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  • Title: Health Blog | Health Issues | Organs & Glands | InterActive Health
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Ask a Medical Question.. Hypoglycemia.. Transient Ischemic Attack.. Blog.. Medical Conditions.. Medications.. Organs and Glands.. Contact Us.. Ways to Better Health.. Fitness.. Nutrition.. A through F.. G through L.. M through R.. S through Z.. Ask A Medical Question.. Women's Health.. Pregnancy.. Kids Health.. Recent Blog.. Top 100 Drugs.. Recommended Sites.. Cheap Health Insurance.. Interactive Medicine.. Super Healthy Kids.. Welcome to InterActive Health!.. InterActive Health is an avenue for our readers to learn more about their evolving health.. We are working together to ensure high quality medical information on diagnosis, treatment options, medications and more.. We want you to receive valuable insight on your own health.. Our professional web staff and group of health care professionals are here to ensure that you get an in-depth and accurate set of medical knowledge, signs and symptoms, and treatment options.. Click the toolbar to the left to view the list of medical conditions A-Z by category.. Also learn about Women's Health, Kids Health, Nutrition, Pregnancy and more.. Our bloggers talk about new medical changes, updates, and patient care on our blog page.. Below are pictured several of our highly visited posts!.. When is too early to give a baby milk, peanuts, eggs, or fish?.. The findings from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology suggest that milk, eggs, fish, and peanut butter can be given safely as early as 4 - 6 months of age.. Allergy Season Hits Hard.. For  ...   being said is done because of the personal nature of this medication but also the lack of complete understanding.. Fitness 101.. Welcome to InterActive Health's Newest Page about Fitness.. Some of the things we will be working on includes: nutrition, exercises, weight-loss, and much more.. Proper medical advice in conjunction with medical informatics can be found on this website and are essential to proper and complete understanding and treatment.. - Our goal is to improve the interaction between medical issues and your health.. We are designed as an informational tool and should not be taken as expertise.. Medical evaluation by a licensed practitioner is advised, when necessary, and medical information found on this website should not act as a substitute for that evaluation.. Cardiovascular.. Digestive.. Endocrine.. Immune System.. Muscular.. Nervous.. Respiratory.. Reproduction Male.. Skeletal.. Urinary Male.. Reproduction Female.. Urinary Female.. Latest News.. She used 4 easy tips to lose weight.. When a headache really is a brain tumor.. CDC: Smoking may be banned in all states by 2020.. Spotlight.. Prescription Abuse.. Look into your medicine cabinet and you will undoubtedly find a prescription drug.. Then think that someone out there is abusing that same medication.. Questions.. Do you suffer from Depression - Tell us your story!.. Let us know on our blog page - click onto our blog page and tell us what you think.. |.. Weekly Health News.. Features.. Health Topics.. Contact.. Copyright InterActive Health LLC.. All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Ask a Medical Question | InterActive Health
    Descriptive info: This is a chance for you to ask a medical question.. We would love to hear from you!!.. Why does hair turn Grey?.. The estimate is that a normal person has around 100,000 150,000 strands of hair on your head.. That doesn t take into account arm, back, leg, or genital hairs.. The numbers could be twice that amount or more.. Hair is actually white – pigments change the color.. There are two types of pigments – Dark (.. eumelanin.. ) and light (.. phaeomelanin.. ) These two pigments will blend together and create the individual hair color.. This can occur at any age.. Part of this may have to do with genetics.. If your Dad or Mom went gray at twenty – you are at risk of doing the same thing.. Over time, as we age, the pigment aspect of the follicle starts to die.. It may not be all at once – or all the follicles at once.. This turns the color – or the hair loses color.. The result may be grey, white, silver, or some combination.. Learn more here:.. Why in the World does your Hair turn Grey?.. Should all women get a Mammogram?.. Age.. and.. relevance.. continues to dominate the argument of mammography.. Mammograms are a key  ...   few available vaccines for.. HPV.. Human Papillomavirus.. or more commonly known as HPV is a virus that is sexually transmitted.. It has several types, but only a few types have been directly linked to cervical cancer.. Recently the The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted and approved the use of.. Cervarix.. for girls 11 and 12.. Gardasil has been approved for use since 2006.. Cervarix was approved by the.. Food and Drug Administration.. on October 16th.. Should Gardasil be a Required Vaccination for Boys?.. Should I choose to have a C-Section?.. Recently I spoke with a women who was not very far along in her.. pregnancy.. We discussed several issues such as: how long she had been trying, what she was giving up, her.. planned pregnancy.. , her worries, her symptoms, and other concerns.. Then she threw me for a loop by saying that she was planning on having a.. C-section.. rather than vaginal delivery because she didn t want to go through the pains of childbirth.. childbirth.. To have a C-Section or not to have a C-Section?.. VN:F [1.. 9.. 22_1171].. please wait.. Rating: 7.. 3/.. 10.. (3 votes cast).. Rating:.. +2.. (from 2 votes).. ,.. 7.. 3.. out of.. based on.. 3.. ratings..

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  • Title: Hypoglycemia | InterActive Health
    Descriptive info: Hypoglycemia is a medical problem where the sugar (or glucose) in the bloodstream becomes to low.. This should not be confused with Diabetes or Hyperglycemia where the sugar is too high.. Hypoglycemia can be from a number of causes and can have many different symptoms depending on underlying causes and severity.. A blood test is required for evaluation.. Typical blood sugar ranges are 65 99 MG/DL.. Hypoglycemia happens when blood sugar is low.. Diabetes is when blood sugar is extremely high.. Sugar is required in all organs for production and this is especially true for the brain.. Causes:.. 1.. ) Over treatment of Diabetes.. 2.. ) Excess insulin produced by body (hyperinsulinemia).. ) Error with Metabolism.. 4.. ) Starvation.. 5.. ) Medication problems.. 6.. ) Excessive Alcohol.. ) Poison.. 8.. ) Hormone changes or deficiencies.. 9.. ) Infections that  ...   - Seizures.. - and More.. Diagnosis.. Blood tests.. Blood sugar glucometer testing.. A diagnostic usually done at the hospital.. Urine test.. CT or MRI scan to determine underlying cause.. Oral Glucose Tolerance Test longer than usual (4 or 5 hours).. Prevention.. Largely depends on cause.. Avoid overdosing of Diabetic medications.. Have better control over eating and proper nutrition.. Eating more often with smaller meals is recommended.. Carry candy or juice with you if unable to eat.. Cornstarch every few hours if approved by Provider.. Treatment.. Raise blood sugar.. Glucose tablets.. Foods or drinks to raise blood sugar.. IV fluids Dextrose.. **** If you take Acarbose the prevents starch and other sugars from being broken down to monosaccharides.. - These patients need to consume monosaccharide containing foods (glucose tablets, honey, juices).. Rating: 0.. 0/.. (0 votes cast).. 0.. (from 0 votes)..

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  • Title: Transient Ischemic Attack | InterActive Health
    Descriptive info: Transient Ischemic Attack, also referred to as.. TIA.. , is a neurological dysfunction of the brain that can affect the spinal cord, retinal of the eye or the.. Brain.. It is an attack and not an infarction which results in cellular death.. Infarction of the brain is also referred to as a.. Stroke.. TIA are frequently referred to as.. Mini-Strokes.. The underlying cause of a TIA is very similar to a stroke.. There is a disruption of cerebral blood flow.. Main difference is that a TIA lasts for only a few minutes or up to 24 hours.. Having a TIA is a risk factor for a potential future stroke.. - Contralateral paralysis (opposite sided body paralysis).. - Sudden weakness of body.. - Sudden numbness.. - Decreased vision.. - Loss of vision.. - Aphasia - Difficulty  ...   Disease.. - Headaches (Migraine).. - Atrial Fibrillation.. High Cholesterol.. Diabetes Mellitus.. General.. - Age 55 years old and older.. - Family History.. - Males.. - African Americans have higher risk.. - Tobacco smoking.. The important aspect is to determine if this is a stroke or a TIA.. - Ultrasound.. - Brain MRI.. - Brain CT.. - EKG.. ) Avoid Smoking.. ) Decrease consumption of fats and cholesterol.. ) Decrease consumption of Alcohol.. ) Exercise regularly.. The primary concern of treatment is to treat the underlying cause.. Prevention is also a key.. Surgery.. If Carotid Arteries are involved an Ultrasound can help determine the extent of problems.. Removal of cholesterol plaques may be required by surgery.. Anti-coagulant medications.. Heparin.. Warfarin.. Aspirin.. Second line treatments.. Clopidogrel (Plavix).. Ticlopidine.. If TIA is reoccurring despite Aspirin.. Aspirin + Dipyridamole..

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  • Title: Blog | InterActive Health
    Descriptive info: What are the changes to a Term Pregnancy?.. Author: admin Date: 25 October 2013 Comments:.. It it interesting to see that what is considered a normal.. is about to changed.. More specifically, the length of the pregnancy is being modified.. It isn t a huge deal well, maybe it is.. Research has recently shown that as the unborn infant grows, week by week, the health of the child improves greatly as each week passes by.. Early on, there is an increased risk of problems, infections, malformations, and growth limitations can be seen.. As each week passes, the unborn fetus, has a better chance for survival.. A group of doctors are redefining what is meant by a.. Full term Pregnancy.. Previously, a pregnancy was considered.. term.. any time between 37 and 42 weeks.. Gestation charts have covered the average organ and system development at each week.. On average, a single-fetus pregnancy lasts 40 weeks from the date of the woman s last menstrual period until.. Childbirth.. This average is considering the millions of children born for the last several decades.. Of course, determining the exact date of last menstrual period can be more difficult in some patients than others.. But, safe to say this has been the norm.. The New Definitions are as Follows:.. Full Term:.. 39 40 weeks + the first six days after 40 weeks.. Pre Term:.. Anytime before 37 weeks.. Early Term:.. 37 38 weeks + the first six days after 38 weeks.. Late Term:.. 41 weeks + Day 0 through Day 6.. Post Term:.. 42 weeks and beyond.. A statement was given by the American College of Obstetricians along with Gynecologists and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine described the change in the following terms,.. to improve newborn outcomes and expand efforts to prevent nonmedically indicated deliveries before 39 weeks of gestation.. Other things that affect the child is mother s medical conditions such as weight,.. , obesity, genetics, trauma during pregnancy, smoking, drug use, exercise, nutrition, and much more.. In the last several years, studies have shown that a babies.. Lungs.. are fully mature during the last few weeks of pregnancy.. If a baby is born between 39 weeks and 40 weeks and six days, they have the best projected health outcomes.. The main point in this is to help patients and doctors understand that even after 37 weeks, full fetus system development may not be finished.. Early.. C-Section.. , elective births and such may be pushed to the 39th week.. When a significant health risk occurs delivery is often done before the 39th week.. However, this should be considered carefully and is often a person and individual choice.. But elective births are strongly advised to wait as long as possible.. InterActive Health is Expanding.. Author: admin Date: 13 September 2013 Comments:.. We are pleased to announce that we are steadily growing both in our readership, our content, and those who are helping us.. InterActive Health.. is designed to improve your health.. But we are also trying to improve your fitness and nutrition.. These are the next two areas that we are focusing on.. To do this, we ve added some extra content bloggers and even a health coach.. Our goal is to bring to you more nutritional options as well as a fitness approach.. Feel free to email one of our staff if you have any suggestions or concerns.. Our Additions.. ).. NUTRITION.. For a link go.. Here.. Our first two posts are:.. Cucumber Sandwiches with Cream Cheese Pesto.. and.. Texas Caviar.. FITNESS.. This is going to be a fun page with exciting exercise competitions and fitness challenges.. NEW BLOG PAGE.. Check out our first post by one of our new staff members and Health Coach Peggy Langi.. Just in time for Football Season.. Healthy Game Day Grub.. Learn More about Peggy below.. She is a Health Coach!.. To find out how she can help you lose weight and live a healthier life.. check out my website.. langi.. tsfl.. com or.. email me at simplyhealthyandstrong@gmail.. com.. and together we can get you healthy! See more at: http://blog.. iahealth.. net/#sthash.. EFKbPL0e.. dpuf.. +1.. (from 1 vote).. Increased Risk for Autism Having on older sibling with the Disorder.. Author: Logan Date: 21 August 2013 Comments:.. Most everyone has had a moment with a child with.. Autism.. Whether it is with a family member, a friend, or a stranger.. Let s be honest, not all of these encounters have been positive.. Children with Autism have a hard life in front of them.. So does the parent, sibling, teacher , and countless others that are involved in the child s well being.. Anger, frustration, despair, restless nights, expanding expenses and many more descriptions can be said about those close to Autism.. Countless studies, pharmaceutical research, scientific research has been done over the years to better understand this medical condition.. Recently, it was evaluated to see if there was a genetic component to this condition.. A new study in Denmark looked at this and found that children who have an older sibling, one who had autism, were seven times more likely than other kids to be diagnosed with the disorder themselves.. Previous theories had given almost a fifty percent chance.. Seven times more likely is smaller, but it is also more focused.. It also looked at half siblings.. If they shared the same mother, there was also a higher than average risk.. This certainly doesn t explain everything, autism is very complex and misleading.. If it were just genetics alone, it should be higher than seven times.. According to the CCD in the United States, about 1 in every 88 children will develop Autism.. Denmark Study.. Therese Gronborg, one of the lead researchers into Autism, at Aarhus University and her colleagues reviewed the numbers for over 1.. 5 million children born in Denmark from 1980 to 2004.. They used birth, civil and psychiatric registries to track them.. Through 2010, just over 13,000 of them had been diagnosed with an ASD.. That included 276 children with an older sibling with autism who were also diagnosed with the disorder.. The researchers found the likelihood of a younger sibling being diagnosed with autism when an older sibling had an ASD varied between 4.. 5 and 10.. 5 percent, with an average of about 7 percent.. There was no clear increasing or decreasing trend during the study period.. The researchers also looked at the possibility that children in families with Autism, are more likely to be diagnosed because they have already seen many symptoms in their other children.. This is an increase in awareness.. Half Siblings.. The extra risk of autism was smaller.. Younger half-siblings who shared a father with an older sibling had a 1.. 5-times greater risk of ASDs.. This could be more of chance than anything.. Further studies will evaluate this.. Children who shared a mother with a half-sibling had a 2.. 4-times greater risk if their older brother or sister had autism.. Other Possible Causes.. Therese Gronborg theorized that a woman s lifestyle during pregnancy or something about the intrauterine environment could also be affecting her children s risk of autism.. But it also could be in the upbringing, foods, and other unknown possibilities.. Denmark study different than other studies.. Some studies have looked at twins while others have looked at Siblings.. Studies looking at Identical twins have found a wide variety of information.. Recent research has shown a possible 38% 97% chance of both children getting Autism.. Some of the importance of this study showed a lower number for Dizygotic twins (Fraternal) and a higher number for Monozygotic Twins (Identical).. Research findings in 1977, 1979, 1985 and 1989 have all shown some variance of this finding.. Other studies have shown a 0-38% chance of have a second sibling getting Autism after the first one did (usually a younger sibling).. Other sibling studies show about a 12%-20% similarity.. A study in 2007 showed 86 families with 2 or more autistic children.. 42 of the Third born male children showed Autistic symptoms.. This research gave about a 50% chance of passing on a gene mutation to their offspring.. Overall.. The research time after time shows some genetic component.. Whether those studies were done with twins or siblings.. The recent research in Denmark seems to be a large study look at over 1.. 5 million children over many years.. This study is important to help correlate a relation between Autism and family members.. It is certain that we don t yet have enough information.. But we are gaining more and more as time progresses.. Learn more about Autism below:.. Asperger Syndrome.. Is There a Relationship Between Vaccinations and Certain Diseases Such as Autism.. Link to Autism? Vaccine Court Says No !.. Trouble Brewing For Doctor Who  ...   and implants may be the answer to this problem.. Most Quadriplegics will be able to breath on their own while others will require ventilators.. Many Quadriplegics can find ways to be active from basketball, to skiing, to car racing, and much more.. 16.. Quadriplegia does not mean an end of happiness and excitement.. As with many misconceptions in life there is often a partial truth.. In the case of quadriplegics life has certainly changed after such an injury.. Sometimes, sexual activity or movement of the arms, and even some of the more basic things such as breathing will be next to impossible.. In these cases don t despair.. Sit down with your significant other and find other ways to find pleasure and happiness.. Work hard to improve yourself daily and try not to get discouraged.. Quadriplegia is something that needs a small community to deal with.. Ask for help from family, friends, and the medical community.. If you know of someone with this condition help in any way you can.. Author: admin Date: 11 July 2013 Comments:.. This is our new Category for.. - It is still early and we have a ton of things to do.. Give us feedback how to make things better.. This will be essential.. Welcome to.. InterActive Health s Newest Page about Fitness.. We have so many things planned that we are just beginning new things.. We will bringing on some new staff to help us as we expand so treat them well.. This will include some fitness coaching and some constipation.. We will also be starting a nutrition area as well as recipes.. Stay tuned for more fitness updates.. Here are some Fitness related Topics:.. Watch out for Sleep or not enough.. Marathon The running that actually will set you free.. Author: admin Date: 20 June 2013 Comments:.. Emergency Contraceptive is a medication that can be taken to help prevent.. It has also been known as the.. morning after pill.. because the goal is to be able to take this medication after sexual activity to prevent a pregnancy.. Plan B One-Step.. is different than most Emergency Contraceptive Medications.. Plan B only has progestrin while most Emergency Contraceptives have both Progestin and.. Estrogen.. The goal is not to terminate an existing pregnancy.. Typical contraceptive medication is taken prior to sexual activity sometimes for months to prevent the body from getting pregnant.. Other forms of contraception can be used at the time of sexual intercourse and may include condom or spermicides or barrier protection.. Plan B is a packaged instructions with two pills that can be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sexual activity.. - The first tablet should be taken within the 72 hours.. - The second table should be taken 12 hours after the first tablet.. Levonogestrel.. is the medication that is within the white tablet.. It is typically dosed at 0.. 75mg.. It is believed that the pills are more effective the sooner they are taken after intercourse.. Some studies have shown that both doses can be taken together up to 120 hours after unprotected sex.. If you are 17 years or older the medication can be Over-the-counter.. If you are 16 or younger a prescription is required.. It is likely that Plan B will be available to all ages without a prescription at some time in the near future.. Side Effects.. - Vomiting.. - Diarrhea.. - Abdominal pain.. - Fatigue.. - Menstrual Changes.. - Breast tenderness.. - Others.. Facts to Remember about.. ) It is intended to prevent pregnancy AFTER unprotected sexual activity.. ) It contains only levonorgestrel a progestin.. ) It is not the same thing at.. Mifeprex.. an abortion pill found in the United States.. ) If you are already pregnant do not take the medication it will not work.. ) If you take Plan B while pregnant it will not cause birth defects.. ) Usually 1 dose is taken than the 2nd dose is taken 12 hours later.. ) If both doses are taken at the same time no decrease in effectiveness or increase in symptoms will be seen.. ) Plan B is not as effective at preventing pregnancy as routine contraception such as birth control or condoms.. ) Some Emergency Contraceptives contain both.. and progestin.. ) Plan B is safe for almost all women.. ) This does not protect against sexually transmitted infections including.. HIV.. ) In some states, Plan B is available over the counter at select pharmacies.. ) Plan B costs around $45 when obtained directly from a pharmacist without a prescription.. ) Making Plan B more easily available has not shown increased risk-taking.. Author: admin Date: 20 May 2013 Comments:.. As parents, it has been beaten into our minds that there are foods that shouldn t be given too early in our baby s lives.. Be it for reasons such as food allergy, ability to consume, or another reason such as family folklore.. It is certain that every parent struggles when to give solid foods, certain foods, and liquids such as milk and water.. There are foods such as whole milk, peanut butter, eggs, fish, and more that we ve been told to wait because of food allergies.. Usually we are waiting until our children reach at least one year until we even consider giving these foods.. Could the time to give these food items actually be sooner than previous recommendations?.. Old Recommendations.. Back in 2000.. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).. suggested that Milk was to be given after 1 year of age.. Eggs were to be given after 2 years of age.. Peanuts and Fish weren t to be given before age 3.. In 2008 and 20111 The recommendations were changed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) they indicated that no data was present to continue with their previous recommendations.. But that had been 8 years of Parents, Pediatricians, and other providers believing and following the recommendations.. It has been hard, even from a provider s standpoint, to change those recommendations given to parents when the question was asked.. New Recommendations.. Recently, this topic has been looked at by the.. American Academy of Allergy, Asthma Immunology.. Further evaluation on when was the right time to give foods is a highly debated topic.. The findings from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma Immunology suggest that milk, eggs, fish, and peanut butter can be given safely as early as 4 6 months of age.. In addition, it is believed that this may actually prevent a child from developing allergies to these items in the future.. David Fleisher, a lead author and an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at National Jewish Health at the University of Colorado said,.. The key point is that there is no reason why you can’t introduce them early for most children.. Children with moderate to severe eczema that is difficult to treat or ones who have already been diagnosed with a [different type of] food allergy are at higher risk.. So you may want to wait until they are tested before introducing peanuts or eggs.. Medical providers, Physicians, and Specialists should advise parents to introduced plain floods such as fruits, vegetables, cereal before offering the other choices.. It is not recommended that milk, eggs, fish, or peanuts be the first solid food a baby receives.. Reactions to food allergens can be highly varied.. This is important to understand.. There is an entire spectrum of reactions to foods.. Some will have very mild symptoms that may not even be noticed.. There may be some headaches, itchiness,.. , or other symptoms.. That is a far contrast to a more serious type of reaction that can cause difficulty breathing or wheezing.. Very serious effects can be seen with throat closing and life-threatening anaphylaxis.. Genetic Issues with Allergies.. There is obvious a genetic complexity with parents and offspring having allergies.. It could be a cousin, grandmother, or sibling.. But this is not true in all cases.. Caution should be given when family members have food allergies.. It doesn t mean that we shouldn t give peanuts to our child in those cases, but we need to be cautious and careful.. There are currently no genetic testing that can be done during pregnancy that can help determine if our children will have allergies.. Hope is that this will be a future area where medical advancement and research can be seen.. Common Food Allergies.. Food allergies in children is on the rise.. Currently around 1 in 12 or 1 in 15 In the United States have food allergies.. Most common food allergy is Peanuts.. Milk is second most common followed by Shellfish.. Other foods include nuts, fish, wheat, soy, mushrooms, and others.. Children with food allergy also have higher rates of.. Asthma.. , skin complaints (Eczema), and Allergies.. Next Page..

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