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  • Title: Home | IAPA
    Descriptive info: .. Language:.. English.. Spanish.. Chinese.. Arabic.. Home.. About us.. Governance.. Groups.. Links to IAPA.. Expertise.. Accounting services.. Assurance services.. Corporate finance.. Public Sector Group.. International Services.. Family Businesses.. Comprehensive Start-Ups.. Taxation.. Membership Benefits.. Membership benefits.. Membership profiles.. Success stories.. Regional and Specialist Groups.. How to join.. Membership fees.. Apply today.. Commercial Associates.. Commercial associates.. Find a commercial associate.. Conferences.. News.. Contact us.. Welcome to IAPA | IAPA a global association of independent accountancy firms and groups.. Global member search.. Search for:.. All.. Country.. Argentina.. Australia.. Austria.. Azerbaijan.. Belgium.. Bolivia.. Brazil.. Bulgaria.. Canada.. Channel Islands.. Chile.. China.. Colombia.. Cyprus.. Denmark.. Dominican Republic.. Ecuador.. Egypt.. Estonia.. France.. Germany.. Gibraltar.. Greece.. Guatemala.. Hong Kong.. India.. Indonesia.. Iran.. Ireland.. Israel.. Italy.. Kazakhstan.. Kenya.. Luxembourg.. Malaysia.. Malta.. Mauritius.. Mexico.. Morocco.. Nepal.. Netherlands.. Netherlands Antilles.. New Zealand.. Nigeria.. Norway.. Oman.. Pakistan.. Panama.. Peru.. Poland.. Portugal.. Romania.. Russia.. Singapore.. Slovakia.. South Africa.. South Korea.. Spain.. Sweden.. Switzerland.. Taiwan.. Tunisia.. Turkey.. Ukraine.. United Arab Emirates.. United Kingdom.. United States.. Uruguay.. Venezuela.. Vietnam.. County/State.. Alberta.. Arizona.. Berkshire.. Binh Duong Province.. British Columbia.. Brussels.. Buckinghamshire.. California.. Cambridgeshire.. Co.. Dublin.. Cundinamarca.. Curaçao.. Essex.. Florida.. Georgia.. Greater Manchester.. Hampshire.. Hertfordshire.. Illinois.. Kedah.. Kent.. Kuala Lumpur.. Lancashire.. London.. Malaga.. Manitoba.. Massachusetts.. Merseyside.. Michigan.. Muriilo.. Negeri Sembilan.. New Brunswick.. New Jersey.. New South Wales.. Norfolk.. Ontario.. Oregon.. Oxfordshire.. Phu Yen Province.. Quebec.. Queensland.. Saskatchewan.. Selangor.. South Australia.. South Yorkshire.. Surrey.. Tay Ninh Province.. Texas.. Victoria.. Washington.. Western Australia.. Town.. ADELAIDE.. AFYON.. ALBUFEIRA.. ALDERSHOT.. ALEXANDRIA.. ALMATY.. ALOR SETAR.. AMERSHAM.. AMSTERDAM Z-O.. ANSAN.. ANTWERP.. ASHFORD.. ATHENS.. ATLANTA.. AUCKLAND.. AYLESBURY.. BAKU.. BANGALORE.. BANSKA BYSTRICA.. BARCELONA.. BEIJING.. BERGEN OP ZOOM.. BICESTER.. BIELEFELD.. BISHOPS STORTFORD.. BOCA RATON.. BOGOTA.. BOLTON.. BONHEIDEN.. BOSTON.. BREDA.. BRISBANE.. BRIVE.. BROADBEACH, GOLD COAST.. BUCHAREST.. BUCKINGHAM.. BUENOS AIRES.. CALGARY.. CAMBRIDGE.. CAPE TOWN.. CARACAS.. CASABLANCA.. CENTRAL.. CHANGWON.. CHELMSFORD.. CHEONGJU.. CHICAGO.. Claremont.. Contact:One Spring Street, New Brunswick.. COPENHAGEN.. COURBEVOIE.. CRETEIL.. CUENCA.. DAEGU.. DIEPPE (NB).. DORDRECHT.. DRESDEN.. DUBAI.. DUBLIN.. EDMONTON.. EDMUNDSTON (NB).. EGHAM.. ELY..  ...   WARSAW.. WAYNE.. WELLESLEY.. WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN.. WILLEMSTAD.. WINCHESTER.. WINDSOR.. WINNIPEG MB.. WORCESTER.. ZUG.. ZURICH.. Members Portal.. Members please enter to access the IAPA international portal.. Welcome to IAPA.. IAPA is a global association of independent accountancy and business advisory firms who provide accounting, audit, tax advisory and business consultancy services.. Our members are committed to providing a personal, sustainable service to their clients, offering global expertise and support through their individual experience and local knowledge.. Accountants increasingly need to share and understand the customs and cultures of their clients worldwide.. IAPA prides itself on the global support it offers its members - like-minded, trusted, professional firms who are experts in their field and who can work together effecitvely on any national or international assignment.. If you would like to join our community of experts, we would be delighted to hear form you.. Please do get in touch.. Helmi Talib, Chairman.. What our members say.. Membership of IAPA has brought about on only great friendships but has created business opportunities that I couldn’t have imagined!.. Alexander, Aronson, Finning Co.. , Herb Alexander.. In joining IAPA, my firm joined a global association of like-minded professionals who we feel confident will provide quality service for the needs of our clients when the occasion arises.. Berdon LLP, Charlie Weissman.. Clients like the fact that we are part of an international association and that their business and accountancy needs can be solved through one member firm.. A Audit b-cvba, Jan Huygens.. IAPA twitter profile.. IAPA LinkedIn profile.. IAPA Flickr profile.. IAPA YouTube profile.. Latest news.. 03.. 12.. 13.. IAPA member in Paris launches.. Ferrieres Co.. is the new name adopted by French member fi.. Read More.. 02.. IAPA Global Chairman addresse.. IAPA Global Chairman Helmi Talib (Helmi Talib Co.. , Singap.. IAPA-Deutschland meeting, Vie.. Open also to member firms in Austria, Slovakia and Switzerl.. Privacy policy.. Terms conditions.. Cookie Information.. Site Map..

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  • Title: About us | About us | IAPA
    Descriptive info: About us | IAPA a global association of independent accountancy firms and groups.. IAPA is a global association of independent accountancy and business advisory firms that aims to support its members in providing their clients with a diverse range of professional, comprehensive and cost-effective business solutions, regardless of sector or location.. Success in a global market comes from local knowledge.. The international reach of IAPA member firms offers instant access to first-hand knowledge of local regulations, culture and customs - removing potential cross-border uncertainties and increasing the opportunities for real business development.. Key to IAPA's success is the value placed on personal service offering effective, sustainable business solutions at an individual level,  ...   top 25 global accounting organisations.. Has an annual turnover of some 1 billion US$.. Our member firms.. Each IAPA member is an independent firm controlled or owned by individuals holding internationally recognised accountancy qualifications.. Admission to IAPA is subject to rigorous eligibility criteria and in joining the association every member firm commits to maintaining IAPA's high standards of professionalism and integrity.. How IAPA can help your clients.. If you are seeking accountancy services or business advice - whether in your own domestic market or further afield, or if you are interested in entering new markets or expanding in existing ones, simply contact an IAPA member firm and they will be able to assist..

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  • Title: About us | Governance | IAPA
    Descriptive info: Governance | IAPA a global association of independent accountancy firms and groups.. Ultimate authority for the governance of IAPA rests with the membership.. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of members elects a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Finance Director out of the elected International Board.. The AGM meets every year in conjunction with the International Conference.. International Board and Committees.. The International Board is responsible for monitoring the implementation of agreed work programmes and developing strategic proposals for approval by the membership.. The International Board has the following reporting committees:.. - Executive Committee:.. The  ...   responsible for the development and implementation of policies and procedures for ensuring that the high standards of IAPA are upheld.. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO).. The CEO is responsible for the management and day-to-day running of IAPA, and is based at IAPA's head office in the United.. Kingdom.. Susan Humphry, CEO.. IAPA's International Board:.. Helmi Talib, Chairman.. Jan Huygens, Vice Chairman.. Adam Wilson, Finance Director.. Gerry De Luca (Canadian Representative).. Steven Bankler (US Representative).. Wayne Price (Asia Pacific Representative).. Martin Clapson (European Representative).. Vicente Orlando (Latin American Representative).. Marion MacDonald (Memberhsip Committee Representative)..

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  • Title: About us | Groups | IAPA
    Descriptive info: Regional Groups | IAPA a global association of independent accountancy firms and groups.. Regional Groups.. Member firms in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific are organised into regional groupings whose activities are directed by their respective Regional Boards.. Each group has delegated responsibility within its respective region for membership recruitment, membership activities and promotional work.. Through these groupings, member firms have access to a range of additional activities designed to strengthen cooperation and contact and to promote opportunities for collaborative ventures.. The contacts for each regional group are:.. Americas Regional Group.. Chairman: Norm Kellerman.. nkellerman@fgmk.. net.. European Regional Group.. Chairman: Martin Clapson.. martinc@pricebailey.. co.. uk.. Asia Pacific Regional Group.. Chairman: Wayne Price.. wayne@castletons.. com.. au.. National Accounting Groups.. In a number of countries where IAPA is strongly represented, member firms have joined together within National Accounting Groups (NAGs).. National Accounting Groups  ...   details about IAPA's National Accounting Groups, please contact the nominated Contact Partner:.. Australia: Madison Accounting Group.. Contact Partner:.. Alan Muir.. Canada:.. BHD Association of Chartered Accountants.. Robert St Aubin.. Germany:.. IAPA Deutschland.. Herbert Hilger.. UK:.. UK200 Group.. Contact Partner: Sally Wise.. Specialist Interest Groups.. Specialist interest groups allow member firms to exchange information and work together in areas of common interest.. European Tax and Audit Forums.. The forums meet annually to allow interested member firms to discuss tax and audit developments within their respective countries.. Expatriate Services Group.. The Expatriate Services Group brings together member firms interested in the provision of HR/labour law advice and tax advice on behalf of clients operating across national boundaries.. IAPA's Public Sector Group is led by a small consortium of members in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.. Please see 'Expertise' for more information..

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  • Title: About us | Links to IAPA | IAPA
    Descriptive info: Links to IAPA | IAPA a global association of independent accountancy firms and groups.. AIEL.. -.. The Association of Independent European Lawyers.. AIEL is a network of independent English speaking, but multilingual, legal firms located in the European Union, its border countries and in other strategic locations throughout the world.. Members are small to medium sized firms who can offer a truly cost effective, yet experienced, alternative to the large international law firms.. The Association was formed in 1991 with the object of creating a network of law firms in Europe and throughout the world to refer and interact on behalf of clients across the various legal systems.. The Association is  ...   access to a number of services outside of their personal remit, to ensure broader requirements from existing clients are met.. Contact:.. John Gray.. Email:.. john.. gray@williamsturges.. www.. aiel.. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. EGIAN.. -.. The European Group of International Networks and Associations.. EGIAN’s membership is made up of 20 truly global organisations which offer audit, accounting and business advisory services.. EGIAN provides a forum for the members to develop common positions on specific technical and legislative issues and to debate these issues with key professional stakeholders and regulators such as The European Union, CESR (The Committee of European Securities Regulators), FEE (The Federation of European Accountants) and IFAC (The International Federation of Accountants).. egian.. eu..

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  • Title: Expertise | Expertise | IAPA
    Descriptive info: Expertise | IAPA a global association of independent accountancy firms and groups.. IAPA's extensive alliance of around 230 member firms in some 60 countries ensures that clients can access a full range of professional services and advice - whatever their needs and wherever they're based..

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  • Title: Expertise | Accounting services | IAPA
    Descriptive info: Accounting services | IAPA a global association of independent accountancy firms and groups.. The production of accurate accounting and financial information is vital for managing financial performance and planning future growth.. Our members provide a wide range of accounting services tailored to suit each individual client, helping clients achieve efficient management of their financial function.. By  ...   processes, provide constructive solutions to problems and assess/develop strategies for improving profitability.. Services include:.. Development of accounting and reporting systems.. Preparation of management accounts and consolidation information.. Provision of payroll and treasury functions.. Advice on information technology systems and software.. Supporting group auditors in the provision of local accounting and tax assistance.. Full outsourced accounting function..

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  • Title: Expertise | Assurance services | IAPA
    Descriptive info: خدمات الضمان: | IAPA a global association of independent accountancy firms and groups.. خدمات الضمان:.. في القوت الحالي ونتيجة لأجواء الأعمال العالمية المتسارعة تصبح الكثير من المؤسسات في حاجة إلى الضمان بشكل يفوق الحاجة التقليدية لضمان التدقيق.. ويعتبر أعضاء مؤسسة IAPA مؤهلين جيدا لتقديم مدى واسع من خدمات وحلول الضمان التي تتناول كافة نواحي الأداء المالي والمتطلبات التنظيمية.. يعمل أعضائنا على تقديم مزيج فريد من الخبرة والرؤية المحلية يدعمه فهم  ...   للكثير من الشركات.. ويوفر أيضا فرصة للمراجعة الدقيقة والموضوعية لأعمالك والتي يتولى القيام بها خبير مستقل.. تعتمد عمليات التدقيق الفعالة على فهم عميق لنظام وأعمال كل عميل على حدة.. يتولى قيادة كل تكليف بالتدقيق شريك ذو خبرة والذي يعمل على مقربة منك ليساعدك على إدراك طموحاتك وأهداف أعمالك.. يقوم أعضائنا بتوظيف مناهج وتقنيات مجربة ومختبرة في إطار تقديم خدمات التدقيق وإجراءات المراجعة بشكل دوري لضمان الالتزام بالمقاييس والإرشادات المحلية والدولية..

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  • Title: Expertise | Corporate finance | IAPA
    Descriptive info: Corporate Finance | IAPA a global association of independent accountancy firms and groups.. Corporate Finance.. There are numerous reasons why clients seek Corporate Finance assistance: desires to seize new opportunities, in response to competitive pressures, or the need to raise capital or value a business - whatever the reason, IAPA members have the technical expertise and practical experience to help you realise your ambitions.. IAPA members have Corporate Finance teams  ...   of sectors.. Our members appreciate that different businesses have different needs and end goals and not all routes to success will be the same.. Whatever your business and personal ambitions, our members can help you achieve success.. Corporate Finance services include:.. Buying and selling companies.. Due diligence investigations.. Management buy-outs and buy-ins (MBOs and MBIs).. Share valuations.. Raising capital.. Floatations public listings.. Takeovers and mergers.. Private equity and financing advice..

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  • Title: Expertise | Public Sector Group | IAPA
    Descriptive info: Public Sector Group | IAPA a global association of independent accountancy firms and groups.. IAPA's Public Sector Group is a consortium of 6 firms drawn from our European membership representing Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.. It monitors and responds to public sector opportunities and draws on the support and involvement of some 30 other firms within the IAPA network.. Its close associates thereby assure breadth of expertise and experience and geographic coverage in the successful delivery of assignments in the European Union and neighbouring states.. The Group provides the following services which are relevant to public sector organisations and projects financed by institutional and government funds:.. External audit of  ...   charged with responsibility for allocating and managing project expenditure.. Grant verification and certification, and testing the regularity and propriety of donee organisations' systems, controls and accounting.. Administration, bookkeeping and accounting services for projects and grant programmes financed by public funds.. We add value to the core service offerings through building an open and collaborative relationship with our clients and their key representatives.. We will communicate in clear and unequivocal terms and provide practical suggestions and recommendations as a result of the work we undertake.. In addition to the work of the PSG, many of IAPA's member firms provide assurance and consulting services independently or on a joint basis with colleagues in other countries..

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  • Title: Expertise | International Services | IAPA
    Descriptive info: International Services | IAPA a global association of independent accountancy firms and groups.. In today's global market, many organisations need a flexible, mobile workforce that can be deployed all over the world; however, the complexities of sending employees to work in overseas countries can be enormous, and expert advice is essential if organisations are to embark successfully on these projects.. IAPA is able to.. draw on a vast number  ...   assistance with all the issues that arise when businesses move staff abroad.. These members comprise local experts in 60 countries, and are able to offer a competitive alternative to employing large global accounting firms.. Their services include:.. Tax planning and compliance.. Tax planning in home and host country.. Dealing with tax authority inquiries.. Expatriate administration.. Immigration services.. Relocation and orientation assistance.. Global programme co-ordination.. Outsourcing.. HR compliance.. Remuneration and benefits..

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