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  • Title: E-Water - Christian Flashes and E-Cards
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Downloads.. Flashes.. Flashes on DVD.. Flash words (PDF).. Banner Logo.. E-Cards.. Info.. Info about E-Water.. Technical advices.. Interview with the Webmaster (PDF).. English.. English.. Español.. Deutsch.. Français.. Italiano.. Love Letter.. 3648 kB.. Download.. One simple carpenter.. 4435 kB.. Psalm 121.. 917 kB.. Irish Blessing.. 2819 kB.. The Good Shepherd.. 2426 kB.. Beatitudes.. 1497 kB.. A very special man.. 1065 kB.. about sorrows.. 1152 kB.. Space Flash.. 1500 kB.. Prayer of hope.. 3029 kB.. Psalm 139.. 2872 kB.. Headlines.. 963 kB.. Admirers and disciples.. 1590 kB.. Paradise.. 2322 kB..

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  • Title: E-Water - Downloads
    Descriptive info: Flash file.. PowerPoint.. Projector.. Video.. loveletter_en.. zip.. pps.. exe.. avi.. carpenter_en.. psalm121_en.. irishblessing_en.. goodshepherd_en.. beatitudes_en.. specialman_en.. sorrows_en.. universe_en.. prayerofhope_en.. psalm139_en.. headlines_en.. disciples_en.. paradise_en.. Download all..

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  • Title: E-Water - Flash in DVD format
    Descriptive info: E-Water Flashes on DVD.. Here you can download all flashes in a so called iso file.. Burn this file with a optical disc authoring software (like Infra Recorder or Nero) on a DVD and watch the flashes on your tv!.. Note: Due to the large size of the file, its download may take up to several hours, depending on the internet connection.. Download DVD  ...   Recorder.. , a free and open source image burning program.. Insert a blank CD in the drive and select 'Do nothing' or 'Cancel' if an autorun dialog pops up.. Open Infra Recorder and click the 'Write Image' button in the main screen.. (Alternatively you can select the 'Actions' menu, then 'Burn image').. Select e-water_en.. iso as file and click 'Open'.. In the dialog, click 'OK'..

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  • Title: E-Water - Banner, Buttons and Logo
    Descriptive info: Sticker, Buttons and Banners.. These stickers, buttons or banners may be used on your web site or elsewhere without charge provided due credit is given to E-Water.. Most common pixel formats are available; just choose the one that best suits your need.. The HTML code is included just below the graphics.. a href="http://www.. e-water.. net" title="E-Water" img src="http://www.. net/images/sticker80x15.. png" alt="E-Water" border="0" /  ...   Button: 120 x 60.. net/images/button125x125_de.. Big Button: 125 x 125.. net/images/button120x240_de.. Skyscraper Button: 120 x 240.. net/images/banner468x60_de.. jpg" alt="E-Water" border="0" / /a.. Full Size Banner: 468 x 60.. Logo in various file formats.. e-water.. net.. eps.. - Encapsulated PostScript.. svg.. - Scalable Vector Graphics.. ai.. - Adobe Illustrator.. png.. - Portable Network Graphics (600 dpi).. tif.. - Tagged Image File Format (400 dpi)..

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  • Title: E-Water - E-Cards
    Descriptive info: Write an E-Card to your friends.. and inspire them with a Flash.. Your name.. Flash preview as popup.. Your e-mail.. Recipient's name.. Recipient's e-mail.. Flash.. Address.. This option is only available for the love letter flash.. [.. Example.. ].. Message.. Send me a copy.. Delivery notification.. By sending an E-Card you accept the.. terms of use..

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  • Title: E-Water - Informations about the website
    Descriptive info: What is E-Water?.. At E-Water you will find Christian flash movies and e-cards meant to inspire and to warm the hearts of Christians and seekers alike.. We aim to show how much God loves each one of us.. Toggle short story about how much God loves you.. If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.. If God had a wallet, your photo would be in it.. God sends you a sunrise every morning.. He sends you flowers every spring.. God could live anywhere in the universe, and He chose your heart.. When you want to talk, God will listen.. And that Christmas gift He sent you in Bethlehem?.. Face it, friend, God is crazy about you!.. - Max Lucado.. What is a flash movie?.. A flash movie is an animation like a video.. The flash format was developed by Macromedia and Adobe and has become a standard throughout the Internet.. Why have you chosen the name "E-Water"?.. Jesus said: "Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst.. " And on this website I would like to share a little bit of Christ's water in electronic form.. "E-Water", as in "e-mail".. Where do I get more information?.. If you want to know more about our awesome God, take a look at the following websites:.. http://www.. lookingforgod..  ...   you want to be informed about important news, like when the next flash will be published or when the website will be translated to a new language, you can subscribe to the.. RSS Feed.. How to add an RSS feed to Outlook 2007?.. What about the copyright?.. I don't require any copyright fee for my flash movies.. Anyone who wants to use them for non-commercial purposes, may do so without asking me.. For further information:.. click here.. Who runs this website?.. That's me.. My name is Michael (34,.. Picture.. ) and I'm the guy who makes the flash movies and runs this website.. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to write me an e-mail:.. michael [dot] graber [at] e-water [dot] net.. If you want to know more about me or the story of E-Water, then I recommend to read the.. interview with the webmaster.. Are E-Water flash movies free of charge?.. Yes they are and they will be in future.. In my opinion, it's fundamental, that I hand on for free, what God gives me every day.. Nevertheless, I put many hours into the flash movies and the website.. If you like E-Water and want to express your thankfulness, you are kindly invited to send me a gift from my.. Amazon wish list.. Thank you very much!..

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  • Title: E-Water - Technical informations
    Descriptive info: What do I need in order to watch a Flash?.. First, you must install a flash-player plug-in if you don't already have it.. You can download it from.. www.. adobe.. When playing flash files be sure to turn on your sound so you can experience the full beauty of the messages.. Adobe Flash Player.. How can I watch the flashes when I'm offline?.. In order to watch a flash offline, you must download the zip file.. After decompressing it you find two files: a.. swf and an.. html file.. Be sure that both files are in the same subfolder.. Now open the.. html file in your browser (like Internet Explorer).. How do you make the flashes?.. The flashes were designed with a programm called.. SwishMax 2.. Adobe Photoshop is used to edit the images.. How can I set E-Water as my home page?.. If you would like to have E-Water available to you every time you open your web browser, then simply follow this small procedure to set E-Water as your home page.. Internet Explorer:.. Other web browser:.. click and drag this link.. onto your home button.. Can I embed the flashes on my homepage.. Of course! Please pay attention to the.. copyright.. and set a link to  ...   PowerPoint, you have to rename it from *.. pps to *.. ppt (Windows: key F2).. Please consider, that the animation itself is not modifiable.. It's only one slide with an embedded flash file.. The avi videos don't run on my computer.. Can you help me?.. In order to watch the avi videos you need the right codec.. In this case you need the MPEG-4 codec.. I recommend installing the free and open source.. VLC media player.. For those who are interested in the technics: The videos were coded with Xvid (about 150 kbps), the audio is compressed with Lame-mp3 (128 kbps) and the data is stored in an avi container.. I would like to send an E-Card.. But there is no "Send" button.. In order to send an E-Card, you have to click on the "Preview" button beneath the form.. On the next screen, you will find a button to send the card.. When I send an E-Card, no e-mail will be sent.. Most probably the problem is the spam filter of your mail program.. Unfortunately a spam filter sometimes thinks the e-mail is spam and puts it in the spam folder.. Please also check your spam folder.. As programmer, there is no way to influence this unwanted habit..

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  • Title: E-Water - Christian Flashes and E-Cards
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  • Title: E-Water - Flashes cristianos
    Descriptive info: Español.. Carta de Amor.. 3695 kB.. Un simple carpintero.. 4474 kB.. Salmo 121.. Bendición irlandesa.. 2755 kB.. Las Bienaventuranzas.. 1499 kB.. Un hombre muy especial.. 1052 kB.. Universo flash.. 1618 kB.. Salmo 139.. 2900 kB.. 988 kB.. Admirador y Discípulo.. 1617 kB..

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  • Title: E-Water - Christliche Flashs und E-Cards
    Descriptive info: Flashs.. Flashs auf DVD.. Flash Texte (PDF).. Info über E-Water.. Technische Hinweise.. Interview mit dem Webmaster (PDF).. Deutsch.. Liebesbrief von Gott.. 3703 kB.. Ein einfacher Zimmermann.. 4550 kB.. 920 kB.. Irischer Segensspruch.. 2804 kB.. Der gute Hirte.. 2422 kB.. Seligpreisungen.. 1514 kB.. Ein ganz besonderer Mensch.. 1023 kB.. 1282 kB.. Weltraum-Flash.. 1608 kB.. Gebet in schweren Zeiten.. 3065 kB.. 2899 kB.. Sternstunde.. 1823 kB.. 983 kB.. Bewunderer und Nachfolger.. 1611 kB.. Paradies.. 2323 kB.. Das machtSinn.. ch.. Diese Seite.. machtSinn..

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  • Title: E-Water - Animations Flash chrétiennes
    Descriptive info: Téléchargements.. Carte virtuelle.. Français.. Lettre d'amour.. 3699 kB.. Un simple charpentier.. 4552 kB.. Psaume 121.. 921 kB.. Bénédiction irlandaise.. 2824 kB.. Le divin Berger.. 2435 kB.. Béatitudes.. 1502 kB.. Un homme très particulier.. 1072 kB.. À propos des soucis.. 1297 kB.. Flash Espace.. 1489 kB.. Prière dans la détresse.. 3061 kB.. Psaume 139.. 2888 kB.. 991 kB.. Admirateurs et Disciples.. 1630 kB.. Paradis.. 2324 kB..

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    Archived pages: 55