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  • Title: IBISCA
    Descriptive info: .. aims.. approach.. canopy access.. projects.. supporting institutions.. publications.. public outreach.. contact us.. latest news.. IBISCA (Investigating the Biodiversity of Soil and Canopy Arthropods) is an international research programme which.. at studying the spatial (horizontal, vertical, altitudinal) and temporal distribution of the organisms which constitute a major part of forest biodiversity: arthropods.. Interactions with plants and selected other organisms are also studied.. Our.. is based on highly integrative research projects and the use of state-of-the art.. canopy access..  ...   networks and other research groups.. Our sponsors are both public and private partners.. In parallel to our scientific.. and meetings, we are also engaged in.. activities in order to improve public awareness of biodiversity studies.. For more details, please don't hesitate to.. or visit the.. section.. Our projects are developed in close collaboration with.. Pro-Natura International.. Web pages hosted by the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and maintained by Maurice Leponce and Yves Basset.. Last update 17/12/2012..

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  • Title: Aims
    Descriptive info: AIMS.. It is in the interest of Mankind to study tropical rainforests and their mega-diverse arthropod inhabitants, as together they maintain a series of crucial ecosystem services and represent unrivaled amounts of genetic diversity.. As a result of ever-increasing habitat alteration, tropical rainforests continue to lose biodiversity before it has been collected, described and studied.. While there has been a substantial effort to database known species, both description of new species from museum collections and  ...   of unknown species; understanding the relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem services (forest processes); assessing the impact of disturbance on biodiversity and forest processes; and developing cost-effective methods for biodiversity monitoring.. To address all these issues IBISCA aims are to study the beta-diversity (horizontal distribution), vertical stratification and seasonality of a wide array of phylogenetically distant arthropod groups, along with their ecology and relationships with forest processes and the impact of forest disturbance.. Last update 30/01/2008..

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  • Title: approach
    Descriptive info: APPROACH.. The distribution of organisms in a tropical forest is highly heterogeneous in time and space.. The response to a given ecological factor (eg humidity, temperature) depends of the organism considered.. Therefore the IBISCA-approach is:.. 1) Multi-taxa:.. We concentrate our efforts on a selection of taxa covering a wide spectrum of ecological functions (e.. g.. predation, decomposition, pollination).. Fig.. 1.. Insects representatives of various orders and feeding guilds.. (1).. Arachnoscelis.. sp.. [Orthoptera Tettigoniidae, predator]; (2).. Biolleyana costalis.. (Fowler).. [Hemiptera Nogodinidae, sap-sucker]; (3).. Ptilotopus zonata.. (Mocsáry).. [Hymenoptera Apidae, pollinator], buzz-pollinating flowers of the canopy tree.. Apeiba membranacea.. ; (4).. Cylindrotermes macrognathus.. Snyder.. [Isoptera Termitidae, scavenger]; (5).. Eciton burchelli.. Westwood.. [Hymenoptera Formicidae, predator]; (6).. Gibbifer impressopunctata.. (Crotch) [Coleoptera Erotylidae, fungal-feeder].. 2) Multi-habitat.. A wide spectrum of habitats and micro-habitats are considered during our sampling programmes.. A particular attention is given to the forest canopy despite its difficulty of access.. In some projects samplings are conducted along altitudinal gradients.. 2.. Micro-habitats, from the ground floor to the canopy top, explored during IBISCA-Panama.. Corresponding sampling methods are presented on Fig.. 3.. 3) Multi-protocol.. We rely on various protocols because each collection method only capture a fraction of the species present in the habitat.. Sampling protocols used during IBISCA-Panama: (1) collection of the leaf-litter fauna and extraction with a mini-Winkler apparatus; (2)  ...   in a.. common database.. The IBISCA approach aims to motivate scientists to work on integrative projects, and is less an inventory per se.. IBISCA has set a new ‘industry standard’ involving team work (taxonomists, ecologists, students, parataxonomists), international collaboration and complimentary skills, both in the field and laboratory.. Our strategy aims at:.. a).. Get baseline data.. on particular key topics such as the spatio-temporal distribution of arthropods and vascular plants (e.. IBISCA-Panama 2003-2004.. ); food web structure ; assessing the relationships between biodiversity and forest process; etc.. b).. Collaborating.. with existing or future inventory programmes of large scope.. c).. Developing tools and protocols.. to study efficiently habitats where most of undescribed biodiversity resides, the upper canopy of tropical rainforests.. These habitats are also the most difficult to access within tropical forests.. d).. Refining inventory methods and protocols.. to survey efficiently biodiversity, coupled with the use of new molecular techniques, such as DNA barcoding.. e) Improving our ability to.. process.. quickly and efficiently.. biodiversity samples.. (e.. work with.. parataxonomists.. , skilled naturalist, supervised students).. f) Developing.. protocols.. efficient for a vast array of.. diverse tropical habitats.. g) Establishing cost-effective tools and protocols to.. monitor.. the response of.. biodiversity.. to forest.. disturbance.. and.. climate change.. We prepare for the near future various.. pilot-studies.. covering these different aspects.. Last update 01/02/2008..

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  • Title: Canopy
    Descriptive info: CANOPY ACCESS.. The study of the distribution of forest biodiversity is generally hindered by the difficulty of access to the treetop.. (canopy).. The IBISCA research programme aims at studying the spatiotemporal distribution of arthropods in forests by relying on state-of-the-art canopy access techniques and devices including cranes, platforms (Solvin-Bretzel canopy raft), treehouses (IKOS) and balloons (Canopy-Bubble and Canopy-Glider).. Professional tree-climbers are also of great help to collect the samples in the canopy.. Canopy crane.. The 52m tall.. San Lorenzo canopy crane.. was used during the IBISCA-Panama expedition.. SolVin-Bretzel canopy raft (Radeau des Cimes).. The.. SolVin-Bretzel.. is a 400m² inflatable platform which is put on the canopy surface.. It  ...   des Cimes).. The canopy bubble is a seat harness suspended from a helium balloon that moves along a rope laying over the canopy surface.. Canopy-Glider (Arboglisseur).. Canopy dome (Arbodôme) sheltering the Canopy-Glider.. Opening of the canopy dome and canopy-glider in flight during IBISCA-Santo.. Tree-Climbers.. Professional tree-climbers assist the researchers by collecting samples in the canopy.. Links:.. Association Radeau des Cimes.. http://www.. radeau-des-cimes.. org/gb/welcome.. htm.. Gilles Ebersolt (architect of canopy access devices).. gillesebersolt.. com/hs/solvin.. Les ACCRO-branchés (tree-climbers).. http://perso.. wanadoo.. fr/accrobranches/.. Pro-natura international, developper of the Canopy-Glider with Dany Cleyet-Marrel and the support of Ricoh:.. pronatura.. org/en/biodiversity.. html.. ;.. ricoh.. fr/about_ricoh/news/pronatura.. xhtml.. SolVin: SolVin-Bretzel and Canopy-dome:.. solvinpvc.. com/sustainabledevelopment/solvinbretzel/solvinbretzel/0,,37663-2-0,00.. Last update 6/02/2008..

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  • Title: projects
    Descriptive info: PROJECTS.. 2003-2004:.. IBISCA-Panama.. registered participant: click.. here.. 2006-2008:.. IBISCA-Queensland.. (Australia) ;.. 2006:.. IBISCA-Santo.. (Vanuatu).. 2008-2009:.. IBISCA-Auvergne.. (France) ; official.. website.. database.. 2012:.. Our Planet Reviewed.. IBISCA-Niugini 2012 (Papua New Guinea).. Last update 18 July 2012..

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  • Title: Support
    Descriptive info: SUPPORTING INSTITUTIONS.. Currently IBISCA :.. is an informal group of 100+ experts in tropical biodiversity.. is supported by 40+ academic institutions in 18 countries and 10+ biodiversity networks.. has a collective expertise of : 1500+ scientific publications, 1500+ new species discovered, 300+ students supervised, 500 years spent researching tropical biodiversity.. Patron of IBISCA-Panama.. Prof.. E.. O.. Wilson.. , Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University:.. 30 April 2004.. ; 12 Oct 2005.. ; 23 Oct.. 2005.. Programme collaborations.. Australia.. Griffith University.. : Prof.. Roger Kitching.. (.. r.. kitching@griffith.. edu.. au.. ).. Belgium.. Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.. : Dr.. Maurice Leponce.. (.. Maurice.. Leponce@naturalsciences.. be.. ).. Université Libre de Bruxelles.. Yves Roisin.. yroisin@ulb.. ac.. ) Dr.. Olivier Hardy.. ohardy@ulb.. Ministère de la région wallonne.. Marc Dufrêne.. M.. Dufrene@mrw.. wallonie.. Brazil.. Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz.. Jacques Delabie.. delabie@nuxnet.. com.. br.. Federal University of Ouro Preto.. :.. Sérvio Ribeiro.. spribeiro@iceb.. ufop.. Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais.. Evandro Oliveira.. evandro_gama@uol.. Universidade Estadual de Campinas.. Thomas Lewinsohn.. thomasl@unicamp.. Canada.. University of Victoria.. Neville Winchester.. winchest@uvic.. ca.. Czech Republic.. Czech Academy of Sciences.. University of South Bohemia.. Vojtech Novotny.. novotny@entu.. cas.. cz.. ) , Dr.. Lukas Cizek.. cizek@entu.. ) Mr.. Milan Janda.. janda@entu.. Denmark.. Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen.. Line Sørensen.. llsorensen@zmuc.. ku.. dk.. France.. Université Blaise Pascal.. Bruno Corbara.. Bruno.. Corbara@srvpsy.. univbpclermont.. fr.. Université Toulouse III.. Jérome Orivel.. orivel@aurore.. cict.. CIRAD.. : Mr.. Henri-Pierre Aberlenc.. henri-pierre.. aberlenc@cirad.. Herbarium, Université de Montpellier II.. Dawn Frame.. aurora@isem.. univ-montp2.. ) Prof.. Francis Hallé.. France / French Guiana.. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique.. Alain Dejean.. dejean@cict.. Germany.. University of Erlangen.. Jürgen Schmidl.. jschmidl@bioform.. de.. Johannes Bail.. johannes_bail@hotmail.. Universität Würzburg.. Andreas Floren.. floren@biozentrum.. uni-wuerzburg.. Great Britain.. Zoological Society of London.. Jonathan Bridle..  ...   Louisiana State University.. Alexey Tishechkin.. atishe1@lsu.. National Museum of Natural History.. Scott E.. Miller.. millers@si.. Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI).. David Roubik.. roubikd@si.. bassety@si.. University of Minnesota, Herbarium, Bell Museum of Natural History.. George Weiblen.. gweiblen@umn.. Institutions interested in the IBISCA initiative.. Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Herbarium.. Jean-Noël Labat.. ; Dr.. Jean-Louis Guillaumet.. IRD, Nouvelle-Calédonie, botany.. : Dr.. Jérôme Munzinger.. Universität Koblenz-Landau.. Thomas.. Wagner.. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.. Vincent Savolainen.. Netherlands.. Herbarium Vadense, Wageningen: Prof.. Frans Breteler.. Networks interested in the IBISCA initiative.. ALARM.. Assessing Large Scale Environmental Risks for Biodiversity with Tested Methods (EU FP6).. Josef Settele.. , Co-ordinator.. BIOCASE.. Biological Collection Access Service for Europe.. Walter Berendsohn.. , Director.. CBD.. GTI.. The Convention on Biological Diversity.. Hamdallah Zedan.. , Executive Secretary and.. Ryan Hill.. , Programme Officer.. CBOL.. Consortium for the Barcode of Life.. Miller.. , chair of the effective committee.. CETAF.. Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities.. Marian Ramos.. , Chair.. ECOPORT.. C.. A.. J.. Putter.. , Chief Executive Officer.. GBIF.. Global Biodiversity Information facility:.. Jim Edwards.. GCP.. Global Canopy Programme (GCP).. Andrew Mitchell.. ENBI.. European Network for Biodiversity Information.. Wouter Los.. , Coordinator.. EDIT.. European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy.. Simon Tillier.. , Project leader.. FAUNA EUROPEA.. Yde de Jong.. , Manager.. ICAN.. International Canopy Network.. Nalini Nadkarni.. , Director.. PNI.. Pro-Natura International.. Olivier Pascal.. UNESCO.. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.. Natarajan Ishwaran.. , Director, Division of Ecological and Earth Sciences (SC/EES).. UNEP.. United Nations Environment Programme.. Margaret Oduk.. International research groups interested to collaborate with IBISCA.. ACG.. Caterpillars of the Area de Conservación Guanacaste.. Daniel H.. Janzen.. ALAS.. Arthropods of La Selva.. Jack Longino.. Discover Life.. John Pickering.. NGBRC.. New Guinea Binatang Research Center.. NYBG.. New York Botanical Garden.. Scott Mori..

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  • Title: Publications
    Descriptive info: Publications.. = no password required.. = available upon.. request.. Scientific articles - published - in press - submitted or in preparation.. Abstracts of talks and posters.. New taxa.. Logos..

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  • Title: Public outreach
    Descriptive info: Public outreach.. Magazines and reports.. Newspapers and Newsletters.. Web-based media releases.. DVDs and Television programmes.. Public conferences and Exhibitions..

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  • Title: Contacts
    Descriptive info: ONTACTS.. Relations with institutions and partnership:.. Olivier Pascal,.. , France.. ol.. pascal@freesurf.. Scientific programme:.. Yves Basset, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama.. Technical information and research projects:.. Bruno Corbara, Université Blaise Pascal, France.. Data management web site:.. Maurice Leponce, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.. Specimen collection management:.. Héctor Barrios, Universidad de Panamá, Panama.. upac.. Media relations:.. Roger Kitching, Griffith University, Australia..

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  • Title: News
    Descriptive info: LATEST NEWS.. December 2012.. results of IBISCA-Panama published in Science.. (Basset et al.. 2012.. Arthropod diversity in a rainforest.. Science.. 338:1481-1484.. ).. more info.. October 2012.. IBISCA-Niugini.. part of.. Our Planet Reviewed Papua-New-Guinea.. June 2008.. November 2006.. IBISCA-Santo, Vanuatu (part of the.. SANTO2006.. project).. santo2006.. org..  ...   March - April 2006.. IBISCA's social insect team conduct a pilot study in.. Nouragues.. , French Guiana, led by Prof.. Alain Dejean.. Shooting of a documentary related to the expedition by Roger Le Guen (.. Le Monde des Minuscules.. , RFO, K Production.. PANACOCO.. Last update 26/09/2012..

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  • Title: News
    Descriptive info: results of IBISCA-Panama published in.. Basset, Y.. ; Cizek, L.. ; Cuénoud, P.. ; Didham, R.. K.. ; Guilhaumon, F.. ; Missa, O.. ; Novotny, V.. ; Ødegaard, F.. ; Roslin, T.. ; Schmidl, J.. ; Tishechkin, A.. ; Winchester, N.. W.. ; Roubik, D.. ; Aberlenc, H.. P.. ; Bail, J.. ; Barrios, H.. ; Bridle, J.. R.. ; Castaño-Meneses, G.. ; Corbara, B.. ; Curletti, G.. ; Duarte da Rocha, W.. ; De Bakker, D.. ; Delabie, J.. H.. C.. ; Dejean, A.. ; Fagan, L.. L.. ; Floren, A.. ; Kitching, R.. ; Medianero, E.. ; Miller, S.. E.. ; Gama de Oliveira, E.. ; Orivel, J.. ; Pollet, M.. ; Rapp, M.. ; Ribeiro, S.. ; Roisin, Y.. ; Schmidt, J.. B.. ; Sørensen, L.. ; Leponce, M.. , 338(6113):1481-1484.. Photo gallery.. naturalsciences.. be/cb/ants/gallery/2003-2004-IBISCA-Panama/album/images.. DVD.. Mission IBISCA (c) SolVin/Solvay 2004 available.. on demand.. Press releases.. : Belgium (.. FR.. NL.. ),.. Brasil.. ,.. Czech.. Republik,.. Web-based media releases:.. Australia.. CSIRO.. (AU);.. Hunting bugs in Panama: Raphael rafts the treetops for biodiversity.. December 14, 2012 | Author: Chris McKay;.. http://csironewsblog.. com/2012/12/14/hunting-bugs-in-panama-raphael-rafts-the-treetops-for-biodiversity/.. (413 KB).. The University of Western Australia.. Plants point to planetary richness.. University News.. 14 December 2012;.. news.. uwa.. au/201212145351/research/plants-point-planetary-richness.. (88 KB).. Artdaily.. (BE-en);.. Smithsonian scientists find that for every mammal species, the rainforest holds 300 Arthropod species.. org 2012/12/14;.. artdaily.. org/index.. asp?int_sec=2 int_new=59552#.. UNAqV6zhd8E.. (130 KB).. De Morgen (BE-nl);.. Tropisch woud telt 25.. 000 soorten geleedpotigen.. Bewerkt door: redactie 13/12/12 Bron: belga.. be;.. demorgen.. be/dm/nl/5381/Dieren/article/detail/1548789/2012/12/13/Tropisch-woud-telt-25-000-soorten-geleedpotigen.. dhtml.. (42 KB).. Eos Wetenschap (BE-NL-nl);.. Hoe tel je beestjes in het regenwoud?.. Eos Wetenschap;.. http://eoswetenschap.. eu/slideshow/hoe-tel-je-beestjes-het-regenwoud.. (580 KB).. L’Avenir (BE-fr);.. Des Belges ont répertorié 25 000 espèces d’arthropodes en forêt tropicale.. 13 décembre 2012;.. lavenir.. net/article/detail.. aspx?articleid=DMF20121213_00244213.. (193 KB).. Le Vif (BE-fr);.. Des Belges ont répertorié 25.. 000 espèces d'arthropodes en forêt tropicale.. Sciences et santé - Actualité - LeVif.. be jeudi 13 décembre 2012;.. levif.. be/info/actualite/sciences-et-sante/des-belges-ont-repertorie-25-000-especes-d-arthropodes-en-foret-tropicale/article-4000221569252.. (202 KB).. Ambientebrasil (BR);.. Censo de insetos em floresta tropical revela números surpreendentes.. 14/12/2012;.. http://noticias.. ambientebrasil.. br/clipping/2012/12/14/89781-censo-de-insetos-em-floresta-tropical-revela-numeros-surpreendentes.. (100 KB).. Folha de S.. Paulo–Ciência (BR);.. Mata tropical tem 18 mil espécies de artrópodes por hectare.. Reinaldo José Lopes - editor de ciência+saúde.. http://www1.. folha.. uol.. br/ciencia/1201002-mata-tropical-tem-18-mil-especies-de-artropodes-por-hectare.. shtml.. (128 KB).. Natureza (BR);.. Brasileiros estão entre cem cientistas em estudo inédito sobre artrópodes.. Rafael Sampaio Do Globo Natureza, em São Paulo - Atualizado em 14/12/2012;.. http://g1.. globo.. com/natureza/noticia/2012/12/brasileiros-estao-entre-cem-cientistas-em-estudo-inedito-sobre-artropodes.. (390 KB).. UFOP-Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto (BR);.. Estudo de insetos dos topos das árvores traz dados inéditos sobre a quantificação da biodiversidade de florestas tropicais.. 14-Dez-2012 UFOP - Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto - Pesquisador da UFOP participa de artigo na Revista Science;.. br/index.. php?option=com_content task=view id=12088 Itemid=196.. (335 KB).. Ultimo Segundo-Ciência (BR);.. Maria Fernanda Ziegler - iG São Paulo | 13/12/2012;.. http://ultimosegundo.. ig.. br/ciencia/2012-12-13/censo-de-insetos-em-floresta-tropical-revela-numeros-surpreendentes.. (332 KB).. Belarus.. Twittweb.. (BY-en);.. 6,000 Insect Species Found in Three Acres of Rain Forest | Wired Science | Wired.. By Sarah C.. Williams, Science NOW dec 14, 2012;.. http://twittweb.. com/wired%20science%206%20000%20ins-27993239.. (119 KB).. SRF- Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (CH-de);.. Volkszählung im Dschungel.. 14.. Dezember 2012, Odette Frey;.. srf.. ch/wissen/natur/volkszaehlung-im-dschungel.. (234 KB).. Nationalt.. (DK);.. Danskere skriver junglekryb i mandtal.. Af Jens Ejsing 13.. december 2012;.. b.. dk/nationalt/danskere-skriver-junglekryb-i-mandtal.. (215 KB).. Nyheder (DK);.. Regnskovens dyr sendt til tælling.. Kontakt : Jesper Birkedal Schmidt 14.. december 2012 ; KU-Københavns Universitet.. http://nyheder.. dk/alle_nyheder/2012/2012.. 12/kryb_mandtal_2012/.. (211 KB).. Videnskab (DK);.. Jorden huser seks millioner slags leddyr.. december 2012 Af: Sybille Hildebrandt, journalist;.. http://videnskab.. dk/miljo-naturvidenskab/jorden-huser-seks-millioner-slags-leddyr.. (226 KB).. Spain.. Ecoticias (ES);.. Un bosque de unas 6.. 000 hectáreas panameño alberga alrededor de 25.. 000 especies de artrópodos.. Enviado por: ECOticias.. com / Red / Agencias, 17/12/2012h;.. ecoticias.. com/eco-america/73610/bosque-hectareas-panameno-alberga-alrededor-especies-artropodos.. (455 KB).. El Independiente De Canarias (ES-CN);.. Un bosque de 6.. 000 hectáreas acoge más artrópodos de los ya estudiados.. 8 de enero de 2013;.. elindependientedecanarias.. com/?op=displaystory story_id=139496 format=html.. (223 KB).. Hoy (ES);.. Hay 300 especies de artrópodos por cada una de mamíferos en jungla de Panamá.. Agencia.. EFE.. - 10 enero 2013;.. hoy.. es/agencias/20121213/mas-actualidad/cultura/especies-artropodos-cada-mamiferos-jungla_201212132130.. (178 KB).. LaVerdad (ES);.. Agencia EFE, 10 enero 2013;.. laverdad.. (224 KB).. Finnish web service.. uutisverkko.. (FI);.. Trooppisen metsän lajien monimuotoisuutta selvitettiin.. 20/12/2012;.. http://uutisverkko.. wordpress.. com/2012/12/20/trooppisen-metsan-lajien-monimuotoisuutta-selvitettiin/.. (189 KB).. Helsingin Sanomat.. Tutkijat laskivat Panaman sademetsän kaikki ötökät.. Jani Kaaro 18.. 12.. 2012;.. hs.. fi/tiede/Tutkijat+laskivat+Panaman+sademets%C3%A4n+kaikki+%C3%B6t%C3%B6k%C3%A4t+/a1355719717551.. (440 KB).. Turun Sanomat (FI);.. Viidakon salaisuudet paljastumassa.. Turun Sanomat 18.. ts.. fi/uutiset/ulkomaat/428372/Viidakon%20salaisuudet%20paljastumassa.. (164 KB).. Verkkouutiset (FI);.. Uusi tutkimus paljastaa sademetsän lajirunsauden kattavan näytteenoton ja lajitunnistuksen avulla.. 18.. 2012 Kirjoittanut ILKKA AHTOKIVI;.. verkkouutiset.. fi/index.. php/tiede/985-tiede/114291-viidakon-salaisuudet-on-paljastettu?tmpl=component print=1 layout=default page=.. (57 KB).. CNRS (FR);.. Combien y a-t-il d'espèces d'arthropodes dans une forêt tropicale ?.. CNRS - Institut écologie et environnement - Actualités de l'institut 14 décembre 2012;.. cnrs.. fr/inee/communication/breves/corbara.. (177 KB).. Libération (FR);.. Percées, du cosmos à la canopée.. 27 décembre 2012 Libération - Sciences;.. liberation.. fr/sciences/2012/12/27/percees-du-cosmos-a-la-canopee_870295.. (105 KB).. La Repubblica (IT);.. Matti per i catididi.. 14 dicembre, 201.. ;.. http://ocasapiens-dweb..  ...   com/id/50190122/ns/technology_and_science-science/#.. UNA3JKzhd8E.. (297 KB).. Science Now.. Panama Forest Boasts Tens of Thousands of Arthropod Species.. by Sarah C.. P.. Williams on 13 December 2012;.. sciencemag.. org/sciencenow/2012/12/panama-forest-boasts-tens-of-tho.. (311 KB).. Science2.. 0 (US);.. How Many Arthropod Species Are In The Rainforest Of Panama Alone?.. By News Staff | December 17th 2012;.. science20.. com/news_articles/how_many_arthropod_species_are_rainforest_panama_alone-99030.. (132 KB).. Science Codex.. december 13, 2012 Source: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute;.. sciencecodex.. com/more_bang_for_bugs-103850.. ScienceNews.. News in brief: Counting project reveals forest's bug diversity.. By Susan Milius Web edition: December 13, 2012;.. sciencenews.. org/view/generic/id/347071/description/News_in_brief_Counting_project_reveals_forest’s_bug_diversity.. Science Newsline.. , Published:December 13, 2012.. by Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute;.. sciencenewsline.. com/articles/2012121321180012.. (83 KB).. Terra Daily.. by Staff Writers Panama City, Panama (SPX) Dec 18, 2012;.. terradaily.. com/reports/More_bang_for_bugs_999.. (222 KB).. The Environmentalist.. Dyrene i regnskoven sendes til tælling.. in Jord / on December 14, 2012;.. environmentalist.. dk/2012/12/14/dyrene-i-regnskoven-sendes-til-taelling/.. (170 KB).. The Why Files.. Great bug-count delivers!.. 13 December 2012 - David J.. Tenenbaum ;.. http://whyfiles.. org/2012/counting-bugs-in-panama/.. (661 KB).. TopNews.. 1st Census of Arthropods Finishes.. Submitted by Sarabjit Heera - 12/15/2012 - Science News TNM Washington;.. http://topnews.. us/content/252221-1st-census-arthropods-finishes.. (284 KB).. Wired Science.. 6,000 Insect Species Found in One Acre of Rainforest.. BY SCIENCENOW 12.. 14.. 12;.. wired.. com/wiredscience/2012/12/panama-bug-count/.. (430 KB).. Yahoo.. !.. (US); I.. n Rainforests, 300 Arthropods for Every 1 Mammal.. By Douglas Main, OurAmazingPlanet Staff Writer | LiveScience.. com – Dec 13, 2012;.. yahoo.. com/rainforests-300-arthropods-every-1-mammal-190433331.. In.. (261 KB).. YubaNet.. Published on Dec 14, 2012 By: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.. http://yubanet.. com/scitech/More-bang-for-bugs.. (126 KB).. Venezuela.. Emisoras Unidas (VE);.. En Panamá existen más insectos que mamíferos.. 16 Diciembre, 2012– emisoras unidas;.. emisorasunidas.. com/noticias/noticias-curiosas/panama-existen-mas-insectos-que-mamiferos.. Discussion list.. Taxacom.. December 2012.. http://mailman.. nhm.. edu/pipermail/taxacom/2012-December/thread.. (29 KB).. Newspapers Newsletters.. De Standaard (BE-nl);.. Kevers tellen in het regenwoud.. newspaper 'De Standaard' of today, friday 14th of December 2012;.. (294 KB).. Metro (BE-fr);.. Des Belges répertorient 25.. 000 arthropodes.. 18/12/2012;.. Panorama (CH-fr);.. Multitude d’arthropodes.. (289 KB).. Deník (CZ);.. V dci z Jihočeské univerzity v Panam určovali druhy členovc.. 2012 denik.. cz ~ str.. 00 ~ Jihočeský kraj_.. denik.. cz/jihocesky-kraj/vedci-z-jihoceske-univerzity-v-paname-urcovali-druhy-clenovcu-20121214.. (570 KB).. Lidove noviny.. (CZ);.. Inventura v deštném pralese (Inventory of a rainforest.. Lidové noviny 19 Dec 2012, p.. 19; ~ str.. 19 ~ Medicína V da.. JAROSLAV PETR.. (612 KB).. Novinky (CZ);.. V dci po deseti letech ut ídili tropický hmyz, byli mezi nimi i.. Češi.. 2012 novinky.. 00 ~ V da a školy_Vladimír Vácha_.. www.. novinky.. cz/veda-skoly/287813-vedci-po-deseti-letech-utridili-tropicky-hmyz-byli-mezi-nimi-i-cesi.. (251 KB).. Science World (CZ);.. V tropickém pralese je jen dvakrát víc druh hmyzu než v lese na Morav.. 16.. 2012.. scienceworld.. 00.. http://scienceworld.. cz/aktuality/v-tropickem-pralese-je-jen-dvakrat-vic-druhu-hmyzu-nez-v-lese-na-morave-7137.. (225 KB).. (CZ);.. Po deseti letech ut ídili hmyz z trop.. ;.. 2012 Právo ~ str.. 07 ~ pravodajství_.. Vladimír Vácha_.. (218 KB).. Zásadní objev jihočeských v dc : spočítali hmyz v tropech.. 15.. 2012 Mladá fronta DNES ~ str.. 01 ~ Jižní Čechy,.. LudmilaMlsová_.. Podcasts, Radio and Television programmes;.. Rozhlas zpravodajstvi.. Tropický les je jen dvakrát bohatší než naše lužní lesy, potvrdil unikátní výzkum jihočeských v dc.. ČRo - cb.. 00 ~ zpravodajstvi,.. Petra Matoušková_.. 2012.. rozhlas.. cz/cb/zpravodajstvi/_zprava/tropicky-les-je-jen-dvakrat-bohatsi-nez-nase-luzni-lesy-potvrdil-unikatni-vyzkum-jihoceskych-vedcu--1149938.. Rozhlas Mozaika (CZ);.. Čeští v dci se podíleli na výzkumu hmyzu v tropické Panam.. prosince 2012.. cz/mozaika/veda/_zprava/cesti-vedci-se-podileli-na-vyzkumu-hmyzu-v-tropicke-paname--1150957.. (590 KB).. Podcasters (DE);.. Artenzählung im Urwald - Zoologen bestimmten Gliederfüßer in Panama.. Dezember 2012;.. podcasters.. de/episoden/artenz%C3%A4hlung-im-urwald-zoologen-bestimmten-gliederf%C3%BC%C3%9Fer-in-panama-20358311.. dlf_20121214_1640_b04fe3ac.. mp3 (2.. 389 KB).. svenska.. yle (FI-sv);.. Insekter styr planeten.. Tomas Roslin interviewed on Radio Vega / Huvudstadsregionen, programme Morgonöppet, 7 January 2013;.. http://svenska.. yle.. fi/artikel/2013/01/07/insekter-styr-planeten.. (106 KB).. c0d1f784c11c4119a8d04d8fd18990ad.. mp3 (7769 KB).. Finnish Natial Broadcasting Company YLE (FI);.. programme Luonto lähellä, 21-01-2013;.. http://areena.. fi/tv/1806197.. Capradio.. -.. Capital Public Radio.. Counting Bugs In Panama? Get Out Your Tree Raft.. By Véronique LaCapra.. January 7, 2013.. capradio.. org/news/npr/story?storyid=167163274.. (101 KB).. Discovery News Channel on YouTube.. Bugs, Arthropods, and Insects! Oh My!.. Published on Dec 17, 2012;.. youtube.. com/watch?v=qNhchMAh5zE.. KETR (US);.. december 14, 2012;.. http://ketr.. org/post/counting-bugs-panama-get-out-your-tree-raft.. (217 KB).. NCPR -.. North Country Public Radio.. By Véronique LaCapra dec 14, 2012;.. northcountrypublicradio.. org/news/npr/167163274/counting-bugs-in-panama-get-out-your-tree-raft.. (519 KB).. NPR (US);.. by VÉRONIQUE LACAPRA.. npr.. org/2012/12/14/167163274/counting-bugs-in-panama-get-out-your-tree-raft.. (591 KB).. 20121214_me_13.. mp3 (1862 KB).. NWPR -.. Northwest Public Radio.. by.. Véronique LaCapra.. nwpr.. (252 KB).. Podcasts.. AAAS (US);.. Smells and learning, counting up bugs, smarter rocks, and more.. Science 14 December 2012: Vol.. 338 no.. 6113 p.. 1485.. DOI: 10.. 1126/science.. 338.. 6113.. 1485-b.. Science Podcast: 14 December 2012 Show.. org/content/338/6113/1485.. full.. (183 KB).. http://podcasts.. aaas.. org/science_podcast/SciencePodcast_121214.. mp3.. SciencePodcast_121214.. mp3 (17.. 971 KB).. St.. Louis Public Radio.. (US); Count.. ing Bugs In Panama? Get Out Your Tree Raft.. Originally published on January 7, 2013;.. stlpublicradio.. (319 KB).. VPR -.. Vermont Public Radio.. Véronique LaCapra - 01/07/13;.. vpr.. net/npr/167163274/.. (161 KB).. Sweden.. sverigesradio (SE);.. De har hittat djungelns alla kryp.. Tomas Roslin interviewed on Sveriges Radio / Vetenskap miljö.. 14 december 2012;.. http://sverigesradio.. se/sida/artikel.. aspx?programid=406 artikel=5380239.. (342 KB).. 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