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  • Title: Dagfinn Koch
    Descriptive info: .. Dagfinn Koch.. Facebook.. Vimeo.. Show Navigation.. Hide Navigation.. Biography.. Contact.. Links.. Listen.. Photos.. Scores.. Performances in Cologne/Germany in September 2013.. On the 21st of September the Equinox Cologne Festival is taking place.. There will be performed three compositions of mine.. My colleagues Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen, Peter Tornquist and Filip Sande is also going to have performances.. Two compositions are built on two poems by my fiancee Malin Kjelsrud: Flamen (Breath/Pust) and Nemo.. admin.. 15.. april 2013.. News.. ,.. Performance.. Permalink.. I’ve got an italian publisher!.. I’ve got a publisher! MUSICISTI ASSOCIATI PRODUZIONI M.. A.. P.. in Milan/Italy.. M.. P do also have a bureau in Kyoto/Japan.. The publishing house will publish all.. Two performances in Kristiansund/Norway.. “Das ersehnte Licht” and “Liebeslied” for small orchestra, is going to be performed on Saturday the 13th of April 2013 in my.. I do admit it, I also write pop/rock (alternative) music….. Since I was 14 I’ve made pop music (it has been a kind of secret…).. But mostly concentrating on my classical music, the music hasn’t.. I m turning 50 years in 2014.. I’m turning 50 years in 2014, and there will be a concert at the Norwegian academy of music organized by me and.. I live in a Suitcase…..  ...   in the community of Tysnes, is a small place south of the City of Bergen in Norway.. The exhibition was opened on the.. Carvings for solo violin now released on CD and iTunes with Madelene Berg.. The violinist Madelene Berg made her second performance on the release of the record Nine solos for nine violinists on the 8th.. Read all Articles.. Search.. Tags.. Allan Pettersson.. Bergen.. Bjørn Sagstad.. Bodø Sinfonietta.. BrassWind Festival.. By ved hav.. Camilla Hoigenga.. carvings.. Castigilioni.. Collegium Musicum.. Dietrich Cassube.. Edvard Grieg.. Equinox Festival.. exhibition.. Finn Coren.. Finnischer Tango.. flute.. Frans Helmersson.. Germany.. grand piano.. Hartmut Schulz.. Hermitage Theatre.. Irina Kolesnikova.. Italy.. Jagdschloss Gelbensande.. Japan.. Jenny Q Chai.. Ketil J.. Zahl.. Kristiansund Symfoniorkester.. Kristin Rasmussen.. Köln.. Luciano Berio.. Madelene Berg.. Malin Kjelsrud.. Morton Feldman.. Musicisti associati produzioni.. Oleg Snetkov.. Paul Sacher Foundation.. Publisher.. publishing.. St.. Petersburg.. Stadtbibliothek Schwerin.. Thomas Dolby.. Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen.. Valentina Kozhanova.. Archive.. Velg måned.. april 2013 (3).. mars 2013 (2).. februar 2013 (1).. januar 2013 (2).. juli 2012 (1).. juni 2012 (1).. september 2010 (1).. august 2010 (1).. april 2010 (1).. februar 2010 (2).. november 2009 (1).. oktober 2009 (2).. september 2009 (2).. august 2009 (1).. juli 2009 (1).. mai 2009 (3).. april 2009 (5).. mars 2009 (2).. februar 2009 (3)..

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  • Title: Biography
    Descriptive info: Dagfinn Koch (1964, Kristiansund, Norway) studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music (Norges musikkhøgskole) with Lasse Thoresen, composition; Olav Anton Thommessen, orchestration; Bjørn Kruse, arranging; Arild Erikstad og Tore Simonsen, music technology; Otto Berg, viola, and at the Hochschule (now Universität) der Künste Berlin under prof.. dr.. h.. c Witold Szalonek, composition.. From autumn 2011 on to New Year 2012 he continued to study Master in applied music theory at the Norwegian Academy of Music, but had due to illness (see last paragraph below) to end it.. I ve been freelancing since 1994, and have written music for orchestra, chamber and theatre groups, opera, ballet and fine art installations.. I ve also worked as an arranger for performers such as Finn Coren and Lucifer Was, and has been a member of the Oslo Philharmonic program committee and of the board in the Composers Society and in the evaluation committee of TONO (the Norwegian BIEM/ASCAP).. All my sketches written through a period of 35 years are deposited at the National Library in Oslo from 2013.. I moved back to Oslo in 2005, after living totally thirteen years in Germany.. In addition to my work as a composer, I ve worked in a youth club, as a teacher in music schools in Oslo, Bærum and Bergen, as a music copyist and engraver, and as a sound engineer at the Henie-Onstad Art Center.. I ve has received a lot scholarships, and was granted a two-year scholarship from the Norwegian Ministry for Cultural Affairs in 2006..  ...   been handicapped since his birth due to an infection that destroyed a part of my skeleton.. I ve been in and out of hospitals since then, and undergone a lot of surgery and other orthopedic treatments.. I m Bi-Polar II, and in the Summer of 2012 I got the diagnosis Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.. It is a post-viral chronic illness, where rest and sleep doesn’t help.. But I continue to compose within the tight boundaries of the illnesses.. “The act of composing is an existential necessity!” (Prof.. Klaus Huber).. My publisher/agent is MUSICISTI ASSOCIATI PRODUZIONI M.. in Milan/Italy where the musicologist Edmondo Fillippini is curator for modern contemporary classical music.. http://www.. mapeditions.. com.. Music Cooperations:.. Some of the musicians and conductors whom I have been working with are: Frans Helmersson, Rolf Petrich, Jan Stigmer, Madelene Berg, Hartmut Schulz, Morten Cranner, Kari Elise Slinning, Rolf Gupta, Malin Kjelsrud, Bjørn Sagstad, Lars-Erik ter Jung, Sérgio Carolino, Trygve-Johan Simonsen, Tirill Mohn, Finn Coren, Ari Raisilainen, Brjánn Ingasson, Ole Martin Huser-Olsen, Thore Engen, Peder A.. Rensvik, Michael Antrobus, Camilla Hoitenga, Jenny Q Chai, Elise Båtnes,.. Festivals:.. Oslo Chamber Music Festival, Autunnale (Bergen/Norway), Brass Wind (Bergen/Norway), Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival (Emkendorff/Germany), Sächsisch Böhmische Music Festival (Lepzig/Germany), Nordic Music Days (Reykjavik/Iceland and Turku/Finnland), Equinox (Cologne) four times, Ny Musikk (IGNM-Norway) Mini Festival at Aker Brygge, Oslo, 100 Bars for Cage/Oslo,.. Other concert venues:.. Mikkeli/Finnland, Kristiansund (North)/Norway, Porto/Portugal, Lübeck/Germany, Gelbensande/Germany, Oslo/Norway, Kristiansand (South)/Norway, Bodø/Norway, St.. Petersburg/Russia,.. Other artists:.. Yngve Næsheim, Kristin Rasmussen, Terje Winther, Malin Kjelsrud, Tulla Elieson, Thomas Wiederberg, Nico Wiederberg,..

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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: Gråsteinveien 14.. NO-1157 OSLO.. NORWAY.. Phone: +47 902 64 232.. Email: dk@dagfinnkoch.. net..

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  • Title: Links
    Descriptive info: Komponistforeningen.. (Norwegian society of composers).. Hammerstone Productions.. (Andreas Röhrig).. Mic.. no.. (Music information centre Norway).. (composer).. Ballade.. (the internet newspaper for MIC).. Thomas Helbing.. (artist).. Ircam.. (Institute for music/acoustic research and coordination).. Axel Cassel.. Wolfram Eicke.. (Author).. Ari Raisilainen.. (conductor).. Pretty Mellow.. Ny musikk.. (society for contemporary music).. Magnus Andersson.. (musicologist).. Tirill Mohn.. Jan Stigmer..

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  • Title: Listen
    Descriptive info: Dagfinn Koch.. “Aura”.. , Kristiansand Chamber Orchestra.. Dagfinn Koch “.. Liebeslied.. ”.. Kari Elise Slinning, The Norwegian Radio Orchestra.. Beyond Bayät.. The Royal Norwegian Navy Band.. Carvings.. “Hommage an Edvard Hagerup Grieg – und Nicolo Castiglioni ist auch dabei”.. Camilla Hoitenga.. and.. “Partita”.. Elise Båtnes, Bergen kammerensemble.. 1.. Allemande.. 2..  ...   Musicians from The Manuell de Falla Orchestra Cadiz.. Pesni i tanzi (S1 Semplice).. Pesni i tanzi (T3 Listen!).. Pesni i tanzi (T2 Ballo con Satie e Feldman).. Pesni i tanzi (K3 Amabile ma risoluto).. “Le tombeau de Schnittke”.. Frans Helmersson, Oleg Snetkov and Bodø Sinfonietta.. For further listening.. www.. prettymellow..

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  • Title: Photos
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  • Title: Scores
    Descriptive info: Here are watermarked excerpts of my valid scores.. My publisher is.. MUSICISTI ASSOCIATI PRODUZIONI M.. Milan/Italy.. Contact: Artistic Director the Musicologist Mr.. Edmondo Filippini edmondofilippini.. map@gmail.. And off cause if you have questions or just want to get in contact, I ll be delighted to hear from you! dk@dagfinnkoch.. All the original scores and sketches (also those which are not valid) will be deposited at the Norwegian National Library in the Summer of 2013.. It’s over 4000 sheets.. Acedia (I).. for English Horn* 2013.. Acedia (II).. for Eb-Horn (Alto Horn)* 2013.. Aura.. for 16 Solo Strings or String orchestra 1995.. Beyond Bayat.. for Military Band (publ.. Noteservice) 1999/2000.. for Solo Violin 2009.. Das ersehnte Licht.. for Orchestra 2002.. Elegie.. for Violin and Grand Piano 2002.. Finnisher Tango.. for Soprano and Grand Piano Text.. Hans Magnus Enzensberger.. 2008..  ...   Partita: Courante.. for Leading Violin, Strings and Harpsichord 1998/1999.. Pesni i Tanzi for Flut/Alto Flute, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Frensh Horn and Grand Piano 1999.. S1.. ,.. D3.. and.. K3.. Rückblick.. for String Quartett 1997.. from Partita version for Violin and Grand Piano 2013.. Transitus.. for Organ Solo 1997.. Translucence.. for Brass Band 2005/2006.. Turmmusik.. for Brass Quintett 2009.. Urban Rhapsody.. for Clarinet Solo 1997.. Urban Rhapsody II.. version for Tuba Solo 2009 (1997).. Versuch über Schatten, Farben und Licht for Brass Band 2001/2006.. Schatten.. Farben.. Licht.. Zurückbleiben.. for Alto-Saxophone Solo 2013.. * I ve planned five compositions in the Acedia series:.. English Horn 2013.. Acedia (II).. Eb-Horn (Alto Horn) 2013.. Abschied (Acedia III) Solo Organ.. Translusent Landscapes (Acedia IV) Eb-Horn (Alto Horn) and Brass Band.. komm selge Ruh (Acedia V) for English Horn, two Violins, Viola and two Violoncelli..

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  • Title: Performances in Cologne/Germany in September 2013.
    Descriptive info: On the 21st of September the.. Equinox Cologne Festival.. is taking place.. My colleagues.. , Peter Tornquist and.. Filip Sande.. is also going to have performances.. Two compositions are built on two poems by my fiancee.. : Flamen (Breath/Pust) and Nemo (Nobody/Ingen).. My dear friend  ...   festivals.. He has also written a piece over a poem by Malin for baritone and string quartet which is going to be performed later in the autumn: Malins Sang (Malins Song).. (Hartmut Schulz).. Peter Tornquist.. Did you like this article? Share it with your friends!.. Tweet..

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  • Title: admin | Dagfinn Koch
    Descriptive info: Currently browsing author.. admin.. Earlier Posts..

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  • Title: News | Dagfinn Koch
    Descriptive info: Currently browsing category.. News.. Studies at the Paul Sacher Foundation – an update.. I’ve now on the 14.. October 2009 been here in Basel for almost two weeks, and have had acces to one of.. Two weeks studies in the Paul Sacher Foundation in Basel.. I´ve got a scholarship from “A.. C.. Houens og C.. Mohrs legacy for artists” to study at the Paul Sacher Foundation in Basel/Switzerland from the 4th.. 2007 2009 in short.. 8.. February 2009: I have been invited to Bergen for the performing of Aura on the 8th of February.. 19.. December 2008: Collegium..

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  • Title: Performance | Dagfinn Koch
    Descriptive info: Performance.. First performance of Carvings on the 29th of September 2010.. Madelene Berg is performing Carvings - To rediscover the song the soul once sung.. (Allan Pettersson) at the Barratt-Due Music Institute in Oslo.. The subtitle.. Performance of Aura in Finland.. Aura for string orchestra was given a performance on the 9th of September 2010 in Mikkeli in Finland.. Ari Raisilainen conducting the Mikkeli City Orchestra.. “Homage an Edvard Hagerup Grieg” is premiered in Cologne.. The piece is written after an initiative from Camilla Hoitenga (flute), Jenny Q Chai (grand piano) and Hartmut Schulz (the festival leader of the Equinox Festival).. The subtitle is “und.. Fanfare for Redningsselskapet is given a performance in the  ...   is going to be given its first performance during the Equinox Festival in.. By ved hav (City by the ocean) – Recording.. Here is the recording of By ved hav, which was given its first performance by the Kristiansund Symphony Orchestra conducted by Bjørn Sagstad on.. Turmmusik, first performance 26.. of September 2009.. Turmmusik for Brass Quintett is given its first performance during the Brass Wind Festival in Bergen/Norway.. The Consert is given by Fine Arts Brass Great Britain.. Aura for string orchestra is given two performances in Germany in September 2009.. Aura for string orchestra is going to be performed in Bonn/Germany on the September the 13th and in Cologne/Germany on the 20th..

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