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  • Title: EFS Consultants
    Descriptive info: .. Follow @EFS_Consultants.. Home.. About Us.. Our Style.. Our Investment Criteria.. Our Approach.. Our History.. Our Team.. Our Investors.. Our Portfolio.. Private Equity.. Mergers Acquisitions.. Companies for Sale.. Media.. Articles Communication.. Newsletter.. Contact Us.. EFS is a corporate finance company focusing on private equity and debt financing solutions in the emerging markets.. We typically invest into energy and infra structure companies with a particular interest in renewable fuel and energy.. This may be in form  ...   and back socially responsible and great companies that add value to their communities with superior and strong management teams.. We work closely with them to achieve a key stage of growth that maximizes capital growth and shareholder’s returns.. Legal & Privacy.. |.. Use of Cookies.. EFS Consultants is committed to conform to the regulation of all jurisdictions in which it operates.. © Copyright 2012 EFS Consultants (India) Pvt Ltd.. All rights reserved.. EFS Consultants.. on Twitter..

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  • Title: About Us | EFS Consultants
    Descriptive info: We are a private equity firm that puts strong relationships with management at the heart of everything we do.. We are:.. Selective.. We make only a small number of investments each year.. And we make sure we have researched them carefully beforehand.. The same goes for our relationships with management.. We want to get to know the team thoroughly, and for them to  ...   every decision we make.. We provide not just finance, but ongoing financial know-how and support from initial investment through to exit.. Over 50% of our investments have made acquisitions after the initial investment.. Straightforward.. From identifying investment opportunities to working with management teams we go about things in a straightforward no-nonsense way.. EFS.. Pages.. Corporate Responsibility.. Disclosure Policy.. Conflicts of Interests.. Terms Conditions..

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  • Title: Our Style | EFS Consultants
    Descriptive info: We want to get to know the team thoroughly, and for them to know us, before we invest together..

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  • Title: Our Investment Criteria | EFS Consultants
    Descriptive info: The ambition that we have for the companies we invest in is simple: to assist in making them into a bigger and better businesses and that these in turn add social value to their communities.. Although we focus on the energy and renewable energy sector the industry may vary, the common criteria applying to each business  ...   value of up to USD300m.. They are in a high growth market.. They are managed by an ambitious, growth-minded team.. We seek to back management teams and promoters in a range of industries:.. To look in more detail at the sub-sectors in which EFS has either made or reviewed investments, please click on the sector above..

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  • Title: Our Approach | EFS Consultants
    Descriptive info: We look to build capital value for shareholders over the medium term.. The first step is to find the right business to back.. We are selective in this investing in only a handful of businesses a year.. We take time to research a business and its industry before we consider making an approach about a potential investment.. Most importantly we look for high calibre management in a business that s not only a major player in its market, but also has considerable room to grow further and, often, faster.. This relationship with management is the critical element of our success in investing.. We work closely with management teams to create value.. Having made an initial investment, we  ...   with know-how or finance, to develop the business once the plan is agreed.. We take a long-term view.. We never have fixed plans on how or when to realise an investment.. It s important to pause at key points along the journey, to take stock, re-evaluate and make sure you re heading in the right direction; and change if necessary.. It s also important to be opportunistic: being able to take advantage of a situation by being nimble.. Don t just take our word for it.. If you d like to talk to one of our portfolio company managers about the way we go about things, we d be happy to put you in touch with them..

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  • Title: Our History | EFS Consultants
    Descriptive info: We have been investing in the Asian mid-market businesses since 1998.. During that time we have backed management teams in over 40 companies.. We have a particular interest in the Indian market.. Our ambition is to dedicate our know-how and our resources to further strengthen our ties to India and to to substantially contribute to meeting the Indian governments ambition in the renewable energy sector.. In 2006 we became independent of our former parent, Electronic Financial Services Ltd.. , and re-branded as EFS Consultants.. The business is now owned by its management team, which has worked together since this time..

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  • Title: Our Team | EFS Consultants
    Descriptive info: Dr.. Anthony Bennett.. Anthony Bennett is the founding member of the EFS Group.. He heads EFS Zurich and EFS Mauritius and is a member of the EFS Investment Committee and a member of its Executive Committee and is also responsible for EFS s investor relations in Europe.. Bennett has worked on numerous transactions across several sectors.. Prior.. Read More ».. Nick Stewart.. Nick Stewart joined EFS Switzerland in 1997.. He is a member of EFS s Investment Committee and a member of its Executive Committee and is also responsible for EFS s investor relations in Central and South America.. Nick has worked on numerous transactions across several sectors.. Prior to EFS he spent five years at 3i.. He has.. Julie Kenny.. Julie Kenny joined the EFS Group in 2006.. She is the Portfolio Director for India, a member of the EFS Investment Committee and a member of its Executive Committee.. She is responsible for Investors relations in India.. Julie has worked on numerous transactions across several sectors.. Prior to EFS she spent six years as an.. Ian Robertson.. Ian Robertson joined EFS in 2012.. He is a member of EFS s Investment Committee and a member of its Executive Committee.. He qualified as a chartered accountant in 1991 and then worked as an insolvency practitioner for KPMG.. Subsequently he worked as head of a senior debt team at Co-operative Bank.. He has a degree.. Christian Gissel.. Christian Gissel joined EFS in 2011.. He is a member of EFS s Investment Committee.. He qualified as a chartered accountant in 1989 with Price Waterhouse and worked in their corporate restructuring and turnaround practice until 1999.. Christian subsequently joined Nikko Principal Investments and in 2008 joined Hermes Private Equity.. He has a degree in Economics.. Sarah Hoffmann.. Sarah Hoffmann joined EFS in 2011 from Graphite Capital where she spent eight  ...   America, including Mayborn, Enterprise plc and subsequent bolt-on of Accord and Hobbs.. Prior to 3i, Jolyon worked at KPMG Corporate Finance.. He has a degree in Law Accounting from the University of Manchester.. Rob McKenzie.. Rob McKenzie joined the EFS Group in 2009 from BC Partners in London, where he spent three years working on large private equity buyouts across Europe and North America.. Prior to BC Partners he worked for Deloitte, where he specialised in private equity and corporate transactions.. Rob holds a degree in Geography and Social.. Harry Moore.. Harry Moore joined the EFS Group in 2012.. Prior to EFS he worked at HgCapital for 5 years.. Harry qualified as a chartered accountant with KPMG, after which he spent a further 5 years in their corporate finance department.. He has a degree in Economics from the University of Southampton.. Richard Nelson.. Richard Nelson joined the EFS Group in 2005.. He qualified as a chartered accountant with PwC, working in the corporate finance listing team between 1999-2002.. From 2002-2004 he was seconded to the DTI where he advised the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry on the structuring and negotiation of government financial support.. Naveen Kumar.. Naveen Kumar joined the EFS Group in 2012 from Cognetas in London, where he worked across a range of sectors.. Prior to that, he worked at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants for three years, serving both corporate and private equity clients.. Naveen Kumar graduated with a BA (Hons) in Economics Management from Oxford University.. Robert Hamilton.. Robert Hamilton joined EFS in 2010.. He manages stakes in Singapore and Dubai.. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PwC in London in 2004 and subsequently worked in their corporate finance division for five years.. He worked on a number of private equity transaction across a range of sectors, with a particular focus on..

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  • Title: Our Investors | EFS Consultants
    Descriptive info: During any year there are between 25 and 35 investors in a myriad of selected companies.. They comprise of a variety of investors and include pension funds, governments, banks, insurance companies, endowments, family offices, Fund of Funds and of course high net worth individuals.. Our investors come from various geographies and financial backgrounds as displayed in the charts below:..

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  • Title: Our Portfolio | EFS Consultants
    Descriptive info: OUR PORTFOLIO..

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  • Title: Private Equity | EFS Consultants
    Descriptive info: Country.. Business.. Sector.. Size.. Description.. Representation available.. Turkey.. Hydro/Wind Power.. Energy.. 50MW.. Norwegian-Turkish hydro and wind power joint venture in Turkey.. Undertaking includes 5 operational hydropower assets, 1 hydropower construction project and 1 operational wind power asset, a total portfolio of 192 GWh.. All licenses have a 49 year term, no assets are older than 4 years old.. Point of contact: Mr.. P.. Jennings and Mr.. A.. Kadikoy.. Yes.. US.. 120MW.. Puerto Rico.. Fuel.. LPA.. Algae Fuel Project having secured USD 40 million; requires private equity participation of USD 6 million; Contact Mr.. Paul Jennings and G.. Trolf.. India.. Biomass.. MW 20.. IRR 25%; good grid  ...   climate fund (SICAV-SIF, Luxembourg), generates carbon revenues by investing in cost-effective renewable energy and efficiency projects in LDCs (Least Developed Countries).. Beginning in 2013, a number of changes in the carbon markets create a compelling case for its recovery and growth.. Jennings and Mr.. R.. Seibold.. Greece.. Solar/Wind.. Jennings and Mrs.. Mantzouratou.. Wind.. 500MW.. It s 500.. 4 MW, on 3200 Acres of Land with 278 wind turbines of 1.. 8 Mw each.. It is expected to involve an investment of approximately USD 745,520,000 , and the expected IRR (ROI) is 25.. 36%.. Jennings or Mr.. O.. Wright.. 20MW.. IRR 25 %.. Canada.. Hydro.. 200MW.. IRR 22%..

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  • Title: Mergers & Acquisitions | EFS Consultants
    Descriptive info: Our M A service is divided into two categories.. First, finding and approaching a target company and second, providing the know-how around the implementation of a successful deal.. We have a vast database of.. companies for sale.. You can find a portion of these in our “.. ” pages.. If you do not find a suitable company do contact us since we do have many more that have not been added to this list.. A successful merger or acquisition can add tremendous value to a business, but making sure that each step of a transaction process from valuation to negotiation and completion is successful not only demands professionalism, diligence and care but also considerable experience and knowledge.. Our services are designed to help our clients reach their strategic goals by identifying and then implementing opportunities to merge with or acquire other businesses.. If the following applies to your situation do contact us.. We will not charge you for a introductory session.. You can then decide to work with us and through us.. You need to dispose of an asset or division as part of a restructuring or a change in strategic direction.. You are looking to increase shareholders value by acquiring or merging  ...   you need to execute a deal quickly and efficiently, but don’t have the local knowledge yourself.. How can EFS assist:.. EFS and it’s partners are well connected.. We participate in many professional networks and have our ear to the ground.. We have deep industry knowledge and are in continuous touch with the markets and can spot opportunities and assemble teams to execute a deal as the need arises.. We maintain a database of many opportunities.. A small portion of these can be viewed in our.. or.. private equity.. pages.. EFS will approach your chosen target company on your behalf whilst maintaining your confidentiality.. Until you decide to inform the market the transaction can be and will be kept confidential.. We also identify appropriate buyers and will implement a sale to generate the best price for our client.. We will assist in planning the financing of the take-over by providing equity and debt financing solutions, models and contacts to implement them.. Capturing maximum value requires a thorough understanding of debt and corporate restructuring options, as well as a keen ability to identify strategic opportunities to improve competitive position.. We will work closely with you on this.. For more information contact us at.. info@e-f-s.. net..

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