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  • Title: Dallas Plastic Surgery Center – Top Surgeons in Texas
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Procedures.. Office.. News Articles.. Inquire.. Dallas Plastic Surgery.. To request more information, fill out a contact form or call 214-646-1215.. Welcome to the Dallas Plastic Surgery Center.. Here you will discover the latest information about modern plastic surgery services (liposuction, abdominoplasty, non-ablative wrinkle reduction with the laser system, noninvasive epilation, lifting, scar revision, hair restoration, breast augmentation services, and much more).. You will also find out what results can be expected after the surgery.. No one but you can make the decision whether to tread on the way of perfection and improvement.. However in order for your decision to be conscious and appropriate you need to be provided with full-scale objective information.. We re here to help make your decision easy.. Our clinic is one of the leading medical centers in Texas.. Specializing in cosmetic and plastic surgery.. Residents of other states are clients of our center as well.. The principles of the clinic are based on the complex approach to solving aesthetic problems using the latest achievements and technologies in the world of plastic surgery.. Our center is  ...   the track record to prove it.. Our doctors have successfully completed over 1,000 procedures.. Their experience is unmatched anywhere else.. Read About Our Doctors.. We are located in the heart of Dallas.. Our offices are state-of-the-art and in a prime location from all major areas.. This is a list of some of the procedures that we offer.. Brachiaplasty (Arm Lift).. Tummy Tuck.. Cosmetic Surgery after Weight Loss.. Thigh Lift.. Vaginal Rejuvenation.. Cellulite Reduction Treatments.. Body Lift.. Body Procedures.. Breast Enlargement / Augmentation.. Breast Lift.. Breast Reconstruction.. Breast Reduction.. Revisional Breast Surgery.. Breast Procedures.. Endoscopic Brow Lift.. Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift).. Neck Lift.. Browlift.. Cheek & Chin Implants.. Facial Surgery - Minimal Incision.. Fat Transfer.. Laser Skin Resurfacing.. Lip Implants.. Mid-Face Vertical Lifts.. Rhinoplasty.. Scar Therapy.. Surgical Facelift.. Face Procedures.. Non-Laser Procedures.. BOTOX® Cosmetic.. Medical Grade Chemical Peels.. Sclerotherapy Vein Removal.. Fractional Skin Rejuvenation.. Skin-Photo Rejuvenation.. Skin Tightening.. Vascular and Pigmented Lesions.. Skin Care Procedures.. Burn Reconstruction.. Cleft Lip Palate Surgery.. Craniofacial Surgery.. Skin Cancer Treatment.. Reconstructive Procedures.. Contact Information.. Call now (214) 736-9224.. or.. email us.. ,.. los angeles plastic surgery.. Latest News..

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  • Title: Dallas Plastic Surgery Center – Top Surgeons in Texas » Brachiaplasty (Arm Lift)
    Descriptive info: The following is a full list of procedures that we offer.. Contact us for more information on specific procedures.. Ready to Change your Life? You can contact us to get more information by filing out a contact form in the inquire section.. You can also call us any time of day at (214) 646 1215.. Gravity, weight loss, and the aging process can leave the skin baggy and loose, making patients feel self-conscious about their upper arms, especially.. While weight lifting can tone the arm muscles and improve the look of the area, it does not always improve the look of skin on the arm.. If you are tired of wearing long-sleeved shirts year round, brachiaplasty, or an arm lift, is a procedure you might want to consider.. Brachioplasty removes the excess tissue around the upper arm.. This reduces the size of the upper arm and gives the area a smooth, toned look.. The exact approach your surgeon will take will depend on how much excess skin you have and how strong your arm’s supporting tissues are.. Generally, however, the surgery involves making incisions along the inner arm.. Once these incisions are made, excess skin is removed.. If necessary, deeper tissues that have  ...   to recover from brachiaplasty.. During the healing process, patients need to careful to not lift anything heavy and may need to elevate the arm to reduce pain and swelling.. Usually, patients will have the surgical area covered with a special banadage that offers elastic support for the area.. Within six months, the effects of the surgery will be apparent.. Like all surgeries, brachiaplasty has its risks.. The biggest risk of the procedure are visible scars.. Surgeons generally take care to make the smallest incisions necessary and to disguise scarring.. A skilled surgeon can hide scars quite effectively.. Good post-procedure care can also minimize scarring.. In addition to scarring, patients risk infection, swelling, bruising, and bleeding at the surgical site.. In rare cases, brachiaplasty can lead to nerve injury, which can result in a numbness in the arm.. If you have had surgery on your axilla lymph nodes or a mastectomy you may not be an ideal candidate for brachiaplasty.. Patients who have had sweat gland infections may also experience added risks.. If you are considering an arm lift, always discuss your risks and your possible outcomes with a qualified surgeon.. Your surgeon can help you understand your risks and can help you minimize complications..

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  • Title: Dallas Plastic Surgery Center – Top Surgeons in Texas » Tummy Tuck
    Descriptive info: A stomach that sticks out and creates a “pouch” can make clothes fit incorrectly, can make you feel self-conscious, and can even interfere with some activities.. Despite popular belief, a larger stomach is not always the result of poor diet and lack of exercise.. In some cases, slim people with very healthy lifestyles are unable to lose the stubborn “tire” or pouch in the middle of their stomachs.. A tummy tuck is not an instant solution, but if you have tried diet and exercise consistently with no effect, an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck procedure may be able to help.. If exercise and diet have not worked, a tummy tuck can help you achieve a firm, flat stomach, permanently.. This procedure works by tightening the abdominal wall muscles and by removing excess skin and fat from the  ...   time varies widely, depending on how involved the tummy tuck was and depending on the health of the patient.. Within four weeks, most patients will be able to get a sense of the results of the procedure.. Like all surgical procedures, abdominoplasty has risks.. Temporary side effects of the procedure can include soreness, bruising, pain, swelling, numbness, and fatigue.. In most cases, these symptoms go away, although it can take weeks for all the symptoms to go away completely.. Complications are rarer, but they can occur.. Risks of the procedure include blood clots, infection, infection, leaking under the skin, scarring, and skin loss.. You need to discuss these risks with your surgeon to make sure that you understand them.. Following doctor’s directions exactly after surgery and selecting your surgeon carefully can minimize your risks of complications..

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  • Title: Dallas Plastic Surgery Center – Top Surgeons in Texas » Breast Enlargement / Augmentation
    Descriptive info: breasts anna needs new ones.. marrie needs boobs.. Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed types of cosmetic surgery.. For women who feel they would be more confident if they had a larger breast size, augmentation is a good option.. In this type of procedure, a small incision is made in the breast.. A pocket is created in the breast, and a saline filled implant is inserted.. The incision is usually placed underneath the breast, where it is virtually invisible.. In very rare cases, the saline may leak in the breast, but in this event the solution is harmlessly absorbed by the body.. After a breast enlargement surgery, the final results are evident within a few weeks.. Initially, there is some additional swelling.. Most breast enlargement procedures take one to two hours and require local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia on its own.. Most procedures today are outpatient procedures.. Some women experience side effects after getting breast augmentation surgery.. These side effects can include swelling, bruising, and temporary soreness.. In addition, some patients report that the breast is  ...   exposed to risks with this type of surgery.. In rare cases, patients may require additional surgery to replace or remove the implants due to problems with the implants.. In some cases, implants may deflate, requiring the surgery to be redone.. In some cases, the implants may make the breast feel hard or tight.. In rare cases, infection or bleeding may occur.. You can reduce the possibility of these risks by discussing the surgery thoroughly with your Dallas surgeon before the procedure.. Your Dallas plastic surgeon may be able to tell you how to reduce these risks.. In most cases, patients return to work within one to two weeks after the surgery.. Scars usually fade after several months.. There are many Dallas plastic surgeons who offer breast augmentation surgery.. One of these professionals is Dr.. David E.. Morales.. Dr.. Morales graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1994 and is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.. He is associated with the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Dallas Plastic Surgery Association, and the Texas Medical Association..

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  • Title: Dallas Plastic Surgery Center – Top Surgeons in Texas » Breast Lift
    Descriptive info: The tissues of the breast are very delicate and as a result most women start to see signs of aging in their breast area first.. Due to aging, exercise-related stress, pregnancy, weight loss and gain, breastfeeding, and other factors, breasts may become less perky and may droop.. This can affect a woman’s appearance can make her feel more self-conscious.. A mastopexy, or a breast lift, as it is most commonly known, is a surgery that can reshape the breasts to give them a better and more youthful appearance.. While a breast lift will not make breasts appear larger or smaller, the surgical procedure will make them appear more youthful and perky.. A breast lift can also change the size of the areola and can make breasts more symmetrical.. Most breast lifts are outpatient procedures.. Patients will usually require general anesthesia and will be in surgery for 1.. 5 to 3.. 5 hours.. The length of a surgery may depend on the patient  ...   nipple.. If you require only a small breast lift or if your breasts are smaller, you may have the option of electing to have a “doughnut mastopexy” breast lift.. This slightly less invasive procedure involves incisions around the areola only.. After a breast lift, your breasts will be covered with gauze and you will need to wear a supportive garment as you recover.. Some patients report swelling, tenderness, and bruising in the surgical area, although these symptoms usually ease within days.. If a patient has not had dissolvable sutures, she will need to return in two weeks for suture removal.. Once the dressing is removed, the scars on the breasts will fade.. Usually, the full results will be evident in a few months.. Some patients are given special massaging exercises to speed healing.. If you are interested in breast lift surgery, speak with a qualified surgeon about the risks and procedure so that you understand the surgery and what you might expect specifically..

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  • Title: Dallas Plastic Surgery Center – Top Surgeons in Texas » Breast Reconstruction
    Descriptive info: Women who have lost a breast or two breasts due to cancer and.. mastectomy sometimes feel uncomfortable with their loss.. Clothes drape differently when there is no breast present, and some women feel uncomfortable in intimate situations after they have lost a breast.. Society does often equate femininity with the female form – which includes breasts – so losing one or two breasts can be traumatic.. For cancer survivors, there are options after a mastectomy.. Some women choose not to replace their breasts, while others wear prosthetics or fillers in their bras.. Breast reconstruction, however, is the one way to permanently replace a breast in a natural-looking fashion.. During breast reconstruction, a patient is given general anesthesia.. Then, depending on the patient’s needs, a flap reconstruction or a tissue expansion (DIEP or SGAP) will take place.. During a flap method breast reconstruction, a patient’s own fat, skin, and muscles are used to create and cover a breast.. A surgeon may remove skin and tissue from the stomach or buttock area or may use the tissue available in the breast area.. Sometimes, the flap of  ...   an expander instead of a breast implant, the patient may need to visit the surgeon for four to six months to have the expander filled.. If the expander is only temporary, the patient will also need to return to have the device replaced.. If you are interested in breast reconstruction surgery, you should speak to a surgeon about whether or not you make a good candidate.. Your surgeon can help you understand your options and can help you understand which surgery options might be best for you.. A surgeon can also help you understand what types of results you might expect from breast reconstruction surgery.. While breast reconstruction surgery is usually used after a mastectomy due to cancer, it is also an option for women who have lost a breast due to an accident, burn injuries, and other situations.. After breast reconstruction surgery, your new breast will not have the same sensations as a natural breast.. However, it will look natural and will help you achieve a natural and permanent silhouette that is similar to the silhouette you had before your mastectomy or injury..

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  • Title: Dallas Plastic Surgery Center – Top Surgeons in Texas » Breast Reduction
    Descriptive info: While some women with smaller breasts consider breast augmentation because they want larger breasts, women with very large breasts know that sometimes bigger is not better.. Some women with very large breasts have problems as a result of their breasts.. For example, these women may need to spend extra money on special-ordered bras to fit them.. This can mean that they cannot easily find attractive lingerie to wear.. Some women with very large breasts have problems with their posture or their back due to the extra weight on their chest.. Some women find that their clothing does not fit correctly or find that they are harassed due to the size of their breasts.. In some situations, exercise and movement is made difficult by very large breasts, while some women have trouble maintaining basic hygiene since the area under the breasts traps moisture and causes chafing.. For women who experience all these issues with their breasts, breast reduction is an affective and permanent way  ...   allow the surgeon to access the excess tissue inside the breast.. However, surgeons also try to select the incisions that will create the least visible scarring.. Once the incisions are made, the surgeon will remove excess skin and tissue before repositioning the areola and nipple for a more natural look.. If needed, the surgeon may need to use liposuction under the arm area as well.. After surgery, patients will have smaller breasts that have a natural and pleasing contour.. Like all surgeries, breast reductions involve some risks and require recovery time.. Patients may need to take steps to reduce the risks of infection, bleeding, and allergic reaction.. Most patients find that they can move around comfortably after a few days, although swelling and bruising may affect the breast area for a few weeks after surgery.. Patients will need to wear a special supportive bra after surgery as the area heals.. Most patients are able to return to work a month after breast reduction surgery..

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  • Title: Dallas Plastic Surgery Center – Top Surgeons in Texas » Burn Reconstruction
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  • Title: Dallas Plastic Surgery Center – Top Surgeons in Texas » Cleft Lip & Palate Surgery
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  • Title: Dallas Plastic Surgery Center – Top Surgeons in Texas » Craniofacial Surgery
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  • Title: Dallas Plastic Surgery Center – Top Surgeons in Texas » Skin Cancer Treatment
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