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  • Title: OASiS - Organization for Advancing the Simulation of Intelligent Systems
    Descriptive info: .. OASiS.. Organization for Advancing the Simulation of Intelligent Systems.. Projects.. Wiki.. Blog.. Topics.. Welcome.. Mission.. Vision.. Welcome to the home of OASiS, the Organization for Advancing the Simulation of Intelligent Systems.. which is to say my high-falootin' blog and/or wiki encompassing all things related to my.. Second Life.. startup operation to bring AI (artifical intelligence) and A-life (artificial life) to a commercially viable and efficient point.. Our projects will be enumerated below and explained, discussed, and documented in the accompanying wiki.. My personal blog is also available.. Both of these places can be reached by the menu above.. You can use the menu to the right to quickly jump around this page.. I want to give special thanks to Dieter Schneider (of.. CssTemplateHeaven.. ) whose beautiful "Under the Bridge" template has enabled me to quickly set up a site with a clean and attractive visual style as well as some great functionality.. The template was obtained from.. Open Web Design.. and is valid XHTML 1.. 0  ...   LSL scripting and at times relentless passion for AI and A-life.. The two main classes of products I intend to design are.. intelligent agents.. and.. smart prims.. My vision is, of course, the realization of my mission.. I expect a dawning of massive technological upheaval to be close at hand, and strong AI will be one of the guiding forces.. I don't know how much I can contribute to that, but I want to do everything I can to learn more about this profound technology and try to make a living at it.. I personally yearn for a day when AI is so convincing, A-life so realistic, that it becomes impossible, and irrelevant, to distinguish between artificial and real.. My short term vision is for intelligent agents to introduce new members of SL, conduct business and enforce security, and for smart prims to enable intelligent pets, dynamic systems (such as weather), and humanized interfaces.. Layout.. | Created by Dieter Schneider 2006 | Valid XHTML 1.. 0 Strict!..

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    Descriptive info: Parse error.. : syntax error, unexpected T_NAMESPACE, expecting T_STRING in.. /home/mirage/oasis.. daleglass.. net/wiki/includes/Namespace.. php.. on line.. 46..

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  • Title: Mirage’s Oasis
    Descriptive info: Mirage s Oasis.. : OASiS :: Organization for Advancing the Simulation of Intelligent Systems.. A.. June 25th, 2010 | Category: Uncategorized.. So here s this cool idea I had today at work.. I was toying with the idea of making a VM to interpret a procedural langauge based on XML when I stumbled into it.. The idea does use XML, but not for that.. To invoke the idea, imagine an app you might use a text editor, let s say.. What is it made of? A menu bar and a big text box, probably.. Widgets that s the point.. All your apps are made of widgets of one atomicity or another.. But how many of your apps contain another window? Unless it s one of a shrinking number of MDI apps, that number is probably zero.. I think we ve been trapped in the idea of windows, trapped in windows literally, as a matter of fact, for too long.. I m not suggesting windows are bad, they re useful for organizing a bunch of widgets.. The borders of application windows, though, have become too hard.. Copy and paste is employed regularly to bridge these gaps, and that can only get us so far.. Why can t we have a more robust way of loading up components, gl.. Read more.. 9,169 comments.. on.. The larch is a tree the supposed subject of a Monty Python skit entitled How To Recognise Different Types Of Tree From Quite A Long Way Away.. It s also the name I ve settled on using ( larch , that is) for the tree-based UI I mentioned briefly in my previous post.. This post will delve further into that world.. But first, a pretty picture:.. 7,809 comments.. Ubuntu.. April 09th, 2008 | Category: Uncategorized.. The Hardy release is almost upon us! For those of you not in the know oh who am I kidding, everyone s heard of Ubuntu at this point.. Well, if you haven t, it s a Linux distribution based on Debian.. It adheres to the principles of usability and user-friendliness.. My first foray into Linux was messy.. I tried Gentoo some time ago, and could not get it to install despite numerous attempts and expert assistance.. For a long time, it s been plagued on the desktop by niche-itis.. This has all changed, however, and at this point I could probably convince my grandmother to use it.. I downloaded the Hardy beta (almost release-ready) yesterday and installed it, all in an incredibly easy manner (I just had to start the Update Manager from the console so I could add the flag to download pre-release distro upgrades).. Apparently the Update Manager will automatically offer the next release.. This, I must say, is 1000x simpler than Windows.. And one really must understand the depth of these updates.. Every six months, Ubuntu takes a leap that took Windows seven years to accomplish.. It s absolutely amazing what Canonical, the Debian project, and all the independent developers have created with Ubuntu.. Today I feel a bit stunned.. After my first attempt with Gentoo, I said to myself This isn t ready for most people yet.. I decided it was probably always going to be like that.. A few years later, when Ubuntu made its first release, I started to wonder.. It was getting fantastic press.. Suddenly I had a picture in my mind that by 2010, some distribution of Linux, probably Ubuntu, would be in the same category as OS X.. And here we are, four months into 2008, and it s rapidly becoming the case.. At school, I probably see more Linux-running laptops than Macbooks, although Windows still dominates.. We re at a juncture here where OS X is great, but is very difficult to run on anything other than a Mac.. and still costs $200.. Windows, on the other hand, as surged to around $500 and Vista s problems are nothing short of world-renown.. There is no more opportune place for Linux to suddenly thrive in the market of the affordable.. And all of a sudden, we have not one, but two Linux-based mobile phone platforms battling for dominance in the next generation of mobile devices.. Windows Mobile has been utterly dethroned in an instant, its clunky interface, sluggish API, and nightmare-inducing distribution system (an utter lack thereof) stand in sharp contrast to the sleek interface, fluid responses, and (soon) free SDK of the iPhone and Android stands to wipe even that off the map if the OHA plays its cards right.. And then there s the Eee PC and a host of mobile internet devices (MIDs) running various flavors of Linux.. We have truly arrived ahead of schedule.. I m psyched about Hardy, and have set up a countdown banner in the sidebar to hopefully draw someone s attention.. If your interest is piqued, why not take it for a spin?.. (In your DVD tray, I mean.. ^^).. 7,066 comments.. World.. April 02nd, 2008 | Category: Uncategorized.. A few days ago my good friend from the East coast got me interested in World of Warcraft again in private servers, specifically.. I ve been spending a bit of my free time in those areas, and I must say the experience is quite interesting.. The servers run the gamut from the harder than Blizzard lot, to the Blizz-like , clear up to the level 80 upon first login, every item in the game for free, and more than enough Talent points to max out all three trees variety.. Thus far my favorite servers are one Funserver which has drop/xp rates of like 60x/40x compared to Blizzard s, which I like for playing around with character ideas, and the one I actually play seriously on, which is something like 10x Blizzard s rates.. Even with this considerably smaller multiplicand, the outcome is still pretty near to ridiculous aforementioned friend (see first paragraph) gave me 10,000 gold, and said he had about 90,000 more where that had come from.. Apparently it accumulates.. Indeed, I found myself gathering my first gold around level 7 due to the 10x multiplier on coin drops.. This server feels like a good compromise between random insanity and Blizzard s harsh regime I think a server balanced a bit closer to the latter would be better, though.. WoWscape is the name of the website that houses the servers, one of the same name, the other three being WoWcrack, WoWlegion, and WoWstorm.. WoWcrack is the Blizz-like + high rate server I described, the one I like best.. For the truly random, there s FreeWoW, administered by a different group.. It s an interesting setup in which you start at level 80 in some strange place with tents where scores of NPCs will happily sell you anything and everything in the game for free.. And I mean anything from tailoring supplies and reagents to complete sets of epic armor and weapons with names like Sun Eater.. The last few hours of my time were spent trying to coerce WoW to run on my laptop.. After getting one unexplained sputter of functionality, it has fallen apart once more.. The OpenGL mode has painful rendering glitches with my graphics (Intel 945GM) + the drivers used, and the D3D mode seems to (1) have color problems? and (2) run at like 0.. 1 FPS.. That s 10 seconds-per-frame.. So I guess wine and WoW aren t going to play nicely.. That s a shame.. Actually, I should rephrase that wine seems not to be the source of the problem at all.. In fact, wine may be the only component which isn t contributing to the failure.. At any rate, the setup seems a failure, which kind of sucks.. I was looking forward to being able to  ...   me, as one of few places I can be and do whatever I please and actually look normal doing it.. In the real world, it would be a lot less common to talk to a.. doe.. who is.. programming.. a mancala board.. In reality, not only do deer not vocalize in human languages, but wooden objects cannot be programmed.. First Life always seems rather drab when compared to Second Life.. The one time I went to a ren faire, I think I came close to wandering through a FL version of SL.. If only apparent chaos were common behavior, maybe the world wouldn t have all the problems it does.. These problems tend to arise, after all, as the result of cohesion and agreement, which is a little shocking to think about that chaos may be the only way to attain order.. In any case, the only thing that even rivals Second Life in that cloud is virtual worlds.. Comparing the gigantic Second Life to the almost invisible There.. com and imvu (half cut off at the top) is probably another good illustration of its sheer dominance and power.. I d like to see what happens when Metaplace becomes more real (it s currently in a closed alpha, it seems), but I m not expecting it to dislodge SL.. The two platforms seem to have entirely different goals.. Anyway, time will tell, but I d like people to take a longer look at SL before they bash it.. Sure it has problems, but it also has promise, and even now, it has the potency to retain a tremendous following despite its shortcomings.. Honestly the biggest thing that upsets me is people calling it a game, and that s not even upsetting simply because SL is not a game any more than the web is a game, but rather it s upsetting because it leads game reviewers to review it, and they inevitably say things like It s boring and dull and has no goals Duh! It s not a game! It s the web! in 3D! That s all it was ever meant to be!.. There are games *in* it, much as there are games on the web, but they tend to be less interesting than the sorts of games game reviewers review (similar, again, to.. web games.. ).. The first step to understanding SL is knowing what it is not.. It is not a game.. The second step, naturally, is to understand what it.. is.. It is a 3D content delivery platform, which can be contorted and twisted into basically any usage, much as the web is a 2D content delivery platform, which can be contorted and twisted into basically any usage (compare some random websites and you can easily see what I mean: Google, Amazon, MySpace, and Wikipedia for example) and it is a very,.. very.. big deal.. 9,296 comments.. emo.. February 06th, 2008 | Category: Uncategorized.. Last few days have been a weird time crunch.. I did two calculus assignments in the wrong order, thoroughly confusing myself.. Now that I ve figured that out, I have to fix them.. By tomorrow morning.. Yesterday was spent on math class, Java homework, C++ homework, and Java class, followed by much-needed sleep.. Plus I finally got to head over to my dad s apartment and get a copy of the key.. Yay.. Now I have a sane place to do homework, maybe.. Woo! =D.. My Second Life has gotten interesting, to say the least.. I ve been working on this Oasis stuff while struggling with the fact that I haven t seen my mate for um two months.. I guess that s over.. That hurt really bad for a while, and it was all I could do just to get the basics of living accomplished, so my webcomic project exploded and I didn t even update this blog.. Wow.. Not tha anyone reads it.. But it feels therapeutic to get this stuff out there.. On the lighter side, I ve been working on a mancala board.. It s primmy (ninety-something prims) and I have no idea how I m going to code the arrangement of a dozen or more seeds in one pit, but it too seems therapeutic.. I love mancala games, specifically the two major ones that use a 2 6 board (kalah, commonly (and mistakenly) called simply mancala in the US, and oware, the more official tournament-class game).. The game rules are really simple, it s the positioning of numerous prim seeds in the pits that is going to challenge me.. Still, I have a pretty good idea of how to do it without too much headache.. First Life.. Work is crazy, I m doing about ten thousand new things and the company is going through the losing side of an acquisition with Bank of America.. Yuo might have heard of it.. Or maybe you live in Uganda, where the goings-on of American companies aren t really relevant.. Or perhaps you live in a.. cave.. Wherever you live, you have probably heard that Obama is not as far ahead of Hillary as I would like.. Imagine Hillary at the bottom of a ditch, on fire, and Obama standing on a mountaintop while people make golden statues of him.. That s a more appropriate distance I d say.. I don t know how my own state managed to vote for Hillary on Super Tuesday.. Not that either candidate wouldn t be a heck of a lot better than McCain, and even that douchebag would be better than our current leadership , but when you have a shot at the gold you do not settle for the bronze!.. I just compared Obama to gold.. twice.. , and I don t even.. like.. gold.. I much prefer silver, but it just doesn t fit the description.. Oh well.. Emo.. No, I m not going to start wearing ties as though they were belts and talking about cutting myself, seriously.. I have, however, come up with an esoteric programming language called emo with depressing syntax.. For example, my take on an emo Hello World :.. i miss stdio :( stdout.. write um "goodbye cruel world" meh :(.. As you can see, that s very emo.. It uses.. :(.. to end lines (like.. ;.. in C++, C, Java, and many other languages) and the import statement is.. i miss x.. More subtle (but very emo) features include the use of um meh instead of parentheses, the standard dot operator (.. ) being replaced by an elipsis ( ), and various things not shown in this snippet, such as true and false being replaced with eh and nah , types having emo-themed names, and exceptions being treated like suicide attempts!.. I ll give a longer update on emo later.. Right now, I need to talk my application out of slitting its wrists.. ~groan~.. 3,244 comments.. Adventures.. February 05th, 2008 | Category: Uncategorized.. Indecipherable spam is nothing new, but at some point, they must realize their advertising is being wasted.. Examine the following:.. hello Fennecfanatic its free FriedWoman.. comtows navipendulum inducers overliver obvallate subfeudation shillety verticilliose truthless baselard midrash halls lepidopteron hangout ampoules knudsen daube immovabilities anterofrontal aminoacetal misunderstandings.. I see a cottage cheese company in there, a chemistry term, and a very general term for things which cannot be transported.. Whatever their message is supposed to be, it is totally lost on me.. The *subject*, however, was pornographic.. So at least that much is clear.. Right? Right.. Dumbasses.. 8,954 comments.. Next Page.. Search this site.. Archives.. June 2010.. April 2008.. February 2008.. August 2007.. July 2007.. May 2007.. March 2007.. February 2007.. Categories.. No categories.. Meta.. RSS.. Log in.. Valid.. XHTML.. XFN.. WordPress.. Theme fSpring, design by.. Fredrik Fahlstad.. Proudly powered by..

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  • Title: Mirage’s Oasis » Projects
    Descriptive info: Projects.. This page exists to enumerate my current projects.. The below are links to post categories.. Posts are categorized per-project =).. Cardinal.. Comments are off for this post.. Comments are closed..

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  • Title: Mirage’s Oasis
    Descriptive info: New.. February 02nd, 2008 | Category: Uncategorized.. I m going to take another shot at doing the SL scripting-based business thing, and as part of that I have started the Oasis Component Library (OCL), which communicates over the Oasis Component Interface (OCI), using Link Message IDs (LMIDs) and Squished List Format (SLF).. I m going to explain all of these.. Promise!.. OCL.. This is simply the collection of OCI-structured modules I ll be working on.. I will probably have a website established for this at some point which will also allow people to share their own OCI modules.. OCI.. The OCI protocol is pretty simple.. Communication is done over link messages, although I m already working on components for tunneling calls over chat.. I suspect email will come next.. An OCI component receives calls in the form of a list in SLF.. The first parameter must be a string, which is the call type, and the parameters that follow it are of an order, type, and number defined by the specification.. This specification is supposed to be attainable by calling a reserved oci::info call, but I haven t worked out the details of that yet.. The sender, num, and id parameters of the link_message event are to be returned unchanged.. It is recommended that a response to a call C be named re-C, but this is not a requirement.. Call names are case sensitive.. The string parameter of the link_message event is used to transmit the call in SLF format as described earlier.. The id parameter is used to pass a LMID, which is simply a random UUID assigned to the component.. The component ignores any link messages which do not pass its LMID in the id parameter, which ensures it won t accidently be called by some other chatter.. SLF.. Squished List Format is my most recent specification.. Up until I realized the LL CSV functions had some serious drawbacks, I was using those.. The SLF format is best described thusly:.. A SLF string is a list encoded in a string.. It contains type annotations and permits the delimiter (~) to occur in strings contained in it.. It is composed of any number of cells, which begin with a type symbol and end with an unescaped ~.. (Note: this means a SLF string MUST end with a ~.. ) Tildes (~) are escaped with backticks (`), so a literal tilde is encoded as `~.. Similarly, a literal backtick is.. The type symbols are @ for rotation, # for integer, $ for string, % for float, ^ for vector, and for key.. An example: The LSL list [1, 2.. 0, "three", 4, 5, 6 , 7, 8, 9, 10 ] encoded as an SLF string is:.. #1~%2.. 0~$three~^ 4, 5, 6 ~@ 7, 8, 9, 10 ~.. My OCL template file contains definitions of two functions which can be used to convert back and forth between lists and SLF strings:.. string squish( list );.. list unsquish( string );.. Coming up next: the Interface Description Language (IDL) and ideas for other oci::* calls!.. 2,748 comments.. Tales.. August 13th, 2007 | Category: Uncategorized.. In my never-ending love of all things nautical, I ve come to an idea for a story.. Fleeing from privateers, a female pirate captain runs aground in an archipelago inhabited by merfolk.. In exchange for repairing her vessel, the merfolk beseech her to help them fight off their aquatic enemies, a different race of merfolk.. Stir in a little subtextual doubly-forbidden romance, and I ve got something with a lot of possibility on my table.. 2,234 comments.. Live.. August 05th, 2007 | Category: Uncategorized.. I used to play UO.. I really, really liked it back in its glory days.. I thought for sure it was getting a second wind when the third (return to 2D) client was announced, with major graphical and UI improvements.. Well, so much for that.. The art is similar where it isn t exactly the same.. The character models look a lot nicer.. But the UI sucks.. It s ugly and clunky, all the charm is gone out of it bags are now boxes of icon slots and books cheesy text areas with the same crappy UI artwork used everywhere else.. It s miserable.. And playing it, realizing the game was still the steaming pile of poo the expansions have made it into, I felt like a moron for spending $12.. 95 (for a month s play, after finding out the free trial offer is expired, or something?) on nostalgia.. Only instead of nostalgia, I got a knife in the back that I should have expected.. If you played UO and are now being drawn by Kingdom Reborn.. Don t.. Just don t.. Little has changed for the better.. Most has simply gotten even worse than before.. 5,263 comments.. July 11th, 2007 | Category: Uncategorized.. In the Borders bookstore in my town, as in every Borders, or every bookstore, I m sure, you can find Tom Clancy and John Grisham, as well as Hemmingway and Updike of course, and Shakespeare and Robert Jordan, and let s not forget Tolkien.. And my modern favorite, Terry Goodkind.. Terry s books are published by Tor, sf/f giant, and are nestled on the racks between Horror (Laurell K.. Hamilton and Steven King come to mind, of course) and the comic book/novel hybrids called manga in Japan (and here) and graphic novels here (and elsewhere, I suppose).. Why all the setup? Well, a walk of about twenty paces takes me from the childen s books (near the computer and travel books, the former of the two being my second favorite part of the store) to the sf/f rack.. What s wrong with that? Nothing, and I do mean that.. While Tolkien s epic is completely innocent, with even the violence being rather subdued for the genre, Terry s books contain people getting their heads cut in half (yes, in half (seriously)), a few (and far between) tasteful sex scenes, and one scene in one book in which a woman is raped by an underworld monster in exchange for magic power.. Now, I repeat.. There is nothing wrong with this.. Censorship in the media makes no sense, and books seem to be the only exception.. In the.. very next row.. (the graphic novels, remember), the too-graphic titles are not carried.. Because clearly pictures are more damaging than vivid description.. The argument to this seems to be If you re just imagining it, then you could do that without the book s help , but that just further solidifies the point.. If you can imagine a picture, then it doesn t matter if the picture is really in front of you.. At most, all we are accomplishing with censorship is appealing to the stupids and reducing the creative seeds of the imaginer.. This is nothing short of pointless and, I figure, criminal.. So let s let books be the example, not the strange exception.. Movies, artwork, and magazines should be treated the same way as books are shelve the adult titles alongside the Scooby Doo coloring books.. If you think there is something unhealthy about your son* witnessing sex, then you are clearly out of touch with reality.. After all, you have a son.. It s a pretty good bet the stork didn t bring him.. Maybe he s adopted but.. somebody.. did the the horizontal dance, and it created this thing you are trying to shelter from it.. This makes no sense at all.. And if you re concerned about.. other people s children.. seeing it, just stop.. You aren t their parent..  ...   proper hash tables) in a list but that format is highly complicated and memory-heavy, requiring lots of random UUIDs and stuff.. It s not pretty, and it s more complicated than need be and it STILL wouldn t solve the lists-in-lists problem without a bit of a storage-at-a-node redesign.. Something like a list instead of a key/value table.. Okay, that s all I have time for right now.. It s 4:00 AM, and I m going to a festival with a friend at noonish, so I need some sleeps.. I ll post a full API documentation and put it on the wiki as soon as I get everything nailed down.. 6,117 comments.. Rando.. May 02nd, 2007 | Category: Uncategorized.. I have this theory that much of the world we live in is just randomly generated as we go.. And according to chaos-complexity theory, this is a fairly reasonable standpoint.. But nothing beats cold, hard evidence:.. sniper479 ? luciferians ?.. And yet the grammar, punctuation, and capitalization (save LOVE for emphasis) are all perfect.. YouTube the intersection of.. stupid.. loud.. 3,258 comments.. I.. May 01st, 2007 | Category: Uncategorized.. I just found a reference to our little home in.. today s (awesome) xkcd strip.. That s right Second Life island, and if you look close: you can see Third Life as well.. I wasn t aware SL was even semicommon knowledge.. Here s a detail from the map:.. Super awesome! ^^ I also find it very appropriately placed near the MMOs, but separate.. Similar, but different And located between the.. Noob Sea.. and the.. Sea of Culture.. Now knowing where it is, I ll have to take a vacation to Flickr sometime.. People describe it as picturesque.. /bad-pun.. 4,781 comments.. (Even).. March 15th, 2007 | Category: Uncategorized.. I am not at all happy with this school.. I find I m finally realizing I could have shortcut a lot of this stress (though perhaps this bit of reality will serve me well) by having simply cared about high school, but I think it s about time to cap this nonsense off.. It s time for the next step.. I find myself somewhat embarassed, doing now what most of my friends were doing in high school preparing fot applicaiton to numerous schools.. It s a shame I didn t just get this perparation over with in HS, but everyone makes mistakes.. The smart ones learn from them.. And I ve learned a lot, as well as the things I ignored in HS.. Where to? Well, up until now, I was dead-set on leaving the US with an AS in my hand.. Now, I think there are some reasons to stay here instead of emmigrating North.. Namely, I am optimistic about John Edwards position in the quickening race for the 08 presidency.. America will have to pull a profoundly disturbing.. third.. Earth-shaking failure in a row not to elect him, and I don t think even us Americans are that dumb.. So, where am I looking at going?.. Well, my list is, shall we say.. optimistic?.. I like that word.. I like to be hopeful, because the alternative is hopeless.. And nobody wants to be hopeless.. So yes, I aim high.. I also aim at seven different places at once and fire as many arrows as I can find, with as careful study of the atmospheric conditions, using every differential equation at my disposal to get the best chance at burying them all to the flights.. archery analogy notwithstanding, and pun not intended, I hope I have a shot:.. MIT yes,.. M-I-freakin -T.. Caltech nearby, and prestigious!.. Berkley cause hey, why not?.. CalPoly just in case.. Or, if America does decide Obama should reign.. University of Alberta.. Looks like a great school.. I would love, more than anything, to be a.. Beaver.. 9,061 comments.. March 14th, 2007 | Category: Uncategorized.. It s that time of the year again.. Yes, I speak of Pi Day!.. Why it s Pi day:.. 3.. -.. 14.. 2007.. Or, if you usually write dates in descending orders, like I do, it s:.. 2007.. 3.. So I thought I d do some fun Pi stuff! So, with no further ado.. Consider that Pi continues forever, and never repeats itself.. (in entirety).. Consider that Pi is an infinite-precision one-dimensional fractal, meaning that every number occurs in every possible combination an infinite number of times in its digits after the decimal.. Consider further that this means somewhere in Pi are next week s winning lottery numbers laid out in the correct order.. Consider yet further that it means that somewhere in Pi, all the winning lottery numbers that have been and ever will be drawn are laid out in order, separated by long strings of zeroes for easy reading.. Yes, I m serious.. It might also be interesting to note that, represented in binary, Pi looks something like this:.. 11.. 00100100 00111111 01101010 10001000 (.. The bits have been grouped into bytes for easy reading, but it also facilitates something else very interesting: One could interpret each of these bytes as an ASCII character (or interpret it as a UTF-8 string for that matter).. this would mean that somewhere in binary Pi, there is a sequence of bytes translating to the ASCII string Hello world!.. There is also the string Douglas Adams was totally right about 42.. Of course, there are also stirngs like This statement is false.. as well as The universe is running in a simulation.. and The universe is NOT running in a simulation.. In fact, as with the numbers, by interpreting binary Pi as bytes, it can be demonstrated that every possible string (in every possible languge (in every possible encoding)) exists an infinite number of times in Pi.. Spooky, eh? =).. Of course, we can also interpret longer strings.. So, we can guarantee that Pi contains the following as well:.. Algorithms for calculating Pi itself, in every programming langauge, and every natural language.. A recipe for chicken fresco formatted in XML.. The entire works of William Shakespeare, in order.. The source code for Windows Vista.. Every version, bugfix, and release of every software program ever written, that ever will be written, or that ever *can* be written, commented in every language.. This blog entry.. In Russian.. Your social security number.. My.. social security number, followed by step-by-step instructions for stealing my identity in Mandarin.. Proofs (valid and invalid) for every mathematical expression in existence, formatted in TeX.. A lengthy and insightful critique of a movie that will never be filmed, written in a langauge that will never exist, bylined by an author who will never be born, inserted into an otherwise correct January 2004 issue of Time Magazine.. Every document you have ever authored, or ever will author.. But let s not limit ourselves to bytes.. If we scan through Pi as individual bits, we can guarantee the existence of the following:.. A picture of Margaret Thatcher strapping on a dildo (Geroge Carlin reference).. All of the aforementioned programs, compiled to executables.. The MD5-sum of every password ever created.. The Internet Explorer 7 icon, enlarged to 1024 1024 pixels, and tinted green.. A picture of your head on fire.. The Mountain Dew can label, in PDF format.. US tax forms (in PDF format) adapted to agree with a law that will never be passed.. A forty-gigapizel block of complete whiteness.. The entire human genome, backwards.. X-rays of your teeth, whether or not you have ever had such x-rays done.. negatives of all of the above.. And, for that matter anything else you can think of.. 3,797 comments.. Previous Page..

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    Descriptive info: Username.. Password.. Remember Me.. Lost your password?.. Back to Mirage s Oasis..

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  • Title: Mirage’s Oasis
    Descriptive info: March 05th, 2007 | Category: Uncategorized.. No, I m not going to explain the right hand rule the title alludes to the multiplied progress that OASiS saw yesterday as I developed two mundane projects and came up with a rejuvenated vision for the second wind of another.. Cards.. is a project I began a few days ago, to make a system for making card games.. There isn t enough stuff like this out there so, as with all the library-type modules I make, I m going to provide it under the GPL and release the API, which I will document on the wiki here.. Some plans so far involve Texas Hold em, Blackjack, and some vague ideas about magic tricks, which I m not sure can be impressive in a virtual world.. ^^;.. The otner mundane project is the.. keyboard.. I mostly finished yesterday.. I considered making a HUD for it, when something dawned on me in a way so familiar.. is effectively done, in concept, at its low level.. But I ve been wondering what exactly it would be good for for a while now.. Then it came to me today I could spin off a specialized form of Cardinal, which I m calling.. Slidebar.. in my mind at the moment (play on SL sidebar ) and give it a simple plugin-style interface and instead of using integer control codes and link_message, I can use text parsing to do it all via strings and then, then what do you think I would do?.. Why, I d expose a secondary interface on a chat channel.. =) And yet another on E-Mail.. You get the picture.. The result would be a GUI system that would vastly improve the currently very limited system offered by llDialog, and would allow, for example, a nearby dance ball or a game to glue into your sidebar while you re using it, and discard its interface with a click on the close button.. I m considering doing XML parsing on incoming text, but I figure it will at least at first use something much simpler.. Currently I m considering = equated param/value pairs, ; -separated, with \ -escaped characters, working basically like this:.. Parse it character by character.. If it encounters a \ , cat both ends of the string around it and continue parsing,.. basically stripping that \ out and skipping the char that follows it.. But enough with hinting at low-level details of something so far from completion.. It sounds fun, now I ll go build it.. Well, actually, right now I m going to.. work.. Then.. school.. Then.. I ll start working on it.. =P.. 9,167 comments.. Busy,.. March 01st, 2007 | Category: Uncategorized.. Haven t had much time to work on Cardinal, but the ideas for it are continually coming along.. For now, though, I think the API is more or less stable.. I ve uploaded a ZIP containing two Python scripts that can be used to generate Cardinal-compliant GUIs.. File:.. Cardinal v1.. 2.. 1 ZIP Archive.. Since Cardinal itself is released under the GPL, I ve supplied the LSL source for the kernel and building blocks as well.. The files are as follows:.. lsltypes.. py LSL type classes for use in the other, main script defines Text (collection of a string, a Vector, and a float) and Vector (collection of three floats: X, Y, and Z).. CardinalGUI.. py script that contains classes with methods to build the script.. You ll pretty much have to tear through it yourself since I have yet to make a UI for it.. It s going to eventually be a CGI web app at oasis.. net/prducts/cardinal when that comes into existence.. kernel.. lsl the Cardinal kernel script, which contains the allocator and implements the high-level API.. block.. lsl the Building Block script, which sits in each block prim and passes touch events, implements the low-level API.. To build a Cardinal-capable HUD, you re going to have to do the following (.. mind the order!.. ):.. Make two cubes, link them together, place the kernel in the root prim, place the building block script in the child  ...   to even so.. I certainly.. do.. feel bad for my friend, and hope this doesn t cause him undue stress and sadness.. I was thinking about how randomly generated some of the junk in the world seems to be.. There s just too much of it for someone to have painstakingly produced such marvels as this random sampling of goods from a local thrift store:.. The glass rooster filled with peppers for some reason.. The little straw wreath with blue and pink speckled fake eggs on it.. A tin box painted in dark red and blue contrasting swaths of color.. A rather large assortment of ceramic frogs.. Forty six completely different coffee mugs.. Thinking, that is, until I realized that yet, it was randomly generated after all, evolution is a process that primarily works because of its random environment.. I suppose product evolution works by a similar mechanism: you have the stuff everyone wants at the fancy stores, and the weird arbitrary junk that finds its ways to the shelves of dollar stores.. Time for a bit of code poetics.. //Arbitrary people leading.. //Arbitrary lives, finding.. //Arbitrary meaning in their.. //Arbitrary skies.. In this.. //Arbitrary universe,.. //Arbitrarily they die, as less.. //Arbitrary people lose their.. //Arbitrary minds.. That s been brewing in my head for a while, and I quite like it.. Feel free to let me know what you think.. 5,927 comments.. Cardinal.. February 17th, 2007 | Category: Uncategorized.. Here s an explanation of the low-level API thus far.. Introduction:.. The Cardinal Low-Level API version 1.. 2 is a method of interaction for blocks in the Cardinal system, using link messages with integer codes to communicate with the root object, which contains the kernel script that manages the blocks and implements the high-level API.. Constants:.. The following integers are defined as powers of two for the future possibility of bitwise-ORing them together to perform multiple calls at once (though I m not sure how I d handle parsing the data, in that case.. I guess I ll define a bit for marking the API version as supporting or not supporting such calls once I figure that out):.. CMD_SET_SCALE = 1.. CMD_SET_COLOR = 2.. CMD_SET_ALPHA = 4.. CMD_SET_TEXTURE = 8.. CMD_SET_POSITION = 16.. CMD_SET_TEXT = 32.. CMD_SET_TEXT_COLOR = 64.. CMD_SET_TEXT_ALPHA = 128.. CMD_MAKE_INVISIBLE = 256.. CMD_RESET = 512.. The one Event supported by the low-level API (for now) is:.. EVT_TOUCH = 8192.. Making Calls:.. To call any of the edit functions, a script (running in the root prim) must call llMessageLinked with the link number of the target block, the command code, and the data it needs, cast to a string if necessary.. Convenience functions would be a good idea for this something like:.. cmdSetText(2, Hello World , 1,1,1 , 1.. 0);.. is probably preferable to:.. llMessageLinked(2, CMD_SET_TEXT, Hello World , NULL_KEY);.. llMessageLinked(2, CMD_SET_TEXT_COLOR, (string) 1,1,1 , NULL_KEY);.. llMessageLinked(2, CMD_SET_TEXT_ALPHA, (string)1.. 0, NULL_KEY);.. for example.. Raising Events:.. To raise an event, the call (made by the block) is a little different.. It looks like this:.. llMessageLinked(LINK_ROOT, EVT_TOUCH, (string)llGetLinkNumber(), llDetectedKey(0));.. (using the EVT_TOUCH example because it s currently the.. only.. Event raised by a block).. So, as you would expect, scripts (running in the root prim, where they all live) will receive these on link_message and must decide to do something about them based on whether or not they are using that block (the link number passed up in the link message).. While not perfectly optimal, this is really the only way to do things given that no direct UUID-based communication method exists (yet).. The other Event that exists so far is part of the high-level API, which I will hopefully get around to documenting soon.. 9,174 comments.. Thanks,.. Dale Glass has been kind enough to give me a subdomain on daleglass.. net to blog and whatnot.. Join me in thanking him profusely!.. I m going to either twist and warp the blog into the front page for Oasis or move it to a subdirectory when I get something going on in that dimension.. Thanks again, Dale!.. Also, my e-mail address is now mirage@daleglass.. net :: take note! =).. 9,073 comments..

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