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  • Title: Dubai Bank
    Descriptive info: .. Dubai Bank.. You search for a Dubai Bank and offshore banking? I got some TIPs for you!.. What is this page Dubai Bank about?.. I created this page to show you some information about the Dubai banking system.. about the bank secrecy, the country and at least a list with banks from Dubai.. Offshore services.. Dubai do not have numbered bank accounts like Switzerland have in the past.. But you can use the next best thing in Dubai:.. You can use a bearer share corporation from any other offshore country, which can own a Dubai Bank account.. These corporations have no ownership records! The person who held the share certificates owns the company, and thus the bank account.. The government does not even know who is the owner of the bearer shares and the corporation.. An offshore service provider can help you to get a bank account in Dubai  ...   Dubai.. The banks are among the most stable banks in the world.. Also the country have one of the safest bank secrecy laws of the world.. The returns are tax free.. And there exist other laws that are more "customer friendly" then in other onshore countries.. Normaly every bank did have a private banking department where you get a bilingual (at least english) speaking private banking official who is assigned to your account.. As a client you are provided with the persons contact infos to contact your offical directly and for executing banking transactions.. If you want to know more about the bank secrecy laws, click on "Dubai Banks" in the navigation bar above.. Also there you get a list with banks from Dubai.. Again, welcome to my website.. and enjoy your visit.. :-).. Startpage.. |.. Dubai offshore infos.. Dubai Banks.. Contact.. Bookmark to your Browser.. Last Update: February 2012..  ..

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  • Title: Dubai Bank | Offshore infos
    Descriptive info: Dubai offshore.. Some infos about Dubai and their offshore services.. Dubai is an emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).. The population richest emirate of the UAE is located on the Arabian peninsula at the Persian golf.. Muhammad bin Raschid Al Maktum is the vice-president and prime ministers of the UAE.. The dominating centre of the emirate is the city of Dubai.. The capital of the emirate Dubai is the city of Dubai which sometimes is described as a Dubai city.. Around 85% of the inhabitants of the emirate are living in Dubai.. Almost the complete economic, social, cultural and political life of the emirate happens here.. Dubai is primarily noted for its many spectacular construction projects like skyscrapers, shopping centres and islands.. Dubai has a hot climate.. The summers in Dubai are extremely hot, with many dry wind.. When the sun is shining, the average maximum temperature is around 40°C.. At night, the minimum temperatures is also still at around 30°C on most days in the year.. The winters are cool with an average maximum temperature around 23°C.. Dubai´s  ...   corporate taxes (except the financial institutions and the oil industry).. Investors get a tax exemption guaranteed for 50 years in some free trade areas.. Dubai offshore company.. Dubai as the most popular emirate and in comparison with many other tax havens it has not only some kind of "post-boxes" and Dubai bank branch offices.. Dubai is the strongest growing force in the middle of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).. At the same time the United Arab Emirates have an undisputed turntable function in the middle east.. With the worldwide high reputation it is an ideal offshore location in comparison with BVI or Panama for example.. The United Arab Emirates have established so-called Free zones (free trade areas) for offshore companies and offshore banks.. Like other IBCs from other offshore countries, it is not allowed to have business relations with individuals or societies in the UAE itself.. But they can have a Dubai bank account for sure.. The offshore company must have at least one director and one secretary (company Secretary) The place of residence in the emirates is not required..

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  • Title: Dubai Banks
    Descriptive info: Infos about the Dubai Bank secrecy laws and a list with Dubai banks.. Since 1980, the UAE got a UAE central bank and since 2010 there are more then 800 domestic banks and more then 160 foreign banks in the country.. Also there are a few Islamic banks in Dubai.. The federal law restrict foreign banks to have more then 8 branches in the country.. In 2010 bank deposits were recorded with more then AED1000 billion by the central bank.. Most banks provide trade, project and consumer financing.. Also short-term loans (3-6 months) are offered at current interest rates by the commercial banks.. Project loans were given for five years.. The financing for consumers is also growing rapidly.. Some Dubai banks are specialised in offshore business.. The local banking system has well established correspondent relationships with international banks.. The bank secrecy in Dubai is very strong.. and still a very important pillar of the banking business.. Secrecy of consumers information will be continue to be upheld by the banks.. In general all bank employees and traders who are in a position to collect and store data from customers are bound by the confidentiality duty, the breach of which, is an offence under Article 379 of UAE Penal Code.. Further Article 106 of the Union Law also provides for the obligation to keep confidential all banking data submitted to the Dubai Central Bank.. But, as normal, the banking secrecy laws will not protect any transactions or activities fall under the scopes of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism laws which are governed by the Federal Law No.. 4 on Criminalisation of Money Laundering and Federal Law No.. 1 on Terrorist Crimes respectively.. For more information, you should visit a website from an offshore service provider to get a Dubai company and/or a Dubai bank account.. Some service  ...   971 0422 95454.. Fax: 971 0422 95454.. Bank of Baroda.. 2nd Floor, Sh.. Rashid Building.. Box 3162.. : 971 0435 31955.. Fax: 971 0435 36962.. Bank of Sharjah.. Box 1394.. Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.. : 971 6568 4231.. Fax: 971 6568 1025.. Blom Bank France S.. A.. Maktoum Street.. Sheikh Ahmad Ben Rached.. Al Maktoum Building.. Box 4370.. : 971 4228 4655.. Fax: 971 4223 6260.. BLC Bank.. Al Maktoum Street.. Box 4207.. : 971 4222 2291.. Fax: 971 4227 9861.. BNP Paribas Bank.. Beniyas Road.. Twin Towers.. Office Building, 19th Floor.. Box 7233.. : 971 4210 6767.. Fax: 971 4222 5849.. ARAB BANK PLC.. Al Ittihad Street.. Box 11364.. : 971 0429 50845.. Fax: 971 0429 55974.. Citibank NA.. Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street.. Box 749.. Bur Dubai, United Arab Emirates.. : 971 4507 4104.. Fax: 971 4352 8654.. Commercial Bank International.. Al Reqqa Street.. : 971 0422 75265.. Fax: 971 0422 79038.. Commercial Bank of Dubai.. Mankhool Street.. Box 2668.. : 971 4352 3355.. Fax: 971 4352 7655.. Dubai Islamic Bank.. Islamic Bank Building.. Box 1080.. Port Saeed, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.. : 971 0429 53000.. Fax: 971 0429 54111.. Dubai Bank PJSC.. Box 65555.. : 971 332 8989.. Fax: 971 331 8878.. Invest Bank.. Box 1885.. : 971 6569 4440.. Fax: 971 6569 4442.. Janata Bank.. Box 3342.. : 971 0422 81442.. Fax: 971 0422 46023.. HSBC Bank Middle East.. Old Airport Road.. Omeir Bin Yousuf Building, Opposite Etisalat Building.. Box 242.. : 971 4228 8007.. Fax: 971 2633 1564.. El Nilein Bank.. Al Lulu Street.. Box 46013.. : 971 2626 9995.. Fax: 971 2676 1916.. Emirates Bank International.. Box 2923.. : 971 4316 0316.. Fax: 971 4226 4302.. Emirates Islamic Bank.. Al Gurg Tower 1, 2nd 3rd Floors.. Riggat Al Buteen.. Box 6564.. : 971 0420 92621.. Fax: 971 0422 27321..

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  • Title: Dubai Bank | Contact
    Descriptive info: Please use another browser, to load this page..

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