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  • Title: Collignon Luxembourg - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: PRESENTATION.. Our company.. Activities.. History.. Key figures.. The Eiffage Group.. Our assets.. Our locations.. DEPARTMENTS.. Automation.. Environment.. Low Current.. Feyens Brussels.. Major Projects.. Wallonia.. Hospitals.. and Healthcare.. Electrical Panels.. Liège Tertiary.. REFERENCES.. News.. Our Business.. Collignon Luxembourg is the entity dedicated to the Grand Duchy.. It provides locally all of the services and skills that make Collignon strong.. These range from the implementation of low-voltage installations to the placement of lighting  ...   control systems.. Collignon Luxembourg is very active in the tertiary sector (office buildings) and public buildings.. The department was founded in 2004 and now employs 17 skilled people.. Our special assets.. Team proximity and responsiveness.. A few references :.. IBM.. Fujitsu.. The European School.. West Side Village.. etc.. References.. Homepage.. Presentation.. Departments.. Automation Environment.. Major Projects Wallonia.. Hospitals and Healthcare.. Electrical Panels.. Head office.. Employment.. All rights reserved.. Legal Notice.. Credits..

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  • Title: Low Current - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: This Collignon department designs, implements and/or certifies active, passive, IT, and telecommunications infrastructure networks.. Its activities fall into several major categories :.. Structured cabling work (category 6 and 6a), fibre optics (single-mode and multi-mode).. The installation of analogue and IP telephony, switching and routing.. The design and development of datacom and telecom infrastructure (notably data centres, access control and indoor/outdoor CCTV in IP or analogue mode).. The management, operation and maintenance of networks, including active equipment.. This department is based in Erezée and is active throughout Wallonia and in Brussels.. Created in 1992, the Low Current Department currently employs 29 people and completes about 50 projects a year,  ...   of Justice.. UHC of Charleroi (Marie Curie Hospital).. RHC de la Citadelle in Liège.. The Marche-en-Famenne prison.. Electrolux Evere.. Brugmann Data Centre.. SEGI Data Centre in Liège.. The cyberclasses project.. Maison Syndicale and FGTB Namur headquarters.. Mouscron Hospital Centre (CHM).. The Brussels Airport Company.. Mobistar.. Experienced staff, exclusively employed under long-term contracts.. Up-to-date tools calibrated every year including, among others: 3 copper reflectometers; 2 optical fibre reflectometers for long distances up to 80 kilometres; 3 core-to-core fusion splicers for single-mode and multi-mode fibres.. We are certified by leading manufacturers :.. Passive equipment :.. Commscope Systimax.. Tyco.. Panduit.. Excel.. Nexans.. Active equipment :.. Siemens.. Enterasys.. Avaya (en cours).. Aastra-Ascotel.. Hirchmann..

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  • Title: Feyens Brussels - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: The Brussels department, associated with the Feyens brand, supplies a wide range of Collignon Group electrical installation services with a specific geographical focus on the Brussels region, a major part of Hainaut province (Mons, Charleroi) and Flanders.. The teams, with 80 members, are based in Wauthier-Braine.. They are specialised in electrical cabling and datacom and telecom networks as well as in various techniques  ...   etc.. The Feyens Department (Brussels) is very active in the hospital sector, the tertiary field and industry.. It completes about 30 projects a year.. Ability to quickly mobilise teams to complete work by deadlines.. On-going dialogue with clients and a strong capacity for adaptation before and during jobs.. French and Dutch speaking teams.. BIAC.. CHR Mouscron.. CHR Soignies.. Régie des Bâtiments.. AUDI Bruxelles..

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  • Title: Major Projects & Wallonia - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: Collignon's Major Projects Wallonia Department specialises in the design and implementation of electrical installations for the tertiary, industrial and technical sectors.. The team has about 70 engineers, technicians, programmers, designers and specialised workers.. It covers the entire Walloon region and Brussels for certain large-scale and prestigious projects.. The department is a concentrate of Collignon's extensive know-how in various electrical installations including telephony, lighting, access and intrusion control, fire detection, UPS systems and cable broadcasting.. A large palette of skills with the potential for centralised technical management.. SNCB.. SRWT.. TEC.. GSK..

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  • Title: Hospitals & Healthcare - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: Hospitals Healthcare.. This department combines a set of skills specific to the design and implementation of electrical installations for the healthcare sector.. With about 40 highly-skilled employees, this department is active in hospitals and retirement homes in both Wallonia and Brussels.. The Hospitals & Healthcare department implements low-,  ...   constraints of the healthcare sector.. It also takes care of the implementation and technical management of generators, hospital bed lights, and special lighting.. Staff with qualifications and training specific to the needs of this special sector.. UHC of Liège Sart-Tilman.. ISPPC Charleroi.. CHR Namur.. CHR Citadelle.. CHU Brugmann..

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  • Title: Satra - Outdoor Networks - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: Satra - Outdoor Networks.. The Outdoor Networks Department, known as Satra is, as its name indicates, specialised in networks outside buildings.. It lays underground cables, ducts and conduits and handles public lighting and general infrastructure work around buildings.. In addition to low-, medium- and high-voltage cabling, the Outdoor Networks Department takes care of laying  ...   and gas (PEHD) pipes.. This Collignon department is also skilled in the installation of various collectors, the development of building surroundings and roadway work.. The department employs around 60 people and completes about 150 projects across Wallonia.. The ability to offer clients complete studies for outdoor projects.. ORES.. Tecteo.. Public Service of Wallonia.. Besix..

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  • Title: Soreti - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: Soreti.. Soreti is the Collignon department specialised in medium- and high-voltage projects.. It designs cabinets for voltage ranging from 1,000 to 20,000 volts and takes care of placing and implementing the various cabinet components: transformers, counting units, and switch-off and protection devices.. In addition, services include preventive maintenance  ...   The Soreti department is active throughout the country.. It was created in 1977.. Soreti handles the design, renovation and upgrading of medium- and high-voltage installations from A to Z.. Clients can also count on this department for preventive maintenance and repairs.. Charleroi Airport.. Hesbaye Frost.. Prayon.. Dexia.. UHC Brugmann..

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  • Title: Electrical Panels - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: This department builds electrical panels for the various Collignon departments and for outside customers.. It specialises in electrical panels up to 7,000A.. The Electrical Panels Department is active throughout Wallonia and Brussels, in a range of sectors including hospitals, government and industry.. This department sets itself apart by its extreme responsiveness to new orders and requests for changes to existing panels.. It is certified to build Schneider Prisma and Okken panels.. It offers a wide range of panel brands (Schneider, Eaton, Moeller, ABB, etc.. )..

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  • Title: Liège Tertiary - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: The Liège Tertiary Department provides the Collignon Group's broad range of design and implementation services for electrical installations with a specific focus on the Liège region and on the tertiary sector (office buildings, banks, universities, etc).. This department is a concentrate of Collignon's extensive know-how in  ...   fire detection, UPS systems and cable distribution.. The Liège Tertiary department has 44 skilled employees who handle about 15 jobs a year.. Proximity and knowledge of the specific techniques required by the tertiary sector.. Great versatility.. University of Liège.. Pfizer.. Entrepreneurs généraux du bâtiment (Moury).. Père Olive..

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  • Title: Our references - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: Our references.. The best ambassadors for Collignon's reputation for quality and commitment are its tens of clients from very different sectors whose loyalty is most often measured in decades.. Among our main references :.. In the services sector :.. Mobistar, Brussels Airport, Dexia, University of Liège, IBM, etc.. In the healthcare sector :.. UHC of Liège Sart-Tilman, ISPPC of Charleroi, RHC of Namur, RHC de la Citadelle, UHC Brugmann, RHC of Mouscron, CHH of Soignies, etc.. In the construction sector :.. Besix, Régie des Bâtiments, Entrepreneurs généraux du bâtiment (Moury), etc.. In the public sector :.. Public Service of Wallonia, TEC, SNCB, CPAS of Schaerbeek, the Andenne and Ittre prisons (co-generation), etc.. In  ...   Department :.. Make a selection.. Environment.. Satra.. Client :.. All.. A.. I.. D.. E.. L.. AIB-VINCOTTE BELGIUM.. AUDI Brussels Property.. Administration communale d\'Erezée.. Brugmann.. CHEMVIRON S.. A.. /N.. V.. CPAS de Namur / OCMW van Namen.. CPAS/OCMW Schaerbeek.. Citadelle.. I.. S.. P.. C.. Lodelinsart.. INOVA (INTRADEL).. Lenningen.. Parlement Wallon - Namur / Waals parlement - Namen.. RAKET INVEST.. SM DEGREMONT-DUCHENE.. SM DUCHENE - LIMPENS.. SM DUCHENE - VALENS.. SOFICO.. THE BRUSSELS AIRPORT COMPANY.. Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent.. WEST SIDE S.. Location :.. Berloz.. Brussel 1.. Erezée.. Evere.. Feluy.. Forest.. Gent.. Herstal.. Jambes (Namur).. Liège 1.. Namur.. Oupeye.. Redu.. Schaerbeek.. Seilles.. Steenokkerzeel.. Wanze.. Zaventem.. Canach.. Les ISNES Parc scientifique Créalys.. Mamer - Capellen.. All references..

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  • Title: News - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: 12-06-2013 Site of the prison at Marche: Collignon in the final straight.. The important site of the new prison at Marche, started in mid-February 2012 for Collignon, is slowly coming to an end with regard to the electrical installations, both at high and low voltage.. "We have completed roughly 95% of the work.. The very important step of testing each individual component and then testing the general controls remains," explains the project manager Pierre-Yves Wilmotte.. In addition to the lighting infrastructure and traditional electrical network, Collignon is responsible for the installation of the specialised electrical equipment for a high security site: access control, surveillance cameras, etc.. It was also responsible for installing the computer network.. Collignon is happy with the smooth completion of the site at which it had to manage the time (about a year and a half) as well as the harsh weather conditions.. In fact, the site was not interrupted during the winter.. At peak periods, up to 80 Collignon workers were working on the site.. The prison at Marche is one of Collignon s most important projects in recent years, representing a budget of almost 8 million euro.. 27-02-2013 40% savings in public lighting at Mormont (Municipality of Erezée).. Collignon is proud to have been a prophet in its own country by winning the public tender for the installation of lighting on the village square (Place du Batty) in Mormont.. Mormont is actually a part of the Municipality of Erezée, in the north of the Province of Luxembourg, where Collignon has its headquarters.. Since 12 February, the heart of the village has had new public lighting, more ecological and aesthetic, that provides safety to the roads and showcases the heritage (the village square, the church and the war memorial).. The Collignon s Department for External Networks installed about thirty light points; the majority are based on LED bulbs with very low power consumption, providing a very soft and pleasant light.. This new lighting of the central square of Mormont makes it possible for the Municipality of Erezée to achieve energy savings of 40% compared to the old lighting, at the same time creating a much warmer and safer atmosphere.. 15-02-2013 Pioneering Installation of CHP in a sports complex.. The municipality of Chaudfontaine, on the heights of Liège, is one of the first in Belgium to invest in a CHP plant for a sports complex (with a swimming pool), in this case that of Embourg.. From among six tendering parties, Collignon was awarded the tender for the complete installation of the plant and connection to the existing infrastructure, according to the technical and economic specifications.. It is CHP plant on gas with a thermal power of 81 kWatts and an electrical power of 50 kWatts.. The project costs 200,000 euro.. CHP has emerged as an appropriate solution due to the high demand for electricity and heating throughout the year, even in the summer because the swimming pool water has to be heated.. The technical study carried out by the consulting firm Architectes Associés, expects annual savings of 20,500 euro on the energy costs.. 25-10-2012 The IBW entrusted the wastewater treatment plant of Hélécine to Collignon.. The Walloon Brabant Intercommunale (IBM) chose Collignon for the installation and configuration of the data acquisition systems and remote management of a wastewater treatment plant of Petite Gette, located in Hélécine, to the east of Walloon Brabant.. This relates to a wastewater treatment plant based on the natural principle called activated sludge (without the addition of external chemicals).. On average, this activated sludge treatment plant has a capacity of 6.. 000 PE (population equivalents).. This means that it treats the volume of wastewater discharged by some 6,000 people.. After the large plants of Oupeye (450,000 PE) or Sclessin (approximately 200,000 PE), Hélécine is a new interesting reference for the Department of Automation and Environment of Collignon, outside the Province of Liège.. 02-10-2012 Collignon experiments with RFID chips..  ...   workplace accidents (over a sliding 12-month period) at Collignon fell from 41.. 88 to 35.. 81 between June 2011 and May 2012.. The level of seriousness accidents also decreased from 2.. 12 to 1.. 82 over the same period.. Collignon has asked its teams to further increase their safety efforts to ensure the health and well-being of all.. 15-04-2012 Maintenance contract for medium-voltage installations at ULB.. The Free University of Brussels decided to entrust the Collignon high-voltage department (Soreti) with the maintenance of its medium-voltage units.. The contract, which took effect on May 1st, is for five years.. It covers various aspects of preventive maintenance and the upgrading of installations based on customer orders.. 28-03-2012 Collignon at work on the new Marche prison.. The major construction project for the new Marche-en-Famenne prison, which will be unique for its innovative "landscape" architecture, began in 2011.. Eiffage Group, Collignon's parent company, is one of the primary service providers.. The electrical work entrusted to Collignon got underway in the spring of 2012 and should last just under a year and a half.. The emblematic project, ordered by the Régie des Bâtiments, should be completely finished by mid-2013.. The new prison will house 312 inmates.. 10-02-2012 Collignon at the Salon des mandataires.. Collignon took part in the Salon des mandataires for the first time.. It took place on February 9th and 10th at the Wex in Marche.. The company demonstrated its expertise with its stand and was able to initiate high-level contacts with public sector representatives (MET, Régie des routes, municipalities, etc.. 20-01-2012 Multi-year contract with ULg.. The University of Liège trusts Collignon to provide staff for the maintenance and improvement of the electrical installations of university buildings.. A four-year contract was signed last fall between ULg's Administration des ressources immobilières (ARI) and Collignon's Liège Tertiary department.. It covers the provision, depending on need, of between six and eight Collignon specialists to carry out a wide range of electrical maintenance and installation work based on weekly requisition vouchers and within the allocated time-frames.. The multi-year contract requires a great deal of flexibility and local service and very clearly demonstrates ULg's continued trust.. In addition, ULg has turned to Collignon over the past few years to upgrade its emergency lighting and install fire detection systems.. The amount of the multi-year contract is approximately 550,000 annually.. It took effect in mid-October 2011.. 10-12-2011 Collignon joins the Eiffage Energie Europe unit.. The Collignon Group no longer reports to Eiffage Benelux but to Eiffage Energie Europe (formerly Forclum), in Paris, which brings together Collignon's "electrician" counterparts at the European level.. This division of the Eiffage Group, specialised in electrical engineering, HVAC engineering, and operation-maintenance is managed by Arnaud Peretmere and employs over 19,000 people.. This change in the Group's organisational chart does not impact Collignon's autonomous operation and management, but rather opens the door to greater cooperation and joint projects at the European level between companies in similar trades.. 09-12-2011 The new generation of retirement homes.. For the past few months, Collignon has been a stakeholder in the construction of the "new Ceriseraie", a super modern retirement and nursing home in Schaerbeek.. Collignon's Major Projects Department is involved in building the "new Ceriseraie" a super modern retirement and nursing home which will open in Schaerbeek next summer.. The project is led by the CPAS of the Brussels municipality which wants the finished project to be exemplary in terms of comfort, conviviality and energy performance.. It is part of a major renovation of the entire neighbourhood along Boulevard Lambermont.. The retirement home, and the new UHC Brugmann adjacent to it will be powered by a co-generation system running on rapeseed.. A team of 10 Collignon employees has been working since April 2011 to install the fire detection system, the nurse call system, access control and the camera monitoring system.. The project, valued at approximately 1.. 3 million for Collignon, will be finished next spring..

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