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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome on the new DirectUpdate website!.. DirectUpdate: The.. dynamic dns updater.. DirectUpdate killer features:.. Native service, run transparently in background ("install and forget"!).. Remote administration and built-in web administration (from any browser).. Secure updates (SSL or MD5).. Supports many IP addresses simultaneously (Cable, xDSL, VPN,.. ).. Supports many different ddns providers simultaneously (.. see list here.. ).. EMail notifications, FTP upload, fully customizable..  ...   Windows Vista" logo, and "Certified for Windows 8").. And much more,.. get it now.. !.. Navigation.. Home.. News.. Features.. Download.. Register.. F.. A.. Q.. Awards.. Support.. Forum.. DDNS Services.. Social.. Follow @directupdate.. Latest News.. Languages.. Windows 8 certification!.. Thank you for registering!.. The new web site is live.. Links.. Advertisements.. Search DirectUpdate website.. Go.. Copyright 2000 - 2013 DirectUpdate / William Levra-Juillet.. All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: F.A.Q.
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. What is Dynamic Dns (or DDNS)?.. Dynamic DNS is a way to keep in sync a domain name (like.. www.. yourdomain.. com.. ) with a (changing) IP address.. More details here.. What is DirectUpdate (DU)?.. DirectUpdate is an application that runs transparently in background (as a service, even when no user is logged), and check the IP address assigned to the machine.. Everytime a new IP address is detected, DirectUpdate engine updates your domain name, so it's always up to date.. DirectUpdate is called a dynamic dns client updater, or "client updater".. What can it do for me?.. DirectUpdate helps you access your laptop/machine/server remotely, even when it's not connected to the internet with a static IP address.. Why choose DirectUpdate?.. I initially designed and worked on DirectUpdate, because I needed a client updater able to run automatically and transparently in background, even when no user is logged.. After 12 years, DirectUpdate is still one of the most widely used client updater.. I continue to actively maintain and improve it.. Compared to other clients/competitors, DirectUpdate has many advantages:.. If you use the "official" client provided by some ddns providers, you can only update domain from that provider.. By using DirectUpdate, you can update simultanesouly domain names from.. different ddns providers.. Using your router embeded client is not recommended by ddns providers, because ".. software clients tend to be more reliable than many of the update clients used in routers.. " (dyn.. com)..  ...   update, most of the time, your ddns proivder expects the fully qualified domain name (or "FQDN"), like.. mydomain.. Unless you know what you are doing, you can leave all the other fields blank.. Then, validate each "DNS account" by unchecking the "Disable/ignore this acccount" box at the top of the page.. Why should I register and pay to use DirectUpdate?.. First, remember that you can test/evaluate DirectUpdate freely during 60 days.. But DirectUpdate is NOT a freeware, so once you're happy with evaluation, you need to.. register.. to get a license and continue using it.. Having to register (and pay for a license) is the main reason why DirectUpdate is still updated and maintained after 12 years!.. What are the differences between the "standard" and the "professional" version?.. It's the same code.. So, there is only one version to download.. The difference is made according to the serial number used.. You need a "Professional" license if:.. You use DirectUpdate for business or in a professional environment.. You need a "professional only" feature:.. NTLM/Kerberos http authentication.. NTLM/Kerberos proxy authentication.. Syslog daemon usage.. I registered, but my serial number is invalid?.. This is surely because you use DirectUpdate on a 64bits Operating System.. For technical reasons, serial numbers starting by "A0DUSN" or "STDDUSN" are not recognized by the 64 bits version of Directupdate.. In that case, simply drop me an.. email.. (with your name and serial), and I will generate a new serial for you.. end faq.. Tweet..

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  • Title: DDNS Services
    Descriptive info: Dynamic DNS Services.. List of Dynamic DNS services/providers supported by DirectUpdate:.. OpenDNS.. be.. dnsQ.. org.. DDNS.. nu.. GNUDIP Generic.. miniDNS.. BIND / DNS UPDATE (RFC2535).. Windows 2000/2003 DNS server.. 2MyDNS.. 3322.. org (China).. 3domain.. address.. net.. BKBNET.. cdmon.. ChangeIP.. cjb.. Constant Time Dynamic DNS.. CrystalDNS.. dhs.. DipDNS Network.. DJsWeb.. DNBuy.. DNIP.. NET.. everynet.. de.. dns4biz.. dnsArt.. DNSD.. DNSDynamic.. DNSEver.. DNSexit.. DNS Made Easy.. DNSMax.. DNS-O-Matic.. DNS Park.. DNSUpdate.. DNS Wizard.. DollarDNS.. DomainMonger.. DotYou.. Com.. DreamHost.. DSLReports.. DtDNS.. DYN.. CA.. dyn.. ee.. Dymani.. co.. za.. Dynddns.. us.. DynDNS.. dk.. dynDNS.. it.. com (Custom).. com (Dynamic).. com (Static).. DynDNSServices.. DynDSL.. DyNS..  ...   eNom, Inc.. EuroDynDNS.. EveryDNS.. FirstLink Networks.. FreeDNS.. afraid.. FrostByte.. GetmyIP.. Global RAID.. Gradwell.. GratisDNS.. Hébergement-Dynamique.. HK DDNS Service.. InexpensiveDomains.. ipatual.. br.. ippages.. ipUpdater.. Joker.. Kontent.. LoopiaDNS.. m2f.. at dyndns service.. Microtech Limited.. MintDNS.. MyDDNS - AlwaysON DDNS Sevice.. MyDyn.. MyDynIP.. MyIP.. NameCheap.. NerdCamp.. Nettica.. No-IP.. NOLS.. ns1.. ODS.. orgDns.. OVH.. PimpDomain.. ProNICSolutions.. ProutDNS.. Pymcom.. RegFish.. RegisterFly.. Rollernet.. SelfHost.. ServerThuis.. Simple DNS Plus.. Sitelutions (Free Dynamic DNS).. Strato.. Talessa.. Tekdns.. Tekea DNS.. ThatIP.. Tiger Direct Domains.. TopDNS.. Tunnel Router Project.. TZO.. ULimit.. WaffullTechSystems.. Widge.. Net.. WorldNet.. nl.. World Wide DNS.. XpertDNS.. Yi.. YYweb.. Zerigo.. Zone.. ZoneEdit.. ZoneEdit legacy.. ZoneEdit partner..

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  • Title: Download
    Descriptive info: Version: 4.. 6.. (6.. 38MB) - All Windows versions, 32 and 64bits.. Click here to access previous unsupported/legacy versions..

    Original link path: /index.php/download-du
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  • Title: News
    Descriptive info: Display #.. 5.. 10.. 15.. 20.. 25.. 30.. 50.. 100.. All.. Title.. Published Date.. Hits.. 04 November 2012.. 979.. 10 September 2012.. 1133.. Version 4.. 6 available.. 02 March 2011.. 499.. 5 available.. 18 September 2010.. 390..

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  • Title: Features
    Descriptive info: Native NT service (NT4.. 0/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8).. Remote administration anywhere from the LAN and the Internet.. Local remote IP detection with user selection (lan dsl/cable router supported).. Many dns services/providers supported simultaneously.. WebAdmin (full administration using your browser!).. Small compact executable (the engine is less than 300 KB!).. Update can be forced every xx days to prevent accounts from being banned.. Add  ...   authentication.. Fully customizable notifications (Email and FTP).. Engine can launch an external app and restart a service when a new IP is detected.. Monitored log file size, and support of syslog deamon.. KeepAlive option, to maintain your internet connection up if required.. Support IP detection via hidden (auto) proxy of ISP.. Support local IP detection with router direct query!.. And growing..

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  • Title: Register
    Descriptive info: DirectUpdate is a shareware.. It means you can use/test/evaluate it.. freely.. during the trial period (60 days).. But if you like it and decide to use it, register!.. (after trial period expiration, main features are disabled).. By registering this product you will help me maintain and support it.. Register via credit card using Paypal (.. no Paypal account required.. ), or directly from your Paypal account.. (To benefit from.. volume discount.. , register using.. eSellerate.. You are using DirectUpdate for business?.. You want to install/run DirectUpdate engine on a server  ...   You do not run DirectUpdate engine on a server?.. Buy the "standard" license:.. Professional license: $49.. Standard license: $25.. You live in the Euro area ? You can also pay directly in Euros and avoid foreign currency fees:.. Professional license: 49€.. Standard license: 25€.. Some features are available only when using a "professional" license,.. more info here.. "Professional" license owners are given priority and unlimited support.. Register directly via eSellerate (using a credit card) and have access to.. and even order a shipped.. CD.. Visit the eSellerate store to register now!..

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  • Title: F.A.Q.
    Original link path: /index.php/faq
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  • Title: Awards
    Descriptive info: Since 2000, DirectUpdate has regularly been awarded by major software sites..

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  • Title: DirectUpdate support
    Descriptive info: DirectUpdate is a shareware product, developed and supported by myself.. Make sure you read the.. before requesting support!.. 2 ways to get support:.. DirectUpdate forum.. Email: directupdate (at) gmail (dot) com.. Support is given to registered users first.. So, think about.. registering.. :).. You miss a feature? simply contact me or.. post in the forum..

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  • Title: lang
    Descriptive info: Languages are now part of the.. installer..

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  • Archived pages: 44