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  • Title: IMO - Fair for life - home
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome to the Fair for Life website!.. A unique Certification System.. "Fair for life" is a brand neutral third party certification programme for social accountability and fair trade in agricultural, manufacturing and trading operations.. The programme complements existing fair trade certification systems.. Social accountability and fair trade have become important indicators to select business partners in a global market place.. Existing systems unfortunately exclude many agricultural, manufacturing and trading operations worldwide that practice social responsibility and fair trade from independent verification and certification of their performance.. The Fair for Life Social FairTrade Certification Programme offers operators of socially responsible projects a solution for objective inspection and certification by a highly qualified  ...   For this reason, the Fair for Life programme includes detailed.. environmental criteria.. The system is designed for both food and non food commodities (cosmetics, textiles etc.. ).. Our quality guarantee.. Fair for Life Social FairTrade Certification guarantees that human rights are guaranteed at any stage of production, that workers enjoy good and fair working conditions and that smallholder farmers receive a fair share.. Fair trade improves the livelihood of thousands of smallholder farmers and workers by providing the means for social community projects and empowerment of people.. Explore the Social FairTrade Programme by clicking on the links above!.. press.. revision.. events.. FAQ.. news.. operators.. become certified.. home.. about.. Search.. Imprint.. Sitemap.. Contact..

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  • Title: IMO - Fair for life - Environmental Criteria
    Descriptive info: Environmental Criteria.. All certified companies must comply with a comprehensive set of environmental criteria:.. Important aspects of water conservation, energy management and climate change, ecosystem management and waste management are controlled during the annual audits.. Certified companies must not be engaged in habitat destruction and should work on continuous improvement of their energy use.. Operators are encouraged to perform beyond minimum requirements  ...   All operations have to be certified according to an acknowledged organic or ecological minimum standard, e.. Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS).. ,.. FSC.. GlobalGAP.. Utz Certified.. Operations that are not certified according to one of these standards must fulfil the additional Integrated Production Criteria which constitute separate documents and are industry specific.. Make a difference.. Why Certification.. History.. Certifier.. Certification Seal.. Characteristics..

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  • Title: IMO - Fair for life - press
    Descriptive info: Press.. In this section you can find press releases regarding Fair for Life.. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.. Write an e-mail to info@fairforlife.. net or use the contact form provided on this website.. Press Releases..

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  • Title: IMO - Fair for life - revision
    Descriptive info: Revision of the Fair for Life Social FairTrade Programme.. The Bio Foundation together with IMO has revised its Fair for Life Social FairTrade Programme.. The Programme sets principles and criteria for Social Responsibility and FairTrade Certification for a wide range of products in a variety of production systems worldwide and can also be used for FairTrade certification of pioneer FairTrade projects in developed countries.. An international multi-stakeholder consultation was carried out in 2010 to revise the Fair for Life Programme, Version 2008.. In respect of the principles of the ISEAL Code of Good  ...   range of stakeholders through public consultation in two consultation rounds.. The revised programme will come into effect as from 1.. st.. March 2011.. Download the revised Fair for Life Social FairTrade Programme.. To find out more about the received comments and a summary of the changes between the programme versions 2008 and 2011 please click on the links below.. Comments first public consultation round.. Comments second public consultation round.. Summary of changes programme versions 2008 - 2011.. We kindly thank all who sent their comments.. Please use this.. contact form.. for any comments..

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  • Title: IMO - Fair for life - events
    Descriptive info: Events.. Fair for Life on Biofach, 13.. -16.. 02.. 2013, Nuremberg, Germany.. Fair for Life will be present on the Biofach in Germany.. You can visit the team at the booth of the certification body Institute for Marketecology (IMO) No 1-101 in Hall 1.. You are welcome to make an appointment at info@fairforlife.. net.. Get to know the Fair for Life network! Visit our BioFach event Establishing Fair for Life Supply Chains , on Friday 15th February 2013, 10:30-12:00 CET, Room Munich to find out more about Fair for Life and certified operations.. Fair for Life on Expo West, 09.. -11.. 03.. 2012, Anaheim, CA, USA.. IMO will be attending Expo West in Anaheim, CA, 9-11 March, 2012 and will be presenting the Fair for Life Social Fair Trade Certification Programme.. If you would like to set up a meeting to come visit us or stop by our booth, please contact Kerry Hughes at kerry@imo-control.. org.. Fair for Life on the Biofach, 15.. -18.. 2012, Nuremberg, Germany.. Like in the past years the  ...   Social and Fair Trade certification as well as the Fair for Life Programme will be presented during two panels on the Biofach Congress.. All are kindly invited to discuss different approaches in fair and ethical trade as well as fair trade in cosmetics.. Please find details on the panels.. here.. Sustainable Foods Summit Amsterdam.. The Sustainable Foods Summit is a series of summits that focuses on the leading issues the food industry faces concerning sustainability and eco-labels such as Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, etc.. IMO supports again the European edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit which will take place in Amsterdam on 23-24th June 2011.. Read more.. Natural Cosmetics Conference Berlin (Germany).. The Natural Cosmetics Conference will take place for the fourth time from 20 to 21 September 2011.. Discuss the latest trends and innovative concepts with international speakers from science, market research, trade and industry.. IMO acts as project partner and presents Fair For Life at the conference.. More information.. Click here so see the list of past events.. Past Events..

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  • Title: IMO - Fair for life - FAQ
    Descriptive info: 1.. I think Social FairTrade Certification may be right for my company; how do I determine the specific costs and steps needed to get certification?.. The first step is to contact your local IMO representative.. A listing of contact information of the various IMO world offices is found by going to the.. IMO website.. When you contact your representative, you may discuss with them the various certifications and how they may apply to your company s special situation.. The IMO representative will also give you an application form that can be used by us to begin drafting a budget and timeline for attaining certification.. You may also attend a webinar held on the Social FairTrade Programme, or have a special webinar scheduled for your company.. Click.. to find out the webinar schedule or contact.. webinar@fairforlife.. 2.. How much does the certification cost?.. Certification costs vary depending on the size and complexity of your operation/supply chain, which certification is being attained, the location of producers (the local costs and travel time), and in the case of fair trade, whether or not you are already certified organic.. If you are certified organic by IMO, it reduces the cost of fair trade certification, as part of our work in building a chain of custody is already done in this process.. You may contact your representative for an individual cost estimate or cost examples.. 3.. How long does the certification process take?.. The length of time for attaining certification depends on how long it will take you to meet the certification criteria.. However, Fair for Life certification is performed using the published programme.. We suggest you obtain a copy of the programe for certification and use this as an internal training document.. The programme is easy to use and you can score yourself to have an idea where you will stand for certification.. After confirming your application for certification (along with your approval of the budget), we organise the audit; then all results are reviewed and the certification is finalised.. 4.. What kinds of products does the certification cover?.. Fair for Life Social FairTrade Certification is available for a wide range of products, e.. for all agricultural products (like oils, herbs, spices, vegetables fruit etc.. ), seafood, cut flowers, handicrafts, cotton and textiles, and even toys! Because we do not use a product-specific standard for certification, certification of your entire assortment of raw materials or any multi-ingredient and finished products may be possible if they originate from certified fair trade sources.. You can also choose to be certified only as a company, without product certification.. Social Responsibility Certification in particular can be used to demonstrate to your clients that your entire company meets high social standards, and no actual product certification may be needed.. 5.. What are the main characteristics of the different certifications offered in the Fair for Life Social FairTrade Programme?.. The Fair for Life Social FairTrade Programme essentially consists of two certification options:.. Fair for Life - Social FairTrade Certification.. and.. For Life - Social Responsibility Certification.. We consider the Fair for Life Social FairTrade efforts to be a Programme because the certifications are designed to help guide you in creating your own meaningful programmes in-house which can grow as your company grows.. Another option is that sometimes companies approach us with their already developed internal social code and would like for us to act as third party auditor (.. Individual Performance Evaluation.. ).. FairWild.. covers the important social and fair trade aspects of wild harvesting.. 6.. Do I have to be certified organic to get Fair for Lfie Social FairTrade Certification?.. You do not need to be certified organic, but if you are already organic (or if the product you want certified is organic), then it streamlines the effort to add fair trade certification on top of it.. However, Fair for Life Social FairTrade Certification ensures certain minimal environmental criteria are met, therefore, if you don t have any organic or other certification that confirms compliance with environmental minimum good practices, you will need to fulfill the additional environmental minimum criteria in addition to the actual social fair trade criteria.. If you are going for FairWild Certification, it is assumed that you are either certified organic or complying with ISSC-MAP criteria or that you have developed a concept and action timetable to reach full compliance with organic and/or ISSC-MAP standards within 1-3 years.. 7.. Who pays for the certification of a producer?.. The producer pays  ...   contract so that IMO can follow it up.. 11.. Who already holds this certification?.. You may see a listing of currently certified (not those who may be in progress) operations by visiting the fair for life.. certified operators page.. on this website.. Examples include olive oil from the Middle East, coconut oil from Asia and Africa, palm oil from Africa, and apples from small-scale farmers in remote areas of South America.. 12.. Once my producer and I decide on an agreed-upon premium, do all of our transactions have to be fair trade?.. Yes, all of the transactions between a fair trade producer and buyer are required to be fair trade according to your own fair trade agreements.. 13.. For a multi-ingredient product, what % of my ingredients need to undergo certification, and how is this declared on the label?.. IMO follows similar rules to what is used by organics, in that the major amount of the products (that are able to be certified as fair trade) in a multi-ingredient product need to be fair trade certified to allow the label claim that it is a fair trade product.. However, if just one or two products that are minor ingredients are used in a product, such as vanilla for flavour, it is allowed to claim, made with fair trade vanilla extract.. For details please see chapter 1.. 2.. 4 of the IMO Social FairTrade Programme.. 14.. Can we obtain a Social FairTrade Certification for our fair trade production project in the US or other developed nation?.. For Life- Social Responsibility Certification may be a good option to demonstrate that all your / your producer s workers enjoy excellent working conditions and are treated fairly (which includes also migrant and other temporary workers).. Fair for Life - Social FairTrade Certification of e.. farmers groups in the US or Europe is possible, but has pilot character and will require a well prepared specifically developed fair trade approach to be demonstrated by the applicant.. 15.. What are the target groups of the fair trade premium?.. For longer supply chains there is a need for an overall fair trade policy that defines the main target groups for fair trade.. Depending on the situation these will be only the primary producers/smallholders, or the main target may actually be workers in the processing factory rather, or in some cases both.. Other target groups could be, for example, agricultural workers on medium size farms.. The fair trade policy includes a rough social analysis on the most marginalized groups.. in the specific project situation, and how/to what extent they can be reached by fair trade.. 16.. What if my suppliers are certified organic by other certifiers than IMO?.. IMO has local offices in more than 25 countries worldwide and currently performs audits in approximately 90 countries (and will go to almost any country unless prohibited by law).. We can certainly find a well-adapted solution for your particular supply situation.. Depending on the organic certification body in origin and the location of the supplier, we may require an additional Fair for Life Social FairTrade audit, or in some cases may consider cooperating with the other certification body's auditor, at least for follow-up visits to keep costs reasonable.. A few organic certifiers have also started their own social or fair trade certification programmes, some of which we will accept as equivalent based on detailed reports.. 17.. Which other social or fair trade certification schemes are accepted as equivalent?.. Fair for Life has a mutual equivalency agreement.. with Soil Association Ethical Trade and unilateral.. ly.. accepts FLO-Cert certified.. FLO/Transfair/Max Havelaar Fairtrade products as equivalent.. Acceptance of Fair Trade certification according to other programmes depends on individual equivalency decisions based on the individual evaluation of respective audit reports.. 18.. Does Fair for Life Social FairTrade Certification also cover environmental aspects?.. Certified companies must be either Organic, Utz Certified, Rainforest Alliance or GlobalGAP certified, or must demonstrate good production practices by additional evaluation of the Fair for Life Additional Integrated Production criteria.. Additionally, performance in some key environmental aspects such as water and energy conservation, ecosystem protection and waste management is evaluated for all operations worldwide.. 19.. What are the main differences between Fair for Life FairTrade and other schemes.. Please click.. here.. for an overview about the characteristics of the "fair for life" system.. 20.. What is the position of Fair for Life regarding certification of plantations?.. to read the statement of Fair for Life on plantation certification..

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  • Title: IMO - Fair for life - news
    Descriptive info: News.. 2013 in Nuremberg, Germany.. As the year 2012 comes to an end.. The Fair for Life team is proud to look back on a very successful year.. In 2012, about 45 new clients wished to become Fair for Life or For Life certified, which is an increase of about 40%.. Most new clients come from Africa, South- and Latin-America and North-America including Canada.. At the end of the year there will be about 170 companies certified.. Exciting new products certified in 2012 include biodegradable bags and pacific shrimps.. Many interesting developments happened in 2012: Fair for Life has been accepted by IDH into their sustainability programme, as one of 5 large certification systems.. Additionally, Fair Trade Towns recognised Fair for Life as an approved certification scheme.. In September, Fair for Life has been included in the ITC Standards Map.. We would like to thank all Fair for Life certified operations and supporters for the successful year and are looking forward to an at least equally successful 2013.. We wish everybody a very good start in the new year.. Please notice that the Fair for Life team will be out of office in the time from the 22nd December 2012 until the 6th January 2013.. Webinars "Introducing Fair for Life".. You are invited to participate in one of the upcoming webinars to find out more about the Fair for Life Social Fair Trade Certification Programme.. Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 9:00 - 10:00 am PST Click to.. register.. Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 9:00 - 10:00 am PST Click to.. Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 9:00 - 10:00 am PST Click to.. Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 9:00 - 10:00 am PST Click to.. Fair for Life news n°6 out now!.. The new edition of the the Fair for Life news has been published.. You can download it.. If you wish to subscripe to this newsletter just send an e-mail to info@fairforlife.. net or use the online.. Fair for Life analysed in ITC Standard Map.. The International Trade Centre (ITC), a joint organisation of the United Nations and World Trade Organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland, has one goal: to help businesses become more competitive in global markets, speeding economic development and contributing to sustainable development.. As part of this goal, ITC has developed a new web platform called Standards Map that provides comprehensive and comparable information on sustainability standards and audit protocols, with the aim to strengthen the capacity of producers, exporters and buyers to participate in more sustainable production and trade.. The Standards Map platform offers an online "comparison tool" that enables users to make analyses, comparisons and reviews of sustainability standards and audit protocols using a unique set of criteria, audit best practices and good governance models.. ITC collaborates with over 75 organisations that have developed standards systems, codes and reporting systems.. The information on Fair for Life is now made available on the Standards Map platform on.. www.. standardsmap.. It enables users to perform customised analyses, save their settings online and share work with their social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.. A free trial access to the Standards Map online comparison tool is offered to all new users who register from the Standards Map homepage.. Fair Trade Towns USA recognises Fair for Life certification.. Fair Trade Towns USA (FT Towns USA) has officially announced the acceptance of Fair for Life Fair Trade Certification under the FT Towns USA criteria.. FT Towns USA is a movement made up of a diverse group of inspired activists, engaged community groups and organisations, and socially responsible members of the business community.. It is committed to raising awareness within communities so that every dollar spent can be a powerful decision, with ramifications across continents, countries and communities.. There are 28 Fair Trade Towns across the USA, and many more with campaigns in progress.. After much research and careful consideration, the National Steering Committee of Fair Trade Towns USA has concluded that the Fair for Life programme meets many rigorous standards that are crucial to fair trade.. From delivering impact to producers and farmers to evaluating the business practices of the companies using its label, Fair Trade Towns USA has announced that Fair for Life indicates that strict criteria have been met to empower producers and protect the environment.. Through their recognition of Fair for Life, a broader grassroots movement will help to educate consumers about the label and garnish more commitment from retailers and community organisations to carry Fair for Life fair trade certified products.. To learn more about Fair Trade Towns USA, please click.. Exciting new Fair for Life products.. Fair for Life has further increased its scope of fair trade certified products.. It is exciting to observe that more and more ethical companies with products that have so far not been considered as classical fair trade merchandise are increasingly taking steps to enter the fair trade market and contribute to widening the impact of Fair for Life certification.. In June 2012 biodegradable, Fair for Life certified bags made of tapioca starch have become available.. An Indonesian company purchases tapioca starch from hundreds of rural households in Indonesia which are organised into a farmers group.. Plastic bags are individually designed by the customer and then printed at the factory.. In August 2012 another interesting product joined the fair trade movement.. Pacific white shrimps (Litopenaeus vannamei) have been certified Fair for Life Fair Trade, becoming not only the first Fair for Life shrimp certification world-wide but also the first time an animal aquaculture product could be certified Fair for Life.. In general, working conditions in production and processing are often precarious in the aquaculture industry world-wide, with low wages paid and with inappropriate working conditions.. This is one of the reasons why so far no other fish or shrimp aquaculture operator achieved Fair for  ...   verified during audits.. Find out more about the revised Fair for Life Programme.. You can download the revised Fair for Life Programme by clicking.. New Fair for Life Logo!.. Taking into concideration the feedback of stakeholders and conumers of the past two years a new Fair for Life has been developed.. The new Fair for Life Logo will be introduced with the new Fair for Life Programme.. Applicable versions, labelling guidelines and transition period will be communicated.. Fair for Life accepted as Certification Programme by the new information platform Sustainability Compass.. On the 28th September 2010 the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung) has presented the online information platform Sustainability Compass.. The platform has been created to support social, fair and environmentally friendly procurement and addresses public procurement officers as well as small and medium sized operations.. Furthermore, the enhanced use of sustainability standards is focused.. The.. Fair for Life Social FairTrade Certification Programme.. has been included within this database.. Products labelled as Fair for Life meet both social/ fair as well as environmental criteria and the certification programme covers in addition to food products also non-food commodities.. Find out more about the Sustainability Compass.. First round of public consultation ended.. In the time from 28th May to 27th July 2010 stakeholders from around the world were invited to comment on the first draft of the revised Fair for Life Certification Programme.. We would like to thank everybody for their suggestions and discussions on improvements and changes.. As Fair for Life aims to be in compliance with the ISEAL Code of Good Practice and Guidance for Setting Social and Environmental Standards; P005, Version 4, there will be a second public consultation period which will be announced on this website.. The revision will take place until end of 2010 for a new Programme version 2011.. Public consultation process started.. From 28th May to 27th July 2010 you are invited to contribute your suggestions for improvement, discuss key issues and propose changes to the Fair for Life Programme.. We very much welcome and appreciate your comments and suggestions to improve the programme!.. Revision of the Fair for Life Programme.. The Fair for Life Programme was launched in late 2006 under the name "IMO Social and FairTrade Programme" and was updated in 2007/2008.. The current version (Version February 2008) has been the basis for all certification issued according to the "for Life" and "Fair for Life" Standards, including the respective checklist for auditing, verification of compliance and certification.. Like all other standards, the Fair for Life Programme must be updated and revised at regular intervals to account for all new developments and requirements in the field of social responsibility, fair and ethical trading and environmental sustainability and sensitivity of production, processing and trade.. In 2010, the Swiss Bio-Foundation as holder of the Fair for Life Programme will undertake to revise the Fair for Life Programme and bring it up to date with the latest developments in the sector.. Fair for Life aims to be in compliance with the ISEAL Code of Good Practice and Guidance for Setting Social and Environmental Standards; P005, Version 4, (updates from draft version 5.. 1 from May 2009 are considered whenever possible).. Fair for Life Social.. FairTrade Certification Programme: Control Requirements along the Chain of Custody.. Control and handling requirements for Fair for Life certified products are presented in chapter 1.. 2 of the Fair for Life Social FairTrade Certification programme.. With a growing number of companies in the Fair for Life programme and increasing complexity of product flows the handling rules had to be extended by additional requirements for brand holder companies.. Fair For Life celebrates its Third Anniversary.. Exactly three years ago, in September 2006, the Fair for Life Social and Fair Trade Programme was launched by the Swiss Bio-Foundation, in cooperation with IMO.. It all started with a handful of relatively small but dedicated companies and their supply chains, who set off to establish a fair trade certification programme that would work independent of the traditional FLO / Transfair Fairtrade system.. This new certification programme created an opportunity for all serious fair trade producers and products that had not previously been eligible for fair trade certification.. Join the Fair Trade Party and invite the First Lady to make the White House a "Fair Trade Home!".. Fair Trade the White House is a coalition of fair trade vendors and organizations, including IMO (The Institute for Marketecology).. We are inviting the First Lady to join the fair trade movement and make the White House a "Fair Trade Home.. " The purpose of the outreach is to raise greater awareness of fair trade to the American consumer so each person will choose to "Join the Fair Trade Party," and integrate more fair trade purchases into their regular buying habits so that poverty is reduced in America and around the world.. Please help us by showing your support and inviting the First Lady at:.. fairtradewhitehouse.. com/.. Whole Foods Market® Selects the Institute for Marketecology (IMO) as One of Three Certifiers for Whole Trade Guarantee Program.. Institute for Marketecology (IMO).. , one of the first and most renowned eco-certifiers, has been selected as a certifier for The Whole Trade Guarantee program at.. Whole Foods Market.. The Whole Trade Guarantee ensures that products meet Whole Foods Market s high quality standards, producers receive better wages and working conditions, and care is given to the environment during production.. The Whole Trade Guarantee program aims to help end poverty in developing countries through the payment of honest, respectable prices for products bound for Whole Foods Markets.. To achieve these goals, Whole Foods Market evaluated the Fair For Life FairTrade certification program and found IMO to be a reliable and suitable quality assurance partner.. More information.. Newsletter..

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  • Title: IMO - Fair for life - operators
    Descriptive info: Operators.. All operations which have been certified according to the Fair for Life - Social FairTrade Certification Programme are published in the section "certified operators" of this website.. For transparency reasons also all suspended operations are published.. Suspended operations are found in the section "suspended operations" of this website.. Please klick on the links below or on the left hand side of this page to find a list of the respective operations.. Certified operators.. Registered operators.. Suspended operators.. certified operators.. registered operators.. suspended operators..

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  • Title: IMO - Fair for life - become certified
    Descriptive info: Become certified.. Fair for Life Social FairTrade Certification is suitable for all types of products and throughout the chain of custody world-wide.. The following organisations/operators can become certified:.. Plantations/ estates/ farms.. Smallholder producer groups.. Farmers associations/ cooperatives.. Manufacturers or NGOs contracting farmers for production ("contract production").. Groups of handicraft producers, etc..  ...   textile, toys).. Traders and marketing companies (food or non-food products).. Service provider companies (social responsibility only).. The following section aims to inform you on the options, requirements and steps necessary to become certified.. Please click on the specific fields on the left side for detailed information.. Your Options.. Certification System.. Procedures.. Download..

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  • Title: IMO - Fair for life - home
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  • Title: IMO - Fair for life - about
    Descriptive info: About the Fair for Life Social FairTrade Certification Programme.. The aim of the Fair for Life Social FairTrade Programme is to ensure fair and positive relations between producers and their cooperatives or contracting companies, between workers and their employer, between seller and buyers on the world market while at the same time ensuring performance of standards.. Social Responsibility Certification.. confirms that workers enjoy good working conditions and that producer groups have well working, accountable internal structures.. The Fair for Life programme builds on widely acknowledged baseline standards such as the.. conventions of ILO.. SA 8000..  ...   means long-term and trustful cooperation between partners, transparent price setting, open negotiations and prices that allow for social development of the concerned communities.. Although the Fair for Life Social FairTrade Programme does not restrict fairtrade to developing countries and marginalized producers, fairtrade clearly aims at improvement of the social conditions of those groups who are most deprived in the respective local setting.. Individual Performance Rating.. : In addition IMO offers audits to attest compliance with private standards and criteria (e.. Corporate Social Responsibility).. FairWild Certification.. covers the social and fairtrade aspects of wild harvested goods..

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