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  • Title: E-Cig Reviews
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Health Info.. About the Author.. What Is An E-Cigarette?.. Contact.. E-Cigarette Coupons.. E-Cigarette Terms.. Advertising Opportunities.. E-Cig Reviews List.. E Cig News.. E Cig Reviews.. E-Cig Experiences.. E-Cig Guides.. E-Cig Mods.. E-Cig Videos.. E-Liquid Reviews.. Site News.. NJOY Kings Launch Party Coverage.. The NJOY Kings, available in three flavors.. Recently, I was invited by the folks over at NJOY to attend the launch party of the much anticipated.. NJOY Kings.. Not only are the Kings much smaller than most e-cigarettes, they are also lighter, have a paper-like feel, and a soft filter.. The launch takes place this Thursday evening at the Jane hotel in Manhattan.. Several high-profile guests are expected to be there, including Miss November of Playboy (Britney Nola).. Expect live coverage of the event here on E-Cig Central, with photos, updates, and even a live video stream! I look forward to trying the Kings as well as provide realtime updates regarding the launch.. I m also planning on trying to do some interviews with some of the people over at NJOY to get some insight into the development process of the Kings.. Stay tuned for Thursday!!.. 2 comments.. - What do you think?.. White Cloud Cirrus 3X Starter Kit Review.. The White Cloud Batteries and Some Cartridges.. Manufactured by White Cloud, a U.. S-based e-cigarette company, The Cirrus 3X Starter Kit is designed to be an all-encompassing e-cig solution.. Coming with 3 battery sizes, a three pronged charger, 5 packs of e-cig cartridges (for a total of 25), and a two year warranty instead of the 6 month warranty on other White Cloud Kits.. Upon opening my White Cloud Kit, I noticed that the packaging was professional and the batteries shipped pre-charged, allowing me to use them right away.. The batteries ranged from short to long (the shortest being close to a real cigarette in terms of size), and they provided long lasting vaping action.. Between the three batteries, I was easily able to go an entire day without needing to recharge.. I also received a three-pronged squid.. charger.. as an extra item, which came in really handy, as I tend to recharge multiple e-cigarettes at once during the night.. The White Cloud E-Cig Sizes.. The cartridges lasted quite a long time (I got about 15-17 cigarettes worth per cart), and after going through 10 cartridges I have yet to have one fail on me.. White Cloud offers several e-cig flavors including:.. Menthol: The menthol was nice and icy cool.. It provided a strong throat hit for a menthol flavor, and left a nice aftertaste.. Kick: Kick was a spicy flavored e-liquid, and it reminded me a lot of cinnamon hearts.. The throat hit with this one was very strong (which some people may not enjoy), and it left a pleasant spicy aftertaste in my mouth afterwards.. Regular: This is a straight tobacco flavor, and reminds me quite a bit of Marlboro Reds.. Moscow Mule: Another tobacco flavor, Moscow Mule was stronger tasting than Regular, and was more on par with unfiltered Lucky Strikes.. Snap: This flavor was a very minty, and it reminded me a bit of Marlboro Skylines, a mint flavored cigarette.. The Lime Coconut: This flavor tasted quite a bit of lime, and had a coconut aftertaste.. The Lime Coconut had a medium throat hit, and was my favorite flavor of the group.. The Optional Squid Charger.. Overall, the White Cloud Cirrus Starter Kit is a great starter kit, and serves as a great total vaporization package.. The three batteries provide an all day vaping experience, and the flavors offered were unique and tasty.. The extended two year warranty also provides peace of mind when it comes to anything going wrong.. You can purchase this starter kit.. here on White Cloud.. Be the first to comment.. California Alcohol and Drug Educators (CAADE) Endorses THR and E-cigarettes.. It has recently come to my attention via a forum.. post.. that the California Alcohol and Drug Educators (CAADE) has recently endorsed electronic cigarettes as an appropriate means of tobacco harm reduction.. It is a small, but reassuring step forward that more organizations are beginning to recognize the importance of tobacco harm reduction strategies.. Below is the e-mail transcript from Jack Kearney, Professor of Human Services and Addiction Studies at Cypress College, Loyola Merrimount university, which sheds a positive light on e-cigarettes and THR.. I am pleased to announce that the California Association for Alcohol and Drug Educators (CAADE) has formally endorsed the use of.. THR.. and electronic cigarettes.. To my knowledge this is the first major organization in the addiction treatment world to take such a stand, and I will send this on to other similar groups and ask them for similar support.. I believe it is a small but important step as this represents support from experts in the addiction profession rather than amateur opinions from groups who take money from the pharmaceutical industry and who seem to be more interested in fighting smok.. ing.. than helping smok.. ers.. The specific policy statement and description of CAADE is below.. (My original motion used the word smoking rather than tobacco , but to get it passed I had to accept a bit of a compromise.. ).. The California Association for Alcohol Drug Educators (CAADE) supports efforts by the addiction treatment community to utilize its treatment expertise in developing tobacco cessation tools that include both abstinence-based and harm-reduction models including the use of electronic cigarettes.. CAADE accredits addiction studies programs in over 40 colleges and universities in California, Arizona and Nevada.. It also issues the highest level of addiction counselor certification in California, and currently represents more than 6000 counselors, college faculty members and students.. Personally, I view this as a solid step forward in the acceptance of e-cigarettes as a legitimate tobacco harm reduction strategy.. One can only hope that governments will begin to take notice and implement their own sane tobacco harm reduction policies at the benefit of consumers.. EonSmoke Ecig Review.. The EonSmoke E-Cigarette and Flavor Carts.. For the purposes of this review, I received both an Eonsmoke Premium kit, and a sampling of all the flavors currently available.. Each EonSmoke Premium kit comes with two rechargeable batteries (one long, one short), a charging kit, a pack of 5 flavor cartomizers of your choice, and an instructional booklet.. Upon receiving the kit, I noticed that the packaging was quite nice, and the kit was well put together.. The batteries shipped pre-charged, so I was able to begin vaping with my ecig right away.. The shorter battery produced a stronger throat hit for me, but it lasted less than the long battery.. With average use, I was able to get about 4 hours out of my small battery versus 6 with  ...   about what this means for the brand and our customers.. It gives us access to the tremendously experienced team and resources at Lorillard and will allow us to move to the next level on our expansion and product development.. I’m happy to say that now as part of Lorillard, blu ecigs will be able to deliver an even greater level of quality and innovation to its customers that they have come to expect from blu.. I can’t wait to get started on this next phase and to see the response from our amazing customers.. ” Jason Healy, President and co-founder of blu.. In conjunction with this announcement everyone at blu would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our customers for their outstanding support and loyalty to a brand we are so proud to represent.. We can’t wait to serve you in the future as we continue to grow and unveil new products and services.. From an operational point of view, it will be business as usual for our customers, retailers and other partners through a normal transitional period.. Following this transition, we look forward to expanded distribution capabilities that will be communicated in the near future.. You can read the full article.. 1 comment.. South Beach Smoke Deluxe Personal Charging Case.. It has recently come to my attention that the South Beach Smoke Deluxe.. personal charging case.. has become the hottest selling accessory on South Beach Smoke s website.. I ve done some digging aruond, and the deluxe charging case appears to be quite similar to the.. 510 Smart PCC.. for the Joye.. The South Beach Smoke PCC.. 510.. The case has a large advanced cell battery inside (which makes charging very safe), and can be recharged via a USB port located on the side of the case.. On a full charge, the case is able to recharge your South Beach Smoke Deluxe e-cigarettes (including SuperMax batteries) up to four times, which makes it ideal for when you re on the go and don t have access to an outlet.. The case also has a battery indicator to let you know when you need to recharge the PCC.. I really like the design of the case, as I find it looks quite classy and professional.. It also comes with interior and exterior lights which can be illuminated to help you see better in low light environments.. I look forward to writing a review on the case in the near future.. If you ve given the South Beach PCC a try, feel free to let me know what you think of it via the comments section!.. E-Cigarette Wins in Hawaii Senate.. It has recently come to my attention that a bill proposing a 70% tax on e-cigarettes has been amended, and the proposed tax will not come into effect in Hawaii.. An e-mail statement I received from the Hawaiian-based.. Volcano E-Cigs.. claims that.. The Senate had received more than 1,200 pieces of testimony on the issue and decided last friday to ENFORCE the part of the bill that restricted the use of ecigs to persons under 18 years of age BUT they amended the entire part that would tax the product.. I feel that this amended legislation is both a reasonable and responsible decision regarding e-cigarettes from the Hawaii senators.. I don t feel that minors should have access to any nicotine products.. However, adults should have the freedom and right to choose a much better alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.. Don t forget to support organizations such as.. CASAA.. either through volunteering or by sending a donation.. CASAA is working hard to raise awareness of the benefits of e-cigarettes and other forms of nicotine replacement therapy, and can help policymakers introduce smart e-cigarettes legislation like in Hawaii.. E-Cigarettes in Cold Weather.. I live in Montreal, Canada, which can get pretty cold here in the winter (think -30C with windchill!).. As a result, my vaping experience changes when I m outside in colder weather versus the warmer seasons.. As a result, I ve put together a little guide here to illustrate how various models of e-cigarettes have performed in different operating temperatures At 0C (32F) and below.. In my year and a half experience of vaping, these results to be quite consistent across various e-cigarette brands that I ve tried.. 0C to 5C (32F-41F):.. All e-cigarettes performed normally at 0C and above.. However, with vapor condensation the clouds of vapor are larger than they would be at normal temperature.. -1C to -5C (30.. 2F-23F):.. Vapor condensation generally increases, Initial puffs at this temperature are strong, but vapor hits quickly become weaker as the e-cigarette cools down with its surroundings.. -5C to -12C (23F-10.. 4F).. :.. E-Cigarettes become difficult to use, providing relatively mild throat hits until a throat hit sensation is no longer noticeable.. You may be able to get a few puffs in this weather, but not much at all.. -12C+ (10.. 4F and colder):.. At these temperatures, vaping becomes nearly impossible.. Due to the cold, your atomizer will have a difficult time warming up and will produce a very weak vapor.. Additionally, the cold makes it hard to hold the e-cigarette for any period of time.. At this temperature, its much better to simply hold off on vaping until you get indoors.. Feel free to leave comments regarding your use of e-cigarettes in cold weather!.. Joyetech Releases Joye eGo-C.. The Joye eGo-C Atomizer (separated).. I ve recently learned that the e-Cigarette manufaturer Joyetech has recently released a new e-cigarette model called the Joye eGo-C.. It uses a standard eGo battery, but from what I understand, the eGo-C s atomizer uses a newly developed technology which separates the atomizer into two parts, the base and cover.. The base of the eGo-C atomizer is designed to be easily unscrewed for easy washing or replacing.. I think that the new eGo-C will be a welcome improvement over the existing eGo-T.. Many eGo-T atomizers (including some of mine) have had clogging issues, and it is very tough to clean them without being able to remove the atomizer from within the assembly.. Replacements are also cheaper, since you only need to replace a small piece of the atomizer.. The new eGo-C is also compatible with both the eGo as well as the.. eGo-T.. Stay tuned for a review here on E-Cig Central within the next few weeks!.. Next Page.. Popular Reviews.. Greensmoke E-Cigarette.. Joye eGo-T.. South Beach Smoke Deluxe Kit.. V2 Cigs.. Coupons Deals Newsletter.. sending.. Name.. E-mail.. Poll.. How long have you been vaping for?.. Less Than 1 Month.. 1-3 Months.. 3-6 Months.. Over 1 Year.. View Results.. Loading.. Recent Posts.. Friends.. Marijuana Vaporizer Reviews Blog.. Twitter.. Copyright 2011 E-Cigcentral.. Switch to our mobile site..

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  • Title: Health Info | E-Cig Central
    Descriptive info: Since e-cigarettes are still a new and emerging product, there has been very few studies which have been released outlining have how safe e-cigarettes are compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes.. I will be keeping this page up to date with relevant information regarding the safety of electronic cigarettes.. Evidence Suggests E-Cigs Safer Than Cigarettes, Researcher Claims.. In a new report that bucks the concerns raised by the Food and Drug Administration, a Boston University School of Public Health(BUSPH) researcher concludes that electronic cigarettes are much safer than real cigarettes and show promise in the fight against tobacco-related diseases and death.. Source.. In the above article, Mr.. Siegel made the following point, which makes me feel confident that e-cigarettes will be found  ...   and further clinical studies are needed to comprehensively assess the safety of electronic cigarettes, a preponderance of the available evidence shows them to be much safer than tobacco cigarettes and comparable in toxicity to conventional nicotine replacement products.. TobaccoHarmReduction.. org.. is a website dedicated to informing consumers about reduced harm alternatives to cigarette smoking.. The site provides a lot of information on the field of harm reducti0n, and it also includes a.. free eboo.. k.. The following description from the site describes their mission well:.. Tobacco harm reduction describes actions taken to lower the health risks associated with using tobacco or nicotine.. A very important part of tobacco harm reduction is simply educating people about the risks of different sources of nicotine..

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  • Title: About the Author | E-Cig Central
    Descriptive info: My name is James, and I m a university student from Montreal, Canada.. I began smoking during a stressful period in my life about three years ago, and had a difficult time quitting smoking when I tried after two years.. I first learned about e-cigarettes on a discussion forum a year ago, and became fascinated with the idea of being able to use an e-cigarette to help curb my smoking.. My first electronic cigarette was an.. M401 ecig.. , and since then I have had the opportunity to try a number of different models and e-liquids.. A few weeks after that first purchase, I have managed to switch completely from cigarette smoking to e-cigarettes.. Since then, I find that my breathing has gotten easier, I cough less, and I no longer bother any of my non-smoking friends with secondhand smoke.. With the many e-liquid choices out there (along with the ability to choose different nicotine levels), I actually prefer vaping my ecig over traditional  ...   seen me smoking mine.. There are a vast amount of electronic cigarettes out there, and many people who are new to vaping didn t know where to start.. I soon noticed that a number of electronic cigarette sites already in existence seem overly commercialized, and give rave reviews about all products without pointing out any of their flaws or shortcomings.. Over my time spent using e-cigs, I have learned that different types of e-cigarettes have their own strengths and weaknesses, and that it is important to select an e-cigarette which replicates what you need.. As e-cigarette technology continues to improve, I will be doing my best to keep up with news and new products.. I hope you enjoy browsing my reviews, and if you ever have any questions or comments, please feel free to.. contact me!.. Full Disclosure: I do make a small comission on product sales, and I use this money to help fund the creation of new content and reviews on the site..

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  • Title: What Is An E-Cigarette? | E-Cig Central
    Descriptive info: What is an e-cigarette?.. An electronic cigarette, (also referred to as an e-cigarette or e-cig) is a battery-powered device that simulates the look and feel of real cigarette smoking without actually producing any offensive smelling smoke or ash.. Instead, e-cigarettes produce a form of vapor.. This vapor comes from a mixture of nicotine,.. propylene glycol.. , and some flavor additives, and provides a flavor and physical sensation similar to that of inhaled tobacco smoke, while no combustion is actually involved in their operation.. E-cigarettes are made up of three basic parts; the atomizer, a mouthpiece (where the e-cigarette liquid is stored), and a rechargable lithium ion battery.. When a puff is taken on an e-cigarette, the atomizer heats up and vaporizes some of the nicotine liquid found in the mouthpiece.. The components that make up an e-cigarette..  ...   a convential cigarette lasts for.. Once you purchase your e-cigarette, you simply need to buy additional cartridges for your device, which are very affordable in comparison to regular cigarettes.. Most electronic cigarettes employ a lithium-ion rechargeable battery to power the atomizer.. Battery life varies depending on the model of e cigarette, frequency of use, and operating environment.. Many different e-cig battery charger types are available, such as wall outlet, car, and USB chargers, allowing you to recharge your e-cig in a number of different situations.. The battery is generally the largest component of an e-cigarette.. Currently, there are a few popular e-cigarette brands today such as Greensmoke and Blu cigs.. These products are of high quality and offer many features such as cases that recharge your e-cig.. They also come with product warranties, giving you peace of mind..

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  • Title: Contact | E-Cig Central
    Descriptive info: Have any questions or comments? Feel free to contact us using the form located below.. Interested in advertising on E-Cig Reviews? Check out our.. advertising page.. for additional information.. Comments or questions are welcome.. * (denotes required field).. Name:.. *.. E-Mail Address:.. Subject:.. Message:.. CAPTCHA Code:.. Powered by.. Fast Secure Contact Form..

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  • Title: E-Cigarette Coupons | E-Cig Central
    Descriptive info: On this page you can find a list of all currently active electronic cigarette discounts and coupons.. Once you have selected a brand after reading our reviews, simply apply a coupon to get the best deal! This page is periodically updated to reflect new promotions, coupons, and discounts.. October 12th update: I have added a new coupon for the E-Lites E-Cigarette, which gives customers free shipping until the end of December  ...   amount.. cigcentral.. GreenSmoke.. disc5-22854.. South Beach Smoke.. 10% off all starter kits (except the $29.. 00 kit).. ECigCentral.. E-Lites.. Free Shipping on your order.. FREEDELUSA.. Volcano Cig.. 25% off disposable Volcano Cig.. null.. Click here to redeem coupon.. Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes.. 25% off Express Starter Kit.. volcodeES25.. 10% off all orders.. volcanoAFFC10.. Smoketip.. 2 Kits for the price of one! (Expires Nov 27th, 2011).. BUY1GET1.. 25% off Disposable Kit.. volcodeAF33..

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  • Title: E-Cigarette Terms | E-Cig Central
    Descriptive info: The following are some terms and definitions in order to help you understand different words that may come up associated with e-cigarettes.. I will work on adding more if necessary.. 2-hole / 4-hole atomizer.. You can sometimes hear about two or four-hole atomizers.. This mean the number of air intake holes the atomizer has.. This sometimes has an impact on how much force you need to draw from the e-cigarette.. In some models the air-intake holes are clearly visible at the seam of the atomizer and the battery.. Analog cigarette.. When talking about electronic (digital) cigarettes, a traditional tobacco cigarette is often called an analog cigarette.. Automatic / manual switch.. There are e-cigarettes with two kinds of switches.. Automatic version starts with air pressure or by sound when you start drawing.. Manual version has a button which when pressed, starts the heating.. In the picture below you ll see a manual and a automatic version of Joye510 e-cigarette.. An M401 e-cigarette with e-cig fluid.. Atomizer.. The Atomizer is the component of the e-cigarette that vaporizes the e-liquid.. Cartridge (cart).. A Cartridge (also referred to as cart) is the part of the e-cigarette that contains the e-liquid.. It also functions as a mouthpiece.. Cartomizer.. Cartomizer is a term for the combination of cartridge and atomizer.. Using a cartomizer means that you ll get a fresh atomizer every time you swap a cartridge.. Cartomizers usually come pre-filled and are not meant to be refilled.. Cut off.. The automatic shutdown feature on an e-cigarette is enabled if you try to take excessively long puffs from your e-cigarette.. This usually happens after 5-8 secong of inhaling.. This cut off feature will prevent the atomizer from overheating.. Dipping.. Dipping is a method of adding e-liquid into a atomizer.. This can only be done with atomizers that have a exposed wick.. The wick is moistened by dipping it into a small amount of e-liquid.. After this, you can use the e-cigarette without a cartridge for a short period of time.. Direct dripping.. Direct dripping is dipping in reverse.. You ll moisten the atomizer wick  ...   batteries on the go.. With one charge of the PCC unit itself you can usually fully charge up to 3 or 4 e-cigarette batteries.. Penstyle.. Penstyle type e-cigarette is 140mm 160mm long.. Penstyle name comes from the ballpoint pen-like appearance.. Can also be called Classic or Standard.. PG / PEG / VG.. These stand for Propylene Glycol, Polyethylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine.. These compounds are used as a base for e-liquids.. By far the most common one is PG.. Each have a different consistency and taste.. PG is known to trigger allergic rections in some people and thats when the other compounds come handy.. Super mini.. Super Mini-type e-cigarette is 100mm 115mm long.. Its also sometimes called just the Super.. Throat hit.. Throat-hit means the sensation in the back of your throat when you inhale the vapor e-cigarette produces.. Some e-liquids / e-cigarettes, produce a strong throat hit but some you can barely notice.. High nicotine content e-liquids usually give the most intense throat-hit.. Topping off.. Adding few drops of e-liquid into a cartridge is called topping off.. USB-passthru / USB-passthrough.. USB-passthrough cable is connected to a USB port of a computer, video game console, portable power source etc.. and a atomizer is connected to the other end of the cable.. This allows continuous power supply for the e-cigarette.. Passthroughs are available for almost every type of e-cigarette.. Vaper / vaporer.. This is the equivalent to the word smoker.. Vapor drop-off.. This refers to a situation where the amount of vapor produced by the e-cigarette is significantly reduced.. This may be due to a dry cartridge, low battery, worn or broken atomizer.. Xmg.. The general way of displaying the amount of nicotine in e-liquid seems to be milligrams in milliliter but originally this meant how many milligrams of nicotine per gram is in the e-liquid.. This means that in a mini e-cigarette cartridge (about 0.. 40g liquid capacity), which is filled with 18mg e-liquid contains about 6mg of pure nicotine.. As a milliliter of e-liquid weighs approximately a gram it does not make much difference which way you use..

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  • Title: Advertising Opportunities | E-Cig Central
    Descriptive info: E-Cig Central offers three advertising slots for merchants and are available on a monthly basis.. Ads will activate 24-48 hours after payment is sent.. Please ensure to provide a working URL to your banner in order for me to put up your banner.. For advertising and review inquiries, please.. contact us..

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  • Title: E-Cig Reviews List | E-Cig Central
    Descriptive info: This page is a list of all the e-cigarettes that I have reviewed so far.. Brands that don t yet have a review will link to the homepage of the manufacturer s respective site.. I am working on getting a few more e-cigarettes to review, but in the meantime I will post up what I have so far.. Higher end ($100+ USD per starter kit).. These brands are a little more costly than others, but they are generally of high quality.. Greensmoke Starter Kit Review.. Midrange ($32.. 00-$100.. 00 USD).. These e-cig models are generally more affordable than  ...   some models do have different issues.. The Joye eGo-T is a good e-cigarette brand in this price range, along with the V2 Cig.. Blu Cigs Review.. M401 E-Cigarette Review.. Joye eGo-T Review.. Volcano V-Kit Deluxe Review.. V2 Cigs Review.. Entry Level ($20.. 00-30.. These brands of e-cigarette are perfect for those on a budget, or who are seeking to try an e-cigarette with only a small investment.. Joye 510 Review.. E-Cigarette Mods.. These brands are modified e-cigarettes, either with refillable e-liquid tanks, or atomizer and battery mods.. REO Mini E-Cigarette.. How an Electronic Cigarette Works (Click for larger image)..

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  • Title: E Cig News | E-Cig Central
    Descriptive info: End Canada s Ban on E-Cigarettes.. I recently read.. this article.. in the National Post, and I felt the need to mention it here on E-Cig Central.. The article is really well-written approaches the subject of.. tobacco harm reduction in a very positive light.. For those of you unfamiliar with Canadian laws,.. In 2009, Health Canada issued a warning on its website, saying that e-cigarettes fall under the Food and Drugs Act and must therefore be approved by the government for sale in Canada.. But, so far, “no electronic smoking products have been granted a market authorization in Canada.. ”.. As a Canadian citizen, this means that I have had a difficult time buying e-liquid from local distributors within Canada (although non-nicotine e-cigarettes can still be sold).. In comparison to traditional cigarettes which contain more than 10,000 chemicals and 40 carcinogens, e-cigarette liquid (e-liquid) has not been found to contain more than trace elements of any of the carcinogens found in tobacco smoke.. The article leaves readers with an interesting end note to think about in regards to why the ban may be in place, claiming that.. To figure out why the government would try to prohibit the use of these products, one simply has to follow the money.. Between 2001 and 2008, the federal government collected $20.. 4-billion worth of tobacco taxes.. Rather than implementing policies that are in the best interests of Canadians, it is the government that has become addicted to the lucrative tobacco industry.. I feel as a Canadian, now is the time for us to stand up and oppose the e-cigarette ban in Canada.. Since I made the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes over a year ago, I have personally felt much healthier and love how no one around me is bothered by the vapor (unlike regular cigarette smoke).. I am going to be looking into starting a petition to bring the e-cigarette ban to light, so keep checking back for more information on the subject.. I have high hopes, especially since last year a judge ruled that an FDA ban on e-cigarettes in the United States was unconstitutional.. Black Friday E-Cigarette Deals Roundup.. As most U.. S visitors know, Black Friday marks the kickoff of the holiday shopping season.. This season, many E-Cigarette retailers have been offering some great deals on popular e-cigarette starter kit models.. Below is a rundown of some of the ongoing sales and promos various retailers have started to offer for a limited time.. If you re in the market for an e-cigarette this holiday season, now may be a great time to take advantage of some super savings! I have linked the reviews of various models that I have tried in order for you to see which model is best for you (or for someone you know!).. GreenSmoke E-Cigarette.. Greensmoke is offering  ...   with nicotine patches and gum, few smokers quit.. Recently, though, experimenters in Italy had more success by doing less.. A team led by Riccardo Polosa of the University of Catania recruited 40 hard-core smokers — ones who had turned down a.. free spot in a smoking-cessation program — and simply gave them a gadget already available in stores for $50.. This electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, contains a small reservoir of liquid nicotine solution that is vaporized to form an aerosol mist.. The user “vapes,” or puffs on the vapor, to get a hit of the addictive nicotine (and the familiar sensation of bringing a cigarette to one’s mouth) without the noxious substances found in cigarette smoke.. After six months, more than half the subjects in Dr.. Polosa’s experiment had cut their regular cigarette consumption by at least 50 percent.. Nearly a quarter had stopped altogether.. Though this was just a small pilot study, the results fit with other encouraging evidence and bolster hopes that these e-cigarettes could be the most effective tool yet for reducing the global death toll from smoking.. But there’s a powerful group working against this innovation — and it’s not Big Tobacco.. It’s a coalition of government officials and antismoking groups who have been warning about the dangers of e-cigarettes and trying to ban their sale.. The controversy is part of a long-running philosophical debate about public health policy, but with an odd role reversal.. In the past, conservatives have leaned toward “abstinence only” policies for dealing with problems like teenage pregnancy and heroin addiction, while liberals have been open to “harm reduction” strategies like encouraging birth control and dispensing methadone.. When it comes to nicotine, though, the abstinence forces tend to be more liberal, including Democratic officials at the state and national level who have been trying to stop the sale of e-cigarettes and ban their use in smoke-free places.. They’ve argued that smokers who want an alternative source of nicotine should use only thoroughly tested products like Nicorette gum and prescription patches — and use them only briefly, as a way to get off nicotine altogether.. You can read the rest of article on the New York Times.. GreenSmoke Releases New Tobacco Gold Flavor.. Just today, the popular e-cigarette maker GreenSmoke has just released a new flavor choice for its customers.. Known as Tobacco Gold, this new flavor combines a fine blend of Virginia, Oriental, and Burley tobacco flavors in order to create a new flavor that will run alongside the existing Red Label Tobacco cartridges.. GreenSmoke s Tobacco Gold will be released only in their new FlavorMax format, which delivers even more vapor than their previous cartridges did.. It is available now for purchase on the GreenSmoke.. website.. I am looking forward to giving the Tobacco Gold cartidges a try, especially since I enjoyed the Red Label flavor..

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  • Title: E Cig Reviews | E-Cig Central
    Descriptive info: Crown7 LXE Kit Review.. For the past few weeks, I have been trying out the.. Crown7 Luxury Edition Kit.. from the e-cigarette retailer.. The Crown7 LXE Kit.. Crown7.. Founded in 2007, Crown7 has been in the e-cigarette business for over 4 years, and has a wide lineup of e-cigarette starter kits to choose from.. The LXE kit comes with quite a few items designed to get you vaping as quickly as possible.. The LXE kit.. I received included the following items:.. 2 batteries.. USB charger.. 2 Cartomizers.. Carrying case.. Car charger.. Home charger.. 2 packs of 5 cartomizers.. The batteries measure 7cm in length without the cartomizer, which is slightly larger than a standard Joye 510 battery at 6.. 5cm.. The batteries have a regular orange tip, and I find that they can.. My Crown7 E-Cigarette.. consistently produce quite a bit of vapor with a good throat hit.. Under heavy vaping conditions, I found that the batteries were able to last me about 4 hours of use before they began to weaken and eventually needed to be recharged.. The batteries remind me a bit of the KR808-D1 model of e-cigarette and cartomizer.. The cartomizers I received were filled with Crown7 s USA Blend e-liquid.. USA Blend is a smooth tobacco flavored liquid.. The e-liquid is available in three nicotine strengths, high, low, and non-nicotine.. The cartomizers produced a consistent amount vapor, and all of them worked well for me.. My only complaint is that I find the flavor to be a tad too smooth for my liking.. I didn t have the opportunity to try the Crown7 menthol flavor, so I m not sure how it is.. Overall, Crown7 makes a good e-cigarette backed by a.. nice warranty.. All Crown7 e-cigarettes are backed by a one-year warranty, so if anything goes wrong with one of your batteries or accessories, you can simply have it returned to receive a replacement, which can be cheaper in the long run than continually buying e-cigarettes without warranty.. I recommend the.. Crown7 e-cigarette.. lineup to those who are new to vaping and are looking for a solution which functions well and has a nice slim form factor to boot!.. Vapor4Life Value Kit Review.. Recently, the kind folks over at.. Vapor4Life.. sent me one of their.. value starter kits.. in order to review.. The Vapor4Life Box and Batteries.. here on E-Cig Central.. I ve heard good things about Vapor4Life on the.. E-Cigarette Forum.. , so I was excited to give this e-cigarette kit a try.. My value starter kit contained the following items:.. 2 batteries (Vapor King Diamond Series).. 1 carrying case.. 1 wall charger.. A 5-pack of cartomizers.. The Vapor King Diamond Series automatic batteries I received were a bit longer than a regular Joye 510, but had much better battery life in comparison.. As a heavy vaper, I was able to get about 4 hours of usage out of each battery, and having both of batteries on me allowed me to easily get.. through a full day.. On a full charge, the batteries produced a very strong throat hit.. The batteries have a new.. The Vapor4Life Case.. diamond style tip which I ve never tried before.. I find the diamond tips create a cleaner color, and the shape makes a neat style.. They are brighter than other batteries that I have used, but not overly bright.. The draw on the automatic batteries was good, and vapor was produced in a short amount of time.. The cartomizers are KR808D-1 compatible, and create a good amount of vapor.. They run well, and none of my 5 have had any taste or reliability issues.. The cartomizer flavors I received were the following:.. Dunhall.. - This flavor produced a strong throat hit, and had a strong tobacco aftertaste.. I liked having this e-liquid in the.. The Automatic Batteries.. morning right after waking up to pick me up.. Hilton.. This flavor was quite smooth, and had a mellow aftertaste which reminded me of turkish tobacco, similar to a cigarette brand such as Camel.. I enjoyed using this one after meals and also in the evening when I felt like relaxing.. The Value Kit also came with a carrying case which holds two batteries and four cartomizers.. I like the form factor of the case, and its a great place to store your extra parts while you re on the go.. Overall, I m impressed by.. Vapor4Life s.. product and customization level.. They have a wide range of products to suit every vaper s needs, and allow you to choose your battery type, flavors, and more.. If you re a fan of cartomizer based e-cigarettes, I recommend giving Vapor4Life a try!.. SmokeTip E-Cigarette Kit Review.. Not too long ago, the kind folks over at.. SmokeTip.. sent me one of their electronic cigarette kits in.. SmokeTip E-Cigarette.. order to review here on E-Cig Reviews.. For most of this week I have been using the device, and now feel ready to report my findingss back to readers here.. The SmokeTip electronic cigarette is a mini sized e-cigarette, which closely resembles a real cigarette in terms of both looks and size.. The kit that I received for purposes of this review was the.. E-Cigarette Kit.. , and it arrived with the following items:.. 2 Rechargeable Lithium Batteries.. 6 Disposable Flavor Cartridges.. Wall Adapter.. USB Charger.. Instruction Card.. The batteries were quite similar to those used by.. SouthBeachSmoke.. , and have good battery life.. Both of the batteries I received were automatic and activate when you inhale.. On a full charge, I was able to get approximately 3/4 of a day of usage out of each battery under.. The Contents of the Kit.. heavy vaping conditions.. The lights on the tips of the batteries were red, which simulates the look of a real cigarette quite well.. Charging the battery takes about an hour and a half, which makes having two batteries very handy (especially if you are out and about).. The cartridges themselves were filled with SmokeTip s regular flavoring, which is a sweet tobacco flavor with undertones of brown sugar.. I felt a good throat hit and nicotine buzz with them at 16mg of nicotine, and was able to get almost a pack s worth of cigarettes out of each cartridge before I finished them.. Although the cartridges were reliable, they didn t last as long as the.. GreenSmoke FlavorMax.. cartridges nor produce as much vapor.. The FlavorMax carts are slightly longer in size, but hold more e-liquid.. The SmokeTip cartridge (top) is slightly smaller than GreenSmoke s FlavorMax.. Overall, I enjoyed the SmokeTip experience.. Although the cartridges didn t last as long as GreenSmoke s FlavorMax or a fully loaded.. , this kit has excellent value for the money, especially since they are much cheaper than a comparable GreenSmoke kit.. I also like the form factor of the SmokeTip, as its small size makes it easy to use handsfree in the car.. If you re on a budget and are looking for a quality e-cigarette, then the.. SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette Kit.. is for you!.. E-Lites E-Cigarette Review.. About a week ago, I received an.. E-Lites E200.. e-cigarette from the folks over at E-Lites.. is a UK-based electronic cigarette retailer, which has also recently been expanding into American markets.. The kit I will be reviewing today is the E-Lites E200, which comes with the following accessories:.. 1 E-Lites.. G9 Battery.. (Green LED).. 5 Tobacco flavored nicotine cartridges.. 1 Sturdy Case with built-in USB charger.. For the purpose of this review, I also received some menthol cartridges, along with the light variety of tobacco flavor.. The E-Lites brand of e-cigarettes uses G9 battery technology, which according to them.. utilises the strongest, highest grade Li-Ion composition to guarantee a long, stable and reliable.. Inside the Elegant Case.. battery life.. This Diamond Core allows for over 300 genuine re-charges without noticeable user time degradation and is encased in a strong, high grade rubber protective surround (like a G-Shock watch) to guard against accidental drops, knocks and bumps.. So far, I have found that the E-Lites battery lasts quite long for its compact size.. I consider myself to be a heavy vaper, and I can get an entire day of usage out of a single charge.. I also find that the.. The E-Lites Battery Next to the M401 and Joye 510 Batteries.. battery produces enough power to create quite a significant throat hit, and mimics the feeling of an actual cigarette quite well.. The battery is also automatic, and I prefer automatic batteries over manual ones, due to the advantage of being able to vape hands-free.. The battery has also outperformed my.. Joye 510.. battery, lasting for much longer under a single charge.. Normally I can only get about 3/4 of a day out of my Joye 510 battery under heavy vaping conditions.. The battery itself is guaranteed under a comprehensive, 6 months warranty, so if anything goes wrong with it  ...   when I m at a loud concert or nightclub.. I was also quite impressed with the size of the batteries, which were quite lightweight and small.. Despite their small size, I was still able to get quite a bit of use out of them without needing to recharge, and I could easily make the batteries last for an entire day of light vaping.. When I did recharge the batteries, I left them plugged in for about two hours before using them again.. The two battery sizes compared to a king size cigarette.. The South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes use a cartomizer system in which the atomizer and e-liquid cartridges are combined.. Of the cartridges I have tested so far, all of them have worked great, producing a lot of clean tasting vapor with a strong throat hit.. I found that the larger of the two batteries tended to produce more vapor, but with less of a throat hit.. Conversely, the smaller battery produced a harsher throat hit, with slightly less thick vapor.. As for the South Beach Smoke e-liquid flavors, I was able to try cherry, tobacco, and vanilla.. Out of the three, cherry was a great flavor, producing a strong throat hit and an aftertaste of sour cherry candy.. I also liked the tobacco flavor, which had a very sweet taste with a hint of brown sugar.. The vanilla flavor was also surprisingly good, and the flavors were especially easy on my throat.. Overall, South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes are an excellent bang for the buck.. With good vapor production and a good price point, I can see why many people have had nothing but good things to say about South Beach Smoke.. In addition, the.. with the opt-in ‘Home Delivery Program’ is one of the lowest priced, best quality Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits you can buy at just.. $49.. 99.. , which is a lot less than a cost of a carton of cigarettes here.. In addition to this, if you purchase any Deluxe Kit with or without Home Delivery using the link below, you can save an additional $10!.. Save $10 Off SouthBeachSmoke kits.. Clicking the above link will apply the coupon code automatically.. V2 Power Cig Review.. After having the wonderful opportunity to try a.. , I decided that I would individually review a few of my favorite products in the kit, which are also available standalone.. This includes one of my favorite items in the kit, the V2 Power Cig.. The V2 Power Cig With a Vanilla Cartomizer.. For those of you unfamiliar with the Power Cig, it is essentially a USB passthrough which operates at 5.. 1 volts.. This voltage runs much higher than the average e-cigarette battery, and as a result it can create large quantities of vapor with a great throat hit.. Since the V2 Power Cig is powered by a standard USB port, there is no need to worry about running out of power simply plug the V2 Power Cig in and enjoy!.. The build quality of the Power Cig is great, and I have yet to have any problems with it.. The power cord is designed to be stretched, and can reach a maximum length of 7 feet, which gives you ample room to vape with.. Overall, I highly recommend the V2 Power Cig to those who find themselves at a PC for extended periods of time.. The Power Cig is compatible with standard V2 cartomizers, and is a great addition to any vaper s arsenal.. In addition, customer reviews of the V2 Power Cig have given it.. 4/5.. stars overall.. The V2 Power Cig is available for the.. low price of $29.. 28.. and includes 5 V2 cartomizers with the flavor of your choice.. [starrater tpl=10 size='24'].. V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit Review.. Recently, the kind folks over at V2 Cigs sent me a bunch of their products in order to review here on E-Cig Reviews Blog.. Today I will be reviewing the V2 Cigs Ultimate, which retails for about $146 on.. the V2 Cigs website.. The V2 Cigs Starter Kit box is well put together!.. For the purposes of this review, I will be reviewing the kit itself and not the e-liquid flavors.. I will review the V2 Cig e-liquid flavors in a separate e-liquid review in order to focus on their taste and compare vapor production.. Included in the V2 Cigs Ultimate kit were the following items:.. V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit Contents:.. Standard V2 Starter Kit.. 3rd V2 battery.. 25 Vapor Cartridges (in your choice of Flavor and Strength).. Car Charger:.. Metal Carry Case.. Portable Charging Case.. V2 Power-Cig.. Upon receiving the kit, I was looking forward to trying both the v2 Cigs Portable Charging Case alongside the V2 Power Cig.. I have previously reviewed the.. Madvapes 510 PCC.. and I found it to be a great way to recharge batteries when I m out for long periods of time.. The device did have a few flaws however, so I was excited to try a different PCC design.. In addition to charging a battery, the V2 Cigs PCC also stores extra cartomizers.. For those of you unfamiliar with PCCs, The V2 Cigs Portable Charging case is a case which contains a battery that recharges e-cigarette batteries that are plugged into them.. In my experience, the V2 Cigs PCC was able to charge about 5-6 dead or almost dead batteries in about 2-3 hours depending on the size of the battery.. I tend to carry two e-cigs with me at all times, so having one constantly being recharged is a nice thing.. The PCC is very well thought out, and it can fit all types of V2 Cig batteries including both automatic and manual varieties.. The design has you screw in the batteries, and this way they don t come loose like they tend to do in the 510 PCC.. The V2 Power Cig was another product that I was excited to get to try.. It is essentially a USB passthrough which you can connect to your PC and puff on your e-cigarette without needing to worry about battery charge levels.. The Power Cig s cord was securely attached to the system, and it has been sturdy during my three weeks of use.. The cord itself is also nice, as it is compact yet can be stretched out as desired.. The batteries themselves are solid, and I have yet to have any of them fail on me.. If they do, you can always return them to V2, as V2 cigs has a good return policy.. From their site:.. The V2 Lifetime Warranty is limited to a maximum of 5 replacements on any given order.. The item must be defective (this is not an exchange system), and will be replaced with an equal item from current inventory.. The V2 Warranty can only be used within 90 days of your last cartridge or eliquid purchase.. As long as you have purchased eLiquid or Cartridge products from V2 within the last 90-days, you may make full use of your warranty for the life of your V2 electronic product.. Your V2 warranty will never expire.. My favorite battery was the regular sized manual steel battery.. I found that it resembled a real cigarette in terms of size and feel, but it looked really nice as well! All the batteries created large amounts of vapor, but they all lasted for different lengths of time.. In my experience, I found the batteries to last the following amounts of time:.. V2 Standard Cig: 2 hrs of heavy vaping.. V2 Shorty Cig: 3.. 5 hrs of heavy vaping.. The different V2 Cig battery sizes.. V2 Long Cig: 5 hrs of heavy vaping.. Combined with the V2 PCC, the shorty and standard sized batteries lasted me comfortably for a day without having to wait for another e-cig to charge.. V2 Cigs use a cartomizer system, and I found the system to be well done.. Out of the 15 carts that I have vaped, only one had low vapor production.. Due to the content of the e-liquids, some flavors did have noticeably more vapor than others.. However, all of them had a strong throat hit, which helps make the transition from analog cigarettes much easier.. Overall,.. The V2 Cigs Deluxe.. package is a great buy for heavy smokers who are looking for a complete e-cigarette package.. Stay tuned for the upcoming V2 Cigs e-liquid reviews this week!.. [Update, October 11th, 2011].. About a month after receiving my V2 Cigs kit, my manual V2 stainless steel battery broke down.. I was no longer able to press the button to activate the e-cigarette (it felt like it was jammed).. Fortunately, V2 Cigs comes with a lifetime.. warranty.. on all product components.. After speaking with a representative, I was sent a new battery which has been working much better.. The lifetime warranty is valid for 90 days after the most recent purchase of V2 cig cartridges..

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