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  • Title: Daily Funny Stuff | - your source for daily updated funny commercials, humorous pictures, viral emails and hilarious videos
    Descriptive info: .. affiliate marketing.. Home.. About this blog.. RSS :.. Posts.. Comments.. Email.. Daily Funny Stuff.. - your source for daily updated funny commercials, humorous pictures, viral emails and hilarious videos.. Subscribe.. Epic Fail.. Film Parodies.. Funny Ads.. Funny Jokes.. Funny Pictures.. Funny Songs.. Funny Videos.. Motivational.. News Parodies.. A few good creative men a funny film spoof.. Here is a very funny video a friend who works for a media agency sent me.. It takes the dramatic court scene from the movie A Few Good Men; starring Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise and Demi Moore; and dubs it over with comedic effect.. Ameriquest Don t judge too quickly ad campaign 2.. Ameriquest was also a company that came up with a hilarious ad campaign to promote its lending services, showing someone innocently getting into a situation where it looked as if they were doing something evil or illegal and saying don t judge too quickly.. Presenting the brotastic frat boy anthem, Brohemian Rhapsody.. That classic Queen hit Bohemian Rhapsody has been a popular sing along song since well before the head bopping in Garth s car in the first Wayne s World film.. Well those guys at College Humor have taken it to the next level with this funny parody, Brohemian Rhapsody.. Ameriquest Don t judge too quickly ad campaign 1.. Super Mario Jesus whatever next?.. What would introducing Jesus to super Mario land result in? If this is a question you have ever asked yourself, you will be happy to know that the funny video below provides the answer.. Check out Totem Nation Films for more crazy cartoons that are very funny, but in a slightly different and trippy way.. Prev.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. Next.. The different poop categories, with pictures.. I have been told I am poo obsessed; my brother and girlfriend giive me grief over this.. I even get birthday cards with poo jokes from them.. Well, I do enjoy a good poop joke and whilst I know this is rather immature, I can t see this changing any time soon.. Full Story.. Some blonde jokes to make you laugh.. Two blondes living in Oklahoma were sitting on a bench talking, and one blonde says to the other, Which do you think is farther away Florida or the moon? The other blonde turns and says Helloooooooooo, can you see Florida ?????.. The social media Venn Diagram.. Check out this funny Venn diagram displaying the different social media that pokes fun at what they are used for and the users themselves.. There are very few people now who do not have a facebook account and myspace and twitter also have their followings.. Maybe you can analyse your social media behaviour using  ...   Potter skit, featuring Lindsay Lohan as Hermione.. Motivational Find X Poster : Pictures.. Sometimes the obvious answer is the right one, sometimes not.. Tweets that mention Some blonde jokes to make you laugh | Daily Funny Stuff -- Topsy.. com.. Some blonde jokes to make you laugh | Daily Funny Stuff.. The blond and the ventriloquist A blond joke!.. Funny Social Media Venn DIagram | Daily Funny Stuff.. Mathematics and religion are compatible Venn diagram.. Tweets that mention Some very funny exam answers from 16 year olds | Daily Funny Stuff -- Topsy.. Tweets that mention 5 very badly placed adverts | Daily Funny Stuff -- Topsy.. Tweets that mention Marketing Department 'spin' joke | Daily Funny Stuff -- Topsy.. Tweets that mention Ameriquest 'Don't judge too quickly' ad campaign 1 | Daily Funny Stuff -- Topsy.. amusing joke.. amusing lyrics.. amusing sign.. Battle of the Sexes.. beer ad.. Beer Commercials.. butt drilling.. College Humor.. diesel xxx.. Facebook.. funny image.. funny joke.. Funny or Die.. funny photo.. funny picture.. funny post.. Funny Quotes.. funny real life.. funny sign.. funny song.. funny trailer.. funny video.. funny video clip.. funny viral videos.. george w bush.. Guinness commercial.. harry enfield.. jizz in my pants.. lol.. motivational poster.. parody.. saturday night live.. snl.. Social Media Spoof.. song parodies.. star trek.. the lonely island.. the onion.. toilet sign.. twatif.. twitter.. very funny.. viral video.. Check these out:.. Categories.. Blond Jokes.. Colemanballs.. Commercial Parodies.. Darwin Awards.. Englishman Irishman Scotsman.. Funny Cartoons.. Funny Engrish.. Funny Fails.. Funny Language.. Funny Maths.. Funny Real Life Stories.. Funny Signs.. Holiday Jokes.. Little Johnny.. Political Humor.. Priceless Parodies.. Religious Humour.. Stand Up Comedy.. Three Wishes.. TV Comedy.. Uncategorized.. Viral Videos.. Ratings.. College Humor parody of I ve got a feeling by the Black Eyed Peas.. (4.. 96 out of 5).. Funny Old Testament Theology.. 95 out of 5).. Victoria Wood sings Let s Do It.. The perfect gift: A dick in a box.. Funny questions and answers for the Australian tourism board.. 94 out of 5).. Trekkies bash new Star Trek movie.. 93 out of 5).. Funny XXX Diesel party advertisement.. 90 out of 5).. Natalie Portman raps in this SNL digital short.. 89 out of 5).. Dangerous wands, a story of wizards and witches from the wrong side of town.. Meta.. Register.. Log in.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. WordPress.. org.. Views.. 2012, a comic perspective on the Mayan Calendar s prediction of devastation.. - 58,361 views.. When tattoos go wrong part 1.. - 46,725 views.. - 21,433 views.. - 12,887 views.. George Bush for the fail!.. - 10,501 views.. Recommended Sites.. Bing.. Google Search Engine.. Yahoo!.. is proudly powered by.. Entries (RSS).. and.. Comments (RSS).. |.. Swift.. by.. Satish Gandham.. a product of.. SwiftThemes.. Com..

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  • Title: Daily Funny Stuff |  About this blog
    Descriptive info: (.. votes, average:.. 00.. out of 5).. Loading.. Daily Funny Stuff is a humour blog with daily updated content.. Basically I search the internet for the funniest videos, pictures, ads, news stories or any other humorous stuff and post it here on this humor blog so that you don t have to search around every day for a laugh.. So bookmark the site and come back and raise your spirits.. I also encourage  ...   and what you don t.. That way I can make sure I am delivering the funniest content for you to enjoy.. I hope you enjoy my blog and I can raise a smile, grin, chortle or laugh with the funny stuff I find littering the web and post right here on www.. DailyFunnyStuff.. net.. Dan the man.. Share your thoughts, leave a comment!.. Click here to cancel reply.. Name.. (required).. E-mail.. URI.. Your Comment..

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  • Title: Daily Funny Stuff | Archive | Epic Fail
    Descriptive info: Archive for the.. Category:.. These bad tattoos show that 1) Always have spelling checked on tattoos with writing; 2) In loving memory of your dead wife may seem a good idea, but when she looks like Iron Maiden s mascot Eddie it is not so sweet and 3) Tattoos can be funny, but when you sober up you have to live with that cat!.. Very funny, alleged GCSE answers that will have you in stitches.. Enjoy a short history and religious studies lesson as we learn about the Virgin Queen exposing herself to cheers of Hurrah! , Shakespeare s Islamic prose, Julius Caesar s actual last words, how Milton rediscovered paradise and Francis Drake circumcising the world with a huge clipper.. Facial expression FAIL Not the best face to be pulling when a photo is being taken.. Check out this funny photo, which is also an epic fail, as this sports fan shows why he is watching baseball and not playing it he has the reactions of a scared bunny.. As the catcher jumps over the barrier and reaches out to make a memorable catch a young man in the front row reacts by pulling a funny face and holding his hand in a strange way.. Who wants to be a millionaire EPIC FAIL.. This is Who Wants to be a Millionaire and it sounds pretty sweet and  ...   based ship owned by a shipping company from Singapore.. Besides its age and number of international voyages it is very well known because of its unique name, which has the same pronunciation as Tighten your anus!.. The Jesus light switch now available at a church near you!.. I am sure this seemed like a wonderful idea as a church money earner, I mean everyone needs light switches, so why not make some money and remind people that Jesus is watching every moment by producing these lovely Jesus Christ light switches?.. I am pretty sure this photo has been doctored, but despite that it remains very funny.. George W Bush had many detractors and often with reason, which is why whether this photo is real or not, it is still funny.. See President Bush holding the phone upside down as he looks on seriously, as if in deep conversation with another world leader.. This sign has a purpose, honestly!.. Now this funny sign looks fairly real, but I figure it must be a joke.. The sign uses 95% of its area warning of its sharp edges before letting people know the bridge is out ahead in small writing.. I guess it could be a lesson in reading the small print.. Anyway check it out, one of the most useless signs ever and an epic fail in terms of information..

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  • Title: Daily Funny Stuff | Archive | Film Parodies
    Descriptive info: Watch out for the Grammar Nazis!.. College Humor is one of my favourite humor websites, and a great source for funny videos.. Today I am sharing their funny sketch about grammar nazis, you know those people who annoyingly correct every sentence you utter.. Pac-Man the movie is this for real?.. Somebody has decided that with film versions of Prince of Persia, Hitman, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Silent Hill and a host of other video games that it is time for Pac-Man to get the movie treatment.. Have a look at the funny trailer below to see this Pac-Man parody movie trailer.. MADtv presents a comedy sketch: the Lords of the Bling.. MADtv was a comedy sketch show running for 14 years consisting of comedy parodies of popular television shows, movies and music, as well as topical, political, and pop culture humor.. You may have seen the MADtv Batman sketch I posted before, but this will be my first post dedicated entirely to a MADtv skit.. PG Porn is SFW Nailing Your Wife.. PG Porn is movie director and actor James Gunn s project featuring some of hollywood’s biggest talent, it’s all about the unexpected.. It may have the P word in its title, but it s not  ...   when I saw a clip on youtube that seemed more like a comedy than the Batman character Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan have given us more recently.. The Rachel Bilson sex scene from Hearts of Palm.. In this cheeky video clip you will see Rachel Bilson telling the director she is not comfortable doing a love scene nude, so they bring in a body double, promising to cut the scene tastefully.. See what you think of the results, but I for one laughed out loud when I saw this video parody.. Well here the SNL team have used their skill and humour to focus on the physical developments of Hermione Granger.. This funny video clip got me chuckling and I see the films have become more comedic and centred on the growing pains of these kids too Enjoy this Saturday Night Live skit which features Jimmy Fallon and Lindsay Lohan.. Facebook Off the new John Woo comedy inspired by a true story?.. It is a trailer for a parody of the John Woo film Face Off which starred John Travolta and Nicholas Cage, the name of this film is Facebook Off.. In it two guys use Facebook to undermine the other in the eyes of a girl..

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  • Title: Daily Funny Stuff | Archive | Funny Ads
    Descriptive info: Very funny advert for Danier Leather.. The creative guys at the ad agencies don t always earn their crust, in my humble opinion, but sometimes they create little moments of comedy genius that get everybody talking and sharing.. This funny advert, for Danier leather, is a perfect example of the power of good advertising, so check out this funny commercial.. Tui is too tempting for men, only women work in the brewery.. Tui is a New Zealand brewery that makes great beer commercials.. I haven t tried their beer so I can t comment on that, I m afraid (If you have had a pint of Tuis then let me know in the comments how it tastes).. Anyway, the jist of the advert is that the factory didn t run well when men worked there as they ended up drinking all the beer, so now women run the brewery and some are more feminine than others.. Another great parody of a Viagra commercial.. As a follow up to the rather amusing parody Viagra commercial I posted a while back I have the next level in Viagra commercials.. This time it is a funny video ad, instead of a funny poster ad, but the results are the same:  ...   am sure they are more famous for their risque ads than anything else.. Well, they may be racy, but they are equal opportunities too as these funny video clips show, they offer a little something for both men and women.. Watch these hilarious ads and get your daily fill of abs or boobs, depending on what you are after.. The Toot Tone capsule will save you from embarrassment.. Here is a parody commercial that will have you in stitches.. See if the Toot Tone capsule is what you need to hide the escape of gas.. This revolutionary capsule is like a whistle you put in your butt.. Then, if an uncontrollable fart slips out, the Toot Tone transforms the sound to that of a mobile phone ring tone.. Cerveza Andes have a teletransporter to stop you getting in trouble.. Here is another beer commercial that shows once more all the great creatives that go into the beer industry.. This time it is an Argentinian beer called Andes Cerveza and the commercial is based on guys getting in trouble for spending time with their mates in the pub, so they use the Andes teletransporter to pretend they are somewhere else and to keep their girlfriends happy.. Older Posts..

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  • Title: Daily Funny Stuff | Archive | Funny Jokes
    Descriptive info: Best one liner jokes of the Edinburgh Festival 2010 part 2.. Following on the countdown from Wednesday s post about funny one liner jokes from the Edinburgh Festival 2010 here is the official top 5 according to TV channel Dave.. Tim Vine beat out Ray Green and Emo Philips for the top spot, so congratulations to him!.. Best one liner jokes of Edinburgh Festival 2010.. There was an official top ten one liner jokes of the Edinburgh festival 2010 released the other day, so I am going to share them with you, five at a time.. It was set up by digital TV channel Dave, whose panel of comedy critics heard over 7,000 jokes before selecting a shortlist, which they then put to a public vote.. Two chickens walk into a library and say.. Two chickens walked up to the desk at a public  ...   teachers asking questions and funny kids giving them answers they did not expect:.. The blonde and the state capitals.. A blonde was bragging about her knowledge of the state capitals of the United States.. She proudly announced, Go ahead, ask me any of the capitals.. I know all of them.. Stand out in your field and win a prize.. A man was driving down a country road when he spotted a farmer standing in the middle of a large field.. He pulled over to the side of the road and sees that the farmer is just standing there, doing nothing.. Nick Clegg and Barack Obama, two peas from one pod.. Guardian journalist Richard Adams blogs about the similarities between the Nick Clegg and president Obama.. The only conclusion to be drawn is that the UK finally has its own Obama albeit as deputy prime minister..

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  • Title: Daily Funny Stuff | Archive | Funny Pictures
    Descriptive info: This is quite self explanatory presenting the Boob Pad!.. As long as there have been games consoles there have been joy sticks and joy pads, well now someone had the bright idea that boys might prefer to play with a boob pad! This funny T shirt shows the controllers to be where the brave girl s boobs are, and seems to be encouraging a Street Fighter 2 special move.. Sex education, with pens.. Here are some funny pictures using pens to show all the varieties and possibilities available in sex.. Check out the whole gamut with the help of pens as these amusing pictures take you from a straight couple, to an expensive bordello session.. This is sex education at its finest: clear and easy to understand, but funny too! Pen sex, or something like that.. Follow World War 2, rerun Facebook style.. This is a hilarious picture a friend sent to me by email.. It shows World War 2 if it were displayed on Facebook.. This social media spoof will have you laughing out loud as you follow Germany, UK, USA, Japan,  ...   the Beach Boys coolness is mathematically justifiable.. Check it out.. Does this image make you think of invading or cooperating?.. Some political issues people feel really passionate about: should taxes be decreased, or should they receive more for their tax dollars, the healthcare bill is good, or bad; but foreign policy is not normally near the top of average joe s cares until he sees this funny motivational picture.. Drowning is not a laughing out loud matter, no matter what this sign says!.. Whilst this funny sign appears to be telling people to lol (laugh out loud in Net-speak) at drowning, what is more likely is that the apparent lol order is in fact representative of a head and arms above the water on this drowning warning sign.. Lost in translation Cookie Monster s worst nightmare.. Just say Cookie Monster were real and enjoyed surfing the Net on a daily basis Now imagine his reaction when his browser asked if he wanted to delete his cookies.. Whilst this may be good computer maintenance , this suggestion makes for a very unhappy Cookie Monster..

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  • Title: Daily Funny Stuff | Archive | Funny Songs
    Descriptive info: A comic response Puke in my Mouth.. You may remember the hilarious song Jizz in My Pants , from the Lonely Island gang.. Well another comedy group, the Pantless Knights, have created a response to that funny song about premature ejaculation, called Puke in my Mouth.. This is sung by two girls and talks about the things that make them sick and is funny on its own and even more so in response to the other song.. London Underground, the song!.. This viral video is well known by most people in London, who have to deal with the London Underground problems sung about in this song.. The music from The Jam hit Going Underground has been transformed into a four letter tirade on the London Underground and whilst a lot of foul language is used it is very funny and worth a look and listen at the funny song and amusing cartoon that goes with it.. Natalie Imbruglia s Torn with joke sign language.. This is a very funny video featuring Johann Lippowitz (real name David Armand) miming along to Natalie Imbruglia s hit song Torn.. The clip is taken from the Secret Policeman s Ball, a charity comedy event in the UK.. The mimes are funny and it is great to see  ...   of university!.. The Wrong Hole, a song about sorrow, mistakes and brown love.. Here we have Wrong Hole a song featuring DJ Lubel, Taryn Southern and Scott Baio about a guy romancing a woman in the wrong hole You have to see it to believe it, so here is the Wrong Hole, a funny song from Funny or Die:.. This is an SNL Digital Short where Natalie Portman portrays herself as an angry gangster rapper (with Andy Samberg from the Lonely Island as her rap partner in Viking clothes) during a fake interview.. She answers questions from the interview in rap, saying she cheated at Harvard University and took pot and cocaine.. The Lonely Island and Justin Timberlake made this Saturday Night Live short Dick in a box and I have to admit I cried with laughter when I saw it.. SNL have had some funny skits and classic comedy shorts and this is one of their best as Justin Timberlake helps parody the cheesy boybands with this comedy classic.. Better than Barry White, it s business time!.. I found this Flight of the Conchords song on YouTube.. It is called Business Time and made me laugh with lyrics about Wednesday night being the night for love making, the night for business time!..

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  • Title: Daily Funny Stuff | Archive | Funny Videos
    Descriptive info: How to say 12 months in Estonian.. Here is a funny video clip that shows a guy pushing his luck with some young ladies in Estonia.. Obviously being a bit of a smart alec and knowing that the Estonian for 12 months is kaksteist kuud he asks the girls how to say 12 months in their language.. When they give their answer it sounds like they are saying something else completely.. Ian Holloway shares some funny parallels between pulling women and victories.. I have added this clip as the  ...   that Ian Holloway is managing Blackpool in England s top league.. Check it out and listen out for more funny gems from Ian Holloway.. Funny or Die present Good Cop, Baby Cop.. Check out this hilarious video from Funny or Die.. It has Will Ferrell as Angel, a criminal accused of murder, and his daughter, as a police interrogator who gets results.. She is unleashed on the hardened criminal who refuses to cooperate, but soon Angel is singing like a canary after a good going over from the baby cop..

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  • Title: Daily Funny Stuff | Archive | Motivational
    Descriptive info: All those born in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s we made it.. For all the kids born in the 1930 s, 40 s, 50 s, 60 s and 70 s !!.. First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us.. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn t get tested for diabetes.. Read this warning about getting sucked off.. It seems that we have another example of bad English, aka Engrish, here as a sign promises the wrong thing.. The funny sign reads: keep back from the platform edge or you may get sucked off.. Someone has snapped this poorly worded sign and turned it into a Motivational Poster with a comment about waiting for an hour and not getting any joy.. Back with highschool mathematics today as some genius has decided to point out the obvious with this maths question.. OK, maybe the question is a little ambiguous, but some precocious kid has decided to wind up his teachers with the joke answer he gives.. Maybe he knew the formula to work out the length of x but just couldn t resist the joke.. More motivation, this  ...   dilomacy.. It seems that diplomacy is an oft parodied term, as the range of motivational posters for diplomacy below bear witness to.. We have pop culture references to Star Trek, the original series not the new fangled variety, and 24, the hit TV show with Kiefer Sutherland, as well as the competition between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.. The Lightsaber penknife, aka ultimate guy gadget.. Now here is a boy toy any star wars fan, or male in general, would want for Christmas.. The amusing image below shows the Swiss army knife 3G S, 2.. 0, next generation, uber-cool lightsaber edition.. Fatherhood in the 21st Century Kill the hooker and get your money back!.. This is a great motivational poster, advertising the merits of teaching your children from a young age not to waste money on prostitutes when you can get their services and murder them afterwards in the game Grand Theft Auto (aka GTA).. Blasphemy has never been so funny!.. It is one of those perfect moments of clarity when you look up and see not the Lord Jesus sacrificing himself for the world s sins, but a camp man dancing to YMCA who needs a few guys to help him out..

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  • Title: Daily Funny Stuff | Archive | News Parodies
    Descriptive info: Onion News Update Bratz Dolls bad for kids.. In this parody news report the Onion News Network send a reporter to find out the facts about the disproportionately large headed Bratz Dolls.. The Onion news has already supplied several hilarious parody news reports and this one is another funny video clip.. Newswipe parody of a news report.. Newswipe is a British news parody program broadcast on BBC Four written and presented by Charlie Brooker.. This comedy show takes a swipe at news media and is well worth a look if you like that kind of media parody.. The video below is a funny clip that shows how news networks create news reports, with the editing, opinions and graphics being ridiculed.. The best April Fools from UK newspapers.. In an audacious new election strategy, Labour is set to embrace Gordon Brown s  ...   Here is one of their hilarious news clips, this time a report American office workers outsourcing their own jobs so that they can concentrate on their pastimes.. Obviously rooted in some truth this story has taken the current trend for outsourcing to its logical conclusion leading to a very funny video clip.. This is a news report parody reviewing the new Star Trek movie.. It pokes fun at Trekkies , the fans of the Star Trek TV series and movies, and the previous Star Trek shows and films.. Report into Bro Rape parody.. The comedy team Derrick Comedy created this news investigation parody, delving into the dark side of campus antics where Bro Rape is rife! This funny video shows us what boys are getting up to on campus with their baseball caps, popped collars and gamecubes.. they are seducing each other!..

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