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  • Title: KeyFocus - KeyFocus - internet security solutions
    Descriptive info: .. KeyFocus Products.. KFSensor.. KFWhois.. KF Web Server.. Makers of innovative internet solutions.. KFSensor.. KFSensor is a Windows based honeypot Intrusion Detection System (IDS).. It acts as a honeypot to attract and detect hackers and worms by simulating vulnerable system services and trojans.. By acting as a decoy server it can divert attacks from critical systems and provide a higher level of information than can be achieved by using firewalls and NIDS alone.. KFSensor is designed for use in a Windows based corporate environment and contains many innovative and unique features such as remote management, a Snort compatible signature engine and emulations of Windows networking protocols.. With its  ...   trial now.. KFWhois.. KFWhois makes it easy to look up and store domain registration details.. It tracks changes to domain registrations and warns you when they are about to expire.. KFWhois does the hard work for you in finding the right registrar for each domain and querying its whois database.. This application saves you time and trouble in managing your vital domain name assets.. KF Web Server.. KF Web Server is a free HTTP Server that can host an unlimited number of web sites.. Its small size, low system requirements and easy administration make it the perfect choice for both professional and amateur web developers alike.. Download now..

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  • Title: KeyFocus - KFSensor - Windows Honeypot IDS
    Descriptive info: About.. Overview.. Screen shots.. Features.. Enterprise edition.. Compare editions.. Download trial.. Buy KFSensor.. News.. Manual.. Knowledge Base.. Links.. Extras.. Factsheet (.. pdf).. Advanced Windows Honeypot System.. View the.. KFSensor screen shot tour.. Latest news.. New Version 4.. 8.. 0 released.. More information.. KFSensor Benefits.. Signature attack identification.. KFSensor's rule base signature engine can identify known attack patterns, which greatly helps in analyzing the nature of a event.. Rules can be imported from external sources in Snort format giving access to a huge amount of security knowledge.. Detects Windows networking attacks.. KFSensor contains the world's only Windows networking/ NetBIOS / SMB / CIFS emulation honeypot.. This unique feature enables it to detect the nature of attacks on file shares and Windows administrative services, currently the most prevalent and damaging on the Internet.. Firewalls can detect port scans, but not the nature of an attack.. NIDS can identify certain attacks but not without the risk of compromising security.. Only KFSensor can provide the maximum information on an attack, without risk of compromise.. Extendable architecture.. The already comprehensive emulation and reporting features of KFSensor can be further extended by writing your own scripts and database queries.. No false positives.. Firewalls and network based IDS are often overwhelmed by the amount of network traffic and often generate false alarms by misinterpreting legitimate network traffic.. KFSensor's honeypot model has no legitimate uses, so all connections to them are suspect.. Low overheads..  ...   such as FTP, SMB, POP3, HTTP, Telnet, SMTP and SOCKS to improve deception and gain more valuable information on a hacker's motives.. Real time detection.. Attacks are detected, analyzed and reported immediately allowing response to an attack while still in progress.. Detects unknown threats.. Unlike other products KFSensor does not rely on signatures of known attacks and can therefore detect new or 0 day threats, such as new worms, viruses and elite hackers.. KFSensor is just as effective at detecting internal threats.. Security in-depth.. KFSensor complements other types of security products, such as firewalls, anti-virus and network based IDS systems, to provide an additional layer of protection.. Designed for a corporate environment.. KFSensor's secure design and its ability to work both inside a LAN and in front of a firewall make it suitable for organizations that demand the highest security requirements.. KFSensor: What others say.. "KFSensor appears to be the only virtual honeypot in this review with a clear sense of what it takes to appear to be a Windows host.. ".. "This functionality puts KFSensor in the top echelon of Windows honeypots.. "If you want a feature-packed Windows honeypot that's easy to install and use, KFSensor is the clear choice for you.. Read the lab report on.. Windows.. NET Magazine's web site.. "It's the best Windows honeypot offering, full of features, and easy to set up.. "What it does offer is tops in the industry..

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  • Title: KeyFocus - KFWhois - KFWhois makes it easy to look up and store domain registration details
    Descriptive info: Compare.. Download.. Purchase.. FAQ.. Support.. Own a web site?.. Manage multiple domain names?.. Want to check your registration details?.. Worried about web piracy?.. Want to monitor cyber-squatters?.. Worried about missing your expiry date?.. Want to buy a domain name from the owner?.. Then you NEED KFWhois.. Searching for accurate domain registration details is harder than ever.. Deregulation has led to a rapid expansion in the number internet registrars, each with their own whois database.. The new generic domains such as.. biz and.. name and the increasing importance of international country code domains make it even more complicated.. KFWhois Features.. Awards.. Easy to use domain registration look up.. Simply type in the domain name and let KFWhois do the rest.. Smart, no clutter interface.. Works as a plug in to Internet Explorer.. This means it does not clutter your desktop and is available at any time from the Internet Explorer tool bar.. Domain database.. All your domain searches and their results are stored in the KFWhois database.. Identifies registration changes.. Identifies and highlights domains registrations that have changed since you last checked them.. The old and new details are displayed side by side making it easy to compare the changes..  ...   coverage.. KFWhois works with all top level domains, including international domains and the new generic names such as.. biz.. DNS lookup.. Both domain name to IP and IP to domain name searches are available.. Summary Report.. KFWhois extracts the key information, such as who a domain is registered to and when it was registered and presents it in a special summary report.. From here you can drill-down to see the full registration details of any domain.. Bulk Entry.. Enables you to copy and paste your own list of domains into KFWhois.. Domain categories.. Organise your domain searches by your own categories and filter the results by each category.. Print Email results.. All results are displayed as standard HTML inside Internet Explorer, making it easy to print and email them.. Fast.. The multi-threaded architecture performs multiple lookup at the same time.. Background operation.. KFWhois runs in the background allowing you to get on with your work.. System requirements.. Windows 98,ME,2000,XP.. Internet Explorer 5.. 0 or greater.. KFWhois Pro.. Even more advance features are available with.. Find out more here.. Download.. If you would like a free trial then.. download it here.. Buy it now on our secure on-line payment system..

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  • Title: KeyFocus - KF Web Server - High performance HTTP Server
    Descriptive info: History.. Want a free web server?.. Want ease of use and advanced functionality?.. Available in English and Spanish.. Disponible en el inglés y el español.. Download it here.. KF Web Server Features.. Click here for more snap shots.. Free.. No licence fees, time limits or SpyWare included.. Unlimited web sites.. Can host an unlimited number of web sites, each with their own home directories and security configurations.. Multiple domain names, multiple ports.. Map different domain names on to one or more web sites.. Listen on many ports at the same time.. No need to limit yourself to the standard port 80.. Core Functionality.. HTTP/1.. 1 support.. Implements the latest HTTP standard, 1.. 1 to provide request pipelining, range downloads and browser cache support for enhanced performance.. CGI/1.. 1.. Works great with PHP, PERL, Python and other scripting languages.. For security reasons the running of arbitrary executables is restricted.. HTTP Compression.. Implements standard HTTP gzip compression to increase your performance by up to three times.. Directory indexes.. Supports standard file name substitution, such as index.. html, if a client only asks for a directory.. Directory listings can also be generated automatically using a configurable script to suit your needs.. File cache.. Files are cached in memory for faster performance.. MIME settings.. Use the pre-defined MIME file associations, or define your own.. Custom error messages.. Define your own server error  ...   Service.. Can be installed as a systems service on Windows NT,2000 and XP, for enhanced security and administration.. It can be run as a conventional application on Windows 98 and ME.. Administration.. Browser based administration.. Configure the server through your browser from any machine on the internet.. For security reasons this is initially restricted to the local machine, but a simple setting change enables remote administration.. System Tray monitor.. The server sits as an icon in your system tray and can be configured to start manually or when you boot up.. Highly configurable.. Gives you detailed control over all aspect of the servers operations.. Security.. Multiple security realms.. HTTP standard Basic Authentication is based on user names and passwords defined within a realm.. KFWS supports an unlimited number of realms, each with their own set of users and user groups.. Directory security.. Set security permissions at the individual sub-directory level.. Gives you maximum flexibility on implementing your security policies.. Hacker protection.. Not everyone browsing is friendly and KFWS has many built-in security features to protect against attacks:.. Password failure timed lock outs, to prevent dictionary attacks.. Request limits to counter Denial Of Service attacks.. Fail safe operation.. Only those requests that pass all the security checks, such as a recognised MIME type and an authorised directory will be authorised.. Prevents hackers from accessing system files or executing unauthorised applications..

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  • Title: KeyFocus - KFSensor News
    Descriptive info: Click on an image to see it full size.. KFSensor Administration Console.. The Administration Console enables control of the sensors, event notification and investigation.. Ports View.. Displays the simulated services on each port.. Ports are color coded to indicate recent activity.. The events displayed are from a variety of real life attack.. Visitor View.. Displays each visitor to the sensor.. Remote Sensors.. View multiple remote sensors and their events on one console.. System Tray.. When not in use the Administration Console sits in the system tray.. It flashes red and optionally plays an alarm sound when an attack is detected.. Event Investigation.. View detailed information on every attack.. Event Details.. Each event contains a wealth of detail to enable further analysis of an attack.. Opaserv worm.. View a detailed log of the data transmitted during an attack.. This example shows the Opaserv worm attempting spread itself via SMB.. RPC Blaster worm.. View the data in different formats.. This example shows the Blaster worm's payload in Hex.. Edit Scenario.. Each  ...   Signature Rule.. Signature rules support port based filters and multiple signatures.. Signatures support string, url and decoded data searches as well as regular expressions.. Import Signatures.. Import Snort format rule sets directly into KFSensor.. Configurable.. KFSensor is highly configurable.. Control Remote Sensors.. Manage multiple sensor installations across the network, from one console.. All protected by 3072 bit RSA public/private key authentication and 256 bit AES encryption.. Edit Ports.. KFSensor can be configured to listen on any port.. NBT Settings.. Configure exactly how KFSensor should respond to a NetBIOS scan.. HTTP Emulation.. Each server emulation can be configured.. Add/Remove Columns.. The interface is fully customizable.. Choose exactly how you want the event details to be displayed.. Custom Enhancements.. Add value to KFSensor by writing your own custom reports, or simulated servers.. External Database Log.. Write your own custom reports in Access, or any other SQL database.. External Emulation.. Write your own custom server emulations, using languages like PERL.. Spammer Log.. Load the log of spam attacks into Access for further analysis..

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  • Title: KeyFocus - KFSensor - Windows Honeypot IDS
    Descriptive info: KFSensor Features.. KFSensor contains a wealth of sophisticated and essential security features, many of which cannot be found in competing products.. The key design philosophy was to make the product easy and quick to setup and use.. The interface is totaly GUI based and the pre-configured settings make it suitable for most corporate environments, without the need for extensive configuration.. KFSensor is available in three editions; Standard, Professional and Enterprise.. For information specific to the Enterprise edition please view the.. page.. To compare which features are available in each edition view the.. Compare Edition.. Advanced Features.. Monitors every port.. KFSensor Professional monitors attacks on every TCP and UDP port, as well as detecting ICMP or ping messages.. It also monitors all network activity of native Windows server applications.. Allowing these to act as part of a honeypot configuration.. Remote administration.. KFSensor Enterprise Edition contains the ability to manage and monitor multiple honeypot installations.. Events from different sensors across the network are concatenated in real time allowing an immediate view of attacks as they happen.. KFSensor uses 3072 bit RSA public/private key authentication and 256 bit AES encryption to provide the top of the range security for communication between sensors.. IDS signature engine.. KFSensor is the first product to combine the benefits of signature-based IDS with a honeypot system.. Its fast signature search engine, has a minimal impact on system performance and can handle thousands of rules.. It is easy to update the rulebase with new rules from different sources and to create new rules directly from an event.. Service Emulation.. KFSensor, the Windows honeypot server system, features a number of different types of emulation, both simple and complex.. These can even be extended by the use of custom scripts.. Flexible configuration.. KFSensor can emulate different services on multiple ports and on different host IP addresses.. It is possible to run any emulation on any port.. Multiple scenarios.. Different honeypot scenarios can be defined, containing different port and service configurations.. It is easy and quick to switch between scenarios while the system is running.. Port listening.. The most basic type of trap, it holds open a port; reads the data sent to it and records the event.. Most useful in detecting worms.. Banner.. More sophisticated than a port listener, the Banner is able to display either a service prompt or error message message.. Although limited in its capabilities, the Banner has the advantage of being very easy to configure by a novice user.. Command console.. Emulates the Windows command shell, otherwise known as a DOS box.. A number of worms bind CMD.. EXE to a listening TCP port.. HTTP.. This is a fully working web server that correctly emulates Microsoft's IIS web server.. It handles the more obscure aspects such as range requests and client side cache controls.. SMTP.. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol emulation is capable of acting as a open relay server, the perfect trap for hackers looking for a target to relay spam.. Window networking / NetBIOS / SMB / CIFS.. KFSensor can emulate all four of Microsoft's NetBIOS and SMB/CIFS services.. Insecure file shares are one of the most common and potentially dangerous security vulnerabilities exploited.. KFSensor decodes NBT and SMB packets and logs them in a human readable format and even enables worms to upload malicious code to a secure area, for later analysis.. SOCKS.. KFSensor supports 4/4A/5 SOCKS protocols and can be configured with eight levels of emulation behaviour.. SOCKS servers are frequently used to relay spam and to launch attacks on other servers.. KFSensor contains advanced depception technology that allows spammers to believe their mail is getting through whilst secretly blocking mail from being relayed.. MS SQL Server.. Supports both TCP and UDP SQL Server ports and can capture passwords used in intrusion attempts.. MySQL.. Sophisticated simulation that handles protocol negotiation and decrypts packets for human readable logging..  ...   sent based on a high severity event.. Alerts.. In order to inform you when an intrusion occurs KFSensor supports a number of different mechanisms to alert you.. These can be configured to only activate when a specified severity is detected.. System tray alerts.. KFSensor provides a visual alert by displaying an alarm icon in the system tray at the bottom right of the Window's desktop.. This flashes either yellow or red when an alert is detected.. Audio alerts.. KFSensor can play an customizable alert sound when an event occurs.. EMail alerts.. KFSensor can send alerts via email.. There are two different formats of email alert messages; short and long.. The short format provides minimal information on an event and is suitable for sending to a portable device, while the long format provides much more detailed information and is suitable for a normal email client.. SysLog alerts.. KFSensor can send alerts to a UNIX SysLog server.. ArcSight CEF Format.. KFSensor can be configured to forward events to ArcSight in CEF format.. This streamlines and simplifies the integration of KFSensor with the Arcsight Enterprise Threat and Risk Management (ETRM) platform.. Event log alerts.. KFSensor can send alerts to the local machine's Event Log, enabling it to be detected by third party event monitoring software.. External application alerts.. KFSensor provides the ability to invoke an external application to handle an alert event.. This flexible feature can have many different uses such as: 1.. Creating your own custom event log file.. 2.. Launch an immediate port scan on the IP address of a visitor to the honeypot.. 3.. Send alerts to a third part application.. Other Features.. Denial Of Service (DOS) attack protection.. KFSensor is equipted with several mechanisms to counter DOS attacks.. Scenario rules.. It is possible for KFSensor to react differently depending on the IP address of a visitor.. For example rules can be defined which cause the server to ignore requests from certain sources or to increase the severity of an alert.. Database integration.. KFSensor can optionally store events into an ODBC SQL based database.. As well as improving the system's performance, it also has the advantage that you can create your own custom reports using any database tool.. Export logs in multiple formats.. Events can be exported to file in the following formats; XML, HTML, tab separated and CSV.. Systems service.. KFSensor runs as a systems service, allowing it to start before a user has logged on.. Secure configuration.. KFSensor has been designed according to the least privilege principle.. Unlike most other products KFSensor does not need Admin or root privaledges to function.. By taking advantage of Window's native security mechanisms the host machine can be secured against any possible compromise of the KFSensor system.. High integrity version.. KFSensor is available in a special high integrity version, which has the potentialy most risky honeypot features compiled out.. This makes it suitable for use in the most security sensitive areas of an organisation.. Extensive Documentation.. Detailed help documentation is available for all aspects of the product and there is a detailed guide on how to configure and get the best out of product.. System Requirements.. The efficient design of KFSensor allows it to run on even the most modest of machines, if not exposed to much traffic.. However its requirements will grow according to the amount of traffic it receives.. Recommended requirements.. Suitable for an system exposed to heavy traffic.. Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server, WIndows 7.. 32-bit Windows, (limited functionality of 64-bit Windows).. Processor 1.. 5Ghz or greater.. 500mb hard disk space.. 2Gb RAM.. SQL Database, e.. g.. MS SQL Server Express.. 1 LAN card or more.. Western European language keyboard.. Minimum requirements.. Suitable for use on a internal network with low traffic.. Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 7.. 5Ghz.. 80mb hard disk space.. 256mb RAM.. 1 LAN card..

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  • Title: KeyFocus - KFSensor - Windows Honeypot IDS
    Descriptive info: KFSensor Enterprise Edition.. KFSensor Enterprise enables multiple honeypot installations, across an organization's network, to be combined into a unified system.. This can be managed effectively and efficiently from a single user administration console.. As well as the benefits described below KFSensor Enterprise is also a cost effective way of purchasing multiple licenses.. Additional benefits.. View events from every sensor in the administrator console.. Combining the events from multiple sensors into one list enables attack patterns to be readily identified.. The Administrator can also drill down to see just those events on one sensor, or one port across all sensors.. Central store of events.. Event information is collated into a central database in real time.. Making a central copy of all events and the log files from each Sensor means there is less need to make regular backups of the Sensor machines' disks drives.. Storing all events on a central database also makes it easier to develop custom reports of all the activity on the entire network.. Central alerts.. Each Sensor can be configured to send alerts, for example by email.. In the KFSensor Enterprise there is the option of sending the alerts from the Administration machine instead of the Sensor machine.. Handling  ...   and KFSensor Enterprise enables each sensor to be reconfigured from the administration console remotely.. Easier signature rule base management.. Simply update the signatures on the Administration machine and have it deployed to each sensor automatically and securely.. Secure communication.. All communication between KFSensor installations is secured to the highest standards.. KFSensor uses 3072 bit RSA public/private keys to ensure that both the sensor and the monitor are both authenticated to each other.. Deployment.. In the Enterprise Edition there are two types of KFSensor installations:.. KFSensor Enterprise Sensor.. This has all the functionality of KFSensor Professional, with the additional ability to be controlled by remote KFSensor Enterprise Administrators.. KFSensor Enterprise Administrator.. This has all the functionality of KFSensor Professional, with the additional ability to control multiple KFSensor Enterprise Sensors as well as its own local sensor.. An Administrator installation also includes the ability to collate logs from and distribute updates to remote Sensor installations.. KFSensor Enterprise Edition consists of different quantities of the Sensor and Administration modules.. The price is dependant on the number of each type of license purchased.. Please contact us so we can advise you on a suitable package and to give you a quote, by using this.. online form..

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  • Title: KeyFocus - KFSensor - Windows Honeypot IDS
    Descriptive info: Compare KFSensor Editions.. KFSensor Standard Edition.. KFSensor Standard is the newest edition to the KFSensor range.. It provides all the core features required to run an effective honeypot system at a basic price.. KFSensor Professional Edition.. KFSensor Professional is a fully featured honeypot solution suitable for a single stand alone honeypot installation.. KFSensor Enterprise is designed for multiple honeypot installations across an organization's network.. One Enterprise Administrator installation can view the  ...   Feature.. Standard.. Professional.. Enterprise.. Monitors every TCP and UDP port.. Monitors ICMP ping messages.. Alerts from central server.. External simulation scripts.. Enterprise management.. Protect the enterprise with multiple installations.. View centrally events from multiple remote installations.. Re-configure installations remotely.. Distribute new signatures automatically.. Automatic back up remote sensors' logs.. If you would like more information on the different KFSensor versions or deployment options then please contact us for advice using this..

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  • Title: KeyFocus - KFSensor DownLoad
    Descriptive info: KFSensor Download.. If you would like a free fourteen day evaluation trial of KFSensor Professional then please fill in this registration form.. This version has some feature restrictions and does not contain the remote management functionality of KFSensor Enterprise Edition.. The information you provide will.. not.. be passed onto any other company or organisation.. After completing the form you will be able to.. download.. Your details.. First Name:.. Last Name:.. Company:.. Country:.. Afghanistan.. Albania.. Algeria.. American Samoa.. Andorra.. Angola.. Anguilla.. Antigua and Barbuda.. Argentina.. Armenia.. Aruba.. Australia.. Austria.. Azerbaijan Republic.. Bahamas.. Bahrain.. Bangladesh.. Barbados.. Belarus.. Belgium.. Belize.. Benin.. Bermuda.. Bhutan.. Bolivia.. Bosnia and Herzegovina.. Botswana.. Brazil.. Brunei Darussalam.. Bulgaria.. Burkina Faso.. Burundi.. Cambodia.. Cameroon.. Canada.. Cape Verde Islands.. Cayman Islands.. Central African Republic.. Chad.. Chile.. China.. Christmas Island.. Cocos (Keeling) Islands.. Colombia.. Comoros.. Congo.. Cook Islands.. Costa Rica.. Cote d Ivoire (Ivory Coast).. Croatia.. Cuba.. Cyprus.. Czech Republic.. Denmark.. Djibouti.. Dominica.. Dominican Republic.. East Timor.. Ecuador.. Egypt.. El Salvador.. Equatorial Guinea.. Eritrea.. Estonia.. Ethiopia.. Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas).. Fiji.. Finland.. France.. French Guiana.. French Polynesia.. Gabon Republic.. Gambia.. Georgia.. Germany.. Ghana.. Gibraltar.. Greece.. Greenland.. Grenada.. Guadeloupe.. Guam.. Guatemala.. Guernsey..  ...   Mozambique.. Myanmar.. Namibia.. Nauru.. Nepal.. Netherlands Antilles.. Neutral Zone.. New Caledonia.. New Zealand.. Nicaragua.. Niger.. Nigeria.. Niue.. Norfolk Island.. Northern Mariana Islands.. Norway.. Oman.. Other.. Pakistan.. Palau.. Panama.. Papua New Guinea.. Paraguay.. Peru.. Philippines.. Pitcairn.. Poland.. Portugal.. Puerto Rico.. Qatar.. Reunion.. Romania.. Russian Federation.. Rwanda.. Saint Kitts-Nevis.. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.. Samoa.. San Marino.. Sao Tome Principe.. Saudi Arabia.. Senegal.. Seychelles.. Sierra Leone.. Singapore.. Slovakia.. Slovenia.. Solomon Islands.. Somalia.. South Africa.. South Georgia Sandwich Islands.. Spain.. Sri Lanka.. St.. Helena.. Pierre Miquelon.. Sudan.. Suriname.. Svalbard Jan Mayen Islands.. Swaziland.. Sweden.. Switzerland.. Syria.. Taiwan.. Tajikistan.. Tanzania.. Thailand.. The Democratic Republic of Congo.. The Netherlands.. Togo.. Tokelau.. Tonga.. Trinidad and Tobago.. Tunisia.. Turkey.. Turkmenistan.. Turks and Caicos Islands.. Tuvalu.. Uganda.. Ukraine.. United Arab Emirates.. United Kingdom.. United States.. United States Minor Outlying Islands.. Uruguay.. Uzbekistan.. Vanuatu.. Vatican City State.. Venezuela.. Vietnam.. Virgin Islands (British).. Virgin Islands (U.. S.. ).. Wallis and Futuna.. Western Sahara.. Yemen.. Yugoslavia.. Zaire.. Zambia.. Zimbabwe.. Email:.. How did you hear about ?.. Existing customer.. Link on this site.. Search Engine.. Press Release.. Online Article.. Magazine Article.. Book.. Directory site.. Advert.. Link from another site.. From a friend..

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  • Title: KeyFocus - Buy KFSensor - Windows Honeypot IDS
    Descriptive info: Price per license: US $199.. Price per license: US $599.. Please contact us so we can advise you on a suitable package.. Please ask for a quote.. For more information on the Enterprise edition please view the.. Purchase KFSensor.. Buy now using our secure payment system.. Product.. Price.. $199 USD.. $599 USD.. Enquire.. Additional Information.. All purchases of KFSensor include email support and upgrades to future versions for one year.. The prices are quoted in US Dollars.. However you can pay in a number different currencies.. The  ...   methods, including; credit card, Switch/Solo card, bank/wire transfer, check and cash.. We also accept purchase orders, subject to approval.. If you wish to pay by this method please contact us using the form below.. EU customers are subject to VAT.. Delivery of products and updates is via the Internet in electronic form.. Existing customers.. To upgrade to the new version and renew your support and updates subscription then please follow this link:.. KFSensor Subscription.. If you have any questions about purchasing KFSensor please contact us using this..

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