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  • Title: Oregon Needs Campaign Finance Reform
    Descriptive info: .. You can put an Oregon constitutional amendment on the 2010 ballot to ensure that the political contribution limits we Oregon voters passed in 2006 will get enforced.. [.. Learn More.. ].. Oregon Needs Campaign Finance Reform.. Why Reform is Needed Now and How To Do It.. (flyers videos).. Initiative Summaries.. Endorsements.. Volunteer.. Contribute.. Join Our Email Lists.. Create Your Petition Packet.. Visit Our Blog.. Read Press Releases.. CFR Announcement Archives.. Latest Campaign Reform News.. Campaign Finance Reform: Why We Need It and How To Do It.. Watch it.. in your browser.. Download.. PowerPoint File.. PowerPoint Show.. FairElections Oregon.. P.. O.. Box 8488.. Portland, OR 97207.. 503-246-2906.. or use our.. Contact Form.. BIG MONEY RUNS OREGON!.. Oregon has no limits on campaign contributions for any state or local election.. None!.. The result is that.. corporations dominate politics in Oregon.. They outspend labor unions by 5-1 and massively outspend all other groups and causes, including those for better health care, environmental protection, human and civil rights, decent and living wage jobs for all, consumer protection, fair taxes on corporations, less promotion of gambling, and sufficient funding for education and other needs.. Corporations pushed up the total reported spending on political races in Oregon from $4.. 2 million in 1996 to over $49 million 10 years later -.. a factor of 12 in 10 years.. Candidates for seats in the Oregon Legislature in 1996 spent $3.. 5 million.. By 2004, they spent $18 million.. 75% of the money came from only 1% of the contributors.. Only 3% of the contributions were in amounts of $50 or less.. It now costs over $700,000 to win a contested race for the Oregon State Senate and over $400,000 to win a contested race for the Oregon State House of Representatives.. Big political spenders get what they want from Oregon government.. Examples abound:.. Corporations paid 18% of state income taxes in 1975.. It's now 4%.. 80% of them  ...   as to refuse to enforce the limits on campaign contributions Oregonians voted into law in 2006 by statewide initiative.. Many more examples are in the Powerpoint Show available in the left column of this page.. Click to Learn more.. JOIN US AND TAKE ACTION NOW!.. Click to Learn More about Our Efforts.. Sierra Club of Oregon endorses.. Petitions 8 and 37.. (2006).. Our Latest Flyer:.. Get Big Money Out of Oregon Politics.. Get our detailed response to the incorrect, misleading statements by Our Oregon.. Oregon Legislative candidates who spent the most money won 91% of the time.. Corporate contributions are so huge in Oregon that Tom Delay would not even be noticed here.. Delay was indicted for moving $190,000 of corporate money into races for the Texas Legislature.. Doing that would be legal in Oregon and insignificant, since the corporations have pumped over $20 million into races for the Oregon Legislature in the last two election cycles.. What Tom Delay did in Texas is perfectly legal in Oregon.. Ore.. gov.. candidates race to acquire cash.. $13 a vote.. Their big spending on the little city council election, however, will surely add fuel to a grass-roots movement now under way for campaign finance reform in Oregon.. The Oregonian Editorial Board.. FAST FACTS / WHY WE NEED REFORMS.. Oregon is one of only three states with no limits on political contributions.. Corporations outspend labor unions by 5-1 and massively outspend all other groups and causes.. 2 million in 1996 to over $49 million 10 years later.. In 2004 legislative races, 75% of money came from 1% of contributors.. Only 2% of total contributions were $50 or less.. The job pays $19,884 a year (plus diem).. The difficulty in raising the large sums of money required for campaigns discourages many capable Oregonians from running for office.. Powered by.. Del Info.. Copyright 2005 FairElections Oregon.. All rights reserved.. Oregon provides a tax credit for contributions.. Learn more..

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  • Title: Oregon Needs Campaign Finance Reform
    Descriptive info: PowerPoint Show.. We take pride that Oregon is often first in progressive reforms, like the Bottle Bill and public access to ocean beaches.. When it comes to campaign finance reform, Oregon is last, dead last!.. Oregon has no limits whatever on political campaign contributions for any state or local race.. None.. 21 states already ban corporate political contributions for candidate races.. 23 states limit corporate contributions, usually to $500 - $2000 in a statewide contest.. Only 4 states allow unlimited corporate contributions: Oregon, Illinois, Missouri, and New Mexico.. The result is that corporations dominate politics in Oregon.. They outspend labor unions by 5-1 and massively outspend all progressive groups and causes put together, including those pursuing the causes of environmental preservation, expanded health care, human rights, justice for all, and consumer protection.. The corporations have pushed up the total spending on races for the Oregon Legislature from $3.. 4 million in 1996 to over $18 million in 2002.. In legislative races, the one who spent more money won 91% of the time.. Candidate campaigns spent almost $15 million in the 2002 contest for Governor alone, easily setting a new record by more than double.. In 2002, each major party candidate spent over $4 million, and the average spent in the primaries by the four losing candidates taken seriously by the press was $1.. Enron in 1997 saw that the Oregon Legislature was so easy to buy that Enron dissolved itself and reincorporated in Oregon! Yes, Enron is an Oregon corporation -- not just Portland General Electric (PGE), but Enron itself.. Corporate Taxes in Oregon.. Oregon corporate income tax rates have decreased by 40% over the past 12 years, leaving Oregon with the lowest taxes on corporations of any state, while schools and other public needs suffer.. Council on State Taxation (2004): Oregon ranks last among states in business taxes per $ of economic activity and per $ of capital income.. Oregon Center for Public Policy (2005): Corporations in Oregon pay 71% less in state income taxes than they did in 1975 (as % of gross state product).. In 1975, they paid 18.. 5% of income taxes in Oregon; now they pay 4.. 6%.. Without new tax breaks, the corporations would be paying $900 million more per year.. Fraud of the Corporate Kicker : Corporations get their state income taxes cut, if state economist says  ...   Regulatory Commission or in the courts.. Every utility except one, of course.. PGE cannot file a complaint against it own corporate parent.. The OPUC refuses to make PGE pay back any of the $800 million PGE has charged ratepayers since 1997 for federal and state income taxes that neither Enron nor PGE has ever paid or will ever pay.. This outrage by PGE, PP L, and other regulated private utilities continues right now at over $150 million per year in phony tax charges to Oregon ratepayers.. Despite a court order, the OPUC refuses to make PGE refund the over $500 million it charged Oregon ratepayers during 1995-2000 for profits on the Trojan nuclear plant, despite the fact that the plant broke down in 1992 and never produced any more of its very expensive energy.. Why? PGE/Enron has handed out almost $400,000 to candidates for the Oregon Legislature and both parties.. Restaurants, Bars, Gambling.. In 2004, the Oregon Lottery Commission disregarded its own study and signed contracts to keep paying video poker outlets twice as much as necessary, letting them keep an extra $85 million per year that should be going to schools.. In 2004, Oregon Lottery Commission decided to reduce commissions by only 3%.. Why? The Commission is appointed by politicians, and Oregon Restaurant Association contributed over $1.. 2 million in to them in the last 3 elections.. PayDay Loan Industry.. Oregon has no limits on interest rates.. SB 545 would have limited interest to 391% per year (15% for 2 weeks).. Payday loaners greased the 2005 Legislature with $141,000 in contributions.. Nothing passed.. Many more examples are available at Oregon Follow the Money (www.. oregonfollowthemoney.. org), which shows how tobacco, accounting, pharmaceutical and other corporations have had their way with the Oregon Legislature.. The average contribution to the political committee (or PAC) of the Oregon Education Association (the teachers' union) during 2000 was about $30.. This would easily qualify as a Small Donor Committee.. For the largest corporate PACs, Oregon Associated Industries and the Oregon Forest Industries Council, the average contribution was over $10,000.. These groups would not even come close to qualifying as Small Donor Committees.. Join our endorsers.. (including Alliance for Democracy, Pacific Green Party, Clackamas County Democratic Party, Health Care for All Oregon, Oregon Gray Panthers, Eastside Democratic Club of Portland, and many others.. Become a Volunteer.. Make a Contribution..

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  • Title: Summary of FairElections Oregon Petitions (2006)
    Descriptive info: Oregon Political Campaign Finance Reform Act:.. Summary of Petitions.. UNDER CONSTRUCTION.. Become a Volunteer..

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  • Title: Fair Elections Campaign Endorsements
    Descriptive info: Endorsements for Ballot Measures 46 and 47 (2006).. JUST A FEW OF THE THOUSANDS.. OF INDIVIDUALS (alphabetical).. Don Baham.. Judith Barnes.. Ron Buel, founder of Willamette Week.. Granny D.. Lee Paul Dayfield.. David Delk, Alliance for Democracy.. Ruth Duemler.. Oren Glick.. Andrew Harris, MD.. Bryn Hazell.. Joan Horton, Alliance for Democracy.. Dolores Hurtado.. Del Information Services, Inc.. Andrew Kaza.. Teresa Keane, Pacific Green Party.. Barbara Kemper.. Ken Lewis, former President of Port of Portland.. Harry Lonsdale, former candidate for U.. Senate.. Lloyd Marbet.. Dave Mazza, editor of The Portland Alliance.. Dan Meek, public interest attorney.. Eulia Mishima.. Frank Nelson, Professor Emeritus, Linfield College.. Edwin Parker.. Salvador Peralta (candidate for Oregon House).. Kellee Purdy.. Seth Purdy.. Eulia Quan Mishima.. Gisela Ray.. Jim Robison.. Courtney Scott, Pacific Green Party.. Brian  ...   Public Interest Research Group).. Oregon Small Business for Responsible Leadership.. Alliance for Democracy.. Oregon Gray Panthers.. Pacific Green Party.. Northwest Progressive Community.. Democratic Party of Clackamas County.. Public Action for Clean Elections (Granny D).. Health Care for All Oregon.. Jackson County Citizens for the Public Good.. Native Forest Council.. Don't Waste Oregon.. Eastside Democratic Club.. First Unitarian Church Action Groups.. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.. Gifford Pinchot Task Force.. Injured Workers' Alliance.. Physicians for Social Responsibility.. Rural Organizing Project (M 47).. Universal Health Care for Oregon.. Utility Reform Project.. PUBLIC OFFICIALS.. State Senator Charlie Ringo.. State Senator Bill Morrisette.. State Rep.. Dave Hunt (M 46).. Dennis Richardson (M 46).. Interested in endorsing?.. Contact us at 503-246-7850 or from.. We can also provide speakers on the ballot measures..

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  • Title: Help Bring About Oregon Campaign Finance Reform
    Descriptive info: Contribute to the Campaign.. Oregon Political Tax Credit:.. An individual with taxable income of $2,400 or more can give up to $50 to political campaigns and get it all back (every dollar) as a state income tax credit.. A couple filing a joint return can give $100 and get it all back, if their income is at least $4,800.. Those with lower incomes can get back amounts contributed, up to their total state income tax withheld or otherwise paid.. Information Required by Law:.. No matter how you make the contribution on the next page (check or credit card or PayPal), the law requires that we obtain your name.. Anonymous contributions must be donated to charity.. If you  ...   and address, by city and state, of the employer.. According to the Secretary of State, you have no occupation and are not employed if you are a student, retired, a volunteer, or a "homemaker.. " These folks should write "not employed" on the line for occupational information.. Here is more information on what are considered acceptable "occupations.. ".. Please fill out this form.. Full Name:.. Address:.. Address 2:.. City:.. State:.. Zip:.. If contribution is over $100, the following is required by Oregon law:.. Occupation:.. occupation help.. Employer (can be self ):.. Employer City and State:.. Optional Fields.. Email:.. Phone:.. Fax:.. Click Send Form above to get our mailing address.. There'll also be a link to contribute through Paypal..

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  • Title: FairElections Oregon: Get Involved
    Descriptive info: Get Involved / Ask Questions.. Please fill out the form below and press the send button once.. Check off any of the boxes that you are interested in.. Phone banking.. Literature drops.. Fundraising.. Event Organizing.. For FairElections Oregon, I can.. Collect 500 signatures.. Collect 100 signatures.. Raise $500.. Raise $100.. Name:.. Zip:.. Comments:.. You can also email.. info@fairelections.. net..

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  • Title: FairElections 2010 Ballot Initiative
    Descriptive info: (flyers videos).. A MESSAGE FROM OREGON SUPPORTERS OF CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM.. By downloading and signing the proposed statewide measure, you can put a campaign finance reform Oregon constitutional amendment on the 2010 ballot.. Already a supporter? Click.. to help.. Once upon a time, Oregon led the nation in progressive reform.. In the 1960s and 70s, Oregonians established a first-in-the-nation bottle bill, preserved the Oregon coastline by turning most beaches into state parks, and established land-use reforms that protected farm land and forests from development.. But that was before the Oregon Legislature repealed all limits on political expenditures in races for state and local offices.. Then, after Oregon voters in 1994 overwhelmingly adopted strict limits on political contributions, the Oregon Supreme Court struck them down in 1997, leaving Oregon as one of only three states with a truly Wild West political system.. In this era of no limits, contributions to candidates for state or local office in Oregon skyrocketed, from $4.. The result is that those who can readily afford to make political contributions are now in charge.. For example, among all states Oregon continues to have the lowest taxes on corporations and nearly the highest income taxes on families living near the poverty line.. The share of Oregon income taxes paid by corporations has decreased by 65% since 1975.. The poorest 1/5 of Oregon families pay 9.. 2% of their income in state and local taxes, while the richest 1/5 pay only 6.. 7% of theirs.. And the corporations have successfully  ...   being cleaned up with limits on political contributions, effective January 1, 2009.. But not Oregon.. Campaign spending in Oregon is literally out of control.. In the 2006 race for Governor, the candidates took over $18 million, almost all of it from special interests.. Then the big donors get their way with Oregon government.. But you can help change that by putting a measure on the ballot to ensure that campaign contribution limits are enforced in Oregon.. This can be done by (1) amending the Oregon Constitution to require enforcement of the voter-enacted limits and (2) preventing the Legislature from interfering.. We need 1,000 petition signatures to get the ballot title process started.. If you agree, here are 6 easy steps for you to help:.. Click to download the signature sheet.. Click to print out the text of the proposed measure.. Staple the sheet with the measure text behind the signature sheet, using one staple in the upper left corner.. Fill out one of the numbered lines with your signature, the date, your printed name and address.. Get your friends to sign also, on the other numbered lines.. Fill out the circulator certification at the bottom of the sheet; make sure to date your signature on or after the last date upon which a voter signed the sheet.. Then mail the completed sheet (with text stapled to it) to:.. FairElections Oregon.. 9220 SW Barbur Blvd.. Suite 119-254.. Portland, OR 97219.. If you would like to get more involved with the campaign, click below..

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  • Title: FairElections Oregon Petitions
    Descriptive info: Receive Signature Sheets in Mail.. Once we start collecting signatures, we can mail you signature sheets.. E-mail Liz Trojan at.. net.. or call 503-246-2906.. (Provide your name and complete mailing address.. ).. Create your own Petition Packet.. If you want to get started immediately, you can create your own petitioning kit by downloading and printing out PDF files in a particular way.. First, download these PDF files:.. THESE WILL BE AVAILABLE WHEN WE START COLLECTING SIGNATURES.. Print or photocopy the Petition Cover Sheet and Petition Signature Sheet back-to-back on regular white copy paper (20-pound weight).. Every signature sheet must have the cover sheet on the reverse side of the same piece of paper.. Please use a laser printer, to ensure quality and consistency.. If you use an ink-jet printer,  ...   ones you have seen other people carrying.. In February 2006, the Secretary of State approved simplified signature sheets for both measures.. Both the old version and the new version of the signature sheets are valid.. Print the Petition Full Text and carry it with you when collecting signatures.. This is a legal requirement.. Print out and carry the:.. Petitioning Do's and Don'ts.. CFR Videos.. Campaign Finace Reform: Why We Need It and How To Do It.. View the video.. Why Campaign Finance Reform?.. (Get the Free RealPlayer.. Signature Gathering Requirements.. (Free RealPlayer Required).. Signature Gathering Tips.. Brochures and Flyers.. (2 pages; print back-to-back) (PDF; get free.. Acrobat Reader here.. End Mad Cash Disease in Oregon.. (half a page; cut sheet in half) (PDF).. if you need to register to vote..

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  • Title: Join the Campaign Finance Reform Email Lists
    Descriptive info: Join the Campaign Finance Reform Email List.. Click below to be taken to a short form to fill out.. You can unsubscribe to a list at any time.. CFR-Announce.. This list receives updates on the Oregon Campaign Finance Reform efforts (not more than one per week or if urgent).. CFR-Clips.. This list receives clippings (mostly from Oregon newspapers but also from the New York Times and other national sources) pertaining to campaign finance reform and the political corruption that necessitates it..

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  • Title: Press Relaeases on Oregon Campaign Finance Reform
    Descriptive info: Press Releases..

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  • Title: LAC Presentation
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