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  • Title: Dadapro Blog
    Descriptive info: .. DadaPro Blog.. |.. REGISTER.. IT.. NOMINALIA.. NAMESCO.. AMEN FR.. REGISTER 365.. POUNDHOST.. |.. DADA.. Corporate Musings.. Skip to content.. Cloud Site: the countdown has started!.. Comments (0).. By.. Sarah Bulli.. on.. 04/09/2012 17:45.. in.. General interest.. ,.. Projects.. Uncategorized.. Website.. A kaleidoscopic, cloud-based website building experience is about to start … are you ready for it?.. With Cloud Site, the.. No.. 1 cloud-based website building tool in the World.. , you will feel like you are playing with a.. kaleidoscope.. rather than building a website! There are.. no limits to the number of layouts.. that it offers, you can customise over.. 200 templates.. , and you can easily.. drag drop.. all types of content to try every possible combination until you get the look that you want.. And if you go.. mobile.. , there s no need to get dizzy rotating it up and down, optimisation for.. smart phone.. s,.. tablets.. and all.. wireless devices.. is automatic.. If you are thinking about launching an.. online business.. , with Cloud Site everything is ready to go, whatever you want to do and whatever your level of experience.. Cloud Site is.. updated on a regular basis.. with new templates, new.. features.. , and new.. widgets.. …so there is always something new to discover!.. Get ready to have fun with the World s No.. 1 website creator:.. keep up to date.. with this blog and don’t miss out on the opportunity to try Cloud Site.. FREE for 30 days.. !.. Stay tuned ☺.. Put an accent on it!.. 09/07/2012 15:48.. Domains.. Online Brand Protection.. If you have always been a bit of a perfectionist like myself, you have certainly always felt a little sense of grammar discomfort when (forcefully) typing web address like universita.. it in your web browsers.. Many Italian words end with an accented letter, and so far it s been impossible to register properly spelled.. it domain names due to the impossibility to register accented letters.. Well, today we can forget that slight sense of grammar discomfort and start typing all the accented lettered- web addresses we want, as from today everyone can register as many a.. ccented-letter-inclusive.. domains as they want!.. I am sure this will be good news for everyone who is interested in.. registering a.. it domain name.. to.. promote.. protect.. or even.. launch a brand new business.. , and to people like me who, being somewhat perfectionists, do care about stressing the right letter at the right time.. Have you checked the list of the new applied for gTLDs?.. 15/06/2012 11:08.. The long awaited date has now arrived and.. ICANN.. has finally revealed the list of the new applied-for gTLDs!.. What is going to happen to the way we use the Internet when domain names like.. africa and.. amazon are available for registration?.. If you haven t checked out the list yet,.. do it now.. and remember that if you are interested in receiving.. updates.. and.. news.. about the applied for extensions, you can.. ask our experts.. ! We will be more than happy to provide you with all the  ...   offer would multiply.. your business would get a boost.. ….. well, with the new Reseller Program this is no longer a dream!.. If the idea of managing.. large volumes of customers.. is holding you back, or if you are thinking that you do not have the necessary.. technical skills.. to manage technical products and services, you do not need to worry! The new Reseller Program offered by.. Register.. it.. Nominalia.. Amen.. fr.. pt.. Amenworld.. nl.. answers all your needs and fears, and ….. turns them into.. discount levels!.. With the new Reseller program, reselling products is easy and.. the more you sell, the more advantageous your discounts and benefits become!.. With our Reseller Program, you can offer your customers a.. complete range of products with your own brand.. , so that s each and every product and service available on our stores.. All of the infrastructure and systems are already in place, so there s no need to worry about anything technical!.. It s the same for customer management: no matter how large the volume of your own customers becomes, the professional and technically advanced.. ControlPanel.. will allow you to manage all of them and their products in just a few, simple clicks.. How to make your customers feel happy and a part of your company? The Control Panel your customers receive will be.. fully customised.. with your.. logo and company details.. , allowing you to give your own brand more visibility, and at the same time, enabling your customers to keep in touch with you at all times through an intuitive tool.. Last but not least, you can autonomously set the range of operations you want to allow them to perform and you will always be able to access their panels to make sure everything is running smoothly.. We guarantee fast, dedicated support and are always happy to assist you.. Are you now wondering how much it is join the program?.. It is.. FREE!.. Check it out, there s no catch!.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 10.. 20.. 30.. ».. Last ».. Search.. Pages.. Marketing DEM Calendar.. Recent Posts.. Recent Comments.. cobretti on.. @dada.. it and @supereva.. it mail accounts integration into Register.. Andrea on.. Monella on.. gianni1953.. jean bosco.. Categories.. Select Category.. Advertising (12).. Agile@Dada (1).. CBM, CC and Sales Meetings (2).. Control Panel (9).. Customer Care (4).. Data Results (4).. Domains (39).. eCommerce (15).. Email (13).. Events (4).. General interest (35).. Hosting (17).. Interviews (7).. Online Brand Protection (9).. Organisation (5).. Prizes and Awards (6).. Projects (26).. Servers (12).. Social Media (17).. Statistics (2).. Tutorials and guides (2).. Uncategorized (15).. Update history (32).. Videos (17).. Web Design Tips Tricks (11).. Website (15).. Tags.. 1-Click Installs.. advertising.. Aftermarket.. Amen Integration.. Application Hosting.. CA.. cloud.. cloud computing.. Competitor.. Control Panel.. Domain.. domains.. email.. idea.. Joomla.. Namesco.. Offers.. pdf.. presentation.. Project managers.. promo.. promo mainpromo visual HP hp.. R D.. Register365.. Search Result.. Shared Hosting.. sharing.. simon wardley.. Simply.. Social Media.. tools.. Twitter.. ubuntu.. Unified platforms.. usability.. usability testing.. ux.. Webmail.. WordPress.. workshop.. Subscribe.. All posts.. All comments.. Login.. 2010 - 2013 Dada.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Cloud Site: the countdown has started! | DadaPro Blog
    Descriptive info: You are here:.. Blog.. This entry was written by.. , posted on.. 04/09/2012 at 17:45.. and filed under.. Bookmark the.. permalink.. Follow any comments here with the.. RSS feed for this post.. Post a comment.. or leave a trackback:.. Trackback URL.. Post a Comment.. Click here to cancel reply.. Your email is.. never.. shared.. Required fields are marked.. *.. Name.. Comment..

    Original link path: /2012/09/cloud-site-the-countdown-has-started/
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  • Title: Sarah Bulli | DadaPro Blog
    Descriptive info: Archives for.. Author Archives:.. Content Staff.. A kaleidoscopic, cloud-based website building experience is about to start … are you ready for it? With Cloud Site, the No.. 1 cloud-based website building tool in the World, you will feel like you are playing with a kaleidoscope rather than building a website! There are no limits to the number of layouts that it offers, [.. ].. Posted in.. it domain names due to [.. The long awaited date has now arrived and ICANN has finally revealed the list of the new applied-for gTLDs! What is going to happen to the way we use the Internet when domain names like.. amazon  ...   customer portfolio would grow, the range of products you could offer would multiply, your business would get a boost….. well, with the new Reseller Program this is no longer a dream! If the idea of managing large volumes of customers is holding [.. Sleep well, your data is safe!.. 02/04/2012 18:02.. Data travelling via endless cables and jumping from one server to the next around the globe.. How can it be safe and always run smoothly? Fabio Coatti, Data Centre, Network and Infrastructure Manager at Dada explains how this is all possible and adds something about Kanban, the new work methodology adopted by the entire team.. [.. Interviews.. Videos..

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  • Title: General Interest | DadaPro Blog
    Descriptive info: Category Archives:.. Also posted in.. The QR code is in the top of fashion.. 27/03/2012 10:06.. Isn t it?.. marco salmoiraghi.. Valore D: aggiornamenti sulle ricerche e promozione delle donne al vertice.. 02/03/2012 15:26.. This post is written in Italian as the information and the links it contains refer to contents written in Italian alone.. We apologise for the inconvenient.. Valore D.. , l’associazione che promuove e sostiene il ruolo manageriale delle donne in azienda a cui Dada aderisce da più di un anno, ha recentemente pubblicato nuovo interessante materiale a seguito degli eventi che si sono svolti nel mese di febbraio.. Le tematiche affrontate nelle ricerche sono consultabili sul sito dell’associazione, relative.. al peso della famiglia nelle scelte professionali.. e sulla.. partecipazione femminile all’economia italiana.. Il video “.. E’ ora di Valore D.. ” e la ricerca “.. Più donne al top: utopia o traguardo raggiungibile?”.. inoltre fotografano la situazione femminile attuale nelle aziende riportando gli ancora scarsi numeri relativi alla presenza delle donne al vertice.. Sara Ballerini.. Opening of the new Inspira(c)tionBoard exhibition in Florence.. 20/01/2012 11:14.. E’ stata inaugurata ieri la Inspira(c)tionBoard a Firenze.. Si tratta di uno spazio comune, un contenitore di idee e ispirazioni a cui possono partecipare le persone che hanno voglia di condividere le loro ispirazioni e quelle che desiderano lasciarsi ispirare.. Chi si troverà a passare davanti alla lavagna, potrà vedere un bel “quadro”, potrà trovare degli  ...   s ideas, thoughts, feelings and inspirations.. What is more creative and inspirational than a.. multiple-hand-created painting.. ? Can there really be anything more inspira(c)tional than this creative alliance, a framed board hanging there and ready to be overloaded with ideas?.. If you think there isn t, then be part of it! Our Inspira©tion board will be there for an entire month, at the end of which it will be started over again!.. fabiana.. canale.. Events.. Web Design Tips Tricks.. board.. firenze.. inaugurazione.. inspiration.. opportunity.. Comments (2).. Dot what? Dot everything!.. 13/01/2012 12:46.. Are you willing to apply for your own.. brand.. or.. company domain name.. ? ICANN are receiving applications for.. new gTLD registrations.. from today!.. The impact of this decision is still uncertain though.. What is going to happen now that potentially any domain name could be registered? Should companies apply for their own domain name or shouldn t they? In what way is this big change going to change the way we use the Internet and the way the Internet works?.. If you are looking for.. FREE and expert advice.. about this topic, we will be more than happy to answer all your questions and provide the support you need to make up your mind.. Give us a call now on.. 800 734 478.. or book a.. consultation call.. with.. our experts!.. Btw what do you think the impact will be? Let us know!..

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  • Title: Projects | DadaPro Blog
    Descriptive info: Have you surfed our brand new interface yet?.. 03/11/2011 10:25.. As you will have noticed, the navigation menu of our continental stores has recently been renovated.. We have asked Giuseppe Scappaticcio of the UI Content department, who has been deeply involved in the project, a few questions about the why and how of this revision.. What is the most important new feature that has been introduced into the navigation bar?.. First of all, the navigation bar has been revamped in order to optimise the hierarchy of the menu options and to make the best use of space.. The most important thing though, has been the introduction of the big drop down bar; thanks to this new feature, it is now possible to access internal pages more quickly and easily and with no need for any intermediate clicks and steps.. Unlike traditional dropdown menus, all the links on the page are visible at first sight and there is no longer the need to explore the entire menu to find the desired page.. This of course helps our users find what they are looking for much easier than before.. What are the major advantages of this new structure?.. From a graphic point of view especially, the new space organisation has allowed the introduction of headings and graphic elements that make all the information presented on the  ...   self-evident.. First of all, by making products and services more accessible, that is by making the way to reach them significantly shorter and more intuitive, we are implicitly helping our customers find what they need more quickly and easily.. Secondly, this new navigation structure also allows us to launch a wider range of upselling options and cross- selling promotions.. We are still collecting data about this last aspect but we will soon have some specific data to release and show you.. So, if you haven’t had a proper look at the new navigation menu yet, you are more than welcome to take a tour and let us know what you think of it.. BTW, below a little preview and here the links to go surf it live now!.. ,.. Amen France.. Portugal.. Netherland.. pt Amen Monitor to Dedicated Servers.. 30/06/2011 14:27.. Ciao,.. I would like to share with you that Amen.. pt created a complementary service value to our Dedicated Servers Customers called Amen Monitor.. This service allows customers to get, about their Servers, alerts by email with Automatic OS Restart Actions(in case of failure/no response HTTP, SMTP, FTP, IMAP and Server) and also Personalized Reports of the Server´s Performance and Uptime.. This was launched (as “Beta”) in May and we had now cross the 50 activations, take a look:.. http://servers.. amenworld.. pt/monitor/.. Nuno Matias..

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  • Title: Uncategorized | DadaPro Blog
    Descriptive info: New Trials for Hosting and APPs.. 22/06/2011 15:50.. We ve recently launched a new trail activation process for Linux Windows Hosting products and APPs, on Register.. it, Amen.. fr, Amen.. pt, Amenworld.. nl and Nominalia.. Now it s very easy to get a free-trial and test ALL the features of our products for 30 days.. FAQ:.. I don t have a domain name: can I get a trial anyway?.. Answer:.. Sure you can! We provide you a free third-level domain name, like whatever.. simply-webspace.. it, where you can view the pages you published as if you had a proper registered domain name.. How to get a trial?.. Follow the Trial label on Hosting and APPs channels: you can get yours in 3 quick steps.. Massimo Bandinelli.. Update history.. it First Webinar.. 10/06/2011 12:52.. Hi all,.. A few days ago we launched our first Webinar dedicated to all the people interested in How to create  ...   experts as many questions as they wanted during the Webinar, so as to have all their doubts clarified right away.. Given the large success of the initiative we are already thinking about replicating it on every store and for different products so …stay tuned!.. The link to the first Webinar will be available shortly…keep following us!.. Thanks.. Claudia.. claudia.. storani.. Comments (4).. Ztal version 1.. 1 release.. 08/04/2011 16:42.. Hi everyone,.. I am very happy to announce that Ztal version 1.. 1 has been released into the big wide world!.. Ztal, for those of you who may never have heard of it, is an integration framework that ties together the powerful Zend Framework development platform and the PHPTAL templating engine we use here in Worcester to develop our systems.. Ztal allows us to integrate these technologies into a seamless whole and develop fast, secure, maintainable multi-lingual sites with ease and confidence.. Read More.. rgoldsmith..

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  • Title: Website | DadaPro Blog
    Descriptive info: FR opening to entities domiciled in EU.. 13/12/2011 09:52.. Hi,.. Since last week the fr has opened to entities domiciled in EU.. - We have extend the opportunity to register.. fr domains to all individuals and companies domiciled in the European community:.. http://www.. amen.. fr/domains/tld/fr.. html.. pt/domains/tld/fr.. nl/domains/tld/fr.. http://www2.. fr/static/nom_de_domaine.. - We have removed the.. fr,.. asso.. tm.. re and.. re tld from Amen website, CP, cart and.. old Amen store.. Costanza Bigazzi.. Registration of xxx domains.. 13/12/2011 09:51.. Starting last week xxx domains can be registered online on our stores.. You can see the new xxx tld pages here:.. http://we.. register.. it/domains/tld/xxx.. nominalia.. com/domains/tld/xxx.. fr/domains/tld/xxx.. pt/domains/tld/xxx.. nl/domains/tld/xxx..  ...   - Log into the Control Panel.. - Open the management page of an xxx domain.. - Click on the modal page’s link to see the unlock code page.. Build a website with WebSite: the Webinar is now live!.. 30/06/2011 12:49.. Remember some time ago we posted about the first Register.. it’s webinar about How to create your website with WebSite?.. Well, you can now have a look and let us know what you think of it!.. I m afraid at the moment it is only available in Italian, but, like we announced, many more webinars will soon be available in English, French, Dutch, Portoguese….. ENJOY!.. Tutorials and guides..

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  • Title: Put an accent on it! | DadaPro Blog
    Descriptive info: 09/07/2012 at 15:48..

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  • Title: Domains | DadaPro Blog
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  • Title: Online Brand Protection | DadaPro Blog
    Descriptive info: New gTLD.. 14/11/2011 17:45.. The internet has been buzzing about it for a while now and the start date for applications is getting closer.. January 12, 2012 the application window will open and anyone who is interested in having their own GTLD can apply for it.. Applying for, and managing your own TLD is very costly and time consuming.. Yet, it will give you great brand protection and really enhances your internet presence.. As a trademark owner you will have to weigh the benefits and costs of applying for your own TLD and the operation of its registry.. ICANN has provided a step-by-step overview of the application process, which can be found.. here.. ksalter.. anythingyouwant.. 27/10/2011 16:53.. It may arguably be the biggest leap forward in the world of domain names: starting january 2012, ICANN will allow 1000 candidates to create their own extensions (aka new gTLDs).. For their.. brand, their.. product, their.. anything.. A new land of potentially unlimited business opportunities opens.. While brands and companies unleash their imagination, Register.. it will take special care of its customers interested in running their own gTLD, providing them with strategic consultancy for online presence management and application support by phone.. Brands, locations and communities  ...   time of discussion and uncertainty, one of the most discussed TLDs is about to be launched.. The first two registration phases of the.. xxx domain will run from.. September the.. 7th.. to October the 28.. th.. 2011.. Sunrise A.. dedicated to members of the adult entertainment industry that have a corresponding domain name already registered with a different extension or that own the corresponding trademark.. Sunrise B.. , for holders of registered trademarks that are not members of the adult entertainment industry, but who wish to reserve the corresponding.. xxx domain as a preventive measure.. Landrush:.. From October the.. 8.. to.. November the 25.. , the registration process will be opened to all members of the adult entertainment industry.. Multiple applications requested during this time will be allocated through auctions.. General availability.. :.. The last phase will run from the.. 6.. of.. December onwards:.. during this time members of the adult Sponsored Community will have the chance to get regular, resolving names on a first come, first served basis.. Non-members of the adult Sponsored Community will have the opportunity to get “Non-Resolving” names.. If you wish to learn more, or if you would like to reserve a.. xxx domain.. , please visit.. it/brandprotection/xxx..

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  • Title: Have you checked the list of the new applied for gTLDs? | DadaPro Blog
    Descriptive info: 15/06/2012 at 11:08..

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