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  • Title: Walloon Parliament, Parlement Wallon - Namur / Waals parlement - Namen, Namur - Our references - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: PRESENTATION.. Our company.. Activities.. History.. Key figures.. The Eiffage Group.. Our assets.. Our locations.. DEPARTMENTS.. Automation.. Environment.. Low Current.. Feyens Brussels.. Major Projects.. Wallonia.. Hospitals.. and Healthcare.. Electrical Panels.. Liège Tertiary.. REFERENCES.. News.. Walloon Parliament.. Our company has been present at the Walloon Parliament since 1997.. We completed several jobs for this client.. The main ones are:.. The Saint-Gilles building: conversion to session rooms, public commission rooms, installation of electronic conferencing and voting equipment.. The Saint-Gilles building: electricity for the court conversion and construction of a gallery with windows..  ...   electrical installation.. Maintenance of the installations.. Click to zoom in.. Back.. Data sheet.. Department :.. Major Projects & Wallonia.. Client :.. Parlement Wallon - Namur / Waals parlement - Namen.. Location :.. Namur.. Project Name :.. Maison des Parlementaires.. Project Manager :.. Atelier d architecture L&L SPRL ; G.. E.. I.. Start Date :.. August 1997.. End Date :.. January 2009.. Budget :.. +/- 5,652,132.. 35.. Homepage.. Presentation.. Departments.. Automation Environment.. Major Projects Wallonia.. Hospitals and Healthcare.. Electrical Panels.. References.. Head office.. Employment.. All rights reserved.. Legal Notice.. Credits..

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  • Title: ISPPC Lodelinsart, I.S.P.P.C. – Lodelinsart, Lodelinsart - Our references - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: ISPPC Lodelinsart.. The UHC of Charleroi decided to launch the construction of a new complex to provide quality care and welcome for all.. The ISPPC has expanded continuously since its creation in 2000.. It currently manages the UHC of Charleroi, André Vésale Hospital, the Civil Hospital, Vincent Van Gogh Hospital and Jumet Hospital, and the private hospitals in Erquelinnes and Fontaine-l'Evêque.. It has close ties with the Centre de Médecine in Anderlues and the Nouveau Centre Médical Arthur Gailly in Charleroi.. Its non-hospital sector includes three retirement homes (Bel Abri in Farciennes, Heureux Séjour in Courcelles, and Quiétude in Montigny-le-Tilleul), a youth assistance service (Cité de l'Enfance) and a daycare centre (Bambis in Montigny-le-Tilleul).. It will soon also include the new Lodelinsart hospital.. A mammoth building, comprised of seven hectares above ground, is being built on  ...   new hospitals have been built in Wallonia for 20 years.. And because the UHC, with separate wings connected to a consultation area above the technical facilities (emergency, intensive care, operating area with twelve operating rooms in a row) intends to be a model in terms of flow and care organisation.. The future hospital will have more than 1,000 parking spots, a third of which will be under the building.. The site will be wooded and enhanced with many plants that will create a green barrier between the hospital and local residents.. Construction work on the new hospital began on 16 June 2006.. The first departments should be transferred within the next months.. The transfer procedure must still be discussed and a schedule worked out.. I.. S.. P.. C.. Lodelinsart.. G.. January 2010.. December 2014.. +/- 13,048,134.. 79..

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  • Title: La Ceriseraie, CPAS/OCMW Schaerbeek, Schaerbeek - Our references - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: La Ceriseraie.. La Ceriseraie is a retirement and nursing facility operating under the direction the CPAS of Schaerbeek.. It welcomes dependent and/or disoriented people (60 and older) who require care and assistance with everyday activities.. It also welcomes people at the end of their lives and provides palliative care.. The project combines all  ...   current work of our electricity trade.. Part of the construction, the parking lot, was paid for with the facility's own funds and the remainder was subsidised by the CPAS de Schaerbeek.. The project is still underway.. CPAS/OCMW Schaerbeek.. Schaerbeek.. Reconstruction of the retirement and nursing facility.. April 2011.. January 2013.. +/- 1,245,436.. 01..

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  • Title: UHC Brugmann, Brugmann, Schaerbeek - Our references - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: UHC Brugmann.. The Brugmann University Hospital Centre is a member of the Brussels public hospital network, better known as IRIS.. The Paul Brien Hospital site, the only hospital in its area, is a modern site that will provide optimal response to the needs of residents.. It also provides a majority of beds for elderly patients.. The hospital is located near  ...   staff has been working at the three UHC BRUGMANN sites for several years for maintenance and renovation work on low- and medium-voltage electrical installations.. The Victor Horta site in Laeken.. The Reine Astrid site in Neder-Over-Heembeek.. The Paul Brien site in Schaerbeek.. Brugmann.. Restructuring of the Brugmann Hospital Paul Brien site lot 3: electricity.. ARCADIS.. September 2011.. December 2012.. +/- 2,726,079..

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  • Title: Steenokerzeel, , Steenokkerzeel - Our references - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: Steenokerzeel.. Supply and installation of:.. Low-voltage equipment.. High-voltage equipment.. Cables electrical conduit.. UPS Uninterruptible power supply.. Lighting equipment.. Electric doorkeepers.. PA system.. Fire detection.. Dry extinguishers.. Lighting arrester lightning rod.. Sockets switches.. Power transformers.. 3 generators of 800 kVA each.. Earth and equipotential connectors.. UPS.. All of the T.. G..  ...   contract were built in Collignon Eng's workshops in Erezée.. Types of panels built:.. 6 complete TGBT panels with devices excluding type 2 - form 2 power control modules.. Complete secondary distribution panels.. Cabinets.. Data panels.. UPS panels.. Secondary cabinets.. Soreti.. Steenokkerzeel.. February 2004.. December 2006.. +/- 2,138,168.. 24 + 3,076,537.. 87..

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  • Title: Wind farm, A.L.E., Berloz - Our references - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: Wind farm.. Medium-voltage electrical work, construction of the high-voltage cabinet.. In June 2009, SPE opened three work sites near the Berloz motorway entrance.. Three windmills are being built and there has been talk of installing seven more in the countryside between Berloz and Geer.. The project is currently at the early stages of the impact study which will last six to eight months.. There are currently 117 working windmills in Wallonia, located in 22 municipalities.. A.. L.. Berloz.. Wind farm - Berloz..

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  • Title: National Theatre of Belgium, , Brussel 1 - Our references - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: National Theatre of Belgium.. General contractor: Louis de Waele.. This job was a new challenge for our company.. It combined the need to meet deadlines with complex technical issues and the building itself.. It should be noted that this is one the earliest buildings of its size given that the last building of this type was built in the 19th century.. Our collaboration with De Waele began well before this job and we are currently present on site to carry out additional work.. As soon as we received the order, we put together an administrative file and sent all of the requested documents to the customer (guarantee, insurance  ...   to be custom made.. There was no margin for error.. At certain times the team leader, Mr Malherbe, had between 25 and 35 people working for him to ensure that the obligations contracted with the customer were met.. The theatre opening was planned for early September 2004.. However, the client set the project acceptance deadline for 30 June 2004.. In addition, the provisional acceptance document couldn't contain any comments.. Provisional acceptance was granted on 30 June 2004.. Brussel 1.. Construction of a new building for the National Theatre of the Walloon Community.. B.. SA / COMMUNAUTE FRANCAISE / THEATRE NATIONAL DE BELGIQUE.. August 2003.. September 2004.. +/- 5,008,504.. 29..

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  • Title: Père Olive, Père Olive, Seilles - Our references - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: Père Olive.. Founded in 1993, Père Olive is an agri-foods company specialised in the packaging of table olives and unpasteurised (no preservatives) and non-sterilised Mediterranean products.. A new 22,000 m2 plant located in the Seilles industrial park (Andenne) came on-line in 2007.. The former production site will be renovated to provide total production area of nearly 30,000 m2.. Our company  ...   the older plant and we were entrusted with the complete electrical installation of the new one.. Our company carried out low and high current, detection, data, outdoor lighting and PA system work.. We worked with our subsidiary, Soreti, for the high-voltage work (1250 kVA transformer).. The electrical panels installed were built in our workshops.. Seilles.. January 2007.. December 2009.. +/- 930,000..

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  • Title: RHC Citadelle, Citadelle, Liège 1 - Our references - Collignon ENG. Electrical, electromechanical and industrial installations
    Descriptive info: RHC Citadelle.. Our company handled a number of jobs in various fields for the RHC de la Citadelle.. Staff carrying out work in a hospital environment must be aware of its hygiene rules, of the noise standards in effect, of the risks run by patients in the event of an electrical problem on site, of deadlines, etc.. Our employees were specifically  ...   close collaboration on the site (finishing, bathrooms, HVAC, electricity - also done by our company - medical fluids and gas installation, automatic transport of small items, cold storage, etc.. Some jobs had to be done outside of consultation hours or at the weekend.. This was the case for the work needed in the central interior hallway.. Citadelle.. Liège 1.. January 2008..

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