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  • Title: Fairtrade Africa
    Descriptive info: .. Africa Fairtrade Network.. Home.. About Us.. Networks partners.. Producers Products.. About Fairtrade.. African Markets.. News.. Contacts us.. Sitemap.. English.. French.. NEWS FLASH!!.. Winners of the FTA Financial survey will be announced at the Africa Fairtrade Convention in Cape town, South Africa more info.. Find a producer.. News and events.. Regional  ...   as new Executive Director.. Coffee Network sets new targets.. Renew your membership here.. Producer Login.. Username.. Sign up.. Password.. Search Producer Product Profiles.. Use our database to search for Fairtrade producers in Africa and find details about their products.. Search.. Accessibility.. Terms and conditions.. Follow @fairtradeafrica.. Design and technology by.. Reading Room..

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  • Title: About Us – Fairtrade Africa
    Descriptive info: Who we are.. What we do.. Structure.. Staff.. Jobs and volunteering.. Annual Reviews.. Read more about who we are and who our members are.. Learn about our mission.. How Fairtrade Africa is structured.. Read about each of our staff.. Jobs volunteering.. Latest vacancies.. Annual reports.. Download our annual reports..

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  • Title: Networks & partners – Fairtrade Africa
    Descriptive info: Regional networks.. Product networks.. Country partnerships.. Gold network.. Partners.. Networks & partners.. Read about our regional networks.. Read about our product networks.. Read about our country partnership work.. A Fairtrade gold network in Africa.. Fairtrade Africa s partners..

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  • Title: Producers & Products – Fairtrade Africa
    Descriptive info: Producer Profiles.. Best Practices.. Producer training.. Climate change and Fairtrade.. Producer videos.. Membership.. Producers & Products.. Producer profiles.. Search for producers and products.. Best practices.. Producers share experiences.. Technical Assistance Fund info.. Fairtrade and climate change.. Learn more about the challenges farmers face.. Watch videos of producers.. Membership.. Apply for Fairtrade Africa membership..

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  • Title: About Fairtrade – Fairtrade Africa
    Descriptive info: What is Fairtrade?.. Becoming Fairtrade certified.. Market Access.. Fairtrade growth.. FAQs.. Read about the aims of Fairtrade.. How producer certification works.. Market access.. How can producers access Fairtrade markets.. Useful facts and figures about the growth of Fairtrade.. FAQs.. Frequently Asked Questions..

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  • Title: African Markets – Fairtrade Africa
    Descriptive info: Buying Fairtrade in Africa.. Where are the markets.. Why Fairtrade is available in African shops.. In which African countries can you buy Fairtrade products?..

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  • Title: News – Fairtrade Africa
    Descriptive info: Fairtrade news.. Press releases.. e-newsletter.. Newsletter.. Events.. Conferences.. News.. Latest news from Fairtrade Africa and partners.. Fairtrade Africa press releases.. Read Fairtrade Africa press releases.. e-Newsletter.. Sign up to receive our e-newsletter.. Download here Fairtrade Africa s hard copy newsletter.. Information about events.. Fairtrade Africa conferences.. Find more information about Fairtrade Africa s annual conference..

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  • Title: Contacts us – Fairtrade Africa
    Descriptive info: Secretariat,.. FTA-EAN FTA-NAN Office.. 5th Avenue Suite,.. Room 8 9,.. 5th Avenue Ngong.. Ngong Road, Nairobi.. PO Box 3308 – 00200.. Kenya.. +254 202 721930.. FTA-SAN.. Office.. Unit 20, Block E, Collingwood Place, Anson Street,.. Observatory 7925.. PO Box 13450.. Mowbray 7705.. South Africa.. +27 2144 88911.. FTA-WAN.. Z 75 Volta Street.. Airport Residential Area.. Accra.. P.. O Box KA 9272.. Ghana.. +233 302 76 64 11.. Name:.. Organisation:.. Job title:.. Phone number:.. Email address:.. Comments:..

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  • Title: Sitemap – Fairtrade Africa
    Descriptive info: Pages.. Thank you.. Business.. Environment.. Social.. Health.. Categories.. Fees.. Payment.. Termination.. FAQ.. Thank you for subscribing.. Terms and Conditions.. Plugin by.. dagondesign.. com..

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  • Title: Producer Profiles – Fairtrade Africa
    Descriptive info: Search for a producer profile.. Search for a producer.. All.. Bukonzo Organic Farmers Cooperative Union Ltd.. Smallholder Tea Growers Trust.. Abahuzamugambi.. Abakundakawa.. ABO farmers.. Abura Asebu Kwamankesi CIGMAG.. Adonten Pineapple Grower and Marketing Society.. AHAFO ANO SOUTH CITRUS.. Ajumako-Anyan-Asiam Citrus Growers Association.. Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society.. Al Itkan.. Al Nour.. Al Smoat Al Zrkaa Association.. Al-Shams Agro Group.. ALG Boerdery (Pty) Ltd.. Alweda Boerdery.. Amansie West (CCP) Co-operative Cocoa Farmers and Marketing.. Ankole Coffee Producers Co-operative Union (ACPCU).. APAD - Ass.. d.. Planteurs de l'arrondissement de diouloulou.. Aponoapono Biakoye Organic Cocoa Farmer’ Association.. Aso.. for the Sambirano Agriculture and Peasantry Development.. Assin Citrus Growers and Marketing Association.. Association des Planteurs de Mananara.. Association of Kilimanjaro Specialty Coffee Growers Ltd (KILICAFE).. Association TON.. Association Tsiry Andampin'ny Fosa.. Association Wouol de Bérégadougou.. Asunafo North (CCP) Co-operative Cocoa Farmers and Marketing.. Banyankole Kweterana Co-operative Union Ltd.. Barichu Farmers Co-operative Society Ltd.. Bee Manique Co-operative Credit Society.. Bergendal Boerdery.. Bergsig Pty (Ltd).. Bigot Flowers and Plants Kenya Limited.. Bihar Credit Cooperative Society.. Birim North Citrus Farmers Association.. Blue Mountain Berries.. Blue Skies Mango Collective.. Bomarts Farms Limited.. Bono Farm Management (Pty) Ltd.. Bosman Farming.. Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Micro Finance Society Ltd.. C.. A.. N (Coopérative Agricole Adzopé Nord).. J.. Neethling t/a Telheim Landgoed (Pty) Ltd.. CAAOGA (Coopérative Agricole Akoundan Ouflé de Gadouan).. CABB (Coopérative Agricole Barakagni de Befla).. CAEK (Cooperative Agricole Entr' Aide De Kotobi).. CAMASAF (Coopérative Agricole Massoubebie d'Apprompron - Aff).. Camp Diable Credit Cooperative Society.. Camp Thorel Credit Cooperative Society.. CANN (Coopérative Agricole Nzrama de N'Douci).. Cannan Farms Cooperative.. Cent Gaulettes Credit Cooperative Society.. Cercle des Sécheurs.. Changoi Out Growers Self Help Group.. Chebokaptich Farmers Empowerment Project.. Chinga Tea Factory Company Ltd.. Cilmor Trust Farms.. Cluny Credit Cooperative Society.. COABIA (Cooperative Anonklon de Bianouan).. COALIDAN (coopérative Agricole Liberté de Dania).. Cooop SOCAS Aboisso.. Coop Agricole Aniaman De Ketesso.. COOP CAREJA.. COOP CAYAT.. COOP SOCAB.. COOPAB/Coopérative Agricole de Bettie.. Coopac.. COOPACA (Coopérative Agricole du Canton Amélékia).. COOPADEF (Coopérative Agricole Départementale Le Fromager).. COOPAEB.. Coopaga - Coopérative Agricole de Gabiadji.. Coopagrig.. Coopakob (Coopérative des Producteurs Agricoles de Kouabouadoukro).. COOPASA (Coopérative Agricole Solidarité d’Akati).. COOPAYE (Coopérative Agricole Yéyokon de l'Indénié).. Coopéraive Agricole Yéyonian d’Apprompron Affewa.. Coopérative Agnitié de Collecte, de Commercialisation et prestation de service d’Apprompron.. Cooperative Agricole Abocanin d'Akoupe.. Coopérative Agricole Aboussouan de l’Indenié (Coopaai).. Coopérative Agricole Affoubénou de l’Indenié( COOPAAFI).. Coopérative Agricole Amanhia d'Amélékia (COOPAAME).. Coopérative Agricole Anouanze de Méagui (CAAM).. Cooperative Agricole Anouanze d’Abongoua (CAAA).. Coopérative Agricole Boh-Nouman de Zoukougbeu / CABZOU.. Cooperative Agricole de Daloa (CAGRIDA).. Coopérative Agricole du Garo (COOPAGARO).. Cooperative Agricole du Kenedougou (Coopake).. Cooperative Agricole la Renaissance de Biamoun/CAREBIA.. COOPÉRATIVE AGRICOLE SABARIKAGNI DU HAUT SASSANDRA.. Coopérative Agricole Yawoubé d’Aniassué (CAYAWA).. Coopérative Agricole Yéklohéon de l’Indénié (COOAYI).. Cooperative Allah Bekele de Fresco.. Coopérative Anouanze de Yaou (COOPAYA).. Cooperative Assopthe Cyohoha-Rukeri.. Coopérative CATD/Coopérative Agricole Toutia de Daloa.. Coopérative de Dévéloppement des Cafeiculteurs de Bwayi/Matongo - Kazoza N'Ikawa.. Coopérative des Cafeiculteurs de Gashonga - COCAGI.. Cooperative des Cafeiculteurs de Musaza (COCAMU).. Coopérative des producteurs agricoles de Zaranou (COOPAZA).. Coopérative Dusangirijambo.. Coopérative Espoir Agnikro d’Abengourou (CEAA).. Coopérative Mbonermiryango.. Coopérative Méthode de N’Guessankro.. Coopérative Provinciale Kankele des Producteurs d’Oléagineux.. Coopérative Zoutou de Kourinion.. COOPEX-CI.. COOPRADI - Coopérative des producteurs Agricoles de Divo.. Cooprokasi.. COOPYMA.. COPABO Coopérative des Producteurs Agricoles de Bondoukou.. Coprokazan.. Daltex Corporation.. De Goree Farming Trust.. Deetlefs Wines (Pty) Ltd.. Devon Valley Trust.. Domaine Neferis.. Driefontein Small Farmers Primary Cooperative.. Du Toitskloof Cooperative.. Dukunde Kawa Cooperative.. Dvokolwako Fairtrade Farmers Association.. East African Growers: Mahee Farm.. Eastern Laventure Multi Purpose Cooperative Society.. Eastern Outgrowers Ltd.. ECAESB (Entreprise Coopérative Agricole pour l’Epanouissement social de Bacon).. ECAMOM (Entreprise Coopérative des Agriculteurs Moderne de Méagui).. Eksteenskuil Agricultural Co-op.. Ekumfi Atwia Wad Organic Farmers Association/EAWOFA WAD Ltd.. Entreprise Coopérative Agricole de Bonon (ECAB).. Entreprise Coopérative Kimbê (ECOOKIM).. Evalue Ankobra Coconut Society.. Eve Brand Farms (Pty) Ltd.. Fairview Trust.. Fanteakwa (CCP) Co-operative Cocoa Farmers and Marketing Uni.. Farmers Development Association.. Fédération Yakaar Niani Wulli.. Fikambanany Mpamboly / fmva Ambahikarabo.. Fikambanan'ny tantsakamahatsiaro tena FITAMA.. Finlay Flowers and Plants Ltd.. Fintea growers co-operative union Limited.. Fitaratra Antanamangotroka.. Forum de Produtores de Cajú Namige - Mogincual (FPCN-Mog).. Fotobi Cooperative Pineapple Growers and Marketing Society.. Freesia Ethiopia PLC.. Fruits of the Nile Growers Association.. Gacharage Tea Factory Company Ltd.. Gakundu Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd (CS1056).. Gandhi Co-operative Thrift and Credit Society.. Gathaithi Coffee Farmers Cooperative Society.. Gbankuliso Cashew Farmers Association - Bole.. Georgefields Farms  ...   Cooperative Society.. Phakama Mafucula.. Pierre Van Der Merve Bourdery.. Piton agricultural Produce and Cooperate Credit.. Plaine de roches multiporpose Cooperative Society.. Plaine des Calebasses Credit Cooperative Society.. Plaine des Papayes Credit Cooperative Society.. Plantations du Haut Penja (PHP).. Primarosa Flowers and Plants Ltd.. Provabe.. Providence Multipurpose Cooperative Society.. Prudent Exports and Imports Limited.. PVD Potgieter t/a Kloof Farms Dirk.. Red Lands Roses Ltd.. Rekopane Estates (PTY) Ltd.. Rose Cooperative Credit Society.. Rosebud Limited.. Royal Ottoman Co.. and Its Affiliate Organic Nature Co.. Ruisseau Rose Credit Cooperative Society.. Rukuriri Tea Factory Company Ltd.. Rumukia Cooperative Society.. Rungeto farmers cooperative society ltd.. Rungwe Small Holder Tea Growers Association (RSTGA).. Ruthaka Farmers Co-op Society Ltd.. Rutuma Amalgamated Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd.. S.. Neethling and Rheeklip Boerdery (Pty) Ltd.. Sakaran Society Development Association.. Satemwa Tea Estates Ltd.. Satium Credit Cooperative Society.. Savanille.. Sebastopol Multi Purpose Cooperative Society.. Sekem For Land Reclamation.. Shabab El Ghad Society for Social Development & Organic Agri.. Sher Ethiopia PLC.. Sian Agriflora Ltd.. Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union.. Simbi Roses (Sansora Investments).. Sireet Outgrowers Empowerment and Producer Company Limited.. Soarano Vanille.. Soliman Agriculture Cooperative.. Sonop Wine Farm.. SOPACDI Solidarite de la promotion des actions-cafe et development.. Sorwathe S.. R.. L.. Springfield Farm.. St.. Pierre Credit Cooperative Society.. Stellenrust Wines.. Suhum Kraboa Coaltar District (CCP) Co-operative Cocoa Farmers and Marketing Union Limited.. Suhum Kraboa Coaltar District (CCP) Co-operative Cocoa Farmers and Marketing Union Limited.. Sukambizi Association Trust.. Sun Orange Farms (PTY) Ltd.. Surinam Souillac Cooperative Credit Society.. Swaziland Fruit Canners.. Taita County Horticultural Outgrowers.. Tambuzi Ltd.. Tanzania Flowers Limited.. TAWOPA - Farmers Association.. Tegloma.. Terrespoir Cameroun.. Thiriku Coffee Growers Co-op Society.. Thirikwa Farmers Cooperative Society.. Tighanimine Coopérative.. Tobhar Small Growers Society.. Trois Ilots CCS.. Tropiflora Ltd.. Tulaga Flowers Limited.. U.. G.. P.. K.. /S-Z Numana Puli.. S.. C.. Y.. UC-CPC de Kita Nord.. UCPA Banté.. UGF/CDN de Réo.. UGPCC ATSEMAWOE.. Union de Fanohana.. Union Départementale des Producteurs fruitiers de Koloko.. Union des Arboriculteurs Fruitiers de Kenedougou.. Union des Producteurs des Mangues Biologiques des Hauts Bassins.. Union Provinciale des Producteurs de Fruits et Légumes.. UNPCB.. US-GPC Dabo.. US-GPC de Kédougou.. US-GPC Koussanar.. US-GPC Missirah Senegal cotton 2nd grade.. US-GPC Saraya.. US-GPC Velingara.. Usambara Co-operative Union (UCU).. Valentine Growers Co.. Valley Growers (Private) Limited.. Victoria Cooperative Credit Society.. VREL - Volta River Estates Ltd.. Wakulima wa Macadamia Taita Taveta Association.. Waridi Limited.. West Akyem Co-operative cocoa Farmers and Marketing Union Limited.. Westfalia Agribusiness.. WH.. Faeda Flowers.. Wiedouw Estate.. Wildfire Ltd.. WJ du Toit Boerdery.. Wupperthal Original Rooibos Co-operative.. Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union.. Zena Roses Ltd (Thika Farm & Sosiani Farm).. Zena Roses Ltd.. - Asai Farm.. - Sosiani Farm.. Search by FLO ID.. Search by Producer Setup.. Contract Production.. Fairtrade operator.. Fairtrade organisation.. Hired Labour.. Other.. Plantation.. Smallholder.. Search by Product.. Bananas.. Cane Sugar.. Cocoa.. Coffee.. Arabica.. Robusta.. Dried Fruit.. Apricots.. Dates.. Mangoes.. Pineapples.. Raisins.. Sultanas.. Tomatoes.. Flowers and Plants.. Fresh Fruit / Veg.. Apples.. Avocadoes.. Baobab.. Berries.. Clementines.. Coconuts.. Grapefruits.. Green Beans.. Lemons.. Limes.. Lychees.. Marula.. Melons.. Oranges.. Papayas.. Passionfruits.. Peaches and Nectarines.. Pears.. Peas.. Peppers.. Plums.. Potatoes.. Soft Citrus.. Sweet Potatoes.. Table Grapes.. Fruit Juice.. Apple.. Araza.. Grapefruit.. Guava.. Lime.. Lychee Pulp.. Mandarin.. Mango Pulp.. Orange.. Passion.. Pineapple.. Gold.. Herbs and Spices.. Anise.. Basil.. Camomile.. Caraway.. Cardamon.. Celery.. Chervil.. Chicory.. Chili.. Chives.. Cinnamon.. Clove.. Coriander.. Cumin.. Dandelion.. Dill.. Fennel.. Fenugreek.. Garlic chives.. Geranium.. Ginger.. Hibiscus.. Lavender.. Lemon balm.. Lemon verbena.. Lemongrass.. Lovage.. Mace.. Marigold (calendula).. Marjoram.. Mint.. Nettle.. Nigella (black seed).. Nutmeg.. Oregano.. Parsley.. Pepper.. Peppermint.. Rosemary.. Safflower.. Sage.. Savory.. Senna.. Spearmint.. Stevia.. Tarragon.. Thyme.. Turmeric.. Vanilla.. White Jasmine flowers.. Honey.. Nuts and Oilseeds.. Almonds.. Apricot Seeds.. Argan Oil.. Brazil nuts.. Cashews.. Macadamias.. Olive Oil.. Olives.. Peanuts.. Sesame Seeds.. Shea Butter.. Walnuts.. Quinoa.. Rice.. Seed Cotton.. Soybeans and Pulses.. Sports Balls.. Tea.. Camellia.. Herbal.. Rooibos.. White.. Wine Grapes.. Search by Country.. Algeria.. Angola.. Benin.. Botswana.. Burkina Faso.. Burundi.. Cameroon.. Cape Verde.. Central African Republic.. Chad.. Comoro Islands.. Congo.. Cote D'Ivoire.. Djibouti.. Egypt.. Equatorial Guinea.. Eritrea.. Ethiopia.. Gabon.. Guinea.. Guinea-Bissau.. Lebanon.. Lesotho.. Liberia.. Libya.. Madagascar.. Malawi.. Mali.. Mauritania.. Mauritius.. Morocco.. Mozambique.. Namibia.. Niger.. Nigeria.. Palestine.. Rwanda.. Sao Tome and Principe.. Senegal.. Seychelles.. Sierra Leone.. Somalia.. Sudan.. Swaziland.. Tanzania, United Republic of.. The Gambia.. Togo.. Tunesia.. Uganda.. Zambia.. Zimbabwe.. Search for Organic Products?.. Yes.. In Progress.. Not.. Clear search options.. Select a profile from the map.. Javascript must be enabled in order to use Google Maps..

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  • Title: Regional networks – Fairtrade Africa
    Descriptive info: Fairtrade Africa s regional networks represent Fairtrade Africa on a local level.. Our Regional Coordinators work directly with producers.. There are currently four regional network offices in Africa:.. Fairtrade Africa Southern Africa Network (FTA-SAN).. Fairtrade Africa West Africa Network (FTA-WAN).. Fairtrade Africa Eastern Africa Network (FTA-EAN).. Fairtrade Africa North Africa Network (FTA-NAN).. Aims of the regional networks.. Standards:.. The regional networks represent Fairtrade producers on issues related to standards campaigning for new prices, revision of existing standards or making the Fairtrade standards more relevant to local farming practices.. If you are a producer or trader working in a product that is currently not covered by the Fairtrade standards, please contact the regional coordinator in  ...   is to provide finance for technical aid to assist producer organisations in strengthening their internal systems and increasing their capacity to manage the cooperatives more effectively.. Market access:.. The regional networks assist in implementing Fairtrade Africa’s broader goal of increasing market opportunities for Fairtrade certified producers.. The networks work with local partners to expose producers to new supply chains and promote Fairtrade certified producers in local and international markets.. Networking:.. The regional networks are an effective platform to coordinate communication among Fairtrade certified producers.. To further encourage collaboration amongst producers, the networks support the establishment and development of country partnerships and product networks.. Click.. here.. for contact details of Fairtrade Africa regional network offices..

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    Archived pages: 464