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  • Title: i3D.net - Managed Hosting Provider
    Descriptive info: .. i3D.. net works best with JavaScript enabled.. Helpdesk sales:.. sales@i3d.. net.. NL :.. +31 10 89 00 070.. US :.. 1 800 482 6910.. DE :.. +49 69 2573 787 09.. Nederlands.. CLIENT LOGIN.. Remember me.. (Forgot your password?).. Or register for a new account!.. HOME.. COLOCATION.. Services.. Managed Colocation.. Colocation single server.. Secure Rack.. Datacenter Cages & Suites.. Solutions.. IP Transit.. 24x7 Remote Hands.. Racking Cabling.. MPLS.. Technical.. Datacenters.. Network.. SLA Uptime Guarantuee.. DEDICATED INFRASTRUCTURE.. All Dedicated Servers.. Quad Core Servers.. Storage Servers.. 8-16 Core Servers.. Managed Servers.. Load Balancers.. Firewall VPN.. GAMING.. Games For PC.. All Games.. Battlefield 3.. Medal of Honor: Warfighter.. Voice For PC.. Ventrilo.. Mumble.. Teamspeak 3.. For Xbox360 PS3.. Global Managed Hosting.. XLSP Hosting.. Monitoring.. Control Panel API.. WEB HOSTING.. Linux Shared Web Hosting.. Windows Shared Web Hosting.. Reseller Web Hosting.. Domain Names.. Global Load Balanced Website.. Scalable Hosting Cluster.. ENTERPRISE.. Big Data HADOOP.. Managed Hosting.. Backup Off-Site storage.. Fiber to the Office.. ABOUT.. About i3D.. Our Team.. Press Releases.. Media Kit.. Network Information.. Corporate.. Contact Details.. Terms Conditions.. Acceptable Use Policy.. Privacy Policy.. Anti-Spam Policy.. ORDER.. Experts in scaling.. net offers industry-leading scalability to 8,000 servers in 16 data centers worldwide.. We provide data center services, networking, hardware and software on-demand on flexible terms.. More Information.. net Account Managers.. The i3D.. net team of account managers and technical specialists will assist you with the technical design of your hosting.. Support available 7 days a week.. net Amazing Deals.. net offers amazing deals on Dell Intel Xeon servers in our overstock category.. Now including 10 TB traffic per server.. Colocation Specials.. net offers housing in the largest carrier-neutral data center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and direct connectivity to e.. g.. AMS-IX, Level 3, Global Crossing and Cogent.. Battlefield 3 Promotion.. Including Procon and low-latency networks with direct connections to EA's Blaze back-end.. Includes on-demand Ventrilo or TeamSpeak 3.. E-mail:.. Sales:.. Support:.. info@i3d.. Phone:.. US:.. 1-800-482-6910.. NL:.. +31-10-89-00-070.. DE:.. +49-69-2573-787-09.. Social:.. Twitter..  ...   York, Virginia, Dallas, Los Angeles).. We operate from our own 36,000 ft data center in the Netherlands.. net runs a.. 225 Gigabit.. transatlantic network.. net Brocade-based network provides a scalable platform for a flexible roll-out of our network, allowing us to rapidly increase capacity through one of the many transit providers in our data centers.. We offer a variety of services through our data centers including colocation, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, web hosting and game servers.. Over 1 million gamers use i3D.. net game servers around the world on a daily basis to play their favorite games online.. On a daily basis over 1 Million gamers use i3D.. net game servers around the world to play their favorite games online.. Latest News.. 06 Sep 2013 -.. net ranked in Deloitte Fast5.. Interactive 3D (i3D.. net) is nominated in the Deloitte Fast50 fastest growing technology companies.. The 2013 rankings will be published in October during an award gala in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.. Previous years, i3D.. net ranked 24 (2010), 22 (2011) and 18 (2012) with a revenue growth of 1004%.. In the past months i3D.. net has posted 8 new job openings as we continue to expand the technical staff and our new marketing and sales.. With over 8000 physical servers deployed worldwide and high revenues growths, i3D.. net is proud to serve almost 30,000 customers worldwide.. net is also a participant in the Deloitte EMEA Fast500 ranking for Europe, the Mi.. Read more.. News Archive.. 30 Aug 2013.. -.. Vacature: Marketing Specialist.. Vacature: Hosting Engineer.. Vacature: Account Manager.. Vacature: PHP Programmeur.. 21 Aug 2013.. Additional payment providers: iDEAL, Cre.. 06 Aug 2013.. net Summer Sales: Dedicated Server S.. net Summer Sales: Colocation at SmartDC.. Cloud.. Dedicated servers.. Game servers.. Web hosting.. Big Data Hadoop.. Managed hosting.. XLSP PS3 hosting.. Backup.. Why i3D.. net?.. Certification.. Partners.. Contact.. Company Information.. Our team.. Press releases.. Downloadable Media.. Questions?.. Copyright 2013 Interactive 3D - Pricing excludes VAT.. Privacy policy.. Zero spam policy..

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  • Title: i3D.net - Colocation Services
    Descriptive info: Colocation Services.. net offers colocation services since 2004 and built the SmartDC datacenter in 2009.. SmartDC is 36,000 sq ft in size and located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.. Colocation at i3D.. net provides a cost-effective and safe environment for your critical hardware and software.. net offers managed and unmanaged custom colocation that supports your business-critical systems with uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), cooling, carrier-neutral connectivity, fire detection and fire extinguishing systems.. By default, all our colocation solutions include multiple gigabit (1,000 mbit) network uplinks, adding redundant networking to your infrastructure.. Starting at half a rack (secured) our solutions also include a power distribution unit (PDU) and IP addresses.. Sufficient cooling capacity, extensive connectivity and large power generators are the basis of our 99.. 99% uptime SLA for all our colocation services.. Guaranteed availability and management are our expertise.. net advantages.. Colocation in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.. Scalable network capacity, full duplex.. No expensive office space needed for server room.. No hidden costs.. High-end security.. Uptime SLAs.. Contained hot and cold corridors.. 225 Gbit/s transatlantic network.. Centralized, off-site backups.. Remote hands on-site 7 days a week.. Expert support services.. Key advantages of your mission critial systems, colocated at i3D.. net:.. Multiple connectivity options versus on-premise limited connectivity..  ...   adiabatic cooling techniques to reach a PUE of 1.. 1.. SmartDC is a carrier-neutral datacenter scaling and building out on a unique modular concept.. This allows us to customize each and every suite to the needs of our clients and offer an incredible amount of flexibility to our colocation offering.. Whether you are building a small-scale environment or require a large-scale private suite for a high-density environment, we will be able to tailor our offering to your wishes.. net (AS49544) provides our colocation network connectivity: a transatlantic network with a capacity of over 225 Gbit/s.. The network is redundantly connected to multiple premium transit-providers and over 1,000 peers.. The SmartDC advantages.. ISO/IEC 27001 audited datacenter.. CDSA audited on Content Security Protection.. Direct-carrier connections to Level3, Global Crossing, Cogent, NL-IX, Colt and many more.. Local providers include KPN, Tele2, Interoute, BT.. Direct fiber-connections to EUNetworks, Eurofiber, Relined and many more.. State-of-the-art cooling systems with a PUE of 1.. 100% local, sustainable and renewable power sources.. 12 megawatt power supply.. Maximum capacity of 2,000 racks.. Sophisticated two-tier fire-detection system in every suite.. Electric fences bordering the entire facility.. The largest carrier-neutral data center in the Rotterdam area.. High Density Hosting.. Brocade Routers.. Cold Corridor.. Hot Corridor..

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  • Title: i3D.net - Shared Colocation Services
    Descriptive info: Shared Colocation.. We offer rack space starting at 1U at our own SmartDC data center in Rotterdam.. There are several standard rack-space packages.. In addition to these standard packages, we also offer rack space that is tailored to your specific needs.. Rack Space at SmartDC.. The rack-space offerings in the overview below are valid only for colocation services at our Rotterdam SmartDC data center.. Please contact our sales department for information about pricing at our other worldwide locations.. Our data center is equipped with high-quality 19” Minkels racks.. Minkels is a leading European manufacturer and worldwide supplier of sustainable data-center and server-room solutions.. net offers custom-built racks with excellent flexibility, durability and service.. We use  ...   audited hosting.. Realtime bandwidth statistics.. High quality, industry standard racks.. Trans-Atlanctic 225 Gigabit network.. Brocade network and switching equipment.. Free rDNS for both IPv4 and IPv6.. Remote hands on site 7 days a week.. 24/7 emergency support.. Shared Colocation Hosting Offers.. 35.. Colo XSmall.. 1u rackspace.. 1 TB Bandwidth.. 1 IP Address.. 100 Mbit uplink.. 0.. 5A power usage.. Order Now.. Colo Medium.. 20 TB Bandwidth.. 2 IP Addresses.. 1000 Mbit uplink.. 125.. Colo Large.. 100 Mbit Bandwidth.. 175.. Colo Extreme.. 100 TB Bandwidth.. 200.. Quarter Rack.. 10u rackspace.. 16 IP Addresses.. 2x 1000 Mbit uplink.. 3A Max power usage.. 375.. Half Rack.. 20u rackspace.. 40 TB Bandwidth.. 32 IP Addresses.. 8A Max power usage..

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  • Title: i3D.net - Colocation Secure Rackspace
    Descriptive info: Secure Colocation Rack Space.. net offers optional secure colocation rack-space at the SmartDC data center.. We offer several standard rack-space setups.. Of course, based on your specific requirements, we can offer tailored configurations as well.. The secure colocation offerings in the overview below are only valid for racks at our SmartDC facility in Rotterdam.. Starting from 20U, i3D.. net offers secure colocation rack-space in a well-secured for your mission-critical applications and data.. All  ...   for ease of installation.. The system is especially suitable for mounting UTP-patch panels, glass drawers, telephone panels, switches, routers and other IT equipment.. Colocation Secure Rackspace Offers.. 450.. Half SECURE 1.. 20.. 000 GB Bandwidth.. 550.. Half SECURE 2.. 14A Max power usage.. 650.. Full rack 1.. 46u rackspace.. 40.. 64 IP Addresses.. 16A Max power usage.. 775.. Full rack 2.. 32A Max power usage.. Full rack 3.. 40 Mbit 95%.. Full rack 4..

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  • Title: i3D.net - Colocation Cages & Suites
    Descriptive info: Colocation Cages & Suites.. Our SmartDC data center offers standard setups for colocation cages and suites.. In addition, we also provide custom setups tailored to your specific needs and requirements.. The rack-space offerings are valid only for colocation services at our Rotterdam SmartDC venue.. We offer secured cages (starting at 8 full racks) and private suites (starting at 32 racks) to customers who require even higher levels of security for their autonomous server environment and the highest level of control over their IT infrastructure.. Minkels Colocation Racks, Cages and Suites.. net data center is completely equipped  ...   and service are of prime importance in the solutions i3D.. net offers, and these are supported by Minkels modular product-line with advanced configuration capabilities.. We use a multifunctional system: specifically designed for ease of installation and most suitable for housing UTP-patch panels, glass drawers, telephone panels, switches, routers and other IT equipment.. net offers fully tailor-made delivery of colocation cages and suites.. Our sales team will create a suitable offer based on your specific needs and requirements.. The team is available through sales@i3d.. net, our contact form or +31 10 890 00 70.. Contact our sales team..

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  • Title: i3D.net - IP Transit
    Descriptive info: IP Transit services.. Global AS: AS49544.. Gigabit capacity.. 22,640 KM Optical Fiber.. Over 1,000 peers.. 99,99% uptime SLA.. MPLS backbone with rapid failover.. Blackholing and ACLs offered.. 24x7 NOC.. Billing: flatfee and 95th percentile.. Scalable from 1 Gigabit to 100 Gigabit.. Scalable as trunk or multiple sessions.. net manages a gigabit global IPv4/IPv6 network (AS49544) with over 22,640 KM of optical fiber.. This premium network consists of multiple big and small transit providers and is linked to the biggest Internet Exchanges in Europe.. This mix of different providers and Internet Exchanges guarantees maximal performance.. Low Latency and availability are the essence of the i3D.. net Premium Network.. Many i3D.. net customers profit from excellent performance by connecting to the i3D.. net has globally realized a 100% uptime over the last few years.. net Premium Network has 22 Points of Presence worldwide from which we offer the i3D.. net services.. net Premium Network can be  ...   000 Mbit Global Crossing (Frankfurt).. 000 Mbit Cogent (Rotterdam).. Exchange.. 30.. 000 Mbit AMS-IX (Amsterdam).. 000 Mbit DE-CIX (Frankfurt).. 000 Mbit LINX (London).. 1.. 000 Mbit PLIX (Warsaw).. 2.. 000 Mbit NetNod (Stockholm).. 000 Mbit Equinix private peer (Washington DC).. 000 Mbit Rackspace UK private peer (London Slough).. 000 Mbit Equinix Exchange (Sydney).. Locations available.. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Warsaw, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Ashburn.. To make sure that the client's data is transported through the fastest route to its final destination and because the i3D.. net Premium Network is composed from multiple providers and exchanges, the i3D.. nett Premium Network is run on our own MPLS backbone.. When the fastest route is not available it will take only microseconds to find an alternative route, minimizing impact of fiber cuts and hardware breaks.. Getting started.. Contact our account managers at the.. sales support desk.. to start the technical intake and receive a customized quote today!..

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  • Title: i3D.net - Remote Hands
    Descriptive info: Remote Hands (24x7).. net offers Remote-Hands services.. When you cannot always be physically present to perform routine check-ups, update your system or handle sudden problems, the availability of Remote Hands is absolutely critical.. net Remote Hands (24x7).. Remote Hands safe time and money.. Unexpected situations which require the immediate presence of an engineer may crop up at any time.. With i3D.. net Remote Hands you will have our engineers at your service for as long as you need to provide you with the  ...   which they can support you.. For extensive maintenance, i3D.. net also offers complete care and in our SLAs you will find that i3D.. net can also be reached for Remote Hands outside of the set office hours.. We charge €17.. 50 in 15-minute units, regardless of the complexity of the problem.. Would you like to receive additional information about i3D.. net Remote Hands? Please contact our.. account managers.. at the sales support desk to discuss the technical details and receive a customized quote today!..

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  • Title: i3D.net - Racking & Cabling
    Descriptive info: Full Service.. net supports the installation of your data center.. We understand, like no other, that migrating your servers is an intricate operation.. We therefore have a dedicated team of engineers available who can assist you with the migration.. Our special storage method optimizes moving conditions.. In this way, i3D.. net has already completed dozens of successful migration projects.. Data Center Installation at i3D.. net: Racking & Cabling We offer a unique service which guarantees a problem-free installation of your data center.. net tailors all hosting solutions to the specific needs of its customers.. Our colocation solutions range from single-unit rack spaces to secured racks, and even cages and suites.. We can facilitate and ease the growth of our customers’ IT environments at i3D.. net's proprietary data center: SmartDC.. Please contact our.. for more information.. Racking & Cabling.. net tailors all hosting solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.. Our colocation solutions range from a single unit rackspace to secured racks, and even cages and private suites.. We can facilitate any and all growth within our client's IT environment at i3D.. net's proprietary datacenter, SmartDC.. Data center installation: the colocation options:.. Single units (1U).. Quarter rack (10U).. Half rack (20U).. Private Rack (46U).. Private Cage (8 racks or more).. Private Suite.. 100% green and durable energy.. Real-time data monitoring.. Real-time power monitoring.. Metered power (per kWh).. Expert remote Hands support 24x7.. Secure rack space in 24x7  ...   reps and visitors.. Logistic support: shipping, track and trace.. Tape and hard-disk replacement and maintenance.. Inventory management.. Did you complete the installation of your data center? Then your next step should be to monitor power usage and to carefully manage and protect your servers.. We asked Schleifenbauer, market leader in Power Distribution Units, to provide a clear and accurate insight into our power usage.. The smart PDUs were custom built for i3D.. net and support up to a power usage of up to 32A.. All of our racks are equipped with these smart PDUs which capture the essence in three simple services:.. Measuring.. Managing.. Protecting.. Measuring is important to get a clear insight into our power-usage, which can then be attributed to the actual users.. The greater the density, the better the quality of the data.. That is why our PDUs are able to measure power usage on the outlet level.. In order to enable perfect management, the PDU has to distribute the power to the different outlets in a responsible way and support all known types of outlets.. The possibility to switch off specific outlets enables remote management.. The electrical infrastructure requires considerable investments.. It is therefore essential to choose the right fuses and breakers.. All our fuses are tailor made, so we can guarantee perfect safety in using our products!.. Would you like to recieve additional information about data center installation at i3D.. net? Please contact our..

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  • Title: i3D.net - MPLS
    Descriptive info: MPLS connectivity.. net offers Layer 3 MPLS services in Europe and the United States on our international internet backbone.. We offer scalable capacity from 100 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s in a point-to-point or multi-point setup.. All MPLS connections are build on multiple fiber paths in our international network.. We offer fast healing of.. MPLS Services.. Rapid failover.. Dedicated bandwidth.. Multi-point connections.. Rapid healing, zero impact of fiber cuts.. Private and secured connectivity.. Pro-active monitoring.. Scaleable from 100 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s.. MPLS, IP VPN, VPLS.. MPLS performance security.. Our MPLS services offer private and secure communication throughout  ...   network and our SLA offers 99,99% availability guarantuees end-to-end.. This results in a network comparable to traditional layer 2 connectivity with the added advantages of mitigation of impact by fiber cuts, lower risk of downtime due to hardware failure and improved automatic failover and traffic management capabilities.. MPLS locations on-net.. MPLS is currently offered in the following markets:.. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.. Rotterdam, The Netherlands.. Heerlen, The Netherlands.. London, United Kingdom.. Frankfurt, Germany.. Berlin, Germany.. Paris, France.. Stockholm, Sweden.. Warsaw, Poland.. Washington DC, United States of America.. New York, United States of America.. Los Angeles, United States of America..

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  • Title: i3D.net - Datacenters
    Descriptive info: SmartDC Datacenter.. net owns and operates the 36,000 ft SmartDC carrier-neutral datacenter in Rotterdam.. Whether you are building a small-scale environment or require a large-scale private suite for a high-density environment, we will be able to tailor our offering to your wishes on security, cooling,  ...   (up to 20 kVA).. net Network.. net network (AS49544) supplies the i3D.. net network connectivity.. net network is a transatlantic network with a capacity of over i3D.. net Gigabit.. The network is redundantly connected to multiple premium transit providers and over 1,000peers.. Capacity of 2,000 racks..

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  • Title: i3D.net - Network
    Descriptive info: The AS49544 Network.. 225 Gigabit capacity.. Full IPv4 and IPv6 routing table.. Large network with global presence.. Our Network.. net manages a 225 gigabit global IPv4/IPv6 network (AS49544) with over 22,640 KM of optical fiber.. Our premium network consists of multiple Tier-1 providers and the largest internet exchanges in the world..  ...   maximal performance with low latency.. net Premium Network has 22 Points of Presences (PoP) worldwide from which we offer IP-Transit, MPLS and remote-peering services with a 99,99% uptime SLA on all redundant connected services.. Our network also offers blackhole communities and custom ACLs to prevent network attacks from reaching your network..

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