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  • Title: Ian Welsh
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to content.. Ian Welsh.. The horizon is not so far as we can see, but as far as we can imagine.. Home.. About.. Credits.. Iraq wouldn t have happened if it weren t for oil, and Aaron Swartz died for oil too.. 2013.. January 18.. 25 Comments.. by Ian Welsh.. Stirling Newberry has up an important piece on how protected works are used to pay for imports.. You should read it.. There s a reason the laws against piracy are more punitive than those against, say, negligent murder.. from.. Uncategorized.. Justice is not Law, Law is Not Justice.. January 16.. 19 Comments.. A law is deserving of respect to the extent, and only to the extent, it is just.. A law which is not just deserves only the level of obedience one gives to any group or individual who says do this, or I ll hurt you.. That is, to the extent that you believe their threat is credible, you may choose to obey to avoid the adverse effects of being caught disobeying.. The recent imbroglio over Aaron Swartz has seen a lot of people using the word proportionality.. It does not matter if someone is guilty of a crime if the punishment is disproportionate.. In England the penalty for stealing a chicken, at one point, was death or being sent to a penal colony (Australia).. Juries started refusing to convict people even in the face of incontrovertible evidence of the accused s guilt.. The sentencing had to be changed: stealing was not made legal, rather the penalty was reduced.. In the US at the current time, going to jail, for many people, means being raped.. Often repeatedly.. So I, personally, am not willing to send anyone but the worst criminals to jail, because I do not believe in judicial rape.. The punishment does not fit the crime.. Likewise it has come to be that if you are a felon you will never have a good job ever again.. Everyone does a background check.. Again, this is disproportionate to most crimes.. It is also stupid, since people who cannot get a good job, or any job, are much more likely to turn to crime.. The US system provides for people having timely trials.. In most cases this is no longer true: you do not have a right to a timely trial.. People s lives are destroyed in the pre-trial period, which can go on for years.. This happens for the same reason that most cases never get to trial, but are plead out: the system could not afford to give a trial to everyone because there are too many people being shoved through the system.. From Wikipedia.. The graph at the right tells that story well enough.. This is a social choice.. Americans chose to lock up a lot more people by criminalizing drug possession, by removing judicial discretion, and by increased mandated sentences.. Laws such as three strike laws are the paradigm.. This happens, notice, exactly at the election of Reagan.. Something changed in America.. Pleading out is not fair.. It is not fair to society or to the felon.. Both deserve a trial, to find out the truth.. If society has laws which mandate X years, then those laws should be followed.. If they cannot be followed in a just way, with little pleading and speedy trials, if following them would take more resources than a country will commit, then the laws must be changed.. This is especially the case in a country where it is no longer always possible for the accused to face their accusers or to see the evidence against them, or even to know what the law is, since America now has secret laws and secret interpretations of laws.. (A secret law is,.. ipso facto,.. unjust.. If you do not understand that, I cannot explain it to you.. ).. Full trials, and the full protection of the law, such as it remains, now belongs only to those who are very wealthy, and sometimes not even to them.. Defending a trial can take hundreds of thousand or millions of dollars.. An ordinary person cannot afford it.. Public defenders are overworked, underfunded, and generally plead out.. This is on top of the fact that most rich criminals, such as the bankers who committed widespread fraud, are never charged with crimes, and if they are charged are allowed to settle with a token payment which immunizes them from further charges for their criminal acts, acts which demonstrably cost hundreds of thousands of people their houses, lost people their jobs, and even their lives.. Law which is enforced only against some classes of people, and not against others, is unjust.. And then there is civil forfeiture, in which people who have been convicted of nothing, have their assets taken away.. Even if you re rich, you may find yourself using a public defender.. A social system only works if there are people willing to carry it out.. The USSR collapsed when the people running it were unwilling to call out the army.. That same class of people, in the Prague Spring, did call the army out.. It collapsed because the factory workers weren t working, the farmers weren t farming, and so on.. The US legal system (it does not deserve to be called a justice system) works because people carry out its dictates.. The people who run the prisons put up with, or even encourage the rapes.. Private companies make money from prisoners, so need more prisons.. The police make huge amounts of money by seizing the assets of criminals before they are even convicted.. The judges put up with the 3 strikes laws and mandated sentencing.. They allow trials to be put back and back rather than throwing them out due to lack of a speedy trial.. Everyone is onside with plea bargaining.. The rich are good with this because they either get a real trial, or they don t get charged at all.. The middle class think that if they re good they ll be ok, till they find out otherwise, and the poor put up with it because of a boot in the face and much more.. The principles of fixing the system (never use the word reform, it means making things better for the rich and worse for everyone else) are simple enough.. No secret evidence.. No secret laws.. No secret interpretations of law.. No tolerance of rape in prison.. Nobody gets plead out if the plead involves doing jail time or becoming a felon.. No criminal record checks for jobs which don t really really need them, so that prisoners can reintegrate into society.. End civil forfeiture.. Allow no private defense attorneys, everyone uses a public defender including the rich, and the defenders are drawn by lot (they will be very well funded very quickly, and they will be the best lawyers in the country.. ) All this will make enforcing current laws impossible with the current budgets Fine.. Give judges back discretion, remove three strike laws and overly harsh sentencing, repeal virtually all prohibition laws for most classes of drugs.. Stop sending people to jail for IP offenses, and create an economy which gives poor people real jobs.. Or spend the money necessary to keep laws as they are now, but also have them be enforced justly, even if they still aren t just.. That will mean a LOT more money, but if it s important to Americans to lock up people for non-violent drug crimes, they should put their money where their values are.. Otherwise, everyone who supports the current system, is part of a system which is unjust.. More crudely, if you don t at least support fixing the prisons so people arent predictably raped, you are complicit in rape.. And by support I mean you are either willing to pay to imprison the current number of prisoners humanely, or you are willing to send less people to prison so the current amount of money will do the job.. There is no justice without proportionality, no justice in a land with secret laws, no justice in a country where the rich skate and the poor plead out.. There is only law, the same law the Stasi proclaimed: do what we say or else.. Justice.. Sweden v.. Canada: Taxation and Inequality.. January 13.. 4 Comments.. Ok, so Stephen Gordon in MacLeans feels compelled to weigh in on taxes, to suggest that the Nordic countries just redistribute money from the bottom 99% to each other to maintain equality and so Canada should increase its GST and give money to the poor and middle classes.. It s true that Nordic countries redistribute a lot more than Canada does, but let s examine what that means (these #s are slightly wrong as I m taking them from different, though recent years, but they are within a percent of correct):.. The Social Security tax rate in Sweden is about 30%.. This is paid by the employer, if not self-employed.. This is either a tax on the employee, if one assumes that the employer would have paid the employee this if not taxed), or it is a 30% tax on all labor costs for a corporation, and for most corporations, labor is the largest cost.. Pension insurance costs another 7%.. It s capped, though, but since Gordon is only dealing with the bottom 99% we can ignore that.. The standard VAT rate is 25%.. 70% of workers are unionized.. The top tax rate is 57%.. Corporate tax (I ll use Gordon s figures) is 26.. 3%.. Canada: Social Security (Canada or Quebec Pension) is about 10%, between employer and employee contributions.. Remember, the combined SS and Pension insurance tax in Sweden is 37% of income.. Harmonized GST, in most provinces runs 10 to 15%.. 10 to 15% less than Sweden.. Corporate tax rates, both nominal and effective, are so close there s no difference (unless, of course, you count that employer paid SS tax, in which case Sweden s are significantly higher.. Unionization in Canada is about 31%.. Less than half of Sweden s rate.. Gordon thinks that the best way to deal with income inequality below the top 1% is to increase the GST (because it does less harm to growth than corporate taxes, he claims).. Note that the GST (a VAT) is regressive, while SS taxes (if they aren t capped) are not regressive.. So Gordon prefers a regressive tax.. What GST rate would we need to increase to, if we held everything else equal but wanted to to have total taxation, as a percentage, equal to Sweden s?.. Canada s total tax as a percentage of GDP is 32.. 2%.. Sweden 47.. 9%.. Canada would need to bring in approximately 49% more taxes to match Sweden s rate.. VAT taxes made up, as of 2009, approximately 11.. 5% of Canadian tax income.. To  ...   of the world:.. 35.. For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:.. 36.. Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.. 37.. Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed.. thee.. ? or thirsty, and gave.. drink?.. 38.. When saw we thee a stranger, and took.. in? or naked, and clothed.. ?.. 39.. Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?.. 40.. And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done.. it.. unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done.. unto me.. 41.. Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:.. 42.. For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink:.. 43.. I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.. 44.. Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?.. 45.. Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did.. not to one of the least of these, ye did.. not to me.. Notice the part about prisoners.. Every Christian who thinks prisoners should be mistreated is not a Christian, and Jesus will not recognize him or her as such.. Yes, Clarence Thomas, I m talking to you.. The law of the Jesus of the New Testament is of love, and that love includes works.. If you are a Protestant who thinks works don t matter, only faith, you are not a Christian.. If you are a Catholic who thinks anti-gay doctrine is more important than ministering to and being loving to gays, then you will not be recognized by Jesus as one of his.. Jesus did not die in agony on the cross so that those who claim to follow him could be bigots, torturers, greedy selfish bastard who want grandma to eat catfood, or people believe the sick should not be ministered to.. If you want to be evil, follow the old Testament minus the rest of the Torah.. If you want to be good, remember that the New Testament overrides the Old one.. And understand that the Church is neither God nor Jesus.. Do unto others as you would they do unto you in the same circumstances.. That is the whole of the law.. All else is commentary.. On Killing Sprees.. December 19.. 107 Comments.. I ve waited a bit to weigh in on this, but I think it s time.. The two most important things to understand are that gun control would reduce harm significantly, and that gun control is a palliative for a sick culture.. The US does have more guns than anyone else, but countries like Finland have a pile of guns and people don t kill nearly as many innocents with them.. Likewise every military age male in Switzerland has an assault rifle, and they don t have killing sprees.. The first point first,.. China has people who go on sprees with knives.. In fact there was one just recently in a school, 23 students were injured.. That s sad, but not one of them died.. Not one.. Guns make violence far, far more deadly.. Reducing gun availability won t stop attacks.. It will reduce how deadly they are.. The key points of leverage on harm reduction are reducing clip sizes, getting rid of automatics and semi-automatics and radically restricting ammunition purchases.. Likewise soft-target ammunition bullets intended to fragment, and hollow point ammunition need to go away.. These bullets have no purpose but to kill civilians.. You don t use them against military or paramilitary targets because they suck against body armor.. As such they have no place, even if you believe in a 2nd Amendment fight the government argument.. If you re fighting the government, you ll want ammo that can pierce body armor.. The second point is that America has far more of these attacks than anyone else.. This is because America:.. 1) is under economic pressure.. The more people who are in economic trouble, the more attacks.. 2) has jobs which are intensely unpleasant, with the asshole boss being the norm.. Don t tell me otherwise.. 3) has a startling rise in diagnosed mental illness, and a startling rise in the use of psychoactive medications whose effects we don t really understand.. In particular, there has been a massive increase in the drugging of young children (males are who we care about in this context).. with amphetamines and dextro-Amphetamines, officially starting as young as 3 years old.. , and unofficially, earlier.. Long term use of amphetamines is associated with psychotic breaks and violence, this is not in question, we have a TON of historical evidence.. You cannot keep people constantly on amphetamines and not expect these sort of eruptions.. 4) The increase in mental illness and medication is in large part because life in America is extraordinarily unpleasant.. You live in a militarized surveillance society with no guaranteed health care and with a job market that doesn t provide enough jobs for those who need it, allowing bosses to treat those who do have jobs like shit, and executives to take virtually all productivity gains for themselves.. The economic model is to pile debt on consumers to create rental streams, but constant debt payments put people under major psychological pressure, all the time.. 5) People are suffering an epidemic of chronic physical diseases on top of this.. You cannot have a pressure cooker society which is also militarized and swimming in guns.. You simply cannot.. First step, enact gun control.. Second step, stop treating your fellow Americans like shit and stop medicating young children (and everyone else) with record amounts of psychoactive chemicals.. There are only two possibilities: either that many Americans really are mentally ill, or they aren t.. In either case, the solution isn t to medicate them.. It is to figure out what about your society is making them ill.. Actually, the truth will be somewhere between.. More people are mentally ill because of your society, but not as many as are medicated.. People have to be medicated to function in American society because it requires unpleasant and unnatural behaviour, virtually all the time.. School and work both require people to act in ways that normal, healthy, unmedicated individuals find hard to sustain.. Add to that the fact that social ties have, over the last 60 years, absolutely collapsed, leaving most people with almost no friend or close family, and people need to drug themselves to get through their day.. They are sicks, scared and lonely.. And at the very edges of this, the occasional person cracks, goes ballistic and kills a lot of people.. The Reagan Play.. December 10.. 16 Comments.. The Reagan play, in the last period of high oil prices was this: crush the economy and bring new sources of hydrocarbons online.. This is also Obama s play: fracking and other unconventional hydrocarbon sources are being ramped up massively, while austerity crushes resource demand.. China is buying a lot less resources.. I called for falling oil prices before and was wrong about when it would happen, but I remain convinced it will happen.. The hardest thing to do is to predict not what, but when.. This does not mean that hydrocarbon prices in the long run are going to drop, they aren t.. But in the mid terms, for a few years, they will.. This won t do much good for ordinary Americans, because they won t see almost any of the gains, their lords and masters will take most of it.. This crash will lead to challenges for many countries, most interestingly South American countries like Venezuela and Argentina which have been riding the resource boom and engaging in resource socialism.. They need to diversify their economies.. I doubt Venezuela will manage it, Argentina may, if the people running Argentina learn some humility.. This will also hurt the oil patch up here in Canada (primarily Alberta) and upset the political calculations of our Conservative party.. Russia, various Middle Eastern countries and so on will also have their problems.. All resource booms end.. All of them.. The question is only when.. The widespread slowdown, and especially the Chinese slowdown (which is hitting S.. America hard), indicates we are likely close to the end of this boom period.. Oil.. Trade.. Interview available for listening.. November 30.. 9 Comments.. My interview on Virtually Speaking is now up.. If you missed it and would like to listen,.. it can be found here.. We talked about kindness in public policy and about the economics and politics of global warming.. Interview tonight at 9pm EST.. November 29.. I ll be talking with Virtually Speaking s Jay Ackroyd tonight at 9pm EST.. Current plan is to discuss kindness as the base prescription for policy and then talk about the implications of.. Bill McKibben s 3 numbers on global warming.. , but if past episodes are any guide we ll probably cover more ground.. You can listen here.. Older Entries.. Subscribe.. Get new posts delivered to your RSS reader or email inbox:.. RSS Feed.. Email Updates.. Recent Articles.. Administrative.. Register.. Log in.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. WordPress.. org.. Blogroll.. Agonist.. alicublog.. Americablog.. Anglachel.. Angry Bear.. Archdruid Report.. Asymptosis.. Avedon Carol.. Badtux.. Barry Ritholtz.. Bonddad.. But I Did Everything Right.. Calculated Risk.. Cogitamus.. Corrente.. Crooks and Liars.. David E.. Digby.. Dymaxion World.. Eric Margolis.. FireDoglake.. Group News Blog.. Jesus General.. Lance Mannion.. Lawyers, Guns and Money.. Mahablog.. Majikthise.. Marcy Wheeler.. MyDD.. Naked Capitalism.. New Economic Perspectives.. Newshoggers.. Orcinus.. Pat Lang.. POGGE.. Scholars and Rogues.. Seeing the Forest.. Skippy!.. Steve Clemons.. Stirling Newberry.. The Baseline Scenario.. The Confluence.. Tony Wikrent s Real Economics.. Whisky Fire.. YMMV.. Search.. Old Posts.. January 2013.. December 2012.. November 2012.. October 2012.. September 2012.. August 2012.. July 2012.. June 2012.. May 2012.. April 2012.. March 2012.. February 2012.. January 2012.. December 2011.. November 2011.. October 2011.. September 2011.. August 2011.. July 2011.. June 2011.. May 2011.. April 2011.. March 2011.. February 2011.. January 2011.. December 2010.. November 2010.. October 2010.. September 2010.. August 2010.. July 2010.. June 2010.. May 2010.. April 2010.. March 2010.. February 2010.. January 2010.. December 2009.. November 2009.. October 2009.. September 2009.. August 2009.. July 2009.. June 2009.. May 2009.. April 2009.. March 2009.. Copyright 2013 Ian Welsh.. Vigilance Theme.. by.. The Theme Foundry..

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  • Title: About | Ian Welsh
    Descriptive info: Ian Welsh has been blogging since 2003.. He was the Managing Editor of.. FireDogLake.. and the.. His work has also appeared at.. Huffington Post.. Alternet.. , and.. Truthout.. , as well as the now defunct Blogging of the President (BOPNews).. In Canada his work has appeared in.. Pogge.. ca.. and.. BlogsCanada.. He is an editor, writer and social media consultant who currently lives in Toronto.. You can contact Ian at admin-at-ianwelsh-dot-NET..

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  • Title: Credits | Ian Welsh
    Descriptive info: The pictures on the sidebar are mostly from.. Flickr.. The raven on a branch is by.. Gavatron.. The two ravens in flight are by.. Sergey Yeliseev.. I had originally thought I might use Hugin and Mugin, Odin s ravens thought and memory, as the site s themes.. The raven pictures are a nod at that.. The red sunset is by.. Salvadhor.. A bloody sunset seems appropriate to much of what I write, unfortunately.. The picture of a plate is of a man consulting  ...   Clio, Euterpe and Thalia (muses of history, music and comedy/idyllic poetry) a painting by.. Eustache Le Sueur.. , the photo is by.. erikarivera1019.. The Sepia White Rose is by.. Donna62.. The Black and Red Rose is by.. Twoblueday.. The Purple Rose with Raindrops is by.. louisacatlover.. The Black Angel is by.. Sy Parrish.. Many beautiful angels are to be found in graveyards, and on Flickr.. Sadly the others I saw were not sized correctly for the sidebar, and I m somewhat graphics impaired..

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  • Title: Uncategorized | Ian Welsh
    Descriptive info: Posts from the Uncategorized Category.. 25.. 1.. 18.. 13.. 12.. 25.. 12.. 107.. 19.. 9.. 11.. 30.. 29.. 26.. Default to Kindness.. 24.. 14.. Some Words on the Republican Party.. 125.. 11.. Some Personal Thoughts.. 4.. On Flanders Field.. 9.. Reality about America s Future..

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  • Title: Justice is not Law, Law is Not Justice | Ian Welsh
    Descriptive info: 19 Responses.. leave one.. Formerly T-Bear.. permalink.. January 16, 2013.. Yes, something changed in America, exactly at the election of Reagan.. It was the advent of THE MORAL MAJORITY:.. Morals supplanted ethics.. Beliefs usurped facts.. Emotions dominated reason.. Ideology displaced Law.. And lowest common denominator ascended to rule.. Montanamaven.. Watched Les Miserables last night.. Hugo described his novel as a progress between good and evil, from injustice to justice.. Even after bad reviews when it first opened, the musical went on to become the 4th longest running Broadway musical.. I ve never been much of a musical buff and when I was a NY talent agent had to go to Les Mis several times to see clients.. So I grudgingly sat down to watch it.. But like every time, half way through I get sucked into the revolutionary fervor.. The whole idea at the start of the musical of Valjean being imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread for his starving family is unjust.. Stealing by the nasty innkeeper is juxtaposed against stealing for someone else s good.. The film resonates also because of this fantasy of revolution and how the young and gorgeous take to the barricades to fight for justice.. But this particular revolution was largely forgotten until Hugo used it for his novel.. When people talk on the blogs of taking to the streets , they have a vision of Liberty carrying the red flag amongst beautiful blondes.. But in reality most revolutions are much more mundane.. But an image is important and I now have a image of a brave young man, Aaron Swartz taking on the Bourbons and their Javerts of today.. Right now there is an empty chair in the cafe where Aaron should be.. But with people like Ian still at the table in the corner of that cafe talking about ways to right the wrongs, the mundane and ordinary work of revolution goes on.. Cloud.. Ah, the classical dream as old Ben said, pax et ius in republica antiqua.. (Not, note, that I m snickering at your idealism; I share it deeply; but one also reads history and tends to feel stoically resigned ).. Everythings Jake.. I d like to read this (or something similar I fashioned) at voir-dire.. But I never make it.. Probably get me locked up as well, though I tend to think this line of thinking makes for a better juror.. Bolo.. I just finished reading Taming Democracy by Terry Bouton.. Lots of examples of juries in the post-Revolutionary era (1780s, 90s) refusing to convict despite overwhelming evidence.. They found the laws unjust.. Wish we had that spirit today.. Donna Kay.. When my daughter serves 8 months and is branded for life due to counterfeit drugs? Tobacco totally legal except for NC law, that woke me up.. We are so screwed in this country.. Thank you Rich people and your bought legislation.. Celsius 233.. I live in a country where justice is MIA; three policemen; convicted of murder and sentenced to death, recently got out on bail.. No, your reading this correctly.. I can imagine how the witnesses are feeling; one left the country.. I see America devolving into something similar.. Kudos to T-Bear s post above; nailed it.. David.. January 17, 2013.. Curiously enough, I just read this.. http://shameproject.. com/profile/charles-murray/.. whose career took off during the Reagan presidency.. David.. January 17, 2013.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.. That was/is a very interesting/disturbing link; answers to a lot of what s going on here.. I live in Thailand; have for 10+ years and while I m not naive to the relationship with the U.. S.. , I thought it mostly ended with the end of the Vietnam War.. Silly me, no?.. Addendum:.. To my prior comment, insert before the final line:.. An unhindered national discourse devolved into an exclusive partisan monologue.. That should complete that list but by no means is it comprehensive.. Thanks.. alyosha.. January 18, 2013.. Good argument and an interesting graph.. I m actually interested in the part.. before.. Reagan, the cusp of change, where incarcerations modestly uptick.. I remember that era : Nixon was the Law n Order candidate (in 68 but especially in 1972), and there was a vague but widespread sense during the 70s that crime was worsening, or at least social order was breaking down.. Enter the conservatives.. Of course, I don t see the radical increase in incarceration that came in with Reagan as mirroring a commensurately radical increase in crime.. It s just that more people and activities were deemed criminal.. I have a friend who works in mental health who says it more directly: Reagan explicitly created  ...   crop destruction and artificially induced starvation in order to pacify restive populations, described as a behavior control plan enhanced by crop destruction.. Referring to its staffers like Charles Murray, the AIR proposal promised: The social scientist can make significant contributions to the design of all [these] operations.. The religious undertones that have risen to be overtones since the Reagan era are apparent in Murray s thinking and in the so-called justice system in this country.. David Simon, Ed Burns, Bill Zorzi, and other writers from The Wire are all in favor of jury nullification to bollux up the works:.. http://www.. time.. com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1720240,00.. html.. I did some volunteer work in prison when I was in college.. Having a lifelong interest in penal reform, I considered studying to become a criminologist.. Then I realized it would be a lifetime of banging my head against a wall.. There was no political will in this country to create a system of justice and to treat prisoners humanely.. And that was back in the late 70s.. God knows it s worse now.. Andy Lewis.. January 22, 2013.. So long as Jon Corzine (just one example) remains un-indicted, we have neither law nor justice, nor even the pretense of either.. Our elites, not satisfied with system-based oppression, are.. personally.. rubbing our faces in shit.. Lex.. January 27, 2013.. I d also point out that the incarceration rates skyrocketed at about the same time the american public (i.. e.. its politicians) discovered the crack cocaine explosion centered in SC LA.. Crack hit LA at the same time the USG started closing mental health facilities and neoliberal economics really caught on with the associated crash in manufacturing, which compounded all sorts of social issues.. Almost all that cocaine that became crack and was the big push for a hugely increased drug war, mandatory sentencing, and platitudes from Nancy went through Freeway Rick Ross.. Ross got all his coke (literally tons and tons of it) through one man and at rock bottom prices.. A dealer could buy a kilo of cocaine from Rick for about $13,000 dollars that, without any cutting or processing, could be sold in most other American cities for more than $20,000.. I wish i knew what Rick s price was, we can assume less than the $13K and with a limitless supply.. Rick s supplier was a Nicaraguan being handled at times by either/both the CIA and the DEA.. The former was of course running the Contras in Nicaragua and Congress refused to fund it.. CIA docs released pretty explicitly say that drug running would be part of the funding.. And really, what are the chances of getting that much cocaine into the US with such regularity and low prices without the USG looking the other way, especially considering it was all through a single channel an uncommon structure for the drug trade? And then came the guns.. Rick s associates talk about getting rocket launchers.. Of course, we all know the story of gang/drug violence in LA and the local armories containing military grade weaponry (AKs, Uzis, etc.. Eventually, Rick went to jail.. His first conviction was lowered by turning evidence on the LAPD task force assigned to him as it was full of crooked cops.. When he went away again, it was because he was set up by his Nicaraguan supplier.. Standard procedure in drug policing is to use smaller players to move up the chain, but in this case, the guy responsible for bringing the tons of cocaine into the US set up the guy directly under him in the distribution network and did so as an agent of the DEA.. So Rick went to jail for life (later reduced) and the LAPD/politicians could say, the crack scourge of SCLA has been caught! But the USG operative above him was free.. Funny how justice in the US works.. I bet the Reagan administration players who were deeply involved in running drugs and guns into the US, breaking all sorts of laws, that were never punished don t feel an ounce of regret.. And none of them served the kind of time Rick Ross did.. Or maybe two, three birds with one stone there.. Yes,.. @Les.. and let s not forget the crack babies, who are very much of age now and crowding our institutions and/or terrorizing the streets of America as predicted.. Oh, wait violent crime is down?.. *@Lex (sorry.. Click here to cancel reply.. Leave a Reply.. Name: (required):.. Email: (required):.. Website:.. Comment:.. Note:.. You can use basic XHTML in your comments.. Your email address will.. never.. be published.. Subscribe to this comment feed via RSS..

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  • Title: Justice | Ian Welsh
    Descriptive info: Posts from the Justice Category.. 19.. 16.. 28.. 51.. The Gaza Reminder.. 29.. The US does not have justice or even the rule of law.. 105.. 2.. Is the individual mandate really the hill progressives want to die on?.. 8.. London Riots #3: Context.. 47.. 5.. Osama s Death Changes Almost Nothing.. 8.. 10.. Why Assange and Wikileaks have won this round.. 7.. What is legal and what is just are two different things.. 10.. 31.. Khadr sentenced to 40 years..

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  • Title: Sweden v. Canada: Taxation and Inequality | Ian Welsh
    Descriptive info: 4 Responses.. Mandos.. January 14, 2013.. OMG, Stephen Gordon has been beating this ludicrous drum for very many years now, and every time someone must take him to the woodshed.. It has been explained to him (by me, for one) many many times that naive redistributionism is not a durable solution to inequality and that taxation policy must take into account the political structure of society.. For some reason, the explanation simply does not take.. For those of you who are new to Stephen, I first met him online 10 years ago when he decided he would be Grand Missionary of Academic Economics to the Canadian left by joining the then-popular babble forum.. Since then he has learned precisely  ...   idea of.. competitive markets.. ? The former carries the cachet of a market free of regulation; free to grow, acquire, envelop, and absorb free to pollute free to shift the risks, the costs, the negative externalities.. It s the latter that puts a brake on pricing power, not the former.. Ian Welsh.. *.. Good point.. I mean competitive market when I say free market, but given how debased free market has become, I suppose competitive market is better, especially in a stand-alone article like this one.. I decided to write the post because he was being obtuse on twitter, and you just can t take something like this apart at twitter length.. (Though your formulation is good, and close..

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  • Title: Canadian Economy | Ian Welsh
    Descriptive info: Posts from the Canadian Economy Category.. 6.. 1.. Yes, Canada has Dutch Disease.. 14.. 3.. Observations on Canadian NDP leader Mulcair and the politics of class.. 27.. 09.. Meanwhile In Canada the Stimulus Has Already Failed..

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  • Title: Class Warfare | Ian Welsh
    Descriptive info: Posts from the Class Warfare Category.. 32.. 3.. The Left Wing Case Against Obama and Obama s Next Term.. 64.. Some basics on the economy.. 81.. Will a man on horseback come to rule America?.. 18.. The left will have its chance in Europe.. 31.. 2.. The Musical Chairs Economy.. 4.. The blindingly obvious about the proposed fiscal union in Europe.. Public opinion is irrelevant.. What s happening in Europe is what matters: rules of the financial rich..

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  • Title: Economics | Ian Welsh
    Descriptive info: Posts from the Economics Category.. 16.. 62.. Forest for the trees on the job #s.. QE 3.. 17.. Greek election consequences and the shape of the developed world s future.. 58.. Stop bailing out banks.. 5.. Oil Prices and the economy for the next year to a year and a half..

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  • Title: Income Inequality | Ian Welsh
    Descriptive info: Posts from the Income Inequality Category.. Tax Cuts for the rich create jobs outside the US.. 28.. Being Poor.. 15.. Krugman is trivially right and essentially wrong.. Taxing the Poor to Bail out the Rich.. 15.. Tunnels of the Underclass.. Knowing your interests..

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