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  • Title: Facebook Focus | Your daily update on all things Facebook
    Descriptive info: .. About Us.. Wednesday, May.. 22, 2013.. Subscribe to rss.. Home.. The Unusual.. The Competition.. Strategy.. Legal Issues.. Facebook Studies.. Controversies.. Business.. prev.. next.. Facebook Tells More About How it Uses Your Digital Life.. The latest in the flurry of pre-IPO activity is that Facebook is proposing changes to its privacy policy again, and you get to weigh in.. [.. ].. Latest News.. Checking Facebook Has Become Too Much Like Checking Email, And The News Feed Redesign Might Fix That.. March 18, 2013 -.. (0) comments.. Do you enjoy checking email? Probably not, since the word “checking” is something that sounds like work.. Whenever you have to continually go back to a place to see if anything new is there, [.. Read More.. MessageMe Gets Vine d; Facebook Pulls Access to Friend-Finding.. Hell hath no fury like a Facebook scorned.. Or, at least, Facebook doesn t seem to be very keen on allowing apps to tap into Facebook s platform if they contain similar features as Facebook s own [.. Facebook s Atlas Acquisition To Knock Google Off Its Perch?.. Facebook (FB) introduced Graph Search earlier this year, a feature that enables users to find new friends and get restaurant recommendations.. Though Facebook s aim is to challenge Google (GOOG) in the search market, investors [.. Rivalry, Facebook and the Pope.. It is generally known that North Korea s relationship with Facebook isn t one of the best, but the country has developed a social network website that serves as a Facebook-substitute.. The social network is nameless [.. Facebook May Emulate Rival Twitter With Introduction of Hashtags.. March 15, 2013 -.. Facebook Inc is looking to improve its  ...   to Block App for Ask.. fm Site Linked to Irish Girls’ Suicide.. February 21, 2013.. Study: Facebook Has Pros, Cons For Job Seekers.. Facebook Rolls Out Updates to Timeline, Including Cleaner Layout.. March 14, 2013.. Facebook ‘Likes’ Used to Predict Personal Information.. New Pope Francis I Has 40,000 Facebook Subscribers.. Okla.. Woman Tries to Sell Children on Facebook to Get Bail Money For Boyfriend, Police Say.. Facebook, Google Tech Gurus to Design Cancer Research Game.. Weekly editorial.. A Week Full of Facebook Love.. Facebook Seduced Iran s Leader Despite National Ban (February 11, 2013).. Popular.. Recent.. Comments.. Tags.. Facebook s Mobile Future All About Advertising.. May 14, 2012.. Facebook: Send Christian Bale to Aurora.. July 24, 2012.. Facebook fuses emotion into its tagging, cyberbullying updates.. July 12, 2012.. Facebook Addiction New Psychological Scale.. November 15, 2012.. Facebook Addiction - New Psychological Scale.. I do trust all the ideas you have presented on your post.. They are rea.. Facebook's Mobile Future All About Advertising.. Dear Samuel, Apologies for taking so long to get back to you.. I can s.. Just found this photo using google, it is actually a photo taken by me.. Excellent post.. I was checking constantly this blog and I am inspired!.. acquisition.. ads.. advertising.. app.. apple.. brands.. business.. buy.. China.. competition.. competitors.. data.. Facebook.. friends.. Google.. Instagram.. investors.. IPO.. lawsuit.. likes.. marketing.. Mark Zuckerberg.. Microsoft.. mobile.. mobile devices.. photos.. pictures.. police.. price.. privacy.. profile.. research.. revenue.. shares.. Social media.. social network.. stock market.. stocks.. strategy.. study.. Twitter.. underwriters.. users.. video.. Yahoo.. Categories.. Social Media Comics.. Connect with us.. RSS Feed.. Vimeo.. Latest.. Recent Comments.. in.. on.. summerson on.. Samuel Sharpe.. linkedin hunter.. Facebook Focus.. Pages..

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  • Title: About Us | Facebook Focus
    Descriptive info: offers you your daily dose of the top news headlines surrounding Facebook.. Its aim is to illustrate and understand the strategies that Facebook uses in order to stay ahead of its competitors.. Facebook Focus also aims to analyze the consequences that these choices have on the development of new technology and their impact on the creation of new social practices.. Facebook is more than just a social network.. It is a social, cultural, and business phenomenon that is radically changing the daily life of millions of people around the world..  ...   users.. It is impossible, unthinkable, and short-sighted to ignore the impact that the social networking giant has on the world.. Image courtesy of.. allfacebook.. com.. All content posted on Facebook Focus has been gathered from external news sources and each article is credited to its original source.. Facebook Focus does not own any of the content posted on its site and all information shared on the platform is intended for informational purposes only.. Facebook Focus was created with partial funding from the.. Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science.. online kasino..

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  • Title: The Unusual | Facebook Focus
    Descriptive info: Archive for The Unusual.. Posted On: March 14, 2013.. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was revealed Wednesday to be the new leader of the Catholic Church.. Posted On: March 13, 2013.. Misty VanHorn, of Sallisaw, Okla.. , was arrested for trying to sell her children on Facebook in order to [.. Posted On: March 01, 2013.. Scientists from a British cancer charity are teaming  ...   Internet Titans For Disease Research.. Posted On: February 21, 2013.. Some of the world s richest internet entrepreneurs, including Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg, have awarded 11 disease researchers $3m [.. Georgia Woman Furious with Police for Using Facebook to Notify Her of Son s Death.. It took weeks for Anna Lamb-Creasey to find out that her son was dead, and she s blaming the [..

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  • Title: The Competition | Facebook Focus
    Descriptive info: Archive for The Competition.. Posted On: March 18, 2013.. Or, at least, Facebook doesn t seem to be very keen [.. Facebook (FB) introduced Graph Search earlier this year, a feature that enables users to find new friends and [.. Posted On: March 15, 2013.. Facebook Inc is looking to improve its search and indexing capabilities by adding the  ...   Facebook.. Posted On: March 04, 2013.. Teenagers are a good measure of what s cool.. Observing which apps they use and how they interact with [.. Is the Facebook Hack Part of a Bigger Spy Threat?.. Posted On: February 18, 2013.. In the latest admission from a major company that it had been hacked, Facebook announced in a blog [..

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  • Title: Strategy | Facebook Focus
    Descriptive info: Archive for Strategy.. Whenever [.. Posted On: March 05, 2013.. Want to accuse Facebook of mistreating its users in order to get their money? Better be prepared to [.. Posted On: February 13, 2013.. Approximately half of the commercials during the last Super Bowl included Twitter hashtags to encourage conversation on the [.. 7  ...   12, 2013.. We re coming up on three years since Mark Zuckerberg famously announced, The age of privacy is over.. Some [.. How Facebook Graph Search Can Help Journalists.. Posted On: January 16, 2013.. Facebook says its new Graph Search functionality has the potential to become a reporter s left hand.. As journalists [..

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  • Title: Legal Issues | Facebook Focus
    Descriptive info: Archive for Legal Issues.. A Facebook Inc shareholder filed a lawsuit over the largest social networking company s botched initial public offering and [.. Posted On: February 27, 2013.. Making and selling illegal guns is a risky business, especially when your customers are largely vocational college students [.. Google, Facebook and Twitter have been ordered by the police to remove photographs  ...   My Facebook Page?.. Posted On: February 19, 2013.. The social justice protest of summer 2011 was a seminal event in Israeli history.. What started with a [.. Facebook Wins Battle Against German Privacy Watchdog over Fake-Name Ban.. Posted On: February 15, 2013.. Facebook Inc.. has won a court battle against a German privacy watchdog that challenged the social networking site’s [..

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  • Title: Facebook Studies | Facebook Focus
    Descriptive info: Archive for Facebook Studies.. Do a quick search on Facebook, and you re sure to find job talk.. A friend who got laid [.. Your Facebook Timeline is getting another makeover.. The social network announced Wednesday a number of changes to users [.. This new research may have you watching what you “like” online..  ...   Bug that Leaked Phone Numbers.. Social networking giant Facebook has fixed a bug that potentially could leak phone numbers of users to application [.. If You’re Worried About Likes, Avoid Posting To Facebook From Twitter.. Facebook is showing your content to far fewer people than they used to, says Nick Bilton at the [..

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  • Title: Controversies | Facebook Focus
    Descriptive info: Archive for Controversies.. Most North Koreans can’t access the Internet, and only foreigners can use the country’s brand-new 3G cellular network.. While India and the rest of the world protest heavily, both on the streets and online, against yet [.. Here s a news flash, for free: Repressive regimes know how to use  ...   To Quit Facebook.. Posted On: February 20, 2013.. How many times do you check Facebook a day? And what are your motivations for doing so? Are [.. Does Facebook Have a Problem with Women?.. Does Facebook have a problem with women? The question has been around since 2011 when Eve Ensler and Ms [..

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  • Title: Business | Facebook Focus
    Descriptive info: Archive for Business.. Facebook Nags Android Users with Updates Outside of Play Store.. Facebook for Android is prompting users to download an update to a new build of its app, 141046, [.. Apple and Facebook Flash Forward to Computer Memory of the Future.. If you hire a plane, you can fly over the massive data center Apple operates in the woodlands [.. Facebook And Google Bury The Hatchet (Temporarily)  ...   Android’s virtual machine, Dalvik, that would halt its app development, Google and [.. Facebook Buys Microsoft Ad Technology Platform.. Facebook Inc said on Thursday it had agreed to buy advertising technology from Microsoft Corp that measures the [.. How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page.. Posted On: February 25, 2013.. The time has passed when Facebook was a ‘good idea’ for businesses to try.. It’s now essential to [..

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  • Title: Why Faces Matter To Facebook | Facebook Focus
    Descriptive info: Why Faces Matter To Facebook.. Written By:.. |.. June 20, 2012.. Posted In:.. Facebook really wants to know what you look like.. The social network this week acquired Face.. com, a face-recognition technology company whose Facebook and mobile apps can identify people s faces in photos.. One of Face.. com s apps, KLIK, aims to identify Facebook friends faces on mobile-phone photos as they re taken.. Fire up KLIK and watch as your friends names instantly appear next to their faces before or after you snap a photo, the company says on  ...   and improve recognition.. Another app, PhotoTagger, works with Facebook to auto-tag faces in photo albums.. [Read more].. This.. article.. was originally published by.. abc2news.. June 20th 2012.. Featured image courtesy of.. Foter.. Share This Article.. Related News.. About Author.. Leave A Reply.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Your email address will not be published.. Required fields are marked.. *.. Name.. (required).. Email.. Website.. Comment.. You may use these.. HTML.. tags and attributes:.. a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= strike strong..

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  • Title: Facebook May Finally Get Some Wall Street Love | Facebook Focus
    Descriptive info: Facebook May Finally Get Some Wall Street Love.. I doubt that there were any champagne corks popping in Facebook s (FB) Menlo Park headquarters Monday.. But for what it s worth, Facebook hit a milestone in its brief history as a public company: Shares rose 4.. 7%, marking the first time that the stock was up for three straight days.. The winning streak hit four Tuesday.. Facebook shares rose another 1.. 6%.. So investors who bought Facebook on the day of its bungled initial public offering can breathe a little  ...   low of $25.. 52 on June 6.. There s a chance that the company could get a further lift next week.. That s because the 40-day quiet period in which analysts from banks involved in underwriting the IPO are not allowed to publicly comment on the stock will end on June 27.. If history is any guide, sell-siders from many of the 33 firms that helped take Facebook public will initiate coverage with lavish praise that may border on being sycophantic.. Paul R.. La Monica.. June 19th 2012.. buzz.. money.. cnn..

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