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  • Title: All Gojuryu Network - News
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Join.. Gojuryu.. net.. About Goju Ryu.. Contact Us.. Downloads.. Google+.. Facebook.. FAQ s.. Forum.. Links on GRN.. Link to GRN.. Search.. Navigation.. Join Goju Ryu Network.. Members Only - Navigation.. Public Links & Tools.. Articles.. Articles Submitted.. Bibliography.. Biographies.. Chronology 0000-1899.. Chronology 1900-1949.. Chronology 1950-1999.. Chronology 2000-Present.. Class Outline.. Dan Registry.. Dojo Kun.. Editors Commentary.. eMail.. Genealogy - Keizu.. Interviews Historic.. Interviews Modern.. JKF Gojukai.. JKF Soshiki.. Kata.. Kata List.. Kumite.. Photo Gallery.. Rank and Titles.. Reishiki-Etiquette.. Site Map.. Sport Karate.. Techniques.. Training Log.. Translations Historic.. Translations Modern.. Latest Articles.. Early Chinese Influence.. Talk by Sri Chinmoy.. Sensei Kimo Wall.. Buz #257;ganash #299.. Karate is for self-d.. Last Seen Users.. 7186fifl08.. Online.. lllitp64nh.. w4457003z.. d4906318t.. t5304967y.. xni116ry50.. qwerpyiwcoib.. fxjzwh91xz.. jeqhv50u.. vzt366bk09.. Support Gojuryu.. Free @gojuryu.. net eMail.. Email Login.. Password.. New users.. sign up.. !.. SpamGuard.. BotSlap Panel.. Last check:.. Slap count: 12.. Last checked ID: 236042.. Oh no! Where's the.. JavaScript.. ?.. Your Web browser does not have JavaScript enabled or does not support JavaScript.. Please.. enable JavaScript.. on your Web browser to properly view this Web site,.. or.. upgrade.. to a Web browser that does support JavaScript;.. Firefox.. ,.. Safari.. Opera.. Chrome.. or a version of.. Internet Explorer.. newer then version 6.. Featured Article / Review.. USA Shoreikan Lineage.. Instructor and students request to be mentioned in lineage.. full article.. Welcome.. Welcome to GojuRyu.. :.. The All Goju Ryu Network.. now the Internets #1 source for Gojuryu and Traditional Karate-do, is an online educational community and international reference portal for Goju Ryu Karate do  ...   services.. Viewing additional items and information not generally available.. Receive updates and news of upcoming events.. Submit articles, events, information, links, news and participate in the forums.. Hoshin - Our Mission.. Build a bridge to alleviate the lines that would otherwise divide us.. Maintain & advance Gojuryu cultural exchanges via Classical & Traditional Japanese Budo.. Disseminate information, leverage the web and build a comprehensive support structure.. To reinforce relationships in Gojuryu: Sharing a wealth of knowledge, experience, & contacts.. The Portal.. Focus: Promoting the interests of Gojuryu & celebrating its diversity.. Partnership: With groups that have similar missions and leverage our resources.. Support: From the Karatedo community as demonstrated by our statistics.. You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 8.. Google Translate.. Login.. Username.. Not a member yet?.. Click here.. to register.. Forgotten your password?.. Request a new one.. here.. Member Poll.. How does your dojo do Sanchin Kata?.. No turns, just forward and back movement.. 18% [18 Votes].. With turns.. 59% [60 Votes].. We do more than one version.. 24% [24 Votes].. Votes: 102.. You must login to vote.. Started:.. Polls Archive.. All Gojuryu Network Sponsors.. Family Friendly Award.. Japan Reference Award.. 12,915,774 unique visits.. Copyright ©.. 1994-2011 Gojuryu.. , All Goju Ryu Network & ThinkTank Advisers in co-operation with.. and the.. JKF Gojukai Networking Project.. Powered by.. PHP-Fusion.. copyright 2002 - 2013 by Nick Jones.. Released as free software without warranties under.. GNU Affero GPL.. v3..

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  • Title: All Gojuryu Network - Contact Me
    Descriptive info: civil87hd9.. wrdn10w10bax.. wildl32gn0.. p0s0d4h5.. xa16rt1106.. hatoeilrxv.. egc57dyz.. misermn540.. diz1cq8jg.. JP Williams Curriculum Vitae: Web Admin.. Johnpaul Williams.. Born in Manhattan New York, JP Williams has been essential in reconnecting Gojuryu Karatedo practitioners across the globe via internet and free communication resources [Gojuryu.. net [2001 to present], Gojuryu.. com [1998 - 2001],  ...   can contact me.. You can email me directly at.. If you are a Member you can send me a.. Private Message.. Alternatively, you can fill in the form on this page which sends your message to me via Email.. Name:.. Email Address:.. Subject:.. Message:.. Validation Code:.. Enter Validation Code:.. 12,915,815 unique visits..

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  • Title: All Gojuryu Network - FAQ
    Descriptive info: kalkqlaxop46.. sqoteddx18.. 4299klyg81.. Karatedo is a seed is the tree.. We all share the same roots in our lineage of Gojuryu.. Many of us come from branches that have grown differently.. Some branches have grown strong and some are weak however it is not in our hands to criticize one from the other.. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).. About the Content:.. (3).. (0).. Contributing  ...   who & lineage, news, letters to the editor & advertising?.. (4).. Copyright disclosure questions and statement.. (5).. Feedback.. (1).. Forums & Users.. (6).. How to find out information about your user account.. link.. (2).. Statistical Report.. When is this site scheduled for update?.. Where can I find.. ?.. Who are the publishers, owners, operators of the Portal?.. Why doesn t.. 12,915,827 unique visits..

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  • Title: All Gojuryu Network - Web Links
    Descriptive info: zdcdxc38zi.. Shodokan Lineage.. Seiko Higa.. (Shodo-Kan).. Web Links.. IOGKF.. (15).. Japan and Okinawa.. (8).. All things related to Japan, Okinawa and their history and culture not necessarily in relationship to Karatedo.. JKF Gojukai Links.. (56).. Specific to Kaiha groups of the JKF Gojukai Gojuryu Karatedo.. JKGA / IKGA.. (22).. Specific group websites relating to Yamaguchi JKGA & IKGA.. Jundokan Lineage.. Specific websites of the lineage from Eiichi Miyazato Sensei and the Jundokan.. Martial Arts Media.. Martial Arts Media companies are generally hard to find.. We ll try to help sources for your reading pleasure here.. Martial Arts Portals.. Web sites that serves as a  ...   World Karate Federations.. (19).. Web Sites of the World Karate Federation, it s Continental Sites and National Governing Bodies.. Other Gojuryu Karatedo Attractions.. (42).. Dojo or sites not specific to anything other than general Goju Ryu Karate.. Other Karatedo Attractions.. Highly recommended and we bet something new you might have overlooked in the past.. Other Martial Arts Attractions.. Generally Okinawan or Japanese Budo or Bujutsu including Judo, Iaido, Kendo and more.. Seigokan Gojuryu Karatedo.. Shoreikan Gojuryu Karatedo.. Specific websites of the lineage from Seikichi Toguchi Sensei and the Shoreikan.. USA & Urban Goju Lineage.. Specific to groups following the Urban Goju format.. 12,915,828 unique visits..

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  • Title: All Gojuryu Network - Search: Search Results
    Descriptive info: olofay71hr.. boast35gr0.. banq1e9k0m.. reejza74eg.. 8554wenu35.. xwykw14u.. Buz #257;ganash #299; / Bus #257;ganash #299;.. Search All Gojuryu Network.. Search for:.. search any of those words.. result has to contain all those words.. Where:.. Options:.. Articles.. Custom Pages.. FAQs.. Forum Posts.. all forums.. Members.. News.. Photos.. Entire site.. Search:.. all.. last day.. last week.. last two weeks.. last month.. last three months.. last six months.. title and message.. only message.. only title.. Sort by:.. addition date.. title.. author.. descending.. ascending.. Show:.. 50.. 100.. 150.. 200.. characters in result.. Search Results.. Search text must be at least 3 characters long.. 12,915,830 unique visits..

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  • Title: All Gojuryu Network - Articles
    Descriptive info: Gekisai.. The term "Gekisai" means to attack and destroy.. There are two Gekisai Kata; "Gekisai dai Ichi" was created by Chojun Miyagi and Nagamine Shoshin in 1940.. (11).. By Kaiha, Dojo Kun are spoken to help members and participants to strive and further personal obligations to themselves.. A normal Gojuryu class begins on time with the senior student calling the begin.. Editors Commentary.. Over the years the editors of Gojuryu.. net and the Gojuryu Network have produced a multitude of excellent reading.. Geneologies.. Some branches have grown strong and some are weak however it is not in our hands to cr.. Historical Interviews.. Historical Interviews capture moments in the minds of people in the past that we might not have otherwise had the opportunity to know.. Historical Translations.. Never being forgotten, Historical Translations offer us the opportunity to experience the teaching not available to us today.. Kata.. (14).. Modern Day Interviews.. We don t always have the opporutnity to meet those or even communicate with those we wish we could better communicate with.. Why  ...   or Karatedo.. Therefore we not only need submissions however must accept submissions or articles as they come along and we welcome your in.. (7).. The founder Chojun Miyagi Sensei defined essence of Karatedo as that Karatedo is a measure to train your body and mind, to keep in shape and to protect yourself in a dangerous situation.. Poetic Karatedo.. A specific category for Martial Artists in General to post Poetry and prose for all to enjoy and leard from.. (29).. By individuals and in no particular order.. The leaders of Karatedo and Gojuryu in general.. These people have helped create and mold our style to what it is today and their input will without a doubt i.. Self Defense & Safety.. Submit articles pertaining to Personal Safety , Self-Defense or Awareness as well as anything that encompasses titles like these.. Glossary - Vocabulary.. This is an ever evolving glossary of vocabulary words and terms applicable to Gojuryu, Karatedo and Budo.. Online Stores Support.. Use these pages for reference to the online stores.. 12,915,836 unique visits..

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  • Title: All Gojuryu Network - Articles: 剛柔流 Submissions
    Descriptive info: opc823nq77.. jchvkrpik.. Articles Hierarchy.. Articles Home.. Articles: Submissions.. 4 Mysteries.. About Masters, Mastery, Karate, and Goju.. A Crash Course At The College of Hard Knocks.. Article originally published by Blackbelt Magazine USA.. Experimental karate campus grades by the lump system.. "When I first came here, I was fighting from a different stance, standing open and was kicked in the groin a few times.. And I went down, but I learned to be ready the hard way.. ".. "In the universities, they don't pull their punches.. You do a technique and they sort of run onto it and it escalates until it becomes ridiculous.. But here, they're very kind.. All you have to do is ask and someone will show you something.. "Coming here from another country, it's a wonderful thing because in Central America I had only one instructor, who, like any other sensei, has his defects.. But here, I have very good instructors not only one, but several.. ".. Goal Setting for Karate Students.. As the new year approaches, let s keep in mind that this is an excellent time to set our personal progress goals for 2006.. Setting goals in karate has some unique challenges in that the benefits of karate training come from gradual progress over many years and not from isolated accomplishments.. While it may be tempting to set goals such as grade advancement this can actually work against you.. Karate schools tend to experience tremendous drop-out rates after students achieve black belt, for example, because of the emphasis placed on achieving that rank.. Interview with a Fuchow Master.. by Steve Cunningham.. I was able to see Master Chen yesterday.. It may have been the last time.. He is going home this week.. His granddaughter will remain.. She speaks Fuchow-hua, but lacks her grandfather's other knowledge.. Interview with a Fuchow Master by Steve Cunningham.. K.. I.. C.. K.. Program.. by Rosey Grier.. A Karatedo instructor passes on a winning philosophy in addition to winning moves.. Sensei Vassie Naidoo likens life to an empty glass that we fill with experiences and knowledge.. In Vassie Sensei's case, that glass was first filled by a heroic karate instructor in his native South Africa.. In essence, Vassie Sensei is a hero to others because he had a hero.. Vassie Sensei is the chief instructor and chief executive officer of the nonprofit organization Karatedo for Inner-City Kids (or K.. ) in Santa Monica, California, which he started eight years ago to introduce at-risk children and young adults to the Gorju-ryu style of Karate.. Vassie Sensei's hero was Sensei Leo Lipinski, who defied the police and welcomed kids of all races into  ...   Kumite practitioners and teachers, was an opportunity not to be missed.. The seminar was to be in Triesen, in Liechtenstein of all places.. The seminar could have been in Timbuctoo, we would still have got there.. On Giri: Loyalty.. On-Giri: Loyalty.. In Japanese Martial arts, there is a concept known as giri, which implies "loyalty" or "obligation".. This idea is understood and practiced widely in Japan, but not so in the West.. for reasons which will become obvious later in this article.. In Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate-do, the dojo is usually at the sensei s home, as the island was not rich and training space was limited.. So most of the training was done either in the house, or in the yard.. Classes were small, and students were hand-picked by the instructor.. Article written by Starling Shihan, IKGA Vice President for Oceania.. Pirates of the Martial Arts.. Martial Arts Pirates.. By.. Marc MacYoung.. , edited for Gojuryu.. Marc MacYoung is a Colorado based writer, lecturer & international instructor of personal safety and self-defense to the public with a focus on making martial art street effective and teaching knife-work to martial artists, defensive tactics to law enforcement and military.. When we read Marc's article of Pirates of Martial Arts, we knew we had to get permission to bring it to the multi-pirated world of Gojuryu Karatedo.. Question of Rank: Part 1.. Part 1 - The Question of Rank.. By Sean Wong, Markham Ontario Canada.. Originally published to the Markham Meibukai Karate Dojo Website.. Question of Rank: Part 2 - Is Rank Important?.. Part 2 - The Question of Rank.. - Is Rank Important?.. Sanchin and Kiko Training.. by Ryan Parker.. In the past I have made references to the Kiko training associated with the practice of Sanchin kata.. A number of people have asked me to describe this training so this is an attempt to do so.. There are numerous different forms of Sanchin kata.. The one that I will be describing is a Ju or soft version.. There are also Go or hard versions that involve dynamic tension.. I'll touch upon the dynamic tension versions towards the end of this article.. Shuhari.. Shu-ha-ri.. Introduction:.. I first met Takamura Sensei in San Jose California when I was 12 or 13 years old.. Over the years I would run into him every now and then at various Nihon-Machi or JACL type events.. After returning from holiday in Japan in the summer of 2000 I looked up Mr.. Yukiyoshi Takamura Sensei to watch or visit a class however was informed he had passed.. Page 1 of 2:.. 1.. 2.. 12,915,837 unique visits..

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  • Title: All Gojuryu Network - 剛柔流 Bibliography
    Descriptive info: 1194hsor84.. Meibukan Lineage.. Chojun Miyagi.. |.. __.. Meitoku Ya.. We would like to thank the following authors for the use of their Literature, volumes, materials and media in our research and development of this Portal.. Abele.. , Ridgely: Gold Medal Kumite, The Making of Champions, JIA Publishing Company.. USA © 2000.. , Ridgely: Instructors Manual, Teaching Skills and Essential Principles, Columbia School of Karatedo.. USA © 1998.. Alexander.. , George: Bubishi, Martial Art Spirit, Yamazato Publications, USA ©.. All Japan Karatedo Gojukai Federation.. [JKGA]; 50th Anniversary Yearbook, Japan © 2000.. Bishop.. , Mark: Okinawan Karate, Teachers, Styles, and secret techniques.. A & C Black Publishers Ltd.. , England © 1989.. Dai Nippon Butokukai,.. Organizational Chart of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai.. , © 2004.. Estrada,.. Ernest J.. : Okinawa Karate-do The Interviews Part #1.. ©.. Fujiwara.. , Ryozo: Kindai Karatedo no Rekishi o Kataru [Speaking of Karatedo History Today] Tokyo Japan © 1986.. Funakoshi.. , Gichin: Karatedo Kyouhan, Kadansha International.. Japan ©1973.. Funakoshi,.. Gichin: To-Te Jutsu, Masters Publications Canada ©.. Gsodam.. , Dr.. Friedrich: Gojuryu Karatedo, Wimmer-Druck, Linz.. Austria ©1988.. Higaonna.. , Morio: The History of Karate, Dragon Associates, Inc.. USA ©1996.. , Morio: Traditional Karatedo, Okinawan Gojuryu #1, Sugawara Martial Arts Institute, Inc.. Japan ©1987.. , Morio: Traditional Karatedo, Okinawan Gojuryu #2, Sugawara Martial Arts Institute, Inc.. Japan ©1986.. , Morio: Traditional Karatedo, Okinawan Gojuryu #3, Sugawara Martial Arts Institute, Inc.. , Morio: Traditional Karatedo, Okinawan Gojuryu #4, Sugawara Martial Arts Institute, Inc.. Hokama.. , Tetsuhiro: History and Traditions of Okinawan Karate, Masters Publications.. Canada © 1998.. Hyams.. , Joe: Zen in the Martial Arts, Bantam Books, USA ©1979.. Japan Karatedo Federation.. : Karatedo Kata Kyouhan - Model for Teaching, Shiteigata.. , Baseball Magazine, Japan © 1998.. : Karatedo Kata Kyouhan - Model for Teaching, Shiteigata dai ni.. , Inforest Co.. , LTD, Japan © 2004.. Japan Karatedo Federation Gojukai:.. [Gojuryu Karatedo] Revised Edition.. , © 2005.. Lewis.. , Lewis: Martial Arts of the Orient, Gallery Books.. USA ©.. McCarthy.. , Patrick: Ancient Okinawan Martial Arts, Volume 1 & 2, Tuttle Publishing Company.. Japan © 1999.. , Patrick: The Bible of Karate, Bubishi, Tuttle Publications, Rutland, VT, USA © 1995.. , Patrick: Classical Kata of Okinawan Karate, O'Hara Publications, Inc.. , Santa Clarita, CA USA © 1987.. McKenna.. , Mario" To'on Ryu: A glimpse into karatedo's roots.. Journal of Asian Martial Arts 9(3).. Via Media Publishing Company, Eire PA, USA © 2000.. , Mario: Kanzaki Shigekazu; An interview with To'on Ryu's  ...   Kata of Ryueiryu Karate.. , Champ Publishing Co.. , Suginami Tokyo Japan © 2004.. Shioda.. , Gozo: Dynamic Aikido, Kodansha International Ltd.. , Japan ©1968.. Shockey.. , Ken: Patience - Part 1 - The Traditional Karatedo Kata, USA © 1996.. Toguchi.. , Seikichi: Okinawan Gojuryu, Fundamentals of Shorei-Kan, O'Hara Publications, Inc.. , USA ©1976.. Urban.. , Peter: The Karatedo jo, Traditions and tales of a Martial Art.. Charles E.. Tuttle Publishing Co.. , Inc.. USA ©1967.. Warrener.. , Don: 20th Century Samurai.. Rising Sun Productions USA © 2007.. , Don: Traditional Gojuryu Karate, Masters Publications.. Canada © 1982.. , Don: Advanced Traditional Gojuryu Karate, Maters Publications, Canada © 1994.. Watani.. , K &.. Yamada.. , T: Bugei Ryuha Daijiten [Great Encyclopedia of Martial Arts], Tokyo Japan © 1978.. Yagi.. , Meitetsu; Wheeler; Vickerson: Okinawan Karatedo Gojuryu Meibu-Kan, Action Press.. Yamaguchi.. , Gogen: KARATE, Gojuryu by the Cat, International Karatedo Gojukai.. Japan © 1966-Japanese / ©1967-English.. , Gogen: Gojuryu no Ibuki, Eiko Shuppansha.. Japan ©1966-Japanese only.. , Gogen: Gojuryu Karatedo Kyouhan, International Karatedo Gojukai.. Japan © 1964-Japanese only.. , Gogen: Goju Ryu Karate Do Kyohan, Masters Publications.. Canada © 1999.. , H.. Goshi: Gojuryu Karate, A Visual Guide to Kumite Techniques I.. G.. A.. Gojuryu Kai, Dai Nippon Publishing Co.. Japan © 1993.. Goshi: Karatedo - Gojuryu Karate, Seibido Sports, Japan © 1990.. , N.. Gosei: The Fundamentals of Gojuryu Karate.. , O'Hara Publications, Inc.. USA © 1972.. Gosei: Gojuryu Karatedo II, O©Hara Publications, Inc.. USA ©1974.. Gosei: Kin 145, Elementary Karate, , The Bookstore @ S.. F.. S.. U.. , Rapid Copy Center of the J.. Paul Leonard Library c/o O'Hara Publications, Inc.. USA ©1972 O'Hara Publications, Inc.. Yamakura.. , Motoo: Gojuryu Karatedo, Fundamentals for Traditional Practioners: Volume 1: G.. Publications.. USA ©1989.. Yoki,.. Yukiaki: Yoki's Karate Errantry in America.. , Chuo-ku Japan © 2004.. We would also like to note our gratefulness to the following publications for their continued monthly printing of quality and enthusiastic information, which we have used as a reference to help put together this crazy puzzle:.. Magazine.. Japan.. Asian Journal of Martial Arts.. USA.. Baseball Magazine-Japan.. Black Belt Magazine.. Blitz Magazine.. Australia.. Champ Media Productions.. Dragon Times.. Geken Karatedo.. (Tokyo, Japan).. JKFan Magazine - Champ Publications; Japan.. Meibukan Magazine Lex Opdam.. Sean Wong of Markham Meibukai.. Terry O'Niells Fighting Arts International.. Great Britan.. Yamada Sanzinsoo.. Osaka Japan.. Ratings.. Rating is available to Members only.. login.. register.. to vote.. No Ratings have been Posted.. 12,915,842 unique visits..

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  • Title: All Gojuryu Network - Articles: 空手道 Biographies
    Descriptive info: Articles: Biographies.. Akira Shiomi Hanshi Curriculum Vitae.. Mr.. Akira Shiomi Hanshi.. March 25th 1934 -.. Born in Japan, Akira Shiomi Hanshi is the Chief Technical Director of the JKF Gojukai.. Holding such position places him on the board of Directors of both the Japan Karatedo Federation [JKF] and the World Karatedo Federation [WKF].. See the following outline for his specific Biography / Curriculum Vitae:.. Chojun Miyagi Sensei.. Chojun Miyagi Sensei.. April 25,1888-October 8th, 1953.. Do not be struck by others.. Do not strike others.. The principle is the peace without incident.. Chojun Miyagi was born April 25th 1888 in Higashi-Machi (Naha-shi) Okinawa of a wealthy family who's business was import/export primarily pharmaceuticals.. Originally Chojun Miyagi was born as Miyagi Matsu however his name was changed to Chojun at the age of 5 by his uncle whom adopted him after the death of his father in 1893.. His family owned two ships which made regular trips to mainland China, placing them among the wealthiest families in the area and enabled a young Chojun Miyagi Sensei to travel to China to study the style of his instructor and develop the style of Karatedo we call Gojuryu today.. However his original Martial Arts training started with his neighbor Ryu Ko Aragaki (one of the very few fighters ever to beat the legendary Choki Motobu) at 11 years old.. Ryu Ko Aragaki Sensei, before moving his family to Taiwan, later introduced him to Kanryo Higaonna, and he began training at the age of 15 in the fall of 1902 after fulfilling a host of chores (the traditional way of being accepted by an instructor).. DAN IVAN Martial Arts Pioneer and Icon By Robert Hunt.. DAN IVAN Martial Arts Pioneer and Icon By Robert Hunt The following is about Dan Ivan, martial arts pioneer and icon, taken from 35 years of friendship and apprenticeship, some long nights of taping, and his own memoirs.. Ivan began training in Japan in 1948 and spent his life in the martial arts world.. He passed away last year.. The parts below in italics are Mr.. Ivan s own words from things he has written or tapes I have made.. Robert Hunt As I walked through the neighborhood of fallen concrete buildings and remaining ashes of those that burned, the smell of hibachi cooking permeated the air.. Looking around in the darkness I could see small flickering flames, fires built in cans to keep warm.. The light bulb swayed back and forth on one almost bare wire, tossing random illumination on the dark staircase below.. Dan Ivan stared down the staircase and wondered if karate was.. Des Tuck Sensei Curriculum Vitae.. Desmond Tuck Sensei.. 1954 - Present.. Born in Durban South Africa, Des Tuck Esq.. has been essential in constructing the Gojuryu Division of the JKF Gojukai in the United States and today serves as the President of the Association.. Ei ichi Miyazato.. Ei'ichi Miyazato.. July 5th, 1922 - December 10th, 1999.. Ei'ichi Miyazato was born on July 5th, 1922 in I-Chome, 13 Banchi.. Higashi-machi, Naha-shi Okinawa, Okinawa and passed away in December 10th, 1999 due to ill health.. Miyatato Ei'Ichi Hanshi began his Karatedo training at age 13.. Gogen Yamaguchi Hanshi.. January 20th, 1909-May 20th, 1989.. Already as a youngster Gogen Yamaguchi showed strong interest in the Martial Arts.. Prior to his training in Karatedo he studied Kendo (Japanese fencing).. His first  ...   Nishi-machi (Nishimura), Naha-shi, Okinawa - the 10th generation of Higaonna family in Haru Lineage.. At the time he was born Okinawa was occupied by the Satsuma Clan.. Reputed to have earned a living transporting firewood from the Kerama Island.. Kenzo Uchiage.. Kenzo Uchiage Hanshi.. 1920 - October 23rd 2003.. Kenzo Uchiage studied jointly under Chojun Miyagi in Okinawa and with Gogen Yamaguchi while at Ritsumeikan University in Japan.. Under their direction he was one of the early members of Gojuryu Karatedo to have received the Renshi Menkyu from the Dai Nippon Butokukai.. Kishio Gosen Yamaguchi Shihan.. Co-Founder of Goju Kai Karate Do USA.. 1940-1990.. Kishio Gosei Yamaguchi was undoubtedly one of the finest Masters of Karate-do that we have had the honour to train with , albeit briefly.. Gosen Shihan's death in 1990 approximately one year after his father Jitsumi Gogen Kaiso, was the greatest shock to all of us, and especially so to his mother Midori Yamaguchi, and his siblings, Hirofumi Goshi, Norimi Gosei, and Wakako.. The pain etched indellibly into the face of Goshi Shihan as he discussed the tragic loss of his dear brother is testament enough to the esteem to which he was held within his own family.. Gogen Kaiso was obviously very proud of.. Koshin Iha Hanshi Curriculum Vitae.. Koshin Iha Hanshi.. 1922 - Present.. 1922 - Born in Naha Okinawa.. 1938 - Begins training with Chojun Miyagi Sensei.. 1942 - Chojun Miyagi and Koshin Iha Sensei perform an individual enbu demonstration at Butoku-den for the visit to Okinawa of Imperial messenger Ogura.. 1953 November - Senior students of Miyagi Sensei meet at the house of Genkai Nakaima.. Those present include Seiko Kina, Meitoku Yagi, Jitsue Yogi, Ei'ichi Miyazato and Koshin Iha.. Kyo Mouri.. Kyo Mouri Sensei.. January 1st, 1921 - August 1998.. Kyo Mouri Sensei served as the President of the JKF Gojukai from April of 1997 to August of 1998.. See the following outline for his specific Biography:.. Leo Lipinski Kyoshi Curriculum Vitae.. Leo Lipinski Kyoshi.. 1946 - Present.. Born in South Africa, Leo Lipinski - Kyoshi, holds the grade of 7th Dan - JKF Gojukai and 8th Dan Gojuryu Karatedo Seiwakai.. He actively and extensively teaches and travels to seminars to spread Gojuryu Karatedo.. To date he organizes and teaches seminars usually twice a year in various locations in Europe together with Japanese instructors as well as trains annually and sometimes twice per year in Japan [since circa 1960 to date].. Teaches independently a minimum of 20 seminars annually in various countries including Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Africa.. MASANOBU SHINJO, LEE GRAY AND THE SHOBUKAN - THE OTHER GOJU RYU.. MASANOBU SHINJO, LEE GRAY AND THE SHOBUKAN - THE OTHER GOJU RYU By Robert Hunt The afternoon sun still drifted through opaque windows at the end of the gymnasium and offered a smidgen of hazy twilight to my corner of the stands.. Contestants and judges buzzed about the floor in constant activity and watchers came and went through the double doors at the other end of the room.. It was 1974.. Tournament karate was young and exciting.. Nowadays tournaments often feel like the proverbial hackneyed nag, tired from use and abuse, but, back then, they were fresh and still new, full of undiscovered challenge.. No one knew where we were going, but it was a great time to get there.. 12,915,850 unique visits..

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  • Title: All Gojuryu Network - Chronology 1950-1999
    Descriptive info: 1653xtxi75.. Seiko Higa in my memories: translation by Sanzinsoo.. Seiko Higa in my memories.. by Saburo Higa.. translation by Sanzinsoo.. Remarks: The original Japanese title "Omoide No Higa Seiko Sensei" written by Mr.. Saburo Higa, an acupuncturist.. This article appeared in the book, "Karate Denshinroku" (= True History of Karate) by Akio Kinjo, as a supplementary article.. Pages 326-331 (Okinawa Tosho Center, 1999).. I.. 1950.. April 8th - Eizo Ujita Sensei is born.. May - Gogen Jitsumi Yamaguchi Sensei officially reorganized and formed the All Japan Karatedo Gojukai in Tokyo (the original JKF Gojukai).. 30,000 members are contacted throughout the country to help 'set up shop'.. May - Shozo Ujita Sensei is recognized as Shihan of Ritsumeikan University Karatedo Club.. June - Toshisada Kono Sensei graduates from the Japan Medical College.. June - Takeo Ogha graduates from Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto.. Masafumi Suzuki moves to Okinasa and begins his Gojuryu Karatedo training at the garden dojo of Chojun Miyagi Sensei under the primary guidance of Ei'ichi Miyazato Sensei.. Motomasa Mayama Sensei (Jundo-Kan JKF Gojukai) begins his formal study of Gojuryu Karatedo.. 1951.. Miyagi Sensei began accepting a few students again at his garden Dojo.. Prior to this, the only two students who trained regularly at his Dojo were An'ichi Miyagi Sensei and Aragaki Suechi Sensei.. Later this same year, Ani'ichi Miyagi Sensei stops his training at the garden dojo of Chojun Miyagi Sensei.. Tasaki Shuji Sensei joins Gogen Jitsumi Yamaguchi Sensei at the Asakusa Dojo in Tokyo.. April - Shozo Ujita Sensei is elected as a Member of the Wakayama City Assembly.. 1952.. Gohhohyoue Yamamoto begins training Goju Ryu Karatedo with Gogen Yamaguchi.. January - As per the articles of the San Francisco Peace Treaty, Japan regained her sovereignty.. The Dai Nippon Butokukai was allowed to open its doors to classical martial arts again.. Chojun Miyagi Sensei is named "Chairman" of the "Goju-Ryu Advancement Society".. Manyof Chojun Miyagi Sensei's former students began to return from the war and resume training.. It is estimated that a full one third [1/3] of the population of Okinawa was lost due to the war and battle of Okinawa.. The Kokusai Budoin aka International Martial Arts Federation [ Kokusai Budoin Kokusai Budo Renmei aka IMAF or International Martial Arts Federation]is is formed as an organization to provide access to archives of historical information and sources of traditional instruction, as well as to promote Japanese martial arts having headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and has established branches in 17 countries, with members throughout the world comprised of the following seven divisions; Judo, Kendo, Karatedo, Aikido, Iaido, Nihon Jujutsu and Kobudo.. Meitoku Yagi is given permission to give instruction.. Upon which time he opens the original Meibukan Karate Dojo.. Shiomi Akira Sensei began his formal study of Gojuryu Karatedo.. May 23rd - Mabuni Kenwa Sensei founder of Shito-Ryu dies in Osaka Japan.. Hironori Kou Ohtsuka [founder of Wado Ryu] establishes his Hombu Dojo at Tsukiji Tokyo.. June 1 - The First Wado Ryu Demonstration tournament is held.. 1953 [Showa 28].. October 8th - Miyagi Sensei dies and is laid to rest in a tomb in Tomigusuku City.. This grave would later be remodeled to an extensive tomb by Eiichi Miyazato, the city of Naha and Tomigusuku and the Kuroi-obi Kai.. Having never having named [officially in writing] a successor.. Some say he told the students of the garden Dojo and his wife, that Ei'Ichi Miyazato was to continue his teachings however, Chojun Miyagi Sensei's death came early and unexpected, therefore he had not yet prepared for the future of Gojuryu and had never officially appointed a successor.. November - Senior students of Chojun Miyagi Sensei meet at the house of Genkai Nakaima.. Upon the death Chojun Miyagi, Meitoku Yagi Sensei assumes the position of "Chairman" of the Gojuryu Advancement Society".. A position vacated by the death of Chojun Miyagi Sensei.. Seikichi Toguchi Sensei creates Shoreikan Gojuryu Karatedo club and becomes a permanent member of the Gojuryu Karatedo Advancement Society.. Yutaka Ishikawa Sensei begins studying Gojuryu Karatedo.. The present day 'Dai Nippon Butoku Kai' was reestablished with a new charter and the new philosophical vision.. The Late Kumao Ohno Sensei was instrumental in this process as the vice chair.. The Honorable Jigo Higashi Fushimi, the supreme abbot of Shorenin Temple in Kyoto, a brother to Empress of Emperor Hirohito became the chairman of the new society.. December 1953 - Eichi Miyazato Sensei began teaching at Chojun Miyagi Sensei's Garden Dojo (Tsuboya, Naha City).. Ei'ichi Miyazato Sensei would later assume Chojun Miyagi Sensei's teaching role at the Naha Police Academy.. 1954.. Mayama Motomasa Sensei Graduates from Chuo University.. Fukunaga Satohiko Sensei begins his formal study of Gojuryu Karatedo.. At the request and consent of the wife of Chojun Miyagi Sensei, training resumes at the garden dojo being led by Ei'ichi Miyazato, Koshin Iha and Mr.. Inami.. Tomoharu Kisaki [Goju Ryu] opens the Yuinshinkan Dojo in Osaka Japan.. Tomoharu Kisaki was a top student of Gogen Yamaguchi and a Co-Founder of All Japan Karatedo Association.. 1955.. February - A formal meeting, Chaired by Nakaima Sensei, of the students of Chojun Miyagi is held in the Matsuo district of Naha to decide the recognized successor of Chojun Miyagi.. Ei'ichi Miyazato Sensei is recommended with the objection Meitoku Yagi Sensei.. Kin Miyagi [2nd son of Chojun Miyagi] endorses the recommendation of Ei'ichi Miyazato Sensei by expressing that it would have been Chojun Miyagi Sensei desire.. Seikichi Toguchi opens a dojo in Koza city Okinawa.. Calling it the Shorei Kan Dojo.. This would not only become famous amound US Military members stationed in Okinawa however would also become the name of his entire association.. March 20th - The Japan Karatedo Kyokai [JKA - Shotokan] opens its first official dojo in Yotsuya Japan.. March 22nd - Saigo Kichinosuke is named Chairman of the JKA [Saigo Kichinosuke was a , member of the upper house of the Japanese Diet and grandson of Saigo Takamori, one of the greatest heroes of Meiji Japan].. "Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinko Kai", (Ancient Weapons Promotion and Preservation Society) was founded.. Kyo Mouri [President JKF Gojukai 1997-1998] becomes Shihan of Ohita University Karatedo Club.. Shihan of Ohita Prefecture Police Academy and Shihan of Kyushu Nyugyo Co Ltd Karatedo club.. Meitoku Yagi and Seikichi Toguchi visit Kiyoda Juhatsu whom trained with Chojun Miyagi under the guidance of Kanryo Higaonna.. Shikan Akimine (a student of Seiko Higa) opens the first Gojuryu dojo in Brazil.. December 8 - Budo Festival held at Naha Theater in memory of the Gojuryu Founder Choujun Miyagi.. 1956.. Shiomi Akira Sensei Graduated from Ritsumeikan University.. May - Zen Okinawa Karate-do Renmei was founded co-founded by Meitoku Yagi Sensei (1st President : Choshin Chibana).. Meitoku Yagi Sensei, Ei'Ichi Miyazato and Seiko Higa co-found the Zen Okinawa Karatedo Gojukai where Meitoku Yagi is appointed President and Seiko Higa Vice President.. April 1st - The Japan Karatedo Kyokai [JKA - Shotokan] sets up the first ever kenshusei [Karatedo instructors program].. June - Jundokan was relocated to the site upon which it now stands in Asato, Naha City.. 1957.. With the blessing of Mrs.. Makato Miyagi, Eiichi Miyazato established Jundokan Dojo in the Asato district of Naha Okinawa with the assistance of Koshin Iha.. Kei Takeshi Miyagi [son of Chojun Miyagi] opens a Dojo in Tokyo and is assisted by Shuichi Aragaki whom also trained with Chojun Miyagi [1951].. Yutaka Ishikawa Sensei Graduated from Kagawa University.. Yoshiaki Ajari [JKF Wadokai Karatedo Federation and US Wadokai] comes to the United States to learn English at San Jose Community College and continue his studies of architectural engineering at the University of Califomia Berkeley.. While in San Jose he begins teaching the Gojuryu karatedo he learned from Shozo Ujita and Gogen Jitsumi Yamaguchi in San Jose and Hayward California.. This marks the first official and confirmed introduction of Gojuryu Karatedo to the mainland USA.. April 10th - The Japan Karatedo Kyokai [JKA - Shotokan] becomes a legal entity with the Japan Ministry of Education.. April 26th - Gichin Funakoshi, Founder of Shotokan dies.. Prince Higashikuni Naruhiko became the honorary chairman of the Kokusai Budoin, aka the "International Martial Arts Federation" [IMAF].. September 10th - Iwao Yamazaki is named the second JKA Chairman.. October 20th - The 1st JKA All Japan Karate Championship held at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium.. 1958.. Eizo Ujita Sensei started his formal study of Gojuryu Karatedo at his fathers Kenbukan Dojo in Wakayama.. April 10th - Masatoshi Nakayama becomes Chief Instructor of the JKA.. 1959.. April, Shozo Ujita Sensei becomes a member of the [Japan] Wakayama Prefecture Assembly.. Masaichi Oshiro Sensei [aka "Bingo"] trains in Japan in Gojuryu Karatedo with Gogen Jitsumi Yamaguchi.. After one year he would continue his training in Okinawa for six months with Yagi Meitoku.. Returning to Hawaii, Masaichi Oshiro Sensei teaches Gojuryu [previousely taught Kempo Jiu-Jitsu] to his students at his dojo the Te-Ken Jutsu Kai.. Peter Urban Sensei introduces Gojuryu Karatedo to the east coast of the United States in Union City - New Jersey.. An'ichi Miyagi surrenders his teaching position at the Jundokan Dojo for a salary position working at a tanker company.. June 2nd - Shuji Masutani becomes third JKA Chairman.. 1960.. Seiko Higa Sensei creates the Shodokan Gojuryu Karatedo Club.. Morio Higaonna Sensei [IOGKF] leaves Okinawa for studies at Tokyo Takushoku University.. While there he begins teaching at the, now famous, Yoyogi Dojo.. June 17 - The First meeting of the Okinawa Kobudo Assocation is held in Naha Okinawa.. December 30 - The Dan / kyu rank system is introduced by Okinawa karate-do Renmei at the first all style dan grading on Okinawa presided by Shoshin Nagamine.. 1961.. Hokama Sensei begins training with Seiko Higa Sensei at Naha Commercial High School.. Masaichi Oshiro Sensei returns from Japan having trained Gojuryu Karatedo with Gogen Jitsumi Yamaguchi for one year and continued his training in Okinawa for six months with Yagi Meitoku.. Upon his returning to Hawaii, Masaichi Oshiro Sensei teaches Gojuryu [previousely taught Kempo Jiu-Jitsu] to his students at his dojo the Te-Ken Jutsu Kai.. June 11th - The Japan Crown Prince attends 5th JKA All Japan Karate Championship.. 1962.. Gohhohyoue Yamamoto earns the grade of 5th Dan in Goju Ryu Karatedo under the guidance of Gogen Yamaguchi.. Gosen Yamaguchi Sensei, son of Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei, introduced Gojukai in San Francisco, at the University of San Francisco.. He is assisted by Gohhohyoue Yamamoto.. Kyo Mouri Sensei becomes the Executive director of the Ohita City Dentists Association.. October 8 - The sculptured bust of Chojun Miyagi sensei was placed in the Police Gymnasium and a Budo demonstration was held to mark the 10th anniversary of Chojun Miyagi Sensei's passing.. 1963.. April - Shuji Tasaki wins the 1st All Japan Karatedo Gojukai Shiai.. 1st place being Shuji Tasaki, 2nd place being Gonnohyoe Yamamoto, 3rd place being Mutsuo Shimotoku and fourth place being Goshi Yamaguchi.. October 3, A life sized statue of the bust of Chujin Miyagi is set in the Okinawa Police Gymnasium which was the previous location of the Naha Okinawa Butokuden in memory of the tenth year of his passing.. Meitoku Yagi receives Miyagi Sensei's Gi and Obi.. However, this Gi was purchased for Chojun Miyagi Sensei by Ei'Ichi Miyazato when Miyazato went to Japan to compete in Judo.. Today, it hangs in his Meibu-Kan Dojo.. Koshin Iha performed an Enbu demonstration to commemorate the unveiling ceremony of a bust of Chojun Miyagi at the Naha Polica Academy.. Gosei Yamaguchi Sensei joins his younger brother Gosen in San Francisco and eventually takes over Gojukai USA.. Rodney Hu becomes a 3rd Dan Chief Instructor under Gosei Yamaguchi Sensei.. In Hawaii Hu Sensei was a student of Oshiro Masaichi Sensei, who was the Gojukai Hawaiian representative.. Rodney Hu Sensei opened a Gojukai Dojo in Stockton, California.. September - Lou Angel [New York] receives the grade of 3rd Dan from Gogen Yamaguchi after extensive training at the Ueno Dojo in Tokyo Japan.. 1964.. May 1st - Japan Karate Federation established with Gogen Jitsumi Yamaguchi as a Senior co-founder.. The first joint demonstration of the federation is held at the Tokyo Budokan where Gogen Jitsumi Yamaguchi performs Superinpei.. This original version of the JKF was know as the "Federation of all Japan Karatedo Organization [FAJKO].. April - Shozo Ujita Sensei accedes to President  ...   Ryu Karate-Do Federation with the support of Ken Miyagi [fourth son of Chojun Miyagi], An ichi Miyagi and senior students of the late Chojun Miyagi: Seiko Kina, Seijin Nakamoto, Kiei Tomoyose, Shunshin Furugen, Jitsuei Yogi, and Shuichi Aragaki.. An'ichi Miyagi was appointed honorary chairman; and Morio Higaonna was appointed world chief-instructor.. Note, Morio Higaonna had long been teaching in Japan at the Yoyogi Dojo and Internationally since 1960.. September 8 - Eiichi Miyazato is awarded the grade of Hanshi by the All Japan Karate-do Federation [JKF].. 1980.. The remaining of 8 Kata (Gekisai ichi and Ni, Shisochin, Sanseiru, Seisan, Seipai, Kururunfa and Superinpei) were decided to become standardized by the JKF Gojukai based on Jundokan practices.. 1981.. May 1 - Eiichi Miyazato [Okinawa Jundokan Gojuryu Karatedo] is graded to 7th Dan in Judo by the Nippon Kodokan.. Morio Higaonna Sensei [IOGKF] leaves the Yoyogi Dojo of Tokyo Japan after 21 years.. August - The dojo under the direction of Eiichi Miyazato, Zenpo Shimabukuro, Shoshin Nagamine, Seikichi Higa and Yuchoku Higa resign from the All Okinawa Karate-do Renmei and formed the Okinawa-ken Karatedo Renmei.. They unanimously elect Shoshin Nagamine as the first President.. August - The Okinawa-Ken Karate-do Renmei affiliates with the Japan Karatedo Federation [JKF] and is recognized by the Japan Atheltic Association [JAA] and Ministry of Education.. The primary reason for doing this was getting Okinawa karate recognized as a National Sport in Japan.. JKA returns to Japan Karate Federation as supporter of each karate style.. 1982.. November 30 - Hohan Soken, founder of Okinawan Matsumura Shorin-ryu Karate dies of natural causes.. Ohtsuka Hironori Dies, Ohtsuka Hironori was the founder of Wado Ryu.. Kyo Mouri Sensei is elected Executive director of The Japan Dentists Association.. This would later relate directly to Kyo Mouri Sensei becoming the President of the JKF Gojukai 1997-1998.. 1983.. August 31st - the JKF hosts a tournament [Shiai] for paying homage to 30th anniversary of Chojun Miyagi's death - held in Okinawa.. Present is Senior advisor, Koshin Iha Sensei, of the Jundokan who performs Enbu demonstration.. Masanobu Shinjo Sensei leaves Sekichi Toguchi Sensei and his Shoreikan organization to form the Shobukan Dojo.. As a result, Sensei John Roseberry [A student of Sekichi Toguchi Sensei in Gojuryu and a student of Eiichi Miyazato in Judo] chooses not to side with either organization however stands mutually by forming his Shorei-Shobukan, in respect of Sekichi Toguchi Sensei and Masanobu Shinjo Sensei.. Konishi Yasuhiro Sensei Dies [Founder of Shindo Jinen Ryu].. Konishi Sensei studied directly under Funakoshi Gichin, Motobu Choki, Chojun Miyagi and Mabuni Kenwa.. 1984.. October 10th - Takeshi Iizuka becomes seventh JKA Chairman.. Tsuyoshi Chitose, the founder of Chito-Ryu dies.. 1985.. Under the official directive from the Dai Nippon Butokukai Honbu the USA and International division was established in 1985 where Tesshin Hamada Hanshi served as the director [Old Dominion Virginia].. September 29th - Shoto World Cup Karate Championship Tournament held at Tokyo Budokan and is held every other year since inception.. 1986.. Meitoku Yagi Sensei receives the "Tan Ho Sho, the Fourth Order of Merit" from Emperor Hirohito for his consistent service to Karatedo and to Okinawa.. April - Shozo Ujita Sensei ascends from his position of Mayor of Wakayama a position he maintained for the past Twenty [20] years since 1966 and becomes a member of Wakayama Prefecture Assembly.. Ogha Takeo Sensei acquired the grade Gojukai 8th Dan and the title Hanshi.. Mayama Motomasa Sensei acquired the grade Gojukai 8th Dan and the title Hanshi.. Shiomi Akira Sensei acquired the grade Gojukai 8th Dan and the title Hanshi.. Tasaki Shuji Sensei acquired the grade Gojukai 8th Dan and the title of Hanshi.. Actively serves as Gojukai Deputy Chief of Board of Directors, a Central Examiner and a Manager of Kanto Region.. June 1st - Nobuyuki Nakahara becomes eighth JKA Chairman.. September - Shozo Ujita Sensei is recommended to be the Wakayama city honorary Mayor.. 1987.. January 11 - The first Karatedo museum in the World is established by Tetsuhiro Hokama Sensei in Okinawa.. Monuments of Kanryo Higaonna and Chojun Miyagi are erected in Naha - Okinawa.. March - The JKF Gojukai hosts its 1st International Competition - held in Singapore.. April 15th - JKA Senior Instructor Masatoshi Nakayama passes away (age 74).. September - Morio Higaonna Sensei [IOGKF] moves to California USA.. 1988.. March 20 - Budo Festival held at Oroku HIgh School to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the founding of Jundokan.. March 20 - Eiichi Miyazato is awarded Hanshi, 10th Dan by the Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate-do Kyokai.. August - The JKF Gojukai hosts its 2nd International Competition - held in Hong Kong.. Toshisada Kono Sensei [President of JKF Gojukai 1991-1995] becomes President of Gajoen Kanko Co.. 1989.. January 7 - End of the Showa Period.. January 8 - Beginning of the Heisei Period.. May 8 - Gogen Jitsumi Yamaguchi Sensei dies.. His oldest son, Gosei Yamaguchi oversees Gojukai USA, and two younger sons Gosen Kishio Yamaguchi Sensei Goshi Yamaguchi Sensei oversees the All Japan Karatedo Gojukai [JKGA] and International Karatedo Gojukai [IKGA].. June, Shozo Ujita Sensei, President of the JKF Gojukai and founder of Kenbukan Gojukai, passes away.. Eizo Ujita Sensei assumed President of Wakayama Prefecture Karatedo Federation.. August - Kenzo Uchiage accedes to Acting President of the JKF Gojukai.. Toshisada Kono Sensei [President JKF Gojukai 1991-1995] is presented the 7th Dan by JKF Gojukai.. November - the JKF Gojukai hosts its 3rd International Competition - held in Sydney Australia.. 1990.. January - Prince Higashikuni Naruhiko dies.. At one time Prince Higashikuni was, at one time, the chairman of The Kokusai Budo Renmei.. Mayama Motomasa Sensei became a chief director of JKF Gojukai.. Actively serves as a member of Gojukai Central Examination Committee.. April - Gosen Kishio Yamaguchi [Second son of Gogen Jitsumi Yamaguchi] dies.. Shiomi Akira Sensei acquired the grade JKF 8th Dan.. June 10th - Litigation begins over official register of the JKA marking the beginning of two associations both claiming legal rights of the JKA.. August - Nagamine Shoshin performs Wankan Kata at the World Karate Kobudo Festival in Okinawa.. 1991.. 1st Goju-ryu World Karate-do Championship [held at: Naha Civic Gymnagium].. March - Toshisada Kono Sensei Ascends to the position of 3rd President of the JKF Gojukai.. April 1st - Motokuni Sugiura becomes Chief Instructor of the JKA.. October 11th - Masafumi Suzuki dies.. 1992.. March - Shozo Ujita Sensei having passed away in June of 1989 is Presented the 10-Dan grade by JKF Gojukai.. Dedication of the rebuild Shuri Castle in Okinawa.. 1993.. Meitoku Yagi Sensei receives the 1st Karatedo medal of merit from the Ryukyu Shinpo alogn with the title of "Intangible Cultural Asset of Okinawa" for his lifetime contribution to Okinawa Karatedo.. Ujita Eizo Sensei Acceded to Vice President of JKF Gojukai.. Yutaka Ishikawa Sensei became a director of the JKF.. October 15 - Masanobu Shinjo Sensei [Shobukan Gojuryu Karatedo] dies [1938 - 1993].. Fukunaga Satohiko Sensei acquired the grade Gojukai 7th Dan and the title of Kyoshi.. Actively serves as Gojukai Deputy Chief of Board of Directors and Manager of Chubu Region.. Namiki Tomonori Sensei acquired the grade Gojukai 7th Dan and the title Kyoshi.. Actively serves as Gojukai Secretary General, WKF Official Referee and a Chairman of JKF Referee Council.. February 20th - JKA headquarters dojo moves to Ebisu.. July 25 - Budo Festival held at Naha Citizen's Gymnasium to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of Jundokan.. 1994.. October 30th - JKA publishes a textbook on kata.. This would gradually expanded to five volume series.. 1995.. Takeo Ogha Accedes to Vice President of JKF Gojukai.. Yutaka Ishikawa Sensei became an auditor of the JKF.. March - Kyo Mouri becomes the Head of JKF Gojukai Kyushu Area Hombu offices.. April - The JKF Gojukai hosts its 4th International Competition - held in Christchurch New Zealand.. Seiichi Fujiwara of Seiwakai Gojuryu Karatedo is graded to 7th Dan JKF Gojukai.. June - Toshisada Kono Sensei, President [at the time] of the JKF Gojukai, passes away.. June 19th - Tokyo Local Court rules in favor of JKA as the primary licensee of the Japan Karatedo Association [Japan Karatedo Kyokai].. August - Kenkichi Katano Sensei accedes to Acting President of the JKF Gojukai.. 1996.. February - Tomoharu Kisaki [Goju Ryu - Yamaguchi Ha Goju Kai; Co-Founder of All Japan Karatedo Association and Founder of Yuinshinkan Goju Kai] dies 1920 - 1996.. Yutaka Ishikawa Sensei acquired the grade Gojukai 8th Dan and the title Hanshi.. Ujita Eizo Served as Wakayama Prefecture Assembly Deputy Chairman.. Akira Shiomi Hanshi becomes a board member of the JKF and a JKF 1st Grade examiner and is the special Kata coach of the Japanese national team and technical director of the JKF Gojukai.. April - Kyo Mouri Sensei accedes to Acting President of the JKF Gojukai.. December - Shoshin Nagamine visits Hawaii sponsored by Tommy Morita, Zenko Heshiki and William Rabacal.. 1997.. April - Kyo Mouri Sensei accedes to 4th President of JKF Gojukai.. Yutaka Ishikawa Sensei assumes Deputy President of Kagawa Prefecture Karatedo Federation.. Actively serves as a member of Gojukai Central Examination and Chief of Planning Committee.. Okinawa Prefecture Ministry of Education and Prefecture officials open Butokuden in Naha City.. Opening ceremonies seat officials in front of Karatedo masters.. Three men recognized as Intangible Cultural Assets of Okinawa Prefecture in the field of Okinawa karatedo and Kobudo.. They being Meitoku Yagi, Shoshin Nagamine, Seiki Itokazu.. September 18th - Seigo Tada, Chairman of the Seigo-Kan, at one time the largest Gojuryu Organization in Japan Dies in Hameji, Japan.. His wife continues his efforts of Seigo-Kan Gojuryu in both Japan and their second home in Brazil, South America.. November 2nd, Shoshin Nagamine Sensei, founder of Matsubiyashi Shorin Ryu, dies.. November - Jitsui Yogi Sensei dies - Jitsuei Yogi was born on September 27, 1912.. He originally introduced Gogen Jitsumi Yamaguchi Sensei to Chojun Miyagi Sensei.. He also assisted Miyagi Sensei with his first demonstration in Japan as well as, headed the Karate Club at Ritsumeikan University, served as a senior student at the 1953 meeting of Miyagi's students and was the original VP of the JKF Gojukai in 1972.. [September 1912 - November 1997].. 1998.. The Dai Nippon Butokukai recognized Gojuryu Karatedo as the only form of Karatedo to be an ancient form of Martial Art.. This places Gojuryu Karatedo into the same catagory with other ancient Martial Arts such as Kenjutsu, Aikijutsu, Kobujutsu, Jujutsu and others.. This also marks a historic point in the history of Karatedo [in general].. The "Dai Nippon Butokukai " is fundamentaly a Japanese society however Gojuryu Karatedo is of Okinawa foundation making Gojuryu Karatedo not only the first ever form of Karatedo named as an ancient Martial Art but also the first Okinawa Martial Art being recognized as a Bujutsu.. August - Kyo Mouri Sensei, President of JKF Gojukai, passed away.. August - Eizo Ujita Sensei who is a son of previous President of the JKF Gojukai Shozo Ujita Sensei accedes to acting [Deputy] president of JKF Gojukai.. August 31st - Seikichi Toguchi Sensei passes away at age 81 in Tokyo Japan.. Seikichi Toguchi Sensei was a student of Higa Seiko Sensei and also one of the original students of Chojun Miyagi.. Seikichi Toguchi is the founder of Shoreikan Gojuryu.. October 29th - Tokyo Higher Court rules in favor of JKA as the primary licensee.. of the Japan Karatedo Association [Japan Karatedo Kyokai].. 1999.. July - Karatedo is officially named an Olympic sport by the International Olympic committee (IOC).. The World Karatedo Federation [WKF] is officially recognized to oversee this new sport.. Eiko Miyazato Hanshi [founder of Gokenkan] dies.. June 10th - JKA wins the case in Japan Supreme Court; official recognition restored as the primary licensee of the Japan Karatedo Association [Japan Karatedo Kyokai].. November 26 - Walter Todd [1927-1999] dies in Oakland California.. Walter Todd was the first Westerner to have received a Dan grading in any martial art style from Japan [including Dan gradings and training direct from both Gichin Funakosh, Kyuzo Mifune, Hironori Kou Ohtsuka and Isao Obata].. December 10 - Eiichi Miyazato Hanshi, is awarded the grade of 8th Dan by the Nippon Kodokan.. December 11th - Eiichi Miyazato Hanshi, founder of Jundokan Gojuryu Karatedo] dies of natural causes in Okinawa.. 12,915,860 unique visits..

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  • Title: All Gojuryu Network - Chronology 2000-Present
    Descriptive info: l390222r.. The Power of Softness - From Syracuse Jundokan.. The name of our style, Goju-ryu, literally means hard/soft style.. This simple name is often interpreted in different ways with some people believing that the go part refers to punching and kicking and that the ju part refers to throws such as those found in Judo.. 2000.. February 13th - Koshin Iha Sensei accepts the responsibility of leading the Jundokan being named Chairman.. Koshin Iha Sensei and Meitoku Yagi Sensei are recognized as "Intangible Cultural Asset of Okinawa" and receive the Service of Merit Award from the City of Naha Okinawa during the Okinawa Karatedo Kobudo World Tournament held at Prefectural Martial Arts Pavilion.. Also honored were Jyoen Nakazato, Shugoro Nakazato, Ryuko Tomoyose, Katsuya Miyahira and Kosei Wakugawa.. Eizo Ujita Sensei acquired the grade 7th Dan.. JKF Gojukai.. The All Japan Karatedo Association Gojukai (JKGA) celebrate their 50th anniversaries together with the IKGA in Tokyo Japan under the direction of Goshi Yamaguchi Saiko Shihan.. December 20th - New JKA headquarters dojo built in Bunkyo-ku, Iidabashi.. 2001.. Akira Shiomi Sensei assumes a Director of JKF.. Actively serves as JKF Gojukai Deputy Chief of Board of Directors, a member of Central Examination Committee and a Chief of Instruction Committee, and JKF First Grade Examiner and Kata Special Coach.. Eizo Ujita Sensei Accedes to President of JKF Gojukai.. Naha Okinawa - 3rd Worldwide Uchinanchu (Okinawans) Festival held with main events being 'Karate/Kobudo Exchange Festival'.. May 19th - Opening ceremony for new JKA headquarters dojo in Bunkyo-ku, Iidabashi.. June - JKF Gojukai hosts its 1st European Championship in Hungary.. August - JKF Gojukai host International Competition held in Wakayama-Japan, Honoring of Shozo Ujita Hanshi.. 2002.. July 29 - Memorial Budo Festival held at the Okinawa Prefectural Budokan to mark the 3rd year since the passing of Eichi MIyazato Sensei.. Seiichi Fujiwara of Seiwakai Gojuryu Karatedo is  ...   separated from the Kyokai and founded the Okinawa Gojuryu Karate-do So Honbu Jundokan.. Peter Urban Sensei (August 14th 1934 - April 7th 2004) dies.. Peter Urban Sensei introduced Gojuryu Karatedo to the east coast of the United States when he started teaching privately in Union City - New Jersey in 1959 and opened his first Dojo [the Chinatown Dojo] on 17th St.. in Manhattan New York City in 1967.. August 31 - Six years [to the day] after the death of Seikichi Toguchi, his Wife Haruko Toguchi [introduced to Seikichi Toguchi by Seiko Higa playing matchmaker] takes retirement as the Head of Shorei Kai.. September 22nd - Teruo Hayashi Saiko Shihan [Head Master of Hayashi-ha Shitoryu] dies of natural causes.. October - Shorei Kai Goju Ryu Karate Association is reorganized naming Norihiro Yamamoto as the new Kaicho to lead the organization, and Masaru Nose as the President.. Yoshihiro Miyazato assumes the position of Chairman of the Okinawa Gojuryu Karatedo so Honbu - Jundokan [formerly known as the Jundokan].. Taiji Kase [Shotokan Japan and Europe] dies.. 2005.. November - The Jundokan re-releases the only text ever published by Eiichi Miyazato [June 1978] "Okinawa-Den Gojuryu Karate-Do" along with a commerative DVD.. This is considered by many a strong mark of modernization and forward movement to continue in his memory.. 2006.. August 15 - Tetsuhiko Asai Sensei [Shuseki Shihan of the JKS] dies.. 2008.. November - 19th WKF World Championships return to Tokyo Japan.. 2009.. April 28 - An'ichi Miyagi [Jundokan and IOGKF] dies.. May 3 - Saiko Shihan Yamaguchi Goshi Sensei along with family members [includine Gohai] and JKGA members pay their respect to Yamaguchi Gogen visiting his grave and hosting a memorial marking both the 20th year since his passing and his 100th year [Born January 1909].. Awesome!.. 100%.. [3 Votes].. Very Good.. 0%.. [No Votes].. Good.. Average.. Poor.. 12,915,863 unique visits..

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