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    Archived pages: 733 . Archive date: 2013-01.

  • Title: Daily Kos: Political analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation
    Descriptive info: .. Disclosure.. : I do some technical work for Howard Dean.. Help the Democratic Party.. raise the money.. it needs to defeat Bush, while also showing the DNC the power of the netroots.. Please chip in a little to help keep dKos going strong.. (but only after the DNC!).. Amazon.. PayPal.. Click here.. for a cool electoral map.. Latest.. ePatriot Numbers.. 9.. 18.. 03 :: 08:16 p.. m.. PST.. Donors.. Total.. Single Donations:.. 239.. $14,478.. Monthly Recurring Donations:.. 155.. $4,446.. Total Current Donations:.. 394.. $18,924.. Total Pledged Donations:.. (projecting recurring donations for 12 months).. $67,830.. Get state political news straight from the trenches at the.. Political State Report.. How many have to die thanks to Bush's lies? Get the  ...   Soto.. Bloggers.. ABC News' The Note.. Eric Alterman.. ArchPundit.. Atrios' Eschaton.. Body and Soul.. Cal Pundit.. Joe Conason.. Daily Howler.. Brad DeLong.. Dem Watch.. Digby.. The Hamster.. Kicking Ass.. Lean Left.. Liberal Oasis.. MaxSpeak.. Media Whores Online.. MyDD.. Nathan Newman.. Not Geniuses.. Off the Kuff.. Pacific Views.. Political Wire.. Rittenhouse Review.. Skippy.. Talk Left.. Talking Points.. Tapped.. Tbogg.. Tom Tomorrow.. Untelevised.. Warblogs.. cc.. Oliver Willis.. Matthew Yglesias.. &c.. (TNR's blog).. Lefty Sites.. Bear Left.. Buzzflash.. Democratic Underground.. Our Campaigns.. Smirking Chimp.. Who Served?.. Opinion Journals.. American Prospect.. Progressive Populist.. The Nation.. National Review.. New Republic.. On the Right.. Tacitus.. 2003.. Steal what you want.. (For non-commercial use, that is.. ).. Syndicate this site (XML).. Powered by.. Movable Type 2.. 21..

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  • Title: Daily Kos: Full Disclosure
    Descriptive info: Previous Entry.. |.. Next Entry.. Monday | June 09, 2003.. Full Disclosure.. I've been on the road a lot the past few months.. Some of it was for my day job as a web developer.. But the bulk of it was for my new political consulting firm (alongside my partner).. I spent this weekend in Burlington, VT, where we officially accepted work on behalf of presidential candidate Howard Dean.. Dean joins a Senate candidate in our still small but hopefully growing roster of clients.. Of course, this means many of you will accuse of me of certain biases (with good reason).. That's fine.. I never claimed to be free of bias.. But I've always been able to see past such biases to do what I love to do -- analyze the political landscape.. For example, I'm biased against Gephardt, yet have had no problem slapping him in first for the Cattle Call.. My approach to writing will remain unchanged.. I won't turn this into a rah-rah for Dean site.. That's just not my style.. Ultimately, I trust you all to take what I write with the proper grain of salt, fully appraised of whatever conflicts of interest I may have.. But for the record, I will not discuss my role within the  ...   I'm just one of many "obscure bloggers".. I'm cool with that.. It's an accurate observation.. More importantly, I respect the entire Democratic Party field of candidates, and I think all of them would be an improvement over King George.. Even Lieberman.. I'll work my ass off to help our eventual nominee get elected President of the United States.. But there's only one campaign that plays the game in my world -- the virtual world -- and was a natural fit for the kinds of services I could help provide.. The Dean campaign wants to prove that the Internet can and will change the way campaigns are organized and run.. I want to help prove them right.. Clarification.. : Before your speculations get too out of hand, let me just make clear that we are not in charge of anything over at Dean for America.. We are merely technical advisors.. It's really not that big of a deal.. On some of the other races we are/will be working, our role will be much bigger.. But Dean already has a capable web and technology team.. We are just being plugged in to that already successful group of people.. Posted June 09, 2003 04:15 AM |.. Comments.. (144).. Home.. 2002.. Steal all you want.. )..

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  • Title: Daily Kos: Political analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation
    Descriptive info: ABOUT DAILY KOS.. Biography.. Awards and Warm Fuzzies.. My Music.. Links Policy.. BIOGRAPHY.. My name is Markos Moulitsas Zúniga.. I was born on September 11, 1971.. While born in Chicago, I was raised in El Salvador and lived there until civil war forced our family back to the states in 1980.. My family settled in the Chicago suburbs, where I spent the next long, torturous nine years, plotting my escape.. Immediately after high school, at the age of 17, I enrolled in the US Army, and served in Lawton, Oklahoma and Bamberg, Germany.. I was a 13P -- an MLRS/Lance Fire Direction Specialist (artillery), and served between 1989-92.. While my MLRS unit (A/76 FA, 3rd ID) was designated for deployment, the war ended too quickly and I was spared the desert heat and Gulf War Syndrome.. I subsequently received two bachelor degrees from Northern Illinois University (with majors in Philosophy, Political Science and Journalism) and my J.. D.. from Boston University School of Law (emphasis in trial litigation).. I moved to San Francisco to work in the tech industry, where I remain today.. I started.. Daily Kos.. on May 26, 2002 (named after my Army nickname), and continue to maintain the site from Berkeley, California.. In its first year, Daily Kos attracted over 1.. 6 million unique visits and about 3 million pageviews.. It currently receives.. about 400,000.. 600,000.. 850,000.. over one million unique visits per month.. I have also launched the.. , a collaborative weblog (with over 100 contributors) tracking politics from all 50 states, and maintain.. -- another weblog tracking the daily foibles of impending fatherhood (we're having a baby!).. My heroes are.. Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero.. ,.. Cesar Chavez.. , and most of all, my late father.. MEDIA MENTIONS AND WARM FUZZIES.. Forbes.. 3.. 20.. 2003.. Daily Kos:.. Best Warblog.. The TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem.. Daily Kos is consistently.. one of the top 2 or 3.. political.. weblogs.. Blogstreet.. Most Important 100 Blogs.. Consistently.. ranks in the top 50.. of.. all.. Technorati.. Top 100 Weblogs.. Other Media Mentions.. in.. Time.. Newsday.. LA Times.. , The.. Oregonian.. Washington Post.. Spokane Review.. New York Observer.. Salon.. , and others, as well as publications from such places as Brazil, Vietnam, Germany and France.. MY MUSIC.. I made studio recordings of my piano compositions in 1996 and 1999.. All music is written and performed by me.. (Files are in MP3 format).. 1999 recordings.. 1996 recordings.. 1999 Recordings.. la morena que yo quiero.. Unlike the 1996 recordings, which were a negative experience for me, I had the good fortune of working with Tim  ...   be so surprised -- it was recorded in a top-notch studio on a beautiful 10-foot Bösendorfer grand.. And, hey, my music would sound good played on a kazoo!.. hold my hand.. love song for a tuesday afternoon.. exaltations.. abillah.. freundschaft.. green pastels.. 23 de septiembre.. romance.. molina.. am rhein.. for my father.. THE DAILY KOS LINK POLICY.. Link policy.. As you can no doubt tell, I am extremely stingy on links.. As a marketing tactic, that's not very smart -- link exchanges are a great way to promote one's site.. It's also not the best way to be a good blogosphere citizen -- I should be helping promote new up-and-coming blogs and playing nice with the established ones as well.. However, everything I do on this site I do for the benefit of my readers.. I've always thought that a short blogroll was of more use to visitors than an endless list of random names, and for better or worse, that's the rule by which I now live.. While I have set the number of links on my blogroll in stone, its contents are constantly evolving.. I generally include sites I visit at least several times a week, a list that changes over time.. So I often add and delete sites accordingly.. So how does a site get listed? Be noticed.. Make a stir.. Don't regurgitate the contents of a news story, but provide perspective or additional insight.. Be clever, funny, original.. Get away from the default templates.. Get away from Blogspot.. Create your own identity.. Your own domain.. Have attitude.. Be self-confident.. Participate in the comment boards at dKos or MyDD or Atrios or any number of other sites (a great way to demonstrate your writing acumen).. Participate in group weblogs like Stand Down or the Political State Report.. Don't be obnoxious or feel entitled to a link.. Given my site's readership, have a heavy focus on elections and the political process.. And while I appreciate any traffic you send my way, I don't care whether you link to me or not.. Or how much traffic you send.. Like I said already, I don't use my blogroll as a marketing tool.. And finally, realize that my refusal to add your site to my list isn't a rejection in any way.. We desperately need to catch the Right in the Blogger Wars, and I am proud of each and every person who has the guts and initiative to start his or her own weblog.. The progressive movement of the future will be built, in large part, on this digital foundation..

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  • Title: Daily Kos: Bush Administration Archives
    Descriptive info: Bush Administration Archives.. October 12, 2003 -.. Valerie Plame Affair Not Forgotten.. October 10, 2003 -.. Getting tough on the embargo.. Again.. No words necessary.. Why do Bush's best friends hate America?.. October 7, 2003 -.. Despite Public Differences, Novak Found Common Cause with Neocons.. Bush: Plame leak a criminal act.. October 6, 2003 -.. Plame Affair primer.. October 5, 2003 -.. Bush Leads a Medieval Presidency.. Latest in Bush's War on Labor.. October 4, 2003 -.. Did Novak Expose More CIA Undercover Officers?.. October 3, 2003 -.. Bush thinks press repression is funny.. Confidence in Bush's handling in Iraq still falling.. Plame Affair Merely a Symptom.. October 1, 2003 -.. ABC News Poll: Plame Affair a serious matter.. If this administration falls, then what?.. What should we call this scandal?.. Plame's former classmate vents.. September 30, 2003 -.. Is tipping off White House counsel a crime?.. Guardian: Rove did it.. Did DOJ give WH heads-up to destroy docs?.. Novak: arrogance at WH diminishing.. Shutting down wingnut defenses.. September 29, 2003 -.. Novak to the defense.. Memory Fault at Location 001600.. Cheney behind Iraq/Al Qaeda lies.. Our very own spy novel.. Plame Affair Finally Gets Legs.. September 28, 2003 -.. What, Rice Worry?.. Who leaked?.. September 27, 2003 -.. Powell runs out on NY Times op/ed board.. CIA wants White House investigation.. September 26, 2003 -.. Bush economic policies at work.. September 24, 2003 -.. Bush interviews earns crap ratings.. September 23, 2003 -.. ACLU sues Secret Service.. September 22, 2003 -.. Trying to hide bad news, povery and income report released Friday.. What "rousing" speech?.. September 20, 2003 -.. It Seemed Like a Good Idea.. September 19, 2003 -.. Billions for Iraq - Part I.. September 14, 2003 -.. Tucker Carlson, bowtie conservative, on Karen Hughes.. September 10, 2003 -.. EPA: Ground Zero air ok.. Reality: "like a chemical factory".. In the Loot.. er,.. Loop.. September 9, 2003 -.. One libertarian's rant against Bush.. September 8, 2003 -.. Put a Price Tag on that Price Tag!.. September 6, 2003 -.. What will Bush say Sunday?.. September 4, 2003 -.. The shocker for the day.. Time to explore the Bush/Saudi connection.. August 30, 2003 -.. Was he chewing on a pretzel?.. August 26, 2003 -.. Bush to run for prez with $500 billion deficit.. August 20, 2003 -.. What "compassion" means to Bush.. August 19, 2003 -.. Blackout perps big supporters of GOP.. Already a record deficit, and year not over.. Ashcroft's nationwide tour.. August 15, 2003 -.. Bush and his friends strike again.. The Bush Job Plan.. August 14, 2003 -.. Bush cries.. August 8, 2003 -.. Bush action figure funny, but who's buying?.. August 5, 2003 -.. Bush is the "Mother of All Big Spenders".. August 4, 2003 -.. Will Powell step down?.. August 3, 2003 -.. Bush goes on vacation.. August 2, 2003 -.. Gay hysteria.. August 1, 2003 -.. Poindexter shown the Pentagon door.. July 30, 2003 -.. Buying more trouble.. July 28, 2003 -.. Condi Rice: liar or incompetant?.. July 26, 2003 -.. Dean on the offense.. Can't they do anything right?.. July 25, 2003 -.. Bush disrespects flag.. Dick Cheney and his lies.. July 24, 2003 -.. Bush cabal trying to smear Durbin.. 9-11 report shows no Iraq-Al Qaeda link.. July 22, 2003 -.. Hadley borrows Tenet's sword.. Dubya losing the eBay primary.. The disappearing President.. July 21, 2003 -.. The pendulum has reached its apex.. July 18, 2003 -.. Latest Zogby poll not good for Bush.. White House doesn't want to hear it.. July 17, 2003 -.. Bush won't take responsibility for own words.. What to do about George?.. The politics of war.. July 16, 2003 -.. A losing attempt to defend $500 billion deficits.. Yellowcake is but the tip of the iceberg.. July 15, 2003 -.. The Bush disaster in color.. Korea-US drifting towards war.. Black Thursday.. Bush administration admits to record deficits.. July 14, 2003 -.. 16 words.. DNC Ad: 'Bush lied".. July 13, 2003 -.. A day of lies.. July 12, 2003 -.. Bush's numbers going down.. Tenet Takes One for the Team.. July 11, 2003 -.. The heat is on Tenet.. "Have you no sense of decency, sir?".. July 10, 2003 -.. 9-11 report, soon to be released, will be 'explosive'.. July 8, 2003 -.. Appeals court refuses to stop Cheney suit.. Bush admin: 'okay, Niger claims.. were.. false'.. June 25, 2003 -.. Analyst pressured to distort WMD data.. June 22, 2003 -.. Bush's Gay Problem.. June 19, 2003 -.. Where can Libertarians go?.. June 17, 2003 -.. More than half dissatisfied with the country's direction.. June 16, 2003 -.. President cuts, governors raise taxes.. June 15, 2003 -.. The New Radicals.. June 13, 2003 -..  ...   pick has DUI, is dead-beat father.. January 19, 2003 -.. Powell backs UM affirmative action plan.. Donors at Camp David.. Bush honors Jefferson Davis.. Bush's inspirational agenda.. Latest numbers: Bush not looking so hot.. January 17, 2003 -.. GOP mocks the "party of Lincoln".. January 16, 2003 -.. Why is Colin Powell a Republican?.. Kaus has an epiphany: Bush lies.. So much for pretending otherwise.. John Dean Nails Down Cheney s True Goal.. January 15, 2003 -.. Bush Hands Gephardt a Big Issue.. January 14, 2003 -.. Maureen Dowd Gets Serious About Bush.. January 11, 2003 -.. Time for the Big Dog to Come Out?.. Hubris, Thy Name is Bush.. Delusions of Grandeur.. January 10, 2003 -.. Eatin' Words.. Predict the Victim of the Bush Friday News Dump.. January 9, 2003 -.. We re Looking At Deficits Forever.. 56 percent will.. not.. vote for Bush.. Ari the Hypocrite on Pickering.. January 8, 2003 -.. How Economic Policy is Made at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.. January 7, 2003 -.. Pickering Renominated-The Return of the Trent Lott Republicans.. Tuesday Morning Follow Up.. Fun With Numbers.. January 6, 2003 -.. The Bush Iraq Vision Emerges.. January 2, 2003 -.. Bush: More tax breaks.. More!.. December 27, 2002 -.. 800 thousands lose job benefits.. December 23, 2002 -.. Troops feel the pinch.. December 20, 2002 -.. Public Service Announcement.. December 16, 2002 -.. GOP wants to shift tax burden.. December 13, 2002 -.. Kissinger abandons 9-11 probe.. Run-around Congress, endorse discrimination.. December 9, 2002 -.. Go with Snow.. Judge dismisses GAO suit against Cheney.. Tax dodger named Treasury Sec.. December 6, 2002 -.. Bush purges economic team.. December 5, 2002 -.. Rewarding corporate tax evaders, political hacks.. December 3, 2002 -.. The John DiIulio saga.. November 26, 2002 -.. Bush's reelect numbers low, so is Dem Party.. November 22, 2002 -.. Bush's cabinet remains stable.. November 20, 2002 -.. Next SEC chief to be a Democrat?.. November 14, 2002 -.. Dealing with a feisty right wing.. October 25, 2002 -.. Bush is now superman.. October 22, 2002 -.. says Bush lies.. October 18, 2002 -.. Bush's numbers not looking so hot.. Judge orders Cheney to come clean.. October 13, 2002 -.. Bush's change of tone.. September 25, 2002 -.. Cheney's jet-setting lifestyle.. Like father, like son.. September 24, 2002 -.. Sigh.. September 4, 2002 -.. Spy court travails.. September 3, 2002 -.. That's one lazy president!.. August 31, 2002 -.. Taking stock of Bush priorities.. August 26, 2002 -.. Bush on MLB Hall of Fame ballot???.. August 22, 2002 -.. Funny.. August 15, 2002 -.. Veterans pile on Bush.. With fire fighters, or against them.. August 11, 2002 -.. Are we in a 'recession'?.. August 6, 2002 -.. Vacation politically unwise.. August 2, 2002 -.. Cheney loses another round.. August 1, 2002 -.. Loyal to a fault.. July 26, 2002 -.. Cheney above the law.. July 25, 2002 -.. Why can't they shut up?.. Can't have it both ways.. July 22, 2002 -.. Malaise, thy name is Bush.. Unconnecting the dots.. July 19, 2002 -.. Bush still wants to "privatize" social security.. July 18, 2002 -.. Bush, investigator extraordinaire.. July 17, 2002 -.. Conservatives ganging up on Bush.. July 16, 2002 -.. More on new Zogby poll.. Can they fix Wall Street?.. July 15, 2002 -.. Bush numbers plummet.. Markets slide, political repercussions.. July 13, 2002 -.. Open Gov't: 1, Cheney secrecy: 0.. High hypocrisy.. Fox guarding the henhouse.. The bad news presidency.. July 10, 2002 -.. Dow continues downward spiral.. July 9, 2002 -.. Bush's whimpy speech.. July 8, 2002 -.. Time to exhume the body?.. Eve of the speech.. Republicans gain Yucca votes.. Ashcroft at an 'undisclosed location'?.. Bush's speech.. July 3, 2002 -.. Confidence in Bush waning.. Corporate scandals reach Bush.. Halliburton gets free pass.. July 2, 2002 -.. Trifecta source finally found.. July 1, 2002 -.. Halliburton under fire.. June 25, 2002 -.. Blame where blame is due.. June 20, 2002 -.. Bush's numbers still falling.. June 19, 2002 -.. Nickelodeon Ethics.. June 17, 2002 -.. Ashcroft Death Watch, Part III.. June 14, 2002 -.. Graduates protesting Bush threatened with arrest.. June 13, 2002 -.. The right turns on Ashcroft.. June 11, 2002 -.. It wasn't "The Little Caterpillar".. June 10, 2002 -.. Saving brother Jeb, the heck with CA.. June 8, 2002 -.. Bush's downward spiral.. June 3, 2002 -.. Cheney's mismanagement of Halliburton being exposed.. Bush's history speech.. June 2, 2002 -.. Halliburton could land Cheney in court.. Pandering to big steel could be costly.. May 29, 2002 -.. Investigations galore.. May 28, 2002 -.. Didn't get his nappy time?.. Are there any blacks in D.. C.. ?.. May 26, 2002 -.. Running scared.. (For non-commercial use..

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  • Title: Daily Kos: Business and Economy Archives
    Descriptive info: Business and Economy Archives.. Bush just pulls stuff out of his.. A job for John.. Begging for books.. June 23, 2003 -.. T.. P.. Update.. Help Mallard Fillmore find the T.. June 10, 2003 -.. $400 billion deficit and counting.. May 29, 2003 -.. True cost of Bush's policies: $44.. tri.. llion debt.. May 25, 2003 -.. Is $10 Trillion a Big Deal?.. May 23, 2003 -.. How Much is Ten Trillion Dollars, Really?.. George Bush raised your taxes.. Mass layoffs on the uprise.. May 2, 2003 -.. Jobless rate hits 6 percent.. 455,000 new jobless.. April 18, 2003 -.. The tradeoff: services or taxes.. April 14, 2003 -.. The other shoe drops.. April 9, 2003 -.. The Cost of War.. on WS, the economy trumps war.. Today.. March 20, 2003 -.. More Bush success in his War on the Economy.. March 13, 2003 -.. Consumer spending weak.. Bush's deficits.. Jobless data up, retail market down.. March 4, 2003 -.. Consumer slowdown hits markets..  ...   Weakening Economy.. Watching Your Foreign Policy Obliterate Your Domestic Policy.. The Forrest Gump Economy.. Dems Get the Jump on Bush.. January 5, 2003 -.. Bush drops monthly layoff report.. December 31, 2002 -.. Poll: no more tax cuts; no war.. Retailers suffer worst holidays in 30 years.. November 12, 2002 -.. GOP won, so why is Dow heading south?.. October 29, 2002 -.. Consumer confidence at 9-year low.. Back to the deficits.. October 10, 2002 -.. Does Bush side with business or labor?.. October 9, 2002 -.. Taft-Hartley; Wall Street.. October 8, 2002 -.. Dems better for Wall Street.. Economy forcing itself back into news.. September 23, 2002 -.. Longest bear market in 60 years.. September 18, 2002 -.. Someone else said it better than.. I.. August 12, 2002 -.. O'Neil: There's no recession!.. July 23, 2002 -.. Much ado about nothing.. July 12, 2002 -.. Dems take aim against deregulation.. July 11, 2002 -.. Cheney LOVES Arthur Andersen.. Bush got sweet deal on loans..

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  • Title: Daily Kos: Congress Archives
    Descriptive info: Congress Archives.. Nickles to retire.. Why Didn't He Blame Flouride in the Water?.. Dems block Leavitt.. How Republicans think.. September 16, 2003 -.. Weak president losing hold over party.. Senate protects overtime rules.. September 7, 2003 -.. Hillary strikes back -- at EPA.. September 2, 2003 -.. Janklow has first court appearance.. Janklow has no plans to resign.. August 29, 2003 -.. Janklow charged with manslaughter; GOP's dilemma.. August 21, 2003 -.. Janklow in deep shit.. Rep.. Janklow kills motorcyclist.. August 13, 2003 -.. New push against gay marriage.. Lieberman is NOT a Republican.. Energy "Reform": Timing is Everything.. House smacks Powell Jr.. silly.. July 19, 2003 -.. Time for Democrats to retake the House.. July 3, 2003 -.. Surprise, surprise.. Pelosi earns everyone's respect.. June 29, 2003 -.. The culture wars have begun.. What are they afraid of?.. The Ashcroft/Westar connection.. What's this Westar thing all about?.. The latest on the Killer Ds.. May 20, 2003 -.. Bush, House "cave" on taxes.. May 13, 2003 -.. Congressional GOP resentful of Bush.. Incompetent Senate GOP debates wrong tax bill.. May 9, 2003 -.. Luckovich on Santorum.. Changing Senate rules difficult.. Tax raises and the fate of GOP "moderates".. Hatch's hypocrisy knows no bounds.. Rove is behind re-redistricting efforts.. May 6, 2003 -.. Tom DeLay hits too close for comfort.. GOP considers suit to prevent filibuster.. Dems to filibuster Owens.. Santorum's legacy.. Deep inside Santorum's noggin'.. First cracks in the GOP facade.. April 23, 2003 -.. Heat rises on Santorum.. April 22, 2003 -.. Priests are just having "consensual sex" with teens.. More on Santorum.. Dems call for Santorum to resign leadership.. April 21, 2003 -.. GOP party of tax cuts.. And little else.. April 8, 2003 -.. Norm Coleman:  ...   Dems stimulus plan.. Hatch changes his own rule.. January 21, 2003 -.. Kennedy sets the bar.. A Small but Significant Victory by Daschle.. The Hammer Pounds Away at GOP Moderates.. Senate Moderates Chart Their Own Course?.. DeLay Contradicts Hastert-Bush Proposed Tax Cuts are Only a Floor.. A Very Fine Whine.. January 3, 2003 -.. Whole Lott a Trouble?.. Frist already under attack -- from the right.. December 26, 2002 -.. Lott is sticking around for this?.. December 22, 2002 -.. GOP hammered on race.. Lott's enemies hate his Christianity.. Rep had "segregationist feelings".. Lott's paparazzi.. Lott steps down; stays in Senate.. December 19, 2002 -.. Frist's record.. Committee chairs may want to keep Lott around.. Chafee, Fitzgerald oppose Lott.. Reid could succeed Daschle.. Murkowski leans toward his daughter.. Reward for ID of Eli Lilly bandit.. December 18, 2002 -.. Battle lines in Senate GOP caucus forming.. Reading assignment.. Nickles voting record.. December 15, 2002 -.. GOP battle lines forming.. GOP power struggle in Senate.. December 14, 2002 -.. What Lott stands for; "blackmailing" Bush.. Another apology, still refuses to resign.. The Trent Lott Republicans.. December 12, 2002 -.. Lott was a racist in college.. If Lott resigns, then what?.. The evidence against Lott mounts.. Lott will not step down.. December 11, 2002 -.. Get off Lott's back!.. Harkin wants to be top liberal.. Daschle gives Lott a pass.. Daschle names new Senate campaign team.. December 7, 2002 -.. Southern Racist Trent Lott (and that's not rhetoric).. November 25, 2002 -.. Tensions flaring between GOP wings.. November 15, 2002 -.. NOW.. Senate Dems push unemployment benefits.. Pelosi, Mendendez win posts.. November 8, 2002 -.. Ford may not challenge Pelosi.. Miller to stay Dem.. Harold Ford wants to be Minortiy Leader..

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  • Title: Daily Kos: Elections Archives
    Descriptive info: Elections Archives.. October 13, 2003 -.. State of the Democratic Race.. Wrong call, Dennis.. Texas GOP gets its redistricting.. OPEN THREAD - Presidential Candidates.. October 11, 2003 -.. Newsweek national primary poll.. Dem Primary State Polls: CT, MI.. Louisiana gov's race a tossup.. October 9, 2003 -.. New Gallup poll.. Post-debate thread.. Debate Open Thread.. The blogosphere and political process.. Dem Debate tonight.. Alabama poll.. Philly mayor bugged.. Latest NH ARG poll.. Lehane joins Clark campaign.. Arnold for president?.. October 8, 2003 -.. "Hey, I didn't order this!".. Draft Clark open letter to the Clark campaign.. What record turnout?.. Cattle Call 2004: 10/8.. Post-mortem.. New Arnold thread.. Arnold wins.. CA Recall: A lesser-of-evils election?.. Clark campaign manager quits.. Bush rules out Rove, Libby, and Abrams.. New California recall thread.. Cattle Call 2004: comments period 10/7.. Is Hillary running?.. D-Day.. Graham drops out.. The Yellin Report: Female Candidates-Key to Dem victories in South?.. Still no redistricting map in Texas.. Just one more day.. CA Poll on Gov.. Did Ken Lay and Arnold Schwarzenegger Collaborate to Screw Californians on Energy?.. Democrats score big in LA.. Election Day in Louisiana.. Young Isn't Running.. Field Poll confirms bad news about recall.. The Yellin Report: 10/3.. October 2, 2003 -.. Cattle Call 2004: Comment Period 10/2.. Will Bustamante drop out?.. What will we tell the children?.. Time for people to drop out.. Recall Arnold?.. AFL-CIO: still no endorsement.. Arianna to bow out?.. Guess the Q3 totals game.. ARG poll: Edwards surging in SC.. Recall Enters Final Week with Davis on the Ropes.. Spotlight Returns to Diebold Voting Machines.. It's Davis vs.. Schwarzenegger.. Zogby polls Louisiana.. New Recall vote, broken down by race/ethnicity.. Lieberman takes on Clark.. Cattle Call 2004: 9/26.. Arizona souring on Bush.. September 25, 2003 -.. Keep talking about the debate.. Even Fox can't prop up Bush; WI poll; NY poll.. Dem debate Open Thread.. All top contenders are electable.. Debate dynamics.. Marist Polls NH.. Cattle Call 2004: Comment period 9/25.. Tensions between Draft Clark factions erupt into open.. Colorado: Scaling Mount Campbell.. NBC/WSJ poll has Bush at 49.. Edwards' internal polls show SC surge.. GOoPers finally getting worried.. Diebold feels the heat.. Sends out attack lawyers.. Boom! Bush collapse confirmed.. Diebold machines are scary shit.. NY Senate race 2004.. Recall is back on.. Hack Tracks Back.. Issa to urge "No" vote on recall.. Gallup has Bush at *50*.. Latest SUSA Iowa poll.. Braun upstages Clark.. Arnold the environmentalist.. September 21, 2003 -.. Poll: Bush More Inept Than Dishonest.. The Problem.. IS.. the Punch Cards.. Recall support continues to wane.. Clark leads latest Newsweek national poll.. 9th Circuit will hear recall case.. en banc.. Show Me State could show us a Democratic senator again.. Initial thoughts about Clark.. September 18, 2003 -.. Gang up on Arnold time.. Texas GOP fights over redistricting map.. Murkowski to get primary challenge.. New ARG NH Poll: all's quiet.. Cattle Call: 9/18.. September 17, 2003 -.. PA.. National poll, Lieberman takes major hit.. Dean surges in California.. Cattle Call 2004: 9/17 Comment Period.. Clark's team takes shape.. 9th Circuit Court to review its own decision.. Latest North Carolina Poll.. Having fun in the face of defeat (in TX).. Edwards announces candidacy.. Clark will join race.. Get over it.. Another sub-50 performance by Bush?.. Latest New Mexico poll.. September 15, 2003 -.. Looks like Clark is in.. Chris Lehane is history.. Recall election halted.. Chandler running even in Kentucky.. ABC News national poll, new Iowa poll.. Boycott Fox.. GOoPers start worrying about Bush's poll #s.. September 13, 2003 -.. New Missouri poll.. The knives are out for Dean.. Latest Fox poll.. September 12, 2003 -.. Davis still hanging in there.. Bush's Gallup numbers collapse; Lieberman too.. September 11, 2003 -.. Poll meat! Getcha red hot poll meat!.. "It was a complete tour of the horizon.. ".. Dean/Clark, Clark/Dean, ???/???.. Kansas Dems SOL.. Kerry frustrated with Dean.. Strange Bedfellows? CBC debate on FOX.. If you're Texan, vote this Saturday.. And then there were two.. Democrats Make the best of a bad hand.. Dems inching up in the only CA poll that matters.. Another Schwarzenegger problem.. Dean still strong in NH; the Clark effect.. Another poll shows Bustamante lead.. Latest Louisiana numbers.. Edwards won't run for reelection.. Labor endorsement update.. Holy shit.. Bush under 50 percent.. September 5, 2003 -.. Latest CNN national poll.. Texas Dems breaks rank.. Cattle Call 2004: 9/5.. Is Bush Electable?.. Pandering in Spanish, 20 yard penalty.. Talk about the debate.. Kerry cries, 10 yard penalty.. Bipartisan pandering at its finest.. Latest Zogby Poll out of South Carolina.. Edwards gets it right with blog effort.. September 3, 2003 -.. Arnold egged.. Clark is a Democrat.. Memo to GOP: Keep bashing MEChA.. Cruz is busted!.. Cattle Call 2004: Comment Period 8/20.. Schwarzenegger skips debate; U.. S.. English.. It's already too late for Clark.. Gallup Poll: Everyone down except Lieberman.. Rove's "majority plan" in early trouble.. Does Edwards have a chance?.. The only thing that matters in September.. August 31, 2003 -.. Latest CBS National Poll.. Nevada governor faces recall movement.. Which president was the biggest liar?.. SEIU's endorsement key to Dean, Gep.. Hillary mulls bid?.. Clark delays decision.. Latest Iowa poll.. August 27, 2003 -.. Dean Surges in NH.. August 25, 2003 -.. Meetup numbers, Clark candidacy.. Polls spook Calif.. GOP.. August 24, 2003 -.. Gary Hart back to Senate?.. Bustamante has solid lead, Schwarzenegger is stagnant.. August 23, 2003 -.. Simon to drop out of race.. Another poll on the recall.. Kerry to announce in front of aircraft carrier.. August 22, 2003 -.. Arnold on the issues.. Foreign policy will harm Bush.. So would Arnold raise taxes?.. Help MoveOn raise money for Texas ads.. Campaign Finance law hammers Dems.. Recall will occur in October.. Cattle Call 2004: 8/20.. Top Latino journalist slams Arnold.. Texas has a circus too.. Mississippi primary roundup.. Davis takes first step toward victory.. Cattle Call 2004: Comments period 8/19.. August ARG numbers.. Ashcroft grants recall clearance.. August 18, 2003 -.. Another judge considers recall delay.. Bush support eroding in South.. August 17, 2003 -.. Simon targets Arnold.. Field Poll is scary accurate.. August 16, 2003 -.. Texas to cancel --.. elections.. ???.. Everyone hates everyone in California.. 'Job Terminator' riles KY GOP.. Judge may delay recall vote.. Latest national poll; Dean leads.. More trouble for Davis.. Bustamante's site.. Clarification on labor unions and Gephardt.. Kentucky will test Bush.. Cattle Call 2004: 8/14.. CA Cattle Call 2003: comment period 8/13.. Why I think Davis will win the recall.. Cattle Call 2004: Comment period 8/13.. Reacting to the GOP convention.. August 12, 2003 -.. How long will Arnold duck issues.. August 11, 2003 -.. California holds ballot lottery.. Biden is out.. Do the California Dems have their act together?.. Graham has a blog.. DC primary getting early attention.. John Kerry's lame fundraising drive.. Arnold voted for Prop 187.. August 9, 2003 -.. Garamendi is out.. Conservatives going hard against Arnold.. Gore disses the DLC; acts "angry".. Soros trains big bucks on 2004 election.. Latest USA Today national poll.. Straw seen in wind; Camels reported skittish.. KY, LA, MS governor races.. August 7, 2003 -.. California Supremes toss out legal challenges.. Arnold needs bumpersticker slogan.. Schwarzenegger know how to make friends.. Latest SC poll, Edwards gaining.. California Supremes expected to rule on recall.. Bustamante is in.. Latest poll out of Michigan.. August 6, 2003 -.. Schwarzenegger is in.. Feinstein is out.. Cattle Call 2004: 8/6.. Bush's "hometown" paper backs Dems.. Reagan's "Goldwater" problem.. GOP redistricting efforts continue.. Time to cut Davis loose.. Cattle Call 2004: Comment Period 8/5.. Why Bush fears California recall.. Hollings to retire.. Lieberman finally goes.. up.. in a poll.. The secret of Dean's success.. Gep and Kerry teaming up to thwart Dean?.. Lieberman retains South Carolina lead.. Jobless rise, but factory orders up.. Gephardt consolidating union support.. July 29, 2003 -.. Another national poll, this one from Gallup.. Neck and neck in national polls.. DLC needs your help.. Second NH poll this week shows deadlocked race.. Delegate counts, super delegates.. What is the DLC up to?.. Texas Dems disappear.. Lieberman still leads AZ, Bush down.. Early look at the Electoral Map.. Dean takes NH lead in Globe poll.. More on Texas, California.. Latest NH poll, status quo for everyone but Joe.. Cattle Call 2004: 7/25.. California recall election Oct.. 7.. Latest Q-poll results.. July 23, 2003 -.. Cattle Call 2004: 7/23 comment period.. NYC Councilman killed in City Hall.. Things quickly getting more interesting in CA.. Thoughts on the California recall.. Texas redistricting, California recall, Louisiana.. GOP starts worrying about Bush's numbers.. Dean soars in California.. RNC overacts to "Bush lied" DNC ad.. Bush loses Arab-American support.. Gephardt maintains solid lead in Iowa.. Some rules of the road.. Cattle Call 2004: 7/17.. Q2 raw numbers.. Gephardt faces fundraising woes.. Cattle Call 2004: comments period 7/15.. Democrats evenly matched against Bush.. Latest Dem poll numbers.. Cattle Call 2004: 7/11.. Dean's anti-war stance will NOT be an albatross.. July 9, 2003 -.. How they can win: Lieberman.. Cattle Call 2004: Comment Period 7/9.. DNC still needs lots of work.. Virginia GOP ex-chief sentenced.. July 7, 2003 -.. Dean wants McAuliffe out? Don't think it.. Cattle Call 2004: 7/3.. Campaigns perplexed at Dean's Q2 success.. Winning and the Internet.. July 2, 2003 -.. Cattle Call 2004: Comment Period 7/2.. Lieberman raises $5 million..  ...   GA.. G.. Smith wins in OR.. Pryor wins in AR.. Sebelius wins in Kansas.. Vilsack wins in Iowa.. Romney wins MA.. Granholm wins in Michigan.. Townsend goes down in defeat.. Maine, MT, IA.. Richardson wins in NM.. GOP wins NH Senate.. Sanford takes SC.. Blago wins in IL.. Perry, Kirk win in TX.. Alexander wins in TN.. Harvey Pitt resigns.. Dole wins NC.. Benson wins, Shaheen in trouble?.. Indiana 8th could be a photo-finish.. Lautenberg wins election.. Jeb wins election.. Kathleen Harris projected winner.. Durbin, Rendell winners.. Key Races.. Kentucky, Indiana results page.. VNS abandons effort; SD, MN.. MN race results will take a while.. Largent could be losing.. Had to -gag- vote for Davis.. Early numbers.. House races to watch.. November 4, 2002 -.. Bush confident of GOP wins.. SurveyUSA still predicts Largent upset.. MN debate coverage on Free Republic.. Everything you ever wanted to know about TN.. Battle of the polls.. GOP will not have a big night.. November 3, 2002 -.. MN polls all over the place.. Latest batch of Zogby polls.. November 2, 2002 -.. Cleland holds narrow lead over Chambliss.. Golisano to drop out?.. Pryor above 50 percent.. Who is the most vile candidate running today?.. November 1, 2002 -.. Networks will call races carefully.. Dems lead in OK guv race?.. McBride goes to Little Haiti looking for votes.. Bowles gets a boost from Blue.. Bad news for Carnahan.. Your election predictions.. October 31, 2002 -.. Why Texas and Tennessee were so important.. Shaheen takes two out of three.. Shaheen has slight edge.. Democrats are masters of GOTV.. Bush stumps for Thune in SD.. McBride seems to be fading.. October 30, 2002 -.. Dole's lead continues to shrink.. Poll updates.. It's personal in Minnesota.. Arkansas media runs with Huckabee parole story.. Huckabee released rapist.. (and subsequent murderer).. Dick Morris pessimistic on GOP chances.. Dem governors sweep could reshape national politics.. October 28, 2002 -.. Shaheen still up in latest NP poll.. Endangered Democratic governor seats.. Survey USA shows SC tossup.. Race still tight in Colorado.. Hirono and Lingle now even.. Republican glee at Wellstone's death.. Leach running against his own party.. Clement trails by 10.. October 27, 2002 -.. McBride update.. It's almost official -- Mondale to run.. Wyoming will go Dem.. Top Arizona Republic considers switching parties.. October 26, 2002 -.. Dems want Mondale to run.. Poll shows Strickland in the lead.. Hirono surging in Hawaii.. Moving on.. Lautenberg keeps big lead.. Wellstone's plane crashed.. Bush endorses McBride.. October 24, 2002 -.. Mass.. guv race tied again.. More on GOTV efforts.. Dems kicking ass in Iowa early voting.. NY Dems a disaster.. Shaheen's surge continues unabated.. Alexander's "handshake incident" goes national.. October 23, 2002 -.. Pryor still ahead as lead tightens.. First poll with McBride in the lead.. Ha ha! Taylor to campaign for "decency".. Reaction to final Bush/McBride debate.. SurveyUSA poll has Carnahan at 50 percent.. Lautenberg expands lead; McBride within margin of error.. State of the Senate races.. October 21, 2002 -.. Cleland down in latest M-D poll.. Latest Gallup poll good news for Dems.. October 20, 2002 -.. Why is the DNC dumping money in TN?.. Weekend poll update.. October 19, 2002 -.. Dems focus on turnout.. Bush is.. truly.. the "fundraiser in chief".. Stickin' it to the Georgia GOP.. Jeb's not-so-good day.. McCall down by 11.. October 17, 2002 -.. Guv race update.. Smith backers causing mischief in NH.. PA governor's race is over.. Oklahoma guv race in play.. October 16, 2002 -.. McBride nips at Bush's heels.. Clark for prez?.. October 15, 2002 -.. Bush, the fundraiser in chief.. On House races.. Bush: economy is Democrats' fault.. October 14, 2002 -.. Insurance crisis in TX may be Dems gain.. Wyoming upset in the making.. Weekend poll updates.. October 12, 2002 -.. Labor targets key races.. October 11, 2002 -.. Disgusting GOP ad in GA.. Dole's lead shrinking.. Colorado Senate race.. Upset possibility in SC?.. Governor races, TX and MA.. Support Kirk for Senate.. MT's Taylor to drop out of race.. Support Strickland.. Shaheen pulls ahead of Sununu.. PA GOP wishes it could "pull a Toricelli".. Democratic base angry at Democrats.. More proof Davis is an idiot.. Reno is a class act, Morales a sore loser.. Oklahoma guv race competitive.. October 7, 2002 -.. Reno pushing hard for McBride.. Supreme Court approves Lautenberg.. GOP tries to block Toricelli funds.. Harkin unscathed by taping scandal.. October 6, 2002 -.. Ok, Jeb is in REAL trouble.. October 5, 2002 -.. NP poll in GA -- things looking better.. October 4, 2002 -.. Lautenberg leads Forrester.. DNC cartoon ad focuses debate on SS.. 401(k) jolt just ahead.. Poll updates, NH, GA, CT, MI, US.. October 3, 2002 -.. Partisan poll shows Shaheen ahead.. Republicans bend the rules, so why the outrage?.. Dems eye SC Senate seat.. October 2, 2002 -.. Can't satisfy the NJ GOP.. NJ SJC rules for Dems.. Economy center stage.. Things bleak for McCall, Rendell widens lead.. Townsend back in the game.. October 1, 2002 -.. Forrester dismissive of Lautenberg.. It's Lautenberg.. NJ's appointment law probably constitutional.. NJ: Elections and lawyers.. KS, CA, and AZ updates.. September 30, 2002 -.. Taking Forrester's advice.. Wyoming governor's race: sleeper upset pick.. NJ Dems have GOP boxed in.. Toricelli calling it quits?.. Did Ryan try to execute innocent man?.. September 29, 2002 -.. Yummy poll goodness update.. September 28, 2002 -.. Governor races outlook.. September 27, 2002 -.. Stupid DNC tricks.. Smith backers push write-in campaign.. September 26, 2002 -.. Pie in Gangske's face.. Jeb losing ground.. McCall and Golisano moving up.. Polls lie.. NRA endorses Alabama Dem.. Senate races to watch.. Simon still a loser.. McCall in Pataki's crosshairs.. September 20, 2002 -.. MA Guv race tightening.. Townsend's MD campaign in trouble.. Florida Democrats united.. Illinois the next California?.. September 19, 2002 -.. McBride's uninspiring running mate.. Shifting focus away from Iraq.. September 17, 2002 -.. Where does Rove go from here?.. September 16, 2002 -.. Things looking up in FL.. Noelle: more than hypocrisy.. Harris wins lawsuit.. September 13, 2002 -.. Kirk holding on to Republican support.. September 12, 2002 -.. US decries Russian "unilateralism".. GOP group yanks ad.. Pataki to have a rough two months.. Toricelli laggin in NJ.. September 11, 2002 -.. McBride declared winner by Miami Herald.. September 10, 2002 -.. Split results.. CT governor's race tightening.. If you live in Florida, vote McBride!.. Yummy poll goodness.. September 9, 2002 -.. Abandoning the gun issue.. Harkin wins support of GOP group.. Arizona dems making races competitive.. Edwards targeting rural conservatives.. September 7, 2002 -.. A look at Montana's Senate race.. Still no word on Harris suit.. No one knows how Iraq will affect elections.. September 6, 2002 -.. Romney a "CPA"?.. Compounding the GOP's troubles.. TRO's Senate outlook.. McBride up in FL, Smith up in NH.. Term limits hurts governance.. Trib delivers bad news to GOP.. September 1, 2002 -.. Surprise! Ohio governor's race in play.. Jeb's tactics backfire.. A look at Georgia politics.. August 28, 2002 -.. Bredesen next TN governor?.. Refreshing moment of candor.. Prior leaving Hutchinson behind.. August 27, 2002 -.. Battle for Congress roundup.. Karma not on Ryan's side.. August 23, 2002 -.. Taking the big states.. Oregon Senate race tightening up.. Happy days ahead for Dems.. August 21, 2002 -.. Bush will publicly avoid Simon.. Quick flashback to Rove's presentation.. Iraq story won't distract from economy.. August 20, 2002 -.. Road to the House runs through Iowa.. NRO's love affair with Simon.. August 19, 2002 -.. Poll: GOP controls congressional agenda.. August 18, 2002 -.. On the defensive again.. Suit aims to boot Harris from ballot.. Kirk's got the mojo.. August 8, 2002 -.. Iowa key to Dems' house chances.. Cheney disses Simon.. August 7, 2002 -.. Don't call the lawyers!.. Maine Sen.. Collins looking strong.. Republican financiers back Davis.. August 5, 2002 -.. Market performance hurts GOP.. August 3, 2002 -.. Illinois GOP collapsing.. Rejecting DINO-ism.. Simon in deep trouble.. Torch in trouble.. July 31, 2002 -.. Can Kansas go Dem?.. CT gov race tightening.. Survey USA -- cheap polls for TV.. July 30, 2002 -.. Democrats getting feisty.. July 29, 2002 -.. Maryland Guv race competitive.. Demographics favor dems.. GOP sweats coming elections.. Dems making gains in the South.. GOP Pollsters sound the alarm.. Oklahoma Senate seat in play.. Simon's incompetence.. Perry gets support of Texas car dealers.. Social Security: the GOP's boogeyman.. 'Investor class' fleeing GOP.. Don't count out Johnson in SD.. Latinos will not go GOP.. July 5, 2002 -.. Kirk gives Bush Texas-sized problem.. Watts to retire.. June 26, 2002 -.. Economy in a free fall.. Romney gets to stay.. Maine Senate race tightening.. Simon's futile quest.. June 18, 2002 -.. Trade war blowback.. Latino voters and the GOP.. June 16, 2002 -.. Mass Dems push Romney issue.. More on Rove's PPT presentation.. Rove's electoral analysis exposed.. Veep choices in 2004.. Edward's NC quandry.. Texas GOP's suicidal dance.. June 9, 2002 -.. White House's view of 2002 Senate races.. MA Democrats sic lawyers on Romney.. June 7, 2002 -.. A look at vulnerable Dem Senate seats.. Romney admits he lied about MA residency.. June 5, 2002 -.. Romney's legitimacy in MA guv campaign questioned.. June 4, 2002 -.. Historic Latino-Latino NM guv campaign on tap?.. Dems chances in Nov.. better than pundits admit.. Edwards playing for real..

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    Descriptive info: Energy Archives.. Energy Plan: No Visionaries, Please - Part 2.. Energy Plan: No Visionaries, Please.. Cheney energy security strategy swinery secrecy legality fantasy jeopardy irony: a cursory history.. I've been workin' on the Cheney gang.. Lights! Camera! Fingerpointing!..

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  • Title: Daily Kos: Environment Archives
    Descriptive info: Environment Archives.. Utah guv gets EPA nod.. On SARS.. No drilling in ANWR for now.. ANWR drilling bill doomed.. GOP one vote short of ANWR drilling.. Murkowski names ANWR swing votes.. The Coming Bush Environmental Assault.. NE states challenge Bush pollution rules.. Bush hates dolphins.. Bush's forest plans on hold.. GOP control bad news for environment.. California to the rescue.. War on whales.. Sludge is now good for fish.. May 30, 2002 -.. Saving the Everglades, saving brother Gov..

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    Descriptive info: Foreign Policy Archives.. Israel Attacks Inside Syria.. Abbas quits.. Inslee Iraq Intel Inquiry: Incendiary!.. Ignorance reigns.. It's freedom.. er Bastille day.. Empire for Slackers.. The Secretary of Everything strikes again.. How Congress hinders mideast policy.. A theory of idiocy.. May 31, 2003 -.. "We simply didn't understand it.. Uzbekistan, Bush ally, boils dissidents.. May 19, 2003 -.. Our friends in Mexico.. Part 2: The Intelligence Community and foreign policy.. Last Words.. Weapons of Mass Destruction? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Weapons of Mass Destruction!.. Our Man in Baghdad.. Defining Victory Down.. Scenes From the Burma Railway.. April 3, 2003 -.. Fog of War? Or Fog of Lies?.. US storms out at UN.. March 26, 2003 -.. More From Officer X.. March 8, 2003 -.. Back to Korea.. Good Old Boys.. Scenes from the Next War.. What Next?.. No Means Yes.. No Means No.. The Clinton Factor.. Raising Hamas.. Out of Africa.. Our emergency powers are OK, Egypt's are not.. Help elect Iraq's civil admininstrator.. North Korea fires missile.. Thursday Morning Iraq  ...   nuclear reactor.. January 26, 2003 -.. And Meanwhile, Regarding Iraq.. Who Lost South Korea?.. So Much for Dismissing Old Europe.. Bold.. The Guns of February.. January 13, 2003 -.. North Korean Two-Step.. But Remember That Condi Brings Everyone Together.. Pick a Number, Any Number.. Richard Perle: We Are Going In Without the UN.. Richardson to Meet With North Koreans-With Powell's Blessing.. Still No Smoking Gun In Iraq.. Bush: Look.. Harder.. , Dammit.. Sharongate.. Life Imitates Art?.. The North Korean Policy Bush Could Have Chosen.. US deports Canadian citizen to Syria.. Cubans hate playing by the same rules.. August 16, 2002 -.. Cuban embargo on its last legs.. Mexico no longer Bush's prop.. Alienating our allies.. August 13, 2002 -.. Trade with Cuba, the terrorists have won.. Congress finally checking Bush's powers.. US PR blitz.. July 24, 2002 -.. Sweet justice.. A more rational Cuba policy.. Another blow to multilateralism.. Cuban embargo under assault.. US gives go-ahead to Chinese missile buildup.. When is Cuba not like China?.. Iraq invasion loosing steam.. Embarrassing..

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  • Title: Daily Kos: Law Archives
    Descriptive info: Law Archives.. Estrada withdraws name.. Democrats filibuster Pryor.. July 5, 2003 -.. Is this American justice?.. Sodomy decision opens path to gay marriage.. Texas sodomy law struck down.. Supreme Court splits on affirmative action.. No S.. Ct.. vacancies in sight.. So why.. was.. Martha indicted?.. GOP leads charge against new FCC rules.. Debunking the GOP on 'state rights'.. MD passes medical marijuana bill.. Restrictive abortion law on tap in Texas.. Campaign finance law unconstitutional.. Sometimes the Supremes get it right.. Celebrating free speech by banning it.. Bush calls for mandatory judge votes.. Novak: GOP loss on Estrada imminent.. The latest in the Estrada saga.. Bush admin still crying about Estrada..  ...   Towel.. Estrada debate underway.. More on Rosenthal case.. Ashcroft bags his "marijuana guru".. Spitzer to file amicus supporting UMichigan.. Hatch wants to be a Supreme.. 100s of middle eastern men arrested.. Canada moves to decriminalize drugs.. November 24, 2002 -.. Bushies support efforts to kill.. Miranda.. Speculation that Rehnquist may retire.. Illinois and Sanders on the death penalty.. More on.. US v.. Quinones.. Judge: death penalty is unconstitutional.. Pledge judge speaks out.. June 30, 2002 -.. Ashcroft, angel of death.. June 27, 2002 -.. More on the Pledge.. Pledge is unconstitutional.. June 24, 2002 -.. Death Penalty and the Supremes, Part II.. June 21, 2002 -.. Significance of Atkins v.. Virginia..

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