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    Descriptive info: .. KingJesusTheChrist.. com.. o o.. Update.. Sept.. 29, 2012.. JesusChristUSA.. Site started Jan 31, 2009.. JesusChristEurope.. KingJesusChrist.. org.. net.. KingJesus.. info.. ws.. us.. KingJesusNet.. ChristJesus1.. JesusChrist1.. JesusTheChrist.. o o o.. KingYeshua.. YeshuaTracts.. MessiahTracts.. YeshuaMessiah1.. Yeshua1.. Messiah1.. JesusChristBooklets.. JesusChristPamphlets.. JesusChristTracts.. YeshuaMessiahTracts.. QUESTIONS & ANSWERS.. IMPORTANT QUOTATIONS.. MORE INFO IN OUR TEACHING TRACTS.. A.. DAILY BIBLE SCRIPTURES PASSAGE / MESSAGE.. & (NEW) A.. DAILY PROPHETIC-WARNING QUOTATION / ALARM.. !!.. FCBH STREAMING BIBLE PLAYER.. IS HERE & OUR OWN.. AUDIO-VISUAL BIBLE (KJV).. ALSO !.. Our.. IS ONLINE FOR FREE USE.. And Right On This Page, Via FCBH Net Technology,.. Our New.. BIBLE PLAYER STREAMS COMPLETE NEW TESTAMENT AUDIO BIBLES.. In 400+ Languages!.. You Will Find.. CRUCIAL INFO.. For All Truth-Seekers In 34 Vital Question-Answer Items Posted Here:.. READ.. Our Answers Page Called ".. QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ABOUT THE KING OF THE UNIVERSE.. "!.. +.. More.. For Bible-Believers In Over 23 Vital Quote-Sections Posted Here:.. Our Warnings Page Called ".. FOR THIS TIME OF CRISIS.. READERS' ADVISORY:.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BOOKS.. ,.. GREAT BOOKS, VIDEOS, & AUDIOS.. King Jesus Christ.. net.. Visit also.. Wild Bill For America.. 's.. YouTube videos channel.. ;.. he's a Christian law enforcement officer & a.. conservative Christian political activist.. ,.. a brilliant & witty speaker with a Bible-college degree.. !.. You can listen to audio of Wild Bill's YouTube videos by just clicking on the pictures below.. Reverend Don Hamer.. 's factual expose in.. the.. "7 Reasons Why Barack Obama Is Not A Christian".. videos,.. made for the.. Christian Anti-Defamation Commission.. site,.. have been posted on the.. DefendChristians.. site for about 3 years already.. I'm now also posting the audio from his "7 Reasons" series.. here as well, because I'm sure a lot of Christians.. STILL have never yet seen/heard these,.. even today, in Sept.. 2012.. !.. 1960 - 2007:.. This space is reserved for Current News, Announcements, Editorials, & Opinions of the Owner / Netmaster of this site:.. My prayer for the USA in these last months of 2012:.. In 2012, let us see Bible-believing Christians, Catholics & Jews (& a lot of Mormons too) uniting against Democrat tyranny for the sake of liberty and the rescue of America.. In 2012, let former Democrat voters cease being deceived by the atheistic radicals, atheistic socialists, & atheistic Marxist Communists who have dominated their political party (and the mainstream news media) ever since the 1960's.. Let lots of awakened Democrats & Independents, filled with revulsion and disgust by the atheistic & Marxist antics of the Democratic Party, choose to vote only for Republicans on Nov.. 6.. This time, in Nov.. 2012, let the USA's people definitively SAY NO TO THE DOMINEERING DEMOCRATS & THEIR DICTATORIAL KING OBAMA.. Triune Lord God YHWH, let our nation's people repent of all such Godlessness, of all such Satanic subversion of the US Constitution & the current sedition carried out by radical liberals and atheistic Democrats who currently control the Democrats' Party.. and let the USA be turned around before it's too late.. Let the USA be "fundamentally de-transformed" from this attempted Marxist takeover, and let the USA be returned to our God-given freedoms & a Bible-based culture before the Triune YHWH God's judgments start coming down upon the USA.. No more of this atheistic "fundamental transformation" of the US into a statist Tyranny.. No more totalitarian statism dominating & persecuting Bible-believers in the US.. No more Democrat tyranny over the US government & our people.. Their atheistic liberal "utopia" will never exist here.. and it's not what we need or want!.. No more of their Liberal Fascism!.. No more open invitations to Marxist nations & Islamic nations which now desire to invade & seize control of a Democrats-weakened USA.. No more will we be slaves for Caesar.. We'll reclaim our God-birthed freedom, before Democrats can bring utter disaster upon the US in the year 2013.. Or else, their last big repercussion on the US will be that their Machiavellian machinations must bring the Triune YHWH God's final judgments upon an unrepentant population in the very near future.. No more shall we allow a Marxist takeover of America to be engineered by atheistic Evolutionists.. No more rejection of the Bible & the Bible's God.. No more glorification of idolatry, of covetousness & of unrepentant immorality.. No more empowerment of a Democratic Party that endorses paganism, taxpayer-financed abortions, sexual immorality & unrepentant sin at every level of society and government.. No more tyrannical rule by atheists, Marxists, radicals & Democrats in our freedom-loving USA.. May the socialist radicals, the atheistic Marxists & the Islamic supremacists lose completely their grip on the USA.. Let them also lose their long-held grip on Britain & Europe, on Australia & New Zealand, on Canada & any other part of the Western world.. Amen; let it be so.. No more shall the USA be ruled by Bible-hating atheists, humanists, Evolutionists.. or by the self-centered idolatry and hedonism of "the New Paganism" that has recently manifested itself in the US.. May the YHWH God of the Holy Bible be our Lord and King again; let this be a Bible-based country again; let His Commandments and laws no longer be mocked by an unrepentant America; and let the Bible-believers of the US all say "Amen.. ".. And let the Bible-believing Christians & Catholics & Messianic Jews cry out with certainty on Nov.. 6 2012.. these ambitious & determined words:.. "No second term for the Democrats' King Obama.. No king but Jesus for us in 2013! No King but Jesus henceforth in the USA!".. I pray all this in the Holy Name of Jesus/Yeshua, my Savior and Lord and my ONLY King.. In His Holy Name I ask this.. Amen.. -- prayer written by Ken Street on Aug.. 11, 2012, for posting on all Street Tracts & Jesus Info sites.. "Christians, Silence Is Not An Option".. Christian lawyer Matt Barber.. , a WND columnist, calls upon all pastors to confront assaults on culture and the Christian faith.. written by Matt Barber.. , who wishes this message copied & sent to many Christian pastors all over the USA.. (Matt Barber is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law.. He serves as vice president of Liberty Counsel Action.. ).. With the exception of one column previously penned, I pray this becomes my most widely read to date.. The secular left has mastered use of the Internet to further its extremist goals.. In fact, President Obama s web-based Organizing for America propaganda machine may have given him the 2008 election.. Let s beat them at their own game.. To that end, I have a strange request.. I m asking each God-fearing, freedom-loving American who reads this column to forward it, post it, tweet it, print it out and give it to every pastor, priest or cleric you know.. If you don t know any, give it to someone who does.. Why? I agree with Barack Obama that November 2012 represents the most important election of our lifetimes perhaps our history.. Of course, that s where my agreement with Mr.. Obama both begins and abruptly ends.. Here s the operable question: Do we want America fundamentally transformed to mirror the secular-socialist ideals of the radical leftist currently occupying the White House?.. In Barack Obama s America, individual freedom is trampled beneath jackboots as a matter of course.. It s already happening at an unprecedented rate.. One need only look to the HHS mandate forcing Christian groups both Catholic and Protestant to violate, under penalty of law, biblical prohibitions against abortion homicide.. Or consider recent attempts by multiple elected officials, all Democrats, to shutdown Chick-fil-A a private, Christian-owned business simply because its leadership holds the biblical view of marriage.. Is this George Washington s America, or Joseph Stalin s Russia?.. It s definitely not your father s USA.. Instead, wouldn t we prefer the America envisioned by our Founding Fathers? A constitutional republic wherein individual liberty whether economic, First Amendment or Second Amendment-related is sacrosanct and off limits?.. Pastors, you re it.. You re our front line of defense.. It s up to you to rally the troops.. Now begins the second American Revolution and, as with the first, it s on you men of the cloth to take the lead.. That is, if you hope to remain free to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.. Speaking of chicken: In recent years there s been an epidemic of cultural inaction exhibited by far too many ministers of the gospel.. It s fear-based.. Oh, I don t talk about political issues, they say.. You know, separation of Church and State and all that.. Baloney.. If this is you and only you and our Lord know for sure you ve been deceived by the enemies of God.. You ve chosen the easy way out the path of least resistance.. This is something Christ, whom all Christians are called to emulate, never did not once.. So, respectfully, man-up, Padre! Be the salt and light of the world, as Christ so admonished.. But you don t have to go it alone.. There are detailed, easily digestible tools available.. Civil-rights firm Liberty Counsel, for instance, is distributing more than 100,000 copies of Silence is Not an Option, a concise, though comprehensive, DVD and printed material collection informing pastors and churches about what is permissible regarding political activity (Please, get it for your church at LC.. org or by calling 1-800-671-1776).. The church must be empowered to confront the assaults on our culture, our faith, and our freedom, said Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel.. I don t want any pastor, church leader or lay person to say, What more could I have done to protect life and liberty?.. Silencing people of faith in the public square has always been the goal of those who realize the influence that pastors, churches and people of faith have on elections.. I want pastors to remove the muzzle and replace it with a megaphone, he said.. Pastors and churches have a lot of freedom to address biblical and moral issues, to educate people about the candidates, and to encourage people to vote.. Not one church has ever lost its tax-exemption for endorsing or opposing candidates or for supporting or opposing local, state or federal laws.. Did you get that? Despite hundreds of thousands of threatening letters sent by hard-left groups like the ACLU and Barry Lynn s Americans United, not a single church has lost tax-exemption for socio-political activity zip, zero, nada.. Not even for endorsing candidates from the pulpit.. Indeed, if these anti-Christian bullies had been around two-and-a-half centuries ago, and our forefathers had paid them any mind, we may never have had the first American Revolution.. Don t let them halt the second.. We re on the precipice of the abyss, and, pastors, I think you know it.. But know this too: There s a whole lot relating to both culture and politics you can both say and do, and very little if anything you can t.. Churches can educate about political, moral and biblical issues.. These kinds of issues whether abortion, marriage, feeding the poor or any community issue are never off limits from the pastor s pulpit, even if politicians are also talking about them.. Silence is Not an Option systematically addresses the misrepresentations used to muzzle America s pastors and Christian leaders.. Leading up to Ronald Reagan s landslide presidential victory in 1980, Rev.. Jerry Falwell captured the crux of the church s apathy problem: What is wrong in America today? he asked.. We preachers and there are 340,000 of us who pastor churches we hold the nation in our hand.. And I say this to every preacher: We are going to stand accountable before God if we do not stand up and be counted.. Dr.. Falwell s words ring no less true today.. Imagine the benefit to our culture if thousands of churches across America registered millions of Christians to vote.. How about pledge-drives wherein pastors ask tens-of-millions of Christians to simply commit to voting biblical values?.. The possibilities are limitless.. Proverbs 4:18 reminds us: The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.. Shine bright, salt and light.. Don t be choked into dark silence.. Because silence is not an option.. It can t be.. -- posted on the internet by Matt Barber (through WND publication), aiming for massive distribution, on Aug.. 10, 2012.. 2008:.. 2009:.. 2010:.. 2011:.. 2012:.. Questions and Answers About the King of the Universe.. A few of the 34 questions here posed to the Christian(s) and answered.. with hyperjump links to each answer.. 1.. Who is this Person you Christians call "Jesus Christ" or "Jesus The Christ" and sometimes "King Jesus" or "King Jesus The Christ".. ???.. Our Answer.. 2.. Haven't I heard a lot of people claim that Jesus.. never said.. he was God or the Son of God--.. 3.. Do you Christians believe Jesus is God, or just a part of God.. 4.. Do you Christians really believe Jesus was, or still is, just as wise and all-knowing as God.. 5.. Do Christians believe that Jesus is just a spirit now, or does He still have some kind of physical human body.. Do Christians believe that "the New Jerusalem" already exists or that it will be created in some future time.. 7.. If Jesus is this world's King now, why does it often seem as if Satan is the one who's running everything.. 8.. Didn't Dr.. Billy Graham once write very exactly of his expectations for an Anti-Christ World-Dictator who is destined to soon rule the entire planet as an evil and totalitarian tyrant.. 9.. Didn't some very early US presidents write assertively about the need for Christian people to defend Western Christian culture against the invasive imperialism of militant Islam? I heard something about Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, and Theodore Roosevelt trying to warn everybody, didn't I.. 10.. Wasn't it only a kind of mockery when the Romans laughingly called Jesus, "the King of the Jews".. 11.. If Jesus is the King of the Jews and the King of Israel, why do all those militant Muslim nations dream of exterminating all the Jews on Earth and annihilating the nation of Israel? Didn't you say before that Jesus is the real king of Israel.. 22.. Did Jesus predict the conditions of the world in the time of His future Return to Earth.. 23.. Why did all the Jews in ancient Israel refuse to accept Yeshua (Jesus) as their own Messiah, if He is really supposed to be the King of the Jews.. 25.. Are you Christians saying that Jesus is God, or that He is somehow "half-God".. 26.. In what ways is Jesus "the Anointed One" of God.. 27.. Why do you want to believe what the Apostle John said when he declared that Jesus was "the Word of God" and that He was there with God at the Beginning of the Universe.. Go To Questions Jump List.. You've got questions? We've got answers! For your information.. Go To All Questions List.. Some answers you can live with !.. Because He really is the Source of life.. JesusAsLord.. JesusAsKing.. JesusAsMessiah.. JesusChristLife.. 153Fishes.. JesusFishes.. JesusKingAndLord.. JesusLordAndKing.. JesusLordAndGod.. 1YHWH.. 1Yeshua.. 1Jesus.. 1JesusChrist.. 1Christ.. 1Gospel.. All explanations below are written by.. Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr.. , B.. A.. (English, UNC-Charlotte, 1973), M.. Div.. (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1995),.. and all of this material is taken from an early draft of his new digital-book volume.. The Eyewitness Testimony Bible.. , copyright 2009.. All commercial reproduction rights to this material are reserved to the author.. Who is this Person you Christians call Jesus Christ or Jesus The Christ and sometimes King Jesus or King Jesus The Christ ?.. Jesus Christ is actually a conversion of the Hebrew names to Western use.. The original Hebrew for the Western name Jesus would more correctly be pronounced Yeshua, and the Christ (Greek, based on a Hebrew word meaning Messiah) can actually be more clearly written as simply the Messiah, which means the Anointed One.. He was God The Son and The Word Of God, existing eternally with God The Father YHWH, long before living on Earth in the human body of Jesus.. As the Only Begotten Son of God, born through His virgin mother Mary, He's also properly called the Son of God.. In His human body, while on Earth in the region of Israel about 2000 years ago, Jesus was killed, crucified on a torturous wooden cross by an evil humanity, but this was part of God The Father's plan for the rescue of a portion of the human race from the wages of sin-- which are Death and Hell.. His Father In Heaven brought Jesus back from the grave about 3 days later in a Glorified Resurrection Body, and over the course of the next 40 days, He appeared many times to His disciples before rising into the sky at the Ascension-- the moment when He returned to His Father God in Heaven.. Jesus first rose from the grave in a new Resurrection Body, but after about 40 days He "rose" a second time when He floated off to Heaven, ascending in the skies, in order to rejoin His Father in Heaven.. His Ascent from the planet Earth was a wondrous moment that the Bible tells us was witnessed by many of His disciples-- and what an awe-inspiring moment that must have been!.. But that's not the end of the story, because God The Father has always intended that one day in our very near future, Jesus Christ will also ascend to the throne of the Earth, becoming finally the Rightful King of the Earth, the Returning King of Kings.. The Bible teaches us that God The Son was the instrument through Whom the entire Universe was created, and His destiny is to very soon rule our planet as the rightful King of the Earth and the One True King of the Universe.. In His human body, while on Earth in the region of Israel about 2000 years ago, Jesus was sacrificed for the sins of the entire world and all its people, but He only rescues a Remnant of humanity-- the relatively small portion of the human race which chooses to believe in His divinity and thus follows Him by obeying His commands with trust and with faith in His ultimate salvation.. God The Father's plan for this Universe in which we live is that a Remnant of humanity will be loyal to Him and His Son and be protected from destruction and Hell.. so the "saved" Christian believers of our world are confident that they (we) will be saved from death by a new existence in Heaven (if death comes to us before our Lord's Return) and be preserved by God The Father for the new world of the Returning King Christ.. Check Online Audio-Visual Bible.. Questions List.. he was God or the Son of God--?.. You could have heard some people say that, but it.. contradicts.. a great many of the Christian New Testament Scripture verses and completely.. denies.. the simple and obvious meaning in the plain language that Jesus used to describe Himself as being both the Son of God and God.. Those people are entirely mistaken, whenever they speak such a preposterous idea.. Jesus said of Himself, for example, "I and the Father are ONE" and "Before Abraham was even born, I AM.. " Jesus calls Himself God and the Son of God in many verses of the Gospel of John especially.. His apostles John, Peter, and Paul likewise say many times in all of their New Testament writings and books that Jesus was God and the Son of God.. When His apostle Thomas saw the Glorified Physical Body of the Resurrected Jesus and was told to touch the wounds in His side and His hands, Thomas fell down to his knees saying "My Lord and My God!" and Thomas at that point worshiped Him as God.. Muslims may sometimes tell you that "Jesus.. he was God or the Son of God.. " Their reason for saying such a thing is not because of a familiarity with the New Testament Scriptures of the Christian Bible, but because they have been taught from childhood that Jesus was not God or the Son of God and that "God has no sons.. " They are furthermore taught from childhood to firmly believe that all the New Testament Bible Scriptures of "the infidel Christians" are blasphemous and that the entire Christian Bible is nothing more than a great mass of lies, deceptions, and corruptions that should never be trusted by any Muslim as a reliable account of history.. The Muslims likewise believe, and are taught from childhood, that all the Scriptures of the Jewish Bible-- which Christians call "the Old Testament" and honor as equally the Word of God along with the New Testament writings-- are likewise nothing more than a great mass of lies, deceptions, and corruptions that should never be trusted by any Muslim as a reliable account of history.. Most Muslims regard all Christians as lying blasphemers of God (meaning the Muslim entity, who they insist has no sons) and infidels.. Many Muslims likewise regard all Jews as detestable lying "infidels," often referring to them as "filthy infidels," and even going so far as to say that the Jews are disgusting sub-human creatures who are "descended from pigs and monkeys.. So, when a Muslim says that "Jesus.. he was God or the Son of God," the Islamic adherent is really declaring that he.. doesn't believe.. the New Testament Scripture verses which say very clearly that Jesus was God and the Son of God.. and that he (the Muslim) conceives a different kind of "Jesus" who never said the many things that the Christian Bible reports Him to have said.. Atheists, Humanists, and Evolutionists may also make the claim that "Jesus.. " Some of these persons may be saying this because they just aren't familiar with the many Bible verses that contradict their contention.. But many of these unbelievers will make such a statement for a reason similar to that of the Muslims: They too believe, you see, that the Christian Bible is full of lies, deceptions, and corruptions.. In this case, they actually believe that our Christian Bible is an ancient book written by a primitive people, and is a book that is not reliable in matters of history, science, or accurate reporting.. These scoffers insist that the Holy Bible of Christians and Jews is actually filled with a great many errors, misrepresentations (or outright lies), and oversimplifications.. so they will likewise try to insist sometimes that "Jesus.. Members of the "Jehovah's Witnesses" cult are also known to insist that "Jesus.. " Again, their reasoning for such a statement is based on the idea of.. corruptions.. of Scripture, since they insist that all previous translations of the Bible into English and other languages.. misrepresented Jesus.. as being Divine and the Son of God.. The Jehovah's Witnesses insist that.. only their own translation.. of the Holy Scriptures is correct, because it is the.. only.. translation that tries to make it appear that Jesus was "not God or the Son of God.. " It is precisely because of this fact that "Jehovah's Witnesses" can never be called "Christians"-- because they deny the Divinity of Jesus Christ.. just the same as the Muslims, the atheists, the Humanists, and the Evolutionists.. Do you Christians believe Jesus is God, or just a part of God?.. As One of Three Holy Person-Faces in the Divine Trinity of the ONE Triune God YHWH, He existed as part of the Triune Godhead in all eternity as God The Son for all the years in the existence of His Universal Creation before He finally came down to the Earth in the form of His human incarnation as the Son of God.. Yeshua (Jesus) declared Himself to be both the Son of God and the Son of Man because He was exactly that both at once.. Fully God and fully Man at the same time.. Do you Christians really believe Jesus was, or still is, just as wise and all-knowing as God?.. While on Earth in human form, Jesus declared Himself to be the only person who could ever speak truthfully about Heaven because, as He Himself proclaimed, He is the only person who ever came down from Heaven to Earth to tell us what it is like there.. The apostle Paul declared that Yeshua/Jesus was able to reveal to the humanity of planet Earth great truth and able to reveal for us mysteries that had not previously been explained since the Beginning of the Universe!.. The divinely-inspired prophet John in the New Covenant Holy Scriptures has also revealed to the world the fact that Jesus existed in all eternity, both before and after His human embodiment in Jesus/Yeshua as the Holy Word of God.. God The Son is also properly called the Word of God, and He is co-eternal with God The Father and God The Holy Spirit in the Divine Trinity of the ONE Triune God YHWH.. Do Christians believe that Jesus is just a spirit now, or does He still have some kind of physical human body?.. In His current resurrected state of life, we Christians are in agreement that Jesus now inhabits a far superior Resurrection Body, a Glorified Resurrection Body that still looks a lot like the original human body of Jesus, the one that He had when He was living on Earth in ancient Israel so long ago.. In His Glorified Resurrection Body, Jesus appeared again to His disciples over a period covering 40 days after His resurrection, and that Glorified Resurrection Body that He inhabited was seen to be a kind of physical body that could still allow Him to eat fish and be touched by His apostles yet it was also capable of supernormal feats and allowed Him to pass through walls and to ultimately ascend into the sky in His final Ascension to Heaven.. We believe that Jesus is still inhabiting that Glorified Resurrection Body right now, and that He is currently with God The Father in Heaven, sometimes sitting on a heavenly throne to the right side of the throne of His Father.. Do Christians believe that the New Jerusalem already exists or that it will be created in some future time?.. Many Christians also believe, like myself, that Jesus is already living, right now, inside the New Jerusalem City of God that exists somewhere right now in some part of the Universe.. The Bible teaches that God The Son, the Word of God, was actually the instrument and Person through Whom the Father God YHWH created the entire physical Universe and we believe that this same Creative Holy Person, God The Son after His human incarnation as Jesus later designed for His followers and martyrs a lot of beautiful mansions inside the New Jerusalem.. If Jesus is this world's King now, why does it often seem as if Satan is the one who's running everything?.. Yeshua/Jesus was born to be a witness to the Truth because He is the very Source of all Truth, but He was also born with a destiny that is yet to be fulfilled that He should one day rule the Earth as the King of the Earth sitting someday upon a throne of Earth that was for millennia stolen from Him and given for a long time to the mad usurper Satan.. Yes, that's quite true.. In his book.. World Aflame.. (1965), the internationally-acclaimed preacher and evangelist Dr.. Billy Graham warns of the Anti-Christ dictator who will soon seek to take control of the entire planet Earth.. I think it's one of his very best books, and a short but relevant quote from it follows below:.. (II Thess.. 2:7-12).. This tells us clearly that there has been a lawless power at work through the ages, and that toward the end of the age when people have pleasure in unrighteousness, the restrainer who is the Holy Spirit will restrain only until the believers are taken away.. Then this superman who will be the incarnation of Satan, called Anti-Christ in the Scriptures, will be permitted to have world control.. The Bible teaches that the world will reach a point where it will set up a world government, and a world dictator will emerge.. Television cameras will no doubt be on the scene, and the news will be flashed around the world that a man of peace, a universal ruler, has been chosen.. The word beast in Revelation 13 is used to express the idea that this will be a man of great strength and ability to force his will upon the world.. The term beast is not meant to indicate repulsiveness.. On the contrary, the Scripture says that this man will be admired, feared, and worshiped.. He will dominate the world scene with a cleverness the world has never known.. The world will stand in awe and wonder at his superlative genius and power as millions actually worship him as a god.. He will regiment all humanity, demanding that before food can be purchased his subjects shall be stamped with his mark (Rev.. 13:17).. The age of the computer will contribute to his ability to control the life of every person on the globe.. He will be the very incarnation of evil.. His one dream, one desire, one ambition will be to destroy even the thought of God on the face of the earth.. He will blaspheme God and will exalt himself beyond any kind of god the world has ever known.. The Bible says of this world ruler: And through his policy he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart (Dan.. 8:25).. The Bible teaches that even the very elect of God will be deluded and that some of his early followers will be professing Christians.. -- from p.. 227-228,.. by Rev.. Billy Graham, 1965 [.. More text below pictures.. ].. On the back-inside-flap of the paper jacket for my copy of.. , we find these words:.. "The more I have travelled," says the evangelist, "the more convinced I have become that the Biblical revelation of man, his origin, his present predicament, and his destiny is true.. WORLD AFLAME is frightening.. It fully accepts the Biblical prophecy that the world as we know it will come to an end before a new world of peace and righteousness comes into being.. Rev.. Billy Graham continued to support this view of the Holy Scripture that is John's.. Revelation.. in later years, as he continued writing other books like his.. Til Armageddon.. (1981), and.. Approaching Hoofbeats: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.. (1983), and.. Storm Warning.. (1992).. Now I propose that everyone on Earth should consider it an extremely significant warning from God.. that Rev.. Billy Graham took this position on the looming future of our world-- in his belief that God's Judgment and the Return of Christ is imminent, very near indeed.. and that an Anti-Christ World-Dictator will precede the Return of King Jesus Christ.. Remember this is the preacher and evangelist who has preached face-to-face to more people on planet Earth than any other Protestant Christian in the history of our planet! Why would God want him to be able to reach so many millions of people with his message if his view of the future was all wrong? Yet God blessed him with a bigger audience for his sermons than any other Protestant Christian preacher in our world's history.. To me, that fact is additional proof that Dr.. Graham's interpretation of.. is a correct view of what we must expect in the near future; and it thoroughly corroborates the perspective of well-known author Hal Lindsey.. Hal Lindsey's interpretation of.. as a book of actual prophecy has been mocked by a number of liberal theologians ever since.. The Late Great Planet Earth.. appeared in 1970, but his prophetic beliefs are apparently very much in agreement with those of Dr.. Billy Graham, Dr.. John Walvoord, Dr.. Harold Lindsell, Dr.. Carl F.. H.. Henry, Dr.. Tim LaHaye, Rev.. John Hagee, Dr.. Jack Van Impe, Rev.. J.. R.. Church and Gary Stearman, Rev.. David Willkerson, Dr.. Henry M.. Morris, Dr.. Adrian Rogers, Dr.. Jim Murk, Dr.. Charles Ryrie, Dave Hunt, Zola Levitt, Rabbi Moshe Laurie.. and of course myself, as well.. David Wilkerson's book.. The Vision.. was similarly mocked by the liberal theologians when it first came out in 1974.. Almost all of the Bible-prophecy authorities (certainly all those named above) are in agreement that a 7-years-long period of Tribulation will be coming upon the world very soon now.. possibly beginning as soon as 2012, or not too long after that year-- and I think that way too.. Among conservative Bible scholars, this is the norm, not an aberration.. although a few, like Pat Robertson of TV's.. 700 Club.. , may question the exact timing of what Christians call "the gathering up" or "the Rapture.. " Pat Robertson, I know, thinks that this will happen at the final Return of Christ (at the end of the 7 years of the Tribulation period) and, by his own understanding of Scripture, will not occur as a separate event preceding the prophesied 7-years-long period of tribulation.. I also find it very interesting and significant that J.. Church and Gary Stearman have recently revealed to me (through their TV-and-internet program called.. Prophecy In The News.. ) that there were actually Jewish rabbis living in the 1100's who were also predicting a 7-years-long period of Tribulation for the nation of Israel-- and the coming of the Messiah at the end of those 7 years.. The rather famous Jewish rabbi/scholar Rashi is one such prognosticator from the twelfth century A.. D.. , and he based his prophetic interpretation completely upon the Hebrew Scripture of the Jewish Bible.. Those rabbis were making their own very similar predictions long before the Jews were ever even regathered from their dispersion to recreate the modern nation of Israel.. This future development was anticipated even in the 1100's by the Jewish Bible scholars in that time period.. and they as well prophesied the fact that the recreated nation of Israel would someday be lush and green with abundant agricultural improvement under the administration of the regathered Jews of modern Israel! And just so it did become.. Halleluyah! What an amazing discovery.. I think I've read somewhere that even the Roman Catholic pope is now likewise expecting imminent Judgment upon the world and the Return of Jesus Christ in the very near future.. When people of such importance in the Christian world as both Dr.. Billy Graham and the Pope are simultaneously expecting the soon-coming Return of Jesus Christ to Earth to save us from chaos and from an Anti-Christ Dictator.. I'd say it's definitely time for all Christians to start listening.. and to also start looking up to the sky for our Holy Redeemer.. Because our Savior and Lord, King Jesus the Christ, will soon be descending from the skies in a sudden Return to Earth.. In his 1992 book.. , we find that Dr.. Billy Graham has written what seems to have become an accurate prediction of our new worldwide financial distress, even though it only happened in 2008, and not before 2000, as Dr.. Graham had expected.. In.. he has written the following words.. But there is no end in sight for the government's debt.. Today the United States has a direct debt of $3 trillion and contingent liabilities of $6.. 5 trillion.. America's foreign debt alone is in excess of $650 billion.. We have gone from being the world's largest creditor to being the largest debtor nation.. Such statistics add to the storm warnings we are seeing.. Financial adviser Larry Burkett, author of.. The Coming Economic Earthquake.. , warns Christians to prepare for a day of reckoning.. His evidence is compelling, and his calculations of the financial and moral failures in America and the world show just how far the ravages of the Apocalypse have already taken us.. I have no doubt that a financial judgment day is coming for the United States before the end of this century unless our financial problems are addressed.. [.. from p.. 272-273.. ].. Well, it didn't happen before the end of the 20th century, but it did finally happen in 2008, when Dr.. Graham's economic prediction finally caught up with us.. , Dr.. Billy Graham also writes these words concerning the Tribulation period of our world's history:.. Whenever you look closely at the prophecies of the end times, you will inevitably raise dark specters and enigmas that trouble the soul.. That is as it should be, and that is why God has given us such pronounced warnings of this coming storm.. 275.. Yes, God has promised this planet to His Son, Jesus Christ, and someday it will be His.. He will bring an end to all the injustice, the oppression, the wars, the crime, the terrorism that dominate our newspapers and television screens today.. But before that time comes, the four horsemen are going to vent their storm of fury across the pages of history.. For the Christian believer, the return of Christ is comforting, for at last men and women of faith will be exonerated.. They will be avenged.. The nonbeliever will see and understand why true Christians marched to the sound of another drum.. But for the sinful unbeliever, the triumphant return of Christ will prove disastrous, because Christ's return ensures final judgment.. 278.. [continuing in a section called.. The Final Judgment.. ].. Consider what happened in John's next vision.. It is a picture of the absolute horror of the final judgment.. Carefully, the Lamb opened the sixth seal (Revelation 6:12-17).. Suddenly, chaos gripped the universe.. An earthquake that no Richter scale could measure shakes the entire world.. The sun is eclipsed completely.. In fact, reports John, "the sun turned black.. the whole moon turned blood red, and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as late figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind" (Revelation 6:12-13).. Here is a storm of apocalyptic proportions.. The world trembles with terror.. The great cities collapse.. John sees kings, princes, generals, the rich, the mighty, slaves, free, every human being left on the earth running to escape the horror of God's final judgment.. They flee to mountain caves.. They cower behind rocks and boulders.. But there is no escape.. Desperately they cry out, "Hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand?" (Revelation 6:16-17).. There will be a day of reckoning when God closes His books on time and judges every creature, living and dead.. This vision of the judgments leading to the final judgment permeates the sixty-six books of the Holy Scripture.. Before John's vision it was called the "day of wrath" (Zephaniah 1:15, Romans 2:5).. Amos called it "the day of the Lord" (Amos 5:18), as did Jesus' own disciple, Peter (2 Peter 3:10).. Paul, again and again, called it "the day of our Lord Jesus Christ" (1 Corinthians 1:8; Philippians 1:6).. It is often referred to as the Great Tribulation.. All through history there have been days of judgment.. The first judgment of God fell on Adam and Eve at the beginning of time (Genesis 3:16-19).. Their original sin brought God's day of wrath and a permanent curse on all who followed.. God judged Cain.. God judged the descendents of Cain with the flood that Noah escaped.. Other judgments include the confusing of tongues at Babel, the fiery destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the captivity and dispersion of the Israelites.. 278-279.. Like myself, Dr.. Billy Graham started out life as a Presbyterian, but as a young man he later switched to the Baptist denomination and became a Southern Baptist, even though his wife Ruth remained a Presbyterian until the day she died.. I made that transition from Presbyterian to Southern Baptist myself, and one of the main reasons for my own switch is the fact that I thought the Presbyterian theology had gotten too liberal, especially in the matter of eschatology (the doctrine of future things).. The Presbyterian pastors of the US, you see, as well as their Sunday School teachers, are usually inclined to insist that John's.. is "not prophecy of the future," that it is only "apocalyptic literature," and that "the Beast" of Revelation is only a reference to the long-dead Roman emperor Nero.. Those Christians who strongly believe that John's book of.. is a prophetic unveiling of a future world's chaos and the actual Return of King Jesus Christ to save the planet Earth are, I am certain, with this warning.. far more likely.. to try hard to evangelize the entire world than are those who believe otherwise.. Billy Graham is in this regard the living proof of my proposition.. He shows also, I think, the importance of holding a correct view of eschatology, if any Christian is to successfully maintain a right attitude toward Jesus Christ and toward His work on Earth.. I sincerely maintain that one of the biggest reasons for Dr.. Billy Graham's determination to evangelize the whole world on such a massive scale.. must have been his fervent belief in the soon-coming Tribulation period and the soon-coming Return of Christ after that period of Tribulation.. With a similar sense of expectancy to that of Dr.. Billy Graham himself, I am now much more inclined than in my Presbyterian childhood to await the physical, real-time event which is the soon-coming, near-future Return of our Lord and Savior, King Jesus the Christ!.. US president Thomas Jefferson was once greatly distressed by the savagery and barbarism of the Muslim pirates of the Barbary Coast, then called "the Barbary Pirates," who were at that time attacking and enslaving US naval vessels.. The peaceful American ships traveling in the Mediterranean Sea found their sailors and American passengers frequently being assaulted and kidnapped by the Barbary Coast pirates.. The pirates would hold hostage the surviving crew members and passengers from each sailing ship which they had victimized.. The innocent American hostages were to be immediately sold into life-long slavery by the barbarous Muslim terrorists, because they were "infidels" and because it was profitable for the pirates to sell them.. unless the US first agreed to buy them back with the "better offer" of a huge ransom price.. The extortion of money from "infidel" foreign governments (like the US and the nations of Europe) was a big part of the money-making racket of the Muslim pirates, a scheme by which they managed to gain great wealth and at the same time punished the "infidel" nations for their state of Christianity.. The same tactic used by the Barbary Coast Muslim pirates in 1785 is still being used today by the current Iranian and Arab Muslim terrorists, who have kidnapped Americans and held them hostage for ransom (or death) even in contemporary times.. as it was done, for example, by the Ayatollah Khomeini's terrorists during the later administration of US president Jimmy Carter.. and by Arab Muslim terrorists during the subsequent administrations of all recent US presidents.. The militant Muslim pirates of these North Africa Muslim nations (Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tripoli) sailed out from Africa's savage Barbary Coast and thus made great profit from their outrageous acts of naval terrorism.. Unless the US government first bought freedom for the captured American passengers by paying a huge ransom price to the kidnapping Muslim terrorists, the pirates would immediately sell the American passengers into life-long slavery-- rather than just beheading them all.. The familiar Muslim custom of beheading the "infidels" at home and abroad would of course mean for them a loss of the "valuable merchandise" which was the group of recently-captured American Christians.. The remedy therefore was to either sell their imprisoned American Christians as slaves or extort vast sums of money from the foreign government of the "enemy"  ...   watching the evening news and were not interested in documentaries about world affairs, nor were they listening to radical Muslims proudly and repeatedly announcing their intention to destroy our civilization.. On 9/11, and for days afterward, there was rejoicing all over the Arab world.. Arabs were dancing in the streets.. They were dancing in the streets of Syria.. They were dancing in the streets of Egypt, an ally to which we yearly give $2 billion of our hard-earned money.. They were dancing in the streets of the Palestinian territories, for which our government brokered a peace deal with Yasser Arafat and the Israelis, and committed millions per year for their development.. They were dancing in the streets of Lebanon and Jordan.. They were dancing because the World Trade Center had collapsed and the Pentagon was burning.. They were handing out candy and shouting "Allahu Akbar" because thousands of Americans had died.. Both the attacks themselves and their glorification in the name of God are incomprehensible to the vast majority of Americans.. Americans asked why people would rejoice at the loss of innocent life.. There is a three-word answer that is both simple and complex: because they hate.. Theyhate our way of life.. Theyhate our freedom.. Theyhate our democracy.. Theyhate the practice of every religion but their own.. They don't just disagree.. They.. hate.. Not just Judaism.. Not just Christianity.. In various parts of the world today, Islamists are also waging terror war against Hindus, Buddhists, and all other "infidels.. " The imposition of Islam upon the entire world is not merely their goal.. It is their religious duty.. They are following the word of their holy-book, the Koran, which is the guide tohatred of infidels, waging war, and victory through slaughter.. ".. -- Brigitte Gabriel, 3 paragraphs from Chapter 9, pp.. 144-145.. Endnotes for Chapter 1 excerpt:.. Yashiko Sagamori, "The Mythical Muslim Extremist," Isralert.. com, http://yashiko.. middleeastfacts.. com/MME_eng.. html.. David Masci, "An Uncertain Road: Muslims and the Future of Europe," The PEW Forum on Religion and Public Life, http://pewforum.. org/docs/index.. php?DocID=60.. Alliance for Security, "What Defines the Muslim World?" http://www.. allianceforsecurity.. org/muslim_world.. Endnote for Chapter 3 excerpt:.. "Unforgotten Massacre: Damour," January 20, 1976, http://www.. geocities.. com/damour1976/index1.. html; M.. Kahl, "Yasir Arafat's Planned Christian Genocide," http://www.. chretiens-et-juifs.. org/article.. php?voir%5B%5D=594&voir%5B%5D=3532.. Endnote for Chapter 9 excerpt:.. Cameron S.. Brown, "The Shot Seen Around the World: The Middle East Reacts to September 11," Middle East Review of International Affairs Journal 5, no.. 4 (December 2001), http://meria.. idc.. ac.. il/journal/2001/issue4/jv5n4a4.. htm.. WATCH & HEAR AN ISRAELI JEWISH RABBI SPEAK TO AMERICA'S CHRISTIAN CHURCHES ABOUT THE DANGERS OF IMPERIALISTIC ISLAM.. RABBI AVI LIPKIN'S SITE IS.. VICMORD.. COM.. ; GO TO HIS SITE.. AT THIS PAGE.. TO GET HIS.. DVDs.. LIKE HIS.. ISLAMIC INVASIONS, PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE.. DVD, ETC.. AND TO ALSO GET SOME FASCINATING & IMPORTANT.. BOOKS.. LIKE HIS BOOKS.. IS FANATIC ISLAM A GLOBAL THREAT?.. CHRISTIAN REVIVAL FOR ISRAEL'S SURVIVAL.. , AND.. ISRAEL'S BIBLE BLOCK.. You can also hear the.. COMPLETE.. audio-message ".. THE 5 DECEPTIONS OF ISLAM.. " (including items 4 and 5 that are.. in.. the Tangle.. com videos) for free as.. two RealAudio streaming-sound lessons.. that are available only.. THIS PAGE.. on Avi Lipkin's site ! -- Below is (Messianic).. Rabbi Moshe Laurie.. a picture-link.. to ARCHIVE AUDIOS.. of his 2-hour.. weekly (Saturdays only).. radio show.. TRUTH IN LIFE.. ; his own site is.. Shofar Be Tzion.. Tired of getting only anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel news commentary.. from BBC and all the major American TV media sources?.. A great solution that I use myself is this: Ditch TV watching, don't rent TV cable service at all,.. and use internet links to hear online Christian-perspective radio programs instead!.. Some great news commentary sites actually exist that tend to favor the conservative Christian perspective (rather than Marxism, Islamism, Evolutionism, etc)!.. The best one for written news commentary is.. WorldNetDaily.. , which I check out every single day.. The rest of our easy-connection links below are to news-sites and prophecy-related sites that have rather thorough online MP3 ARCHIVES or online VIDEO ARCHIVES.. You can reach their FREE online audio/video archive pages directly by clicking on the links I've placed below:.. (daily news commentary.. articles & editorials.. by Joseph Farah,.. Pat Boone, Chuck Norris, Ann Coulter, Alan Keyes, etc).. -- conservative, usually favors the Christian/Jewish perspective; also has a weekly video blog.. of news commentary by Jewish comedian/host Jackie Mason, called "The Ultimate Jew".. TruNews.. daily radio show, Mon-Fri,.. MP3s archive.. -- conservative Christian news commentary hosted by Rick Wiles.. Worldview Matters.. WorldviewWeekend.. -- conservative Christian news commentary hosted by Brannon Howse.. Changing Worldviews.. daily radio show,.. ChangingWorldviews.. -- conservative Christian news commentary hosted by Sharon Hughes.. Truth In Life.. weekly radio show (2 hrs.. ),.. ShofarBeTzion.. -- conservative Christian news commentary hosted by Messianic Rabbi Moshe Laurie.. Olive Tree Views.. weekly radio show (2 hours),.. OliveTreeViews.. -- conservative Christian news commentary hosted by Jan Markell.. Messiah's Branch.. weekly radio show,.. MessiahsBranch.. -- conservative Christian news commentary hosted by Messianic Jewish pastor Dan Catlin.. daily news video, Mon-Fri,.. videos archive.. ProphecyInTheNews.. -- conservative Christian news commentary hosted by J.. R.. Church and Gary Stearman.. Hal Lindsey Report.. weekly news video,.. HalLindsey.. -- conservative Christian news commentary hosted by Dr.. Jack Van Impe Presents.. JVIM.. Jack Van Impe.. Jidhad Watch.. daily news blog, many.. articles & videos.. regularly posted at.. JihadWatch.. -- conservative news commentary from writer Robert Spencer, his blog invariably.. favors the Christian/Jewish perspective rather than that of Islamic supremacists.. CrossTalk.. CrossTalkAmerica.. -- conservative Christian news talk hosted by Eliason-Schlueter-Schneider team.. The Manning Report.. daily (3 hrs.. ) news commentary radio show,.. Atlah.. -- outspoken conservative news talk Mon-Fri hosted by Rev.. James David Manning.. Off The Grid Radio.. periodic news radio,.. OffTheGridNews.. -- outspoken conservative news talk hosted by Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy.. The Crossover.. periodic news discussion TV show,.. TheCrossoverTV.. -- conservative Jewish/Christian news commentary hosted by Mitch & Rozalie Jerome.. The Ultimate Jew.. weekly news video-blog,.. WND.. -- conservative Jewish news commentary, video blog hosted by Jackie Mason.. Word Of Truth Radio.. weekly news show,.. WordOfTruthRadio.. -- conservative Christian news commentary hosted by pastor Brad Brandon.. Voice Of The Martyrs.. has frequent.. persecution news updates.. Persecution.. -- news reports of daily worldwide persecution under Islamic & Marxist tyranny.. Click the pictures above to read each tract as an HTML slideshow!.. net.. has.. links to more than 90 free Street Tracts.. and other good stuff!.. GO THERE!.. is fishing with a.. that catches some BIG fish!.. A worldwide.. Jesus net.. is pulling in its catch!.. E-mail for KingJesusChrist.. net and R.. K.. Street, Jr.. The.. site -- here you can gain a better understanding.. of God's Developmental Plan for our vast Universe, perhaps finally.. grasping the Biblical Scheme of Earth's History and Direction.. Here you can even find a new form.. of long-term vision and divine insight, perhaps, as you consider for a while.. the great and unchanging truths of the Holy Scriptures of the Christian Bible -- as you listen.. to the words of Jesus Christ, the Word of God, and as you peer.. for a short while through the awesome Total View.. perspective of Jesus Christ.. It's a viewpoint that you can fully.. appreciate only through divine grace.. because that view is only possible.. with the eyes of Jesus, via a blessing of His Holy Spirit.. when you are standing firm with your feet securely placed.. on the Solid Rock of God's own Higher Ground!.. Jesus Christ is the Rock of Salvation, the Foundation of Safety -- He's.. the Word of God, the Sun of Heaven, the Light of the Universe --.. and He's the Only Person Who fully knows both Heaven and Earth --.. because (as He has said) He's the Only One Who came down to the Earth from Heaven.. He says that it would be easier for Heaven and Earth to pass away.. than for one tiny dot of the Holy Scriptures to not be fulfilled.. Jesus says that (indeed) Heaven and Earth will one day pass away.. but that His words will NEVER pass away!.. There are more things in Heaven and Earth.. than are dreamt of in your philosophy, O Mortal Man!.. Hear the words of Jesus, Who is the Word of God, the Bread of Life,.. the True Manna that comes down to you from Heaven!.. As for anyone who has ears to hear, let him hear the Truth of Jesus Christ,.. Who is the Holy One, the Word of God, the Voice of God!.. As for anyone who has eyes to see, let him read the Truth in the Holy Scriptures.. of the Christian Bible, which is also God's Own Truth revealed.. in a Book written by the Holy Spirit of Almighty God!.. Only Jesus Christ, the One True Son of God, has ever seen both Heaven and Earth,.. and He came down to Earth to reveal to us Truth that had not been.. previously revealed since the Creation of the Universe.. Heaven and Earth will pass away, but His words will never pass away.. Only the awesome.. Holy Spirit.. of God can, through Jesus' sacrifice, rescue you.. sin.. , from.. death.. Hell-on-Earth.. & from.. Hell-after-Earth.. - Christian Gospel Tracts for.. Believers.. Unbelievers.. Serve the.. Great Savior.. of the Earth, help people find the Truth,.. and win souls for Christ!.. The Captain of Our Life-Saving Ark Is None Other Than King Jesus The Christ --.. And Yet This Regal Jesus Still Uses A Life-Saving Net.. And A Big Stick Too.. To Collect.. Many Drowning Humans and To Bring These Gone-Astray Persons Aboard His Lifeboat!.. Street Tracts International.. - taken from a tract in the.. Truth For Southeast Asia.. series.. (Version1a, September 12, 2007.. Copyright 2007 by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr.. Here's a surprising fact that you maybe haven't ever realized:.. Did you know that Jesus still fishes.. even though He's the rightful Captain of Spaceship Earth? Right now, He serves humanity as the Wise and Courageous Captain of Ark Jesus, Earth's Only Lifeboat, and He keeps His life-saving net always ready for quick use.. even at a mere moment's notice! It's His Rescue Net, and it gets quite a lot of use, because it's essential to His plan for planet Earth.. Jesus is an expert fisherman as well as the trustworthy Captain of His awesome Life-Ship.. He fishes for men and women, for human beings of all sorts and of all races.. Jesus often fishes struggling human beings out of deadly waters.. when they would otherwise perish in a fatal disaster.. He nets people and lifts them out of a catastrophe, bringing them to safety aboard a ship I like to call Ark Jesus.. He's quite the Hero of the Greatest Adventure ever reported, and yet He still fishes, even today, even in our modern world.. Yes, indeed! He rides quietly in His Ark, always searching for people He can rescue, and He's careful to keep that life-saving net always nearby! He'll jump up at any instant to use it successfully for another rescue.. Never running out of emergencies, He always carries a Big Rescue Net aboard His ship.. Jesus was once in human form as a humble carpenter on our planet Earth, but today He is a lot more like a fisherman who is casting out a worldwide net!.. If you are a borderline nut-case in need of medical help, you can be glad that Jesus is the One Who is after you with a net, instead of those guys in the white coats, who chase people with another kind of net.. On the other hand, if you are simply a stubborn jackass or a stiff-necked idiot, God may instead surprise you by walking up softly and walloping you in the head with a big stick! Or He may even hit you in the head with a 2" x 4" board, in order to get the jackass finally moving in the right direction.. That usually happens only when you are a really sinful unbeliever or what Jesus called "a lazy and worthless servant.. " You really need to start giving Him your full attention!.. I know what you're thinking.. Jesus probably learned that little trick with the 2" x 4" board during his early years, back when He was just a humble carpenter in Israel! Maybe so! One thing's for sure: Jesus has used His construction skills to build for us a remarkably strong and sturdy Ark, a Lifeboat that He has created as part of His rescue mission to Earth.. and only a very foolish and deceived person would ever fail to seek safety in that Ark.. Here's an explanation and elaboration of our humor, made for everybody, but especially for people in foreign countries who don't quite understand the humor of the above paragraphs!.. You may recall that a former US President named Teddy Roosevelt once advised the public that a person should "walk softly and carry a big stick.. " I think maybe God has a stick too.. a rather long one that he uses to wake up people who keep falling asleep every time they listen to a sermon! Sometimes God may have to tap you on the top of your head rather forcefully, just in order to get your attention-- to get you to wake up and see the real world.. And sometimes He may have to extend that staff to you so that He can rescue you from your own foolish error-- when you are drowning in a pit of Earth's quicksand, or when you are about to drown in Earth's deadly waters.. in a grave misfortune, or in a sea of catastrophe.. Now, how can I say that Jesus sails quietly with a Big Net, but that He also, at the same time, "walks softly and carries a Big Stick".. ? It's like this: Jesus is not only trying to catch a lot of fish-- He is also gathering a lot of sheep, and He's trying to lead these very dumb animals toward the safety of Heaven!.. God can take a few fishes (a group of Christian believers) and some bread (the Word of God, the True Manna from Heaven) and with these, through Jesus Christ, He works a great miracle.. God takes these few fishes and not only multiplies them but transforms them.. The (human) fishes that Jesus seeks to catch are soon transformed into sheep that seek to follow after Him.. We follow our Good Shepherd in the path as He leads us.. As we do so, amazingly, we start to resemble-- just a little bit-- the wonderful Lamb of God!.. But sheep are really stupid animals, and that's why Jesus carries not only a Big Net but a Big Stick.. In fact, the Bible tells us in Zechariah 11:7 that our Good Shepherd carries 2 staves (long wooden rods) very similar to the ones carried by ancient shepherds two thousand years ago.. A shepherd then had one staff used to fight off wild animals, and another that was used to guide the sheep carefully through tight spots and difficult places.. Zechariah says that our Good Shepherd has one staff named "Beauty" (or "Grace") and another called "Bands.. " It looks to me like He must use the first staff to fight off devils and dark forces that seek to steal/kill His sheep.. The other stick, "Bands," is the one He uses to guide stupid sheep through the difficult places in our lives.. That's the one that He uses to hit you on the head occasionally.. It helps you to keep going in the right direction, to stay on the path.. It helps Him prod us so that we keep moving in the direction of Heaven, that safe pasture that is waiting for us at the end of our lives.. I'd say that when Jesus is leading a bunch of stupid sheep (often-erring Christians), it's a bit like a human being trying to ride a stubborn jackass.. The donkey just doesn't want to go where it's supposed to go.. and neither do His stupid sheep.. That's where the Big Stick comes in mighty handy.. You see, Jesus expects of us that we help Him catch a lot of fish, whether it's by hook or by rook or by nook! He wants us to become fruitful trees in His Garden.. He can use a former crook, or even a former snook.. if He can just get you to pay attention! He's always after the big catch-- whether it's a full net, loaded up with a big catch of "153 fishes".. or a giant pen filled with a lot of rescued sheep that were saved from death just in the nick of time.. or the many millions of people He can gather in through a system called the World Wide Net.. Jesus fishes with a big net.. He knows the right spot to throw a net.. just exactly where all the fish are hiding.. So should we.. You can get an awesome catch that way.. You can get a big haul of fish and surprise yourself! You can catch a lot more than you will ever get by quietly sitting with an old fishing pole, by just waiting around for hours with a single fishing line dropped in the water.. but, sadly, in the wrong spot.. So I guess those of us who are Believers had all better get busy doing as He commanded.. If you've never been caught yet by the Safety Net of Jesus Christ, it's probably because you've been resisting the Truth your whole life long.. But Jesus is still extending His staff to you, even now-- a life-saving stick that you really should grab.. It's a stick that can rescue you when you are otherwise going to drown in the quicksand catastrophe of life.. It's a rod that can correct your erring path and guide you to safety.. It's a rod of correction that will allow you, if you cooperate, to be lifted up and brought to safety aboard Ark Jesus.. You will otherwise perish in the stormy seas of earthly life, just like so many other lost children.. Take hold of the staff of Jesus Christ.. Do it today, and you can be brought to safety in His eternal Life-Ship.. With that staff of correction guiding you to the Truth and to His Heaven, you too can become one of the saved.. Make Jesus your Shepherd, your Captain, and your King.. Jesus Christ alone deserves such honor and respect.. when absolutely no one else does.. You don't deserve it, nor do your foolish idols, nor does the Prince of This World.. Give all honor and glory to the Holy One only.. Jesus Christ, the One to Whom all honor is due.. The great Christian adventurer.. Robert Cornuke.. rightly makes this remarkable declaration.. "People are jaundiced in their faith today.. Men are not engaged; they're not excited.. A lot of men are not going to church anymore.. they're falling away from their faith.. And I believe that the greatest adventure is not what I do -- going to climb mountains, diving in the sea, looking for Noah's Ark, Mount Sinai, Paul's shipwreck, all the things that I've done.. The greatest adventure in this world is opening up the Bible.. And adventure begins with belief.. The minute you believe you are entering into a new realm of adventure that you will find nowhere else on this planet.. And that adventure is God.. and the results are the greatest treasure you could possibly imagine.. in the Universe.. "Years ago, there was a Flood.. And God called the animals and called Noah and his family into that Ark.. And when that door on that Ark closed, it sealed all those outside.. and they perished.. It sealed all those inside.. and they survived.. You see, there's no spiritual Switzerland-- God calls us to be proactive; He calls us to a decision.. He's calling you on the Ark today.. It doesn't matter if we find an old beam on a mountain that we say is Noah's Ark.. if you don't find the real Ark that's right in front of you.. That real Ark is Jesus.. That door is open.. And God's calling you in.. And if you go aboard that Ark-- when your heart stops beating, and that door is closed-- then when you're on that Ark, you're guaranteed eternal salvation and forgiveness of your sins.. If you're outside of that Ark, you perish.. There's an Ark in Christ, and God's calling you aboard it.. --.. , August 23, 2007.. The sentences above, quoted from TBN's "Praise The Lord" and its TV program segment of August 23, 2007, were spoken by Robert Cornuke of the B.. E.. (Biblical Archaeology Search & Exploration) Institute.. "Bob" Cornuke is a Christian explorer and an archaeological treasure-hunter; he is a Noah's Ark Hunter who was formerly a search-partner of the late Col.. James B.. Irwin.. Col.. Irwin was also a believer in Christ, a Christian astronaut who walked on the Moon in connection with the Apollo 15 mission.. and a driver of the first Moon Jeep.. Irwin is already in Heaven now with his Lord and King, having completed a High Flight to the Kingdom of Heaven.. There he coninues his adventures in a realm much higher than that of planet Earth.. Our major work-in-progress which we call.. The Eyewitness Bible.. (KJV) is currently aiming for a 2014 release date.. The first e-book edition produced will be called.. The second e-book edition, also scheduled for '14, when it is eventually released to the public, will be.. The Eyewitness Evangelism Bible.. , an alternate version with a lot of supplemental materials added.. The very first Kindle e-book editions should be going out before the end of 2014 for all the e-book readers out there!.. 's two versions of his new.. Eyewitness Testimony Bible.. will soon have their initial release, projected as being for sale in Kindle ebook format & expected for the year 2014.. He is already at work composing and editing the material for these 2 study Bibles, to be constructed from the KJV text in our unique "historical worldview" format-- it's a more chronological design, with our own supplemental materials added as the special appendices for each version.. Another big work-in-progress is our.. The Kingly Gift Tribute Bible.. (KJV), which should also have its official e-book release during 2014.. (We had hoped to get it into Kindle-ready condition for a timely distribution during the year 2011, thus coinciding with the 400th Anniversary of the KJV Bible, but were unable to do so.. ).. Expect our new.. The Manifest Destiny English Bible.. (KJV) to also be sent out in its own e-book format before the end of 2014.. Watch also for our works-in-progress.. The Shakespearean Providence Bible.. & later.. The Shakespearean Worldview Anthology.. -- the last two planned for 2015-16.. The first of these 3 new.. historical worldview study Bibles.. from R.. K.. Street, Jr will have its initial e-book release soon, aimed for the year 2014.. Yes, Ken is already at work composing and editing the material for 3 more historical worldview study Bibles-- all projected as being for sale in the Kindle ebook format during the years 2014-16.. The 3 unusual modern study Bibles named above are to be constructed from the KJV text in our unique "historical worldview" format.. It's a more chronological design, with our own special materials added as the appendices for each version.. Will 2014 actually unleash in Kindle format Ken's epic travelogue,.. a series which begins with.. Earth-Trekker's Dream.. an autobiographical work already available since late 2006 as.. a limited-release e-book for friends of our.. worldwide evangelism tracts ministry.. ?.. Will readers be able to explore the Kindle version of Ken's.. book.. Earth-Trekker's Trail.. , finally reading all about.. Ken's foreign exploits & discoveries made abroad.. Will readers be able somehow to marvel in the FANTASTIC and.. yet realistic book that has been titled.. Earth-Trekker's Voyage:.. Exploring The Solar System.. , watching in awe as the aging.. Earth-Trekker begins a fantastic otherworldly adventure.. -- E-mail Ken via ewtracts @ yahoo.. com if you are curious.. and interested in reading these!.. 's epic cycle of.. Earth-Trekker.. books begins with these 3 volumes.. These 3 (of 7 projected) are part of an autobiographical / philosophical series with a world- travels theme, each about 400-600 pages long.. The finished works in e-book format will provide a non-linear chronicle of Ken's own peculiar life journey.. from the childish Presbyterian Sunday School student to the proud Evolutionist and s-f fanatic, to the wide-eyed world-traveler, to his unfortunate days as a much-deceived New Age cult victim in India.. and ultimately to his current mind-set as the conservative Bible-minded Christian and creationist, one who believes in Biblical prophecies about the return of King Jesus Christ.. The latter mind-set has been with him for the past 30+ years, and he has not lost the certainty of his convictions in all this time.. Our Sites.. Use of Source Material.. Theological Training.. Church Affiliation.. Web Sites History.. Street Tracts F.. Q.. ** If there's trouble downloading a tract-printing pattern or any file of our King Jesus Christ tracts material from the links of.. found below, please try instead the links in the 2nd box for downloads from an alternate source.. King Jesus Christ tracts in.. THE GODLY TRUTH.. format.. Godly Light.. tract series - -.. Godly Grace.. Godly Peace.. Godly Warfare.. tract series.. Godly Path.. Godly Ascent.. tract series - -.. Way To Go, USA.. Pamphleteers Of Jesus.. Truth For South Asia.. series - -.. Truth For East Asia.. series - -.. Truth For Native American Indian Tribes.. - -.. Truth For Africa.. series.. Truth For Modern Europe.. Truth For Science-Fiction Followers.. Truth For All The Sick And Tired Children.. GODLY LIGHT Series.. "A Tribute To The Father Of Lights".. Divine Selection: God's Developmental Program For Earth.. Download "Divine Selection" as a.. SCREENSAVER.. for your computer! New version!.. A Logical Solar System -- For All The Interactive Elements.. Download "A Logical Solar System" as a.. Burnt Dust In A Black Sky.. The God-Man Interface.. The Reality Zone.. The Star Of Royal Beauty.. Download "The Star Of Royal Beauty" as a.. for your computer!.. A Supernova At Armageddon.. The Spiritual Solar System Charts (BIG - 6 MB).. The Father Of Lights And The Sun Of Heaven.. Earth-Workers And Moon-Dancers.. A Word From Your Sponsor.. Sun-Dancers And Jesus-Trackers.. GODLY GRACE Series.. "From The World Of Ceaseless Trouble To The Place Of Godly Grace".. A Godlike Overview Of Affliction.. Download "A Godlike Overview Of Affliction" as a.. A Godlike Overview Of Death, Disease, And Decay.. A Godlike Overview Of Evil Flourishing.. A Godlike Overview Of Catastrophes.. A Godlike Overview Of Cataclysm.. Download "A Godlike Overview Of Cataclysm" as a.. A Godlike Overview Of Apocalypse.. A Godlike Overview Of Earth's End.. A Godlike Overview Of The New Earth.. A Godlike Overview Of The Universe.. A Godlike Overview Of Eternity.. GODLY WARFARE Series.. "Faithful Fighting Against The Forces Of Darkness" {work in progress}.. God's Army.. Musketeers Of The Three-In-One God.. Knights Of The Golden Aura.. The Golden Armor Of God.. Cosmic Warfare And The Chosen Few.. A Star Over Chosin Reservoir.. How To Stop Cursing The Military.. "That Presbyterian Rebellion" -- It Became The American Revolutionary War.. The Example Of A Christian Officer: General George Washington & The 8th Wonder Of The World.. Valley Forge And The Shadow Of Death.. Patrick Henry's Legacy: The Dying Regret Of A Christian Patriot.. The Last Mutineer And The Fruit Of The Bounty.. The March Of A Christian Soldier: Richard Wurmbrand, Tortured P.. O.. W.. The March Of A Christian Soldier: Ed Reeves, A Hero Of The Korean War.. The Flight Of A Golden Knight: Dana Bowman, The Unbeatable Soldier.. No King But Jesus! The Divine Revolution.. God's Superheros.. God's P.. 's.. Soldiers Of Christ Are Tough.. Soldiers Of Light Die For The Cause.. God's Army Of Angels.. TRUTH FOR SOUTH ASIA Series.. "Truth For The People Of India, Sri Lanka, And Nepal" (in English & Asian languages).. Find Your Divine Purpose In.. The Temple Of Miraculous Fire.. (English).. To see or read the Indian language translations, click here.. Tamil.. Tamil E-book.. Malayalam.. Nepali E-book.. In The Water Of The River Ganges.. Will I Be Reborn From The Ashes?.. To see or read the Indian language translation, click here.. Do You Aim To Be.. Burnt Dust In A Black Sky?.. The Second Birth And The Second Death.. Large Leaflet Printing Pattern - Large Leaflet Handout Sheets - Large Leaflet As E-book.. Small Booklet Printing Pattern.. - Small Booklet Handout Sheets -.. Small Booklet As E-book.. A Building More Glorious Than The Taj Mahal.. The Journey To The East: My Trip To India And What I Learned From It.. The Rock That Is Higher Than All: How Nepal's Everest Trek Led Me To The Stars Of Higher Ground.. The Three-Forms Fountain Of The Universe.. The Father Of Lights And The Sun Of Righteousness.. The Bethlehem Star And The Sky-Return Of Jesus.. Heaven And Sri Lanka.. The Lord Of Sri Lanka.. The Temple Of Endless Cremations.. On Mt.. Everest & The Death Of Edmund Hillary.. A Road Up The Side Of Mount Everest.. A Torchbearer On Mount Everest.. The Light Of Christ At The Top Of The World.. TRUTH FOR EAST ASIA Series.. "Truth For The People Of The Far East" (some in Korean language soon).. [Korean/English].. The Sun Of Heaven -- Light For All The World.. [Korean/English soon - Korean translation completed!].. [English].. The Rock That Is Higher Than All.. The Journey To The East.. Rethinking The Asian Superheros [English].. (work in progress; 60% written; to be posted later).. Heaven And Sri Lanka [English].. (work in progress; 30% written; to be posted later).. Thanksgiving And The Time Of God's Harvest.. The New Earth Of Heaven's Sun [English].. Truthspeaking And Thanksgiving In South Korea.. TRUTH FOR THE FIGHTERS & SURVIVORS OF AFRICA Series.. "The Light Of Christ For A Dark Continent" {work in progress}.. How The Sunrise From Heaven Made His Creation.. How The Lion-Warrior Proved His Courage.. Large Leaflet Printing Pattern - Large Leaflet Handout Sheets - Large Leaflet As E-book.. Africa's New Heros: The Tribe Of The High Rock.. The Golden Soldiers Of God's Sunrise.. The Demons' War Survivors.. A Paradise For The Demons' War Survivors.. The Royal Star And The Sunrise From Heaven.. TRUTH FOR NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN TRIBES Series.. "Truth For The Native Peoples Of The U.. " {work in progress}.. The Devil's Massacre: How Satan Devastates Native American Tribes.. The Blood Treaty Of The Warriors For God.. Scalp-Hunter And The Trail Of Blood.. The Tribe Of The High Rock.. Sky Chief And The Sun Of Righteousness.. Sky Chief's Golden Riders.. A Man Called Lion: The Song Of Courage.. A Vision Quest And The High Rock.. Their Scripture Is The Wind.. The Sweat Lodge And The Birth Bath.. The World Tree And The Hunters' Paradise.. TRUTH FOR MODERN EUROPE Series.. "True Reports From The New World" {work in progress}.. From The Old World To The New.. Life And The Lion King -- Narnia's Aslan And A Man Called Lion.. Two Backpackers Go To Nepal.. Two Backpackers And The Everest Trek.. Two Backpackers Go To India.. A Backpacker Goes To Sri Lanka.. A Backpacker Goes To Egypt.. The Two Trekkers And The Space Journey.. TRUTH FOR SCIENCE-FICTION FOLLOWERS Series -- A pro-Creation theme reveals God's anti-Evolution scheme.. "Science-Truth Speakers versus S-F Dreamers -- Evolution Myths Shattered By The Gospel Truth!" {work in progress}.. The Ascent To The Heavens.. The God Of Science-Truth.. The Great Science-Fiction Hoax.. The Alternate-Universe Hoax of Jules Verne, H.. G.. Wells & Edgar Rice Burroughs.. The Alternate-Universe Hoax & Robert A.. Heinlein.. The Alternate-Universe Hoax & Isaac Asimov.. The Alternate-Universe Hoax & Arthur C.. Clarke.. The Alternate-Universe Hoax: Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek.. The Alternate-Universe Hoax: Frank Herbert's Dune.. The Alternate Worlds Of J.. Tolkien And C.. S.. Lewis.. The Alternate Universe Traps: TV Fixation, Computer Games Addiction, And The Pervasive.. Internet Pornography Obsession.. Alternate Reality Addiction And The Brain Wash Solution.. The Inevitable Progress Scam.. The Endless Evolution Error.. The Science Of Holocaust.. The Science Of Transformation.. The Superman Fiasco.. The Real Superheros.. The Astounding Star-Man.. The Astronautical Rescue.. The Ultimate Utopia.. The Fabulous Future.. The Transformation Of Humanity.. An Ocean Of Stars.. The Sea Of Consciousness.. The Anthropic Principle In Astrophysics.. Irreducible Complexity In Microbiology.. Time, Probability, And "Unintelligent Design".. The Next Copernican Revolution.. The Stars And The Space Journey.. The Science-Truth Solution.. GODLY PATH Series.. "Wisdom From The Heavenly Road" {work in progress}.. There Is A Way.. The Straight And Narrow Path.. Make A Straight Road For The King.. The End Of The Road.. A Street Of Gold.. The King Of The Road.. PAMPHLETEERS OF JESUS Series -- for Christians & evangelists, not unbelievers --.. "ALL For One Lord, And One Lord For All!" {work in progress}.. The Lord's Messengers.. -- Inspiration From The Lives Of George Bowen & David Wilkerson.. The Trackers Of Jesus.. -- Inspiration From The Lives Of Frank Jenner & David Smethurst.. Trackers Of The Lost Pedestrians.. -- Inspiration From The Lives Of George Bowen, Frank Jenner, Rev.. Francis Dixon & Dr.. Raymond Wilson.. The Royal Pamphleteers.. [work in progress].. -- Inspiration From The Lives Of Seven Great Tractsmen.. (John Wycliffe, John Bunyan, Hudson Taylor,.. Billy Graham, Bill Bright, Jack Chick, & Ray Comfort).. [the next 2 may also be labeled as.. God's Paperboys.. Parts 1 and 2.. Tracking Providence: God's Paperboy In India.. [30% written].. -- Inspiration From The Experience Of Rev.. W.. Vedha & Ken Street.. Trusting Providence: God's Paperboy In The U.. [50% written].. Repercussions And Trackers.. [95% written].. -- Whatever Happened To George Bowen's Tracts?.. Tracks In The Seedbed Of Time.. -- Whatever Happened To Tracts Ignored By A Baptist Seminary?.. The Servant On Fire.. -- Inspired For The Empowering Of Trackers.. A Life On Fire For Jesus.. [80% written].. -- Encouragement For Pilgrims And Trackers.. Buccaneers, Mutineers, And Musketeers.. [planned].. -- Inspiration For Embattled Trackers.. The Shirkers And The Workers.. -- For Inspired But Tired Trackers.. WAY TO GO, USA Series.. "Good News For A Glorious Day" {work in progress}.. "No King But Jesus!" -- The Divine Revolution.. An Earth Of Death, Disease, And Decay.. The Second Birth And The Second Death.. The First Paradise And The Last Paradise.. The New Earth Of Heaven's Sun.. The Rock That Is Higher Than All.. GODLY PEACE Series.. "Wisdom In Times of Sickness And Injury" {work in progress}.. FOR ADULTS:.. God's Worldwide Garden.. FOR OLDER CHILDREN & TEENAGERS:.. How God Repairs His Worldwide Garden (Booklet 1).. How God Repairs His Worldwide Garden (Booklet 2).. How God Repairs His Worldwide Garden (Booklet 3).. TRUTH FOR ALL THE SICK AND TIRED CHILDREN Series.. "Just Wait Till You Get To The End Of Your Story!" {work in progress}.. FOR LITTLE KIDS:.. God's Giant Garden And How He Repairs It: "Why Do Little Children Get So Sick?".. (Booklet 1).. God's Giant Garden And How He Repairs It: "Why Is The World Such A Big Mess?".. (Booklet 2).. God's Giant Garden And How He Repairs It: "Why Doesn't Jesus Just Heal.. Every.. Little Child?".. (Booklet 3).. God's Giant Garden And How He Repairs It: "Can Doctors Make Miracles?".. (Booklet 4).. God's Giant Garden And How He Repairs It: "Why Am I Always Hurting?".. (Booklet 5).. God's Giant Garden And How He Repairs It: "Why Do Little Kids Die Sometimes?".. (Booklet 6).. God's Giant Garden And How He Repairs It: "Why Do Some Kids Die So Young?".. (Booklet 7).. God's Giant Garden And How He Repairs It: "Is It Okay To Just Get Tired Of Trying?".. (Booklet 8).. God's Giant Garden And How He Repairs It: "Do All Kids Go To Heaven When They Die?".. (Booklet 9).. God's Giant Garden And How He Repairs It: "When Will I Get To See God's New Garden?".. (Booklet 10).. God's Giant Garden And How He Repairs It: "When Is My Body Going To Be Healthy Again?".. (Booklet 11).. God's Giant Garden And How He Repairs It: "Why Can't God Take Away The Bad Stuff NOW?".. (Booklet 12).. God's Giant Garden And How He Repairs It: "Can I Have A Secret Friend Too?".. (Booklet 13).. God's Giant Garden And How He Repairs It: "Is This A Story About The Real World?".. (Booklet 14).. GODLY ASCENT Series.. "A Journey Through The Mountains Of God" {work in progress}.. Lift Up Your Eyes Unto The Mountains.. The Lesson Of "The Mount Of The Congregation": Why The Angels Fell.. The Lesson Of "Mount Babel": Nimrod Climbs With A Devilish Ambition.. The Lesson Of Mount Ararat: The Mountain Of Noah's Rainbow.. The Lesson Of Mount Moriah: Abraham's Mountain Of Sacrifice.. The Lesson Of Mount Horeb: The Mountain Of The Burning Bush.. The Lesson Of Mount Sinai : Where Moses Received The Tablets Of God's Law.. The Lesson Of Mount Nebo: The Mountain of Moses' Prophecy.. The Lesson Of Mount Hebron: Elder Caleb's Mountain Of Conquest.. The Lesson Of Mount Engedi: Learning From David's Mountain.. The Lesson Of The Temple Mount: Solomon's Glorious Achievement.. The Lesson Of Mount Carmel : Elijah's Mountain Of Triumph.. The Lesson Of "The Mount Of Corruption": Mount Olivet And "The High Places".. The Lesson Of "The Mount Of Beatitudes": Where Jesus Taught A Multitude.. The Lesson Of Mount Tabor: "The Mount Of Transfiguration".. The Lesson Of "The Mount Of Skulls": A Place Called Mount Calvary.. The Lesson Of "The Mount Of The Ascension": Where Jesus Rose Into The Skies.. The Lesson Of "The Mountain Of Tribulation": Learning From "The Great Tribulation".. The Lesson Of "Mount Armageddon": Viewing It All From A Hilltop Near Meggido.. The Lesson Of Mount Zion: A Gathering On The Holy Mountain Of God.. found below, please use instead the links in the 3rd box for downloads from an alternate source.. THE EARTHWARD OUTREACH.. Higher Flights.. Higher Perspective.. Higher Peace.. Higher Battles.. Higher Goals.. Higher Vistas.. News For South Asia.. News For East Asia.. News For Native American Indian Tribes.. News For Africa.. News For Modern Europe.. News For Science-Fiction Followers.. News For All The Sick And Tired Children.. HIGHER FLIGHTS Series.. "The Divine Light And The Stars Of The Heavens".. Earth And The Universal Scheme: The Plan For A Small Blue Planet.. Download "Earth And The Universal Scheme" as a.. The Gate Of The Heavens: Your Source Of Higher Vision.. Download "The Gate Of The Heavens" as a.. The Cosmic Theater: Your Doorway To The Stars.. The Guardian Of Truth: A Visitor From The Heavens.. The Foundation Of Planet Earth: Your Homeworld In A Big Cosmos.. The Wise Men See The Stars-- And So Should You.. Download "The Wise Men See The Stars" as a.. A Supernova Display On Judgment Day.. Schematics For A Logical Universe: The Sensible Solar System Charts.. Coasting In An Ocean Of Lights.. Earth-Walkers And Moon-Dancers.. EarthWord: The Mission To A Small Planet.. The Solar King And The Sun-Dancers.. HIGHER PERSPECTIVE Series.. "Unholy Trouble And Godly Grace".. The Higher Perspective: Affliction And Distress On Earth.. Download "The Higher Perspective: Affliction And Distress On Earth" as a.. The Higher Perspective: Death, Disease, And Decay.. The Higher Perspective: Why Evil Flourishes On Earth.. The Higher Perspective: Why Catastrophes Happen.. The Higher Perspective: A Cataclysm Comes To Earth.. Download "The Higher Perspective: A Cataclysm Comes To Earth" as a.. The Higher Perspective: Apocalypse And Reconstruction.. The Higher Perspective: Earth's Final Destiny.. The Higher Perspective: The Wisdom Of The Solar King.. The Higher Perspective: Heaven And Earth Will Pass Away.. The Higher Perspective: The Guardian Of Eternity.. HIGHER BATTLES Series.. "To Recruit And Rally Troops Who Are Soldiers Of God" {work in progress}.. BOOKLETS in the NEWS FOR SOUTH ASIA Series of Street Tracts have links below.. "Truth For The People Of India, Sri Lanka, And Nepal" (in English and Asian languages).. BOOKLETS of the NEWS FOR SOUTHEAST ASIA Series of Street Tracts have links below.. "Truth For The People Of Myanmar & Southeast Asia" (in English & some in Myanmar languages soon).. (English text).. (English slideshow).. To see or read the Myanmar language translations, click here.. Burmese.. (E-booklet).. NEWS FOR EAST ASIA Series.. "For Evangelism In The Far East" (some here in Korean language soon).. NEWS FOR THE FIGHTERS & SURVIVORS OF AFRICA Series.. NEWS FOR NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN TRIBES Series.. "For The Native Peoples Of The U.. NEWS FOR MODERN EUROPE Series.. "More Reports From The New World" {work in progress}.. NEWS FOR SCIENCE-FICTION FOLLOWERS Series -- A pro-Creation theme reveals God's anti-Evolution scheme.. HIGHER PEACE Series.. NEWS FOR ALL THE SICK AND TIRED CHILDREN Series.. HIGHER GOALS Series.. "Hiking On The Heavenly Road" {work in progress}.. PAMPHLETEERS OF JESUS Series.. HIGHER VISTAS Series.. "Monumental Mountains Of God" {work in progress}.. ** If there's trouble downloading a tract-printing pattern or a file of our King Jesus Christ tracts materials from either of the 2 sites above, please use instead the links below for downloads from.. JesusChrist3.. , an alternate source.. THE EARTH-TREKKER'S MISSION.. The Highest Realms.. The Highest View.. The Highest Peace.. The Highest Service.. The Highest Trail.. The Highest Climbs.. tract series.. Treasures For South Asia.. Treasures For East Asia.. Treasures For Native American Indian Tribes.. Treasures For Africa.. Treasures For Modern Europe.. Treasures For Science-Fiction Followers.. Treasures For All The Sick And Tired Children.. THE HIGHEST REALMS Series.. "For Earth-Trekker's Mission, Giving Glory To The Creator".. The Hidden Kingdom: A Key To The City.. Download "The Hidden Kingdom" as a.. To Climb Above The Clouds: Treasure At The Top Of The World.. Download "To Climb Above The Clouds" as a.. A Flight To The Celestial City: Your Path Set By The Stars.. The Master Of Enlightenment: He Has Seen Both Heaven And Earth.. Stand On A Mighty Mountain: Feeling Solid Rock Under Your Feet.. The Light Of The Loyal Trekkers: Your Guide For Wise Climbing.. Download "The Light Of The Loyal Trekkers" as a.. Repair Time For A Blue Planet: Transformations Of A Garden World.. Diagrams Of The Universal Center: The Realm Of The Solar King.. To Sail Through An Ocean Of Lights.. Earth-Trekkers And Cross-Carriers.. The Traveler's Manna.. Heaven-Bound Hikers & The Sun-Dancing Festival.. THE HIGHEST VIEW Series.. "For Earth-Trekker's Mission, Giving Glory To The One Who Holds The Future".. The Highest View: Why There Is Suffering & Distress On Earth.. Download "Why There Is Suffering & Distress On Earth" as a.. The Highest View: Why There Is Death, Disease, And Decay.. The Highest View: Why Evil Flourishes All Over The Earth.. The Highest View: Why There Are So Many Catastrophes On Earth.. The Highest View: Why Cataclysm Comes Upon The Earth.. Download "Why Cataclysm Comes Upon The Earth" as a.. The Highest View: Why The Apocalypse Will Burn Away All Evil.. The Highest View: Why Earth's End Is Like Its Beginning.. The Highest View: A Ruler Wiser Than King Solomon.. The Highest View: Kingly Wisdom From The Lord Of Heaven.. The Highest View: Tracking The Master Of Eternity.. THE HIGHEST SERVICE Series.. "For The Fighting Men Of Earth, Giving Glory To One Who Deserves Allegiance" {work in progress}.. TREASURES FOR SOUTH ASIA Series.. "Earth-Trekker's Notes For The People Of India, Sri Lanka, And Nepal" (in English & Asian languages).. TREASURES FOR EAST ASIA Series.. "Earth-Trekker's Notes For People Of The Far East" (some in Korean language soon).. TREASURES FOR THE FIGHTERS & SURVIVORS OF AFRICA Series.. TREASURES FOR NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN TRIBES Series.. TREASURES FOR MODERN EUROPE Series.. "Earth-Trekker's Reports Of The New World" {work in progress}.. TREASURES FOR SCIENCE-FICTION FOLLOWERS Series -- A pro-Creation theme reveals God's anti-Evolution scheme.. THE HIGHEST PEACE Series.. TREASURES FOR ALL THE SICK AND TIRED CHILDREN Series.. THE HIGHEST TRAIL Series.. "An Earth-Trekker Hiking On The Heavenly Road" {work in progress}.. THE HIGHEST CLIMBS Series.. "A Trek Through The Mountains Of God" {work in progress}.. VIC.. Names For Some Of The Main Sites Of Jesus Christ Tracts Int.. Net.. Appear Below - Quite Easy-To-Remember When Seen Listed In These Groups:.. KingChristJesus.. TheKingJesusChrist.. KingJesusMessiah.. KingYeshuaMessiah.. KingJesusGospel.. KingJesusLord.. JesusChristWord.. ChristJesusWord.. JesusChristBible.. ChristJesusBible.. KingJesusBible.. JesusChristBooks.. ChristJesusBooks.. KingJesusBooks.. ChristJesusTracts.. KingJesusTracts.. JesusChristGospel.. NetJesusChrist.. NetChristJesus.. NetKingJesus.. JesusChristInformation.. JesusTracts.. JesusInformation.. JesusBooklets.. JesusPamphlets.. GospelBooklets.. GospelPamphlets.. JesusBook.. JesusChristBook.. JesusChristInfo.. NetJesus.. JesusChristNet.. KingChrist.. ChristJesusNet.. ChristJesusBook.. ChristTracts.. JesusTractsNet.. GospelTractsNet.. BibleTractsNet.. WorldviewBibles.. BOTTOM OF PAGE..

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