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  • Title: Daniil (Danja) Vasiliev / k0a1a.net / Critical Engineering
    Descriptive info: .. !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD HTML 4.. 01//EN http://www.. w3.. org/TR/html4/strict.. dtd html lang= en-US head meta http-equiv= Content-Type content= text/html; charset=UTF-8 title Daniil (Danja) Vasiliev / k0a1a.. net / Critical Engineering ?php /* i don't want the counter any longer $filename = hitcounter.. txt ; $file = file($filename); $file = array_unique($file); $hits = count($file); echo $hits; $fd = fopen ($filename , r ); $fstring = fread ($fd , filesize ($filename)); fclose($fd); $fd = fopen ($filename , w ); $fcounted = $fstring.. \n.. getenv( REMOTE_ADDR ); $fout= fwrite ($fd , $fcounted ); fclose($fd); print | ; $last_modified = filemtime( index.. php ); date_default_timezone_set( Europe/Berlin ); print date( dmY@His , $last_modified); */ ? /title meta name= keywords content= danja vasiliev critical engineering weise7 newstweek 120 days of buntu dataj netless meme meta name= description content= reflect and dissect meta name= author content= Danja Vasiliev style type= text/css body {margin:0px; padding:0px; background-color:#111111; color:white;} img {width:100%; border:0px; display:block; vertical-align:bottom; position:relative;} iframe.. meta {width:100%; height:100%; border:0px; position:absolute; top:0px;}.. block {width:25%; float:left;}.. box {position:relative; margin: 1% 0px 0px 1%;} div.. meta {position:absolute; top:25%;width:95%; z-index:100; text-align:center;} input.. meta {width:60%;font-size:125%;cursor:pointer} textarea.. meta {width:60%;font-size:80%;cursor:pointer;} a {color:white; border:0px;} #src {font-family:fixed;font-size:50%;color:#444444;} /style !-- jquery is hidding! -- script type= text/javascript src=.. /jquery-1.. 4.. 2.. min.. js /script script type= text/javascript src=.. /jquery.. hoverIntent.. minified.. js /script script type= text/javascript $(document).. ready(function() { $(.. dock ).. hoverIntent({over:add,interval:500,sensitivity:1,timeout:3000,out:del}); function add()  ...   'meta' file ## but it would present us with a serious server lag $dirlist = array('danja','weise7-book','netless.. 2','ce','newstweek', 'dataj', '120buntu', 'mig', 'rebuntu', 'the-end-of-the-internet', 'netless', 'meme20', 'googlash', 'masterslave', 'recursor', 'DRMe', 'poweronoff', 'electrocute', 'redbox', 'mg2', 'supremedizm', 'koala.. ru'); $columns = 4; ## for each member of $dirlist read 'meta' file ## and parce it into $things = array(dir = array(title,date,info),.. ) ## (add more data to 'meta' if wanted!) ## NOTE: added 'url' for koala.. ru foreach($dirlist as $dir) { $meta = file(.. /$dir/meta ); foreach($meta as $m) { $parts = explode(':',$m); $thing['dir'] = $dir; $thing[$parts[0]] = rtrim($parts[1]); } $things[] = $thing; unset($thing); } ? div class='center' ?php # '-1' is to compensate 0 in id's foreach((range(0,$columns-1)) as $i) { print div class='block' ; foreach((range($i,count($things)-1,$columns)) as $item) { $thing = $things[$item]; if (isset($thing['url'])) { $addr = 'http://'.. $thing['url']; } else { $addr = $thing['dir']; } ? div class='box' div class='dock' name=' ?php print $addr; ? ' title=' ?php print $thing['title'].. ' - '.. $thing['info'].. ' | '.. $thing['date']; ? ' a href=' ?php print $addr; ? ' img src='.. / ?php print $thing['dir']; ? /meta.. img' title=' ?php print $thing['title'].. $thing['date']; ? ' /a /div /div ?php } print /div \n ; } ? /div div id='src' alt='print source here' ?php echo(htmlspecialchars(file_get_contents(basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']), FILE_USE_INCLUDE_PATH))); ? /div a href='old' style='color:#777777;font-size:8px' window in to the past /a /body /html.. window in to the past..

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  • Title: Dataj | data playback station
    Descriptive info: Dataj.. data playback station.. is a prototype of a 'raw data playback' machine; it allows to playback computer hard disks drives (HDD) as if those were LPs or CDs - in a familiar, DJ-like way.. Old (used) hard-disk is a rich source of any kind of data.. Regardless what is currently on the disk much of the previously stored information is still represented as magnetic data records.. All  ...   hard drives (or the raw data-flows) can be 'scratched', 'beat-matched' (bit-matched??) and reversed.. In this video the larger hard-disk is used as a controller (rotary encoder) while the data is being read off the smaller hard-disk attached to the system using 'PATA-USB' interface.. was conceptualized during 'Data Carving' workshop at.. xxxxx.. , Berlin.. in collaboration with.. Gordan Savicic.. ,.. Brendan Howell.. and myself.. tar.. -- Download.. scripts (Python)..

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  • Title: Daniil (Danja) Vasiliev | Critical Engineering
    Descriptive info: Daniil Vasiliev is a Critical Engineer currently residing in Berlin.. Starting from year 1999 he was involved in technology- and computer- art events, exhibitions and seminars around the world.. Recently Vasiliev received a number of awards and mentions at.. Ars Electronica.. Japan Media Art Festival.. Transmediale.. ".. when a person gives self-control over to a computer and accepts.. the default options without a question, that person becomes a.. cyborg.. ".. Vasiliev is studying Systems and Networks through "anti-disciplinary" experimentation with hardware and software.. Using computational platforms he engages in examination and exploitation of Network paradigms in physical and digital realms.. Basing on the findings Vasiliev creates and exhibits works of Critical Engineering, gives public workshops and talks.. Daniil regularly teaches courses on topics of network insecurity, software/OS modification, hardware re-engineering, digital forensics and else.. In October 2011, together with his colleagues.. Julian Oliver.. and.. Gordan Savičić.. , Daniil Vasiliev coauthored.. The Critical Engineering Manifesto.. In his work and everyday computing Daniil is using.. GNU/Linux.. software and propagandizes Open Source practices in all scopes of life.. Daniil (Danja) Vasiliev | Critical Engineering.. main process:.. Weise7 book.. , 2012.. A new type of book.. Once opened it publishes its contents into the air,.. using WiFi radio (802.. 11).. In collaboration with.. Weise7 studio.. Netless2.. Large scale model of a hypothetical data network.. Payload packets are physically transported between the nodes.. Newstweek.. , 2011.. A device capable of altering news read on public wireless networks.. 120 days of *buntu.. Collection of 120 modifications of Ubuntu OS.. HOTGLUE.. , 2010 (ongoing).. In-browser web-authoring tool.. Together with.. Gottfried Haider.. Men In Grey.. , n/a.. I am permitted only to reference my involvement in this organization, not discuss it in any way.. Rebuntu.. , 2009.. Self-maintaining computer Operating System.. The End of The Internet.. A device for sabotaging Wi-Fi Internet access.. Netless.. Data-exchange network using city transportation grid as its carrier.. m/e/m/e 2.. 0.. , 2008.. Fully functional, electro-mechanical web-server.. Master/Slave.. 5-axis, computer-human interface.. Recursor.. , 2007.. Graphical generator based on GNU/Linux filesystem.. DRMe.. , 2006.. Digital Rights Management parody.. Poweronoff.. Model of a residential environment where electricity is provided in exchange for Internet ads consumption.. Electrocute.. Massive computer display providing interface to a specially trained A.. L.. I.. C.. E.. artificial intelligence machine.. Redbox.. , 2005.. Networked proxy device for misinformation and culture jamming interventions.. Robot MG-2.. , 2001.. Computerized sculpture fitted with semi-intelligent computer A.. Supremedizm 1-2-3.. Stabilized, video-hardware glitch.. Koala.. Ru.. , 1995-2000.. HTML, Javascript and server-side experiments.. upcoming / recent:.. past:.. 2012:.. Weise7/LABOR Berlin.. /.. Transmediale 2k12.. - Netless2 and 120 days of *buntu  ...   Virtueel Platform, Amsterdam, Netherlands.. You are PWNED.. WORM and PZI, Rotterdam, Netherlands.. 2007:.. MakeDo.. PZI and V2_, Rotterdam, Netherlands.. Labouretum Lumbrici.. , installation NetFlux.. WORM, Rotterdam.. Sign Gallery.. , Poweronoff exhibition.. 2006:.. ReneCoelho prize nominee.. Montevideo, Amsterdam, Netherlands.. Balen festival.. , Electrocute exhibition.. Unauthorized Access.. , Koala.. Ru presentation.. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.. Kunstvlaai.. Amsterdam, Netherlands.. 2005:.. Solo exhibition @ Planetart.. , Electrocute, RedBox.. [He]art[break]hotel.. , exhibition in collaboration with MPC.. Hengelo, Netherlands.. The Overkill II.. , Supremedizm 1-2-3.. Villa Electrique.. , exhibition.. 2004:.. Overkill.. , video festival.. EMAF, European Media Art Festival.. , FM radio installation.. Osnabrück, Germany.. Machinista.. org.. , co-organization.. Glasgow, Scotland, UK.. 2003:.. , web coordination.. Moscow, Russia.. 2002:.. Read_Me 1.. , software art festival.. Art-Moscow 2002.. , Supremedizm 1-2-3 exhibition.. 2001:.. Art-Moscow 2001.. , Robot MG-2 exhibition.. 1999:.. Da-Da-Net.. Ru nomination.. devel:.. Dataj ("rotate disk").. Raw data playback station (in progress).. PS2-Tempest.. Remote reading of PS2 keyboard signals.. Googlash.. Firefox add-on which eats Google browser cookies.. QWAQ hack.. Permission elevation in QWAQ environment.. Snappy.. Wearable video recorder.. Sousveillance device.. workshops:.. Networkshop.. , IP networking demystified.. OS modification.. , computer OS under a knife.. Data Carving.. , data forensics workshop @ NAPRAVI ME!, Belgrade, Serbia.. OS modding.. , Ubuntu OS modification workshop @ pontaodaeco, Escola de Comunicação, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.. , data forensics workshop @ Networked Media, PZI, Rotterdam, Netherlands -.. http://vimeo.. com/17929390.. WhyFi.. , wireless hacking workshop @ digitalartlab, The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, Israel.. , wireless hacking workshop @ Networked Media, PZI, Rotterdam, Netherlands.. , HOTGLUE CMS workshop @ iMAL, Brussels, Belgium.. , wireless hacking workshop @ HONF, Jogjakarta, Indonesia.. , data forensics workshop @ xxxxx, Berlin, Germany.. Network [in]Security.. , networking workshop @ moddr_WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands.. recent press:.. Emanuel Andel and Andreas Muk Haider (tagr.. tv):.. Weise7: the incompatible laboratorium.. exhibition.. José Luis de Vicente:.. Reflexionando sobre las Infraestructuras: Ingeniería Crítica.. Der TagesSpiegel on Newstweek:.. Berliner klären über Fälschungen im Netz auf.. Imperica.. com on Newstweek:.. Newstweek: changing news.. Computerworld.. Hackers use hidden device to manipulate news at Wi-Fi hotspots.. Daphne Dragona on Netness:.. Netless Dead Drops.. Furtherfield.. org:.. An Interview with Danja Vasiliev.. Neural.. it on Netless:.. Netless, turning ad-hoc networks into homebrew ubiquity.. it on M/E/M/E 2.. 0:.. 0, interactive installation parodying web 2.. danja [at] k0a1a.. net.. @k0a1a.. ~$ echo qnawn.. x0n1n@arg | tr a-z@.. n-za-m.. @.. - exhibition at.. AMBER '12.. festival - Istanbul, Turkey.. Mal au Pixel 7.. - Paris, France.. - presentation and exhibition at.. Erreur d’impression | Publier à l’ère du numérique.. - Paris, France Web.. Golden Nica.. Prix Ars Electronica 2011.. Interactive Art.. made possible with:..

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  • Title: re:buntu - Linux that kills itself
    Descriptive info: Linux that kills itself and can kill You.. re:buntu.. is an illustration of a system making decisions by itself, committing to self-maintenance and self-destruction.. The system is continuously reloading.. a copy of itself within itself.. until the memory runs out.. When no free memory is left the system needs to decide which one of the copies of itself it shall kill in order to reproduce itself again, again and again.. is an OS intervention.. The kernel picks out a program process with the lowest "pid" and highest "oom_score" run by "non-root" user and terminates it to free up some memory to run new, more demanding program.. It did not take long and suddenly Linux (yes, the kernel) is everywhere around us.. On our daily routes when we listen to the GPS navigation system, in our telephone conversations, in our precious on-line half-lifes.. It controls motors of big machines and renders augmented realities.. Many of us use Linux kernel at home - the degree of some ultimate intimacy.. But are we actually in charge of the situation, in control of the way Linux kernel manipulates our data and deals with the programs we run? It would seems logical that the User must have the ultimate control over the system she interacts with, - remember the movie Tron?.. -.. "He's not any kind of program, Sark.. He's a User!".. Yes, the User is the intelligence and thus shall be placed above any software,.. even above the Linux kernel.. However, the situation is not in our  ...   and will shut-off any root access.. Check out the.. screencast video.. !.. is a work in progress, but already now you can download an ISO of the system.. rebuntu-latest.. iso.. (241mb).. md5 hash.. is made to run as a LIVE system, i.. e.. from a USB-stick or CD.. The latter is not very advisable because it can screw up your CD drive - the system is intensively loading itself in a dead-loop sequence.. Virtualisation (VirtualBox, VMware, KVM ans so) is not going to work due to some current limitations of the technology.. Soon there will be more instructions on how to deal with the ISO file.. For now - use the original UBUNTU.. instructions.. Do this with Ubuntu USB Creator:.. choose "Rebuntu" ISO file.. choose your USB drive [USB Stick/Pen-Drive/Card-Reader/Flash-Adapter].. choose to discard any changes (non persistent install).. click "Make".. reboot your computer from the USB drive you just created.. gallery version:.. "Rebuntu" is a hacked version of Linux operating system that loads a copy of itself, one after another, until no memory is left.. after that the system has to erase (kill) its own copies in order to be able to continue what it was programmed for.. This, rather ironic, tone of the work is meant to set an accent on the fact that machines are incapable of 'rational' or 'human-like' thinking and thus shall not be relied on.. back to k0a1a.. |.. contact.. "Rebuntu".. , 2009 by.. Danja Vasiliev.. is licensed under a.. Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.. 0 Unported License..

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  • Title: GOOLASH: anti-google firefox plugin
    Descriptive info: GOOLASH: anti-google firefox plugin.. GOOLASH firefox plugin.. for all the gmail addicts and their friends.. GOOLASH keeps you logged out from the search engine of Google, regardless of any other "G" services you might be using, like Gmail for example.. GOOLASH keeps your web searches disassociated from your Google username, meaning that the results are not being filtered according to the profile Google has on you, neither the context of your requests is being attached to your persona.. Doing some trickery with cookies GOOLASH cuts the tentacles of monstrous  ...   Download:.. goolash.. xpi.. drag this file to "add-ons" window of your Firefox 1.. 5-3.. *.. Source:.. js.. This add-on is completely silent ("install and forget") and doesn't have any preferences.. After being installed it modifies cookies coming from Google search pages (including national), making them expire the moment they are downloaded by the browser.. When you wish to switch off the add-on, just click "Disable" in Firefox Add-ons menu.. References:.. http://www.. google-watch.. org/cgi-bin/cookie.. htm.. imilly.. com/google-cookie.. this picture is made by.. Erik Wawerczyk.. ENJOY GOOLASH !.. "Googlash".. , 2008 by..

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  • Title: poweronoff
    Descriptive info: poweronoff.. Poweronoff,.. "traffic transformator".. "Poweronoff" represents a dystopian model of future human life, when the existence of an individual (including the electricity bills) could only be afforded by working for the "global Net".. A room fitted with ordinary, electrical house-appliances is powered by a "central computer" which gives you electricity as you surf the web and see internet-commercials.. Imagine a dark room that looks like a small apartment; it has a couch, TV, stereo system, tape player, washing machine and a fan in the corner.. Behind there is a table with a light on it and a laptop.. There is no electricity, none of the mentioned appliances work, except the laptop which incidentally runs on batteries.. You come in, turn on the laptop, catch domestic wireless network and browse to the Internet.. The first banner you see - and the controlling computer; which you haven't really noticed at first in the corner of the room - clicks on and gives some electricity.. It gives just barely enough power to turn on the lamp on the desk.. The system is keeping eye on the local network (LAN) traffic and counts as a hit every ad related internet address (URL) passing through, it immediately impacts the surroundings; more banners you  ...   lit, wash your cloth and charge your laptop.. One banner won't really give you much power, let's say it gives 10 Watts per hour, which means your desk light will work for about an hour.. But longer you browse, higher the counter goes.. Once you reach 100W level - the television goes on.. Another hundred makes the laundry machine start cleaning your cloths, and so on.. And yes, the main important part - your laptop is getting charged, which ensures your ability to keep on watching banners.. We rarely ever think of it, but in fact every ad-banner we load while browsing the Internet works for its owner.. No matter whether we click on it or not, or simply don't pay attention altogether - once it is on our screen, a tiny counter somewhere on a remote web-server "clicks" and converts counts into more and more currency.. Monetary currency.. And what did we do? We just helped it happen.. In other words - everyday we work an unconscious job - jobs that "business" minded guys want us to commit to, in exchange for the "information" they provide.. "Poweronoff" installation was shown at:.. "AKI", Enschede, Netherlands, 2006.. "Montevideo", Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2006.. "Sign Gallery", Groningen, Netherlands, 2007.. "Poweronoff".. , 2006 by..

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  • Title: supremedizm 1-2-3
    Descriptive info: supremedizm 1-2-3.. "Supremedizm 1-2-3", 2001 (series of three).. "Supremedizm 2".. Following the best traditions of Russian school of modernism "Suprematizm" joins glitchy video display and a frame.. The subject of the work is the work itself - it is a result, mutation produced by the clash of two centuries.. Hardware video glitch was archived by purposely corrupted video memory of the device.. Scrolling picture is never the same - subtle changes happen each frame, producing unique images which never repeat.. hardware modification.. on-screen image.. "Supremedizm 1-2-3".. , 2001 by..

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  • Title: The End of The Internet
    Descriptive info: The End of The Internet.. this mobile/pocket device simulates a situation when, for one or another reason, the world looses its internet inter-connectivity.. the familiar 'infrastructure' of public wireless networks still remains working, but the actual website addresses and URLs become completely useless, all leading to just one webpage that remains functional, - "Welcome to The End of The Internet", it says.. 'the-end-of-the-internet' is a situationist intervention and disruption of internet-dependent social environment.. searching  ...   spoofing/faking any wireless network that you try connecting to.. the tactic is rather simple - every time you open your laptop it searches for its 'home' network by sending out so called 'beacons' with the name of that network.. 'the-end-of-the-internet' device captures those 'beacons' and creates matching networks on the fly.. most modern computer operating systems are vulnerable to this trick and connect to the 'fake' wireless network immediately.. "The End of The Internet"..

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  • Title: master / slave
    Descriptive info: five.. strings.. to.. hang.. on.. MASTER.. SLAVE ;.. 'Master / Slave' - human puppetry project by.. PZI.. V2_Lab.. , summer 2007.. Thanks to Kristina Andersen for supportive advices, to Stock for practical solutions and emergency coding, to Florian Cramer for influential hints and moral support.. We often think that we are in charge of a situation, in control of a machine, aware of what is going on in general.. However this is not always, or may be even never, the case (true != 1).. In the hide of 'duplex' bidirectional systems that allow and expect 'interaction' from the user it's rather hard to recognize their dominative behavior.. Yet the question whether peoples decisions are or aren't their own (un/affected by the environment, tools, images of other people) is open.. 'Master/slave' proposes an experience of taking control on  ...   'influenced' by your on-screen opponent.. The process is a continuous progression and over/inter -layering of mutual intercourse (intercommunication), after all - among the real people.. By using ropes attendee's body gets connected to a set of sensors.. Each 'sensor' is a modified computer mouse (HID) made to track the direction, strength and velocity of the movements.. All of them work independently, continuously feeding 5-dimensional array of data-streams into a PC hidden under the stage.. Software set, consisting of few PD (pdp GEM) patches communicates via OSC to a Python script (thanks StK!), calculating the image sequence and taking new video snapshots at the same time.. check out the pictures:.. see Flickr photo set, including secret build-up pictures!.. fetch the video presentation (mpeg4, 18mb, music: "Caribace, Love Dub").. check out the clips (~20mb each, mpeg4, no sound):.. "Master/slave"..

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  • Title: electrocute
    Descriptive info: electrocute.. "Electrocute, monument for the A.. >>> fall 2005.. The project begun about three years ago as an ICQ bot that would reply anyone on its contact list with "synthetic", artificially generated answers.. The core of the system consisted of an Open Source Artificial Intelligence engine called.. "MegaHal".. and simple ICQ interface module.. The interesting thing about that mechanism is that the bot is not just randomly answering with any "hardcoded" sentence that comes to its "mind" but it is actually learning from each conversation.. "Markov's" language learning model used in Megahal constructs its own dictionary and the way words are used is memorized as well.. Since this artificial brain initially comes empty, - the users have the full power to teach it in any possible way, create an intelligence related only to its own context, based on the evidence it encounters while conversing with the user.. My idea to expose this naive, simple-minded "brain" to the Internet and collect in this way an average internet personality was probably  ...   An average internet person appeared to be a rather perverted, sexually disoriented and depressed individual.. At least that's the way the machine, being kind of a "new-born" alien in our human society, could perceive our on-line culture and state of mind.. I put "monument" in the name with a believe (or probably a secret hope) that a machine can never compete with a person in terms such as humanity, humor and simplicity.. Made in such a way that visitors can directly interact with it (type and get response, read constantly floating stream of text) the object is quite a massive construction, hanging with all its mass just a little over the viewer.. DIY (do-it-yourself) look of it meant to put you into some kind of "underground hacker" place.. 10 video monitors displaying lots of textual information are built in one body of welded metal.. User is left with a keyboard where s/he can type-in and read the response on the big screen in the middle of the construction.. "Electrocute"..

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  • Title: Netless2
    Descriptive info: Netless2.. is the second work in the series of.. Netless experiments.. It is a table-sized model of a data network based on a city's public transport infrastructure.. Netless is an attempt to define an alternative data exchange strategy.. Building upon the principals of Sneakernet data-courier, Netless hooks onto existing city transportation infrastructure.. Pedestrian ways, roads, subway and bus lines become the vectors of data distribution.. This effectively creates a parasitic type of network, independent of commercial data carriers, government-owned cable networks and state regulations.. Data exchange within the context of Netless chain is not affected by political and monetary decisions.. Due to the actual absence on the transport medium as such the subjects of network ownership, correction and regulation are removed.. Small transponder devices attached onto city vehicles or carried around by the citizens create a flat, horizontally structured network.. Whenever two or more devices appear in a vicinity of each-other they swap the data contained within.. Hopping in a chain-like manner from  ...   project abstract.. (pdf).. Project page.. is roughly based on a schematic of 1986 Berlin's subway which, coincidentally, happened to be built in a "star" shape.. The choice for star-like topology in city planning however is not accidental - just like in computer networks such layout proves to be the most effective in distribution and exchange between peripheries and the center.. Peaks of.. network represent different city districts, connected between each-other by two "metro" lines.. Trains operating of those "metro" lines run from one area to another, picking up data at one place and carrying it across the city.. In this model city districts are symbolized by computer terminals (laptops) installed at each corner of the model; visitors can type-in and send their own messages and see messages arriving from others.. Daphne Dragona on Netless.. (pdf).. Metro map (fragment), Berlin 1986.. "Star" network topology.. Netless2 train (model).. Netless2 diagram.. pdf.. [.. read more about Netless.. ].. Netless2 installation at "Weise7: the in/compatible laboratorium", Transmediale 2k+12/HKW..

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