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  • Title: Climate Bonds | Mobilizing investment for a rapid global transition to a low-carbon economy
    Descriptive info: .. Climate Bonds.. Home.. Blog.. About.. Advisory Panel.. Funders.. Team.. Board.. Sean Kidney, CEO.. Nick Silver.. Padraig Oliver.. Bridget Boulle.. Karl Mallon.. Louis Perroy.. Cynthia Williams.. What we do.. Market Facilitation.. Adaptation.. Enabling Banks.. Government role.. Covered Bonds.. Green Sukuk.. Climate Funds v2.. 0.. Market Growth.. Securitization.. Energy efficiency.. Renewable energy.. Project developers.. Market Promotion.. Climate Bond Standard.. The 10-point case.. Types of bonds.. Issuing bodies.. Retail Bonds.. Work streams.. Standards site.. Support us.. Get Involved.. Endorse Climate Bonds.. Resources.. Climate Bonds intro.. Bonds overview.. Climate Bonds for Beginners.. Capital Steerage.. Did you know?.. History.. FAQs.. Publications.. Bonds Climate Change 2013.. Bonds and Climate Change 2012.. Forest Bonds.. Useful links.. Lesson from Japan.. New asset class?.. Selected Reading.. Glossary.. Media stories.. Television Interviews.. Reports.. News Room.. Events.. Contact us.. Read our new report: Bonds Climate Change 2013.. The Report “Bonds and Climate Change – the State of the Market in 2013“ is an in-depth analysis of the climate-themed bond market’s size.. The report finds:.. - The total universe of bonds linked to key climate themes stands at USD346bn, double last year s estimate.. - The issuance of new climate-themed bonds was USD74bn in 2012, up 25% on 2011.. - China accounts for USD127bn of the total, followed by the UK and France.. - CO2 transport, notably rail, accounts for 75%, followed by clean energy and climate finance.. - 89% of the USD346bn universe is investment grade.. Download 2013 HSBC Bonds Climate Change Report A3 version.. |.. Or the A4 version.. Join us for a webinar presentation on this report on 11 Sept 2013, more details.. here.. Climate Bonds can fund the rapid transition to a low-carbon economy.. According to the International Energy Agency and the UN we need to finance $1-2 trillion p.. a.. of investment in greening our energy systems, building forest protective economies in tropical countries and developing climate resilience in what is going to be a world of heat extremes, more violent storms and storm surges that go with them.. Major policy initiatives, from building the sewers of London and the railways of the US in the 19th century to fighting World Wars 1 2 and building the autostrada of Italy and highways of America, have been financed with bonds that provided safe and secure returns for many decades.. Those same models, and the tools Government used to engineer the finance required, can and need to be used to mobilize debt capital for climate change solutions Climate Bonds.. Find out more.. Climate Bonds can fund the transition to a low-carbon economy.. Climate Bonds allow us to borrow against the future benefit to finance the huge energy, adaptation and other climate change investments we need.. Climate bonds.. are fixed income investments in climate change solutions.. Tapping the $78 trillion[1] debt capital market can open up new channels of funding and reduce the cost of finance.. Climate bonds can be issued by:.. Corporations.. , as finance for a climate change related asset, business or project.. Banks.. , where the funds are used to on-lend to climate change solutions like renewable energy..  ...   investment opportunities and does everything it can do to make sure they are investment grade; in return institutional investors turn on the taps;.. Be clever about public sector risk-sharing –.. Financial leverage (e.. g.. policy risk insurance and currency risk insurance) and regulatory leverage.. Build green enabling institutions –.. Green Investment Units and Banks are needed;.. Give tax incentives for climate bonds –.. very little treasury loss can be a big boost to investment;.. Build an economic recovery narrative –.. the transition to a green economy revamps our economy across every sector and addresses the climate change threat;.. Use Climate Bond Standards as a screening and preferencing tool –.. a tool that helps investors monitor and verify the climate effectiveness of their investments;.. Make it easy for politicians –.. bond investors and business issuers have to get better at packaging politically sellable solutions, help politicians see how they can successfully sell those plans to voters.. Download the Climate Bonds Initiative 8 point Plan.. View proceedings of the.. Paris Climate Bonds seminar.. , 4 June 2013.. (Cliquez.. ici pour la version française.. Sean Kidney, in Doha at the COP18, on how private capital can finance the transition to the low-carbon economy.. Watch Nick Silver explaining how climate bonds can finance the transition to a low-carbon economy.. A fresh initiative.. “If you have a choice between two bonds with the same yield, why would you not buy the one that helps to tackle climate change?”.. The Climate Bonds Initiative is an investor-focused NGO working to mobilize debt capital makets for climate change solutions.. Further information:.. 4 page introduction.. - who we are, what we re doing and why.. 20 page discussion paper.. The.. Climate Bond Standards and Certification Scheme.. Or jump to the.. Bonds and Climate Change the State of the Market 2013.. Video presentations.. Interview on Canada s CBC current affairs show.. Speech to the 2012 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit in New York.. Interview on Canada s.. Business News Network.. Latest News.. EBRD $250m climate bond closes / Norway s REC planning $110m 5yr convertible / We re looking for climate science-savvy interns.. 11 September 2013.. EBRD testing the market for a new AAA 4.. 5yr $250m environmental sustainability bond, a.. k.. climate bond.. 10 September 2013.. Boston Climate Bonds seminar Mon 23 Sept @SSgA / Sean Kidney Toronto Economic Club speech 24 Sept changed to breakfast (bumped by Canada s Minister for Finance!) / Climate Bonds Webinar Wed this week.. 09 September 2013.. Subscribe to Updates.. Your email:.. The Climate Bonds Initiative.. An international network about financing the rapid transition to a low-carbon economy.. Climate Bonds provide long-term debt designed to overcome medium term investment barriers to achieving economies of scale in low-carbon industry sectors.. They will finance a global transition at speed and at scale.. A special project of the.. Network for Sustainable Financial Markets.. and the.. Carbon Disclosure Project.. 2013 Climate Bonds.. All Rights Reserved.. Talk to Us!.. Add your endorsement / comment on Climate Bonds proposals / share ideas in your own networks / become a corporate member..

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  • Title: Climate Bonds | Archive | blog
    Descriptive info: Archive for 'blog'.. Posted on 11.. Sep, 2013 by.. Sean Kidney.. in.. ,.. blog.. Climate Bonds Initiative.. Energy.. Green Bonds.. Investment.. Low-Carbon Economy.. Renewable Energy.. Solar Energy.. 1.. That EBRD AAA, 5 year environmental sustainability bond I.. blogged yesterday.. is out; proceeds go to climate related investments.. See the.. EBRD announcement.. at.. http://goo.. gl/8HwOBH.. And check out their.. FAQ.. Coupon is 1.. 625%.. There were 14 buyers: 51% US, 31% European, 18% Asian.. The sector allocation was: 64% to pension funds, 18% to central banks, 12% asset managers, 4% state-related investors, and less than 1% to bank treasuries and foundations.. 2.. Norwegian solar company.. Renewable Energy Corporation.. (REC) is about.. to issue a new 5 year convertible bond.. of up to US$110 million.. Not sure what rate, but this is the below-investment-grade end of the climate bonds market high risk but higher return.. Have a look at past issuance.. 3.. We re looking for interns to do literature research around which investments are required for a rapid transition to a low-carbon economy in specific industrial sectors.. If you re interested, please email.. bridget.. boulle(at)climatebonds.. net.. If you can give us time in the next week we ll be very keen!.. Posted on 10.. Climate Bond Standards.. Development banks.. Environment.. Europe.. European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.. (EBRD) is, according to a friendly source, planning a new $250 million, 4.. 5 year bond under their.. Environmental Sustainability.. bonds program.. SEB.. and.. Morgan Stanley.. are currently testing investor demand on behalf of the bank.. The proceeds of the bonds go towards investments in energy efficiency, clean energy, water management, waste management, sustainable living, environmental services and sustainable public transport.. See.. their FAQ.. for more details.. These criteria are consistent with Climate Bond Standards inclusions (revised guidelines will be released in NYC later this month), so we ll be calling this a climate bond.. If your fund is interested to know more, let me know and I ll make the necessary introductions.. Posted on 09.. Canada.. Climate Bonds Market.. Climate Change.. United States.. Please join us in Boston on Monday September 23 for an intimate meeting about.. Bonds and Climate Change: the state of the market in 2013.. 4-6pm.. Please circulate this invite!.. Speakers: Sean Kidney, Climate Bonds Initiative; Sean Flannery, Meister Consulting and former CIO SSgA Americas; Cheryl Smith, Trillium Investments.. The event will include a presentation on the recent HSBC / Climate Bonds Initiative report.. , plus a discussion about opportunities and key issues for investors and issuers interested in growing this market.. Report findings:.. Total universe of climate themed bond market = USD356bn (outstanding).. Issuance was USD74bn in 2012, up 25% on 2011.. 89% of the USD346bn universe is investment grade.. This event is kindly hosted by State Street Global Advisors, One Lincoln Street, Boston.. RSVP:.. Please send your name and company to.. boulle@climatebonds.. Registrations close on 19 September.. The Toronto Economics Club.. Bonds Climate Change.. speech on 24 September has been shifted to a breakfast event at One King West Hotel.. I made way for Canada s Minister for Finance who will now take the lunchtime spot (perhaps he will talk about climate change.. You can.. register on the Economics Club website.. You get a good breakfast (albeit at a price) and of course hot news.. Please do invite your colleagues.. Reminder: we re holding a webinar this coming Wednesday 11 September on the Bonds Climate Change report.. Details here.. Timed to suit US folks.. EIB (AAA) taps Climate Awareness Bond (Nov 2019) for further EUR250m = largest green bond issued to date.. 2/3 investors European, ¼ Nordic.. Posted on 05.. Bonds.. This week the.. EIB.. announced it is tapping its.. Climate Awareness Bond.. for a further EUR250m in an announcement that makes takes the bond up to at least EUR900m.. This is the first time the EIB has tapped the 1.. 375% November 2019 bond.. It looks to be the largest climate labelled bond issued to date, eclipsing the.. IFC’s USD1bn climate bond issuance.. earlier in 2013.. The minimum addition size is EUR250 but EIB.. hopes it will be up to EUR350m.. which would make it much larger that the.. IFC Green Bond.. Initial.. reports.. indicate that early book-building is going well and that the leads expect that it will reach EUR1bn.. Approximately 65% of the placement is going to Western European buyers, 25% Nordic and approximately 10% to the rest of the world.. It was almost entirely presold to approximately 10 investors.. Lead managers are.. Credit Agricole CIB.. BofA Merrill Lynch.. DZ Bank.. LBBW.. Unicredit.. 2013 been a record-breaking year for labelled green bonds thus far, bravo EIB, keep those records tumbling!.. Invitation to New York lunch event, Thurs Sept 26, Bonds and Climate Change: the state of the market in 2013 , 12:30pm.. Posted on 04.. Climate Reports.. Green Finance.. Infrastructure.. Market Report.. Report.. Seminar.. Please join us in New York on Thurday September 26 for the US launch of the report.. 12:30pm.. Speakers include: Michael Eckhart (Global Head of Environment at Citi), Suzanne Buchta (Managing Director of DCM at Bank of America Merrill Lynch), Curtis Ravenel (Bloomberg) and Sean Kidney (Climate Bonds Initiative).. This event is kindly hosted by Bloomberg, a light lunch will be provided.. The event will include a presentation and discussion on the recent HSBC and Climate Bonds Initiative report.. It will outline the report findings and discuss opportunities in North America as well as key issues faced by investors and issuers in investing in and growing this market.. The issuance of new climate-themed bonds was USD74bn in 2012, up 25% on 2011.. USD163bn outstanding aligns with benchmark-type rules on credit rating, size currency.. Carbon-efficient transport = 75% of the  ...   the criteria saying, “This will be a very useful tool for us to apply with bond issuing clients who want to be recognised for their contribution to a low carbon economy.. ” The project has received funding from the.. Bank of America Foundation.. Working group member Jenny Chase, Solar Analyst at.. Bloomberg New Energy Finance.. , said, “Bond finance is becoming increasingly relevant for solar project financing, particularly in the US.. This criteria will allow investors to incorporate solar bonds into their environmentally mandated portfolios and signal their eagerness to finance a transition to a low carbon economy.. The Solar Technical Working Group convened at the beginning of the year to examine the best way to formulate the eligibility criteria for solar energy.. The group includes experts from:.. Imperial College.. The International Energy Agency (IEA).. SolarPACES research consortium.. The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).. Greenpeace.. Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI).. Solarcentury.. The European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA).. Wolfeaware.. Dii (formerly Desertec Industrial Initiative).. Sean Kidney said: ”Solar energy seems like a straightforward fixed asset to include in our definition of a low carbon economy, but we needed to address questions around potential environmental impacts, fossil fuel back up plants included in some plants, and supply chain manufacturing, to make sure we have all bases covered.. For that we needed an expert working group.. We are now seeking public comment on the position the expert group has taken.. The first set of criteria released by the working group for public consultation relates to fixed assets for solar power generation, or for transmission infrastructure to deliver such electricity.. The criteria specifies the amount of non-solar fuel back-up or hybridization allowed for projects such as concentrated solar power plants at 15%.. Criteria for manufacturers in the solar supply chain will follow in the Autumn.. The criteria and background paper are available on the website,.. standards.. climatebonds.. The solar criteria are added to those for wind energy to become the second batch of eligible assets for bond certification.. Work is also underway on.. criteria for low-carbon buildings.. (due in the next few months) and a range of other areas, from transport to biofuels.. is a screening tool for investors and governments to support investment in delivering a Low Carbon Economy.. Bonds complying with the Standard will be certified as ‘Climate Bonds’, a mark that assures their contribution to the delivery of a Low Carbon Economy.. This project was supported by the Bank of America Foundation.. China’s State Council (the Chinese govt s cabinet) has decided to encourage green corporate bonds as part of its financial market reforms.. Bravo! Will the EU and the US follow?.. Posted on 15.. China s State Council, the Chinese Government s cabinet, last week published an important and comprehensive.. plan to maintain a 15% annual growth for low carbon and environmental protection industries.. with an important extra element.. The plan talks about opening up debt instruments as a means of financing growth in this area and proposes:.. Encouraging environment protection companies to issue green securities, including bonds.. Establishing a loan grading system for environment friendly projects.. Allowing private corporations to issue green bonds, or more specifically, bonds for energy saving and environmental protection.. Mandarin readers can.. view the document here.. The document goes on to propose a pilot scheme for corporate green bonds.. Yes yes yes!.. It also proposes improved environmental and energy efficiency standards in a range of areas; much-needed, and these provide the asset definitions for green bonds.. Essentially, bonds backed by assets that qualify, like renewable energy plants or buildings that meet robust carbon footprint standards, should qualify as green bonds.. China’s government has an ongoing focus on energy conservation and renewable energy as a means of contributing to sustainable economic growth.. It s been very diligent at implementing command and control measures in different sectors, and establishing carbon trading pilots.. Bonds are now coming into the mix of broader financial market reforms.. If the focus on green bonds is designed to guide private investment from both the huge savings pool of domestic households and from foreign capital, then a lot of investment could shift very quickly.. Of course the same arguments that have convinced China s Government to pursue this apply equally in the EU and the USA: the need to promote a market for capital products that will finance an urgent policy priority area.. That s the sort of thing we count as.. Note: it s not all about green bonds.. For a different perspective see.. this Der Spiegel coverage.. Older Entries.. Search for:.. Subscribe2.. @ClimateBonds.. Follow us on Twitter.. Categories.. 8 point plan.. Asia.. Australia.. Biodiversity.. China.. CO2.. Corporate Bonds.. Doha.. Energy Efficiency.. Energy Policy.. Environmental Finance.. Event.. Fiduciary Duty.. Forests.. Fossil Fuel.. Global Debt Securities Market.. Global Warming.. Green Cement.. Green Climate Fund.. Green Homes.. Green Investment Bank.. HSBC.. Hydroelectric Bonds.. Insurance.. Islamic World.. Japan.. LEEP.. Micro-Renewables.. Middle East.. Ocean Energy.. Pension Funds.. Projects.. Proposal.. Securitisation Market.. South Africa.. Sukuk.. Transport.. Videos.. Water Bonds.. Webinar.. Wind Power.. News Archive.. Select Month.. September 2013.. August 2013.. July 2013.. June 2013.. May 2013.. April 2013.. March 2013.. February 2013.. January 2013.. December 2012.. November 2012.. October 2012.. September 2012.. August 2012.. July 2012.. June 2012.. May 2012.. April 2012.. March 2012.. February 2012.. January 2012.. December 2011.. November 2011.. October 2011.. September 2011.. August 2011.. July 2011.. June 2011.. May 2011.. April 2011.. March 2011.. February 2011.. January 2011.. December 2010.. November 2010.. October 2010.. September 2010.. July 2010.. June 2010.. May 2010.. April 2010.. March 2010.. February 2010.. January 2010.. December 2009.. November 2009.. Twitter Updates.. Error: Twitter did not respond.. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page..

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  • Title: Climate Bonds |  About
    Descriptive info: The Climate Bonds Initiative is an investor-focused not-for-profit working to mobilize bond markets for climate change solutions.. Climate change solutions involve a rapid transition to a low-carbon and climate resilient economy.. We aim to reduce the cost of capital for climate related investments, while at the same time seeing the creation of safe and secure investments suitable to the needs of pension and insurance funds.. The current value of the bond markets is.. estimated (by the Bank of International Settlements) to be worth $78 trillion at the end of December.. 2012 [1].. Our goal: $1 trillion of investment flowing each year to low-carbon industries.. The Climate Bonds Initiative is:.. Providing policy models and advice.. Rapid change at very large scale will depend on a close working relationship between government, finance and industry.. The Climate Bonds Initiative is developing policy proposals for all three sectors, including:.. How to boost bank lending to renewables by adapting the $3 trillion covered bonds market to create renewable energy covered bonds.. Delivering on the promise of large-scale energy efficiency (e.. getting to 85% of housing stock within 10 years).. Policy risk insurance for renewable energy bonds, to be provided by a consortium of governments.. Developing trusted standards.. The Climate Bond Standards Board  ...   DNV and Calvert Funds Management.. The Board has already created standards for wind energy bonds and has certified its first bond, soon to be launched.. Solar and energy efficiency investments will be the next to be certified.. Launching demonstration projects.. The aim of these ‘proof-of-concept’ projects is to demonstrate investibility and the potential to finance with Climate Bonds.. For example, working with municipalities in England, the Climate Bonds Initiative is developing a plan for securitization of residential energy efficiency loans with the aim of providing a financing pipeline for the whole country.. See also:.. Media stories about Climate Bonds.. Our Publications.. The Climate Bonds Initiative is a special project of.. , an independent not-for-profit organisation that collects and distributes high quality corporate climate change information for integration into business and policy decision-making, and.. , an international network of finance sector professionals, academics and others dedicated to improving financial market integrity and efficiency.. Pro bono legal advisors:.. Shearman Sterling LLP.. [1] Prior to December 2012 the.. had said the bond market was worth $100 trillion.. However, in Dec 2012 they published a paper saying they d uncovered problems in their methodology that had ed to double-counting, and revised the global figure down some $20 trillion!.. 2009 Climate Bonds..

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  • Title: Climate Bonds |  Advisory Panel
    Descriptive info: Boston | California | Chicago | Copenhagen | Delhi | Geneva | Frankfurt | Houston | Istanbul | London | Madrid | New York | Rio de Janeiro | Rome | Seoul | Singapore | Sydney | Toronto | Venice | Wilmington.. Boston.. Dr.. David Wood.. Director,.. Initiative for Responsible Investment.. , Harvard University.. Sean P.. Flannery.. IFOK Gmbh,.. COO.. Meister Consultants.. Former CIO Americas,.. State Street Global Advisors.. California.. Bryan Martel.. (.. Director.. MD,.. Environmental Capital Group.. Co-founder of the P8.. Copenhagen.. Wofgang Mostert.. Consultant in finance frameworks for energy and environment.. Delhi.. Sumantra Sen.. Responsible Investment Research Association; Climate Bonds India.. Geneva.. Henry Derwent.. Former CEO.. International Emissions Trading Association.. Paul Clements-Hunt.. UNEP Finance Initiative.. Houston.. Jon Bianco.. Catalyst Capital Advisors.. Investment banker specialising in the Muni bond market.. Istanbul.. Dr.. Melsa Ararat.. Logos Asset Management.. and Faculty of Management,.. Sabancı University.. London.. Abyd Karmali.. MD and Global Head of Carbon Markets,.. Alexandre Chavarot.. Advisor Climate Finance,.. Clinton Climate Initiative.. ; Managing Partner,.. Clean Infra Partners;.. Climate Bonds India.. Alex Veys.. CIO,.. Partnership Assurance.. Anthony Hobley.. Global head of climate change and carbon finance,.. Norton Rose.. Bryn Jones.. Investment Manager,.. Rathbone Brothers.. Christoph Harwood.. CEO.. Marksman Consulting.. Colin Hines.. Convenor,.. Green New Deal.. Imtiaz Ahmad.. Executive Director,.. James Cameron.. Vice  ...   trading.. Vicki Bakhshi.. Governance and Sustainable Investments,.. F C Management.. Vince Julier.. Partner at.. Greensphere Capital.. Formerly EMEA head of structured finance at BP.. Xavier Lecacheur.. Development and climate change.. Madrid.. Peter Sweatman.. Climate Strategy Partners.. New York.. Antonia E Stolper.. Partner,.. Specialist in large scale project contracts.. Graciella Chichilnisky.. Consortium for Risk Management,.. Columbia University.. Rio de Janeiro.. Dr Pedro Moura Costa.. E2.. environmental finance, co-founder.. EcoSecurities.. Rome.. John Mathews.. ENI Chair of Competitive Dynamics and Global Strategy,.. LUISS University.. Seoul.. William Choi.. CEO,.. CB Williams Group.. Darius Nassiry.. Global Green Growth Institute;.. Visiting Fellow,.. Centre for Global Development.. Singapore.. ClimateKos;.. coordinator for SE Asia.. Stuttgart.. Frank Damerow.. Portfolio Manager,.. Sydney.. Dr Karl Mallon.. Chief Scientist,.. Climate Risk Australia.. Toronto.. Matthew Kiernan.. Inflection Point Capital.. , founder of.. Innovest.. Nelson Switzer.. PriceWaterhouse Canada.. University of Illinois, College of Law.. Corporate law and securities expert.. Franz Maritsch.. Engineering consultant, expert in development of large-scale power plants.. Venice.. Barbara Buchner.. Climate Policy Initiative.. Venice office.. Wilmington.. Paul Hughes.. Environmental Communication Foundation.. Energy efficiency advisor.. Climate Bonds team.. Sean Kidney.. CEO and co-founder.. Director and co-founder.. Bridget Boulle,.. program manager.. , consultancy.. Luisa Garcia.. , communications.. * Note that Advisory Panel members serve in their personal capacities; organizational affiliations are listed for identification purposes only..

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  • Title: Climate Bonds |  Funders
    Descriptive info: : pro bono legal advice.. European Climate Foundation.. : mobilization of needed investment in the EU.. Bank of America Merrill Lynch Foundation.. : climate bond standards.. National Australia Bank.. : climate bond standards.. HSBC Climate Change Centre of Excellence.. : bonds and climate change research.. Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts.. : energy efficiency financing solutions..

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  • Title: Climate Bonds |  Team
    Descriptive info: The team in London.. , executive chair.. , executive director and chief actuary.. Pension fund advisor, climate-related insurance expert.. , research manager.. Caroline Harrison.. , research and indexes..

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  • Title: Climate Bonds |  Board
    Descriptive info: The Board of the Climate Bonds Initiative provides management direction.. It seeks and acts on advice of the various constrituent committees of the Initiative: the.. Climate Bonds Advisory Panel.. and various technical committees.. Members are:.. , Chair.. , Director.. Consulting actuary.. Chief Scientist, Climate Risk Australia.. CEO, Environmental Capital Group.. Leave a Reply.. Click here to cancel reply.. Name (required).. Mail (will not be published) (required).. Website.. 2011 Climate Bonds..

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  • Title: Climate Bonds |  Sean Kidney, CEO
    Descriptive info: Sean Kidney is CEO and co-founder of the Climate Bonds Initiative.. His background is in stakeholder communications, social change strategy and issues marketing.. Sean is also:.. - A director of the.. , an international, non-partisan network of finance sector professionals, academics and others who see the need for fundamental changes to improve financial market integrity,  ...   Climate Finance.. - A member of Finance Advisory Board of the European Wind Energy Association.. - A member of Mercer’s Sustainability Opportunities Fund Advisory Panel.. He was previously a marketing advisor to a number of the largest Australian pension funds, a owner of social marketing, web site development and current affairs publishing firms.. 2010 Climate Bonds..

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  • Title: Climate Bonds |  Nick Silver
    Descriptive info: Nick Silver is co-founder of the Climate Bonds Initiative and its Chief Actuary.. He is a research fellow of the.. , a Visiting Fellow at the.. LSE Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment.. and a Chairman of the.. Resource and Environment Group of the UK Actuarial Profession.. Nick is also a senior honorary visiting fellow at.. Cass Business School.. and a fellow of the.. Institute of Economic Affairs.. He is part of the.. London Climate Change Partnership.. and the Climate Change Working Party at Lloyd’s.. Nick has advised the UK’s.. Environment Department.. (DEFRA) and.. Development Department.. (DFID), the.. German Development Department.. (GTZ) and.. Africa Partnership Forum.. on risk transfer solutions for adaptation in developing countries, has presented at  ...   the COP 14 negotiations, a report for the Chartered Insurance Institute on the impact of climate change on the insurance industry and presented two papers at the.. IARU International Scientific Congress on Climate Change.. in Copenhagen which are pioneering the use of risk management techniques in setting climate change policy.. Nick has advised a number of developing and transition economy countries on social insurance.. He has also written a number of papers and articles on complexity economics and implications for the carbon market, and has been widely quoted in the national media on the financial crisis.. Nick has a Masters Degree in Public Financial Policy from the.. London School of Economics.. Previously Nick worked as an actuary at.. PriceWaterhouseCoopers.. Punter Southall..

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  • Title: Climate Bonds |  Padraig Oliver
    Descriptive info: Padraig is Research Manager at the Climate Bonds Initiative.. He has worked as a clean energy and climate strategy consultant for 4 years with experience in China and Europe and has extensive experience in international project management and clean energy analysis for clients such as the European Commission, the International Finance Corporation, WWF, and the UK Government and with partners such as the IEA, major international banks, and NGOs.. Padraig holds an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London..

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  • Title: Climate Bonds |  Bridget Boulle
    Descriptive info: Bridget is Program Manager at the Climate Bonds Initiative.. She has worked in sustainable investment for 4 years, most recently at Henderson Global Investors in the SRI team.. At Henderson she was involved in the identification and analysis of critical sustainability and responsibility issues with investment relevance  ...   London and at Kaiser Associates Economic Development Practice in South Africa where she gained experience advising institutional investors on environmental issues and in consulting on economic development projects.. Bridget holds a BSc Environental Science and BCom Hons Economics from the University of Cape Town.. 2012 Climate Bonds..

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