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  • Title: iamic - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Activities.. News.. Projects.. European Music Monitor.. IAMIC Office Exchange Programme.. MINISTREL.. ISCM / IAMIC Young Composer Award 2011.. SoundSea - Music of the Mediterranean.. Capacity Building Workshop.. Conferences.. Conferences archive.. Partnerships.. Our members.. Members web sites.. Join IAMIC.. Categories of membership.. About IAMIC.. History.. Mission  ...   form.. Logo.. Member login.. Photo gallery.. International Association of Music Information Centres.. IAMIC on Facebook.. IAMIC on LinkedIn.. IAMIC - your short cut to the global music world.. Steenstraat 25, BE-1000 Brussels, Belgium.. Tel: +32 2 504 90 99 • Email:.. iamic@iamic.. net.. • www.. iamic.. Site credits..

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  • Title: iamic - Activities
    Descriptive info: The International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC) is a unique knowledge hub for today's global music world.. Our members, located in 35 countries around the world, offer rich resources relating to the music of our time.. From contemporary and classical music to rock, popular music, jazz, world music and all other genres, the music information centre of your country or region will know about it.. As a network, it is IAMIC's job to support and build awareness of the work of our members and provide enhanced access to their services and collections..

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  • Title: iamic - News
    Descriptive info: Recent news.. 28/08/2013.. : the registration for the IAMIC Annual Meeting and Conference in.. Bratislava.. (08-10/11/2013) and.. Vienna.. (10-12/11/2013) is now open! Don't wait and register for this exciting conference.. Read more.. 08-11/11/2013:.. the IAMIC Annual Meeting will take place in.. (10-12/11/2013).. More information will be available very soon on this website.. 13/06/2013:.. Ol'ga Smetanová, President of IAMIC, will participate at the  ...   2: Solidarność, where she will present IAMIC's/MIC's position towards collecting societies.. 30/05/2013:.. IAMIC participated at Classical NEXT in Vienna (28/05 - 1/06/2013).. An-Heleen De Greef, Executive Manager of IAMIC and Kostas Moschos, Director of the Greek Information Centre and leader of the Minstrel project, presented during the networking session the organisation as well as the Minstrel project:.. Older news.. Subscribe to our RSS..

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  • Title: iamic - Projects
    Descriptive info: To have a better vision on music life and the creative industries in Europe, IAMIC initiated the European Music Monitor project.. The Music Monitor will be an instrument to standardise data gathering among MICs in a sustainable way, taking into account the differences between the countries.. It will provide annual statistics monitoring musical life, for use in research and planning by governmental authorities, cultural operators, funding bodies and IAMIC.. IAMIC s Office Exchange Programme, funded by the EU, gives the opportunity to staff members within the IAMIC members organizations to experience other working realities and environments, from the first hand, through practical learning experience.. It is a exquisite opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge and build up sustainable partnerships through participative observation.. The ISCM/IAMIC Young Composer Award, initiated in 2002, is awarded annually to a  ...   2012 is the American Composer.. Eric Nathan.. for his work ".. Walls of Light.. ".. Nathan, who could not be present at the festival, will be commissioned a new piece that will be performed during the.. ISCM World New Music Days 2013.. in Vienna, Bratislava Kosice.. ISCM/IAMIC YOUNG Composer Award 2011.. The winner of the ISCMIAMIC Young Composer Award 2011 is.. Chiu-Yu Chou from Taiwan.. She won with her String Quartet nr.. 1.. , performed by the Song String Quartet on the 13th of April.. The judges commented:"This work evokes different moods, and shows a strong mastery of string playing techniques".. In a collaboration between IAMIC, the Association for the Promotion of the Music of the Mediterranean (MoM) and Kufstein University of Applied Sciences, a survey is being carried out to investigate the online presence of artists..

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  • Title: iamic - European Music Monitor
    Descriptive info: To have a better vision on music life and the creative industries in Europe, IAMIC initiated the.. European Music Monitor.. project..

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  • Title: iamic - IAMIC Office Exchange Programme
    Descriptive info: IAMIC s Office Exchange Programme.. IAMIC s.. Office Exchange Programme.. , funded by the EU, gives the opportunity to staff members within the IAMIC members organizations to experience other working realities and environments, from the first hand, through practical learning experience.. This gives IAMIC the.. opportunity to involve staff members and to make them familiar with the expertise of other centre s services.. As well as being a rewarding experience for the employees themselves and the different centers involved, the exchange also advances the workings of IAMIC by encouraging the internal communication and the involvement of staff in IAMIC activities.. The programme began in 2008 and since then has been running each autumn.. In evaluating the office exchange programme, IAMIC has found it to be very valuable and successful for both the participants and the centers involved.. As a result,  ...   launched by the Norwegian Music Centre that serves as a good practice for other MICS, discovered during the Exchange Programme:.. "Life at the Office".. R.. agnhild Hemsing and Hallgrim Hansegård - Live At The Office.. from.. MICnorway.. on.. Vimeo.. Objectives:.. Exchange of experience.. Adopt new skills, knowledge and expertise on documentation and promotion of music.. Reflect on one s own work, methods, projects etc.. and compare with the work of the host centre.. Promote the mobility of staff members.. Bring an international dimension in activities at the national/regional level.. Get a good insight into the impact of international developments and IAMIC activities.. Support member organizations in implementing new experiences in their daily work.. Improve the collaboration and build up sustainable partnerships between member organizations and IAMIC.. Promote and develop some new common projects in the field of music, art and culture..

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  • Title: iamic - MINISTREL
    Descriptive info: 01/03/2012-.. MusIc Network Supporting Trans-national exchange and dissemination of music Resources at European Level.. General summary.. Music Network Supporting Trans-national exchange and dissemination of music Resources at European Level.. The MINSTREL project (MusIc Network Supporting Trans-national exchange and dissemination of music Resources at European Level) is granted to be co-financed by the European Union under the Culture 2007-2013 programme of the European Commission with the participation of 12 cultural organisations from 11 European countries: Greece (leader), Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Cyprus, Belgium, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Croatia and Latvia under the support of International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC) and the General Directorate of Contemporary Culture of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism.. MINSTREL is a project adapted to the needs of Music Information Centers.. It has as aim to promote worldwide local music, information and professionals as well as to support music exchanges and the transnational mobility of musicians.. MINSTREL has a duration of 3 years.. Details.. Preamble.. Music Culture and creativity is an importan aspect of the European Identity.. In parallel the music industry employs over 600 000 people across the European Union and represents a global market of more than 40 billion euro.. Music industry is an industry in mutation with new consumption methods to be anticipated, new economic models to  ...   c) while music is an international language, the musicians are active mainly only in their countries and have not the necessary opportunities to have recognition or a presence to other counties.. The proposed solution.. Through MINSTREL project, organizations, experienced on the situation of the music sector on their countries, are building a productive cooperation network, that will implement a series of actions targeting the the transnational mobility of musicians (composers, performers, professionals), as well as the circulation and dissemination of European music.. The overall objective of the project is the promotion of music diversity at European level in the frame of the.. related UNESCO convention.. The partners.. In MINSTREL are participating 12 organization from 11 countries.. Most partners are official local Music Information Centres, playing a very important role on the music life of each country.. Project Activities.. The proposed activities either have concrete products to serve the objectives of the project or they are series of innovative transnational events that have the objective to explore and create concrete models that can serve in the future to third organizations as well fulfilling the goals of the project.. The project activities (apart from the administration) could be distinguished in three main tasks:.. Trans-national circulation of music works.. Trans-national mobility actions.. Intercultural Dialogue.. : Cooperation and Dissemination actions..

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  • Title: iamic - ISCM / IAMIC Young Composer Award 2011
    Descriptive info: ISCM/IAMIC Young Composer Award.. In 2011, Ms.. Chou was chosen from 20 eligible candidates from around the world.. Shortly after hearing the announcement, Ms Chou spoke to Frank J.. Oteri of IAMIC about the award and her future plans.. View video.. The winners :.. 2002 - Thomas Adès  ...   Fleshold.. 2004 - Leilei Tian (China) -.. Sâdhana.. 2005 - Sampo Haapamäki (Finland) -.. Signature.. 2006 - Helena Tulve (Estonia) -.. Sula.. 2007 - Nicholas Casswell (United Kingdom) -.. Triplicity.. 2008 - Diana Rotaru (Romania) -.. Sakti.. 2010 - Katia Beaugeais (Australia) -.. Soundbox.. 2011.. -.. Chiu-Yu Chou..

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  • Title: iamic - SoundSea - Music of the Mediterranean
    Descriptive info: In order to help musicians maximise the potential of their presence on the web, and help emerging musicians establish themselves and share experiences, it is important to know why there are still disparities around the world in how creative artists use the Internet..

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  • Title: iamic - Capacity Building Workshop
    Descriptive info: Capacity building workshop at the Euro Med Youth Music Expo.. The European and International Music Council organise a.. capacity building workshop for music organisations in the Mediterranean area.. The aim of the workshop, which will include different sessions, is to strengthen the infrastructure of the music life of the region by building knowledge, creating networking opportunities as well as raising the awareness of lobby work and how to effectively implement it.. Among others the sessions will deal with.. Why fund music activities in times of crisis? An introduction to lobbying for music.. Part II: EU programme proposal for Culture Creative Europe (CCP Cyprus?).. Youth and Music in the Mediterranean a manifesto for the  ...   will take place in the frame of the.. Euro Med Youth Music Expo.. which is co-organised by Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI), Epilogi, Arab Academy of Music, National Music Conservatory of Amman- King Hussein Foundation and JMI Turkey.. The Euro-Mediterranean Youth Music Expo is a four-day event which combines various modalities of high-level youth music activities and productions embracing all musical genres.. This large-scale event will bring together over 200 young musicians (young soloists, youth bands and orchestras from all musical backgrounds, classical, ethnic, jazz, rock, hip-hop, reggae etc), music teachers, organizers and professionals altogether related for a multilevel educational and artistic fair which includes workshops, seminars, open-air public concerts, music labs and more!..

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  • Title: iamic - Conferences
    Descriptive info: Each year a conference is organised by IAMIC in cooperation with a Music Information Centre.. The conference coincides with the IAMIC Annual Meeting and General Assembly.. This year.. Music Centre Slovakia.. organises the Business Sessions as well as the Melos-Ethos Festival in Slovakia.. mica - music austria.. organises the Annual Conference.. Bratislava (Slovakia): 8-10 November 2013 |Vienna (Austria): 11 13 November 2013.. Is music successful when it is appreciated by as many people as possible? Or when it conveys a certain standpoint? How is success measured in different genres (number of listeners, awards, competitions, charts)? Should music be brought to a specific audience or should an audience be picked up where it is? No matter what genre or intention the presence on stage has become just as important as in the digital world.. This years IAMIC Annual Conference will focus on all aspects related to.. Success in music self-commitment or claim of the Market?.. What factors make music successful?..  ...   genres and in the media, and Scerstine Puddu (Consultancy Unicon, Austria) will enlighten us on benchmarks for music information centers, to give a few examples.. Before the Annual Conference in Vienna, the.. IAMIC Business Sessions.. and the (opening) concert(s) of the.. Melos-Ethos Festival.. organised by Music Centre Slovakia with as a special guest.. Kaija Saariaho.. will take place in Bratislava.. The.. IAMIC Annual Meeting.. will provide you with useful practical professional insights and information.. The Meeting will end with the.. General Assembly.. taking place after the.. Annual Conference.. on 12 November in Vienna.. The events will coincide with the.. ISCM World Music Days.. in.. and.. Košice,.. European Capital of Culture.. Official Invitation, Time Schedule, Conference Programme and Practical Information.. : Click.. here.. Register.. for the Annual Meeting and Conference.. before 12 September.. !.. In case you wish to register the traditional way, you find the registration form.. Please complete it and send it back to IAMIC:.. ah.. degreef@iamic.. e..

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