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  • Title: ACIS – Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies
    Descriptive info: Home.. About.. Conferences.. Bursaries.. Membership.. Publications.. Archives.. Links.. IJIS.. Executive.. Contact.. The Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies (ACIS) brings together academics from a wide.. range of disciplines who share an interest in contemporary developments in Spain and Portugal.. It.. welcomes new members working in any relevant field.. Conference.. The Association holds an annual three-day conference which is noted for the variety and scope of the papers presented: they normally cover such themes  ...   and so on.. 36th Annual Conference of the Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies.. will take place in London, University of Westminster 2nd.. 4th September 2014.. The Call for Papers is now open.. CALL.. Journal.. ACIS publishes a journal, the International Journal of Iberian Studies.. About IJIS.. The journal information on submissions.. Notes for contributors.. For more information (subscriptions, contents of previous numbers, etc.. ):.. IJIS (Intellect Books).. Web Design by UMOart.. com..

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  • Title: About « ACIS – Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies
    Descriptive info: The Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies (ACIS) brings together academics from a wide range of disciplines who share an interest in contemporary developments in Spain and Portugal.. It was founded in 1978, and it welcomes new members working in any relevant field.. The.. Constitution.. briefly describes the general aims of the Association as the promotion of “the study of the social, economic and political affairs of the Iberian area together with its languages”.. Following  ...   geographical limits and historical period:.. Geographical limits: Spain and Portugal and their dependent territories.. International relations involving either country are included.. Historical period: approximately the past 100 years, from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present.. This is not meant to exclude references to an earlier period, where appropriate.. Language: the Spanish and Portuguese languages, especially contemporary usage; the minority languages of the Iberian Peninsula, especially in their social and political context..

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  • Title: Conferences « ACIS – Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies
    Descriptive info: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.. Conference 2014.. to be held at University of Westminster, London.. 2nd -4th September 2014.. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Call for papers.. CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT AND CALL FOR.. PAPERS.. UNIVERSITY OF WESTMINSTER, LONDON.. 2 - 4 SEPTEMBER 2014.. The Association will hold its 36th Conference organised by the University of Westminster, from 2.. nd.. to 4.. th.. September 2014.. The conference will take place in London.. You are cordially invited to offer a paper, panel, or workshop presentation.. Proposals for panels of four papers maximum are also invited on specific themes in addition to individual presentations.. Any proposed panel should be organised by one convenor who will be responsible for inviting the speakers and chairing the session.. You are also invited to suggest any speakers who you think would be willing to offer a paper, bearing in mind, however, that ACIS does not normally offer a fee or expenses for speakers.. The choice of all panels and papers will be made by the Conference programme organisers in consultation with the Executive Committee.. Below are the suggested thematic areas for papers and panels, which must relate primarily to Spain and Portugal.. The themes are not exclusive and may be interdisciplinary in nature.. Politics, Government, International Relations, the EU, Nationalism, Regionalisms.. Economics, Business, Labour,  ...   papers and/or panels, please send, preferably by e-mail, a title and abstract (approx.. 150 words) by.. 21st March 2014.. to:.. Dr Carlos de Pablos-Ortega.. University of East Anglia.. School of Language and Communication Studies.. Norwich Research Park.. Norwich NR4 7TJ.. Tel.. +44 (0)1603 593 354.. E-mail:.. c.. de-pablos@uea.. ac.. ukInformal.. Enquiries concerning papers and topics are welcome before the deadlines.. Details concerning conference registration will be made available in due course on the ACIS website.. www.. iberianstudies.. net.. Please visit this site for further information about the Association.. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. The Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies is offering three postgraduate student bursaries which represent a reduction of £175 against the conference fee for the forthcoming ACIS Conference at University of Westminster, 2nd to 4th September 2014.. These bursaries are available to postgraduate students whose research is related to an area of interest to ACIS members (see attached Guidelines for Papers), and who are willing to offer a paper at the 2014 Conference.. ACIS aims in this way to encourage postgraduate students to participate in the Association, which is concerned with the study of social, political and economic aspects of the Iberian area, as well as its languages and cultures.. For details, please see Call for Papers, in the home page..

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  • Title: Bursaries « ACIS – Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies
    Descriptive info: ACIS CONFERENCE 2014 ACIS POSTGRADUATE BURSARIES.. Applications should be made to Dr Carlos de Pablos-Ortega (contact details below), using the form on the next page.. The completed application form should be accompanied by a supporting reference from the candidate’s supervisor; the reference is needed to help the Conference Organisers and ACIS Executive Committee decide which applications will be of most interest and value, and of sufficient quality to be included in the Conference programme.. Successful applicants will receive a £175 reduction in the conference fee; travel expenses and accommodation, however, are not covered by the bursary..  ...   the understanding that publication is not guaranteed, as it is a refereed journal.. N.. B.. These bursaries are intended for postgraduate students who are not in full-time or fractional academic posts; students who are employed to undertake small amounts of part-time teaching (less than 0.. 5 FTE timetable) will be eligible.. Final date for applications will be.. 21 March 2014.. PLEASE BRING THIS INVITATION TO THE ATTENTION OF POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS IN YOUR DEPARTMENT.. ACIS RELIES ON ITS MEMBERS AND FRIENDS TO PUBLICISE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO POSTGRADUATES.. More detailed information in Call for Papers in Home page)..

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  • Title: Membership « ACIS – Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies
    Descriptive info: Membership is open to all who share the aims of the Association.. Please see the information about fees and how to join, or contact the Membership Secretary,.. gabrielle.. carty@dcu.. ie.. Membership fees for the Association:.. Standard UK.. - Standard by Standing Order £40.. 00.. - Standard by institutional or personal cheque- £48.. Special UK: students/  ...   £20.. - Special by cheque £24.. Outside the UK.. - Standard by Direct Bank Transfer £54.. - Special by Direct Bank Transfer £27.. Application forms for the Association:.. Membership Application Form.. -.. UK Membership Application Form.. Non UK Membership Application Form.. Institutional Membership Application Form.. UK Institutional Membership Application Form.. Non UK Institutional Membership Application Form..

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  • Title: Archives « ACIS – Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies
    Descriptive info: ACIS ANNUAL CONFERENCES.. 2012 King s College London.. 2011 Glasgow University and University of the West of Scotland.. 2010 Roehampton University.. 2009 DCU, Dublin, Ireland.. 2008 University of Chester.. 2007 Oxford Brookes University.. 2006 University of the Minho, Braga, Portugal.. 2005 University of West of England.. 2004 University of Limerick, Ireland.. 2003 University of Chester.. 2002 University of Valencia.. 2001 University of Essex.. 2000 Northumbria University.. 1999 Trinity All Saints, Leeds.. 1998 Edinburgh  ...   Manchester Metropolitan University.. 1992 University of Cantabria, Santander.. 1991 Exeter University.. 1990 Preston Polytechnic.. 1989 Bradford University.. 1988 Bristol Polytechnic.. 1987 Wolverhampton Polytechnic.. 1986 Newcastle Polytechnic.. 1985 Keele University.. 1984 Buckinghamshire.. 1983 Hatfield Polytechnic.. 1982 Manchester Polytechnic.. 1981.. 1980 Bristol Polytechnic.. 1979 Leeds Polytechnic.. 1978 Middlesex Polytechnic.. Chairs of the Association.. Chairs of the Association include Gareth Thomas, Alex Longhurst, Robin Warner (1995-1999), Teresa Lawlor (1999-2003), Eamon Rodgers (2003-2005) and David Corkill (2005-2010)..

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  • Title: Links « ACIS – Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies
    Descriptive info: Other Associations.. Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland.. W.. I.. S.. P.. Women in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin-American Studies.. International Association for the Study of Spanish in Society.. embraces the study, from both a theoretical and empirical perspective, of the different varieties of Spanish that constitute Hispanic culture.. The.. Anglo-Spanish Society.. a registered charity, whose objects are to promote friendship and understanding between the peoples of Britain and Spain through knowledge of each other s customs, institutions, history and way of life.. It is a non-political organisation, and membership of the Society is open to people of any nationality who have an interest in and a love of Spain and her culture.. They are inviting applications for five scholarships of between £3000 and £4500 to be awarded in 2008 as well as for smaller awards for research projects see their Grants Policy.. Constituida en 1997, la.. Asociación para la Difusión del Español y la Cultura Hispánica.. (ADES) es una organización que pretende potenciar determinadas actividades lingüísticas, sociales y de difusión cultural relacionadas con el español y la cultura hispánica.. La.. Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas.. es una organización sin ánimo de lucro que promueve el estudio y la enseñanza de las lenguas y de las literaturas hispánicas.. Fundada en 1962 en Oxford, Inglaterra, es una institución abierta, cuyo propósito esencial es promover la investigación en el campo de los estudios hispánicos, fomentando el intercambio de ideas, métodos y enfoques practicados en los distintos países de los que provienen sus más de 1400 socios.. Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies.. Asociación Alemana de Profesores de Español.. En  ...   a) Profesores de español; b) Investigadores de la lengua española; c) Estudiantes de español; d) Escritores de lengua española; e) Traductores al español; f) Periodistas que usen el español; g) Interesados en la lengua española que no se encuadren en los grupos anteriores.. ESPORA.. Listserv for Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies.. Servicio de Listas de Distribución de RedIRIS.. Desde esta página puede leer los archivos de las listas de distribución ofrecidas por RedIRIS.. Centro Virtual Cervantes Foros.. Centro Virtual Cervantes Foro del hispanista.. Los profesores que enseñan literatura, arte o culturas hispánicas en todo el mundo pueden exponer en este foro sus dudas, comentarios y peticiones.. Centro Virtual Cervantes Foro didáctico.. Los profesionales de la enseñanza del español tendrán en este foro un lugar de encuentro.. Centro Virtual Cervantes Foro TIC.. Los profesionales relacionados con el mundo de la informática y las comunicaciones encontrarán en este foro un espacio donde debatir aspectos terminológicos.. Centro Virtual Cervantes Foro del español.. Traductores, periodistas, profesores y todas las personas relacionadas profesionalmente con la lengua española encontrarán aquí un foro donde aclarar sus dudas y plantear preguntas.. Journals.. Spagna contemporanea.. La única revista italiana de historia de la España contemporánea contact Vittorio Scotti Douglas:.. vittorio.. scottidouglas@unimi.. it.. JILAS.. is a relatively new journal; it is innovative in a number of ways.. It is genuinely inter-disciplinary, covering such fields as: history, politics, international relations, sociology, literature, cultural studies and popular culture.. Contact Dr.. Stephen R.. Niblo, Managing Editor:.. s.. niblo@latrobe.. edu.. au.. Web Journal of Modern Language Linguistics.. ; areas of linguistic science of relevance to the work of Modern Languages departments..

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  • Title: IJIS « ACIS – Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies
    Descriptive info: The International Journal of Iberian Studies.. The scope of IJIS.. The International Journal of Iberian Studies (IJIS) is the academic journal for scholars from around the world whose research focuses on contemporary Spain and Portugal from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.. IJIS is interested in:.. • history (20th century onwards).. • government and politics.. • foreign policy and international relations, including with the European Union.. • labour and social movements.. • social and welfare policies.. • economics and business management.. • work and employment.. • spatial, urban and regional developments.. • regional nationalism and ethnic identities.. • feminist thought and gender policies.. • education and cultural debates.. • media, television, cinema and advertising policies.. • tourism, leisure and sports policies and management.. • language policy and learning issues.. Research articles for peer review should be innovative with respect to the knowledge base on contemporary Spanish and Portuguese affairs, and be grounded in the relevant literature.. Proposals should be sent to the co-Editors: Dr Georgina Blakeley (g.. blakeley at open.. uk) and Dr Fernando León-Solis (Fernando.. leon-solis at uws.. uk).. Prospective guest-editors are welcome to approach the co-Editors with a proposal for a themed issue.. In addition, an Open section offering a forum for shorter comment on contemporary events, trends and debates, interviews, obituaries and key documents, contributes to IJIS s mission to stimulate scholarly interest in Spain and Portugal as complex societies with growing international profiles.. Prospective contributors should submit material to Lourdes Melción (L.. Melcion at roehampton.. Book reviewers and publishers should approach the Reviews Editor (Spain) Dr Lesley Twomey (lesley.. twomey at northumbria.. uk) or the Reviews Editor (Portugal) Dr Margaret Clarke (Margaret.. clarke at portsmouth.. uk) directly.. IJIS publishes predominantly in English with a limited selection of articles in Spanish or Portuguese.. IJIS selects research articles through a double-blind peer review process that seeks to be inclusive, within scholarly parameters.. Our aim is to publish accepted articles within 6-9 months of initial submission.. Back issues of the journal can be ordered by sending a cheque made out to ACIS for £5 per issue to the Editor at the address below.. Overseas orders are free.. Co Editors.. Dr Georgina Blakeley (.. g.. blakeley@open.. uk.. ).. Dr Fernando León-Solis (.. Fernando.. leon-solis@uws.. Notes for Contributors.. 1) Criteria for articles.. Research Articles will be evaluated by double-blind peer review.. Open Forum articles will not be subject to peer-review but require approval by a reader other than the Editor.. Research articles should:.. * Contain original research or scholarship.. * Not be under consideration by any other publication.. * Not normally exceed 8000 words.. * Be written in a clear and concise style.. * Have the check spelling and check grammar options clicked ON (in Word Preferences) and all possible red and green underlining removed.. Open Forum pieces can be of variable length up to 4000 words, and be written in a particularly clear, concise and readable style (while avoiding slang).. 2) Confidentiality and extra information for submission:.. * Submissions to IJIS should be sent as an attachment to an email message to the Editor.. The attached article should be ‘anonymised’ by removing your name and institution from the Properties function in the File drop Menu.. Be sure to add your full name, status, institutional affiliation address in the email message to the Editor.. * Your submission whether research article or Open Forum contribution, must contain an abstract and up to 6 keywords.. This is to maintain confidentiality during peer review.. * Your research article must contain an Introduction and a subheading indicating where the Introduction ends.. It must also contain a subheading Conclusion to show where the conclusions start.. If accepted it will require a list of Works Cited containing only sources cited in the article (even if the paper is first submitted with footnotes).. Accepted papers with footnotes will have to remove all bibliographical material from these and transfer it to a Works Cited list.. Even if submitting with footnotes in the first instance, you must follow the transparency of sources conventions explained below.. 3) Data required before publication of any article:.. Articles accepted for publication cannot be sent to the publishers (Intellect) until they contain:.. * A spelling and grammar checked Word document where all the red and green underlining has disappeared except for foreign and proper names.. * Correct Harvard system references [see below for details].. * Author name and institutional affiliation.. * Abstract (max.. 150 words) in English.. * Keywords (max.. 6) in English.. * Author biography (c.. 50-100w.. ) in English.. 4) Formatting.. * Font should be Times New Roman 14, one-and-a-half-spaces and left-aligned, not justified.. * Margins should be 1 inch/2.. 5 cm all round.. * Pagination should be continuous with numbers applied top right.. * Images – tables, photographs, graphs, and graphics – should all be inserted in the text, entitled ‘Figure and numbered consecutively.. The source must be indicated below each.. If images are more than a page of A4 in size, or are set  ...   thing (personal communication).. This need have no citation in the references list.. Equally the use of (personal communications) need not refer back to a named informant, though the trend towards greater transparency makes it desirable unless it breaks confidentiality.. (b) A more formal research interview can be cited in the text (García 12/08/04 interview), and at the end of the Works Cited list under Interviews.. (c) If the informant gave an interview to someone else, which is being cited, then the author should cite the informant and the interviewer eg.. (González, entrevistado por Fernando Claudín 1979) in the text, and reference it as: Claudín, F.. (1979) ‘Entrevista a Felipe González’, Madrid: Zona Abierta Nr.. 20, pp.. 1-10.. The point is for another person to be able to find the interview, so keep to the format in which the interview was first published.. In this case, the interviewee s name appears in the title of the article, which shows he is not the author because the interviewer is.. However, note it could be the other way round.. 6) Images and Captions for your text.. Images and illustrations are welcome, especially in discussions of buildings or landscapes.. They should be submitted with your initial version of the article.. Captions should be added, and their source indicated at the foot.. Copyright clearance ( Reproduced with the permission of … ) should be added by the contributor and is always the responsibility of the contributor.. All non-text material should be numbered in sequence as Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.. If a full page large or set up horizontally, place them at the end of the text, and add [Figure 1 about here] to indicate their place in the text.. Reproduction will be in greyscale (‘black-and-white’).. Hard copy prints, preferably in greyscale, should be between 10–20 cms wide.. Colour prints, transparencies, slides, and small images can also be submitted if need be.. Photocopies of photographs are never advisable, but may be okay for diagrams.. Line drawings, maps, and diagrams should be crisp, clear and in a camera-ready state, capable of scanning and reduction.. Images supplied electronically need to have a resolution of at least 12 dpm (dots per milimetre) – or 300 dpi (dots per inch).. The figure showing the number of pixels across the width of the image, a figure independent of milimetres, centimetres or inches, is reached by multiplying the width of the image in milimetres required for reproduction in the journal by 12, or in inches by 300.. This is the actual information available that allows the production team to offset resolution (dpm or dpi) lable that allows the production team to offset resolution (dpm or dpi) against width.. Four widths of images that fit well in the journal:.. 145mm = The width of an image across the whole page, including the text and the side note column.. Used when there is a particular need to give a landscape image a large format.. 110mm = The usual option for landscape images, but it can also be applied to some portrait images.. 53mm = Covers a half column in the text.. Used primarily when the image is portrait, especially if it is particularly high with respect to the width, or if the resolution of a supplied landscape image is so low that it.. requires the width to be minimized.. 53-110mm = A compromise: the image frame is 110mm and the image is centred within the box.. Applied when an image does not have the resolution for 110mm width but where a 53mm width would severely compromise its ability to illustrate the article.. Image width (mm) Pixels in width:.. 145-1740 , 110 1320, 53 636, 53–110, 636–1320.. These figures would give a resolution of 12 dots per milimetre, or 300 dots per inch, which is the ideal minimum.. If the ‘pixels in width’ figure falls below 636, it is possible to reproduce at 53mm if the image is thought to be essential and cannot be submitted at a higher resolution, but the quality will go down in the printed form.. Images sent in as e-mail attachments should be greyscale to save time uploading and downloading.. Reproducing text within images supplied separately is difficult: they need a high final resolution – around 48 dpm.. An additional Acrobat PDF document is encouraged.. The PDF is a good proof copy that can also be used for reproduction if the table is exactly as it should be, but if editing is necessary, this can be done in Word if there is a small spelling error or if a statistical error is identified later.. Diagrams are difficult to construct in Word, so an object-oriented computer application is better than a text-oriented one.. Diagrams can be supplied to us as JPEG, TIFF, or Acrobat PDF documents.. If a mistake is identified in a diagram, make the amendments and re-supply.. 7) Consent to Publish Transfer of Copyright Agreement.. Please print, sign and return this form to the publishers, Intellect, at the address indicated..

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  • Title: Executive « ACIS – Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies
    Descriptive info: ACIS EXECUTIVE 2012 2013.. Honorary President.. Prof.. Paul Preston.. Chair.. Lourdes Melcion University of Roehampton London.. Secretary.. Rikky Morgan-Tamosunas University of Westminster.. Treasurer.. Dr Carlos de Pablos-Ortega University of East Anglia.. Membership Secretary.. Dr Gabrielle Carty- Dublin City University.. Journal Editors.. Dr Georgina Blakeley Open University.. Dr Fernando León-Solís University of the West of Scotland.. Electronic Communications Officer.. Elvira Anton Carrillo University of Roehampton London.. Postgraduate Representative.. GUIDANCE ON CLAIMING EXPENSES..

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  • Title: Publications « ACIS – Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies
    Descriptive info: Published something interesting?.. If you have published a book on a subject of potential interest to ACIS members in the course of the past year, we invite you to take the opportunity to use our web pages to publicise it.. Please send details to.. ACIS@iberianstudies.. Books recently published by ACIS members.. IBÉRIA.. A relação entre Portugal e Espanha no século XX.. By José Miguel Sardica.. La mediatización del conflicto político.. Discursos y narrativas en el contexto español.. Enric Castelló (ed).. Este libro presenta una serie de artículos sobre la cobertura de conflictos políticos y territoriales en España.. Las investigaciones aplican el análisis de marcos interpretativos, discursos y narrativas a diversas muestras de contenido, sobretodo de prensa.. Se analiza la cobertura mediática de las declaraciones de políticos sobre el modelo de Estado; la sentencia del Tribunal Constitucional sobre el.. Estatut.. de Cataluña y la manifestación del 10J; la información sobre (i)legalización de partidos.. abertzales.. ; las tentativas de reforma del Estatuto gallego, la pugna por el traslado de “los papeles de Salamanca” y los bienes sacros del Museu de Lleida, la prohibición  ...   y Fernando León Solís.. Globalization and Language in the Spanish Speaking World.. Macro and Micro Perspectives.. Clare Mar-Molinero and Miranda Stewart.. This volume considers the spread of Spanish today and particularly its role in the processes of globalization.. Spanish is frequently dominant in contact with other languages.. But how contested is its hegemony and how far does it threaten other languages? How are these other minoritized languages faring in a world of few strong, global languages?.. ISBN 0230000185, £50.. Palgrave.. , 2006.. Negotiating Spain and Catalonia.. Competing Narratives of National Identity.. By Fernando León Solís.. What is Spanish identity? The stereotype conjures up images of temperament , passion and difference from the rest of Europe.. But, within Spain, is there a single image all Spaniards identify with?.. The two case studies included in this book (dealing with the Football World Cups of 1994 and 2002, and the general elections of 1996 and 2000) examine competing discourses of Spain, Catalonia and their national identities, as constructed in the Spanish press.. ISBN 1-84150-077-1, £19.. 95.. Intellect.. , 2003.. Publisher s flyer.. (pdf format)..

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