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  • Title: Lancasters Laughing Place
    Descriptive info: .. Founding is a simple truth which adults find difficult to comprehend, because of a hardening of one's heart.. Children who delight in fantasy, imagination, and less complex issues and dogmas bring joy to us who are parents and teachers.. We should listen and participate with them.. This web site is dedicated to the child in all of us and the teacher we would all hope to be.. Lancasters Laughing Place.. A Quest For Founding.. [D].. Our web site name, Lancasters Laughing Place was chosen because all of us suffer from the frailties of life upon occasion, but find solace in small things which are taken for granted.. Laughter is good medicine, as are those remembered who have instilled and inspired our lives with their unselfish interaction.. We have used a Faerie theme which explains simple truths and will pray fully delight the child in our visitors.. Which to some may seem.. strange.. for a human adult male.. But so is.. founding.. , which is the basis for the website, so start there so you may learn that all of the pages interconnect to reveal their purpose.. None of us need to.. walk alone.. as you will find throughout this web site.. Herein you will find countless, yet not forgotten good people who walked with us and carried us upon occasion, when we were too tired to continue.. Poetry and our devotion to "special children" are among the sections of our web site.. Other sections may be found from the navigation bar which is to your right.. Search engines and a site map have been included.. Visit the.. Poets Org.. website for a poetry celebration poster.. Surely you will find your state and celebration events.. The 2010 poster designed  ...   be poets.. More mysteries await your venture into.. Your Angels Speak.. Poetry Selections To Celebrate National Poetry Month.. Previous FrontPage Themes.. Web Site is Optimized for 800 x 600 Resolution.. Alt-A or Enter- Top of Page.. D links.. , the use of Web Access Symbol, display of the validation symbols and other outdated validation methods are included in our web site as a learning experience retained.. All of us have come a long way since the early 1990's and we presently use correct W3C coding, the Lynx viewer and all available browsers to insure an accessible and compliant web site.. We presently use our local Cynthia Says and manual inspection to build accessible web pages.. By the signs shown below, your will know that we are truly thankful for those with disabilities, who are the most thoughtful, helpful, courteous, and loyal group of people on the face of our earth.. Our.. Talking Hands.. award section is a tribute to their good works.. Deaf links.. were created from our heart.. We wish to extend a very special thank you to.. James Gallagher who is deaf - blind.. James assisted us is the development of our accessible web site.. Through our effort we pray that others will soon follow.. In recent years we have used Cynthia Says and AC Verify and upon occasion also check with the Bobby Validator too.. When you see the "D" link with the blue hyperlink activated, alternative text or additional information is provided.. Updates.. 28 Sep 2010.. ;.. Most Recent Update!.. Honey Pot.. Accessibility.. ~.. ICRA Rated.. Privacy.. ~.. Web Site Sections.. :.. Index.. Compassion.. Humility.. Knowledge.. Memories.. Valor.. The Site Fights.. Inform.. Web Site Map.. Code of Ethics.. Resources.. Memberships.. Copyright Info.. Contact Us.. Copyright: 1986-2010..

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  • Title: D Links
    Descriptive info: D Links.. Bobby.. Approved Web Site.. Bobby is a web-based public service offered by.. CAST.. that analyzes web pages for their accessibility to people with disabilities as well as their compatibility with various browsers.. The analysis of accessibility is based on the working draft of the W3C's WAI Page Author guidelines with the Page Authoring Working Group's latest revisions.. All pages on your web site must meet these requirements to display the Bobby Approved icon.. Technical Clarification - Bobby Verification dated 991015.. Denny,.. The checks in Bobby are based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines developed by the Web Access Initiative (http://www.. w3.. org/WAI/).. If you put a notation somewhere on your page explaining that there is code added by Geocities, it will be "functionally" accessible.. Hope this helps.. David M.. Clark.. Bobby Technical Support Coordinator.. In July, 2003 we completed the process of verifying Lancasters Laughing Place being compliant with Bobby level one compliance and will continue our work to bring the entire site up to level three standards.. Return previous page1.. Return to previous page2.. Deaf.. Watch Gold Award.. The image above the [D] is the Deaf Watch Gold Award, which looks like a Academy Award.. We are pleased to have been presented this award on behalf of our honoree's - Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, and my grandmother Helen Dent Lancaster, who would be pleased.. The requirements for presentation of the.. Deaf Watch Gold Award.. may be found in the link.. Return to previous page.. James Gallagher.. The following information is presented on James Gallagher's totally awesome web site.. "I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to A-Z to Deafblindness, And to thank you for visiting my modest and humble little Web Page.. So come on in and make yourself at home, you will be made very welcome.. ".. "My name is.. and I am Deafblind myself.. This site is here to try and offer some help to Blind, Deaf people, And especially Deafblind people, and those who provide specialized services for those who are Deafblind.. A-Z to Deafblindness is also here, to make people more aware about Deafblindness.. Return to previous page4.. Frames.. A framed web page is totally non accessible for blind and Deafblind net users.. The image has text on it, and it says I don't want to be Framed, Support the Campaign to Recognize HTML, Frames as the Silly Things they Are.. "Look at it this way," your visitor has a Braille reader and reads from left to right, now you who have perfect vision - close your eyes and read your framed web site from left to right.. What do you "see?" Nothing but barriers to you and your visitor.. Return to previous page5.. What.. The tool will automatically create the LONGDESC text file for the author and put the correct link in the LONGDESC specification.. Authors even have the option to add hard coded LONGDESC information to their documents using a D-Link (look for option in check accessibility options menu).. The modified page can be viewed by the WHAT program and saved to the authors local hard disk.. The new more accessible copy can then be transferred to replace the original file.. Return to previous page6.. Butterflys.. Why butterflys adorn our home page.. Uncle Leslie was a retired first mate with Waterman Steam Ship Corporation, whose home was on Fowl River, Alabama.. He suffered from dementia, which was confirmed at autopsy as Alzheimer disease.. When we were tidying up his home for sale, hundreds of containers of water had to be removed.. Many of these water "jugs" were marked "for butterflys.. " We can only imagine why Uncle Leslie saved rain water for butterflys.. God bless those who are caregivers for an Alzheimer friend or relative.. Return to previous page7.. Trace Center.. The.. Trace Research and Development Center.. is part of the College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Madison.. The Center focuses on making off-the-shelf technologies and systems more usable for everyone.. Trace's work is in great part funded through the.. National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR).. , which is part of the.. U.. S.. Department of Education.. Trace is a partner in the RERC on Universal Telecommunications Access, along with.. Gallaudet University.. and the.. World Institute on Disability (WID).. Trace is also designated as the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) on Information Technology Access.. These two RERCs are part of a network of fifteen NIDRR funded centers throughout the country, each with a different area of focus.. Return to previous page8.. The top animated gif reads accessibility for everybody commitment.. The animation says a  ...   an attempt to tell her how much she has meant to me and what a difference in my life she has made, but this morning my thoughts became a little clearer.. For those of you who do not know, Trisha is the first person Lady Archer had asked me to help.. I had only been a Spirit Faerie for a month and quite frankly was frightened that I would not be able to help.. Over the course of the next few months as I became more involved, truly wanted to write cheers but felt completely inadequate and turned to Trisha for suggestions, followed her cheers as they were posted with regularity to TSF shouts, got nothing but encouragement and really tried to write.. The more I wrote the better I felt about myself and finally, finally, I not only saw but honestly felt what "spirit" really meant.. To this day I regularly visit TSF shouts, cheer those who have posted a cheer, find that most have never received a cheer for their cheer and I am saddened.. Because if Trisha had not cheered one of my cheers in all probability I would not be continuing to write cheers today.. So when I got home about one pm I sent Trisha the poem which is at the bottom of this post.. Barely had I sent the poem and her beautiful poem for us was sent by PJ to our onelist.. Now I know that men are not supposed to cry, but cry I did and cry I am doing now.. What is scary is what if Lady Archer had not remembered a mail which I sent her almost two years ago.. What if Lady Archer had not encouraged me to join TSF, just after tax season when I was most receptive.. What if Trisha had not needed help with her spirit page and Lady Archer asked me to help.. What if Trisha had not encouraged me.. You see the chance of these events being random occurrences is nil.. Does not take a math genius to figure to odds of all these events converging and making such an impact and difference in my life for the better.. So the next time any of us feel the touch of a velvet wing on our web sites, hear the beauty of a cheerful song which comes from a Shadow Walker or another heart, or smiles at the mischief of the Wee Ones or those errant Spirit Faeries, know full well that the spirit is seeking your participation and will give you a guiding hand.. None of us need walk along or carry too heavy a burden, we all have the comfort of the spirit.. Return to Previous.. Table.. A table is used to organize the content of this page which has three columns.. The left hand column contains under contents, the links for sections of this page and others on our Talking Hands Award section.. After going to the section and at the end and down a line or two is an up which will return you to the contents section.. The second of middle column is a narrative which we have written.. The right hand column contains pictures of two of our honorees.. Return to Previous Page11.. True Teaching.. True teaching involves a learning experience for everyone, no matter what their ability or disABILITY.. For an award presenter or a web site author to insist upon the use of a resolution other then 480 x 640 or small fonts, effectively slams the door shut on those of us who have poor eye sight.. Not to use white as the default background and black as the font color, ignores color blindness or the fact that the background image may not load, thereby slowing down the reading of teaching material.. Please do not ignore our less fortunate than ourselves and our elderly.. All of us would certainly enjoy your web site creations in years to come if you would only try and make your web site "Bobby" compliant.. Return to Previous Page13.. Blind Mary.. This tune is not typical of Carolan's style, but is attributed to him in William Forde's Encyclopedia of Melody.. According to Charles O'Connor's diary in October 1726 his two younger brothers were being taught the harp by a woman named Maire Dhall (Blind Mary).. It is likely she was well known to Carolan, who wrote the tune for her.. Return to Previous Page14.. Ribbon.. D'Ranger and D'Mayor developed a multi colored ribbon to honor the advocacy of all types of cancer for the winner of TSF wide ribbon hunt in October, 2002..

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  • Title: Lancasters Laughing Place-Founding
    Descriptive info: Founding.. Midi: Amazing Grace.. Five Major Sections Or Keys To Founding.. There are five major sections to Lancasters Laughing Place: compassion, humility, knowledge, memories and valor.. Each section is like a chapter in a book, but chapters, which are unfinished until our departure from middle earth, and includes life changing events and those who have touched and molded our lives, prayerfully for the better.. Two of our life changing events is the Talking Hands Award and The Site Fights (TSF), which serve as examples  ...   But to this author, evidence of its application is by what is written, said and done to other people and their relationship to us.. As such there are no hidden messages within this production, only the truth.. And the truth shall make all, both whole and free.. You may return to our.. index page.. and from there continue your quest for founding or if you prefer, a site map for each section may be found in the right hand navigation.. Top of Page.. xhtml.. css..

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  • Title: National Poetry Month Celebration-Book One
    Descriptive info: Poetry Section.. NPM Book One.. NPM Book Two.. NPM Book Three.. NPM Book Four.. NPM Book Five.. NPM Book Six.. NPM Book Seven.. Humility Return.. National Poetry Month Celebration-Book One.. Poetic Appreciation.. One of Longfellow's exquisite poems,.. The Reaper and the Flowers.. is an excellent example of the drama, word study, pure enjoyment and understanding found in poetry.. So let us examine the first few lines of the poem.. "There is a Reaper, whose name is Death,.. And, with his sickle keen,.. He reaps the bearded grain at a breath,.. And the flowers that grow between.. A.. reaper.. , walking in the grain and cutting it as he goes, with a keen (very sharp) blade.. But the poet means more, for the.. bearded.. grain is the men and women have lived to a ripe old age and are prepared to die.. But alas, the.. flowers.. that fall with the ripened grain are sometimes little children who die, although we would like to keep them with us.. "Oh not in cruelty, not in wrath,.. The Reaper came that day;.. visited the green earth,.. and took the flowers away.. It was a young and beautiful Angel, not the hideous Death in black robes and hood scarce hiding his bony head visited.. Expect as small words fall from our lips, when we read and understand, would we not know that those who die are happy in their new home?.. Perhaps dear reader you are encouraged to read the remainder of.. If so, then our effort in this section has borne fruit..  ...   stem.. Now answer this question with honesty.. Would you have known.. was humorous if you had not been told so?.. National Poetry Month Selections.. Many of the poems which may be selected from the navigation bar to the upper right are analyzed, like.. Our selections are written by this author, friends and some well known and not so well known authors.. In addition, most of the sections contain more than one poem.. Hopefully the section titles will peek your curiosity.. The Child in Each of Us!.. There are other poems for other hours.. Some day when you wish a bit of fun with your children you will find humorous poems in many books.. Please find some which are "old" and new.. Between the two extremes are selections for all moods and all kinds of people.. The things to be remembered are, that poetry must be understood to be appreciated; that it must be heard through the ears "mind" and to interpret by the light of experience.. Return to Previous Page.. Poetry Month Sections.. Old Glory.. Reflections and Love.. Horses.. Our Secret.. Chambers and feelings.. The Poet In You.. Sweetness.. Sir Walter Scott and William Collins.. little faerie talk.. Humor in Poetic form at Its Best.. Oh Diana, We Love You.. are you an is or an is not person?.. nap time for Tyler.. God's door is always open.. Christmas is everyday to we children.. An Anniversary! Goodness.. Wonder About Anything?.. Words flow from Linda.. Samuel Francis Smith.. Mere change and Waltzing Matilda.. A journey of reading.. Promises, promises!.. Inspirations..

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  • Title: Lancasters Laughing Place-Previous FrontPage Themes
    Descriptive info: Themes Sections.. Introduction.. 1986-1999.. 2000-2001.. 2002-Present.. Themes.. Themes on our front page during this period included Celtic Cross, Madonna Litta, National Fire Prevention Month, Lindisfarne Manuscript, Hermitage Museum, Crop Circles, Nancy Monaghan, The Spicer Award and Joan of Arc.. Speaking Turtle and the Tree of Knowledge were featured, each for a year.. Starting in 2002 through the present, National Poetry Month has been featured for each year on our index page..

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  • Title: Talking Hands Award Deaf Links
    Descriptive info: Deaf Link Sections.. Deaf Links.. Schools.. Associations.. Research.. Media.. Business.. Home Pages.. Resources Return.. Prior to 1982, deaf resources were somewhat limited.. All of this changed when the first Commodore 64 was introduced in 1982 and at long last a computer which was within financial reach of the average person became available.. When Marc Andressen and Eric Bina at NCSA developed the Mosaic browser, graphics replaced text commands or instructions.. The links contained on  ...   their work we are thankful.. A picture is still in my mind of Grandmother Lancaster and Uncle Miller sitting on a garden bench talking to each other in sign language.. Both seemed to happy, yet not speaking a word.. As an eight year old I wanted to talk too.. That early childhood encounter led me to experience wonders only imagined as a youth and realized as a young adult.. Return to Resources Section.. Resource.. s..

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  • Title: rent www.faeriekeeper.net steamroller
    Descriptive info: T e ebsi.. t y u sub.. other erm.. e site.. p.. y.. read t em.. agen s of.. t em he.. non rans.. ebsite.. k.. S ec al e.. No -Hu an.. s ide s, b.. p grams d.. a to ati a.. Email.. e.. addr.. It is re.. alone.. You.. has a valu.. storage, a.. val of.. storing th.. agreement.. t.. Each.. d.. party.. against th.. ("Jud al.. the regist.. s ch.. i.. laws.. a d perfor.. of federal.. a y.. c.. action.. Servi e.. Y.. t e above.. h.. You c nsen.. may appear.. abus.. he.. Visi ors a.. V ITORS.. A.. PARTY OR S.. SUBSEQ EN.. e from whi.. ject to.. th.. s go er in.. u a c pt t.. are ully.. he indivi.. ccess rig.. erable wit.. PECI.. stricti ns.. Visitor.. o , index.. esi ned t.. lly.. esses on t.. g ized tha.. cknowled.. e not less.. nd/or.. dist.. he e addre.. is Websit.. and expres.. agrees t.. e oth r i.. Acti n".. ered Admin.. are appl e.. me enti e.. a.. nd tate.. brought a.. o onsent.. greement.. t o havin.. somewhe e.. denti ie.. gre not t.. GREE THAT.. o.. EN ING ANY.. BREAC OF.. TER.. ch you a c.. e fol owin.. g access.. h se terms.. ny.. g.. n-H.. du l(s).. wh.. ht gra e.. hout he.. f.. AL.. ICENSE.. n a vis.. Non-Human.. e s, ro ot.. acces , r.. his ite a.. t these.. em.. ge and agr.. than US $.. ribution o.. sses.. Inte.. 's email a.. sly ro ib.. APPLI.. at any su.. co nectio.. shall.. e.. istra i e.. o a r e.. ly within.. co rts wi.. gai st hi.. to ele t.. RECORD.. you Int.. on this p.. r s un  ...   se e pr.. ch email.. t er agre.. dresses s.. lle t o ,.. rec gniz.. AND.. JURISD.. o pr cee.. aris ng fr.. t e law.. h.. "Adm n.. een.. A in.. State.. dm n State.. tion wit.. ce of proc.. OR.. USE.. col ddre.. Identifier.. d t your.. or any rea.. G, STORING.. ENTIFI R.. ICE.. ("the.. Web.. terms a e.. sit ng (in.. "Terms of.. bsi e.. o therwi.. e m of e.. s ion of.. N-HU A.. VI.. e s the e.. t are.. not.. e s, or an.. er content.. et ry.. i te.. ovided for.. ddress the.. e that the.. bstantiall.. h rvestin.. ed as a.. vi.. ICTION.. ng broug.. m the Ter.. the stat.. State") fo.. State si.. ns nt t.. You cons.. breac es.. ess r ga d.. A U E.. ss re ord.. ") i.. we s.. Internet P.. son.. , TRANSF R.. CONST TU E.. ite") is.. n a d tio.. any manne.. Service").. hall be co.. se makes u.. rv ce are.. he owner o.. SITORS.. s te a pl.. limited to.. y other co.. rom he.. llectua.. hum n vis.. ebsite c.. c mp lati.. y dimini.. g therin.. ola i n.. of.. t by su h.. of Serv.. of resid.. r the Web.. nts ente.. the juri.. ent.. to the.. f these.. Te.. ing ction.. An em i.. uspect ot.. roto ol a.. RING TO A.. S AN ACCEP.. provide.. n to any.. Please.. nsi e ed.. se of.. the.. t.. , w b.. mputer.. W site.. ro er y.. itor.. ontains.. on,.. es the.. g,.. and/or.. thi.. arty.. i.. nce of.. ite as.. red into.. sdiction.. v ue in.. rms of.. s un er.. l.. address.. ential.. dress.. H D.. TANC AND.. post comment e-mail.. MITS..

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  • Title: Talking Hands Award-Accessibility Statement
    Descriptive info: Talking Hands Award.. Accessibility Statement.. You will find throughout our production various ways to assist our.. disABLED.. experience a more satisfying Suring experience, either as a hunter or gatherer.. These assistive methods also benefit those who have no disabilities.. The title attribute is used to provide additional information about a graphic.. Tab order is used in pages where navigation may be problematic.. CSS is using the small size font, which will enable a visitor the ability to change the font size with their browser to accommodate reading problems, if any.. A site map contains every section of our production.. Access keys are provided, although they have some limitations and browser support at present.. Pages which are longer than three scrolls have a access key for returning to the top of page.. We honestly try to remember checking for WAI, W3C and WDG before we upload new pages or make revisions.. Those steps are detailed below.. Lancasters Laughing Place has taken steps to ensure that the pages on this Web site are at least minimally accessible to people with disabilities who use assistive technology to access the Internet.. We follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.. 0 which are standards created by the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).. WCAG 1.. 0 compliance levels are described as single-A (meets all priority 1 checkpoints), double-A (meets all priority 1 and 2 checkpoints), and triple-A (meets all priority 1, 2, and 3 checkpoints).. To the best of our knowledge this Web site conforms to  ...   WAI recommendations having knowledgeable friends review is required.. Our friends at the Alabama School for the Deaf and Blind in Mobile, Alabama make regular visits to our web pages and make recommendations for improvement.. If you wish to either validate or view for accessibility, our web pages or those of your own, please use the links shown below.. HiSoftware's - Cynthia Says Portal.. WAVE 3.. 0 - Web Accessibility Tool.. A-Prompt's Web Accessibility Verifier.. Lynx Simulation.. Limited use of AccessKeys and non graphic pages are made for demonstration purposes.. W3C and WDG Statement.. Validation in accordance with W3C standards is the first step toward accessibility.. We have almost universal acceptance through actual implementation, that faster page loads and a smaller foot print are achieved when pages meet W3C standards.. Therefore we make every attempt to validate our pages prior to publication by using the following tools locally and which you may also find online.. xhtml Validator-WDG.. W3C CSS Validator.. Tidy.. Accessibility Tool Bar.. A-Prompt.. Internal and External Links.. A Web site URL may become nonfunctional for a variety of reasons which include the following:.. A page or web site may be moved to a new server, which is not uncommon, and will contain precisely the same content but will be inaccessible using the old URL.. The server hosting the page or web site may be permanently or temporarily unavailable.. Therefore we make periodic checks for our internal and external web site using.. Xenu.. For the most recent check and validation please refer to.. footnote 16..

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  • Title: Talking Hands Award-Privacy Statement
    Descriptive info: Privacy Statement.. Talking Hands Award Application Information.. Nominations:.. A web site author may nominate their own site or nominations may originate from the viewing public.. In no case will we disclose the names or any other information concerning these nominations for the.. In most cases we will either use a quote from the fifty word of less citation for the recipient write up which is displayed in the honoree's laudation or use the citation in tact, but will only reveal the nominators initials.. Declines:.. Each nominated web site will be sent three notifications that their creation has been nominated for the award and if there is no response after the third notification, those making the nomination will be notified of failure to respond, graciously of course, or if declined also notified in the same manner.. Thereafter all information is permanently removed.. Failure to Qualify:.. Any web site which has not received the necessary score or receive unanimous consent of our judges will not be listed.. However those sites which wish to improve their scoring will be sent a composite score sheet upon written request absent an evaluator or judges name or information.. Score sheets with the applicants email address and URI  ...   do not set any cookies.. If you do not want to receive e-mail from us in the future, please let us know by writing to us at the above address.. With respect to Ad Servers: We do not partner with or have special relationships with any ad server companies.. Upon request we provide site visitors with access to a description of information that we maintain about them and you can access this information by e-mail us at the above address.. If you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy, you may contact The DMA's Committee on.. Ethical Business Practices.. at.. mgoldberger@the-dma.. org.. Protection of Children's Information.. It is a policy of this site that no information should be submitted to by children 18 years of age or under without the consent of a parent or guardian.. We do not seek any demographic or preference information from children, nor will we ever disclose any personally identifying information regarding children to third parties.. Chain of Custody Mail.. Acknowledgements are sent to a valid email address, which is verified.. At the conclusion of a review process hard copies are maintained for three months and hard drive stored information is deleted..

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  • Title: Lancasters Laughing Place-Compassion
    Descriptive info: Compassion Section.. Shelties.. Melvin.. Browns.. Snuggles.. offspring.. Lancasters.. Compassion Return.. Ancient's thought that a picture captured the soul of the individual.. Perhaps you dear visitor shall too when you visit this section of our web site.. Do you wonder what compassion has to do with.. or why we choose to include what we did in this section of our production?.. Our family pictorial includes my wife's family members who have all died from Alzheimer disease.. Also included is my friend Melvin, who died from Alzheimer disease.. Grandchildren and children are of course included.. Our other family includes our precious friends and companions who only give for the sake of "loving".. My wife has published a web page on the Shetland Sheep Dog.. The link to her page is on the Lancaster  ...   application of compassion.. During the initial stages of grief our family found refuge with Compassionate Friends and within the fellowship of St.. Dominic Catholic church, both in Mobile, Alabama.. Both groups had members who experienced grief, went through the healing process, which continues even until death of those grieving.. What we now understand and try to do ourselves is listen.. Yes, listen.. For the hardest gift to attain is just to listen.. Now we start our daily prayers with a simple petition, Lord give me the ability to listen with my heart, mind and tongue.. Lord give me the wisdom to speak only when those talking wish for me to speak to hear what we would say.. And Lord please listen to me as you have taught me to listen to others..

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  • Title: Lancasters Laughing Place
    Descriptive info: Humility Sections.. Honors.. Our Clans.. Poetry.. Presents.. Thoughtful.. Laughter is a regular fare for our wee ones, who delight in simple things like ants scurrying to and fro, or the falling leaf on their dogs back.. While adults are busy "making ends meet" and do not take time to "smell the roses.. " Teens on the other hand will laugh at literally anything.. So that others may be first, we may consider following, rather than leading others toward.. Humility, does come easy for the young, but all parents would agree that teens are not humble in the least, because as we learn "parents know nothing.. " We can conclude that adults become humble in our later years when we finally realize that there is much we do not know, because of our wasted youth and misdirected early adult years.. Forward.. In support of both reading and engaging in fantasy, we firmly believe that if imagination is kindled with passion when left to our own devices, and if directed toward a positive good, this will benefit not only the "dreamer", but mankind as well.. Regular reading of both factual and fantasy books from the day of a child's birth engage both the adult and child in pleasure and provide the opportunity for erstwhile discussions.. Books, when read on a  ...   a large ash tray.. We asked her to stop for fear that the glass would break, and with a sudden thrust the ash tray caught me in the head.. Awaking several minutes later the levity of the moment was cause for a diary entry later that day.. Our ability to laugh at any situation gives us a dose of reality tempered with humor.. Knowledge once lost can never be regained.. My father made a comment several weeks before he suffered a severe heart attach and slipped into a coma.. Dad said, "son if you do not take the time to sit at the feet of someone who has talents and knowledge you do not possess, then they will be lost forever.. " To this day our thoughts turn to that moment and cause wonderment as to what knowledge and talents are lost forever, not to be passed onto my children, their children, and human kind.. This section of our web site preserves the talents and knowledge of those who have guided us in our short life on mother earth, acknowledging their contributions for this generation and perhaps future ones as well, and causes us to be in awe and adoration for the many talented and compassionate people who have enriched our lives through our internet and www experiences..

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