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    Archived pages: 244 . Archive date: 2013-03.

  • Title: Kaleidoscope!
    Descriptive info: .. Get version 2.. 3.. 1 of.. Kaleidoscope!.. Check out our archive of 3rd party schemes, tools and goodies!.. Okay, so the name doesn't give you a complete picture.. perhaps this will!.. Have concerns? Check here to ease your mind!.. So, what about.. Yeah.. we know, just look here!.. And  ...   the Annoying Shareware Message go far far away!.. Having problems? Want to tell Arlo and Greg how cool their product is? Drop us a line, we'll be happy to hear from you!.. Check out other cool shareware written by Kaleidoscope Co-Author Greg Landweber!.. Copyright 2002.. Greg.. Landweber and.. Arlo.. Rose..

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  • Title: Download Kaleidoscope 2.3.1!
    Descriptive info: Kaleidoscope 2.. 1 Updater.. Updates Kaleidoscope 2.. 3 to version 2.. 1.. If you are not already using.. 3, you must download the Kaleidoscope 2.. 1 Full Install.. English..  .. from Kaleidoscope.. net.. from Penn State.. from the AusMac Archive (Australia).. Japanese  .. 1 Updater-J.. French.. 1 Updater-F.. Italian.. 1 Updater-I.. German.. 1 Updater-D.. Installs the complete Kaleidoscope 2.. 1 package.. For new Kaleidoscope.. users or current users who are running a version prior to Kaleidoscope 2.. 1 Full Install-J.. Japanese.. 1 Full Install-F.. 1 Full Install-I.. 1 Full Install-D.. Kaleidoscope Classic Pack 1.. 8.. Contains the color schemes from the original Kaleidoscope  ...   Clicking the site name takes you to that site's home page.. Download.. from.. The AusMac Archive.. (Australia).. Other Neat Stuff!.. Grab Other Software Greg's Done:.. Greg's Shareware.. Grab Recent Software Arlo's Done:.. Mac OS 8.. Apple Computer, Inc.. Eudora 4 for Macintosh.. Qualcomm, Inc.. PGP 6 For Windows and Macintosh.. Network Associaates.. Update your old 1.. 0 Schemes!.. Convert your old color schemes using the Kaleidoscope 1.. file format to the new format introduced in Kaleidoscope 1.. 5.. from this site.. The Scheme Archive.. |.. What is Kaleidoscope?.. Frequent Questions.. Version History.. Known Problems.. The Main Page.. Register Online.. Other Shareware.. Email The Authors..

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  • Title: What is Kaleidoscope?
    Descriptive info: Kaleidoscope is the ultimate in user interface customization for the Macintosh, letting you switch between completely different interface designs provided by plug-in modules called Schemes.. Here are two of the schemes included with Kaleidoscope, designed by Arlo Rose, formerly of Apple's Human Interface Design Center:.. If you want something less elaborate, Kaleidoscope also comes with several schemes loosely based on the shapes and layout of standard Apple platinum interface, but with creative new colors:.. Or for a more conventional interface, Kaleidoscope can make your Mac look like it is running a different operating system, or even another version of the Mac OS:.. But that's not all.. There are several.. THOUSAND.. other third party schemes available from our.. Kaleidoscope Scheme Archive.. Kaleidoscope is compatible with all versions of the Mac OS ranging from System 7 through Mac OS 9.. Under Mac  ...   suffer from those annoying black and white menus that plague Mac OS 8.. Kaleidoscope is shareware.. You can download a fully functional version of Kaleidoscope from this site, and you are welcome to try it out free of charge.. However, if you use it for more than a couple of weeks, we ask that you pay a $20 registration fee.. The payments are handed by Kagi, a payment processing service.. You can either register online by credit card using the links on this site, or you can send a cash, check, or credit card payment by mail or e-mail to Kagi.. Kaleidoscope comes with a Register application that creates a customized registration form to send with your payment.. Once you register, Kagi will send you instructions to remove the shareware reminder message that Kaleidoscope puts up at startup.. Downloads.. |..

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  • Title: Known Problems
    Descriptive info: Cannot find application to open scheme.. If the Finder says it cannot open a scheme because the application or translators could not be found, it means that the Finder has lost track of the Kaleidoscope Extension.. To fix this, just rebuild the deskop.. Alternatively, open the Extensions folder and double-click the Kaleidoscope Extension.. Cursor problems.. If you use a custom cursor on a Blue and White G3 machine, the cursor may flicker or lose its bottom half.. This is probably a minor bug in the Apple/ATI video acceleration software, so be on the lookout for updates from Apple.. This is not a symptom of a bigger problem, so if your cursor works fine or you don't mind the glitch, then you can continue using custom cursors.. Or, you can uncheck the Arrow Cursor check box in the Scheme Settings pane of the Kaleidoscope control panel.. America Online 3.. Using America Online 3.. 0 can corrupt the Kaleidoscope file, causing Kaleidoscope to refuse to load at startup.. This problem is fixed in America Online 4.. Claris Emailer.. Claris Emailer  ...   window, including its border, is onscreen.. MenuFonts.. We have heard reports of various conflicts with MenuFonts, including problems with Microsoft Word when both MenuFonts and Kaleidoscope are running.. We have not yet been able to find the cause.. Photoshop window positioning.. When you switch schemes or first install Kaleidoscope, Photoshop might open new windows at the top left of the screen, instead of automatically moving them to the right of the tools palette.. This is because Photoshop has lost track of the position of the tools palette.. To fix this, just move the tools palette window a few pixels so that Photoshop notices where it is.. Print Shop Companion.. The Print Shop Companion crashes shortly after launch if Kaleidoscope is active.. We do not yet have a solution for this problem, although one report indicated that it is triggered by Kaleidoscope's Substitute System Font Feature.. Quicken 98.. We have received several reports of crashes with Quicken 98.. However, we have not been able to reproduce these problems, and Quicken 98 works fine with Kaleidoscope on our own machines..

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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions
    Descriptive info: Where can I get a Mac OS X Aqua scheme?.. I am afraid that Apple's legal department does not want anyone distributing an Aqua scheme, so we will not post any such schemes on the Kaleidoscope Scheme Archive.. Although Aqua schemes are probably available elsewhere on the web (please do not ask us for URLs), we ask that you respect Apple's right to control its intellectual property and not use these schemes with Kaleidoscope.. Is Kaleidoscope compatible with Mac OS 9.. 2?.. Yes, Kaleidoscope is compatible with Mac OS 9.. 2, as well as with all prior system versions as far back as System 7.. Will Kaleidoscope support Mac OS X?.. It is too early to say.. We intend to make a version of Kaleidoscope for Mac OS X.. However, unlike applications which can be Carbonized, low level hacks like Kaleidoscope need to be completely rewritten for Mac OS X.. Where can I get more schemes?.. There are several thousand third party schemes available on the.. How do I install the schemes from the Kaleidoscope Scheme Archive?.. The schemes on the Archive are stored as StuffIt archives and need to be decompressed with StuffIt Expander.. After you download the scheme package, drag and drop the.. sit file on the StuffIt Expander icon.. Please note that your browser may not automatically expand these files, which is why you need to drag and drop them onto StuffIt Expander yourself.. StuffIt Expander will create a folder containing the scheme, in most cases a read me document, and sometimes additional supporting files, such as desktop or startup pictures.. You do not need to put the scheme file or folder in any particular place, although we do suggest keeping your favorite schemes in the Kaleidoscope Schemes folder under the Apple menu for easy access.. How do I switch schemes?.. To activate a scheme, just open it in the Finder by double-clicking its icon, as if it were a normal document.. (If you get a message saying that the application or translators could not be found, just rebuild the desktop, or open up the Extensions folder and double-click the Kaleidoscope Extension once.. ) If you put your schemes in the Apple Menu Items folder or a subfolder, you can switch schemes by choosing them from the Apple menu.. You can also switch schemes directly from the Kaleidoscope control panel by pushing the Select Scheme.. button or by dragging a scheme and dropping it on the open control panel window.. Is there an upgrade fee?.. No, we do not require any additional fee when you upgrade from a prior version of Kaleidoscope.. If you upgrade, Kaleidoscope should remember that you have already registered, and your old registration code will continue to work with  ...   scheme does not offer a feature, the corresponding check box is disabled.. Second, the Finder Colors feature is supported only under Mac OS 8.. x, so it is disabled under System 7.. Third, the WindowShade Sounds and Finder Colors options may be overridden by settings in the General Options pane.. Can I use my old schemes?.. Yes, this version of Kaleidoscope supports all schemes designed for Kaleidoscope 1.. 5 and later.. This does not require any conversion or changes to the scheme files.. How do I make my software Kaleidoscope-savvy?.. If you are a software developer, there are several ways that you can take advantage of Kaleidoscope.. First, you should make your software Apperance-savvy for Mac OS 8.. Kaleidoscope hooks into the Appearance Manager so any Appearance-savvy application automatically uses Kaleidoscope's colors.. If you want your software to be Kaleidoscope-savvy under System 7, you can get the colors for window backgrounds, text, tinges, and dividers from the clut resources, as documented in the Creating K1 Schemes file.. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us at.. greg@kaleidoscope.. How can I register if I don't have a credit card?.. Kagi accepts payment by US check or by cash in various currencies, as well as by credit card.. The Register application lists all of these payment methods, letting you create a customized registration form that you can mail or e-mail to Kagi (whose address is given on the form).. For more information, see the How to Register document.. Alternatively, you can register via credit card using the.. Kagi Online Order Processing.. page.. How do I remove the Annoying Shareware Message?.. First you must register.. Once Kagi processes your payment, which can take up to a week from when they receive it, they e-mail you a registration code in a message with subject: Thanks for your payment.. The registration code is near the end of that message, so be sure to read the entire thing.. To enter your registration code, open up the Kaleidoscope control panel, click the Register button at the top right, and type your code into the box it gives you.. Sometimes your registration or Kagi's reply may get lost in the mail or fall through the cracks.. If you do not hear back from Kagi, send them e-mail at.. admin@kagi.. com.. It might take Kagi a few days to respond, but they eventually sort everything out.. Can I beta test new versions of Kaleidoscope?.. Thanks for offering, but we already have all the beta testers we need for Kaleidoscope.. Please do not send e-mail asking to be a beta tester since the answer will always be no.. (no matter how well qualified you are or how nicely you ask).. Copyright 2001..

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  • Title: Version History
    Descriptive info: Changes in Kaleidoscope 2.. The menu bar clock draws in the right place under Mac OS 9.. Enhanced menus draw and erase correctly under Mac OS 8.. 1 and earlier.. Fixes a potential crash when using Page Setup with LaserWriter drivers.. AliasMenu uses the correct Substitute System Font in its menus.. MYOB AccountEdge once again lets you select text fields by clicking on them.. On older systems without Navigation Services, the Select Scheme box in the Kaleidoscope control panel lists Kaleidoscope 2.. 3 schemes correctly.. ColorSwitch Pro draws its menus correctly in schemes without enhanced menus.. The WYSIWYG font menu in Style (a shareware text editor) draws correctly.. The tooltips in Macromedia Fireworks draw and erase correctly.. BBEdit's alternative menu items (when pressing option or shift) draw correctly.. Fixes a potential crash (write to NIL) drawing menus with extended borders.. Several other minor changes and improvements.. Reduced the shareware fee to $20!.. Kaleidoscope now offers enhanced menu effects in schemes that support them, including transparency and extended borders with 8-bit masks.. For transparent menus in other schemes, you must use.. Power Windows.. 2.. 4.. 3 or higher.. Menus draw faster, particularly menus with patterns or transparent menus.. Inactive tabs and list backgrounds in Photoshop 6 palettes are no longer black.. Quark XPress windows respond correctly to mouse clicks (for real this time).. The Eye Candy and Colorfield Insight Photoshop plug-ins no longer crash.. Popup menu titles draw correctly in Sherlock 2 and other PowerPlant apps.. Fixes a glitch drawing selected menu items in Tex-Edit and some other apps.. The substitute system font feature no longer corrupts BBEdit's menu glyphs.. BBEdit's popup menus now draw correctly, instead of as default push buttons.. Fixes a crash when setting General Options in the Kaleidoscope control panel.. DropDrawers now updates its tabs correctly if you switch schemes using the Kaleidoscope control panel under Mac OS 9.. This fix also affects other applications that need to be notified when the scheme changes.. 2.. Fixes out of memory errors and crashes when opening the control panel.. Works around a system bug that draws a thick line below the menu bar.. AppleWorks 6 databases now use the correct colors in their popup menus.. EndNote text entry fields now use the correct text color.. Outlook Express 5 uses the correct text color when editing the address book.. Norton SpeedDisk's disclosure triangle now draws correctly.. Script Debugger no longer crashes when trying to draw a slider.. Fixes a conflict with RealPlayer 7 that caused crashes when quitting.. Works around various drawing glitches in Microsoft Outlook Express 5.. The Apple, Help, and Application menus use the correct font under Mac OS 9.. Fixes a  ...   to the bottom of the screen.. Smart Scroll no longer forces scroll bars to have double arrows.. Fixes a glitch where dialog box text in Anarchie Pro, Netscape, and other applications mistakenly draws disabled, particularly with Apple platinum.. Fixes various drawing glitches in the Code Warrior IDE.. Fixes glitches drawing the hard disk icon in open/save dialog boxes.. Fixes problems with the Languages Region Support and shared folder icons.. Kaleidoscope's desktop patterns now work with transparent desktop pictures.. Tab panes now use the correct text color in Appearance and other applications.. Kaleidoscope is now compatible with Mac OS 9.. Added support for scroll bars with both arrows arrows at one end (under Mac OS 8.. 5 and later).. Just check the Smart Scrolling box in the Appearance control panel and uncheck Kaleidoscope's Scroll Bars have Double Arrows box.. Spinning zoom rectangles are back (under Mac OS 8.. 5 and later)!.. Adobe Photoshop's toolbars use Kaleidoscope's utility windows and colors.. Kaleidoscope now shows the scheme's about box while switching schemes.. The Select Scheme.. button in the Kaleidoscope control panel opens to the folder containing the current scheme.. Sherlock's grow box draws using colors from the current scheme.. The default application menu grip looks better in K1-style schemes.. Apple DVD Player no longer crashes when you Present Video on Screen.. Dragging Finder window proxy icons no longer leaves a trail on the screen.. Fixes a glitch drawing K1-style indeterminate progress bars in Anarchie, Outlook Express, and other applications.. The window collapse box now responds correctly in America Online 4.. Adobe Illustrator 8 draws popup menus correctly in its open/save and preferences boxes.. Also, fixed a drawing glitch in Illustrator's utility windows.. Tex-Edit Plus displays command key equivalents correctly in its script menu.. SoundJam's playlist window looks much better.. Icon Archiver no longer misappropriates icons from the Kaleidoscope file.. ICQ's Search/Add Users button text no longer overlaps its icon.. MultiAdCreator's menus now use the correct text colors.. In K1-style popup windows, the proxy icons and folder popups work correctly.. Quark CopyDesk uses the correct cursor, instead of its own rainbow arrow.. Old versions of Eudora use Kaleidoscope's progress bars once again.. Fixes a crash switching schemes while there are sliders on the screen.. Tabs play the appropriate sounds from the current Appearance sound track.. The menu bar clock text always draws in the correct location.. Installer VISE popup menus are no longer solid white.. Made several minor changes to how K1-style utility windows draw.. Added new utility windows to the BeBox and System 7, tweaked Apple platinum's utility windows, and updated the other included schemes to look and work better.. Several dozen other minor changes, fixes, and improvements..

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  • Title: Greg's Shareware
    Descriptive info: Register on the web at the.. site.. (Click.. here.. if your browser does not support secure web sites.. ).. Save 25% on Power Windows and Program Switcher!.. Greg's Shareware is teaming up with.. ClaireWare Software.. to.. offer a.. /.. Program Switcher.. bundle for only $15.. That's 25% off the usual registration fees! To take advantage of.. this special offer, you must visit our.. special discount web site.. The home page for Macintosh shareware by.. Greg Landweber.. From here, you can download and obtain information about:.. (with Arlo Rose).. The ultimate in interface customization.. Now with enhanced menus!.. Power Windows 2.. Works with Classic apps under Mac OS X!.. Live dragging, fading windows and menus, and now translucent menus!.. SmoothType 2.. Now with subpixel smoothing for LCD screens!.. Brings Mac OS X style font smoothing to System 7 through Mac OS 9.. Greg's Browser 2.. 7.. (Works with System 7 through Mac OS 9.. 2).. A compact file browser similar to the Mac OS X multi-column view.. Aaron Light 1.. (Mac OS 8 / 8.. 1  ...   free.. The versions available here are fully functional, and you are welcome to try them out for a couple of weeks free of charge.. However, if you want to continue using them beyond that time, you must pay a small registration fee.. Once you register, you will be sent instructions to remove the program's shareware reminder message.. Registrations for these programs are handled by.. Kagi.. , a payment processing service that handles fees for hundreds of different products.. In addition to cash in various currencies and US dollar checks drawn on US banks, Kagi also accepts credit card registrations by mail, fax, or e-mail (your card number is scrambled).. For organizations, they handle invoices and site licenses, too.. For more information, run the Register program.. It creates a customized registration form and tells you what to do with it.. Register is included with each of these shareware programs, or you can download it here:.. Download Register (68K).. Click here for information about my sister,.. Laura F.. Landweber.. , and her molecular evolution lab at Princeton University..

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  • Title: The Kaleidoscope Scheme Archive
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  • Title: Power Windows
    Descriptive info: Greg's.. Shareware.. Kaleidoscope.. SmoothType.. Aaron Light.. Aaron.. BeView.. Greg's Buttons.. Greg's Browser.. Version 2.. - 17 January 2001 - Fee: $10.. Download Power Windows 2.. 5 (110K).. What is it?.. Power Windows is a small control panel that lets you tap into your Mac's unused processor power to perform amazingly cool effects with windows and menus (so I guess I should really call it "Power Windows and Menus", or maybe "Greg's Power Stuff").. The primary function of Power Windows is to let you drag the entire contents of windows instead of just a dotted outline.. The control panel lets you choose between.. Solid Dragging.. and.. Translucent Dragging.. , and you can even Use Multitasking with solid dragging.. Power Windows can also make.. Finder Windows Fade Open and Closed.. Menus Fade Closed.. , as well as offering.. Translucent Menus.. While this is not exactly a productivity application, you might be able to convince yourself that multitasking during drags and being able to see what's behind menus is sort of useful.. But most importantly, Power Windows is just plain fun, and it's great for impressing your friends and coworkers.. For solid dragging, you can set the.. Screen Update Frequency.. , which controls how often Power Windows redraws the parts of the screen you cover and uncover when moving the window.. The.. Immediate.. setting updates the screen each time the window moves, which gives the best results, but requires a fast machine.. For slower machines, use one of the intermediate settings.. If you want the smoothest possible dragging and do not mind the "giant eraser" effect, use the.. At End.. setting, which does not update the screen until you release the mouse.. Use Multitasking.. option lets background applications redraw windows that were initially covered by the window you are dragging.. Without multitasking, Power Windows can redraw only what was already visible when you started dragging.. Multitasking requires a fast machine and works best with the Screen Update Frequency set to Immediate.. Please note that even with multitasking enabled, the frontmost application cannot update its own windows until after your release the mouse.. For translucent dragging, you can set the.. Level of Transparency.. to anything from.. Solid.. to.. Invisible.. (for Zen dragging without any visual feedback).. For large windows, translucent dragging can be very slow, so Power Windows drags only the border instead of the entire window.. Use the.. Switch to Border Dragging.. slider to set the window size threshold where Power Windows makes this transition.. Always.. setting always drags only the window border, while the.. Never.. setting always drags the entire window.. What setting you choose depends on your Mac's speed and your own tolerance for choppy dragging.. When the.. box is checked, instead of using the usual zoom rectangle animation, your Finder windows gradually fade in and out when you open and close them.. This fading effect takes about as long as the zoom rectangles do, but it is much, much cooler.. When Finder window fading is turned on, Power Windows automatically switches off the zoom rectangles, since the window fading effect is designed to replace the zoom rectangles, not supplement them.. Note that Finder window fading works only with Mac OS 8 and higher, and this check box is disabled under System 7.. option works similar magic for menus, which gradually fade out when closing, rather than abruptly disappearing.. Getting menus to fade open is much more complicated, but I might attempt that in a future version.. What do I need?.. Power Windows requires a Power Macintosh or Macintosh with a 68020 processor or better.. Window dragging, particularly translucent dragging, is extremely processor intensive, and works best on a fast machine.. Also, the translucency and fading effects look best on monitors set to thousands or millions of colors.. Power Windows is compatible with all system versions from.. System 7.. through.. Mac OS 9.. , although Finder window fading works only with Mac OS 8 or higher.. Power Windows also works in the Classic environment under.. Mac OS X.. , giving your Classic applications live window dragging and translucent menus just like Carbon and Cocoa applications.. Note that under Mac OS X, translucent window dragging and menu fading are partially functional, and the effect shows up only when you drag windows or close menus that overlap windows from Classic applications.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Why doesn't Finder window fading work with System 7?.. The window fading  ...   a conflict with TitlePop that prevented you from dragging Finder windows to the bottom of the screen to create popup windows.. 4 (12 May 2000).. Power Windows now offers translucent menus!.. Fixed a glitch fading extremely large menus.. The control panel's logo text now looks better.. 3 (28 February 2000).. Added a new option that gradually fades out menus when they close.. Window fading is slightly smoother for large windows and slow Macs.. The control panel no longer shrinks when it is used under System 7.. Fixes problems fading windows on a second monitor if its bit depth is different from the main monitor.. For best results, set all monitors to the same bit depth, or if that is not possible, set the main monitor to the highest bit depth.. 2 (24 January 2000).. Added a new option that gradually fades Finder windows in and out when you open and close them as an alternative to the standard zoom rectangle animation.. Multitasking during solid drags now allocates less time to background applications.. This should make solid window dragging slightly smoother when multitasking is enabled.. 1 (3 January 2000).. Solid dragging now supports a limited form of multitasking, which lets background applications redraw windows that were initially covered by the window you are dragging.. Fixes a glitch in translucent dragging where the window would sometimes shift up by one pixel after you release the mouse.. Fixes a minor conflict with Kaleidoscope, which could cause a drawing glitch in the menu bar clock when dragging a Finder window.. 7 (28 November 1999).. Translucent dragging now works correctly in Sherlock 2.. 6 (25 September 1999).. PowerWindows now calls the DragHook routine used in some applications.. Updates my e-mail address.. I can now be reached at.. 5 (13 January 1999).. Fixes problems dragging windows in StuffIt Deluxe 5.. Fixes problems dragging popup windows on multiple monitor setups.. 4 (4 October 1998).. Fixes crashes dragging windows when using Solid Dragging and Immediate updating.. Fixes problems creating and dragging popup windows when using Solid Dragging.. 3 (30 September1998).. Power Windows is now fully compatible with Mac OS 8.. Various minor improvements and fixes.. 2 (1 June 1998).. Fixes a conflict with Poppet when dragging popup windows.. This was fixed in Poppet 1.. 1, but not everyone has upgraded to that version yet.. If you drag a Finder window by the side or bottom, dragging it to the bottom of the screen no longer turns it into a popup window.. 1 (8 April 1998).. Microsoft Office 98 now uses translucent dragging regardless of the Power Windows settings.. Word 98 and Microsoft Graph are not compatible with solid dragging, but translucent dragging works fine.. Claris Home Page correctly activates windows if you click on their title bars.. Slightly reduces the delay when initiating a translucent drag.. You can now drag windows all the way to the edge of the screen (except in the Mac OS 8 Finder, which needs special treatment to handle popup windows).. The menu bar is still off limits for window dragging.. Fixes a bug that could cause the screen to bleach or saturate with color when dragging a non-standard window.. 0 (16 January 1998).. Power Windows is now a control panel, incorporating both the normal and translucent flavors.. Power Windows now works in the Mac OS 8 Finder.. Folder windows automatically switch back and forth between normal and popup (tabbed) windows on-the-fly when you drag to or from the bottom of the screen.. Solid dragging no longer leaves behind a ghost window.. Solid dragging works better with video cards, taking advantage of their QuickDraw acceleration and eliminating the slight delay at the start of a drag (that delay is still present with translucent dragging, where it is unavoidable).. Power Windows now draws the portions of the window frame that originated offscreen.. Raised the shareware fee to $10.. Registered users of version 1.. x can upgrade for $5.. Changes in Version 1.. Fixes conflicts with MiniCAD, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Exchange.. Now affects all window dragging, even in applications that do not use the standard window dragging routines.. Dragging is significantly smoother on single monitor systems.. Includes "Translucent Power Windows".. Fixed a conflict with Now Tabs (part of Now Utilities 6).. Fixed a problem with multiple monitor setups where the main monitor has a lower bit depth than the others.. Copyright © 2001 Gregory D.. Landweber, All Rights Reserverd..

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  • Title: Known Problems
    Descriptive info: Fixes crashes and video problems on the new Blue White Power Mac G3s.. Switching schemes from the Kaleidoscope control panel no longer triggers a crash.. This was a conflict involving StuffIt SpaceSaver and Navigation Services.. FaxSTF draws bevel buttons correctly in FaxBrowser, and QuickNote no longer misappropriates Kaleidoscope's registration information as its default text.. Extension Manager's Selected Set popup menu responds better to mouse clicks, and its check boxes draw correctly with the System 7 scheme.. AppleWorks 5.. 3 draws its menus backgrounds correctly.. Internet Explorer 4.. 5 uses Kaleidoscope's tabs in its Explorer Bar.. Also, its bevel buttons draw correctly, no longer leaving garbage on the screen.. Action Files no longer has drawing problems in the Select Scheme.. dialog box.. SmartScroll's proportional scrollbars work correctly under Mac OS 8.. AliasMenu no longer uses absurdly wide menus.. Palm Desktop can once again change labels and edit categories in its calendar.. DeskScan II no longer crashes when drawing its floating utility windows.. The Appearance control panel's system font setting works correctly if Kaleidoscope's Substitute System Font feature is turned off.. Fixes various drawing glitches under Mac OS 8.. 5 in Sherlock, Navigation Services, Apple System Profiler, Transmit, MT-NewsWatcher, YA-NewsWatcher, and other Appearance-savvy software.. Fixes a crash when closing the Kaleidoscope control panel under System 7.. Bias Peak (sound editing software) no longer leaves its popup menus blank.. Claris Impact (Japanese version) no longer crashes when drawing color palettes.. Kaleidoscope deals better with windows that are too narrow to show the full title.. Menus with background patterns draw faster than in previous versions.. Many other minor fixes and improvements.. x-style windows now draw up to twice as fast.. Menu titles in the menu bar no longer become truncated under Mac OS 8.. Windows based on the BeBox WDEF can now collapse under Mac OS 8.. The Mac OS 8.. 5 Appearance control panel tab panes no longer overlap.. Sherlock no longer leaves gray blotches with the Apple platinum scheme.. Kaleidoscope now patches the disabled Mac OS 8.. 5 application menu grip.. MiniCad no longer crashes when drawing its color palettes.. Fixes popups in the Internet control panel, Sherlock, and Eudora Pro 4.. POV-Ray no longer has problems with its Preferences dialogs.. Macromedia Flash no longer cuts off the right sides of its toolbars.. DragStrip no longer prevents you from switching to other applications.. The Get Info window no longer reverts to black and white with some schemes.. Fixes custom menu glitches in MacSoup and ColorSwitch Pro.. Fixes crashes with QuarkConnect and drawing gltiches with AlarmsClock.. The BeBox scheme now offers a full set of improved Finder icons.. The System 7 scheme now uses Kaleidoscope 2.. x-style windows.. Kaleidoscope is now completely compatible with Mac OS 8.. 5, including.. support for sounds, window proxy icons, and proportional scrollbars.. Fixes a crash at startup under System 7.. The Print Preview option of HP printer drivers no longer triggers a crash.. MacSOUP 2.. 4 menus and windows now draw correctly.. Anarchie Pro 3.. 0 no longer crashes when bringing up the Open dialog box.. Desktop icon labels use the right background color when viewed as Buttons.. Finder windows no longer flash the wrong color when opened or uncovered.. Finder window background patterns now scroll correctly.. Fixes a system-wide memory leak that particularly plagued Eudora.. Kaleidoscope now patches custom Appearance-savvy menus.. Fixes minor problems with Eudora Pro, Painter, CoolViews, and PowerBar Pro.. Clicking in the Register dialog box no longer causes the Finder to quit.. Scherzo no longer crashes Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, and ICQ.. Window grow boxes work correctly in the Launcher and other applications.. Fixes scrollbar glitches in Internet Explorer, StuffIt TFI, and Civilization.. Progress bars in the Internet Explorer Download Manager draw correctly.. In the Select Schemes.. dialog box, all the schemes should now have icons.. Desktop icon labels use the correct colors when viewed as Buttons.. Includes enhanced versions of the old Onyx, Ice, and Sherbet schemes.. The installer is more robust and no longer mistakenly reports errors.. Many other minor improvements and fixes.. Shareware Fee Changes.. The Kaleidoscope shareware fee has been raised to $25.. We suggest an optional $5 upgrade fee for registered users of prior versions of Kaleidoscope.. This is a purely voluntary contribution; it is not required, and your old registration code will continue to work with Kaleidoscope 2.. This upgrade is listed in the Kagi Online Order Processing page and the Register application.. Registered users of DoubleScroll can upgrade to Kaleidoscope 2.. 0 for $15.. We are eliminating the reduced price upgrade for users of Greg's Buttons, BeView, or Aaron.. Very few people are still taking advantage of this upgrade, and we feel that we have offered these users plenty of time to upgrade.. Improvements and Fixes.. 68040 Macs with Mac OS 8/8.. 1 no longer crash when opening Finder windows.. Command-clicking Finder window titles works with most schemes.. America Online 4.. no longer crashes.. Window grow boxes no longer ignore mouse clicks.. Collapsed Finder windows behave correctly when zoomed or turned into popups.. Kaleidoscope now patches the Mac OS 8 contextual menu, alias, and copy cursors.. Extensions Manager.. draws its check boxes correctly.. no longer attempts to draw a window title in its toolbar window.. Action Files.. no longer causes drawing glitches in the Select Scheme.. TitlePop.. works correctly.. In the Select Scheme.. dialog, the new schemes display the correct icon.. Snitch.. no longer crashes when opening a Get Info.. window.. Windows with one pixel thick left or right sides draw correctly.. Global Village.. status menu draws correctly.. Schemes have more control over scroll bar thumb stretching with SmartScroll, and the default stretching behavior is now the same as under Kaleidoscope 1.. Scroll bar arrows draw correctly in Scherzo.. Navigation Services.. open and save dialog boxes draw correctly.. Fixes problems with desktop icon lables on non-English systems.. In.. Photoshop 5.. , the Curves dialog works correctly, albeit without its zoom box.. NetObjects Fusion 3.. no longer crashes or garbles its tabs.. Chooser.. list highlighting works correctly in schemes with dialog box patterns.. Microsoft Office 98.. highlights menu items correctly.. The scroll bar track no longer overlaps the last pixels of the scroll bar thumb.. Microsoft Internet Explorer.. draws scroll bar track patterns correctly.. Alpha.. deselects the scroll bar track after clicking the page up or down regions.. Collapsed windows in new schemes can have separate widget down states.. The picture border in the About This Computer.. window draws correctly.. Fixes several menu drawing glitches.. The UnderWorld scheme uses the correct background color (blue).. Under System 7, if the Use This Scheme's.. Finder Icons box is unchecked, Kaleidoscope still patches in its Mac OS 8 Finder icons.. Under System 7, the Finder header divider draws correctly.. The Kaleidoscope Preferences file should be more resistant to damage, but if it is damaged, Kaleidoscope tells you instead of reverting to the shareware message.. Kaleidoscope tells you if you open an incompatible scheme in the Finder.. Fixes an occasional crash when creating popup windows under Power Windows.. Increased the threshold size where scroll bars revert back to single arrows.. Increased Kaleidoscope's startup memory allocation.. The Use This Scheme's.. Finder Icons box is enabled in schemes with trash icons.. Clicking the registration URL in the shareware message or the control panel's register box opens your web browser and takes you to the registration page (courtesy of Internet Config).. In schemes that do not specify tabs, the disabled tabs no longer have tinges.. Menu drawing should be noticeably faster in the new schemes.. Disclosure triangles animate faster.. Fixed a frame of the chasing arrows animation that would become garbled.. Kaleidoscope now patches sliders and offers enhanced progress bars.. Fixed a few black and white drawing glitches.. Improved support for the Appearance Manager APIs.. 0b3 (Public Beta).. Completely redesigned the control panel, removing the Color Schemes list,.. adding options to disable specific parts of schemes, and reorganizing.. it using tabbed panes.. Added a new window engine so cool that words cannot adequately describe it.. Menu titles can now draw as individual tiles, and menus are much enhanced.. Buttons, bevel buttons, popups, and headers can have background patterns.. Disclosure triangles can now draw an animation when switching states.. Alerts and dialog boxes can now have background patterns.. The scheme can now specify Finder background patterns and text colors.. Patches the Appearance Manager's tabs, chasing arrows, and little arrows.. Kaleidoscope now offers the option of scroll bars with arrows at both  ...   Kaleidoscope control panel, are now the right size.. Super-sized font popups.. were triggered by a conflict with non-Roman Language Kits.. Apollo.. ,.. Cheat II.. , and other programs using the Default CDEF work correctly.. MacLinkPlus.. Installer now works correctly.. Various other fixes.. PC-Card modems now use the correct icon (instead of a sound clipping icon).. American Heritage Dictionary.. now works correctly.. Kaleidoscope now patches the indeterminate progress bars (a.. k.. a.. barber poles).. See the Creating Color Schemes document for more information.. Fixes missing check boxes and popup menus at the top of group boxes,.. background color glitches with check boxes and radio buttons, and problems.. with live scrolling, window collapsing, and the progress bars.. Kaleidoscope is now compatible with Mac OS 8.. See the.. FAQ.. for more details.. Color Scheme designers should check the Creating Color Schemes document.. for some minor scheme changes.. Added support for menu bar patterns in color schemes.. See the Creating Color.. Schemes document for more information.. Global Village's FAX software no longer crashes when you click on a scroll bar.. This also fixes various other similar scrollbar-related crashes.. The American Heritage Dictionary 3.. 0 no longer has problems with Kaleidoscope.. Wunderbar now works correctly with collapsed windows and the BeBox scheme.. Church Windows is now compatible with Kaleidoscope.. Irregularly-shaped scroll bar ghost thumbs no longer leave a trail when dragged.. In Microsoft applications, the scroll bar now returns to normal after scrolling.. If you use Microsoft Word with GlobalFax, holding down the option key once.. again changes Print to FAX in the File menu.. Fixed a bug that could position the scroll bar thumb incorrectly after dragging.. This happened in Netscape, Code Warrior, and various other applications that.. use the PowerPlant LActiveScroller class.. Kaleidoscope now draws the scroll bar track pattern with the top left corner of.. the pattern aligned with the top left corner of the scroll bar (i.. e.. , the top left.. corner of the up or left arrow).. Alpha no longer draws text in the wrong place after expanding one if its windows.. Fixed a problem that could garble the text in the Kaleidoscope control panel.. Fixed minor problems with the scroll bars, the System 7 scheme, window.. collapsing, Claris Home Page, Zipple, the Global Village menu, Ircle,.. HotLine, Pilot Desktop, and many others.. Updated the Kaleidoscope Classic Pack (available separately) to use the.. scheme modifications introduced in this version of Kaleidoscope, and to.. fix glitches in the Lavender color scheme.. Kaleidoscope is now significantly faster.. In particular, windows open more quickly,.. scroll bar thumbs drag more smoothly, and progress bars are less choppy.. You can now collapse a window by double-clicking its title bar, just like with Apple's.. WindowShade.. And if you do use Apple's WindowShade (although there isn't much.. point to that anymore), Kaleidoscope's windows collapse correctly.. Windows stay collapsed if you hide and then show the application.. Collapsed BeBox windows adjust their size correctly if their titles change.. Kaleidoscope is now compatible with DoubleScroll's live scrolling feature.. You no.. longer need to switch the load order of DoubleScroll and Kaleidoscope.. You can now open the Kaleidoscope control panel if Kaleidoscope is not running.. Global Village's status menu draws with the correct menu colors in all schemes, and.. it no longer erases the bottom menu bar tinge.. Popup menus pop up with the cursor over the selected item, instead of popping down.. below the menu button.. Popup menus no longer erase the window background to white unnecesarily.. Alpha's menus work correctly when the system font size is not set to 12 point.. ATM and WindowMonkey no longer trigger a crash when using Balloon Help in.. the Kaleidoscope control panel.. Floating windows in DragThing and other applications draw correctly when.. deactivated.. This happened only with schemes from the Kaleidoscope Classic.. Pack or ones converted with the Scheme Updater.. Now SuperBoomerang no longer triggers a delay when drawing Open dialog boxes.. Fixed a crash, possibly triggered by RAM Doubler 2.. 1, when closing the.. Kaleidoscope control panel after switching to a scheme with different Finder icons.. Adobe Type Reunion no longer causes menus to shift when selected.. CyberFinder icons should no longer appear as generic document icons.. StuffIt SpaceSaver compressed files are now drawn with the normal tag, instead.. of covering them with a generic document icon.. Folder Icon Maker lets you choose different folder resources once again.. SilverLining's startup dialog box draws correctly.. Added a WindowShade widget to the windows in the BeBox color scheme.. Improved the accented characters in the Veritas 12 suggested system font.. SmartScroll thumbs taking up most of the scroll bar track draw correctly.. In Finder list views, the underline indicating the selected view now moves.. with the header when you scroll horizontally.. Fixed various bugs in the included Scheme Updater application.. Added support for embossed window titles in color schemes.. See the Creating.. Color Schemes document for more information.. Many other minor changes and improvements.. 5.. Changed the format of the color scheme files.. Although old color schemes.. designed for Kaleidoscope 1.. x no longer work (that is what I meant when.. I said that I was not supporting third party color schemes for Kaleidoscope 1.. x),.. the new format is much more flexible and easy to edit, so you will soon be able to.. find even more and varied color schemes.. If your favorite color scheme no longer.. works, contact the author of that color scheme and ask him to update it.. You may.. find that there is already an update available.. Included a.. Scheme Updater.. application to convert your old color schemes to.. the new format.. To convert color schemes, just drag and drop them onto the.. Scheme Updater, or drag and drop a folder onto the Scheme Updater to convert.. all the color schemes in that folder.. We now actively support third party color scheme designers.. Creating.. Color Schemes.. document for more information on the color scheme format.. Clicking the logo at the top left of the Kaleidoscope control panel now brings.. up an about box for the selected color scheme.. color scheme has been renamed.. Apple Grayscale.. BeBox.. color scheme based on the new BeOS interface from Be, Inc.. For more information about the BeOS, see the Be web site:.. http://www.. be.. com/.. This color scheme is based on our.. extension, and registered users of.. BeView can upgrade to Kaleidoscope for the reduced price of $10.. / BeView / Buttons Upgrade.. document for more information.. color scheme that gives you the standard Mac user interface.. you would have if you were not using Kaleidoscope.. Use this color scheme if you.. want to switch off Kaleidoscope temporarily, such as if you need to take screen.. shots of a normal Mac.. Included.. Veritas.. suggested system fonts.. Veritas looks like a cross.. between Espy Sans Bold 10 and Chicago 12, and it is based on Apple's Truth font,.. rumored to be the system font under Mac OS 8.. BeBox is based on the system font.. used under the Be OS and is the ideal system font complementing the BeBox color.. scheme.. Updated the folder icons to better match the ones rumored to be used in Mac OS 8.. Also added icons for suitcases, fonts, clippings, and generic documents and applications.. SmartScroll.. version 2.. 03 or later is now compatible with Kaleidoscope.. You can get.. the latest version of SmartScroll from Marc Moini's web site:.. kagi.. com/authors/marc.. The Spinning Zoom Rectangles now work under System 7.. The windows now work correctly on the Power Mac 7300, 8600, and 9600, as well.. as under System 7.. 1a9.. Fixed various problems that could cause Kaleidoscope to fail to install at startup.. Now Menus and Now Startup Manager no longer crash when you resize their.. control panels.. Kaleidoscope is more tolerant of problems with third party color schemes.. Excluded Fontographer from the menu color patch.. The popup menu routines now handle 254-highlighting correctly.. 1.. Selecting a popup menu in the Kaleidoscope control panel no longer crashes.. Claris Organizer 2.. 0 no longer crashes while launching.. Text entry fields in dialog boxes no longer become garbled.. Photoshop 4 no longer uses Kaleidoscope's floating windows.. FreeHand 7.. 0 is now also excluded from Kaleidoscope's menu colors.. Fixed the horizontal scrollbar ghost thumb in the Envy color scheme.. Resolved a font ID conflict between Tecton and the font used in FreePPP.. Fixed the system font size problem in Claris Home Page.. Various minor fixes and improvements..

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  • Title: SmoothType
    Descriptive info: - 24 June 2002 - Fee: $10.. Now with subpixel smoothing for LCD screens!.. Download SmoothType 2.. 1 (108K).. Read the Reviews.. Low End Mac.. The Mac Observer.. About This Particular Macintosh.. SmoothType vs.. Apple's Font Smoothing.. SmoothType brings Mac OS X style font smoothing to machines running System 7 through Mac OS 9.. SmoothType also works in the Classic environment under Mac OS X, giving Classic applications text that looks just as good as (or even better than) in Carbon and Cocoa applications.. Although the Appearance control panel already offers a limited form of font smoothing, SmoothType offers a choice of different algorithms, including subpixel smoothing optimized for LCD (flat panel) screens.. Many people think SmoothType gives better results, and since SmoothType is shareware, you can try it out and decide for yourself before paying.. For best results, set your monitor resolution as high as it will go, but then increase the font sizes (or magnification) so that text on the screen is the same physical size as before.. Here is a quick side-by-side comparison:.. SmoothType makes your screen look more like the printed page.. Using a technique called anti-aliasing, SmoothType blurs the jagged edges of bitmap fonts with shades of gray, effectively doubling the screen resolution.. This is why text on a television screen, such as the credits for a TV program, can look so crisp from your couch, even though the resolution is so low.. This is also similar to the technique used by some laser printers of varying the size of the dots to improve the printed image quality.. With SmoothType, your fonts look on the screen just like they will when you print them, so you no longer need to look at large point sizes to get an idea of what the font.. really.. looks like.. The effect can be quite striking, particularly when browsing web pages.. Starting with version 2.. 3, SmoothType also offers subpixel smoothing optimized for LCD (flat panel) screens, which separately manipulates the red, green, and blue parts of each pixel, effectively.. tripling.. the resolution!.. The SmoothType control panel offers three types of text smoothing:.. 4-bit Smoothing.. uses 16 shades for high quality text smoothing.. 2-bit Smoothing.. uses 4 shades, but is faster and uses less memory.. Subpixel Smoothing.. is optimized for LCD (flat panel) screens, separately manipulating the red, green, and blue parts of each pixel, effectively.. SmoothType also lets you turn smoothing on and off separately for the system font and for other (non-system) fonts.. The system font, used in menus, window titles, dialog boxes, etc.. , refers to the Large System Font set in the Fonts pane of the Appearance control panel.. Since the system font is used so extensively, you are more likely to notice a speed hit from smoothing it, particularly in menus.. If you want to turn off SmoothType entirely, just uncheck both the Smooth System Font and Smooth Other Fonts boxes.. Finally, the.. Smooth Text Above.. popup menu lets you set a size cutoff below which SmoothType will not affect any text.. Some people find that SmoothType's blurring makes small text harder to read and would rather use the normal 10 or 12 point bitmaps.. Just set the Smooth Text Above popup to the smallest size you want smoothed, or set it to All Sizes if you want all text to be smoothed.. TrueType or PostScript fonts.. SmoothType uses these outline fonts to decide which shades of gray to use.. If you want SmoothType to anti-alias PostScript Type 1 fonts, you need Adobe Type Manager, and you must force SmoothType to load after ATM by changing its name to "~SmoothType".. A high resolution color monitor.. SmoothType needs at least 16 grays or 256 colors, and it works best with thousands or millions of colors.. You should also set your monitor resolution to 1024x768 or higher.. The greater the resolution, the less your eyes can pick out the individual gray pixels, and the better it looks.. In fact, SmoothType works best at resolutions where normal text becomes unreadable.. If you are concerned that your text will be too tiny, just use larger font sizes.. In applications that let you magnify the contents of their windows, try setting the magnification to 125% or 150%.. A fast Mac or Power Mac.. Anti-aliasing is processor intensive, so it requires a powerful machine.. Although it will run on any Mac with a 68020 or better, a 68040 processor is recommended.. SmoothType is a Fat control panel optimized for use on both 680x0 and PowerPC machines.. SmoothType is compatible with all system versions from System 7 through Mac OS 9.. It also works in the Classic environment under Mac OS X.. Notes.. If you use ATM and want SmoothType to anti-alias your PostScript Type 1 fonts,  ...   inverted text using the correct colors.. The underscore character (_) draws correctly in Courier 12.. (14 October 2000).. Smoothed text is less "fuzzy" and looks much better on LCD screens.. Optimized SmoothType for G3 and G4 machines.. (25 September 1999).. Fixes a problem with blank windows in FWB Hard Disk Toolkit.. Fixes a glitch smoothing the system font when using Kaleidoscope.. (13 January 1999).. SmoothType is now significantly faster than before.. Fixes a problem in Microsoft Word 98 where the red or green wavy underline (indicating a spelling or grammar error) would disappear or cause the text to become distorted.. Fixes a problem with disappearing text in PageSpinner and other applications using the WASTE text engine.. Other minor fixes.. (30 September 1998).. SmoothType is now fully compatible with Mac OS 8.. 5, fixing a problem drawing disabled text in menus and elsewhere.. SmoothType works better with.. , fixing an occasional glitch drawing the top item in menus and push button or popup menu titles.. (4 July 1998).. Fixes problems drawing text on patterned backgrounds, particularly in Finder windows with Kaleidoscope 2.. 0 and certain web pages.. (1 June 1998).. SmoothType is now a control panel letting you choose between high quality 4-bit and faster 2-bit smoothing, and you can switch smoothing on and off on-the-fly, with separate settings for the system font and other fonts.. You can also set a size cutoff so SmoothType will not smooth smaller fonts.. Fixes a problem where SmoothType would stop smoothing in some apps.. SmoothType draws underlined text better.. SmoothType draws text faster, particularly on patterned backgrounds.. Registered users of SmoothType 1.. If you really do not want to pay the upgrade fee,.. e-mail me.. and I will give you the registration key.. SmoothType 1.. (10 October 1997).. SmoothType no longer mistakenly anti-aliases fonts when printing or faxing.. Fixed a problem drawing very tall fonts, such as Mathematica's Math2 fonts.. Fixed a problem drawing inverted text in some cases, such as in Font Gander.. (5 September 1997).. Changed the file name to "~SmoothType" to force it to load after the Twin Turbo extensions.. This fixes text drawing problems with Twin Turbo video cards.. Fixed problems with BBEdit and the Apple System Profiler.. (7 August 1997).. Under Mac OS 8, it no longer erases white rectangles behind text.. Improved text on patterned backgrounds, such as on web pages.. Merged the 680x0 and PowerPC variants into a single Fat extension.. Added a snazzy new icon.. (4 May 1997).. SmoothType is now significantly faster and takes up much less RAM.. (9 September 1996).. SmoothType now anti-aliases any font at sizes where no bitmap is available.. In particular, if ATM is running, SmoothType anti-aliases PostScript fonts at all sizes except where there are bitmaps.. ClarisWorks text no longer becomes unreadable.. It does occasionally switch to black and white, but at least the text is not garbled like it used to be.. Eudora Pro and Cyberdog text is now always anti-aliased.. Code Warrior text no longer turns into black rectangles in thousands or millions of colors.. Fixed a conflict with the PaperPort Extension that prevented SmoothType from drawing anti-aliased text.. SmoothType no longer attempts to anti-alias non-Roman text.. (15 July 1996).. SmoothType no longer attempts to anti-alias the New York font.. This font was designed to be a bitmap font, and it does not anti-alias very well.. It also caused some problems with America Online.. (19 June 1996).. First shareware release.. Improved the appearance of color text and removed the restrictions for 256 color monitors.. Text is anti-aliased in more applications, and the problem with the HP DeskWriter (and possibly other QuickDraw based) printers should be fixed.. Greg's Hack 1.. (3 September 1995).. On a 256 color screen, colored or inverted text is no longer anti-aliased.. There are not enough shades in the 256 color palette to anti-alias colored text, and the inverse routines do not work well with the color table.. For best results, use at least thousands of colors or 256 grays.. Anti-aliased font spacing now matches normal font spacing.. This slows things down a little, but it fixes the confusion over the cursor location when editing text.. Greg's Hack no longer chops off the top few pixels of tall fonts.. MacHack '95.. (24 June 1995).. Greg's Hack originated as an entry in the MacHack '95 hack contest.. As its name implies, it was a quick hack developed in a few days, not a finished product.. d e v e l o p.. The anti-aliasing code is based on articles in Develop 7 and Develop 10.. The first article explained how to draw the font four times the regular size in an offscreen bitmap and then ditherCopy it down to size.. The second article optimized the ditherCopy part.. Copyright © 2002 Gregory D..

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