. 13.. Jan.. 2011.. See the.. release notes.. page for more details.. Releases.. Comments (0).. Trackbacks (0).. 10 released.. 27.. 2010.. One significant security bug in 1.. 9 (and all previous versions) forced us to release yet another release in the 1.. x series.. Check out the.. Release notes.. for more details.. Someday we'll kill off this 1.. 2 branch and get to the fun 2.. 0 stuff.. Update: 01/27/2010, 7PM EST: If you already grabbed the release, please see the.. release note on sourceforge.. regarding an updated file for a quick bug fix.. 9 released.. 9.. Sep.. 2009.. Lifetype 1.. 9 is primarily a security release, but also a large handful of smaller bugs that were fixed while waiting for 2.. 0 to be release.. Official release notes and download page.. Important notes with this release:.. If you (or one of your users) is using a login that is on the forbidden_username list, you should remove that username from the forbidden list, otherwise that user will not be able to upgrade after installing 1.. 9.. Comprehensive Security Review on Lifetype 1.. Jun.. 2008.. We are in the process of doing a comprehensive review and rework of our input validation framework for the upcoming 1.. 9 release.. We advise you to not update directly from the 1.. 2 branch in our SVN repository as we may leave it in an unstable state for a couple of days.. Please wait until we release 1.. 9 before you update again from the 1.. 2 branch.. If you don't know about Subversion (SVN) and usually upgrade your installation from released packages, you don't have to worry.. We will announce the next realease as usual.. Thank you for your understanding and have fun!.. Development.. Comments (2).. 8 released.. May.. 8 is another security release fixing an.. XSS vulnerability.. , a problem with category search in the admin interface and some more minor bugfixes (please have a look at the release notes for details).. Official release notes.. Download.. These are the links to the full Lifetype 1.. 7 packages:.. 8 (.. tar.. bz2).. gz).. zip).. If upgrading from Lifetype 1.. 7, there are packages available which only include new or modified files and will allow you to upgrade from Lifetype 1.. 7.. only.. These packages can.. not.. be used to upgrade from 1.. 1.. x or any other 1.. x release:.. Lifetype upgrade package from 1.. 7 (.. Comments (1).. 7 released.. 30.. Mar.. 7 is primarily a security release, though a number of issues with resources have been fixed as well.. 6, there are packages available which only include new or modified files and will allow you to upgrade from Lifetype 1.. 6.. 2 release:.. 6 (.. Comments (3).. 6 released.. 23.. 6 is the latest maintenance release of the 1.. 2 branch and though we said that 1.. 5 was as rock-solid as it gets , there continued to be a number of improvements and at least one significant bug fix.. There haven't been very many support requests on the forums and we attribute that to the success of the 1.. 5 release.. This release just adds icing to the cake.. These are the links to the full LifeType 1.. 6 packages:.. 5, there are packages available which only include new or modified files and will allow you to upgrade from Lifetype 1.. 5.. x or 1.. 2 to 1.. 6:.. 5 (.. 5 released.. 29.. Oct.. 2007.. Release notes for Lifetype 1.. Description.. 5 is the latest maintenance release of the 1.. 2 branch and after five maintenance releases, this is as stable and rock-solid as it gets.. Continuing with the trend started in the 1.. 2 branch, Lifetype 1.. 5 delivers a couple of minor new features and some polish under the hood, specially concerning the API.. We have noticed that as of late, there has been a somewhat remarkable increase of support issues and bug reports related to the API, so it finally seems like users and developers have started to realize the potential  ...   ratio and using the GD backend.. An important issue that was allowing spam comments to be saved to the database instead of being rejected as spam has also been fixed has also been fixed.. This is the full list of issues fixed in Lifetype 1.. 5, extracted from the project's.. bug tracking system.. :.. 1359.. : Fix for Blogs::getAllBlogs().. 1366.. : Files uploaded to the wrong destination when using the API.. 1367.. : Default article category not working.. 1141.. : Backslashes getting filtered.. 1356.. : Font options greyed out after preview.. 1376.. : Joomla user data provider not working with Joomla older than 1.. 13.. 1382.. : In the edit categories menu, a 0 is shown incorrectly if there aren't any published articles in a category.. 1380.. : Conditionally show categories on the main page is broken.. 1386.. : Spammers are able to post comments even if comments are disabled for a particular post.. 1387.. : comments with article_id = 0 created by some spam bots.. 1392.. : PluginTemplatedView not using cache anyway.. 1395.. : BlogNameValidator() will cause add blog error even the Chinese blog name is valid.. 1396.. : Templates directory hardcoded in baserequestgenerator.. class.. php.. 1400.. : PDbResultSet::GetArray() missing.. 1409.. : Problems displaying article categories.. 1413.. : Dots as part of a category name do not work with custom URLs.. 1407.. : final_size_thumbnail is calculated wrong.. 5-beta available.. 10.. We released a beta version of the newest bugfix release of the 1.. We've upgraded TinyMCE to 2.. 2, worked out some annoying little issues related to using backslashes as part of post contents and fixed a few more minor issues, all to make Lifetype 1.. 5 an even more stable and fine release for our users.. A more detailed list of fixes and improvements will be provided when the final release is available, but in the meantime you can check the list in the project's.. bug tracker.. : go to the.. view issues.. section of our bug tracker and select Fixed 1.. 5 as the filter.. Packages containing the full Lifetype 1.. 5-beta release are available by following the links below:.. 5-beta (.. If you're already running Lifetype 1.. 4, it is possible to upgrade using an incremental release:.. 5-beta upgrade package from Lifetype 1.. Please report any issues with this beta via the project's.. , or feel free to discuss any topic in the.. project's forums.. If there are no major issues reported related to this release, a final release of Lifetype 1.. 5 will take place during the next few days.. Best Open Source Social Networking CMS - Vote for Us!.. 14.. Packt Publishing is hosting the 2007 Open Source CMS Awards and LifeType made it to the final in the category.. Best Open Source Social Networking CMS.. We have some serious competition in our group: Drupal and Wordpress.. (Although I don't think Wordpress can be considered Social Networking CMS as it's only a single blog installation, but that's another story.. ;-).. Please help us win the contest and.. vote for us.. (fill in your name and e-mail in the top right corner).. General.. Success Stories.. 2.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 11.. 12.. 15.. 16.. Next.. Help the project!.. Search.. Recently.. Roadmap.. Lifetype tidbits.. Forum Maintenance.. 4 released - UPDATED.. , Lifetype!.. Categories.. Media News.. CVS Nightlies.. Archives.. January 2011.. [1].. January 2010.. September 2009.. June 2008.. May 2008.. March 2008.. January 2008.. October 2007.. [2].. September 2007.. July 2007.. [4].. June 2007.. [7].. May 2007.. April 2007.. [3].. March 2007.. February 2007.. [5].. January 2007.. December 2006.. November 2006.. October 2006.. September 2006.. August 2006.. July 2006.. June 2006.. May 2006.. April 2006.. March 2006.. January 2006.. December 2005.. November 2005.. September 2005.. August 2005.. July 2005.. [6].. June 2005.. May 2005.. March 2005.. February 2005.. January 2005.. December 2004.. November 2004.. September 2004.. August 2004.. July 2004.. June 2004.. May 2004.. April 2004.. March 2004.. February 2004.. January 2004.. December 2003.. November 2003.. October 2003.. September 2003.. August 2003.. [11].. July 2003.. [13].. Syndication.. RSS 2.. 0 Feed.. Releases RSS 2..

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  • Title: LifeType Development Journal | Downloads
    Descriptive info: Downloads.. LifeType Packages.. Plugins.. Template Sets.. Development Versions.. Other Downloads.. All downloads are available via sourceforge.. net:.. LifeType Downloads.. Please visit the.. plugins overview.. in the wiki.. All available plugins are documented and downloadable there.. While we maintain a.. template overview.. in the wiki, you may find other sources for LifeType templates or like to.. design your own.. The current development version is.. LifeType 2.. To take the current development version for a  ...   Subversion repository.. Keep in mind, that the development version is not meant for use in production and any snapshot may or may not work out of the box.. Spread the word! Spread LifeType!.. This is a list of promotional buttons, grafics, presentations etc.. Please feel free to use them to promote LifeType on your Website or in your presentations:.. LifeType Buttons.. Flash demo of some of the features in 1.. 1 and above..

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  • Title: LifeType Development Journal | Development
    Descriptive info: Documentation.. Joining the team.. Beta releases.. Keeping in touch.. The LifeType API is available for developers at.. http://www.. lifetype.. net/api.. This documentation was generated by.. Doxygen.. based on the comments in the code by the developers.. The documentation is organized in packages in which classes that share a certain functionality are grouped.. The class documentation is also cross-referenced with the actual PHP code.. Joining the Team.. For those users wishing to help the project grow, you may want to contribute with some of your time.. There is no need to be a developer or an HTML expert, there are lots of other ways to contribute to the LifeType project! We need translators, artists, designers, people lending a hand in the forums and of course, developers.. If you think you can help, please drop us a line at.. contact_AT_LifeType.. net.. or in the forums.. If you want to join the team as a developer and don't know where to start, take a look at the.. API documentation.. and at our.. bug-tracking system.. (.. ).. Beta versions of LifeType are released on a per-needed basis, usually in the last steps of a new release.. Users interested in running the latest development version of LifeType can also download and update the code from the.. The Subversion repository.. Getting a client.. The LifeType project uses.. Subversion.. as  ...   folder and it will usually contain the most recent version of the data.. branches.. : contains any code that was branched from the main trunk.. Beta versions and maintenance releases are usually developed as.. tags.. Whenever a new release is made, a new tag will be created in this folder.. A.. tag.. is a snapshot of the repository at a certain point in time.. This allows to easily retrieve previous versions of LifeType.. Checking out and updating the code.. The following command will checkout the code from the trunk/ folder:.. svn checkout http://devel.. net/svn/plog/plog/trunk.. If you wish to check out a certain branch or tag, replace /trunk with /branch/branch-name or /tags/tag-name:.. net/svn/plog/plog/tags/lifetype-1.. In order to update your local copy of the repository, run the following command in the same folder where the code was checked for the first time:.. svn update.. Please see.. the wiki page on Subversion.. for more information.. Keeping in Touch.. The best way to keep in touch with the developer is to join the project.. mailing lists.. If you are also interested in getting a message every time a change is made to the Subversion repository, it is highly recommended that you join the plog-svn mailing list.. LifeType was once called pLog, hence the word pLog is still around here and there.. Read why the project changed its name..

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  • Title: LifeType Development Journal | Support
    Descriptive info: Support.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Forums.. Wiki.. Bug-tracker.. Mailing Lists.. LifeType Hosting?.. There is a list with the most frequently asked questions.. available in the wiki.. Please check if your problem has already been answered there, it will save us time if we don't have to answer the same question over and over again.. When trying to run the wizard during installation, it doesn't work and I get lots of messages like "fopen(.. /tmp/3f4c7de95a680): failed to open stream: Permission denied", "Smarty error: problem writing temporary file '.. /tmp/3f4c7de95a680'" or "touch(): Unable to create file.. /tmp/wizard^intro.. template because Permission denied".. What can I do?.. How can I recover my password?.. I can't see the icons in the visual HTML editor after installing!.. How can users register a Blog on my System?.. Why can't I add new template files?.. I get "There was no resource file uploaded" when adding a new resource.. I cannot see the graphical editor of posts even though I have set _"Enable WYSIWYG edition of texts"_ to yes in my blog settings.. When I try to add a link using the graphical editor of posts by clicking the button with the anchor icon, I get a pop-up window asking me for a URL but then nothing is added to the text.. The wizard throws the following error  ...   exist!.. How Can I display my pLog blog in non-pLog pages?.. How do I configure support for subdomains?.. How do I configure custom URLs?.. I am using subdomains, can I remove /blog/ from URLs?.. I am getting an error in file XXX line YYY right after installation, why do you guys have broken code?.. Tables don't exist on Fresh Install.. Most of the support in the LifeType project is handled via the forums avaliable at.. forums.. The documentation of the project is maintained in the.. project wiki.. Should you find any bug in a stable or development release of LifeType, please help the project by reporting it via the project's.. Mailing lists are the preferred way to communicate with the developers, although they should not be used for support questions but insted, to discuss other aspects of the project such as new ideas, development issues and so on.. Currently there are two public mailing lists available to everyone:.. plog-general.. plog-svn.. Click the links above to sign up for any of them, follow the instructions and don't forget to reply to the confirmation mail necessary to finish the registration process.. Additional Resources.. These are additional links related to installing and configuring certain features of LifeType:.. Installing and configuring PHP.. Configuring DNS and Apache to support subdomains.. Apache documentation on ForceType..

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  • Title: LifeType Development Journal | About Us
    Descriptive info: Project Statement.. History.. Relationship between LifeType and pLog.. Project Members.. Contributors.. Sponsors.. Contact Us.. The goal of the LifeType project is to create a stable multi-user and multi-blogging platform, to strengthen the concept of communities around blogs.. The LifeType project started in February 2003 when its leader, Oscar Renalias, needed a set of dynamic scripts for his personal web page.. Even though he did not know about the idea of weblogs back then, the outcome of the first iteration of the project already resembled one.. A few weeks later Francesc, another one of the founding members, suggested that developing a blog with support for multiple users and blogs could be a better idea, and so pLog 0.. 1 was released on the 2nd of September 2003 featuring most of the features that are still part of the core features nowadays: multi-user and multi-blog from the ground up, template engine, localizable and extensible via plugins.. pLog 0.. 2 was released on the 9th of November, sporting new search engine-friendly URLS, speed improvements, a better plugin interface and changes in the administration interface.. At this point is where pLog started to gather some interest from the community and when pLog 0.. 3 was released later on March 2004, it was warmly received by the community: it still is the most downloaded pLog/LifeType release ever.. 3 introduced the concept of "resources" and the integration of media files with articles, time differences, an integrated RSS parser and a Bayesian anti spam filter.. 0  ...   thank the attitude of Amazon.. com towards the LifeType project.. Where others would have decided to sue an open source project, Amazon.. com decided to work together with us so that we could find a solution that would suit all of us.. And this is how the pLog project became the LifeType project.. Oscar Renalias.. : Lead developer and founding developer.. Francesc Pla.. : Main project advisor and project co-founder.. Mark Wu.. : Lead co-developer, expert in encoding and localization issues and current maintainer of the LifeType site for the.. Chinese-speaking community.. Jon Daley.. : Developer and main helping hand in the forums and bug-tracking system.. Michael Erdmann.. : Responsible for marketing and promotion activities mainly in the European area and responsible for the.. de.. site for German users.. Reto Hugi.. : Developer and responsible for marketing and promotion in Switzerland.. Benjamin Krause.. : developer behind the speed improvements during the 1.. 0 and 1.. 1 series.. Paul Westbrook.. : Author of some of the most popular plugins (e.. g.. ValidateTrackback, Akismet, sociable etc.. ).. Su Baochen.. Bradley Liang.. Allan Sun.. Partners Sponsors.. Current hosting services of all LifeType.. net sites is provided by Limedaley.. qDevel has the greatest LifeType-related knowledge, with some of its employees being current or former members of the LifeType projects.. Please get in touch with them if you need any consulting services related to LifeType.. Please contact us at the email address below should you have any more questions related to the project:.. contact@lifetype..

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  • Title: LifeType 1.2.11 released | LifeType Development Journal
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  • Title: Downloads
    Descriptive info: tbd..

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  • Title: LifeType Development Journal | Releases
    Descriptive info: 31.. Jul.. Some of you have been wondering where Lifetype is headed, when the next version will be released or what we've got in the pipeline.. so here you go.. x.. The 1.. x branch of Lifetype will go on as expected, there will be as many maintenance releases as needed as long as there are bugs to fix.. If there is any interesting minor feature that can be implemented, it will be considered but otherwise there will be no major changes.. Lifetype 2.. The next major release will be Lifetype 2.. We had some plans to develop a small 1.. 3 release and then tackle most of the changes below in 2.. 0, but those plans have been scrapped and instead we'll go for a bigger 2.. 0 release.. The major version bump is justified by two important changes that will happen with Lifetype 2.. 0:.. UTF-8.. PHP 5.. First of all, we're moving Lifetype to work internally in UTF-8.. While some of the current translations are already using UTF-8 and the core is able to work fine with it, we're going to have a close look at it and make sure that it all works as expected.. Also most of the western languages (English, French, Spanish, etc) are still using ISO-8859-1 as the character encoding and while this means that the ugprade process from the previous version will be a bit more challenging than usual, it also means one single encoding will be able to support all current and future translations.. With full support for PHP 5, Lifetype is finally entering the 21st century as far as programming languages are concerned.. While old code will not be rewritten unless strictly necessary, developers are now free to utilize any of the new language features provided by PHP 5.. The minimum required version for which we are developing is.. , as that is considered by the development team the first truly usable version of PHP 5.. The two features outlined above have little or no effect on end users, so this is what we have planned for them in Lifetype 2.. Integrated friends list and private messaging.. Integration with Google Maps.. Ajaxification.. and clean-up of the user interface.. The integrated friends list will allow users to keep a list of their friends within a Lifetype community, much like LiveJournal does.. Additionally, users will be able to exchange private messages with each other, and we're hoping that these features will increase the interactions between users and help grow the feeling of community.. Also, thanks to the integration with Google Maps users will be able to tag their posts, blogs and files with geographical information (known as.. geotagging.. ) All you need to do is get a Google Maps API key and Lifetype will take care of the rest.. Last but not least, we're also  ...   good, but there's still a lot to do and we're in no hurry anyway: Lifetype 1.. x is now rock solid, offers a pretty good amount of functionality and we're committed to provide as many maintenance releases of the 1.. x branch as needed.. In the meantime if you'd like to help us develop Lifetype 2.. 0, we've created a.. 0 TODO list.. in the wiki including most of the open items so far.. Have a look at it.. and if you think you can help us,.. let us know.. Otherwise in case you're just interested to see how things are coming along, the code in.. in our.. is perfectly usable at the moment and things like the friends list, the Google Maps integration and about 50% of the interface has already been.. ajaxified.. After Lifetype 2.. It's still early to say what will happen after Lifetype 2.. 0 and to provide a list of potential features would be foolish.. We.. have a bunch of things in our roadmap that would be good to have but that have not been assigned to any release.. , so some or all of those could potentially end up being implemented in Lifetype 2.. We'd also like to hear feedback from our users because after all we're doing this for you guys, so please make sure that you use.. any.. of the.. suitable.. channels.. to send us your feedback!.. Problems with TinyMCE in Lifetype 1.. 3, hotfix and updated packages available.. Those who upgraded to Lifetype 1.. 3 and who use Internet Explorer for their browsing needs, will have probably noticed by now that the TinyMCE editor used in the New Post and Edit Post page is.. gone.. Unfortunately a bug slipped in the code during the 1.. 3 development cycle, the bug went unnoticed during our testing and it was part of the final release.. This issue also affected Safari but not Firefox.. Those who downloaded Lifetype 1.. 3 before the June, 11th at 22:00 GMT need the following hotfix.. The hotfix has been tested and verified to work:.. lifetype-1.. 3-visual-editor-hotfix-20070611.. zip.. Just unzip the file into the root folder of your Lifetype installation, it should overwrite a bunch of.. js files in the js/tinymce/plugins/ folder.. Just to make sure, please reset your browser s cache before testing if it works.. If you downloaded Lifetype 1.. 3 after 22:00 GMT on the 11th of June, you do not need the hotfix above.. The download packages have been patched and uploaded again to Sourceforge.. net with the same version number:.. 3 (.. The ugprade packages from Lifetype 1.. 2 have also been upgraded:.. LifeType upgrade package from 1.. 2 (.. We apologize for any problems this may have caused to you and your users.. We will do our best to improve our pre-release testing processes from now on..

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  • Title: LifeType Development Journal
    Descriptive info: Trackbacks for article: ".. "..

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