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  • Title: Fabulous Beast
    Descriptive info: .. Fabulous.. Beast.. The Rite of Spring/Petrushka.. Julius Caesar.. Rian.. Helen + Hell.. The Rite of Spring.. James Son of James.. The Bull.. Giselle.. The Christmas Show.. The Flowerbed.. Fragile.. Arts Council.. Culture Ireland.. Productions.. About.. In Development.. Contact.. Tour Dates.. November Workshops.. i..

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  • Title: Fabulous Beast - The Rite of Spring/Petrushka
    Descriptive info: A re-imagining of the Olivier-nominated version of.. , which premiered at the London Coliseum in 2009 to great critical acclaim.. It is completed by Michael Keegan-Dolan s new interpretation of.. Petrushka.. , composed by Stravinsky in 1911.. Both pieces together create an intoxicating double bill of dance theatre that honours the searing modernity of Stravinsky s music.. /.. Images.. Video.. Details.. Reviews..

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  • Title: Fabulous Beast - Julius Caesar
    Descriptive info: Handel s tragic opera.. Julius Caesar.. in a new production directed and choreographed by Michael Keegan-Dolan; co-produced with ENO..

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  • Title: Fabulous Beast - Rian
    Descriptive info: Eight dancers from around the world and five of Ireland s top musicians unite with Ó Maonlaí and Keegan-Dolan to create an expressive cultural hybrid.. taps into healthy life-enhancing traditions with influences from faraway places to evoke a timeless vision of the real indescribable nature of things..

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  • Title: Fabulous Beast - Helen + Hell
    Descriptive info: How do you know but every bird that cuts the airy way / Is an immense world of delight, closed by your five senses? William Blake.. is a one-act dance-drama in eight scenes for four performers; an actress, a singer, a dancer and a musician.. Three characters living in a hole, eating only fish soup.. Helen is the Taoiseach.. Fintan the Tenor is her slave and Pinky the Dancer is their captive.. There is no more food, no more money and no more fish! And unless something changes quickly they will be in some serious shit!..

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  • Title: Fabulous Beast - The Rite of Spring
    Descriptive info: Igor Stravinsky and designer Nicholas Roerich conceived.. as a sequence of ritual actions leading to the sacrifice of a young girl.. This critically acclaimed re-imagining draws deeply on the same ancient, savage forces that inspired the Russian composer and his collaborators nearly one hundred years ago fertility  ...   eternal themes which still connect us powerfully to our origins and to the earth.. Women play central roles within a large, predominantly male cast, in a dance theatre work that honours the searing modernity of Stravinsky s music with visual imagery of both primitive strength and elemental beauty..

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  • Title: Fabulous Beast - James Son of James
    Descriptive info: James Son of James.. is a story of accidental heroism, hero worship, sadness, love, power, betrayal and revenge, told through dance, theatre, live song, original music and slapstick.. James returns home for his father s funeral having been away for eleven years.. He is late and misses the burial.. He becomes embroiled in the  ...   policeman and his wife, a farmer, a doctor, a merchant, his daughter and a young woman from the East.. His arrival awakens the potential for compassion and kindness among the villagers of this small rural village.. Yet, over time this hope turns sour, as James becomes the victim of local rivalries, jealousies and fear..

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  • Title: Fabulous Beast - The Bull
    Descriptive info: is based on the great Irish epic.. An Táin Bó Cuailnge.. (The Cattle-Raid of Cooley), which recounts a long, bloody war fought over a celebrated bull.. Fabulous Beast.. transposes this gem of Irish sagas to the savage underbelly of contemporary society.. A cast of runts, imbeciles, adulterers, egomaniacs, masochistic deviants and impotent catamites squabble and conspire in the bogs and towns of an Irish-tinged world with corruption and deception at its heart..

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  • Title: Fabulous Beast - Giselle
    Descriptive info: In the small town of Ballyfeeny, where the cloud hangs low and people keep their secrets for good reasons, a lonely.. McCreedy cares for her abusive brother.. The town s inhabitants are quick to exchange gloom for glamour when the line-dancing Bratislavan Albrecht arrives in town, and  ...   Nominated for an Olivier Award following its London premiere, this radical reinterpretation of the romantic ballet is dark, shocking and sinister, with brilliant flashes of absurd humour.. blends speech, song, stunning imagery and superb choreography in an uncompromising production on the very edges of theatre and dance..

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  • Title: Fabulous Beast - The Christmas Show
    Descriptive info: Nothing you see here is real.. Christmas is the time of The Winter Solstice, Saturnalia, and the celebration of the arrival of a great mystical leader.. Most religions have hidden within them the notion that miracles do happen and magical events can occur.. This notion goes against a world we have inherited, a world of thought, logic and reason.. There is no logic in..

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  • Title: Fabulous Beast - The Flowerbed
    Descriptive info: Two families, in common malignity, make the Montagues and the Capulets seem like paragons of virtue and responsibility as they become for each other the neighbours from purgatory.. In.. The Flowerbed.. the themes of illicit sex, drugs, nosy neighbours and gardening become food for Michael Keegan-Dolan s fecund imagination..

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