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  • Title: Cherished and Private Car Number Plate Specialists - Car Marks
    Descriptive info: .. Supplying Personalised Registrations since 1969 - call 01482 222 223.. Call for a personal and specialist service:.. 01482.. 222 223.. Home.. Buying Plates.. Number Plate Search.. Selling Plates.. Auctions.. Information.. Number Plate FAQ's.. Fully Managed Transfers.. Personal Buying Assistance.. Our Selling Service.. About Cherished Plates.. About the DVLA.. Contact.. Start your number plate search:.. Enter up to 3 letters or numbers.. Exact Search Only.. View the plates on offer at the next Car Registration Auction.. Numbers featuring at the next auction ».. Want to see how a number plate would look on your own car, or just make  ...   of transferring the plate from the buyer to your car, taking care of the paperwork inbetween.. Learn More ».. Popular Plates.. 90 RD.. J8 UDY.. RM 1.. Proud History.. Car Marks are the longest serving number plate specialists having been established in 1969.. We have extensive & expert knowledge in the field of number plate registration and can answer any questions or concerns you may have.. Read our FAQ ».. Car Marks.. PO BOX 99.. HULL.. HU1 3EZ.. Buying plates.. Selling plates.. Car Marks are a member of.. The Institute of Registration Agents and Dealers.. Web Design.. by Eye Web..

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  • Title: Buying Car Plates
    Descriptive info: Buying Car Plates.. Search for a plate.. For your convenience protection we are authorised to accept payment by most credit and debit cards.. Apart from the obvious convenience and insurance protection provided by the credit card Company, you can also be confident that we can instantly reserve a personalised number plate with this method.. We also accept payments by cheque and bank transfers.. We are pleased to make available an extensive selection of private car number plates and DVLA registration plates.. Select your private car number plate now from our  ...   within 3 to 4 working days, although some cherished plates may take a little longer due to the nature of the paperwork involved and DVLA inspections that now take place on all vehicles over 15 years old.. Almost all donor vehicles over 15 years old now require an inspection by the Local Vehicle Licensing Office to check the authenticity of the vehicle number plate, this can add an additional 2 weeks or more to the length of the transfer completion.. View a plate on your car.. Have you tried your initials?..

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  • Title: Number Plate Search
    Descriptive info: Use the search function above to find your ideal number plate.. If you require any assistance in finding your ideal personalised number plate please contact our dedicated experienced team on 01482 22 22 23..

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  • Title: Selling Private Plates
    Descriptive info: Selling Private Plates.. Car Marks are one of the few cash buyers in the industry, as well as being successful brokers in selling registrations on behalf of others.. With a substantial advertising budget and a very extensive client database we are able to give your number maximum exposure at no cost to you.. Over forty years of experience means that the valuations we provide are realistic - unlike some companies who overvalue your personalised number plate to attract your business and then come back offering you considerably less.. It is a very competitive and transparent market and cherished registrations have to be priced realistically to sell.. We will advertise your registration Free of Charge, adding a small margin on top of the returnable figure.. The figure we quote you relates to cleared funds, no deductions for advertising or admin.. On finding a purchaser we shall prepare the application and submit it for transfer.. If the number is currently held on a vehicle it must hold a current tax disc and MOT certificate (or these must have expired within the last 12 months).. Your vehicle will automatically be issued with an age-related  ...   Entitlement, it would need a change of nominee details on the document, which is done via the DVLA.. Upon receipt of the amended certificate the transaction will be finalised.. You have the right to cancel this agreement at any time providing we have not already sold the registration.. You must inform us in writing if the vehicle is scrapped or the number is no longer available before we have found a buyer.. If you dispose of the vehicle or registration number, or if you wish us to withdraw the number from sale, you must notify us in writing (please keep proof of postage) before we have found a buyer.. If we find a buyer prior to your cancellation, we shall expect to receive the documents within 5 working days.. Failure to inform us your registration is no longer available will result in charges for our services for lost commission in the sum of £100 plus vat.. Your registration mark will be advertised until we are advised otherwise.. Please correct the following errors:-.. Name:.. *.. Address.. Email:.. Phone:.. Number Plate:.. Current Plate Status:.. Tax/Tested Vehicle.. Retention.. Amount Required:.. * indicates a required field..

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  • Title: Car Plate Auctions
    Descriptive info: Private Plate Auctions.. DVLA holds around seven number plate auctions each year of previously unreleased distinctive and appealing registrations.. Car Marks have attended every DVLA Auction since they started in 1989, providing us with a wealth of experience within the auction hall.. We provide a professional, comprehensive service which allows us to bid on your behalf, saving you time, and most importantly, money! Our service includes Suggested Hammer Price and Full Transfer Service.. If we are successful in purchasing the registration on your behalf we charge a fee for our services - if we are not successful we do not charge.. NO NUMBER PLATE – NO CHARGE!.. We have acquired thousands of registrations for clients in this way, most of which have proved to be excellent investments.. These numbers are unique and it can sometimes be difficult to determine their value.. However we have detailed records of all previous auction sales enabling us to offer expert advice which could result in saving you thousands of pounds!.. Contact us now for more details.. More often than not our realistic charges prove to be self-financing.. Check the list below to search for the next release of Auction Numbers.. Next Number Plate Auction is:.. Dates:.. - 20th, 21st, 22nd of March 2013.. Location:.. - De Vere Village Leeds South, Capitol Boulevard West, Tingley, Leeds LS27 0TS.. Day 1.. Day 2.. Day 3.. 500 A.. 8888 G.. 1985 P.. 1969 AA.. 900 GA.. 6000 P.. 1980 AA.. GAB 66Y.. 999 PA.. AAA 1H.. GAL 66S.. PAB 4B.. AAB 84S.. GAM 9S.. 600 PAM.. 9 AAK.. GAN 66S.. PAM 1J.. 8000 AB.. 12 GAS.. PAN 17A.. AB13 OTT.. GAT 77S.. PAN 55S.. 14 ABA.. 47 GAV.. PAR 777N.. ABB 13X.. GAV 1T.. 550 PAT.. ABB 88T.. GAV 111S.. PAT 1K.. 15 ABR.. 1965 GB.. PAU 15C.. ABR 111M.. 4 GBX.. 700 PB.. ABS 13.. 7777 GC.. 6 PBE.. 700 AC.. 8 GCB.. 800 PC.. 16 ACC.. 1970 GD.. 13 PCJ.. ACC 70N.. 8 GDJ.. 999 PCX.. ACE 1R.. 8 GDX.. 1980 PD.. 15 ACP.. 59 GE.. 12 PDJ.. 3 ACU.. GEA 1S.. 3 PEK.. ADE 13B.. 3 GEG.. PET 3T.. 22 ADJ.. GEL 11T.. 4 PFD.. 18 ADP.. GEM 1W.. 4 PGW.. ADR 15N.. GER 11S.. 6 PGX.. 19 ADS.. GER 22Y.. PHA 81B.. 93 AE.. GFP 3.. PHC 7.. 3 AEK.. 22 GFX.. 30 PJS.. 1970 AF.. 1985 GG.. 77 PJW.. 4 AFE.. GG54 RAH.. 5 PKD.. AFF 11L.. 3 GGR.. 4 PLB.. AFF 554L.. 98 GH.. 9 PLP.. 11 AFS.. 4 GHP.. PLS 10.. AFS 888R.. 92 GJ.. 1968 PM.. 7777 AG.. 12 GJC.. PMA 110N.. 14 AGS.. 333 GJX.. 14 PMR.. AH51 NGH.. 84 GK.. 83 PN.. 5 AHE.. 94 GL.. PNS 5.. AHM 41D.. 7 GLJ.. POR 4J.. AHM 111D.. 4444 GM.. POS 6.. 6000 AJ.. 42 GN.. 71 POV.. 17 AJA.. 2 GNS.. POW 311H.. 22 AJC.. 86 GO.. PPS 11.. 22 AJR.. GO11 LDE.. 4 PPW.. 900 AK.. GO12 DON.. 8 PPX.. AKM 41S.. GOV 333R.. 1987 PR.. 7 AKY.. 700 GP.. PRA 777Y.. 1965 AL.. GPS 15.. 13 PRJ.. AL11 LYS.. 888 GR.. 4 PRX.. ALA 17N.. GRE 6R.. 9999 PS.. ALF 1W.. 7000 GS.. 77 PSB.. ALF 9E.. 22 GSM.. 5 PSE.. ALL 111N.. 97 GT.. 10 PTR.. ALL 888N.. GUE 57Y.. 13 PU.. ALS 20.. GUY 1T.. 98 PW.. ALT 444F.. 4 GXJ.. 4 PWT.. ALY 1K.. GYM 555S.. 30 PXD.. 1989 AM.. G33 GEE.. 11 PXJ.. 5000 AM.. G133 ENN.. 111 PXR.. AMD 11R.. G144 ANT.. 3 PXX.. AME 111E.. G188 BBS.. P34 ARL.. AME 113R.. 700 H.. P37 TES.. AMM 9N.. 61 HA.. P44 DAM.. AMY 1F.. HA11 FAX.. P47 TEL.. 900 AN.. HA12 OLD.. P47 YNE.. 32 ANA.. HAF 555A.. P84 RRY.. ANA 1N.. HAG 666S.. P114 ANO.. 12 ANE.. HAL 111S.. P199 PPA.. ANE 55H.. HAN 7S.. P411 LET.. ANG 1N.. HAN 15S.. P411 ULA.. ANG 314D.. HAN 555A.. P475 CAR.. ANN 4F.. HAR 15B.. P541 MON.. 99 ANT.. HAS 12.. 777 RA.. ANT 1P.. HAS 144M.. RAA 4H.. ANY 4D.. 61 HB.. 28 RAB.. 1989 AO.. HBE 45T.. RAB 1X.. 97 AP.. 1 HBX.. RAH 44L.. 88 APM.. 86 HC.. RAJ 1W.. APS 16.. HCA 110W.. 11 RAK.. 21 APS.. 2 HCK.. RAK 333S.. 777 AR.. 61 HD.. RAL 8H.. 19 ARJ.. 4 HDG.. RAL 111Y.. ARK 44N.. 39 HE.. RAN 44T.. 333 AS.. 55 HED.. RAS 44A.. AS11 ANS.. HEL 66A.. RAV 333N.. AS11 LEY.. HEM 444S.. RAY 1L.. 20 ASC.. HER 44S.. 1985 RB.. 79 ASH.. 4 HGC.. 4 RBA.. ASH 1V.. 33 HGX.. 1990 RC.. ASH 7A.. 9999 HH.. 12 RCD.. ASH 111L.. 2 HHJ.. 90 RCX.. 15 ASJ.. 58 HJ.. 1111 RD.. ASL 14M.. 5 HJK.. RDS 12.. ASM 177H.. 42 HL.. 58 RE.. ASP 3L.. 97 HM.. RE13 ECA.. ASR 44F.. 1 HNJ.. REG 1B.. AST 1Y.. HO13 BBS.. REG 44L.. AST 50N.. HOB 55S.. REO 12.. 98 AT.. HOP 55S.. REV 44S.. 21 ATS.. 6 HPM.. REW 550N.. ATT 111C.. 79 HR.. REX 33.. AUD 1C.. 8 HRD.. 94 RF.. 6 AVR.. 800 HS.. RFT 6.. 97 AW.. 7 HSJ.. 6000 RG.. 1988 AY.. 90 HSX.. 6 RGP.. A1 ERN.. HU11 CTY.. 3 RGX.. A1 NEL.. HUR 6H.. RH08 DES.. A1 ROJ.. HUS 444M.. RHA 11S.. A1 RYS.. 58 HW.. RHD 3.. A5 OOO.. 30 HXA.. RHY 5R.. A44 ANS.. 80 HXD.. 9000 RJ.. A54 LES.. 7 HXG.. RJK 12.. A88 BOT.. 700 HXJ.. 900 RJX.. A348 GTB.. 5 HXS.. 93 RK.. A845 RAM.. H44 RYG.. 7 RKS.. A911 ASH.. H45 ANN.. 5555 RL.. 5555 B.. H111 NKS.. RLS 80.. 700 BA.. H122 RST.. 8000 RM.. BA12 CON.. H155 COX.. 14 RMJ.. BA12 TON.. H166 GGY.. 59 RN.. BA13 ARA.. H333 MMA.. RNS 9.. BAD 1H.. H455 ANB.. RO11 LLS.. BAD 55S.. H455 OCK.. ROB 44N.. BAG 133Y.. H845 RAM.. ROD 1C.. BAH 22A.. 1985 J.. ROG 1J.. BAK 13R.. 1970 JA.. ROM 4L.. BAL 4A.. JA11 NES.. ROM 55S.. BAL 33Y.. JAB 88A.. RON 4H.. BAL 155S.. 67 JAG.. 60 ROP.. BAN 7S.. JAG 1M.. ROR 111E.. 14 BAP.. JAH 777A.. ROY 1N.. BAR 22Y.. JAK 1D.. 1996 RP.. 44 BAS.. JAK 8S.. 7 RPW.. BAS 21.. JAK 44L.. 5000 RR.. BAT 773S.. JAM 18S.. 9 RRS.. BAX 7A.. JAM 355K.. 8888 RS.. 900 BB.. 777 JAN.. RSB 13.. 1977 BC.. JAN 1H.. RSL 911C.. 11 BCC.. JAN 37G.. 1960 RT.. 555 BD.. JAN 111L.. 11 RTP.. BDA 13Y.. JAS 28.. RUM 4S.. 12 BDG.. JAS 1J.. RUN 333R.. 57 BE.. JAV 444D.. RUP 33N.. BEC 1G.. JAW 44D.. RUP 444S.. BEE 1T.. JAY 1P.. RUS 1D.. 75 BEN.. 1961 JB.. RUS 55A.. BER 74S.. 6 JBE.. 6 RWT.. BER 777Y.. 1980 JC.. 55 RXJ.. BES 1S.. JC51 NGH.. 444 RXR.. BET 1D.. 21 JCC.. 70 RXT.. BEV 1F.. 16 JCD.. 500 RXW.. BEW  ...   1T.. 13 TMR.. DAN 7J.. LES 1B.. 48 TN.. DAN 88S.. LEW 115K.. 700 TO.. DAR 6L.. LEW 155B.. 93 TOM.. DAR 13N.. 1 LFX.. TOM 5J.. DAR 888Y.. 55 LFX.. TOM 18B.. DAV 17S.. 91 LH.. TOM 18K.. DAV 135G.. 12 LJD.. TOT 777S.. DAY 1J.. 56 LK.. 96 TP.. 5000 DB.. 3 LKD.. TPO 773R.. 13 DBR.. 59 LL.. TPS 9.. 1975 DC.. LLA 71F.. 94 TR.. 8 DCF.. 700 LM.. TRE 770N.. 12 DCW.. 12 LMR.. 1977 TS.. 8 DCX.. 34 LN.. 2 TSF.. 12 DDC.. 3 LNC.. 7000 TT.. 10 DDJ.. 29 LO.. TUN 33S.. 25 DDP.. LOD 666E.. TUR 80F.. 97 DE.. LOG 55S.. TVR 1D.. DE12 EKS.. LOT 55S.. 91 TW.. DEA 17E.. 97 LP.. TWH 178Y.. 850 DEB.. 4 LPN.. 1 TWV.. DEB 1D.. 1990 LR.. 5 TXC.. DEB 99S.. 9 LRD.. 88 TXK.. DEE 1A.. 88 LRX.. 30 TXN.. DEE 94S.. 5555 LS.. 77 TXO.. 8 DEJ.. 1 LSP.. 40 TYR.. DEM 1L.. 82 LT.. 333 TYX.. DEN 1R.. LUC 4F.. T1 OOO.. DEN 15T.. LUC 14R.. T4 MPA.. DEN 73S.. LUC 45V.. T57 EPH.. DER 7L.. LUM 555Y.. T155 SUE.. DER 666Y.. 92 LW.. T166 ERS.. 53 DES.. 50 LXJ.. T188 BBS.. DES 1W.. 4 LXM.. T412 MAC.. DEV 1H.. 4 LXO.. T441 LOR.. DEW 555E.. LXS 40.. 2 UFX.. DEX 1N.. 8111 LY.. UMM 2R.. DEX 77A.. LYD 14K.. 1 UMR.. 99 DF.. LYL 22E.. 21 UND.. 550 DG.. LYN 1M.. USM 18N.. DGR 3Y.. 200 LYX.. 555 UU.. 13 DGR.. L31 GHL.. 2 UUX.. 97 DH.. L117 NDA.. 4 UV.. DHE 51N.. L144 ANE.. 9 UX.. 7 DHJ.. L166 CKS.. 8 UXA.. 3000 DJ.. L166 GHT.. 222 UXF.. 12 DJK.. L188 BBY.. UXG 700.. 40 DJX.. L441 URA.. 88 UXN.. 95 DK.. 92 M.. 900 V.. DKE 17H.. 1980 MA.. VAL 1B.. 1992 DL.. MA10 NES.. 111 VAN.. 12 DLJ.. 79 MAC.. VAR 44A.. DLO 64N.. MAC 1C.. VAR 66A.. 6000 DM.. MAC 8J.. VAR 555H.. 19 DMS.. MAC 44N.. VAS 333Y.. 74 DN.. MAD 1G.. VBG 1.. 12 DNC.. MAD 33E.. 40 VCX.. DOC 1D.. MAD 55R.. VEG 66Y.. DOG 1S.. MAD 111S.. 3 VFE.. DOG 66A.. MAG 1H.. 600 VGX.. DOL 44R.. MAG 8Y.. VME 110R.. DOM 1D.. MAG 61R.. 2 VNX.. DOR 1D.. MAG 99Y.. 70 VW.. DOR 15N.. MAJ 5D.. 786 VXA.. DOU 555E.. MAK 44A.. 3 VXL.. DOU 666H.. MAL 1J.. 7 VXN.. 47 DPM.. MAL 55A.. 66 VXX.. DPS 20.. MAL 111S.. V6 OOO.. 5000 DR.. MAM 1C.. 97 W.. DRA 155Y.. MAM 111E.. WAD 8Y.. 18 DRJ.. MAR 8K.. WAG 66Y.. 1982 DS.. MAR 22A.. WAJ 4D.. 10 DSE.. MAR 144X.. WAK 44S.. 150 DT.. MAR 660T.. WAN 77S.. 3 DTY.. 68 MAT.. WC 29.. 70 DU.. MAT 1R.. WDX 55.. DU12 HAM.. 74 MAX.. WEB 888S.. DUC 471X.. MAX 1F.. WED 66Y.. DUD 55S.. MAY 1J.. WEL 1A.. DUM 44N.. 6666 MB.. WEL 4N.. 98 DW.. 12 MBR.. WEL 888Y.. 66 DXG.. 500 MC.. 9 WEN.. 786 DXS.. MCA 44N.. 17 WEN.. DYL 77N.. 10 MCB.. WEN 6S.. D41 SYT.. 11 MCH.. WES 1S.. D80 WER.. 2 MCX.. 10 WEY.. D155 SCO.. 333 MD.. WJX 50.. D155 SHY.. 16 MDC.. WLS 1.. D166 GBY.. 8 MDN.. WNS 1.. D333 AKS.. 91 ME.. WPE 110W.. D351 RED.. MEG 1C.. 46 WR.. D444 NAS.. 68 MEL.. 86 WS.. D444 WSN.. MEL 1G.. WSU 770N.. 99 E.. MEL 444R.. 7 WWW.. 52 EA.. MER 444A.. 2 WXA.. EAM 2N.. 3 MFD.. 4 WXC.. EAN 15H.. 600 MG.. 60 WXL.. 8 EAP.. 12 MGD.. 222 WXM.. 91 EB.. 93 MH.. WXS 4.. EBS 8.. MHA 770N.. WYN 1P.. 79 EC.. MHB 8.. W11 TTL.. ECC 133S.. 70 MHD.. W111 LEM.. 90 ED.. 8000 MJ.. W111 OYD.. 5 EDJ.. 13 MJJ.. W111 SPY.. EDS 1M.. 12 MJL.. W444 TTY.. 888 EE.. 500 MJX.. W477 TAM.. 555 EF.. 97 MK.. 7777 X.. 2 EFS.. 8 MKC.. XAS 6.. 700 EFX.. 11 MLD.. XBG 8.. 59 EG.. 9 MLS.. XCN 2.. EGG 80Y.. MMM 666M.. XCW 77.. EHA 554N.. 4 MMW.. 6 XD.. 59 EJ.. 4 MNC.. XDC 50.. 5 EJA.. 1111 MO.. XEB 111.. 40 EJX.. MOR 444G.. XEK 66.. 32 EK.. 12 MPM.. XEN 44S.. 83 EL.. 1982 MR.. XFO 22.. ELA 19E.. 16 MRD.. 2 XGG.. ELA 71F.. MRO 81N.. XGR 4Y.. ELL 2S.. 1993 MS.. XJC 8.. ELL 15G.. 5 MSF.. 666 XLM.. ELM 44A.. 11 MTK.. 99 XMR.. ELS 4X.. MUN 77Y.. 40 XOA.. ELS 88Y.. 7 MVS.. XPV 555.. 93 EM.. 1 MWR.. 7 XR.. EMA 1P.. 6 MWX.. XRG 55.. EMM 2Y.. 9 MXA.. 6 XTY.. EN51 GNS.. 50 MXE.. 7777 XX.. 58 EP.. 7 MXJ.. 700 XXX.. 58 ER.. MXS 6.. XXX 7X.. ERN 13X.. MYR 44H.. X6 OOO.. 89 ES.. M32 HOT.. X84 KER.. 5 ESD.. M166 CKY.. X110 YDS.. 59 ET.. M441 DEN.. X845 RAM.. EV13 LYN.. M477 TTY.. 95 Y.. EVA 44S.. 97 N.. YAK 45H.. EVE 1G.. 82 NA.. YDA 1Y.. EVE 3E.. NAD 11E.. YDX 77.. EVO 9X.. NAD 44A.. YER 1N.. 48 EW.. 14 NAJ.. YGR 33N.. 9 EXJ.. NAM 15H.. YHA 554N.. E80 WEN.. 25 NAT.. YMA 11K.. E444 LES.. NAT 1D.. YMA 55Y.. E541 EEM.. NAV 111S.. 20 YNX.. 777 FA.. 93 NB.. 800 YS.. FAH 33D.. 4 NBC.. 4 YV.. FAK 33E.. 93 NC.. YVE 773D.. FAL 1S.. 7 NCJ.. YWA 11S.. 5 FAP.. 20 NCX.. 99 YXB.. FAR 444H.. 48 ND.. 900 YXN.. FAS 8L.. 4 NDL.. 200 YXT.. FAS 77R.. NDO 14N.. 111 YXY.. FAT 444S.. 39 NE.. 5 YYX.. FAY 6S.. NEE 11L.. Y35 KEV.. FAY 555S.. 550 NES.. Y44 NKY.. 5 FCS.. NEW 55S.. Y57 EVE.. 777 FCX.. 951 NGH.. Y455 HAR.. 111 FD.. 90 NGX.. Y514 TER.. 90 FE.. 43 NH.. Y618 SON.. FE12 GAL.. NHA 81B.. Y630 RGE.. FEA 22N.. 80 NJ.. FER 458S.. 6 NJB.. 4 FGS.. 7 NJE.. 43 FJ.. 49 NK.. 8 FJD.. 61 NL.. 7 FJX.. 4 NLC.. FLA 6H.. 94 NM.. 18 FN.. 4 NMR.. 1 FNG.. 34 NN.. FON 333S.. 77 NNX.. FOX 1G.. NON 4B.. 41 FP.. 93 NP.. FRA 7K.. 10 NPM.. FRY 11N.. 79 NR.. 1 FSS.. 1 NRH.. FTY 9E.. 550 NS.. 37 FW.. 1980 NS.. 10 FXG.. NSE 6.. F4 YAL.. 76 NT.. F10 YDC.. 3 NTK.. F81 NNS.. NTY 50N.. F122 RTH.. 111 NU.. F166 GHT.. 1 NVA.. F177 TTY.. 8 NWB.. F457 GTS.. 33 NXC.. 33 NXJ.. 123 NXN.. 20 NXP.. 22 NY.. 50 NYX.. N54 LLY.. N144 ALL.. N166 CKY.. N166 GEL.. N444 DAM.. 18 O.. 13 OD.. OEX 1.. 5 OGX.. 66 OJX.. 456 OK.. 99 OM.. OMA 8R.. 7 OMD.. 5 OMX.. 600 OO.. 13 OOO.. OOO 1H.. OOO 60Y.. 111 ORR.. OSA 11Y.. OSM 7N.. OSY 1.. 111 OT.. 1 OUU.. 300 OXE.. 300 OXF.. 8 OXP.. 70 OXT..

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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. What is a prefix registration?.. Prefix registrations contain the year identifier at the beginning of a registration eg A123 ABC.. What is a suffix registration?.. Suffix registrations contain the year identifier at the end of a registration eg ABC 123Y.. What documents do I need to buy a registration number?.. If you are buying a number to go onto a vehicle straight away then you will need to provide your V5 Registration Certificate (Log Book) , MOT Certificate if applicable and a copy of your tax disc.. What is a current style registration?.. Current style registrations consist of two letters, a two digit age identifier and finally three letters eg AB51 ABC.. What is a dateless registration?.. Dateless registrations do not contain a year identifier and can consist of a number combination followed by a letter combination and vice versa eg ABC 123.. I have seen my registration number on your website, but it is not for sale and I haven't given permission for it to be advertised.. Why is it listed?.. We advertise our own stock along with other reputable number plate dealers and for private individuals, our information come from many different sources and we may be given inaccurate information.. Occasionally a typing error may occur when details are entered onto our systems resulting in the listing of a combination that is in fact not for sale.. Also, there are occasions when a donor has failed to advise us of the sale and subsequent non-availability of a number.. If you have seen your registration listed and would like to provide us with further information or simply want us to remove it from our website, please send an email to info@carmarks.. net.. Please remember to specify the registration in question and your contact details for confirmation.. How do I get a specific number released if it has never been issued?.. There are no guarantees of having any registration number issued that does not exist.. Some marks are not issued because they are considered offensive or inappropriate, others just never made it to issue over the years.. How can I safeguard my entitlement to a number?.. Entitlement to a number is the right of the registered keeper of a vehicle to apply to have the number transferred to another vehicle.. The keeper is also entitled to apply to have the number put on retention.. It is important to note that the keeper may apply, but the application will only be granted if all the conditions relating to the retention and transfer facilities are satisfied.. You can help to safeguard your entitlement, therefore, by ensuring that your vehicle is able to meet these conditions.. If you no longer have the vehicle which properly displays the number (ie it is in someone else's keepership or has been scrapped, broken up, destroyed or exported) then your entitlement to the number ceases.. What if my vehicle is stolen and not recovered?.. If your vehicle is stolen and has not been recovered after a year you can apply to have its registration number re-assigned to your replacement vehicle providing certain conditions are met.. In order to qualify the theft must have been notified to the police and recorded at DVLA as stolen for not less than 12 months.. In addition, at the time of the theft the vehicle must have had a current MOT and have had a current tax disc.. The Agency will also require a letter from your insurers confirming that they have no objection to the number being re-issued.. This must be provided because once insurers have settled your claim, they have a rightful claim to the vehicle should it be recovered.. What if my vehicle is written off ?.. A write-off happens when a damaged vehicle is judged by insurers to be beyond economic repair.. In such a case, the insurance company agrees a sum to be paid to the insured, and legal ownership of the vehicle then passes to the insurance company.. The company is then free to sell the vehicle as salvage and the purchaser may repair it and put it back on the road.. Unless you transfer the registration to another vehicle or a retention document you risk losing your entitlement to that registration.. What if my vehicle has been scrapped?.. Scrapping occurs when a vehicle, whether an insurance write-off or not, is broken up for spares or otherwise destroyed.. Once a vehicle ceases to exist its registration number is cancelled.. If your vehicle has been scrapped, you will  ...   will automatically pass with the vehicle to the new keeper unless the number is transferred or retained beforehand.. The Cherished Transfer and Retention Schemes.. The Cherished Transfer Scheme enables an assigned registration number to be moved directly from one vehicle to another.. Only the registered keeper of a vehicle is entitled to apply to transfer its number.. Application form V317 must be completed and the fee for a transfer is 80 (at time of publication).. If the vehicle which is receiving the number in a cherished transfer is already registered, its existing number will become void unless an application to transfer or retain that number is made at the same time.. The Retention Scheme enables a number to be held apart from the vehicle it has been assigned to, for a 12 month period pending its re-assignment to another vehicle.. Only the registered keeper of a vehicle is entitled to apply for a right of retention.. Application form V317 must be completed and the application fee is £25 plus an assignment fee of £80, bringing the total payable to £105 (at time of publication).. Successful applicants are issued with a V778 Retention Document, valid for 12 months, which records details of the registration number, the grantee (the applicant), and nominee details where supplied in the application.. If, after you have received your document, you wish to add or change nominee details, you will need to apply to DVLA, returning your document together with a fee of £25.. Once you have assigned the retained number to your, or your nominee's, vehicle you have fully exercised your rights under the terms of the retention facility.. After assignment, entitlement to the number comes through being the keeper of the vehicle which has received it.. Only the keeper is entitled to apply for further retention or transfer of the number.. If the vehicle which is receiving the retained number is already registered, its existing number will become void unless an application to retain or transfer that number is made at the same time.. The V317 form contain notes for guidance and are available from DVLA and your nearest Vehicle Registration Office.. Before you apply, check your V5 registration Document to make sure that the number is transferable.. If it is not, it will say so on the V5.. If the registration document states that the registration number is non-transferable, then it cannot be retained either.. However, the vehicle may still be eligible to receive a cherished mark (this does not usually apply if the vehicle has a Q registration).. You should also check to make sure that the conditions for the transfer and retention schemes can be compiled with.. These conditions are as follows :-.. Vehicles must be available for inspection if requested by DVLA.. The inspection helps to verify entitlement to the registration number being transferred/retained.. Both the donor (the vehicle giving up the number) and the recipient (the vehicle receiving the number) may be called for inspection.. Vehicles must be subject to MOT / HGV test.. You are not able to transfer/retain numbers from non-testable vehicles such as agricultural tractors and milk floats.. Only testable vehicles can participate in transfers and retentions and valid test certificates must be sent with applications.. Vehicles must be currently taxed, or in the process of being taxed.. The application will still be considered, however, where the last tax disc expired within six months of the date of application.. If the license has been voluntarily surrendered for refund, the six-month concession does not normally apply.. A replacement tax disc will be issued, and the MOT certificate - where applicable - will be endorsed to show that the vehicle's number has changed.. Finally, registration documents showing the changed registration number will be sent out from DVLA to the keeper.. In the case of a retention application, a V778 Retention Document, valid for 12 months, will also be sent to the grantee.. You should not dispose of the vehicle until the application has been fully completed and you have received the amended registration documents.. If you dispose of the vehicle too soon, you may lose entitlement to the cherished mark.. Once your transfer has been successfully completed you must inform your insurers of the vehicle's new registration number.. When I buy a personalised registration mark, do I have to put it straight onto a vehicle?.. No.. If it has been supplied on a retention certificate you have until the expiry date shown on your V750 or V778 to put the mark onto a vehicle..

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  • Title: Fully Managed Transfers
    Descriptive info: When you purchase a personalised registration from us we offer you our Fully Managed Transfer Service free of charge, be it when you purchase the number or when you first assign it to a vehicle in the future.. We can still offer this service even if you did not purchase the private number plate from us or when you wish to transfer or retain the cherished plate in the future.. There would be a small administration charge for this service..

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  • Title: Personal Buying Assistance
    Descriptive info: You can search and buy online using our secure website or contact one of our experienced sales staff for friendly assistance.. Our sales team do not work on a commission basis so there is no hard sell, just honest friendly advice.. When you have found the number you would like to purchase, make sure that it can be transferred to your vehicle.. (You cannot transfer a number plate to a vehicle to make it appear newer than it is, eg, a car that originally bore a 'T' year prefix plate may not display  ...   have a vehicle to transfer the number plate to or you are buying it as a surprise present for someone, you may still purchase your registration and retain it on a certificate until you are ready to transfer it.. This is available with the majority of personalised registration numbers but not all.. Buy online or call us now on 01482 222 223.. We can also supply you with a set of acrylic number plates at competitive prices.. These are the actual plastic plates that fit on your car to display your personal registration..

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  • Title: Our Selling Service
    Descriptive info: Selling your registration is easy - we handle the whole process for you from finding a buyer to taking care of the paperwork!.. We are one of the few cash buyers in the number plate trade meaning we buy personalised number plates for our own stock as well as selling them on your behalf acting as your agent.. Simply  ...   you have for sale and tell us how much you want for the registration.. If we do not buy your number outright for stock we shall advertise it (at no charge to yourself) and will inform you of any offers we receive that may be below your asking price, however, the decision to sell or not remains with yourself..

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  • Title: About Cherished Plates
    Descriptive info: In the early 20th century motor vehicles began to appear on the roads of Britain and there were sufficient numbers for the government to introduce the Motor Car Act, which legally obliged every car owner to display a car number plate.. The legendary A 1 number plate (first registered to Earl Russell in December 1903) remains shrouded in mystery and many car number plate aficionados see this as the holy grail of private number plates.. From January 1st 1904 every motor vehicle used on British roads required a registration number with each local council assigning their own code, London was A, for example.. When single letters ran out, two letters were used (although some double-letter combinations were discounted because it was considered they could cause offence or as in the case of "ER" already had a designated significance.. ).. The numbers of cars gradually began to increase, so the efficacy of the old numbering system began to decline.. By 1932 the system had expanded to include three letters and three numbers.. After the Second World War this was changed around to three numbers and then three letters.. These plates are still widely available and prices range from a  ...   the system changed yet again to the New Style Registrations, this new style of registration was influenced by the Police to take account that suggested witnesses, particularly in hit and run incidents, remember the letters of a registration mark much more easily than the numbers.. As people read from left to right it made sense to put this information, the local code, at the beginning rather than the end of the number plate.. As the result the current system for registrations is made up of 3 parts, as shown below.. Local Region.. This represents the place where the car was first registered.. Vehicles registered in Birmingham, for example, begin with the letters BA – BY; those registered in Chelmsford begin EA - EY.. Date ID.. This indicates the date of registration of the vehicle, and changes every 6 months, in March and September.. The system started with the use of 51 to denote the 6 months from September 2001, with 02 replacing it in March 2002.. 52 then denotes September 2002, 03 denotes March 2003 and so on.. Random.. The last three letters are random to any vehicle, and can now include Z but not I or Q..

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  • Title: About the DVLA
    Descriptive info: The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), is the agency responsible for maintaining the database of drivers and vehicles in Mainland Britain.. The DVLA is based in Swansea and is the body responsible for issuing motor vehicle registrations and setting out regulations for personalised number plates and Cherished number plates.. In Northern Ireland, DVLA equivalent functions are served by Driver and Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland (DVLNI), who have responsibility for Irish number plates.. Local DVLA Vehicle Registration offices (DVLA VRO) are listed below:.. Aberdeen.. Ground Floor Ty Glyder 339 High Street LL57 1YA.. Bangor.. Penrhos Road LL57 2JF.. Beverley.. Crosskill House, Mill Lane HU17 9JB.. Birmingham.. 30 Granby Avenue B33 0SD.. Borehamwood.. Units 2/3 Elstree Gate, Elstree Way WD6 1JD.. Bournemouth.. Ground Floor, Bourne Gate, 25 Bourne Valley Road BH12 1DR.. Brighton.. Mocatta House, 4th Floor, Trafalgar Place BN1 4UE.. Bristol.. Northleigh House, Lime Kiln Close BS34 8SR.. Cardiff.. Archway House, 77 Ty Glas Avenue CF14 5DX.. Carlisle.. Ground Floor, 3 Merchants Drive CA3 0JW.. Chelmsford.. Swift House, 18 Hoffmans Way CM1 1GU.. Chester.. Norroy House, Nuns Road CH1 2ND.. Dundee.. Caledonian House, Greenmarket DD1 4QP.. Edinburgh.. Wallace House, Lochside Avenue EH12 9DJ..  ...   Road NE3 3QF.. Northampton.. Ground Floor, Riverside House, Riverside Way, Bedford Road NN1 5PE.. Norwich.. 11, Prince of Wales Road NR1 1UP.. Nottingham.. Nottingham Business Park, Unit D, Orchard Place NG8 6PX.. Oxford.. Ground Floor, 3 Cambridge Terrace OX1 1RW.. Peterborough.. 88 Lincoln Road PE1 2ST.. Portsmouth.. 5th Floor, The Connect Centre, Kingston Crescent PO2 8AH.. Preston.. Unit A, Fulwood Park, Caxton Road PR2 9NZ.. Reading.. Building B, Theale House, Brunel Road RG7 4AQ.. Sheffield.. Cedar House, Hallamshire Court, 63 Napier Street S11 8HA.. Shrewsbury.. Stafford Drive, Battlefield Enterprise Park SY1 3BF.. Sidcup.. 12/18 Station Road DA15 7EQ.. Stockton.. St.. Mark's House, St.. Mark's Court TS17 6QR.. Swansea.. 1 Sandringham Park SA6 8AJ.. Truro.. Pydar House, Pydar Street TR1 2TG.. Wimbledon.. Connect House, 133-137 Alexandra Road SW19 7JY.. Worcester.. Clerkenleap Barn, Broomhall WR5 3HR.. Open Monday to Friday 9.. 00 am to 5.. 00 pm except on the second Wednesday of each month when they open at 9.. 30 am.. All telephone enquiries are directed through the DVLA Swansea call centre on 0300 790 6802.. Car Marks are not affiliated to the DVLA.. This information is provided as part of our customer service information..

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