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  • Title: Fake or not?
    Descriptive info: .. Fake or not?.. Is it fake? Or what?.. Subscribe.. Alien Sits Lifeless on Operating Table.. Apr.. 24.. This photo features an alien on an operating table, possibly before an autopsy.. It is interesting to note the vibrant colors in the photo, as many autopsy photos are grainy or black and white.. Photo of alien or not?.. Alien.. Fake.. View Results.. Loading.. Posted in.. Aliens.. Comments Off.. Circle of Ghosts.. 13.. But Halloween ghosts aren t always suspended off the ground, as in the prior picture.. Another popular Halloween yard display consists of ghosts holding hands, to form a circle on the ground.. What are these ghosts up to? Do the dead, too, hold seances?.. Funny or not?.. Funny.. No.. Ghost in the courtyard of Chillingham Castle.. 11.. One of the alMost haunted senior ghost hunters, Tom, woke early one morning to go to the toilet, it was only about 11.. 22 am.. On his way he happen to glance out of the window there on the steps was a strange glowing figure.. Tom shouted the rest of the crew as we watched the figure vaporised and soon we were eating breakfast as if it never happened.. But this incident convinced the team that Chilingham truly is one of the most haunted castles in Britain we will definitely return to take some more ghost pictures!.. Ghost or Fake?.. Ghost.. Ghosts.. Fire Ghost Spotted in Backyard.. Mar.. 23.. These strange photos were sent to us by Justin.. He writes:.. I took these pictures using my Nikon D60 on night mode.. I am not sure what I captured but it seems to be moving from left to right.. A little background on the location: It s is my property which was bought by my father from his dad when he was sent to Folsom Prison.. Before my dad bought it my grandfather was a top dog in a gang called the misfits in the Sacramento area The 3 acres of land with several homes on it was their hang out.. It was also their drug labs.. There was many murders, rapes, fights, and drug use during those times.. However, it has been clean for the last 20 years or so.. Ghost or reflection?.. Reflection.. Strange pilot photo.. 19.. This is the first ufo pilot photo.. Picture was taken after ufo landing near the Columbia.. Interesting is that alien pilots use equipment similar to ours.. Is this picture interesting?.. Yes.. Orb Sightings in Historic Italian Castle.. The following orb  ...   us by J.. D.. via email.. J.. writes:.. I went to the Haunted Tour at Fort Mifflin tonight.. Took some pics because the place is supposed to be haunted.. Check out this one I snapped right before we left.. I swear this room was empty.. Take a close look at the last cot on the left.. This was taken in the soldiers quarters.. Anyone else see a figure sitting on the last cot with his back up against the wall? If you can zoom, you can make out a head with a three-point soldiers hat.. Creepy!!!.. Female Skeletal Ghost in Brooklyn Cemetery.. 17.. While visiting the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY today, I was peeking into a crypt and trying to see in.. It was too dark to see anything.. The only opening was this cross in the door so I tried using the camera flash to light up the inside.. The flash went off but it didn t seem to do anything but bounce off the stone.. Then when I got home I uploaded the photo and saw this smoke-like image inside the tomb.. I don t know whose tomb it is, I didn t even think to look when I was there.. I will have to go back and see if I can find it.. This cemetery is massive.. That is How I saw the image as well but others see it this was, also a female but more of a 3/4 view of a face, if you take the left eye of the skeletal face, that would be the only (right) eye and to the left of that is the shape of a nose.. Below this the mouth, I don t know if that makes sense but I am not sure how else to explain it.. Ghost or Smoke?.. Smoke.. Demonic Creature Haunts Bridge Near Accident Scene.. A fireman responding to an accident took this photo in Malaysia.. It wasn t until after the pictures were developed that the haunting creature under the bridge was discovered.. Could it be the soul of someone that perished in the accident?.. Demonic creature or Fake?.. Demonic creature.. Older Entries.. Fakebook.. Categories.. (18).. (8).. (57).. Something.. (14).. UFO.. (23).. Calendar.. October 2013.. M.. T.. W.. F.. S.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 12.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 18.. 21.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. 2013 Fake or not?.. Urban View theme by.. css{mayo}.. , Powered by.. WordPress.. , SEO by:.. VladoPt..

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  • Title: Alien Sits Lifeless on Operating Table « Fake or not?
    Descriptive info: Comments are closed..

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  • Title: Aliens « Fake or not?
    Descriptive info: Archive for the Aliens Category.. Alien Retrieved from the Roswell Crash-1947.. Nov.. These are some really good black and white pictures of an alien retrieved after the Roswell crash of 1947.. A lot of information was leaked out of Roswell since so many people were involved that weren t necessarily Government officials because they had to bring in so many specialists.. So here we have another great two examples that the Government still says don t exist.. Alien Picture Encased In Glass-Mexico 1955.. Taken by Mexican authorities in 1955 this image shocked the world.. Before the USA could get to them they released documents and photos of the alien they recovered from a crash landing.. Fortunately this picture stayed in the public view and was not confiscated by US intelligence.. Alien or not ?.. Alien Skull.. Oct.. This skull should be taken very seriously.. It has been Carbon Dated and has been found to be over 900 years old.. It is a skull like nothing we have ever found before -(say researchers).. The eye sockets are larger and less deep then are own, the alien skull has no nostril holes, the bone is much thicker than ours yet weighs half of what a human skull would way.. Unfortunately they are having a hard time extracting the DNA to get a sample to find out if it is actually human, alien, or a human-alien hybrid.. Alien skull or not?.. Living Alien Caught by DNI-USA.. Sep.. In these two pictures from a film you see an alien, actually looking scared, being interrogated by agents working for the Director of National Intelligence.. The Director of National Intelligence acts as the principal advisor to the President, the National Security Council, and the Homeland Security Council for intelligence matters related to the national security.. The man in the pictures faced has been purposely blurred out leading us to assume that he was  ...   this remarkable image of an alien shaped being that of course the US Government is saying was just shadows and rocks.. We re a little skeptical so we posted the pictures for the world to see.. Do you agree with the US Government?.. Slightly Mangled Alien Picture on Bed-1954.. May.. This is a pretty good picture of an alien lying on what appears to be a hospital bed.. The body is in a pretty strange position like it was just thrown onto the bed recklessly but the main thing.. We noticed were the feet and toes of the creature and how similar they appear to be to our own yet still different.. Zooming in it looks like they may be something like toes.. Pre Roswell Alien Autopsy.. Here we see an alien in a hospital type setting with a man that is either a doctor or a nurse of some kind.. If you look at the bed though it s not your normal hospital bed and if you look closely at the background you can see florecent lights.. So to us it seems that the alien is in a hallway of some kind with a sheet seperating the alien from the rest of the workers there.. Authentic photo or fake?.. Authentic.. Fake photo of alien.. One current debate in ufology that tends to spark strong emotion centers around the alleged capture of aliens and retrieval of alien bodies from crashed UFOs by American security patrols, who kept them secret for 50 years.. When this photograph was circulated to the media, stories abounded that the final proof of alien visitation (and government cover up) had arrived.. Unfortunately, this alien body was not extraterrestrial in origin It was actually only a model prepared for exhibition! Please note that although some websites may still be promoting the photo below as a genuine alien, they are mistaken.. Do you believe in aliens?..

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  • Title: Circle of Ghosts « Fake or not?
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  • Title: Funny « Fake or not?
    Descriptive info: Archive for the Funny Category.. Giant corpse!.. I Found this picture in my files.. don t think it s real but it sure looks good.. what do you think?.. Funny or not ?.. Absolutely no.. Unbelievable David Beckham.. While on the beach in California shooting a commercial for Diet Pepsi, David Beckham shows why he s the world s most famous soccer player.. Where is the ghost?.. World group of ghost investigators prepare test for all new members.. Your task is really simple.. Find out where is the ghost.. Task is simple but not so easy.. So you have to be really concentrated to find where the ghost is.. Sound is very important so listen carefully.. Lets start.. Did you find out the ghost?.. Ghosts exist !!!.. Jan.. This video was shot on suspicion that there  ...   This is a preview of Future First Person Shooter game.. Producers assume to release this game in autumn.. Game will require the latest graphics cards and powerful processor.. Yourself you will agree that this game will be breakthrough in this genre.. Strange Image Caught On Deer Cam.. Dec.. A deer hunter captures a spooky image wandering through the Louisiana woods at night.. A hunter near Baton Rouge says he found this freaky photo on his deer stand camera.. The hunting camera was broken but the memory card was still there and so was this bizarre image.. It looks like a cross between a human and an animal, with long slender appendages and glowing eyes.. The hunter says he just hopes it s a vegetarian, if he runs into it in the woods again.. Alien or fake?..

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  • Title: Ghost in the courtyard of Chillingham Castle « Fake or not?
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  • Title: Ghosts « Fake or not?
    Descriptive info: Archive for the Ghosts Category.. Gettysburg ghost.. This picture was taken at the Devil s Den in Gettysburg On 4-3-05.. There were not any actors there at that time.. I made for certain that during my trip, I did not take any pictures of anyone dressed in Civil War era clothing because I was there on a ghost hunting trip.. The first photo is the full size picture, the second is a close-up of the soldier.. Ghost or fake?.. Boothill Graveyard Ghost.. Here is a picture that was taken at the Boothill Graveyard around closing time.. There was no one else in the graveyard at the time of this photo, my friend and I were the last ones there.. My friend then decided to leave me in there alone.. She wanted me to fill what it was like to be in Boothill with no one else around me, she said it is a real experience to be in there by yourself.. So I  ...   with me, knowing that was not possible I snapped a couple more pictures and left to meet my friend in the store where her and her two children waited for me.. When we arrived home we did our ritual downloading of pictures to the computer and here is what came up in one of the photos I took when I was in there alone.. If you look to the left I the images are enclosed in yellow.. There is one image which looks like a shadow person standing right in the bushes with the feet not appearing nor any other features that stand out but that of a dark silhouette.. The image also appears to be a wearing a hat and that of a tall male.. Ghost or human.. Human.. The Golden Lady.. A series of photos taken of an abandoned house in America.. Nothing was seen when the photos were being taken.. The grey image is an analysis done by a computer..

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  • Title: Fire Ghost Spotted in Backyard « Fake or not?
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  • Title: Strange pilot photo « Fake or not?
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  • Title: Orb Sightings in Historic Italian Castle « Fake or not?
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  • Title: Ghostly Figure of a Girl Appears in the Basement of an Old House « Fake or not?
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